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The Building

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Purchased around two decades ago, this towering Skyscraper has seen more upgrades both inside and out than most anything in the world. It currently boasts of 100 stories and features a distinct sci-fi look straight out of a futuristic movie you would see at a movie theatre. The company of Hawke Industries prides itself for cutting edge technology that is ahead of the curve. The purpose, and mission, is to invent technology to make the lives of people around the globe better, safer, affordable and available for public use. Other areas of interest include the research into alternative fuel and energy sources for a cleaner environment as well as replacing the gas powered cars that run the streets. The building's construction is made up of sections of an unknown metal that is equal in durability to secondary Adamantium.

After the absorption of Knightfall Industries, Nora now has a third building within her company that is based in Los Angeles and was Jean Knightfall's previous base of operations for Knightfall Industries.

The former Knightfall Industries Global HQ is a massive, spherical building in the center of Los Angeles. It's not entirely administrative, with many quadrants dedicated to R&D, but Nora works here when she can, as do many of the company's division heads or executives.

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The building is well-defended, with laser detection webs, CCTV cameras, magic warding, armored and meta-human guards. The building has living areas for employees who are in need of a place to live, having moved from their home to work at the company, as well as a full dining room for anyone working late, a small garden, and a mini-mall (selling only Hawke and Knightfall Industries products, of course).

The Interior

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The interior of Hawke Industries is no less impressive than the exterior, boasting a sci-fi look on all floors. The doors automatically open and shut for any visitors or staff. The security and top secret areas, however, contain state of the art locks that only the absolute best hackers and tech wizards would be able to bypass. And even then, it would still be very difficult to pull off and those are precious minutes better spent on something else. The elevators use a form of hover technology to move anyone inside up or down through the building. But, just in case of a power outage, multiple steel cables and brakes are installed to prevent an unfortunate accident with back-ups to ensure any unfortunate incidents never happen.

Multiple Cameras are installed in every hallway and in every main room. Even though these cameras are fully functional, they are mostly decoys for any potential threat that wants to remain unseen. There are just as many hidden cameras and these boast a wide variety of sensory capabilities which include: 3-D Imaging, Thermal, Infrared, Night Vision, Motion Detection and the ability to see invisible people, or objects, that are normally invisible to such technology.


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Hidden turrets are installed on every floor and they pop out of the ceiling when ready. Targeting systems are so fast, they can even target metahumans with superhuman speed. The non-lethal energy the turrets fire move at the speed of light, which makes it even more difficult to dodge or avoid the turrets if fired upon. The turrets use a form of non-lethal energy that is capable of stunning a target as if they had been hit by a tranquilizer (think about the Phaser on Star Trek). The Turrets also boast of a lethal setting for more dangerous threats and this setting is capable of either putting a hole through the likes of the strongest material and metals known to man or completely incinerating it's target. Only those things that have a durability equal to, or greater than, Secondary Adamantium can withstand this kind of firepower. Even then, that person or object will still suffer some damage, depending on how high their durability is. The higher the durability, the less damage suffered. These powerful turrets are also hidden on the exterior of the building as well in key locations.

As a secondary defense, and for containment purposes, force field generators have been placed in multiple places on every floor, hallway and room. These force fields are so strong, it would take a being with a high level of strength to break out of them. The force fields also automatically adjust their frequency to prevent those who phase through walls to prevent them from passing through the force field.

Science Labs and Other Areas of Interest

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The science labs and the other areas of interest are the most heavily fortified and defended. Aside from that, these areas are where the Research and development of technology occur. Keira Hawke is the current head of the Science Division (see my character) and is in charge of all Scientific projects with sub-leaders helping out so Keira does not spread herself too thin. The very best technology is available for use here in the labs, including holographic projections that are used to scan objects and see what every part, take it apart and put it back together. All this and more is available in these labs.

Command Center

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The command center is for the Chief of Security and within he controls the camera feeds, the weapons and defenses of the Hawke Industries building. Along with these capabilities, the Command Center boasts holographic interfaces and communication with any of it's security teams. There is nothing that happens in the building that security does not know about.

The Chief of Security

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The Chief of Security is highly trained in mixed martial arts. He has low level Super-Human strength (can lift 2 tons), endurance, speed, agility and reflexes thanks to the power armor he wears. The power armor is made of an extra durable material that is lightweight and capable of repelling small arms fire and minor explosions. The Chief carries two handguns that can fire plasma or stun a victim. A near unbreakable shield is strapped to the Chief's back that returns to his grasp when thrown. A utility belt rounds out the outfit that is filled with just about every kind of gadget one can think of.

Security Team

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The security team all possess powered armor that are capable of enhancing their strength, speed and durability (think Captain America). The Security Team are typically armed with a plasma pistol (with a non lethal stun setting), a plasma rifle and a personal shield along with high grade hand cuffs strong enough to restrain a super-human that is capable of lifting 10 tons. All are highly trained and skilled in hand-to-hand combat (they are at least 7th degree black belts in martial arts)

The CEO: Keira Hawke

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The current CEO of Hawke Industries is a beautiful woman known as Keira Hawke. Ms. Hawke is a principled woman with deep convictions. She wants the world to be a better place and hates seeing human suffering. Keira often speaks her mind and is not very good with being tactful. This causes some strain in her relationships with others. A bit of a scientist in her own right, Keira has occasionally helped the science division of Hawke Industries with their scientific discoveries. Like all business women, Keira hides a secret. Ms. Hawke is also known as the Super-Hero Paragon. Very few people know of this secret as she keeps it extremely well guarded. Keira can even protect her mind from being invaded by the best telepaths in order to keep her secret hidden. Built within the very walls of the Hawke Industries building are secret rooms and passageways that Keira uses as her alter ego & to enter and exit the building as she sees fit.

The first CEO of Hawke Industries was Nora Hawke, known secretly as the Blue Ghost. Shortly before her unfortunate passing, she gave the command of Hawke Industries to her daughter.


Knightfall Systems- By far the most profitable of the company's holdings, Systems makes technology, including phones, smartwatches, computers, and bio-tech implants for the modern era.

Knightfall Publishing- A more recent addition, Publishing printed books.

Knightfall Cars- One of the world's top automobile manufacturers.

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Jurassic World Holdings- Though it functions almost entirely independently of the main corporate behemoth, Orpheus Knightfall owned a controlling share of the park which spawned this giant and passed it to his daughter. Since the mysterious disappearance of Jean Knightfall, Nora Hawke now has the controlling share of the park.

Knightfall Weapons- Jean reduced production of weapons by 45% in her first month, horrified by the amount of weapons her father had been selling to insurgents and similar groups over the years. She exclusively takes government contracts, and sells only weapons she thinks can't be used to massacre civilians.

Nora Hawke has taken a similar stance as Jean Knightfall on the production of weapons.

  • Knightfall Banks.
  • Knightfall Air & Space.
  • Knightfall Records.
  • Knightfall Productions.

In addition to these, the company often absorbs businesses that they think are profitable and fold them into said previous divisions.

Public Products

Hawke Industries has many products available on the market for public purchase. Here are just a few of them (This is an ever expanding list):

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Food Replicator: The Food Replicator works by rearranging subatomic particles, which are abundant everywhere in the universe, to form molecules and arrange those molecules to form the object. For example, to create a pork chop, the replicator would first form atoms of carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, etc., then arrange them into amino acids, proteins, and cells, and assemble the particles into the form of a pork chop.

This process requires the destructive conversion of bulk matter into energy and its subsequent reformation into a pre-scanned matter pattern. In principle, this is similar to the transporter, but on a smaller scale. However, unlike transporters, which duplicate matter at the quantum level, replicators must be capable of a large number of different materials on demand. If patterns were to be stored at the quantum level, an impossible amount of data storage (or a set of original copies of the materials) would be required. To resolve this, patterns are stored in memory at the molecular level. The drawback of doing so is that it is impossible to replicate objects with complicated quantum structures, such as living beings, dilithium or latinum.

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Pollution Cleaner (Household Product): These household products are roughly as tall as a small child. Billed as the world's first molecular air purifier, this device uses an innovative technology, Photo Electrochemical Oxidation (PECO), to oxidize air pollutants such as mold, bacteria, viruses, allergens, and VOCs, which essentially destroys them. This nanotechnology-based system is said to completely eliminate pollutants up to 1000 times smaller than what a HEPA filter catches, which could deliver relief for those suffering from allergies and asthma, as well as help reduce the symptoms of exposure to poor air quality, such as headaches, fatigue, nausea, congestion, and more.

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Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer (RTO): As is the case with many industrial manufacturing operations, process emissions are best destroyed through the use of thermal or catalytic oxidation technologies. Time, temperature and turbulence are used within these devices to convert harmful emissions into carbon dioxide, heat and water vapor. However, one abatement technology in particular has become the preferred option due to its energy efficient operation and high destruction capability. The Hawke Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer destroys Hazardous Air Pollutants (HAPs), Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) and odorous emissions through the process of high temperature thermal oxidation. It differs from the catalytic, recuperative and direct-fired oxidizer technologies in that destruction is achieved with little to no auxiliary fuel required once the RTO is brought up to temperature. Some of the newer RTOs are capable of reusing 97% of the thermal energy generated during combustion to pre-heat incoming process gases.

Process gas with VOC and/or HAP contaminants enters the oxidizer through an inlet manifold. Flow control valves direct this gas into energy recovery chambers where the process gas is preheated. The process gas and contaminants are progressively heated in the ceramic beds as they move toward the combustion chamber. The VOCs are oxidized in the combustion chamber, releasing thermal energy in the ceramic beds that are in the outlet flow direction from the combustion chamber. These outlet beds are heated and the gas is cooled so that the outlet gas temperature is only slightly higher than the process inlet temperature. Flow control valves alternate the airflow direction into the ceramic beds to maximize energy recovery within the oxidizer. The VOC oxidation and high energy recovery within these oxidizers reduces the auxiliary fuel requirement and saves operating cost. In fact, the Hawke RTO can often reach self-sustaining operation with no auxiliary fuel usage, even at low concentrations.

FlexiGlass: To put it in simple terms, this wondrous technology morphs and shapes around objects and people. Basically, if a gun were fired at FlexiGlass, the glass would morph around the bullet, slow it down, then eject it a few feet away before resuming it's default shape. This is highly effective in automobiles when someone is not wearing their seat belts and is a life saver. FlexiGlass is also incredibly useful against super-beings who possess a high degree of strength by working in a similar way. FlexiGlass is so effective at keeping out unwanted visitors that not even someone as strong as Superman can break through FlexiGlass. The downside of this is, the stronger FlexiGlass is, the more expensive it will be to produce it in the factory. Hawke Industries FlexiGlass is just beginning to see mass production with interested parties being car manufacturers, businesses, private organizations and even the Military. FlexiGlass may be durable, but it is only partially effective against most types of energy attacks, Nanotechnology, intense fire and cold.

The Knight-Phone.

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An eighth-generation smartphone, more lightweight and yet shatter-resistant than anything on the market. It can 'widen,' in reality simply projecting holograms around the sides to appear larger. It even projects a holographic keyboard when turned on it's side, appearing like a laptop. As such, it was marketed as "The phone that can replace your tablet that replaced your computer.

Alongside the phone was released a set of un-invasive implants. A cochlear implant in the ear, a set of contact lenses that show the 'screen' and a set of finger gloves to manipulate it, essentially making your phone only visible and audible to you. The screen is in the lenses, and you move a virtual mouse with your fingers to select things on the screen.

The Smart Home A.I. System.

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A system that is available to be installed in your home, linking it to all of your other Knightfall Industries devices. It moderates your temperature, reminds you when your favorite show is on, cooks food for you, and charges or phone when you forget. It can function as a security system as well, keeping burglars out by activating an alarm, but only when it's sensors determine them to actually be criminals.

The system is highly customizable, allowing you to diced how much of your life it moniters, as well s what it's voice sounds like, but at the highest setting it replaces 90% of your other home electronics, and is relatively affordable. When Knightfall Industries renovates homes or donates property to charities, they are equipped with this technology.

The White Raven.

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The latest automobile manufactured by Knightfall Cars, a sleek white car that can link to all of your devices. It turns on when you lock your home from the outside, should you have that feature enabled on your SmartHome System.

The car has nanotech paint, allowing you to change the color or even some cosmetic shapes. This also helps prevent collisions, though they are much rarer thanks to the onboard AI. One can enable it to drive for you, or simply take control if your life is in danger.

The Knightwatch.

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The Knightwatch is almost identical to the Knight-Phone, but smaller and arguably more convenient. It appears a normal smart watch, but when activated projects a screen about the size of a tablet. It cannot project a keyboard or go any larger than that, but is easier to access and smaller.

The Knightwatch's one capability the phone does not match is that it monitors your body's condition, informing you if you have a fever or are sick.


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A personally-designed fashion line made by Jean Knightfall herself, Knightfashion is both fashionable and functional, lightweight and attractive, but designed to be linked to other devices to monitor your physical condition, and track your fitness.

At the unveiling of this line, Jean modeled the clothes herself.

Knightfall Glasses.

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The Knightfall Glasses are a HUD-enabled line of glasses, again linked to the rest to the products made by Knightfall Industries. They can project over your daily life, identifying people you knew in high school, helping you play Pokemon GO or simply informing you that there's a piano falling above you.

Or you can use them to modify your perception, enabling VR. With the virutal reality mode on, you can experience movies in first-person view, see your loved ones next to you in a digital park despite being on opposite sides of the world, and travel places you've never been without leaving your home.

Restricted Technology

Originally intended for use by the US Military, Nora Hawke has decided to make this technology available for the Metahuman Crimes Unit (S.C.U.) in order to help them fight and detain Metahumans, Mutants, Aliens and other super powered threats.

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Liquid Metal: The liquid metal forms around it's user's host body and is then mentally commanded to do whatever the user wishes that are within the capabilities and limits of this technology. This 'Liquid Metal' is composed of a mimetic poly-alloy (nanorobotics), which is composed of liquid metal that allows it to assume the form of other objects (commonly knives and stabbing weapons). This was created through nanotechnology, and is able to scan the molecular structure of whatever it is touching and visually mimic it. A person using Liquid Metal is nearly bulletproof with only the most powerful and armor piercing weapons capable of inflicting damage on the liquid metal armor. Normal heat, fire and cold is also of little concern, but not if they happen to be more intense than a fire from, say, a burning building or colder than -10 degrees F. One upside to taking damage, however, is the Liquid Metal automatically repairs itself after being damage and closes the wound of the user and stops the bleeding until further medical attention can be given. The users strength is also increased to enable the user to lift approximately 10 tons. Although Liquid Metal is all but immune to EMP styled attacks, it is vulnerable to Magnetic attacks. If this technology were to ever fall into the wrong hands, tampered with in ways it's not supposed to or used for evil purposes, it will self-destruct by turning into an ash-like substance before disintegrating completely.


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This technology is not consumer-available, deemed too dangerous to give to just anyone, and for good reason. Molecular nanotechnology is steel cancer, able to convert anything into more of itself, growing as it destroys. It has millions of practical applications, from building cities in seconds t leapfrogging prosthetic a century into the future, but so far it has only been made available to governments and research facilities.


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Adamantium is nigh-impossible to manufacture. it's incredibly rare to be found. And it's completely indestructible. But Carbonadium is not. Being savvy as he was, Orpheus Knightfall purchased a tiny fragment of Adamantium and isolated it's makeup. rom this formula, he made a slightly less durable material, still many times stronger than titanium, that he used to build armors, and eventually a body for himself. But it has many other practical applications. It isn't cheap to manufacture, but when it is, it is often sold to governments in the form of bullets of knives, for a massive profit.

Part of the difficulty in manufacturing it is that there is no known process for it other than the archaic one detailed by Orpheus when he first did it in a lab fifteen years ago.

nTech Innovation

The Divus Dart

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The future of war. A weapon that costs sixty thousand dollars to make, and will be sold in individual units for twice that. Come with four shots, extra ammunition can be purchased separately. What makes the Divus Dart special? You might have guessed it already... it's made from nGod Crystals.

The Dart fires a single dart a a time, with two 'settings.' One is intended for medical administration, and uses one of the bottom two darts, injecting like a needle. It is guaranteed that injection with one of these darts will transform you or your soldier into an nGod, with beneficial powers that don't negatively effect your appearance or mind. The second setting is lethal. It will transform an individual into an nGod in a manner that will kill them, or drive them insane and lead them to kill their teammates.

  • HUD linked for better aiming.
  • Darts tipped with carbonadium to ensure penetration.
  • Divus obtained through hunting for the crystals, and R&D to divine the effects of the individual crystals is expensive, though one crystal can be used to make many darts.


No Caption Provided

Is your best friend secretly a meta-human? That bumbling, beglassed coworker moonlighting as a famous Super-Hero? Wonder no more, with the nGoggles. Through undetectable genome scanning, see the genetic structure that makes anyone a hero-- or villain. Find out secret identities, reconnoiter before missions or peer through walls.

  • Other features include thermal, infrared, and x-ray modes.
  • Lenses only tint red when in use, otherwise appearing as normal sunglasses (other colors are now possible thanks to an upgrade by Keira Hawke).
  • Top-of-the-line HUD, able to like with any other KI device.
  • Not guaranteed to protect you from a vengeful super who's family died after you outed their identity.


1. Please follow the Normal Forum Rules

2. Hostile Takeover: If you wish to try and take over Hawke Industries, either by force or being the new CEO, please throw me a PM first.

3. Killing NPC's: This is for all you villains out there. No killing the CEO, Keira Hawke, no killing the Chief of Security or it's board members. I'll allow a few of the security team members to be killed but don't go overboard.

4. The Building: No destroying the Hawke/Knightfall Industries Building. I'll allow some destruction and damage, but please try to keep it all to a minimum. Anything more requires my permission.

5. Theft: I'll allow information and objects to be stolen from Hawke/Knightfall Industries, but be reasonable. Any potential thief will need to get past any firewalls, security, etc, and please...use common sense. Don't just walk in and no sell everything this building throws at you, no slipping by everything with ease and no Godmoding. If your character is capable of this because of how powerful they are, then please ask me permission if it's ok to break into the Hawke/Knightfall Industries Building.

Anything under Restricted Technology, including nTech Innovation is strictly off limits and I will NOT allow anyone to steal this technology for any reason.

NOTE: If I don't want something else stolen because of Role-Playing purposes and I have plans for it, then I will state as such. That means, whatever I don't want stolen is strictly off limits.

6. IC/OOC Posting: Feel free to post In Character or chat Out of Character. If you plan on having a serious RP here, then please make sure you reply to me so I know what is going on in Hawke Industries even if your playing with someone else. If it's limited to OOC chatter, there is no need.

7. NPC's and Defenses: Only I can control Keira Hawke and the buildings defenses. If you wish to control them, please ask me permission. The security teams are controlled either by myself or Milo Archer, no one else.

8. Restricted/Top Secret Areas: If you want your character to have access to these areas, it requires my permission.

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Comprehensive and well-written :)

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Fantastically done!

If I had a normalish person I'd bring the here. Although, I don't really have any. Closest I've got is James Merrarn, and he'd need a good reason.

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Added additional information. Enjoy. :-)

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Added additional information. Enjoy. :-)

Nice upgrade(s)

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I'll be stopping by soon.

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@fraga: I look forward to it. :-)

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Updated information to reflect the fact Hawke Industries now has Knightfall Industries tech since Nora has taken control of the company.

Again, I have discussed this with Orph and permission has been given.

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@paragonxxxThe whirring of machines collided with the clicking of keystrokes, serenading Milo every morning as he entered his place of business. Two months ago, the former Keijijo Grandmaster made his mark upon Keira Hawke an endearing and pioneering CEO of her own company, Hawke Industries. She gave him the position as Chief of Security and with it he has used the resources of the her company to spread his wings so to speak. The Security Unit has underwent a strict training regimen since his arrival, as he found their lack of militance and combat prowess unacceptable.

"Powered armor means nothing without skill. Take the armor off, and learn to defend yourself through positioning and analysis, not power."

To Milo's surprise, Keira owned much of the Knightfall old tech. M.D.D.S., a quantum communications system given to Milo by Andres Knightfall, had been repurposed upon Milo's arrival in the Hawke Industries R&D division. It now worked as an implanted HUD, given him constant streams of information on what he sees. THrough a quantum link the information is transferred instantly, and this given Milo the edge he needed to follow up the lead he'd been working on since he got here.

Today, dressed in a rather dapper Armani Collezione slim fitting suit, Navy blue in color, complemented by a striped white and blue button up with a matching tie to complete the wardrobe; Milo strode toward the office of Keira Hawke, intent on informing her of his findings. Not only that he would need approval for his next venture, as well as the company card.

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I don't know which would be easier. To buy your company out or just steal your technology for myself. ;P

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Has it been two months already? It doesn't feel like it, not to Keira. Time flies as they say. The CEO of Hawke Industries buries herself in her work, splitting her time between running her own business and moonlighting as Paragon. Thank goodness that Metro City has multiple heroes and vigilante's. That means Keira can focus a little more on her job as a CEO without raising questions.

Keira got a call from one or two members of her security team when Milo began training them without their armor. But the woman has developed a reputation for having ice water in her veins. Her response was a cold one, "What are you complaining to me for? Milo Archer works for me and I put him in charge of your training. Either stick to it or quit, I can always hire someone to replace you." Then she promptly hung up.

A few men did quit as Keira kept her word by hiring additional men for her security force for Milo Archer to train. Speaking of the man himself, he's been doing an admirable job in his short time here. Keira has been watching him closely these past two months and the man has taken his job seriously. That is a good thing as Keira runs a serious business.

So far, no kidnapping attempt has been made and if there has been one or two then she hasn't heard anything about it. SharrCorp was just recently taken over by the CEO of MaxCo Worldwide Media and her brother's archenemy. Monica Sharr is still behind prison bars, having failed to escape a number of times.

Keira hears the familiar footfalls of one particular man long before he arrives at her office. She's come to recognize Milo Archer's step, how he walks, how he carries himself and the untold power within him. She never outright asked him if he has powers, choosing to respect his privacy in that regard. If he knocks on her door, then she gives a curt, "Come in."

When Keira sees Milo, she folds her hands in between each finger and looks up at him behind those glasses of hers, "Yes, Milo, what do you have for me?"

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Huh. Maybe I should work here.

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@orb-weaver: Applications are in the reception area at the front desk. ~_^