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Arana’s sleek black heels clicked on the marble floor.  The steady rhythm provided a natural metronome to the high rise.  Taking out her keys, she walked to her mailbox.  She slid the various envelopes into the pocked of her leather jacket.  She was rather tired seeing as how she worked two jobs.  Arana was on the team, Heroes for hire, where she got paid to fight crime.  She was also a paralegal at a high firm.  Her street name was Tarantula, but in corporate America she’s Arana.  Entering her condo she flipped on the lights, while shutting the door gently with her feet.  It felt good to be in a nice routine.  Before this she had delt with the tragic death of her father, it had shaken her foundation a bit, but she held fast. 

            Her feet quickly slid out of the black heels and sinked in her plush white carpet.  Leisurely she sauntered over to her computer checking her emails.  Instantly her eyes surfaced to the one from The Boss.   It seems there was as side gig for her to pick up.  Arana didn’t really have anything to do so she read on.  In it contained a file on the illusive crime lord GreyGoose.  She had been slinking about NYC for quite some time reeking havoc.  They needed someone to take her out.  There was a 100k price on her head.  Arana smiled at the screen, 100k was a little short of what she would have liked, but then again it was more the thrill of the chase she wanted.  

            She walked away from the computer pondering the information she was just given.  It told her GreyGoose was scheduled to be at Central park tonight at 1 o clock.  It was already 11:30.  Entering her kitchen she took out a earthenware mug.  She filled it with tea, lemon, and a splash of brandy, making a nice and warm hot toddy.  Arana walked up the stairs to her room.  Taking down GreyGoose was going to be fun.  She placed the cup on her armoire and went to her wardrobe.  She took of her silk shirt and black pencil skirt. They were replaced with her battle outfit of choice.  Her black leggings fit her perfectly as did her black corset with red streaks.  Reaching in the back of her closet she pulled out a pair of moccasins.  They weren’t her usual style of shoe, but when being stealth they made not a sound.  She placed all her weapons about her body, and pinned her blue black hair up to her head.  

            Once outside of her condo building, she began to run.  She moved like wind flowing with the night shadows and dodging the pale moonlights shine.  Taking the back alley’s she reached the park.  It was exactly 30minutes till GreyGoose was scheduled to arrive.  But if GreyGoose was smart, she would already be here to throw people off.  Arana felt two guards come at her from either side.  Wow grey sure does have the park strapped doesn’t she, Arana said as she turned to her right.  Jumping in the air she, kicked the guard in front of her.  At the same time, she unsheathed her katana off her back, flipping it around; she rammed it into the body of the guard.  He fell to the ground blood squirting from his stomach wound.  Quickly she reached her right hand; on it was a bracelet of pins.  She took on marked read and placed it on a strategic part of the bleeding guard.  His blood flow stopped and so did his pain.  The wound was still there but it he seemed alright.  “I just stuck a pin in a certain part of your brain, hitting a special group of nerves.  You have exactly 8 minutes to go find care before you bleed again and won’t have time.  I suggest you don’t go snitch, I don’t think a villain is going to pity you. 

            Running under a nearby bridge, Arana entered a clearing.  She spotted greygoose.  GREY!  She called out.  YOUR PROVIDING ME WITH 100K TONIGHT. THAT’S A LOT OF GUCCI, said Arana as she stood defensively waiting for greygoose to move.

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Grey was baffled with hysteria that this young lady was standing in front of her actually thinking she was going to take her out. She smiled politely and began to pace back in forth enjoying the clacking sound her stilettos made as she paced back and forth. Thinking to herself she began to question Arana’s nature of power stating that if she had the guts to take out her guards she must be exceedingly skilled. “So you think you can stop me…(her voice began to muffle with anxiety) well you thought wrong. If I were you I’d turn around and run back home, but sensing that you’re not going to listen why do I even hassle about it. She began to pause in place and ponder. Droplets of salty dews of sweat began to pour from her face. She fell to the floor and let out a screech of pain as the adamantium talons began to rupture themselves from her fingertips. The pain was so agonizing that streams of saline tears began to flow from her eyes down her cheeks. Her eyes infrared to those of a cat, glowing a bright color of yellow that resembled a “yellow canary diamond” and her teeth gashed through her mouth and resembled that of a vampire. The pain had eventually fled from her body and there was a feeling of anguish that entered her mind. She was looking forward to tasting the blood of her foe…and ripping her frail body from limb to limb. She stood to her feet and glared in Arana’s eyes and saw could see past her tough exterior and see a frail, figure trembling before her as she saw the beast she had become. Grey’s eyes began to glow that of a brilliant diamond as a force field coated her body and made her steel hard skin even more impenetrable. She shouted to Arana stating: “ I am no longer GreyGoose…I am Frenzy”, and your in for a treat. She rose from the ground swiftly and began to form a whirling leap, fiercely motioning her body in a twirling manner with her claws lunged aiming straight towards Arana hoping to strike her in the heart.