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Documents containing enough  evidence to convict some of the worlds top criminal masterminds had found its way into the hands of a man named Mr. Johnson. Mr. Johnson was the CEO of a very lucrative manufacturing cooperation, and one of ’s most notorious black arms dealers. After several failed attempts to blackmail the criminal underworld Mr. Johnson was down to his last option. Turn the evidence over to the United Nations in exchange for immunity and free range to carry on his illegal arms dealing.

With no other options a contract was formulated and hand delivered to the league of assassins known as the Fraternity. The contract was simple, in exchange for an unspecified sum the Frat would track down Mr. Johnson and his associates. At which time they where to execute all parties involved and retrieve the documents.

After selecting Drifter to accompany him Gambler began packing. The Frat jet was already gassed and ready to depart. In a daring death defying plan, the two elite Frat  members  would parachute  out of the jet and land on the roof of the multi storied skyscraper which housed Mr. Johnson and his personal bodyguards. It was a risky mission but one in which the Cajun was sure could be flawlessly executed.

Normal Rules Apply

Mr. Johnson and his bodyguards will be NPC

This Rp is for Drifter and Gambler. However if others wise to join they may ask in the Ooc
coming soon.

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Mr. Johnson, a big business D-bag, Although CEO of a major cooperation, Johnson had a skeleton in his closet. He moonlighted as one of japan's biggest dealer of black arms dealer and he was rolling in dirty money, Now recently, Documented evidence got into his hands that could easily arrest some of the world's greatest criminal masterminds and his dealings of weapons did not escape the watchful eyes of many and after thinking it over, Johnson made his desicion

He turned over said documents to the U.N and in return, The CEO was granted the ability to continue his dealings Scott free.  And so with no other options at hand, A contract was made and delivered by hand to an Illuminati of assassins.  Simply put, The contract specified that in exchange for a supposedly large sum, though unknown,  The Fraternity must assassinate both of the parties involved and rescue the aforementioned documentation.

Drifter was honoured when Gambler picked him as company to execute such a mission and did not hesitate to accept. With the Fraternity's personal Jet gassed up and prepared for Departure and both Drift and Gambler.....and their luggage aboard, It took flight. Finally, arriving at their destination, The Black Magic wielder and Cajun parachuted down. Flawlessly landing on the rooftops.

Whilst ascending downward, Drifter's eyes flickered with Necroplasmic energy and his hands illuminated with Hellfire.  Slowly but surely, he hit the rooftops like a ton of bricks, cracking the cement and mortar that held the roof together, he stood up, His body almost entirely composed of Shadows, His fingers turned claws and his feet turned more talon like. Only three words brushed past his lips

"Let's Kill Them" A spine tingling voice spoke underneath his red cowl.