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In this rpg your either part of a sophisticated group of bank robbers or thee elite FBI task force assigned to bring them down.

You dont have to be blue to play a good guy and vise versa in this rpg.

This is a semi open rpg, meaning you can build the story and introduce NPC characters. If your an FBI agent make up your home life, a wife, kids, or maybe your an alcoholic on a path of redemption, its up to you just add some depth to your character.

If your a back robber maybe you have a girl on the side or your a junkie on the verge of getting the whole team caught, get creative, but when its time for a job we all meet up.

Normal rules apply:

No God mode

No Auto-Hits

No Powers

If you cant contribute at least one post a day then please consider not joining.

People who join in later on can be worked into the story so dont be afraid to join, simply go to the Ooc page and ask and we'll get ya in.

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Special Report


"We interrupt this regularly scheduled program to bring you this Live action News exclusive."

Thanks Jim. I'm standing in front of the First National Bank here in North Hollywood were only moments ago FBI agents engaged in a deadly shootout that left 3 civilians and 4 officers dead. This was the latest in a series of bank and armored car robbers that plagued Hollywood residents for the last year. Hold on Jim I see the police commissioner.

"Sir Sir, can you tell us what happened here today?"

"We received an anonymous tip that the First National Bank was going to be robbed, we believed this to be credible information and acting on it we were successful in killing all but one member of this group."

"Did you say you were able to kill all but one member commissioner?"

"No more questions thank you."

Well Jim you heard it, it would look as if the Hollywood bank terrors are over.

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Post Deleted.

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Gambler sat in a giant trash bin in an alley just east of Hollywood. He could hear police sirens off in the distance as he removed his bullet proof vest that had been riddled with rounds. As he tried to catch his breath he loaded two clips in his dual Desert Eagles .50, suddenly he heard an officer on his walky.

Yeah I'm just checking the alley off James street.

Gambler burst up out off the trash bin and opened fire, the officer shook violently as the bullets tore him to shreds. Gambler hopped down and grabbed the keys off the dead cop. He slowly emerged from the alley and drove off onto the busy streets headed for a safe house. He needed to gather a new team, Big Mike was a criminal mastermind he had connections to ever level of scum. He would know who to get and how to contact them.

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Scott Wolfman hit a button on his keyboard. The new report window closed on one of his many computer screens. He had brown hair and eye, with blue glasses he barely ever took off, even though they were really for distance. He sat in a chair wearing brown flip-flops, camo cargo shorts, and a Thundercats T-Shirt. He was the classic geek: superhero obsessed, attended sci-fi conventions on a regular basis, and was a level 500 sorcerer on Mystic Realms, an RPG. "They would've never failed if they had used a level 7 hacking code."

Scott shook his head and slid over to another computer screen. He sat in his basement of his San Fransisco home, lights out and in complete darkness. The only lights were the three computer screens. Scott began typing like crazy. His hacker name was Cryo-Wolf, Cryo for short. It was a superhero he had thought up and stuck with it. He had some friends that were planning a big heist on the horizon, and Scott said he'd help. He had waited his whole life to show off his hacking skills, rather than using them to gain access to certain websites.

Now he only waited for their call.