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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to wake up with great powers, Would you be the only one, What would you do, Get back at those bullies that picked on you at school, Fight crime, Steal.

OR hide from modern society,In fear of what they would do to you if they found out, Or would you seek out the lime light,

This is a story is the answer to all those questions and more, Welcome to the world of Heroes!

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Z woke up in a cold sweat. He looked about feeling like something was out of place. His eyes stopped on the small necklace in his hand.

When did that get there? He thought to himself. Better put it up.

Z stumbled around in the dark and opened his mother's old jewelry box. He had gotten the box after she had passed away. His paents had only one child and his dad was sure Z would just pass it on to his wife when he got married.

He opened the box clumsily and out the necklace inside. As he turned and closed the lid the last of the dim light reflected off of the identicle necklaces.

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Red was just a rich kid with money,and no job.His parents died and left him Millions.he never knew struggle.

Red was crusing down the street in his red lambrogini

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It was a great day, Bruce lay in the long green grass staring up at the sky, Each cloud had a story , one looked like a monkey and then a dragon, Blowing away a bit of his blue fringe , Slowly he got up, Looking round the school, His blue eyes looking for them, It seemed okay.

Throwing his bag over his arm he moved into the crowd of kids, His pale skin stood out amoungst the tanned kids of orange county, It did not help that he was adopted, School was not a fun place for him, Not one of the large jocks but he was still well built, Some times he was able to fight them off, other times they would out number him.

All of a sudden his black bag was ripped from his shoulder, Falling backwards everything moved so slow, His tail bone hit the ground hard , a tear came to his eye from the pain, "Well if it is not little orphan Bruce" , Mike was a large boy with short blonde hair , Captain of the water polo team, He went to get up when a boot met his stomach "Who said you could get up EMO " , Bruce moved fast, smashing Mike in the balls with a furious upper cut, The jock went down grapping the croch of his white pants.

But the rest of the team set on Bruce , A flury of punches and kicks met flesh, Bruce tried to fight back but there was to many, The sweet sound of the bell rang , the crowd borke off and bruce was left alone, Blood came from his nose and his hands where cut and bruised from protecting himself, "Fu@"ing rich kids" , he spat out a lose tooth and head to the back of the school, Resting his body on the cold wall he slid down the wall pulling his knees to his chest , he began to let out a sob as all the anger and lonelyness came to a head.

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{Alvin would wake up at his friends house yawning nd stretching like a kitten just just wouldnt stop as he accidently hit a lamp down and caught with his reflexes not noticing hes done something like that before sad though he had to go to school for their he got bullied due to his small size and the fact he like taking things like the ipod he stole Hed get ready push his freind out of their bed and start walking his way to school taking hsi time because he know he had a fight with a guy cause he and the guys sister had a little realtionship}

Aint today a good day dont you think man.

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Red was speeding down the highhway with no regrets he loved his life it was perfect.Leaning down to grab his cell phone while going 100 miles per hour wasnt smart..Of course he knows this now.As red crossed an intersection,and 18 wheeler was going the opposite direction and pummeled Redricks car,sending it flying into the air crashing into the ground,exploding.

Redrick was in shock,he could here the police sirens and barely saw the people standing around watching,Redrick was going to sit there,but he had no choice,finnaly he blacked out

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The street was poorly lit, uinderneath a lonely street light sat a conner bat, It was dark and had a smell that could only be discribed as sicking, A large bar tender held a pale shadow of a man by the cuff of his neck, The mans clothes where old hand me downs a pair of grey pin stripped suit trousers, A dusty yellow shirt and a brown tatty leahter jacket .

"GET OUTTA HERE YOU BUM" ,The man hit the ground with a thud , His nose smashing of the pavemtent, Slowy coming to his sense , he stood letting his dark gressey hair flop to his shoulders, Finding it hard to stand, he wobbled a little and caught hold of the street light, Two tin bin cans sat next to the lamp, Leaning over a yellow like substance came from his mouth, the raw sickness had steam coming from it in the night air.

lacing his hands up flipping the bar tender the brid, He walked down the street, as if the world was spinning round him , A cold bresse froced him to pull up his jacket ,letting out a cough , moving one hand round his pockets looking for a smoke, none left, He saw a couple ahead, "Any chance of a smoke " The couple huddled into each other and ignored him, He kept walking in hope of finding a cig, even checking the floor for a stubb.

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Kurtis Iverson was living thee dream, he had two wonderful kids, a house with a white picket fence and a loving wife. Life was good at the Iverson home but something was off Kurtis would have nightmares that he was lying in a graveyard next to three tombstones but then he would wake up to his loving wife and children.

But which was the dream and which was reality?

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Nina's legs kicked back and forth as she sat on the hard chair. Her feet didn't quite touch the floor, she was a diminutive fourteen year old. She looked up at the corners of the white room awkwardly and sighed heavily, she really couldn't be bothered with this.

"Now Nina, the others have been complaining about your behaviour recently, do you have anything to say about that?" The children's home psychologist looked at her intently.

"No Mister Owen, I don't remember doing anything." she sat back into the chair heavily, chewed her sleeve and kicked her boots in an annoying fashion.

"You don't remember...?" He raised an eyebrow and consulted his notes.

"Nope." she said obstinately.

When she was finally allowed to leave his office she stamped down the hall, Nina was in a sore mood now. Who had ratted her out? she wondered. It was probably Matilda, she knew that the Baxter family had been paying special attention to Nina and she was jealous. "I'll never get out of here at this rate." She pushed open the heavy metal doors and sat down on the cold hard steps outside, "Oh well, it's better than the asylum," she sighed.

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The sound of Scott Wolfman's battery powered toothbrush could be heard throughout the halls of his house. He spit and placed the toothbrush in its stand. He walked back to his room an closed the door behind him. His room was like that of any other 14 year old boy. Curtains pulled down so it was completely dark. Video games and Dvd's sprawled out everywhere. Clothes he had worn a week ago and still not washed lay in a pile in the corner. Band posters lined the walls.

Scott yawned walked over to his unmade bed. He had school the next day, and need to get his rest. He wore blue pajama bottoms with polar bears on them, and a gray t-shirt. He burrowed under his covers and slowly went to sleep.

He had the strangest dream that night. But it seemed so real, he could've sworn it was.

He was running through a forest, the moonlight shining through the spots between the leaves. As he was running, he saw things differently. He could hear things that he couldn't see, almost like they were far away from them. His nose was going wild. He could smell all these smells, but knew what they were at the slightest sniff. Another odd thing: He was running on all fours....like a dog.

He turned and ran to his right, following a certain smell. He didn't know why, but he loved the smell. He wanted more of it. He wanted to taste it. He jumped up into the air and came down on an animal. It was a rabbit, swuirming to get out of Scott's hands. He wouldn't let it go. He wanted it. Most of all, he wanted to taste it.

His teeth sunk into the rabbit's stomach, blood flowing into his mouth, succulent meant tantalizing his pallet.

Scott shot awake, he was breathing heavily from the dream. It was really intense. He yawned and looked at his clock: 6:30. Holy Crap! He overslept! He flew out of bed and grabbed some clothes, flying into the shower and getting dressed.

Scott walked down the stairs of his house with his blue sling bag over his shoulder. He was wearing jeans, sneakers, a blue t-shirt, and a long sleeved white t-shirt undeanth it. His silver whale necklace hung from his neck.

"Well, good morning sleepy head!" His mother said. As usual, she was the most energetic of the family in the morning.

"Yeahheymomijustgongotoskoonowkbye." Was all Scott said in one big yawn.

"Whoa there, morning glory. You're not leaving without some breakfast." Scott looked down at his stomach, but he wasn't hungry. There was no rumbling, no pain. In fact, he was rather full. "Nah, I'm not hungry. See you after school, mom." Scott waved and walked toward the front door. He opened it, and surprisingly, it was unlocked. They usually lock the doors before going to bed, and Scott was the first to leave the house in thr morning. "Mom! You left the door unlocked!"

Scott opened the door and then noticed something. There were claw marks on the side of the door. Small, but still noticeable. Then Scott remembered something about his dream: He had come in through the front door in his dream, after he attacked the rabbit.

"Weird." Scott closed the door and headed for the bus.

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All Redrick rememberd was him reaching down for his cell phone,and thats it nothing else.By now he was in the Hospital,the doctors stood in awe and shock,he could here them."This man's car was flipped 5 times and it exploded,how is he still alive".Redrick began to cry"Aw,no,no..no!Not my Car!"The doctors looked at him disgusted.

"Sir you just walked out of a accident only Superman can survive,and your worried about your car?"One doctor said to him.

"Your right,is my cell phone still working?"

The doctor gave him a smug look

"Your free to go,and i hope you can live with your self after being so reckless causing lives like that"

Redrick looked at her,then put his head down,and left the hospitol.

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Donnie had never been a good person, he realized long ago that he was not an "angel." He was only human he'd think, we can't all be guided by morals, some of us take what we want and when we receive the consequences of our actions we accept them. He had joined the mob at a young age, he was fascinated by the life they lived, he wanted the women, the money, the drugs, the violence. But tonight his mind was on much bigger things, tonight, things were far more serious.

Donnie stepped out into the moonlit night. He looked at the sky, there where many stars out and there light lit the dark city. Donnie began to walk down the street, his head down, not looking, not wanting to see. His waist was heavy with steel. Tonight was the night he would exact his revenge.

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{Alvin would reach the school with hsi friends as they were walking 1 guy had been sitting infrotn of the school looking like he didnt care how late he came in but obviously looking for alvin hed spot him with hsi friend the guy would smirk as alvin said to his friend}

I though it be only one guy looks like some you and i ca hndle i guess right?

friend: Yeah i guess so btu something dont feel right one guy that only a friend of the orignal guy were suppose to fight.

alvin:look lets just jump him go to school and get this over with right okay then lets go.

{The start walking towad ths school when suddenly the door to the school would open as the actualy guy they were suppose to fight came out with his friend countign money they obviously stole}

alvin never mind i see what your saying

{The friend would already be runnign towarss the back of the school as the guy didnt care about him but started walkign towarda alvin}

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Another day was coming to an end, Kurtis had tucked his children into bed and was all set to fall asleep when suddenly something wet landed on his face.

"What the? Great, the roof must have leak." Iverson turned to look at his wife when the room started to blur and fade away. The next thing Iverson knew he was outside laying on the ground, as he got to his feet and looked around with confusion he began to focus and saw them. Three headstones, one for his wife and two more for his children.

"NOOOOO. THIS ISNT REAL, IT CANT BE REAL." Iverson collapsed to his knees reduced to tears. He reached out and held on to his wifes tombstone and sobbed.

"Its not real, its not real."
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Z stood in the hall way of his school. A lot of people looked down on him, he could see it in there eyes. His father was a successful businessman, the All American Dream, you know. His mother was a japanesse computer graphics artist who had moved her for her company and met his father. A lot of the kids he went to school with worked for the companies his father was running into the ground. Many of the students couldn't pronouce his first name so they just called him Z.

"Z!" A harsh voice called over his shoulder.

Zaraki knew the voice well, and knew to move quickly. He dropped his head and turned away. A ham bone like fist flew past his head, slamming into a locker door nearby.

"Gregory. How can I help you?" Zaraki muttered as he moved his hands to his fight stance. "You know I am a champion MMA competetor. Must be why you tried a sneak attack."

"Your dad..."

"Did what he always did right." Zaraki grunted as he shot a stiff right to the line man's jaw. "Ruined your father's business, ight?"

"Gugh!" Gregory grunted as his jaw clacked from the impact of the fist.

"Your family owned the greasy little burger stand at the four corners of this town right?" Zaraki caught the jock's arm at the elbow as he swung again. Zaraki bent the arm back and pulled the jock's body in as he slammed a knee into his ribs.

"Hughhhhh!" Gregory's ribs almost collapsed under the impact of the knee. "Guhhh! Huhhhh! Uhhh."

Zaraki din't let go of the elbow. Instead he followed with an elbow to the jaw line and punch to the bottom of his throat.

Gregory finally fell to the ground and laid there struggling to breath.

"Know your place and never come after me again." Zaraki grumbled as he stood over the downed football player.

"And you need to know you are suspended again." Mrs Malone said behind Zaraki.

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Nina looked out into the street, it was quiet and the occasional car rolled by. Her eyelids grew heavy and her head drooped almost onto her lap.She started to daydream, wondering what her life might have been like if her parents hadn't given her up...maybe she'd live in the suburbs, and she'd have a cute boyfriend, and nice friends at school, and a pet dog.... growwwwl She spun round quickly and looked for the sound. She could hear a huge dog, like it was right beside her ear. But she saw, nothing. Her legs felt like jelly, like when you try to run in a nightmare. She broke into a cold sweat, and her arms started to tremble, she felt dread as if she sensed the prescence of a ghost. And fainted.

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{Alvin would meet with the three guys and for some odd reason look alot bigger then yesterday and from when they were 20ft away alvin smirk}

Listen guys it was a mis understanding its not my fault i got what your sister wants right?

bully:you know what your right i agree

bullys friends:really?

bully:yeah so i guess that means that you can go with her

{Alvin would stare puzzled as his mouth droped open}

alvin:Seriously off no bul

bully:F* no

{The bully would throw the first punch knocking alvin of hsi feet as they rushed to stomp on him}

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"Bruce what happend , look at your face " , Bruce stromed past Mrs Anderson , she was in her thirtys had short blonde hair cut into a bob, And was wearing a light blue dress, her face was perfection, like looking at a work of art and she had kept herself in good shape, "Nothin" Bruce retorted as he ran up the staircase, "Bruce can we talk about this please" She screamed after him, "Just leave me alone" He slamed his door shut with such force that the pictures on the hall outside fell.

moving in his bedroom the walls where painted to look like sand, with the roof painted a light blue, Bruce guessed it was meant to be the sea, His floor was decking , but you would be lucky to see it from the ocean of clothes that lay on the floor, it was large with a double bed in the centre and his computer and secteches lay to his left, To the right of the room was a large music colection and in front of him was the best thing about this whole dam place, A balcony that looked out over the beach.

Pulling open both doors with his arms spread wide the salt in the air nipped his cuts, but he lost himself in the brezze and the smells, Turing back to the room he left the doors open, The bedroom also had a small on suite, Looking in the mirrior, his blue stripe of hair was a mess, not as bad as his nose a small tear came back to him, Rembering how his real dad would have reacted, He would have gone down to the school and kicked there asses, Before Bruce knew it his fist had smashed the mirror, "Damn it".

He ran to his bed emptying out his school bag over the floor "I hate this place its not me at all, I hate these people" HE rammed his clothed into a the now empty bag, Picked up his MP3 player and moved out to the balcony , shimming down the drain pipe and grabing his skate broad, he rode off into the distance the sun on his back and another home to be forgotten.

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"But that's why..." Her voice purred out of the massive speakers that walled the stage as a ripple of piano music echoed her words, "birds do it, bees do it, even educated flees do it, let's do it, let's fall in love..." The band struck up as a figure in purple silk swayed, pouring her low, sultry tones into a microphone.

She had the whole audience in the palm of her hand and she knew it. There was nothing else on Earth like that buzz. Eryn Bryce, known in the jazz and musical circuits for being the best and brightest young spark to set foot on Broadway in twenty years. The critics were raving about her, the audiences loved her and in the last week alone she'd had a dozen requests from producers begging her to be in their newest production.

The blonde, willowy twenty-one year old tapped out slowly across in front of the richest and best of the upper crust, making love to them with her perfect voice. Every note was pitched to hold their every thought as she sang. Despite the silly nature of the song itself, she still managed to mesmerise them all.

"Let's do it! Let's fall in love!" she ended with a flourish. And then there was the pause, the holding, where she knew she had them, she could hold them, they were putty in her hands until suddenly she was bathed in applause.

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She awoke to the night, the noise and flash of sirens, the crackle and spit of fire. Somehow she'd found herself at the back of the Children's home, the building was engulfed in flames. Nina gingerly got to her feet and tried to get a closer look at what was going on, Kids and care workers had been savaged, people were being lifted into ambulances. The area was thick with police and firefighters, Nina suddenly felt...Guilty.

                  She walked backwards slowly, hoping not to be seen by anyone, then she turned and ran.
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Donnie entered the lavish home. It was beautiful, built in a Mediterranean style, a home fit for an illustrious mob boss.

"Donnie, hello! How are you?" questioned a busty mob whore.

"I'm okay Samantha, just here to see Johnny." Donnie answered.

"Well you know where to find him." she answered.

Donnie arrived at the oak door of Johnny's private quarters. He knocked three times, so Johnny would know it was him. The door slowly opened.

"Hello! Nice to see you Donnie!" Johnny said. He gave Donnie a big kiss on the cheek and closed the door behind him.

"Likewise Johnny, how's my favorite guy doing?" Donnie said hugging Johnny.

"Not much just...BLAM!" Johnny face changed as he felt the hot lead enter his abdomen.

"Have a seat Johnny, we have much to talk about" Donnie said.

Johnny laughed. "How do you expect to get away with this" he asked.

"Let's not worry about that now, right now I want answers, and you'll give them to me. You knew this day would come, your a smart man Johnny, this day was destined to come. Now Johnny, why did you think it was a good idea to kill my son and his mother, an please, give me a good answer." Donnie spoke.

"Because they were worthless pieces of trash and needed to be dealt with. How do you expect to be in the mob with a wife and a son? I can't have those two pieces of @#$% around, I need to protect myself, I've worked hard to put this mob on top, and I won't have you @#$% it up for me." Johnny said.

Donnie's face turned to a frown. He began to beat Johnny in the face with the .45 handgun. Blood began to splatter everywhere, staining the walls and floor with the man's blood.

"Donnie wait..."

"No this ends now" Donnie pointed the gun at Johnny's face and unloaded his clip, finalizing his revenge against his old friend.

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"Again?" Mr. Meadows asked.

"Yes again!" Mrs. Malone growled in frustration. "You act like this is a studip joke or something Mr. Meadows!"

"No, just a waste of my time." Mr Meadows stood up and laid his laptop on the desk. On the monitor was the security camera footage from the morning's incident. "You are suspending my son when he was attacked? I will have your job for this nonsense."

"What..." Mrs Malone was suddenly quite, the fire in her anger. "How did you get..."

"I own the security company that installed these cameras." Mr Meadows stood and adjusted one of his shirt's cuffs. "Now unless you want my lawyer brother to get a hold of this you will stop hounding my son."

"I.. I... I.."

"Will shut your mouth." Mr Meadows continued. "My son has a lot of problems with the other kids hatig him because I have been taking this cities industries over since he was young. The last thing a professional like you whould do is try and bully him too. You see unlike the other students my son has been trained to defend himself very efectively. Unfortunately for him he can't just fight you like he does them. So instead I pick up his slack there."

Mr Meadows walked across the room and opened the door.

"You little flower shop is already being bought out by my companies, so I hope you are happy with what you have driven me to do."

Zaraki watched his father leave the office and nodded at him. His father and he had an unsteady truce. As long as he didn't interfer with his father's life and did good at school and his MMA everything was fine.

"You have a class to get to." Mr Meadows grunted to his son.

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Scott ran down the steps of his house and walked down the street to the bus stop. He was humming a tune he had heard from this show on broadway, and he couldn't get it out of his head. Bryce? Was that the girl who was singing? He couldn't remember, but he kinda liked the song.It was catchy.

The bus came and he deposited $1.50 into the slot. He sat down in his seat, setting his book bag between his legs. He leaned against the seat and watched out the window as the world passed by. It was a sunny day, a few clouds in the sky here and there. The bus passed through Newton and Scott rummaged through his bag. He pulled out a comic book and began reading it. He was a bit of a geek. The other boys were interested in sports, while Scott, ever since Kindergarten, was interested in fantasy. He always pretended he was a superhero at recess in 3rd grade, and he would get up every Saturday morning to watch cartoons. He always doodled in his noteook new ideas for superheroes. One, he could remember now, was Icebox. He was an evil guy who could control ice. But, that's off the topic. Scott buried himself in The Astounding Wolf-Man and let the bus carry him to school.

When the bus got to Scott's destination, he got out and walked the rest of the way to school. His school was a decent school, it was near the waterfront in Boston. They even had a sailing team! Scott had always thought that was a little stupid, but to each his own.

Scott was walking when his comic book was snatched from his hands. Without even seeing who had taken it, he knew who it was. "Give it back, Marty." Marty was the big kid. He was a freshman, like Scott, but he always picked on kids smaller than himself. Which was basically everybody. "What the hell is this crap? A werewolf? Boy, and I thought it would be some kind of animal, you animal hugger." Scott did like animals a lot. He would yell at kids who were chasing seagulls, or he would pick up trash and put it in a garbage can when people missed it.

Scott turned around. "A werewolf is an animal, Marty. Animal hugger, you think that one up all by yourself did ya?" Scott was surprised at what he said. He usually just handed over his money or whatever, but talking back was totally unheard of. Marty looked angry. "What are you trying to say, punk?"

"Well, that your IQ is matched only by your ability to stay so slim." The other two kids around Marty began laughing. "Shut up! All of you! You're gonna pay for that, Wolfman."

"Well, I can see Sarcasm is not your forte. Just give me back my comic Marty." Marty kept coming closer. "Give it back." Marty through a punch at Scott, which knocked him onto the ground. Scot got angry. Marty went to throw another punch, but Scott caught it. He looked up at Marty, growling. Growling!? Scott was growling and he didn't know why. "I said, give it back!" He punched Marty sp hard it sent him fying off Scott. Scott jumped up and ran for Marty, but was distracted by the school bell. "Huh?" He turned in the direction of the bell and snapped out of it. Marty and his goons ran for it, leaving Scott's comic on the ground. Scott grabbed it and headed for his locker.

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{Alvin would have bruses as he was curled up taking hits wishing to him self he got atleast get one hit on them before it was over he then grabed one guys leg causing him to fall in the other ones direction taking the oppurtunity alvin got up and tried running before h coud get grabed but it was to late as the guy grabed alvin and jerked him back}

Bully:You think thats it family comes first al

Alvin:cmon you got enough man

{the guy would pulled alvin back and with a though alvin just threw a punch and right as it touched the bullys shirt it exploded in that spot small but enough enough force to make it look liek he knocked the guy out as he layd their the other two came rigth up to alvin as he started making a run for it}

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Kurtis closed his eyes and tried to wake up from what he thought was a dream but couldn't. He was soaked from head to toe as the rain continued to fall refusing to let up. Then he started to remember, he was once a Federal Prosecutor who had gotten famous for bringing down one of thee most violent Mafia boss's in North America, weeks after the trail Kurtis began getting death threats and mysterious hang ups in the middle of the night.

Kurtis began to walk as he started to piece the events together. He had come home one day to find his wife and children brutally murdered. As the rain stopped Kurtis lifted his head and saw he was standing in front of his old house, police tape still strung along the outside. Ripping down the tape he entered the home, flash's of his kids and wife started come at him from left and right. One minute they were there and the other they were gone.


And like that the images stopped.

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Sparda woke up in his cheap hotel room with a start. His parents died when he was young, and he had a nightmare. He was always pushed to his limits, and as such, was naturally gifted. He had a meaningless life, drifting around, commiting credit card fraud for income. He decided to go out for a drive, getting dressed quickly in his usual attire: jeans and a trenchcoat. Going down the stairs, he exited the motel, making sure to lock the door. He always carried his pistols on him, but left his father's keepsake sword in the hotel. He didn't want that stolen. He got on his motorbike and sped off out of the parking lot. He took the bridge into the city, going well over the speed limit. He drove recklessly. Trying to slip inbetween a semi and a family car. He was off by inches, and hit the car, surprising the driver, who swerved into the semi, which caused the large vehicule to go off his lane, turning sideways in a feeble attempt to brake, slamming into incoming traffic, a massive pile-up. When his motorbike hit the car, he lost balance and slid, falling and rolling off, the motorbike hitting barrels full of water. Oddly, Sparta was just fine. He got up and saw the chaos he caused. Fire was all over the cars, and many were smashed, and some were teetoring off the edge of the massive suspension bridge. People were still inside those cars, and he realized it was his job to get them out. He just didn't know how.

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Zaraki pulled a clean t- shirt over his head and plopped down on the living room couch. The room was cool with the airconditioner belching cold air out into the house.

'Wonder what's on TV?' Zaraki muses as he turns the television to the onscreen guide.

'Crap, crap, crap, ohhhhh UFC. Awesome.'

Zaraki clicks the DVR over to the channel he wants and sits back

Suddenly the living room door slams open and Zarki can hear his dad.

"F* you!" Mr. Meadows screamed into the phone, obvious upset with the person on the other end. "I don't work for you, so you can go to hell!"

Zaraki hears the phone lid slam closed and looks back at his dad.

"Language, young and impressionable minds are still around." Zaraki grumbles to his father as he walks by.

His sarcastic comment earns him a slap to the face.

"Shut Zaraki. I had to bail you out today at school and your coach says you were a half an hour late for lessons!"

"I stayed after to get the full time in my lessons!" Zaraki screamed as he jumped to his feet.

Mr Meadows looked his son straight in the eyes.

"You migt think you can beat me, but the day you lift your hands to me is the day I kill you in your sleep!"

Zaraki wiped the back of his hand across his chin and looked at his father.

"I would hate to have to listen to you piss and moan about how horrible you are anymore, so I'm going to bed."

Zaraki turned and stormed down the steps to his basement bedroom. He closed the door roughly behind himself and sat at his computer.

'Stupid jack ass of a father.'

Zaraki typed into his computer and accessed his father's banks accounts. he moved quickly through the accounts and found one with a large sum of money in it ad moved almost $10000 to his own bank account.

'I'll show him.'

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The hospital lights flashed by , as the trooly was moved faster down the end till they hit the lift, "Whats this ones powers" a youg orderly looked at the man in the black suit, his short cut hair , he was goverment no doubt about it " He could make lights come from his fingers like fire works", The man stepped forward "take him to ward seven with the rest, inject him and keep him down".

The ordlery moved at once as soon as the elvator stopped, The goverment man stayed inside, Pressing floor 9 the elavator moved again, This time it opnend on to a dark marble floor in the middle of it was the stars and stripes , Walking to the desk the recptionest nodded and he walke to the office on his right a small man no more the 5 ft 8 stood at the end of the desk a gaint cigar hung from his mouth, the light shining of his head , he was completely blad.

"That makes ten new ones, Sit agent Johnson", The agent took up the seat at the end of the long table "Ten and how many more have your men sighted " Agent Johnson froze for a moment " one in Orange county , one in an aslyum and the singer also we have some infomation on another teen " , "Bring them in", Agent johson stood "But sir we are not sure if they are".

The small man moved with speed turning on the balls of his feet, "I dont care anymore , they are to dangerous to be left alone, rip them from there families, Anyone else you have your spys on bring them in NOW". Johnson stood walked out the door , pressing on a ear peice he spoke into it "Operation cowboy round up is a green, I reapet is a green , All of them Move now".

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Donnie stood in the room, looking at the disfigured face of Johnny. He was covered in the blood of the man he'd come here to kill. Surprisingly enough, the death of Johnny was not as fulfilling as he thought it would be. He placed the gun in his waist and started for the door. He turned the knob and standing on the other side was Samantha. Donnie looked at her with the face of a disappointed father.

"So this is what you came here for huh?" she said.

"I don't have time for your trivialities girl" Donnie said.

"Well before you disappear why don't I help you release some stress, you were always my favorite" she said placing her hands on his shoulders.

"Please, that's the last thing on my mind. You know what, on second thought I'll take you up on your offer" he said.

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Kurtis sank into a ball on the floor. "Whats happening to me?" he thought.

Perhaps I can help? said a soft spoken voice. Kurtis jumped to his feet and stared at a young women dressed in a black suit accompanied by two other gentlemen dressed in the same outfits.

"Who the $#@! are you."

We can help you understand who and what you are. But not here, you must come with us.

"I ain't going nowhere lady, you m................"

A bolt of electricity shot from the womens finger sending Kurtis flying into the wall knocking him unconscious.

Pick him up and get him in the van.
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Zaraki opened the window to his room and moved a chair under it to help him climb out.

'I hope you enjoy the rest of your night jerk!' Zaraki grumbles in his mind while he climbs out and looks about.

Inside he can hear his father screaming at the person on the phone again.

"No I will not help you people no matter how much you ask!" His father's vein was sticking out of his neck.

'See you in the morning jerk!' Zaraki thinks to himself.

As he finshes climbing out of the window he hears a noise in the grass. He looks down to see a small phone in the grass. Zaraki picks up the phone and flips it open.

"What the..."

Sudden the phone disappears from Zaraki's hand. Zaraki looses his balance and falls back into the basement as he loses focus while climbing.

Zaraki looks about and doesn't hear anything.

"I'm just gonna stay in tonight."

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The thunder roared outside. It was loud enough to make the windows rattle. Octagon, known as Mike before his powers, tossed and turned heavily in his sleep. He dreamed he was walking alone, down a city street. There was a car or two sitting on the curb. He didn't know exactly where he was going, but he saw a strange light coming from across town. It was getting dark, the sun going down. The twilight began to play tricks on his mind with the shadows that danced upon the walls. He continued walking, as he was the only soul on his path. He finally reached the source of the strange light, and saw that there was a crystal ball sitting in the middle of the road. He picked it up and it shot a beam of light towards a building. It was an octagon. Mike looked over the ball, and felt something on the bottom. He turned it over, and there was blood smeared on it. He looked at his hand, and there were deep scratches that spelled Freak in his palm.

He woke up in shock, sweating. He pulled his hands up to his face to wipe off the sweat. He noticed his face was very wet. The lighting flashed through the window, and he saw Freak etched in his hand. Blood dripped off his chin as he screamed.

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The nearest car was teetoring off the edge. Sparda ran to it. He couldn't reach the door, so, he grabbed the bumper and pulled. The car was on the bridge in seconds. Another car was upside down, on fire. Running over, he grabbed the door. It was jammed. Using his strength, he ripped the door off it's hinges, reached in, and pulled out the man who was driving. Putting him down into safety, the car exploded, shaking the bridge, causing more screams. Another man was pinned under his car. It was close to exploding. Another explosion would kill many, the car was in the middle of the pile. Sparda bounded over cars, reaching the one. The man's legs were pinned underneath. Sparda reached and flipped the flaming car over. The man crawled away. Sparda had no idea what to do next. Struggling with the car, he heaved it over his head. He had no idea he could do this. Using both hands, he tossed the car over the edge, it exploding in mid-air. Finally, the fire department arrived. All the remaining fires were put out, wounded tended to. He had no idea where that strength and speed came from.

"I saw what you did there. Amazing", said a woman behind him. He looked at her. She was in a black suit surrounded by men, in her mid twneties, blond hair. Good looking.

"I can do better than that", Sparda replied.

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Scott drew te finishing touches on a superhero he was drawing during class. It was a side-kick for The Wolf-Man, called Pup. Scott's head was in his hand, staring at the chalkboard. His math teacher was so boring and monotonous that Scott could see many of the students dozing off already. The bell rang and Scott closed his notebook, grabbing his bookbag and exited the classroom.

Before he left, however, he noticed some black cars ouside the school and wondered what they were doing here. SAcott walked out into the hall and turned to his right. The classroom was near the end of the hall, and on the second floor. Scott heard some commotion down the hall. Some men were pushing other students aside, making their way down this end of the hall. They seem fixed on Scott. Someone saw a gun and screamed. Scott ran for it. So did the men. He flew down the stairs, and running through the first floor. The men were close behind him. Scott had seen enough movies to know they didn't wnt Scott's autograph. He burst through the doors of the school, mistakenly ending up surrounded by the men.

He was breathing heavily, wondering what he should do. He searched through his comic books in his mind. What would Spider-Man do? What would the Teen Titans do? One of the men chasing him came up and grabbed him from behind. Scott struggled to get free. "What do you want from me!? Let me go!" The man wasn't letting go. In fact, his hold was getting tighter and tighter. Scott found it hard to breath, and then he blacked out.

He wavered in and out of consciousness, but what he did now was he heard yells, and gunshots, snarls. Scott burst back into consciousness and opened his fron door, stumbling up the staircase to his room. He tried to think of what had happened. He looked at his clock: 12:37. He had gotten out of class at 12:00, and he had gotten home a half an hour later!? it couldn't have taken him a half hour to get from his school to his house. If he walked it would've taken him at least 2 hours. Then Scott realized.If they wanted him, they'd come here. He couldn't let his family get hurt. Scott emptied out his school bag, and shoved some pairs of clothes in it. Along with his notebook, pen and pencil, his cd player and cd's,some comic books, and his DS. Then, he made sure no one was looking, and grabbed a stuffed whale from his bed. "Don't let me down Free Willy." He shoved the whale in his bag and zipped it up. He grabbed a hat and his blue and white sweatshirt. Scott ran down his stairs and headed for New York. The city was so big, they couldn't find him there. And if they did, there's so many people anyways.

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Redrick wasnt worried about his,car he could always but another one.He wasnt even worried about the people who's death he caused,he was worried about that guy in his trunk.

Latley Redrick had been gambling and owed a few dollars to mob,they figured it was nothing for him to pay.So they mad him a delivery boy.It was his last job to,deliver the boy to the Boss,but of course,the deal was over.The boy in the trunk was the Son of the Boss,who had ran away and was threatning on exposing the mafia if not payed,"stupid kid" Redrick thought.

Suddenly the doorbell rang and Redrick heard some ruckus but couldnt quiet figure out what it was,but the gunshots made it clear

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Mike went into the bathroom, and flipped on the light. He wiped his face off with a washrag, and cleaned himself off. There was blood on his clothes and in his hair. He looked at his hands again, and Freak was still etched in his right hand. The bleeding had stopped for now. He wondered how it got there. Looks like someone had taken a knife and sliced it into his palm. He wondered what he'd tell his parents. He flipped off the light, and crawled back in bed.

"Oh great, blood on the floor and in my sheets. I'll have to clean that up somehow," he said, drawing the cover back over his head. The thunder rattled the window again, and he jumped a little. He was edgy after what had happened, but he thought he could sleep again. He finally drifted off again, free to rest.

He found himself dreaming again. He was still holding the crystal ball.

"Not this again," he said. He took the ball and threw it at the ground, shattering it. Suddenly, time seemed to stop. The wind did not blow between the buildings. The tree leaves didn't rustle. Everything was silent. He looked at his hand again, and Freak began to glow a light blue, just like the ball had been. A powerful beam of light shot up into the air from the shards of the ball. It was powerful enough to knock him back. He noticed the area was completely blacked out except for the beam of light. A figure appeared inside the beam. It was a woman. She reached out to Mike, but he began to back up away from her. He finally got to his feet, and looked at her.

"Do not be scared my child. You are safe with me," she said in a quiet voice. She walked forward towards Mike. She was bleach white-blue, just like the beam behind her. She reached out and grabbed his hand, and felt his palm.

"Yes, you are the chosen one. You are the saviour that I seek." Mike took his hand back, and took a few steps backward.

"You've got the wrong person, I'm no saviour. Leave me alone," Mike said. She frowned.

"I was hoping it wouldn't come to this," she said, walking forward. Mike looked worried, as she transformed into a giant black, shadow-like mass. She billowed around Mike, and his hand jerked out, Freak still glowing. She began to sink into Mike's hand, follwing into his wound.

"What are you doing!? Stop it!!" He screamed. The rest of the darkness sank into his hand, and he looked up at the beam. He blacked out shortly after.

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After the deed was done Donnie began to think. Now that he had exacted his revenge he would have to formulate a plan of action. Suddenly a thought came to him, he would run the mob now. Now was his chance to run things and he wouldn't be as reckless as his predecessor.

"That was the best I've ever had" Samantha said.

"Sure babe" Donnie said exiting the room.

Suddenly a group of suits appear and Donnie and Samantha are cut down in a hail of gunfire.

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"I don't give a rat's ass what you think I'm worth, Jerry!" The snapped seething whisper filtered out of her dressing room as the door opened to admit a short, squirrelly looking man in a black suit and with tiny round glasses perched on his pointed little nose. "A hell of a lot more than you, that's for damn sure!" she hissed before snapping her cellphone shut and swirling around, all sign of chagrin wiped from her beaming, smiling face. "Marcus! Baby!"

"Eryn!" he purred, his arms going around her in a weak-limbed hug. They pecked each other's cheeks before he let her go and winked at her. "And how's the belle of the ball then?"

"Still waiting on my invitation to play Elphaba," she teased though her tone was deeply hinting.

"Awww, and it's right around the corner, Eryn baby, I swear!" He patted her shoulder weakly, his watery eyes already scanning the room filled with flowers. "Look, I only came in to say I loved the performance but I'm meeting with you know who and a certain you know what, so I've really gotta jet. I'll call you in the morning!"

She winked deeply as the little man waltzed out then collapsed on a chair and huffed out a sigh. Nasty little vulture, she thought with a snort. Just being in the same room as them made her want to shower over and over. In her relatively short career, she'd attracted quite the following of sycophants and parasites. One day she'd show them all what kind of free ride they were signing up to.

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The sounds of Scott's DS made the people in the bus stare at him. He looked around and finally lowered the sound. "Hehe....sorry." Scott put away his DS in his bag and looked at his cellphone. It had been awhile since he left his house, but they were just entering New York State now. With the most of his saved money, he bought one way ticket to New York City. He didn't know what he'd do there, but at least he'd be away from those men.

The bus stopped at a New York City station. Scott stepped out and looked out at the city. The skyscrapers seemed to..well...scrape the sky. People ran everywhere. They weren't kidding when they named this place The City That Never Sleeps. Scott's stomach finally growled for the first time that day. "Ok, first...lunch!"

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Photon was living inside the sewer ever since the intentional "accident" had happened. The police departments of Florida had high quite high on their wanted list, since he did blow up an entire city block and high kill count had been into the double figures. His mother thought of him as dead. She didn't want to see him, didn't want to accept the fact that he was a criminal and looked like someone combined a glow stick with a human. He had been stealing money and food every night. Moving at light speeds helps a whole lot when you are trying to pick pockets.

"I can't stay here like this..." - Photon thought as he watched a small pack of rats swoop upon his uncooked piece of beef that was his dinner for the entire week. Photon didn't move, he just observed as the rats hungrily attacked the meat with savagery, fighting off each other to get the most into their starved bellies.

"I can't sit here and watch the world take everything from me.."


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Clean, at last. Her gown of purple silk was hung up in her dressing room and she'd climbed into comfortable sweats with running shoes. With the hood pulled up, she was hoping no one would recognise her as she left by the stage door. Eryn's hopes were dashed the moment the heavy door swung open.

A mob! Lights of flashes blinked over and over at her as people pressed in around her. What the hell was going on? She darted a glanced behind but the door had locked shut and the only way out was through.

"Ms Bryce!" one reporter yelled. "Is it true?"

"Umm..." she mumbled her eyes wide.

Another piped up, "Are the rumours true!!"

"Wh... what rumours?" They were all pressing in, all so close. People pawing at her, touching her, wanting to be hear her. All colour drained from her face as someone grabbed her arm.

"Are the allegations right?" someone shouted from the back.

Allegations? What was going on? She was famous in her little world but not on this scale. There was just so many of them. For a fleeting moment,s he prayed she was a mouse, small, sleek so she could run away.

The world suddenly span, turned inside out, lights and colour merged together as she felt her body tying itself in a knot. Everything became so huge, there were gasps and shouts and the lights exploded as a tiny mouse scurried away from a pile of clothes.

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The woman's smile disappeared. "I'm afraid you're going to have to come with me", she commanded. The men walked forward and placed hands on his shoulders. "Sorry babe, you're not my type", and he punched the man on his right, sending him flying into the railing, denting it upon impact, knocking the man out. The second man punched Sparda in the gut, and took out a taser. He shocked him on the neck with a lethal charge. He was blacking out. He recovered from the punch and uppercutted the man, launching him off his feet. There were suddenly cars surrounding him, and men coming out. Sparda drew his guns, and started running for the edge. Many men started shooting. Sparda shot one in the shoulder, and another's head, arterial spray flying behind him, bone cracking. Two were in front, and Sparda shot one three times in the chest, the man spinning from the force, blood pooling from his mouth. The other man he shot in the knee, making him fall onto his good knee. Running as quickly as he could, Sparda used the man as a springboard, and launched himself off the bridge, bullets zooming by his body, diving down, falling the 200 feet and landing into the waters below.

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{Alvin would turn into a corner extremly fast with caution as sweat dripped down hss head and he breathed hard as the two ran past him hed look at his hand that he used to knock the guy out with}

So you do learn something new everyday huh.Better get back to school before i get in even more trouble.

{Hed look out to see they had left and started running back into th school as he busted through the class room door and ran to his desk and instead of opening his books or even saying hi to the teacher hed sit down and lay his head down and say}


{some kids would giggle in the back.

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Scott waited in a line in front of a street vendor. He was selling snacks, sodas, the usual junk. Scott just had enough money to get a water and a pretzel, what he always got. But, as he looked over the menu, the meats caught his eye. His mouth started to water. When it came his turn, he shook himself back into reality. "Uhh...water and a hot dog, please."

"Whaddaya want on that dog?" The man said with a thick new york accent.

"Oh, nothing, please." The man shrugged and took out a bun to put the hot dog in. "Oh, umm, no bun please."

The man looked at him funny. Scott had a serious look on his face though. "Uhh...ok?" The man handed Scott a hot dog in a napkin and a bottled water. Scott paid the man and went on eting his hot dog ithout a bun. Just pure meat. He managed to wander into the theatre district, and saw the different theatres. Then he saw the nme of the play he had seen, with the stars written under it. "Erin Bryce! That's her name!" Scott had noticed a lot of media vans around here and looked down an alley to see a mob of media following a mouse. The way they were running, the mouse would be trampled easily.

Scott knelt down i9n front of the mouse and said, "C'mon little guy, I'll get you away from those people." Scott didn'twant the mouse to get hurt.

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Donnie awoke in a daze. He expected to see the fires of hell, instead he saw another blood stained room. Wow, two in one day he thought. Surprisingly, he stood straight up as if he hadn't been gunned down by mobsters what seemed hours ago. Though he was covered in blood he was not wounded, but he couldn't say the same for Samantha. He couldn't see it but his body was resonating some sort of aura and body temperature had risen. Donnie could feel the power inside him.

"Hello Donnie, I am your power, I have always been here, inside you, now is the time. We must act quickly, soon they will come after you" the voice said.

"Who's after me!? Why!? What the !@#$% going on here!?" Donnie questioned.

"Do not ask questions. All will be revealed in due time. Right now you must arm yourself as you do not know how to use my powers yet. Make your way to the armory" the voice answered.

Donnie acted without further question. He quickly moved to Johnny's personal armory and began to outfit himself with the various items there including a bulletproof vest, combat boots, 2 pistols, a shotgun, and machine gun.

"Now we are ready for the coming war" the voice said.

Too be continued...

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Scurrying up into the boy's hands, the mouse ran all the way up his arm and then down his chest to his pocket, where it curled up. The mob of the Press flooded out of the alley, their eyes searching the ground and completely ignoring the boy. Her heart was beating so fast it thumped against her rib cage in a tattoo of fear and panic. Curling into a ball, she grabbed her new tail and squeaked. I'm a mouse! How can I be a mouse? Man oh man oh man.... A small whimper came from Scott's pocket as the mouse began to cry softly.

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The air was rushing in his raven black hair, He had caught a train to New York, walking out into the street , The view of the big apple amazed him , Large buildings all the people and not one person even lifted there head to look at him, "Perfect".

Pulling off his Hoody he threw it into the tusle of clothes in his bag, He had his navy baggy jeans and a white T on, Throw the bag back over his arm, Then jusmping on his skate broad he was off, Shoting down the street, Cars flew by him a field of Yellow taxi blocked his way, Hitting play on his MP3 player, Energy seemed to rush into his body something he had never felt before, Pressing down on his back leg, The Jump was amazing he cleared three cars while doing a Japan Air and landed perfectly.

Stoping and looking back at what he had just done, He whistled and pressed stop on his player and the feeling was gone and boy was he hungry, to his right he saw a vendor and a young boy sitting in front of it by himself, A car honked its horn "You going to get out the street Dumb Ass" , Bruce forgot where he was standing and moved to the Vendor.

Then he saw them all the press, running around like headless chickens "Freaks" Bruce said to the kid sitting down "Hey Bro you look hungry can I get you something, The names Bruce" he held out his snow white arm and hoped to god no one saw what he had just did, he did not understand it himself, But did not want the extra trouble just now.

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{Alvin would get passed the whole day of school suprisingly with little to no trouble and as he started walking out the school lttle tired he noticed hsi friend handnt been out yet and looked around for him but didnt see him he waited and waited suddenly a person in a suit had come out from the school an dstared at alvin}

Alvin: Can i help you? You lose a kid or something?

{The person would stand staring as he went up to alvin grbang him by his shirt pulling him of his feet}

Person in suit-Im looking for the person name alvin. Please state wether youve seen him or not NOW.

{Alvin would starts struggling as frm the corner from the school the 3 guys would come out with alvins friend and the friend was bloody alvin saw with a suprised blank look on his face as he answered the person with a no they droped him as the bullyes threw alvins friend on the ground and the person in the suit stared watching}

Alvin:Cmon this was between you and me nto you and him

Bully:yeah well lets see date my sister knock me out seems the only wa to catch you was through your friend

Alvin:Well im here and i aint running away this time your gonna wish you handnt done that

{Alvin start walking up to then as the first guy threw the first punch alvin would get lucky enough to catch his fist and while holding it the guy would throw another punch as alvin caught that to and the man in the suit watched as he did he also noticed what was happening to the bully his hands where turning into to gold as well as his cloth as well and alvin was miling evily as he looked into the eyes of the one he had been turning to gold and finally he was gold as the bullies friends looked the tried to run but alvin yelled out to them}


{Hed stamp his foot and the ground they were abou to step on turning into h20 as alvin started walking closer the guy in the suit said}

Person in suit:So you are alvin pretty good for a beginner

{Alvin would ignore his comments and just about when he was gona touch the other person th guy in the suit had just walked awy as some janitor frm the school came out yelling alvin would pick his} friend up with caution and run}

Still pizzlued at what came over him to do such an act.

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Scott was a little surprised when the mouse scurried up his arm. It tickled and caused him to laugh when it ran down his chest and into his pocket. Scott ran out of the way of the media and began walking down the street. He heard the mouse squeak and said,"Hey, it's ok little guy! They're gone! You know, you're pretty smart for a mouse."

Scott turned to the kid who offered his hand. He was a teenager like Scott.

Scott shook Bruce's hand. "Name's Scott. I didn't want this little guy trampled by those media vultures. I'd love something to eat. I only had enough money left to get a water and a hot dog. I kinda..ran away without any money. Stupid idea on my part."
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Washing up on solid ground, Sparda awoke. He wasn't happy. "Who were those men? What did they want?" he thought. His neck still felt tingly from the taser. Walking up to the pier, clothes soaked, he checked to make sure his guns were still on him. They were. He breathed a sigh of relief. He relized that his father's keepsake sword was still at the motel. He slapped his head. Those men surely would've got it by now. He ran up to the street past warehouses. Seeing a parked car, he walked up slowly and punched the window. It shattered, and he reached inside and opened the door. He got inside, opened the overhead comparment, and found a set of keys. He revved up the car, and drove off into Manhattan. He was determined to find out about what was going on. But most importantly.........

He was going to get that sword back.