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The Mojave Desert: Outpost Zeta, 8:00 P.M

It was beautiful, really. Proxy gazing at his future prize through the bugged cameras, arriving at the lone base in the sandy solitude. To spark his brain, the hacker took a shot of Fireball, cracked his fingers and went straight to work. His fingers were blurs among a keyboard, it almost looked like he wasn't even touching any of the pads.

A nuclear bomb of cyber proportions was dropped upon Zeta. Surveillance, communications, emergency protocols and the works were all obliterated in minutes, deleted beyond repair. Next was to set the team in motion.

Proxy leaned into his microphone, calmly clearing his throat. "Alright, the operation is in motion, gang. Butch is the spearhead for this operation, not that it's any surprise for the rest of you. The bracelets I sent you give me complete visuals on your vitals and locations, if you take them off? Consider yourself erased from this mission, and any files and details of your involvement will be non-existent. Would you kindly keep that in mind?"

His voice coldly voiced through B-List's ear-COMMS is simply as he could put it.

After lighting a cigarette, leaning back in his designer chair, he gazed upon the monitors responsively. Proxy was expecting nothing less than success from his hired team, with the occasional... Obstacle along the way.

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On the Road. Thirty Minutes from Outpost Zeta.

"Hey! Nessie!" Butch's gruff, whiskey-scented voice called out through the small (and stolen) Humvee, as he slapped the huge reptilian figure across the face in an attempt to wake him. The rest of the crew was grumpy and awake, all except for Eureka- who seemed to have a certain peppiness about her no matter the circumstance. She was currently kicking the driver's seat from her own spot in the back, and humming along to whatever she was allowed to have on a bright pink iPod Shuffle (mostly, Kidz Bop). Butch continued with his attempt to awaken the powerhouse of the team. "C'mon, wake up, you fish-lookin' sonova-" With another smack across the face, Gill's yellow eyes sprang open, and Butch almost immediately backed up out of fear.

"What- where the hell are we?" The monstrosity grumbled, shifting in his seat and looking out the window. Shock slowly turned into anger, and he whipped his head around to look at Butch. "A fluffing desert!?" He snarled, giving the whole team a glance at teeth that would haunt even the most talented dentists. Butch, out of precaution, drew his pistol, not aiming it at anything in particular. "We were in Seattle last night, where the hell are we now?"

"Easy, boy." Butch chuckled nervously, fumbling around to find his tranquilizer rounds on his ammo belt. "I might've slipped something in your food last night for dinner, yeah. We got a job. This's the Mojave. We're on our way to steal a satellite from... Uh... The government, I guess. But it pays well."

"You don't pay us!" Gill roared.

"Kinky!" Eureka shouted.

"<You drugged us at a Denny's?>" Revolution questioned.

"Now, calm down," Butch growled, hiding his fear with his usual aggression. "And may I remind you that you bunch o' criminals don't exactly get a choice in the matter. Or do you think all cannibals deserve to walk free, Flenderson?"

Gill bared his teeth once more with a low growl, but said nothing. He was a master at keeping a level head- if he wasn't, the whole team would have most likely been killed off.

Butch slowly leaned back into his seat, gun still out and sitting on his lap. "Alrighty then. Now, we're gonna be expecting some heavy resistance. Someone-" he darted his eyes towards Eureka, "Gave an anonymous tip, letting them know we're coming. So... Do your best."

The van remained silent, until Revolution realized he was now wearing his combat jumpsuit. "<... Did you dress us?>"

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Working late at night, sitting alone in front of his computer, Dr. Suars passed the hours away playing hero by looking for trouble on the internet. For being a hero was his only dream, next to being a leading scientist, fighting along side the super heroes that he read about every day in the paper. Unfortunately, he had no skills other than an outrageously high I.Q. and a knack as a top level hacker. But lucky for him he did know one Joseph Marone, a one time friend and employee, that by an accident in the lab, went from an eighty year old arthritic janitor, to a super powered hero with four extra mechanical arms. Together they weren’t the greatest of teams but through will, determination and a whole lot of luck, they got the job done.

As always, Dr. Suars was surfing the net looking for any abnormalities or points of interest that might require their special talents. It was then by shear luck, he picked up on a highly coded signal almost impossible to detect. “Alright, the operation is in motion, gang. Butch is…..” and the rest was garbled. In those few seconds he deduced from the information that someone was hacking into the top level military base code name “Outpost Zeta” deep in the Mojave desert. Immediately his computer threw up warnings signs, as the words “Virus detected” linked over every file. Whose ever signal he was piggy backing was aware of his hacking and handling the situation in their own special way. The good doctor typed as fast as he could, trying desperately to halt his computers intrusion from the outside force, but in the end he had to concede that the hacker on the other end was his superior. With no other option, he quickly pulled the plug shutting his main frame down and prayed that whoever was at the other end did not trace the signal back to his office, at The Future Fulfillment Foundation.

Concerned for the well being of others, he immediately contacted his better half, Jack the Gripper, who by sheer luck, was flying in the doctors personal jet plane in that general area. With a quick squawk on the radio, Doctor Suars informed Jack of the situation and had the jet stream head to the secret base, hidden in the cover of night. Deep inside Jack knew that if there was an attack on the base for any reason, it wouldn’t hurt to be there to help. But being set in his old ways he had to respond back “So you want me to sneak into a top level security base, where the soldiers will most likely kill me as a spy, to stop some gang led by a guy called (he then says sarcastically) BUTCH, from doing God knows what?” Still Jack agreed if for no other reason than to stretch his legs, and four extra arms. Unfortunately the pilot, generously paid not to ask questions, reluctantly informed Jack that there was no way he could fly near the base, for it was a registered no fly zone, for miles around in every direction. At best he could land four miles away, coming in from the far side of the moon so that they would not be seen by prying eyes.

For the rest of the flight Jack went over every modern day spy movie he had ever seen, hoping it would help him come up with a plan to get inside the base alive, but all he could come up with was “I need to watch better spy movies.” Finally the plane landed with only a few bumps and Jack was left alone with nothing other than a canteen and his wits to save the day. At night the desert was an oasis of sand lightly blowing in the wind. There was no sign of life in any direction except for the lights given off by the near by base, with four heavily armed attack helicopters circling around it with high powered spotlights. One by one they circled around the base covering ever section, with top notch proficiency, missing nothing. Unfortunately that included Jack’s plane as it took off leaving Jack behind. In seconds, one of the Helicopters broke formation and headed straight towards Jacks location blaring out loud “Unidentified aircraft you are ordered to land immediately by the United States government, or you will be shot down!

In a flash the plane shifted into high gear, leaving behind only a jet stream and one ticked off helicopter pilot. Jack however was a sitting duck below, sticking out like a soar thumb alone in a valley of sand. He knew if he didn’t act quickly he would either be captured or shot dead on the spot. With only seconds to act, he called forth one of his special mechanical arms and slammed down hard into the ground causing a huge dust storm to swirl around him. Hoping the helicopter pilot would think of it as either the result from the planes take off or a common sandstorm, Jack could only wait, praying that his gambit would work long enough to come up with another plan. But instead the helicopter circled overhead almost playing cat and mouse with him, as the pilot called back to base, “General, Sir, you know that anonymous tip we received, well I think they are here, Sir! Requesting further orders sir! Do I engage, sir?

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"Oh boy. Right job this one, eh?"

Communications out. Radar, blown. Made it all the easier as a chopper soared overhead of origin unknown to the guards, leaving as quickly as it appeared. They were expecting a chopper from one.


A bag hits the ground first. Followed by thick boots hit the ground of the pavement, Dog's eyes underneath his mask scanning the area. Landing

Just gotta wait. Shouldn't be too long before goon squad over there starts garnerin' attention. Satellite can weigh up to 6 tons, but shouldn't be too hard. Someone's had to go towards the base.

He began moving around, getting a feel for the layout of the base, a guards up in arms and alert as their COMMS are knocked out. No cameras. Everything just out. It wasn't gonna be long at all, what with everyone knowing about this coming that this is gonna be it. This is the heist, and the goonies are comin' to get 'em. Seems best to wait 'em out rather than to try to go all one man army on all of them. Or at least, one man army on all the men here.

Hope none of them Maverick boys show up. Else it's gonna be a bad time. No time to wait. Gotta do this quick and clean. I am a fuckin' professional after all.

More than likely, he felt his "services" were needed. What? With tweety bird texting out their plan to everyone, as if trying to get an entire platoon over here. Making things a whole lot more difficult than they gotta be,.Still, the Black Dog saw it as doable. Certainly not the hardest job he's had to take. But so far, with how incomptetent these meta-clowns are, seems like their gonna need him.

A a lone guard cut around a corner, trying to alert the base and stir everyone up like he out to. He didn't see anything. No chance to process a thing as a knife went up the chin and through the skull.

"Sorry. Nothin' personal. Mate."


He catches the man before he falls, dragging his corpse along and stopping him from making too much of a mess, his cap hitting the floor, before Dog takes it and pulls it up. Slipping on as he drags the man off into the darkness.

"Jeez mate. All these wrinkles in your collar. Coulda at least gone out with more prim n' propa uniform."

The man takes the soldier and hurls him into the dumpster, his own clothes donned as he neatens himself, moving along inside the base as men already start to rush out.

Hope my American is still good.

The door to the berthing slamming open.

"Alright. Up and Adam. We got intruders! They're makin; there move NOW! EVERYONE UP!"

He around, yelling at everyone, people scrambling to get their rifles and quick to get in uniform in anticipation of the new attack as he. "Hey, where are you going?" A guard asks, dog departing from the group. "Spreading the word, man. Gotta run to the other side of the base. I'll catch up with ya guys in a bit." Dog answers, in his disguise, the whole base up in arms against any percieved aggressor, as he slips past, moving in deeper and deeper. His heavy knapsack full of goodies on his back.


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"You know apart of why I do was to get you out of the shit hole lifestyle." A voice remarked over the speaker, the lighting was poor but one could tell the tanned woman was clearly an archer. She had that loving venom of a tone you'd expect from a family member.

"Yeah and you did. Consider this me paying you back. Not like that plot line would go anywhere without someone like me." The blond countered as she rechecked her latest collection of gear. Just generic pistols and swords, she'd used a kick starter to order dope gear but that wasn't done yet. Waiting however wasn't Isabella's strong suit. Her family were adrenaline junkies and Bell the worst of them some would say. Figures the moment she got out of Gothic she'd go for a lifestyle that'd return the thrills of the old home town. With a luminous rift the vermilion anarchist stepped into the facility. And instantly a series of guns pointed at her hooded self.

Raising her hands the anarchist tied up her hair acting fairly casual about the guns. "Came to help soooo if you could not shoot me that would be cool." She could recover from anything thus the level head to much confidence this was just a game. She was a far cry from some seasoned bad ass just had the abilities to boost her own moral. Eventually the guns dropped to a rest as the carmine potential hero for hire was cleared. Isabella was a newcomer so her price was absolute crap, of course she thought three hundred dollars and a sour apple Rockstar a good price.

"Here you go. Try not to die I put a good chunk into that origin story kick starter." A fan of a guard remarked handing over the pavement. He had on a keychain that symbol of two white dots and a red circle with a line through it. "Totally yours and not that other guy. Are you two a thing? Is he related to the Shogun."

"Ew no. He's got about as much of a shot as edgy McSpider aka none. Admittedly that means I might be a whore cause I won't settle for nobody." Odds were her joke was shit but the guard laughed. Cracking open the beverage the crimson chaos bringer was given a tour. She nodded her head and said things like "mhm" and "I see" and "this will make for an ideal flanking position." Some guards even believed she was genuine and knew what the hell she was talking about. Reality though was she did not, she memorized the layout so she could practice the needlessly ninja nimble combat style made popular by heroes of Gothic and the likes.

Stopping at the main entrance Isabella then laid out a series of claymores in front of her. She was about to go toe to toe with what she considered a series of idiots so she'd use dumb tactics. Being at the front door the entrance that was perfectly a bad choice. The series of explosives was needlessly loud and destructive it was like real life click bait for a dynamic entrance. To best these thieving idiots Isabella wanted to try and think on their level. For one could not out think crazy simply out crazy crazy so that was what she'd aim for. So there she stood hood pulled up just enough to enjoy her drink as she played on her phone. It was hard not to rage at the website ran by monkeys that had a metric ass ton of URL redirects.

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@the_b_list: @the_black_dog: @gripper

Proxy grinned as everything came to fruition, like a chess game in his favor. The B-List was on the move, and his separate contracts were on the go. Clean operation came to mind.

A local message was released to both the team and Dog. "Good, everything's going smoothly. Though, you need too pick up your feet a little, B-list. I have an operative that's cutting your pay by the hour... Hmm?"

Someone was prodding his network (laughingduck.gif) snooping around. It was an admirable effort, but Proxy was the cyber Titan hear, his defences and attacks unmatched. Even behind a computer, he gritted his teeth at such an attempt, who dared?

"Butch, Dog, it seems like you have some "company" in the facility... Working on identification now..."

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@thepuzzler: @noir_anarchist: @the_black_dog:

The sandstorm wouldn’t last long, Any second from now the wind would stop blowing and Jack would be a sitting duck for the helicopter above. Immediately, he began thinking of different ways to get out of this mess alive, but most of them involved shooting the copter from the sky. Unfortunately that would lead him to taking on the whole base by himself. With no other option, he took the simplest of solution and surrendered! As the dust settled he stood waving his hand in a surrender sign, while recoiling all his mechanical arms under his skin. For now there was no need to tip his hand this early, plus he didn’t want to show any sign as a threat. Above him the helicopter circled above with it’s spotlight focused on him, as it slowly lowered it’s pilot shouting, “You below drop to your knees with your hands behind your head. Comply or you will be shot! Again you will be shot!” Soon the craft landed and immediately Jack was placed in handcuffs, roughly forced aboard the copter and flown back to the base.

Along the way, the five soldiers inside took turns questioning Jack and verbally assaulting ever aspect of him they could. Despite the fact Jack insisted “You’re not gonna believe me but I’m here to help” in the soldiers eyes they had caught and convicted a terrorist! But as they were landing deep inside the base’s perimeter, the whole crew of the helicopter discovered that all communications were down. Again they blamed Jack and as a show of force one of the soldiers made their point across, as he slammed the butt of his rifle into Jack’s exposed gut, then scarfed “Traitor!

Eventually, led by a squad of soldiers at gun point, Jack was taken to the holding cell, and left to be questioned later. With all communications down, the story of Jacks capture verbally spread across the base like wildfire, sparking rumors and questions like, is he a terrorist, when will the rest attack and who exactly is attacking us? Still Jack waited behind bars with two armed guards watching over him and one secretary ordered to take down every word he said. Finally after being given the silent treatment and left to stew in his own thoughts, another armed soldier ran in in a huff and reported to the M.P.’s that the ranking general, General Joesph (Head Hunter) Hunt, would be in briefly to interrogate the prisoner personally. He then turned to Jack and said “Right now he is inspecting the deployment of claymore mines along side a hired gun.” Now acting cocky he continues “Bet you didn’t count on us getting that special kind of support to prevent your mission, did ya, you low life terrorist!” Again Jack declared “that’s why I’m here! I wanna help you as that special kind of support, if you’d let me!

Hoping his actions would speak louder than his words, Jack utilized his enhanced strength. In one simple motion he split the chain of his handcuffs in half as he easily pulled his hands apart. Immediately he reassured the soldiers “You see? I could have escaped from here quite easily if I wanted, but I chose to let you capture me as a sign of trust.” But instead of listening the guards quickly raised their weapons and ordered Jack again “Don’t move or we will shoot you!” By now Jack had had enough. Fed up with playing the patsy Jack raised his two arms above his head then laughed. With a rustling sound four mechanical arms shot forth from his back and lunged forth through the bars. Three of them reached out, and grabbed hold of the rifles of the three soldiers in the room, and easily snapped then in half like a twig. The fourth arm wrapped around the bars of the cell and in one jerking motion, ripped them away from the walls. “See” Jack says “I’m playing nice, ya darn Whipper Snappers, I just want you to listen to me, as I explain why I’m here to help.” Then suddenly an ominous figure stands in the shadow of the doorway, oozing with power and confidence. Despite the chaos in the room all eyes locked on the new figure, then after a second of awe, one of the soldiers replied “Then that’s the person you need to convince!

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"Dear Mr. Vernon, we accept the fact that we had to sacrifice a whole Saturday in detention for whatever it was we did wrong. But we think you're crazy to make us write an essay telling you who we think we are..." Eureka started to talk to herself as the Humvee rolled on, now approaching the brightly lit military compound. Butch tapped Shift on the shoulder, ignoring the Clown Princess' monologue. Eyes fixated on where the satellite was being held, Butch barely whispered into the ear of Shift, as he pointed towards the large fencing directly ahead of them.

"Ram it."

Shift turned his faceless head towards Butch, and if there had been a face there it would have conveyed some confusion. "Ram it, sir? You mean the gate?" The Detective was not one to disobey orders, but he did consider himself to be a skilled tactician. And driving headfirst into the enemy's base of operations did not seem like a very tactical maneuver. Butch nodded his head slowly, patting Shift's shoulder and buckling his seatbelt for the first time during the long ride.

"They aren't gonna be waitin' for us to get out and get ready. We oughtta do that now, leap on out after we break the gate." With that being said, Butch loaded up all the other 'spare' guns on him, drawing weaponry from his boots, belt, and secret pockets to make sure they were all ready to be fired. The rest of the crew did the same, and before long they heard the whizzing of bullets flying past the car as they drew nearer to the compound. The closer the Humvee got, the more bullets found their mark, and before long the hood was decorated in dents and chips in the paint.

"Hold on!" Shift yelled over the hail of gunfire, as he slammed his foot on the gas pedal. The Humvee's speedometer increased from fifty miles per hour, to fifty five, to sixty... Eventually reaching it's top speed at an exhilarating seventy miles per hour. Butch groaned in disappointment. The rest of the crew would have also, if they weren't busy bracing for impact- holding onto whatever they could. The result? A disappointing crash through the gate, and Shift slammed on the brakes- the car skidding along the strip of road before lurching to a stop, leaving thick black skid marks in it's wake.

For a brief moment, all was still. Then, Eureka- seeming to be completely unfazed by what had happened- continued her little speech. "You see us as you want to see us - in the simplest terms, in the most convenient definitions. But what we found out is that each one of us is..." She started, before hitting Shift on the shoulder. Still a bit dazed, Shift opened the door to the Humvee and got out, drawing his M16A4 and cocking it. "A brain..." Eureka giggled to herself, as the rest of the crew started to get out in an all-too-perfect order for the speech that she was delivering.

Gill got out of the car slowly, not caring about the bullets that easily found their mark on his hulking frame. All bullet wounds healed in a matter of seconds, after all. With a grunt, he grabbed his car door and tore it off with minimal effort, before turning around and tossing it towards one of the guard towers- the door hitting one of the guards and sending him flying. With a snort of amusement, Gill got to work and charged at the crowds of soldiers firing at him. "An athlete..." Eureka continued.

Revolution sprung into action, recovering swiftly from the wild ride and getting out of the car- ducking under the car door for protection. Drawing a small canister from his ammo belt, he tossed it through the now shattered window, and let it explode around a small pack of guards. Smoke immediately surrounded them, making it almost impossible for anyone to see without special equipment. Leaping out from where he hid, Gaston charged straight into the smoky mass, having already memorized the locations of the militia. Pinpointing each one, he would swiftly charge them with inhumane speed, and dealt kicks that rivaled shotgun blasts when it came to the power behind them. By the time the smoke cleared, he stood triumphant over a pile of bloodied bodies, twirling his thin mustache mischievously. "A basket case..."

Now she herself spun out of the car, and Eureka began doing all sorts of fancy cartwheels and flips to dodge bullets with uncanny agility as she hopped over to one soldier. "A princess!" She cried sweetly, grabbing the hilt of her baseball bat and bringing the steel bar down on the soldier's head- sending him to the ground in a heap. Turning, she started to juggle the baseball bat, as she watched the Humvee in anticipation.

Butch slowly crawled out, gun drawn and eager to draw blood. A bullet whizzed past before he could even step foot outside of the car, and he whirled around to where it had come from- firing the Desert Eagle and making his shot with unnatural precision, as the soldier fell dead, bullet whizzing through his throat. "Heh. Not too bad, right, gang?" He called out, as the rest of the B List finished up the other dozens of soldiers. However, now, the facility was on high alert, and the rest of the compound was getting ready to fight off the metahuman invaders.

"And a criminal." Eureka sighed, as she watched Butch strut around the corpses of the many that others had killed whereas he had taken on one.

"Alright, no time to dilly-dally. There're other contacts here, others that are working with us for our buyer, so let's try to find 'em before the enemy does." Butch sniffed to himself before he started to jog toward the other areas of the compound, pistol drawn. Gill looked up from the soldier he had been feasting on, and grunted- ripping off a chunk of flesh before running after his boss. Pretty soon, the whole team was off, running in search of the other mercenaries- and, of course, in search of the satellite.

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@the_black_dog: @noir_anarchist: @thepuzzler: @gripper: @the_b_list:

Blue HQ 8:15 PM

The day had been rather normal and all together a bit boring in Mr.Masks opinion, that was until he got a call from his investors. As he picked up the phone all that could be heard from his office were a series of grunts and uh hu's before he hung up the phone. Underneath his black tinted mask a smile grew, he quickly dialed a few numbers on his own phone as he proceeded out a door in the back of his office.

"Yes this is Mask, it seems some of our investors friends need a hand. I want three teams of peace keepers sent there as well as pilots prepped in case we need them. I expect these soldiers there in no less then 10. I'm on my way and I'll be there in 20. Ohh and please get Cameron ready in case we need him thank you."

Mask hung up his phone before stepping into his private helicopter as the mechanical beast took off.

Government Facility 8:25

No Caption Provided

Three large drop ships approached the area. In each ship there were about 10 Blue Peace Keepers, their mission, defend the satellite and neutralize the hostiles if necessary. As the large black ships landed the backs opened up and soldiers poured out, one squad secured the perimeter while the other two approached the building. Their were bodies on the ground, no doubt they were guards who died defending the location. From the wounds and the warmth of the bodies these were fresh, they had only been dead for minutes. Squad 2 managed to find a few survivors and rushed to give them emergency medical attention while securing the area. The exterior of the compound was covered by squad 1 and the interior of the fence by squad 2. That left squad 3 on infiltration, leading this squad was the ace infiltration soldier of the Blue Order Vladimir Knightfall in his standard gear. He held up his hand and waved for his men to join him at the entrance to the building. After a brief look inside they quietly slipped in, they split up into 2 smaller groups of 4 in order to maximize efficiency while two soldiers would stay behind to cover the door. Within a few moments Vladimir picked up a voice in his ear piece.

"Vladimir it's good to hear you and its good to see things are progressing well. I'm close enough to see the facility so I will serve as your guide. Send one group of soldiers down the hallway to your left to cover an exit route. As for your group head straight and it will take you to our intruder friends. I want this done fast and clean, remember the satellite is priority one. As for the hostiles, take them alive or dead."

Vladimir instructed his soldiers to do as he was told and then readied himself. Scar-L in hand he led his group of Peace Keepers in the direction of the enemies.

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Ah crap.

Dog says, watching a few high tech private military contractors run on by. No uniform required and certainly not looking like anyone else, base alerting him to the Blue's presence and indicating them as friendlies. Still, dog saw no need or desire to engage them.

"Oh well. Betta get paid extra for this."

Dog runs most any of their soldiers he encounters, having no desire or current need to engage them, yet at least. His eyes scanned the area cautiously as he trots through the base in disguise, clad with gear hidden within his back. He was gonna need something to help him try to bring this whole thing up and into fruition. They gotta have some type of way to transport the satellite, given the conditions. More than likely, he'll have to call in something to pick it up, rather than take a chance with trying to outrun it. Might be where the goon squad actually comes in handy for once. Yeah. He muses. At this rate, nothing's gonna get done.

He looks around in a area, clear of blues. "Yo. I saw saw one of 'em phase into the power supply room. Some kinda intangibility power or something. We gotta get after him!" With that, he allows the others to lead the way, running with them behind them towards the electrical room where an alledged extra-normal was attempting to sabotage the bases power. A keycard slides in, nice and quick and the men store the room. He smiles, as he says. "Gotta be around here somewhere, right? Should stick together as a group. No tellin' what this one's capable of. Walking off by himself." Dog comments whilsts disguised, soldiers grouping together awful convenient like in a circle.

The sound of a grenade's pin hitting the ground is masked by their voice. "Yeah. Alright everyone. On me. You-" A grenade hits the ground. With the ensuing explosion, shrapnel litters the room and a concussive blast waves shreds them apart, limbs prone to flying off as they are all taken out in a few moments. Dog, still baring his disguise, walks out from a corner.

"Hope ya like the dark, kiddies."


The lights flicker. And the entire base goes dark. Words spreads to this being the work of some ninja-like member of the B-List, clad with a katana, intangibility and explosives. When this couldn't be further from the truth.

Not too far now.

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@below0gaming@noir_anarchist: @thepuzzler: @gripper: @the_b_list: @the_black_dog

The man in the shadows was none other than General Joesph (Head Hunter) Hunt, but as he stepped into the light he was a mess. His uniformed ripped, his face covered with bruises and blood trickled down his left arm from a bullet wound in his shoulder. Still he stood tall barking orders to the M.P.s in the room. “Soldiers we’ve taken heavy losses and we were forced to fall back! We need to re-arm ourselves and hold our ground.” With that said, he pulls a hidden lever opening a hidden compartment stocked with grade A military weapons and hands them out to every one in the room. With his mind so locked on the battle he failed to notice Jack standing in the cell with four mechanical arms sticking out of his back and the cells bars ripped from the wall. Finally he barks to his men, “What the hell is going on here and I want an answer in ten seconds or less!” But with no clear answer from his men, Jack speaks up for himself.

Believe it or not General I am here to help!” Jack says as he addresses the general not as a soldier in his army but as an old warhorse that has the wisdom of age. He then goes on to tell a quick story about trust, honor and the American way, then ends his speech with a proper salute and a proud “Semper Fidelis!!” With limited time and resources, the General went with his gut and tossed Jack one of the rifles, followed with, “I hope you can do more with those arm things than just rip bars off the wall.” to which Jack replied back, “you haven’t seen anything yet.” Now with a new camaraderie in the room, heads were held up high and adrenalin pumping through their veins the General gave a rousing speech to inspire the men and lead them back into battle. But just before they left the holding cell, the General pulled Jack in close to whisper in his ear, “You’d better be on the level Marine, cause if you betray me or my men I will hunt you down and kill you myself!

In a rush, the men made their way through the main building. Meeting up with other small teams that had managed to stay alive. One by one they reported in, telling stories of major losses and that the intruders were somewhere inside the building. Angered, the General spits his cigar to the ground then says “Damn it! At this rate the terrorist will reach the main hanger in less than thirty minutes.” He then looks around the room, assessing his men and their abilities, trying hard to come up with a plan. Then after one minute of pure silence he shouts “FOLLOW ME MEN!!!!” then begins running down the hallway, yelling out loud, his weapon locked and loaded. Without hesitation his men followed, as they ran further and deeper into the bases main building. By now there were around twenty able soldiers blindly following their General armed with assault rifles and grenades.

Finally, after a long enthusiastic and up lifting run, the General leads his men to an enormous door the size of a hanger bay, locked from the inside. The General makes his way over to a key pad mixed with a palm and retina scan that will only respond to his features. With a loud mechanical grinding of gears a seventy ton metal door pulls apart, allowing Jack, the General and his men to walk through. Inside, in the middle of the room surrounded by a high tech laser grade system, was the military’s top secret satellite code named “Third Eye!” Immediately the General ordered his men to take a position between the satellite and the door and to hold their position come Hell or high water. With the hanger door now shut, the soldiers stood with their guns aimed forward. The small rag tag group were now the final line between the enemy and the satellite, fully aware of the war they were about to face. Then from nowhere, a loud clinking sound resonated through out the building as every light shut down one by one. Not letting it disturb his men, the General shouted “Looks like the terrorist are here. Put on your night goggles and hold steady. We have not yet began to fight!

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"You ever get the feeling the cosmic writer makes time function on an asinine level of slow?" Inquired the vermillion assassin who comfortably sat on a water cooler by the front door of the compound. Despite it sounding like a small scale war was going on Isabella was rather relaxed content to just wait a bit before letting her impatience get to her.

"The hell are you talking about?" Asked the guard beside her annoyed that he was here while such chaos was going down.

"It's been probably like minutes but to me it feels like times been dragging for days. Weird right?" The guard puzzled started to ask if Noir was a speedster or something. "Pft no I don't need that cheap ass shit. I'm just saying I feel like I've been here for ever waiting. Anyway let's do this shit." Eager to respond the guard looked to the horizon to see a scaly abomination finishing what had been a good friend of his. Angry but wanting to channel his rage as opposed to punching what he thought was an idiot girl the guard dashed forward. With a flick of the wrist a high voltage stun baton came to life. The guard would launch into a well executed series of moves clearly no slouch with the weapon of choice. As he sought to asail the group he looked to strike private regions, the joints in arms and legs and of course the jugular. His intention to shock the opposition to a point of it likely being considered brutality while hopefully crippling the forces along the way.

Noir however not particularly honorable or confident in the guard took her boot to the series of laid out mines. She looked to kick the exsplosives toward the gathering of terrorists that were a centerfold to the raid. Her aim was quite good as she looked to get the exsplosives directly overhead of the opposition. And while Noir was never going to have the acuracy of her sister she still had the eye sight to perform feats of marksmanship of incredible finess. With a loud sequence of barks the obsidian mercenary looked to shoot each mine. Resulting in what would likely be a temporary shower of shrapnel and fire. Her eyes however went wide when her unique senses saw one of their hands.

Pulling the mask over head and holstering guns Isabella went and withdrew her to blades. "Know what *bleep* this shit. You pedo stache!" Her blade theatrically pointing at the one named Butch. "Those are *bleep*ing brass knuckles melted to your hand huh? We. Have. To throw down." The assassin annoying the censored sound as she challenged the man. His weaponry was so dope in design to her that she didn't care about anything else that transpired now. She had to fight them melted knuckles.

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@thepuzzler: @the_b_list: @noir_anarchist: @gripper: @the_black_dog:

Outside the base 8:30 pm

Mask's helicopter touched down and he stepped out gently falling on his feet. A couple of soldiers ran up and escorted him inside the perimeter they had set up. As Mask entered the premise a large explosion went off, the peace keepers around him went on alert. After that the lights began going out until the whole area was completely dark, Mask chuckled and tapped his ear piece.

"This is mask, prep a squad of Blue Jay's for striking."

With that he took a seat on the dirt and opened his eyes. Everything came into full view, it was as if there were no walls at all in the building. He concentrated hard enough to see people's individual presences. Near the explosion there was a man, inside the building there were some soldiers guarding the satellite as well as his own moving in. On top of that there was another person fighting off the enemy. After quickly adjusting his ear piece he got in touch with Vladimir once more.

"Vlad keep your squad moving in the direction of the satellite, as for you there's something I want you to check out. It may be nothing but, it may also be something."

"Roger that boss"

Mr.Mask gave the relative location and watched as Vladimir headed towards the man who happened to be near the explosion. As for himself he would get in on the action as well, he moved his finger signaling for two of the guards to follow him as he moved in after the thieves. The soldiers turned on their flash lights and did as they were instructed.

Inside the base near the power supply room.

@the_black_dog: Vladimir slowly approached the hole that had been blown in the wall of the main power supply. He readied up before swinging in, Scar-L raised and ready to fire. He turned on the under barrel light and quickly checked the room. There was nothing, whoever was here wasn't here anymore. He radioed in to Mask

"There's no one here boss, I'm gonna have a look around this part of the building. I doubt he could have gotten very far."

"Copy that Vlad, if there is even a chance that this person is a hostile take him out."

Vladimir slowly approached the whole in the wall, his plan was simple. He would investigate the area and find that guy/girl the Boss was talking about.

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Not bad. Not bad.

Multiple detonations went off in the midst of the facility generator room, back up power likely to come on soon and some core systems in tact, but a majority of the functions knocked out in an instant. And at the blast, there was no sign of dog. Only the deceased he left within his wake..


An M4A1 assault rifle was discarged in favor of a Bren CZ-805 assault rifle, firing the larger 7.62 mm rounds. Lead core with an armor piercing copper jacket, designed to tear through the best of it eventually. An ammo drum containing almost a hundred rounds was attached. His hand goes to the charging handle of his rifle, pulling it back before letting it slingshot the weapon, the fire indicator then moved off safe, past two round burst and over to full auto

Looks like the terrorist are here. Put on your night goggles and hold steady. We have not yet began to fight!

Got that right.

He slides on the nightvision goggles, as, he looks towards all of them. Dog is already in the hanger bay, having melded senselessly with the rest of the reinforcement.

Wonder who's locked in with who.

No Caption Provided


Gunfire erupted in the room dog lashing out in the middle of the crowd as he broke disguise, firing blatantly on his own squadmates from a covered position. The moment he struck, being when the team had begun to put on their night vision goggles, a single moment of vulnerability that the one man mercenary squad sought to exploit only a few seconds of vulnerability. seeking to lay down accurate fire among the men, immediately aiming to take out a half dozen as he snapped rapidly target to target.

The first to go wouldd the men immediately next to dog. The others were quicker to take cover and return fire. He eats one round to the chest. "Fuck." He tilts head head, a bullet soaring by inches of his ear, and then, aims his 40 mm grenade launcher at a specific set of targets. The general, and the meta with the tendril arms. Seeking to blow 'em both sky high, or at least, riddle them with armor piercing shrapnel.

And just like that, he went back taking concealment behind a kicked over steel workbench.

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@below0gaming@noir_anarchist: @thepuzzler: @gripper: @the_b_list: @the_black_dog

Inside the hanger bay, the soldier’s heart rate quickened. They were the last line of defense between an unknown terrorist force and the United State’s newest satellite, the Third Eye. Should the terrorist win, the technological advances they would have in their hand from the satellite above could prove to be detrimental to the very world. This was a fight they dare not lose. For now they numbered around twenty, all tired and wounded from previous skirmishes, but still determined to fight to the end. In front of them stood a seventy ton door, sealed shut by command, and behind them under a top grade laser grid, the satellite. But just as they stood together, eager to end this war once and for all, all the lights on the base, shut down one by one. Within seconds the men were surrounded by darkness, lit only by the red glow from the lasers grid behind them. But not one to let his men lose faith in their military drive, General Joesph (Head Hunter) Hunt shouted “Looks like the terrorist are here. Put on your night goggles and hold steady. We have not yet began to fight.!

With a quick rustling, every man reached for their gear in unison, taking only seconds to retrieve and mount their night goggles on their heads. But it was during those few brief seconds that it all went to Hell! A dangerous Merc, disguised as one of the men, turned on them and open fired. Immediately shots rang out as the soldiers nearest him were riddled with bullets and the rest were caught off guard. Soon bullets and blood filled the bay as the General’s men regrouped and regathered firing wildly. In the midst of chaos the General shouted “Protect the satellite at all costs. Shoot to Kill!” as he himself open fired on the intruder. But even though being up against superior numbers the lone Merc managed to overcome the adversity, taking only one shot to the chest followed by a well timed and appropriate “F Word!

It was truly amazing how the lone individual managed to survive as long as he did, with hundreds of bullets flying his way. It was even more amazing that while being overwhelmed by the shear numbers, he easily spotted out the two biggest threats in the room, Jack and the General, and immediately moved to take them out. With his trusty 40 mm grenade launcher in hand, he fired off two perfectly aimed grenades seeking to blow them both sky high, or at least, riddle them with armor piercing shrapnel.

But in his rush to act, the Merc made one and only one mistake, he failed to take out the biggest threats first. His failure to shoot Jack in the beginning, gave Jack ample time to ready himself to strike back. Seeing as how the incoming grenades were the greatest threat to himself and the other soldiers, Jack reacted as only he could. With a mechanical clicking sound, he extended the reach of his two upper mechanical arms outwards, so that they could grab the grenades from out of the sky. With only seconds before they would explode, he flung his two arms into the farthest corner and held them there tightly until they exploded. Other than a loud ringing sound and a bit of smoke, the greatest threat from the grenades was no more than a huge black sooty mark around the corner’s walls and the tips of Jack’s two arms.

But while all this was going on, the shoot out between the lone mercenary and the soldiers raged on. The Merc found shelter behind a kicked over steel workbench, while the soldiers hid behind various trucks and jeeps and large crates full of military supplies. Still in command, the General shouted, “Keep him pinned down men. It’s only a matter of time until he runs out of ammo, and then we have him!” But Jack, seeing how many good American soldiers could die in the process, had a different idea. Still armed with a military assault rifle as well as hidden behind the safety of a truck, Jack decided to take action. Rather than giving the terrorist a heads up, he acted without announcing his actions and with a thought, he commanded all four of his mechanical arms to reach over the truck he was hiding behind, and aim in the direction of the intruder. They then extended across the battle field with an ever growing metal clinking sound, spreading out wide, so that when they reach the enemy, each arm would slam up against the wall around him in a square like pattern. With each arm roughly five yards away in the so called corners around the Merc, Jack quickly announced to his fellow soldiers, “Don’t worry men. I’ve got him!” Then if all things were going according to plan, with the enemy still inside the reach of the four arms, in less than a second the arms would produce a crackling sound and soon in between them would be a bright yellow electrical field generating enough energy to put down a full grown elephant in no time.

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Within minutes, the whole place had gone to shit.

Between a variety of explosions, gunfire, and screaming, there was little room to hear each other member of the B List yell out warnings or commands... But one sound did ring out through the chaos, a challenge to the leader of the team that could've been considered a death wish for most men. Butch turned his head towards the @noir_anarchist, and curled his lip in a snarl. "Who d'you think you're talking to, broad?" He barked, pulling a sawed off shotgun out of it's sheath with one hand and raising the disfigured hand with the other.

"I haven't gotten into a fair fight since 'Nam, you %^&#*!" Ignoring the fact that he hadn't actually served in Vietnam, he fired the shotgun at the girl, at the same time barking orders to the rest of his team. Immediately they sprang into action, Revolution being the first to respond. He leaped at the girl, sending an almost literally explosive foot flying towards her face. "We've got her under control. Gill, take the rest of the team and find the satellite!" Butch barked, as he now ran at the girl, swinging his brass-knuckled fist.

Without a word, the remaining three turned and started to head for the main building, soon getting to the wall. "Gill, you don't mind, do ya, hun?" Eureka smiled up at the crocodile man, patting the concrete wall gently. Gill snorted loudly, before stepping back a bit. Shift and Eureka cleared out of his way, and he charged towards the wall, shoulder first so that he successfully crashed through it to get to the interior of the building. After creating a huge crater in the wall, the rest of the team stepped inside, looking around expectantly.

A hallway. That... was a start, at least. "Spread out and look around. Can't be that hard to find a whole satellite, amiright?" Eureka shrugged, walking off down one of the halls. Shift and Gill exchanged a glance and seemed to have a full conversation with just their eyes- and with a disheartened sigh, Gill followed Eureka, and Shift walked the other way down the hall.


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Dog laid down among the table, looking out, he could see the tendrils.

Can't have you grabbin' me, now can I? Ya sneaky little bastard you.

He reached instinctively into his pouch of many weapons and then tossed seemingly another grenade overhead, only this time near by, exploding and revealing a thick cloud of non-toxic smoke that had begun to obscure the already darkened area and giving dog the opportunity to make his move.

He runs along, his gun held up to his face as a bullet impacted it's side and ricocheted off as he moved almost unknown to the soldiers, his Pananormic vision enabling him to switch seamlessly from nightvision to infrared enabling him to spot every hot body in the room. Under the cover of smoke, he divided and began to crawl, evading most stray rounds that had begun to liter the room, until he got relatively close to the 70 ton door that stood between help and him.

With left firing either where he was, or all around, he slung out his back and from it, pulled out disarmed panzerfaust-3, putting it together quickly as he aimed towards the blast door. Most assuredly, the hanger door would easily eat a high explosive rocket, or a fragmentation rocket. However, the round he was using was HEAT round, or a high explosive anti tank round, meant to not blow up tanks, but pierce them with extreme amounts of force. Upon releasing the rocket, it traveled at hundreds of miles per hour at a perfect angling, hitting the 70 ton blast door straight on. Upon detonation, the explosion liquified a cone of copper within the rocket and then hit the blast door at hypersonic velocities, generating pressures locally on the door several times greater than the earth's core, because it focused it on a specific spot. The result was jet stream of molten copper making a nicely sized hole of 6 inches wide, going through 3 feet of solid steel. Would have through over seven feet of concrete.

It cut through the door as if it were made of hot butter, making a neat little hole.

Dog runs up to the opening, far too small for any person to fit into, and puts his rucksack in it, devoid of all, but filled to the brim with thermite grenades. The smoke begins to clear, but now, less encumber dog gains a stark advantage, as he bolts once again,. A few rounds clip him in the arm, another landing towards the chest, grunting as he moves through the rounds that hit by trained marksman, and thne, giving a salute as the thermite bomb goes off.


For a moment, the base shakes, the mixture of explosives and incendiaries serving to begin to melt the door, thermite's reactivity in tandem with it's high temperature of 5000 F serving to gradually melt a nice hole in the door, to the ground below, producing a bright shining light that was you couldn't even look at without a pair of anti-flash goggles. Dog, was far from dead, but he found himself in an undesirable situation, and tactically retreated after a few minutes, pulling out a radio as he moved. He left the room amidst the explosion, the men having a quiet movement.


"Yo, dosey doe. Lost? Look for the light and head to where to heard the explosion. Giant hangar bay door with a hole in it. Section 5. Can't miss it. Look out for Mr. Four arms. He's fuckin' trouble. I have to pull out. Finish the job so we all get paid, yeah?"

He hangs up, clutching bloodied wounds as he left the premise.

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@thepuzzler: @noir_anarchist: @gripper: @the_b_list: @the_black_dog:

Mask arrived as the chaos was clearing, the room filled with smoke from the battle that had just gone underway. It was here that the order would take charge of the situation. Mask moved his men further into the building, filling the room with ten elite anti-terrorist units. These men and woman were trained to handle a variety of situations and defending a satellite was like a Sunday training routine. As Mask and his boys arrived Vladimir ran in asking Mask what he needed done. Vladimir was to setup traps at all the possible entrance and exit points in the room. With that he turned his attention to the people already in the room.

"Okay boys and girls we have about 5 minutes before the guys after this satellite get in here. As you can see my men are setting up trip wires connected to shock grenades at each entrance and exit point. These grenades will disable anything that triggers them. As for you soldiers you did your job well in defending this point however, your relieved from duty in here. Me and my men will take it from this point on."

Mask stood in the middle of the room, the whole place was rigged at this point and with only a few minutes before the targets arrived. His Blue Peace Keepers stacked behind cover, ready to fire. Along with this Vladimir had tied tripwire to shock grenades and rigged them in the doorways. Anything that walked through would pull the pin causing a 10 meter emp and tazer like effect. All the while Mask stood in front of the laser grid, his calculations led him to the prediction that this would take less then 20 minutes. With Vladimir in the fight it could even be less then 15.

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Power shortages, exsplosions and gunfire they were the ballad to the tune the crimson marksman didn't listen to. As the heist turned warzone went on Isabella's focus fell souly on the two asailents, one a man she had to fight the other a rude intrusion. They didn't want to fight fairly but that was fine seeing how against the healing factor tropes rarely was a fair contest. "You may look old but not Nam old." Noir remarked as the shotgun barked, eyes functioning at an accelerated rate the merc saw the projectiles and could project roughly the area of effect. She wasn't as good at projecting as her sister the movement made wasn't as clean as some others.

Ducking low a portion of buck shot dissected her left shoulder shattering some bone and digging into muscle. The rich carmine fluid hard to see against the vermillion suit. As for the wound a keen eye could already tell it was starting to mend, it would take some time however and she temporarily couldn't move her arm as well as desired. Her other hand was still free however and the anarchist still had a mine left. A slight toss of the blade was made so that Noor could prime and toss the claymore with quick performance. The exsplosive looked to meet with the speeding boot triggering the directional detonation to embrace the leg of the leaping opposition.

Her hand snaked around the grip of the sword of hers just as a set of brass connected with her jaw. One could hear a moist crack of gross acoustics as her jaw unhinged from the impact. The copper taste of blood coating the woman's tongue and any clever remark she tried to make was just a garbled mess of a sound. However amongst the unaudible sound was also a motion of a downward thrust looking to meet recoiling arm with a sword. She tried to sink the weapon into the limb and rip it open with a following pull backward. Meanwhile with her other hand limited in motion the secondary blade swiped for the ankles. It's execution was embarrassingly under stylized to Isabella but one couldn't be picky with crippled movement.

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@below0gaming@noir_anarchist: @thepuzzler: @gripper: @the_b_list:

In just five short minutes, everything went wrong for Jack. First the terrorist, literally in his hands, escaped with the aide of a smoke bomb and some well placed thermite grenades. That after exploding left a huge gaping hole in the bays only accessible entrance, allowing easy access for anyone to enter the satellite’s location. Then a new hoard of soldiers marched in, proudly wearing the insignia of the Blue Order, and after securing the area with a clean sweep, proceeded to take over. They were a military branch of only the best, trained for missions such as this, and one that Jack had only heard rumors about. Based purely on the way they entered the room and took control, they were living up to their reputation. Immediately their leader, a man designated as “Mask” barked the orders for his men to setup traps at all the possible entrance and exit points in the room with trip wires and shock grenades, guaranteeing the safety and security of the satellite should anyone else enter.

With the increase in numbers, Jack let out a sigh of relief knowing the satellite was better protected and now stood strong next to both U.S. soldiers and the Blue Order alike. But never in his wildest dreams would he ever expect to hear the Blue Orders leader tell the men of the base, “As for you soldiers you did your job well in defending this point however, you’re relieved from duty in here. Me and my men will take it from this point on.” In fact, Jack was so shocked that the U.S soldiers were dismissed, that he had to do a quick mental double take to grasp it. But to General Joesph (Head Hunter) Hunt, it made perfect sense and was both wise and professional. With pride, he ordered his men out of the room double time, but not before having a one on one with Blue Order’s leading officer. With complete respect and admiration, General Hunt threw Mask a salute then pulled from his pocket a small black box with one red button under a piece of glass. He then offers it to him saying, “I have complete faith in you and your men, but should it come to it, and it looks like the terrorist are going to win and somehow get to the satellite, just press that button. There is enough C4 under this bay to blow this whole base to Kingdom Come and back!” then finished with “and it’s been an honor to meet you, Sir!

Unfortunately, as the General’s men were so promptly leaving, they grabbed Jack by his human arms and proceeded to forcefully escort him out of the room. Immediately, Jack shouted out to the members of the Blue Order, “Wait I want to stay! I can help you protect the satellite, just give me a chance!” But before anyone could speak up or take action, General Hunt explained to Mask, “He’s just some random guy who showed up minutes before we were attacked. I don’t yet know who or what he is, he hasn’t given us a name yet. But he claims to be on our side, In fact he did try to stop one of the terrorist, the same one that blew a hole in our door, but by his own actions allowed the said terrorist to escape. But don’t worry, we will take him with us and find out just who he is, Sir!” Again the U.S. soldiers began forcing Jack out of the room, some even leading him out by gun point all blindly following orders. But determined not to go, Jack instinctively fought back. In one brash moment he flexed all four of his mechanical arms at once and swung out knocking over all the soldiers around him like dominoes. Then as he recoiled them all back in, under his skin, he ran towards Mask begging for a chance to help. But before even getting two steps closer to the illustrious leader of the famed Blue Order, they immediately stopped him dead in his tracks by forming a human wall around their leader and every gun in the room aimed dead center between his eyes.

With no other options he threw his hands up in surrender, and even dropped to his knees placing his hands behind his head. “Whoa, hold your horses, I ain’t the enemy, I just wanted to speak to your commander,” at which point a Blue Order soldier whispered under his breath, “fat chance.” Realizing the overwhelming amount of danger he was in, Jack laid it all on the line, hoping that his words would not fall on deaf ears. “Alright I know you have no reason to trust me, and I admit everything I have done up to this point has, well lets say, gone wrong, but I’m telling you I’m here to help. In any minute, some unknown force will be coming threw that door and you’re gonna need all the help you can get. So we can either waste time arguing among ourselves or you can lower those weapons. Either way I ain’t leaving this room until I know that satellite is safe.” He then stood up, lowering his hands, while relying on a lot of luck, hoping and praying he would not get shot in the process, and continued to speak. “I also have a plan that might help. I noticed on the way in, there were a few helicopters flying overhead. With your approval and my (he then slightly extends his two upper mechanical arms as a sign of strength) special friends here, we could load up that satellite over there and move it to a more secure location.” Still not sure were he stood in the eyes of the Blue Order, he tried to remain calm as he held up a poker face to Mask. But no matter what happened next, be it an attack from the B list or a dismissal from the Blue Order, Jack was determined to protect the satellite at all costs, even if it made him an enemy of the U.S. Government!

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@thepuzzler: @the_b_list: @noir_anarchist: @gripper:

Mask wasn't one for sob stories or people who didn't follow orders. He led a group of some of the most elite and they weren't even his strongest units. This event was more of a power showing rather then a real attempt at stopping the theft of the satellite. If it came down to it Mask could have the whole building leveled in an airstrike with time enough to go home and catch the walking dead. Now, after he had just dismissed these soldiers some random guy with metal arms was attempting to argue why he should be allowed to stay.

"Stop okay, I honestly don't have time to focus on your begging. You can stay but, the satellite stay's where it is. Trust me they aren't getting this out of here."

Outside the sound of jet engines could be heard, they were quiet but steadily getting louder. That sound was the sound of a squad of five Blue Jays closing in to ensure the satellite doesn't leave the area. Mask waved his arms and the soldiers lowered their weapons and returned to their positions.