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 The gunnery sergeant sat patiently awaiting his orders. As he sat at the metal desk he slouched back in his chair quietly tapping his pencil. Slowly he began to look around the room. “So many rookies all patiently awaiting their deaths he thought to himself!” Quickly the gunny snatched the pencil up off the desk clenching it in his hand as the briefing room door swung open. “Officer on deck!” A fellow marine shouted. Instantly every marine in the room snapped ten. Gunny quickly followed in suit. GunnySgt Morgan may not have liked the officers of the USNC but being the hardcore ODST he was the gunny would always show respect. Morgan watched as the officer made pace across the room slowly dropping several folders onto his desk.

“At ease soldiers” the officer said staring out into the crowd of marines. "My name is lieutenant commander Fox. "You have all been called here because you were or are the best our military has to offer!" "Some of you long time vets some of you fresh out of ODST training." "As for the vets you all know you’re the best or you wouldn’t still be alive!" "But as for you rookies you have a lot of learning to do and the only way to do so is through experience." “OOOORAH!” Loudly the marines all shouted in unison. Morgan had been around for twelve years. He started out as an infantry in the UNSC marines and quickly proved his worth working his way up the ranking system in double time. Once made corporal he applied for ODST training and Once again showed his worth with an almost record setting hundred drops and counting.  

"Alright soldiers here’s the deal!" "Covenant troops have taken several high ranking officials prisoner." "And let me be honest when I say prisoner im most likely meaning killed and carried off their corpses!" The Lt paused for a second taking in a breath. "But these high ranking officials happen to have in their possession top secret files on the  SPARTAN II and SPARTAN III project. "Now I cant express how important it is to recover these files!" "If were lucky these brutes wont know what they have stumbled onto but if were unlucky our secret may just come back to haunt us." 

Gunny has had his fair amount of run ins with these so called Spartans. Some friendly and some not so friendly. Its no secret a certain hatred most  ODST’s share for the Spartans but among those to make it past their first few drops  is a certain unspoken respect for the Spartans.

Morgan was no stranger to working with the Spartans just as he was no stranger to being saved by the Spartans. But this was probably the first time he would ever get the chance to repay the favor.

Slowly the Lt reached for a small remote and turned to the wall. “Corporal the lights please” the Lt said as he clicked on the holographic projector. Slowly the Lt began to show maps and drop points to the marines. Pointing out significant safe zones and hot zones. Amongst these all was the building in which the brutes were seen entering dragging the officials. “This spot right here is where your all to meet up before entering the building considering you survive the drop!” The Lt pointed to an ally way just around the corner. Morgan made a mental note of the layout of the streets surrounding the building. “Sir with all do respect don’t you think this mission may be just a little to delicate for some of the rookie’s?” Morgan said in a deep voice leaning backwards into his chair throwing his arm over the back almost as if he was taking a cheap shot at some of the new guys.

"Good question Gunny!" "Now rookies these vets in this room have been through hell in back!" "Most of them have lost dozens of friends and hundreds of fellow marines." "That’s why when you make the drop and reach the ground you will be following their lead!" "I recommend that you do everything your told and listen even better!" "And for those few vets in this room I want to remind you that even though these rookies may look young and act it they are the best and the brightest of their time." "And with the already high casualty count of this war we need all we can get." "Now with that being said you should all get suited up and head down to the pod bay."

Quickly the ODST’s stood up and exited the door. Morgan quickly made his way over to his long time friend fluke. "Well fluke another day another drop!" morgan said smacking him on the back. as he slowly exited the room behind the other ODST's.

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This will be the fourteenth drop, Luke began to write as the others made their way to the pods. How many times can man drop into hell and still walk out. I have lost a lot of friends and troops over this year and yet that fear still remains in me that I will watch other brother die in front of me. It has been five months since I decided god no longer existed. Five months since I realized we are on our own, with only brotherhood to look after us, when the rain of bullets and plasma fly we do not turn and pray we toll the line when others would not, we face death from the wings of hell as it is all we have left. We are the soldiers of fate and pain. When we die no one cares but our brothers and yet there will always be another green suit to take his place we are forever an unrelenting army dropped from the heavens, We are the angles of war and this is our punishment, forever trapped in an endless war. I escaped death once and every time I fall I pray to my brothers to bring me home safe.

"Now with that being said you should all get suited up and head down to the pod bay."

The sentence broke of his writing, closing the leather backed journal he stood and joined the sea of green uniforms that began to make their way to the armoury. "Well fluke “ he knew the voice instantly, Morgan had been of twelve of Luke’s fourteen drops. It was Morgan who nicknamed him Fluke after a stray sniper round got stuck in his helmet. His full name was Luke Flanagan so it was actually a clever play on words if you looked it in an ODST type of way.” Another Day another Drop” he went onto say followed by a slap on the back. “like we expected anything else, The meeting points a joke you know that right, the covenant is going to have that place covered in wraiths and god knows what else” Turning his head he smiled at Morgan “But hey we will just think on are feet like normal right.” As they made it to the front of the line the stock guys were in full swing “Rank and serial number” the counter clerk splurged out from behind his counter, rows of armour and helmets sat behind him “Sergeant Luke Flanagan 3514 “ the clerk looked up at him then ran off returning with his armour and helmet. “Good luck sir” he said as Luke walked away “Luck son, we don’t need luck just bad attitudes and rifles” a round OoooRahh came from the troops with in ear shoot.

As Luke got suited up he touched the part of his helmet the round had got stuck in, it was fixed but the memory was still there. That would be something that never left the ODST’s the memories of hell. There was one thing the brutes sought out more than the helmet of a Spartan it was the helmet of a ODST. A Spartan was one man where the ODST never left a man behind their helmets where rare to capture as they fought to the last man. After being suited he went to the armoury, checking his Vidsir was working, Morgan threw a sniper rifle at him. “Thanks Gunny, I will keep an eye on you” he said lifting the rifle so he could see threw the scope. Making his way to the pod he sat across from Morgan “Try and stay awake this time huh!” he said with a laugh as he pulled the visor on his helmet shut.

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Aeolus, a name not well known by most members in the Covenant, but still a reasonable force in their military. Though younger than the most of of the other leaders, noticeable by his still dark black fur, he has proved time and again that it takes more than brute strength to be a truly great leader. Unfortunately, speed and wits amount to little amongst his people. Which brings us to a prison some certain human officials are being held captive. It was a good thing he didn't loath the humans quite as much as his brotheren, or they would probably be snacking on their bones.
The Brute Captain stood vigilant as he stared at the prisoners before him.  Aeolus loathed guard duty, but it seemed he was 'conveniently' the only one available to watch these particular humans, while the youngest amongst them was being interrogated...or tortured. More likely a little of both, but more of the second. He almost felt sorry for the fledgling, but he had made the mistake of saying something about Spartan Soldiers when the lot of them were about to be executed. Just the thought of having a warrior as strong as 'The Demon' made a small smirk spread to the young Captain's simian like lips. However, his thoughts were interrupted as the men began whispering amongst themselves.
"Think someone will be coming to rescue us?" A short rather gangly looking man with glasses was the one speaking to a taller more stout looking human. 
"They probably think we're dead. If anything, they'll try and recover our documents. Doubt they'll have much to worry about though. I doubt these dumb apes can even read."
A loud roar then sounded causing both men to jump and stare at Aeolus who had jumped to his feet and pounded against the bars to the cell. "Dumb Apes, Eh?" The Jiralhanae's words were a little above a low growl as his blood red eyes glared at them. After a moment of simply staring at the two, Aeolus grunted and his eyes dimmed back to a dull brown color as he resumed his post. Dumb apes...they may be true of some of his brothers or superiors, but that certainly wasn't the case of Aeolus. Even if the others couldn't, he'd find out the secret to this Spartan Project himself and lead his people to greatness. As his thoughts resumed, the armor clad Captain busied himself with his favorite weapon as of late, a human shotgun he'd acquired in a recent battle. He cocked it with a smug smirk as he spoke to himself in his native tongue. 
"Soon you will see who the real 'Dumb Apes' are..."

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Her heart was pounding in her chest as debris flew all around her, plasma beams whizzing by her head, missing by only centimeters as her boots dug into the crumbled pavement of the once city streets. Her name was Sarah Perez, but she was known as Sergeant Perez to her brothers and sister in arms in the ODST. The team she had been in for the past year, Team November, was sent into literally the pit of hell for a top priority mission. Her job as well as the other members of the team, were to hold back the Covenant forces so that another ODST team could go in and gather the bodies of the officials who have been taken by the Covenant.

Team November were the first to arrive along with Team Yankee, the two teams quickly went to work taking down the grunts that seemed to flood the area they landed. But as soon as things began to look up, all hell broke loose. It seemed that the aliens really wanted the information because the two teams were suddenly over ran by Ellet’s and Brutes, overwhelming both teams. One by one the members began to fall as Sarah struggled to fight off the enemy forces while trying to get to the wounded.  

But the alien scum were too much for the two teams, and soon it was only Perez and a member of Team Yankee holding their ground, crouching behind abandoned vehicles as they continued to simply try to survive. This wasn’t her first jump, she had been in five others but this… this was the worst planned out mission she had ever participated in. Her entire team and the other solders from the allied team, went down within only a couple of hours.

“Get it off!” The man yelled out who was crouching besides her, a plasma grenade planted right onto the back of his helmet.

“GIVE IT!” Her hand quickly reached onto his helmet as she yanked it off with one tug and tossed it back over the truck, it exploding as soon as it left her hand. The man sat there breathing heavily as he looked at her with gratitude in his eyes. “Do you have a beckon?” She yelled out at him, trying to be louder than the sounds of explosions that were surrounding the two of them. “Mine was damaged.” The man simply nod at her as he activated his.

Now it was just time to wait, wait and pray that someone would come and give them a helping hand. Until then, it was going to be the two of them. “You get the left, I get the right, can you do that?”

“B-but I don’t have a helmet!” It was too late for him, fear had struck him, he already thinking about death.

With a sigh Perez pulled off her Recon helmet, her blond hair tied into a ponytail fell out of it as her blue eyes stared right at him. “Here take mine.” She slipped it over his head as she took a deep breath, her hand gripping onto her Battle Rifle. Holding her breath for a moment she then dove out of cover, "Tulta munille!" she yelled out while shooting at the Ellet’s who were slowly already making their way to the two as they were taking a breath. Rolling onto the ground she got back into cover by using one of the pods that were jammed into the Earth. As a chuckle came from her she pulled out one of her most favorite and effective weapons, the flame grenades, something that she collected from the bodies of the Brutes that she killed in the line of battle.

She turned and looked at the other soldier sending wave after wave of bullets through the air, but at random, he was so scared that he was shooting blind. “Great…” She mumbled as she closed her eyes and within a second she quickly rolled away from the cover and before her, a Brute loomed over her body, his shadow casting over her as her eyes widen with shock. With the Brute slightly stun from seeing her she quickly smashed the grenade on the ape like alien’s stomach, causing him to roar in pain as he took off running, his body now covered in the red flames.

Then waves of plasma bullets came raining over her, and she felt the burn of one smash into her left shoulder. Falling on her back she grabbed a hold of her shoulder as she saw the rookie solider began to rush over to her, right behind him was a Brute with a gravity  hammer. “BEHIND YOU!” she blurted out as she reached out, trying to get ready to push him out of the way, only to be too late, the man turned around only to get the hammer smashed into his abdomen, sending him flying across the battlefield and ramming into a building. Her blue eyes widen as his blood was splattered on her face, the Brutes deep chuckle filling the air as he let out a victorious roar, ready to bring the hammer down upon her. 

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 Morgan stood behind fluke as he grabbed his gear and watched as fluke examined the very helmet that got him his nickname. Gunny knew he could count on fluke in combat. The guy had balls of steel and the heart of a lion. No matter what was going on around him while he was peering through a sniper scope nothing could break his concentration hell not even a stray bullet to the face. Quickly Gunny grabbed up his gear and made his way to the armory where he picked up a sniper rifle quickly slamming it into the chest of fluke. “Thanks Gunny, I will keep an eye on you!” Morgan knew he would do just that. Slowly the Gunny picked up a M90A shotgun. Raising it up to eye level he slowly examined it almost as if he was holding onto some holy relic.

“Sir don’t you think your gonna need a weapon that shoots from a little more distance?” One of the younger ODST’s asked Morgan. "Son if there is anything I have learned against these covenant sons of bitches is that your either in the shit or your probably dead! So I will stick with my boomstick and when the brutes keep coming after you when you have already unloaded a full clip into them I will be there to blow their f*ckin brains all over the ground!" Morgan watched as the young trooper slowly put his rifle down and picked up a shotgun. “That’s the spirit son!” Morgan said with a smile as he winked at fluke. Quickly Gunny made his way to his pod standing right across from fluke. “Try and stay awake this time huh!” fluke was kind of a smart ass but Morgan could always appreciate his humor in times like this. But fluke was right during their last drop Gunny was knocked unconscious during the landing and fluke bailed him out.

“Haha fluke you just try and keep your head down!” Morgan said as he tapped his helmet in the exact spot the stray bullet hit fluke. Slowly the doors began to hiss as they lowered down and sealed shut. “Last chance to bail out rookies” the gunny yelled out over the intercom.

As Morgan looked down he could see earth. From where he stood it was almost as if he was in heaven. Then suddenly a familiar face popped up on the control screen. “Troopers this is Lt Fox you will be falling into a hot LZ and there are fellow troopers down there so hit the ground running!” Gunny sighed as he continued to look down. He always hated being the second team on the ground. It ment that he would have to not only pick up the pieces but he would have to gather up scores of dogtags worn by his brothers and sisters. “God Da^^it Fox you should have sent me down there with the first platoon!” Morgan shouted as his pod launched.

The gunny was no stranger to falling from the sky but he could never really overcome the sickening feeling he would get on the way down. The feeling that he wouldn’t even get the chance to open the pod door. The feeling that something bad could happen like landing in a lake or his chute not popping. Quickly the pod began to shake as it entered earths atmosphere. Fire and flames engulfed the small pod as it continued to fall faster and faster. Like a rock Morgan continued to hold onto the controls trying harder and harder to steer his pod to a safe landing. Once insight of the LZ Gunny quickly popped the chute slowing the craft down just enough to not get him killed. BOOM the pod landed on the top of a building slamming through the roof and out the other side. “Oh SH!T” Morgan shouted  as the pod rocked hard then suddenly came to a stop.

Quickly the pod door flew open as Morgan jumped out onto the ground holding his shotgun. Within seconds the gunny had already made a quick examination of the layout and spotted several other pods already on the ground. As he looked back at his pod one last time he could see that it had landed right on top of a covenant wraith. Like a missile shot from the heavens it tore into the alien machine like a hot knife through butter. “VIDS up!” Morgan said as he peered around looking for any covies that may be near him. Gunny spotted a massive brute swinging his hammer into a fellow trooper. “Mother F*ck!” Morgan shouted as he quickly took off running as fast as he could. But he was virtually helpless as the hammer slammed into the trooper sending him flying. Without losing one step Morgan continued running towards the brute as he watched a fellow trooper lay on the ground. The Brute towered over the young female sergeant like a sky scraper does a city. The brute was about to swing his hammer again. Quickly Gunny swung his shotgun out in front of him and with one hand he held onto the grip. Now only feet away from the massive brute Gunny squeezed the trigger. BOOM the shotgun sounded off as the slug entered the back of the brutes skull and scattered its face all over the trooper on the ground. Morgan watched as the brutes body fell to its knees and then to the ground with a loud thud. “You know what they say sergeant the bigger they are the more sound they make when they hit the ground!” Morgan said as he reached out his hand to help the beautiful trooper up.  

“Sorry we don’t have time for introductions but I need to find my boys.” “Fluke come in this is Gunnery Sergeant Morgan I need some eyes!”

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Aeolus glanced up as a loud siren began to sound, signaling that the humans had breached the parameter of the building. As if they could be heard, the prisoners began shouting and carrying on. The young Captain put up with their foolishness for a few moments, giving him time to wipe down his shotgun, but as he finished he pointed the barrel right at the two men and growled loudly before he spoke. "Not another word or the other meat bags will be scraping your remains off the bars!" The powerful brute's command was quickly heeded and he snorted a grunt before placing the shiny blue helmet signifying him as a captain upon his head. He knew that his brothers must of needed some kind of assistance or the sirens wouldn't have been sounding. Just the thought of the humans harming any of his clan made him furious. His dark eyes brightened to a blood red as he shouted a fierce war cry that made the men in the cell before him tremble with fear. However, Aeolus's focus was already on the battlefield as he hurried off to join the others in combat.  
When Aeolus finally marched outside, he instantly knew why the sirens had been sounded. Corpses littered the rubble that had once been the front line of defense, outside the building. Covenant and Marine alike were strewn over the ground with blood and body parts visible here and there. The only bodies the captain was looking for though, were those of his own clan. He sniffed the air and his heightened senses sifted through the scent of blood, metal, and smoke that hung heavy over head. 'Two...three..four...' He counted in his mind and with each number he could feel his blood begin to boil. He could feel the strength of each fallen Jiralhanae course through him as his march turned into a gallop on all fours. Revenge...he'd pay back the humans for everyone of his brothers lost this day. Yet another menacing roar escaped Aeolus's lips as his more beast like side rose to the surface and he leaped feet first into the heart of combat. 
A marine unfortunate enough to be nearby the Brute Captain as he began his charge looked up just in time to see the massive 9 foot body of Aeolus coming down upon him. The man didn't even have time to yell as the heavy armor clad Jiralhanae crushed the man and pounded his chest triumphantly. However, the man hadn't been alone. Three other Marines readied their rifles and began opening fire. Normally, an enraged Brute would simply take the onslaught and keep charging to his dying breath, but not Aeolus. He rolled to the right of the fire jumped at the men unloaded their clips where he'd once been. They all looked wide eyed as he closed the distance between them almost instantly and brought down his massive fists down upon the head of the man in the middle of the squad. The man's helmet dented under the force and it was easy to tell his skull had been fracture in the process as his body crumpled at Aeolus's feet. The other two had no time to react as he sent his right hand slamming hard into ribs of the man on his right and with his left, swung the heavy shotgun as if it were weightless and released a spray of bullets into the other human's face. 
The last of the Marines winced lightly, his ribs virtually shattered by the blow of the mighty Jiralhane Captain. He backed away and placed a hand to his head to turn his radio on quickly, trying to ready his rifle for another few rounds in the process. "Got a big blue Kong here that took out the others, requesting...." The last sound the man's transmission made was the sound of a shotgun burst right into his helmet. Aeolus grunted, his eyes still burning red as he looked down at the man he'd just gunned down. He noticed that the man had a shotgun as well and made sure to relieve him of his bullets. Cocking and shouldering the shotgun, he marched on deeper into the fight. He didn't know who or what lay ahead, nor did he care. All he knew was that the humans would pay for each and every one of his brotheren slain in combat.

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0800 Hours

One of many Single Occupant Exoatmospheric Insertion Vehicles stood ready to drop to the ground below. On the back of the SOEIV read the words "Staff Sergeant Jacob Jeffory Davis" in bold white letters. Everyone was moving to their SOEIV's but this one seemed empty and deserted. Finally a soldier in full battle gear walked up to the vehicle and dropped a SRS99D-S2 AM Sniper Rifle into one of the equipment racks. Jacob laid down four 'Frag' Grenades into another compartment before moving to the right equipment rack to put two magnum's down with similar clips. Lastly he put a MA5C Assault Rifle in place along with it's own rounds. His Combat Knife was placed at his left thigh. With everything out of his hands, Jacob began to move towards a seating compartment inside the SOEIV. Jacob sat into the SOEIV that would be sending him down to Earth below. Over his battle gear, Jacob strapped his waist and then his chest with straps equivalent to a seat-belt to keep him in place. Jacob laid his head-encased in his Orbital Drop Shock Trooper helmet- onto a head rest.  With a large grin, a soldier walked up and gave him a thumbs up before closing the hatch to the vehicle. Jacob took a deep breath. This was the moment. Although he'd been through nine jumps, the feeling in his stomach like everything was going to fall out never ceased. 
The Commander started the thirty second countdown. Uneasy, Jacob looked at the hatch in front of him and watched as the numbers slowly counted down to zero. Before ten though, the screen showed the pictures of ten men. Staff Sergeant Jacob Jeffory Davis's Sniper Unit. Five of them had done five drops with him. Two had down seven. The other three were newbies replacing the soldiers who had died in the last drop. A drop Jacob felt guilty for. It was his fault for not finding them before the Covenant's forces found their SOEIV's and killed them with a mass amount of troops.  And because of that incident, Jacob knew each of the soldiers names who had died under his command. Sergeant John Dwangler, Grade Two Private Amelia Airheart, and Lance Corporal Avery Zuedes.
Using a Communications Device on board the SOEIV, Jacob spoke directly to his men. "Alright boys another drop another day. Most of you have done multiple drops. I think of it like this since this is the tenth for me; nine drops, nine lives." Jacob stopped to focus his helmet a bit. "Simple 'eh? If I survived that many times, I'm survivin' this time too."
The soldiers looked at their screens in admiration. Staff Sergeant Jacob Davis or "Murder" by his subordinates because of his viscous close range fighting had earned their respect and now they were showing it. A silent "Ooh-rah!" rang into his ears as his men responded to him. Just as his SOEIV shot down towards the Earth below, Jacob declared one last thing."I won't leave any of you behind!"
After that Jacob shot through the atmosphere at bloodcurdling speeds. The butterflies began in his stomach. Everything wrong could happen in these next few seconds. His hatch could break open exposing him to the massive heat and kill him. Not that it wasn't hot already of course. Anti-aircraft could blow him up as he was about to hit ground zero. What if his chute didn't open? He would barrel to the ground and die of impact. Jacob's worst fear was of landing and not being able to open the hatch. Being stuck inside the SOEIV and waiting there to be either found by Covenant forces and killed or found incapacitated by the heat inside the vehicle. Right now though, nothing mattered. Making sure he was going to survive the drop did. After a few seconds the upper panels of the SOEIV separated causing a drag-type chute. The SOEIV slowed down. Jacob let out a sigh of relief. The hardest part was done. A few more minutes went by and then Jacob could see that he was nearing the ground. Maneuvering himself to the outskirts of the main target, Jacob let out a grin. This was easy.....
Before Jacob knew it a Covenant Anti-Aircraft Gun fired a round into his SOEIV. Immediately the vehicle spun widely. Jacob muttered one word before fear filled his insides. "Oh sh!t." At fast speeds the SOEIV spun faster and faster towards the ground. In a matter of seconds Staff Sergeant Davis's SOEIV hit the ground quickly. It skidded across the bare earth before stopping by crashing into a large boulder. Smoke began to surround the SOEIV as the damage from the Covenant round finally settled in. Jacob was immobilized.
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 The pod broke the earth, Fluke smacked the three green release buttons and the door popped open and jumping into the broken rubble before him Fluke began freeing his weapons. Just as the Sniper rifle broke off in his hands the voice of Morgan rang in his ears “VIDS up!” Looking back at the Magnum he had brought as a side arm “F@CK” Fluke knew there was no time to free his trusted weapon and broke into a sprint towards the gunny’s location. “Every drop his ass gets’s into trouble.”  Looking at his location as he went he made his way to a small bloke of flats and opened the door where he was met by a single marine. “I can’t go out there, they are all dead.” Fluke looked at the man “I just want to get by and get to the roof” Fluke eyes firmly on the shotgun pointed in his direction, War could do funny things to men, drive them insane, break them but most of all it was fear that always took the weaker one’s. “NO” the Shotgun was pushed forward “You here to take me back out there” the man’s voice trembled “I won’t let you” his shaking finger danced over the trigger for a moment. Damn it Fluke thought of all the building to run into he picked the one with a shotgun wielding nut job. “look kid, you want to know something about fear”. The marines head snapped up “No shut up”,being one of those who are scared is smart, hell every jump im scared.” The Marine began to listen “To not fear death is just stupid, those who throw their lives away for nothing. But we are all scared of death the only difference is how you face that death, Tell me Marine do you want to face death hiding in a room or do you want to fight it and perhaps show it for a small moment what fear really looks like. Cause in all honesty if you push that shotgun at me once more im going to take it off you and beat you to death myself. Now I have friends that need my help so get the f@ck out of my way.” The marine dropped the Shotgun at his side and Fluke picked up his sniper and began running to the roof, “kid anything that is not green comes in that door fire that gun like you’re life depended on it, Cause it will be something far worse then me.”

As the he broke into the sunlight, Fluke turned of his visor just in time to find a good spot over looking the gunny. “You know what they say sergeant the bigger they are the more sound they make when they hit the ground!” Fluke watched the whole thing in his scope and let out a little laugh “Sorry we don’t have time for introductions but I need to find my boys.” “Fluke come in this is Gunnery Sergeant Morgan I need some eyes!” Oh now he finally get’s round to worrying about me Morgan joked in his head “Eyes in the sky here Gunny, As cool as that was you drew the attention of half the brutes in this section by the looks of it.  Best escape route looks like the building just north of you, It looks as if it connects to mine with a series of walk ways.” BAM “Sh!t Gunny get a move on, I have them in cover just now but these guys look pi….” BAM “Holy mother of f@ck , GUNNY MOVE NOWHUNTER”. The radio went silent as Fluke fired off as many rounds as he could into the giant beast. Behind him he heard shotgun rounds from down the stairs, why did all the sh!t seem to hit the fan at the same time.  Spinning round so he was now laying on his back, he was met by two brutes. Turing one of their faces inside out with a point blank shot from the rifle, The other brute screamed and charged lifting a foot into it’s gut Fluke lifted and pushed using the brutes own speed and strength to throw him from the building.

Rolling back into position he checked on Morgan and his new friend “Gunny I have been compromised moving position still have eyes on you. Standing Fluke moved but not before looking down the stairs once more “Kid be proud you died fast and well, I hope you took some of those f@ckers with you.”  Fluke began running and checking his sites before jumping down onto the walk way a flash of green exploded in front of him sending him flying off the walk way and into the streets below, The hunter had got off a lucky shot Rolling under a near by smoking bus he began checking himself his rifle had landed ten feet away and he could here some brutes near by. “Gunny” he whispered as he spoke blood splattered on his vidsr , he could taste the mercury in his mouth as the blood began to foam up. F@ck morgan would try and save him and risk everything, “Hey Gunny im fine in cover, I will catch up when I can.” It was the best lie he could do at the moment as the Hunters foot appeared next to the bus shutting down his radio link everything went silent. 


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0835 Hours

Sgt. Jacob's eyes fluttered slightly. He was dazed. Everything seemed surreal, everything felt so tight and unmovable. So squashed together. He could barely move. This wasn't an ideal situation. The sounds of what seemed to be Covenant soldiers were coming closer. Their feet patting against the ground as they held their guns and came towards the SOEIV to prey on him inside. The man who could barely move. All the fear inside Jacob wanted to make him run, however his body wouldn't move. It was buckled. Sgt. Jacob felt useless; a failure, he was just another ODST causality. Was he immobile like this momentarily or was it something else? Jacob rustled around and tried to get up. With the hatch still on the SOEIV he couldn't get out. Plus his seating restraints were still on him. In assurance though, he knew his legs and arms were still with him. His limbs had tried to move with his thoughts. Plus his eyes-unfocused as they were- could see around the small space.  
Sgt. Jacob shook his head a little from side to side. Slowly Jacob began to regain consciousness. He had a harsh headache though. Raising his left hand over his chest, Jacob fumbled around for the two straps meeting point that were keeping him inside the chair-like seat. Running his hand across the smooth strap he finally found it. Pressing a small button quickly, Jacob felt the pressure on his chest lessen as the straps ceased to hold him. However, this small win was only half the battle. Using his right hand, Sgt. Jacob ran it across his lap in order to find another meeting point. Pressing that button he felt the restraint on his lap cease. Finally the damn things aren't pressing me up anymore,Jacob rejoiced to himself, all that's left is finding the others and getting done with the mission!
With his headache probably turning into a migraine, Jacob managed to pull a lever inside the SOEIV. The hatch opened slightly. The hot air inside the SOEIV was quickly replaced by the cool, musty air of outside. Jacob took a deep breath to relax himself and get rid of some of the pressure building up in his head. With his eyes closed, Staff Sgt. Davis could hear everything. The birds were chirping; the raccoons were climbing up trees, even the woodpecker's were hitting the uprooted trees. Although relaxed, Sgt. Davis knew he wasn't anywhere near his target drop. He was in the outskirts of the drop site where he should have landed. 
"God damnit, situations like these always f*ck up a Trooper!"
Jacob muttered to himself before a long sigh. "Looks like I have to go find those men..."
Sgt. Davis used his arms to push the hatch open. The faces of the men slowly disappeared, replaced by the sunlight and invisible air. Jumping out, Sgt. Davis grabbed his "Frags" and put them around his chest. Then he grabbed his assault rifle and wrapped the restraint around his right shoulder. Grabbing the two magnum's Sgt. Davis put them in identical holsters. Finally, with everything settled in place, Sgt. Davis grabbed his primary weapon. The faraway murder weapon; his only friend now, the Sniper Rifle. With his free right hand, Sgt. Davis tried to get in touch with the others using his communications. Nothing happened though.
"Must've been knocked off the frequencies with that Covenant bullsh!t shot."
Sgt. Davis declared. Using his hand to fiddle with the Comm. Link he finally found an adequate frequency. Or at least one that had a lot of other soldiers screaming and shouting at each other with Covenant and UNSC rounds firing off at each other. Finally, some actual humans!
Sgt. Davis turned on his Link and then spoke hoping to get the attention of some of the men in his unit."Anyone from Squad 4? I'm Staff Sgt. Davis looking for my unit, ten men total." Jacob waited a few moments, but their was no response. " No one? No one is from Squad 4?!"
After a few moments, in which Jacob became frustrated, a lone response ran over the Link. " Sergeant Richard Folkes here. Me and nine others are held up in a building. We've been looking for you sir! Where the f*ck did you land. Now we're trapped and trying to hold the perimeter... These damn Elites don't cease their assault...." Then there was an awkward silence.As if the whole unit had just been obliterated. However, soon after Sergeant Folkes gave the coordinates to the location he and the rest of Sgt. Davis' men were at. " We're forty degrees south, two degrees west of the target building. If you can, get us some support!"
 Jacob went into a free run before responding. "I'm on my way! Give me ten minutes." Sgt. Davis put in the coordinates to their location with his voice. He was south of their position. The opposition was going to be hard to get through, but he knew he could do it. One lone soldier was deadlier than five, especially if four are acting upon the fifth's orders. Sgt. Davis could only hope that he would be a needle in a haystack. Hard to find, hard to kill, and hard to see.
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Sergeant Perez laid on the ground, pulled her gun upward towards the Brute who was about to smash her skull in. With her heart beating furiously she quickly began to pull on her trigger, only to find her gun out of shells. “Sh!t!” She yelled out as she covered her face, the Brute just about to bring the hammer down, that is until a loud ‘BOOM’ could be heard, a warm fluid and chunks of flesh slapping onto her face as her eyes widen with shock. Looking up at the now headless Brute, it fell to the side as it revealed a fellow ODST with a shotgun in hand. She couldnt help but smile up at the man who had just saved her from certain death, watching him put out his hand.

“You know what they say sergeant, the bigger they are the more sound they make when they hit the ground!” She looked at his hand, ready to help her up, but she simply stood up on her own, wiping the blood off her face as she glanced up at the man who just saved her life.

“Thanks for the help.” She spoke as she looked to the side to see her helmet on the ground, blood splattered on it from when the brute killed the newbie trooper. Picking it up she slipped it on as she looked forward at the Gunny as she turned on her VIDS, dozens of red outlines began to form from a distance, the enemy was still on the move to their possisstion.

“Sorry we don’t have time for introductions, but I need to find my boy’s. Fluke come in this is Gunnery Sergeant Morgan I need some eyes!” 

Picking up and reloading her gun she saw as dozens of other Brutes now close enough to become a danger to them. “Gunnery Morgan, I think we need to move!” She pulled out two of her flame grenades and threw them forward, the flames encasing around abandoned vehicles and spreading along the ground. Within seconds a large explosion could be heard, the vehicles making a temporary wall of hell fire red flames, keeping the brutes away for the seconds they needed to get out of the area. Kneeling down on one knee she began to shoot a the smaller covenant troopers that were trying to rush into battle, the grunts falling on their backside as their little alien brains splattered out from their tiny skulls. "I know you said there isnt time for introductions." She grunt as she reloaded her weapon. "But the name is Sergeant Perez." She began to fire her rounds again trying to take out more Brutes who seemed to be slowly backing off. "Their... backing off." She said as she pulled her gun down. " 

But then things turne to the worse... stepping out from the smoke that was created by the , two Hunters appeared, she cursed to herself as she looked over to Morgan. “Do we shoot, run, or run and shoot?” She spoke as the two hunters began to power up their plasma blasts.  Sniper bullets could be seen smashing into their armor but it didnt seem as if it was making much of a dent in it. They continued to stand tall, ready to strike as Perez stood up and slowly backed away. Where they going to run to live for another day? Or take a chance and go toe to toe with Hunters?

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 “Sorry we don’t have time for introductions but I need to find my boys.” “Fluke come in this is Gunnery Sergeant Morgan I need some eyes!” Gunny spoke into his mic as he watched the young sergeant pick herself up off the ground without his assistance. Had the young sergeant been one of Gunny’s men she would have gotten an ear full for taking off her helmet. Every good trooper knows that by taking off your helmet you not only compromise yourself but your whole squad. Because there isn’t one trooper that would ever leave a man behind and without their helmets their communication is practically cut off.

“Eyes in the sky here Gunny, As cool as that was you drew the attention of half the brutes in this section by the looks of it. Best escape route looks like the building just north of you, It looks as if it connects to mine with a series of walk ways.” BAM “Sh!t Gunny get a move on, I have them in cover just now but these guys look pi….”

Morgan quickly scanned the surroundings watching as several red outlines popped up revealing the enemy closing in on them. “All right fluke were on our way just keep them off of us for just a few minutes!”  Before Morgan could even finish his sentence the young sergeant pulled out two flame grenades quickly throwing them out in front of them. Gunny watched as the grenades exploded scattering napalm all over the ground and abandoned vehicles. With only moments to spare the two troopers pulled out their weapons and began laying down clearing fire. Grunt after grunt began to fall to the ground with their methane tanks bursting open and hissing.

"I know you said there isnt time for introductions." "But the name is Sergeant Perez." Gunny gave her a quick nod as he slapped another clip into his pistol. "Their... backing off." Perez yelled out as she reloaded. “that can only mean one thing” Morgan said just before fluke yelled out over his intercom almost finishing Morgan’s sentence “holy mother of fuck! “GUNNY MOVE NOW HUNTERS!” Just as fluke finished his sentence one of the twin hunters raised his plasma cannon and fired into a nearby car. Morgan dove to the ground as the car went flying through the air flipping into a nearby building scattering debris all over the ground.

“Do we shoot, run, or run and shoot?” Perez yelled out at Morgan as she looked at him on the ground. With a smile on his face Gunny pushed himself up off the ground yelling “RUN AND SHOOT!“ Suddenly Morgan took off running weaving from car to car doing his best to stay out of the sights of the hunters.

“Gunny I have been compromised moving position still have eyes on you!”fluke yelled out over his intercom. Dammit Morgan thought to himself as he looked over at perez. “THERE!” Morgan shouted as he pointed at a near by building. He could see a doorway leading into the building and almost as fast as an AI could act Morgan had already brought up a map on his vids screen displaying a map of the surrounding buildings. “There should be a hallway!” Run down the hallway and take the first right it should lead you to an exit bringing you out behind the hunter!” You should be able to take him out from behind!” quickly Gunny reloaded his gun. “Don’t worry about me I will distract him!” Move on GO!!!!”

“Hey Gunny im fine in cover, I will catch up when I can.” Fluke whispered over the mic. “Ok Fluke buddy we got our hands full at the moment but we will get to the rondavu as soon as we can!”

Gunny peered over at Perez. He knew that he could trust her. She was infact a ODST. One of the baddest SOB’s to ever grace this planet. But the thing is he was putting his life in her hands without so much as ever enjoying a beer together. Gunny always felt that the best way to get to know someone was getting them drunk. But there wasn’t anytime for that. He would just have to do with the patch she wore on her shoulder.

READY SET GO!!!!” Morgan shouted as he ducked out from behind his cover raising his shotgun up and squeezing the trigger. Shot after shot Gunny squeezed off as he watched the hunter charge its plasma cannon. "Come on you big blue son of a b!tch you think your gonna be the one to take me out! 100 drops and you think you can take out the baddest man on this planet!" With only seconds to spare Morgan’s heart began to pound and his brow began to sweat. If the sergeant didn’t take out this hunter soon Gunny would just be a memory.
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 The hunters foot was an inch from his face, keeping his breathing steady he watched the massive purple foot. This was the moment most warriors dreaded, you’re surrounded by a faster and stronger enemy then you and you have no guns or weapons to take it down. Reaching to his belt he un-clicked the button that held his knife in place if he was going to go down, he sure as hell would not do it hiding under a bus from these scum bags. Linking his fingers round the rubber handle of his knife he prepared to break from his hiding place, but a rain of shotgun fire hailed down and the scream of a young man broke his attention. “I AM NOT AFRAID, BUT NOT OF YOU UGLY MOTHER F@CKERS” It was the young trooper from the staircase he was still alive and apparently kicking. The hunter turned as the new threat ran towards him, this kid had balls, rolling out from under his hiding place Fluke dived on the hunters back as the young solider fired shot after shot at it. Spinning the knife in his hand Fluke held onto the beast thick hide as he dug the knife in over and over again “Fall down you giant prick”. The Hunter clasped at its back trying to pull Fluke off and then it fell. Pulling his knife free Fluke looked at the kid and cleaned his knife, pulling of his helmet he began to wipe the blood from inside his helmet and around his mouth. The suit had taken the brunt of the blast but he was in trouble. “You did good kid” Fluke said sliding down the side of the bus, The Kid looked at him and handed him a Med pack, Fluke smiled “So what happened to you in the hall thought you where a goner when those two Brutes came up behind me.” Fluke began working on his wounds as the troop gave cover.

“They rushed me, took two of them down and the others went straight by, One of them fell on top of me, By the time I pulled him off and managed to get to the roof, I just to saw you roll under the Bus.” The rest of the story now made sense, brutes are not light and the kid had come to back him up against a hunter of all things “Well im glad you got you’re balls back. Welcome to the ODST you just got into Bravo team, Whats you’re name?” The trooper turned “Andrew Froster” Standing Fluke grabbed his Rifle from where it had fallen. “Well Frost we got a Gunny to go save, you ready.” Cocking his gun Frost smiled “if you are Sir”. Fluke sighed his wounds where worse then he thought but Morgan was in trouble. “Kid I just took a hunter down with a Knife, Im a f@cking god”. The two of them laughed as Fluke moved under the bus but this time he was not alone this time he had his rifle. “Frost head over to the Gunny, you can’t miss him the one shouting the one liners trying to look cool while he pretends to know how to fire a shotgun.” Frost began the sprint over to Morgan.

Locking his sights on the Hunter now headed towards Morgan, he spotted it’s little yellow eye as it began to power it’s weapon. The gun kicked hard as it left the barrow travelling over the destroyed city they had landed in, Before burrowing out the other side of the hunters head, a mass of yellow blood filled the air as the group of Brutes around it screamed Sniper. The Hunter fell before Morgan. Fluke smiled this was a much better view point then up above, he could see their little beady eyes. If it had eyes it could be killed and Fluke never missed. Frost made it over to Morgan who was still firing at the Brutes “Sir Fluke said hi” frost joined in the battle against the brutes the tide had turned but it would not belong before all this fighting drew more attention. Killing two more brutes Fluke left his hiding place and watched as Morgan and Frost finished the others. Placing the rifle on his back Fluke walked over, his body to weak to run, but he did his best to hide it. “Who the hell taught you to shoot Morgan? Frost Morgan, Morgan Frost he just joined Bravo team, he has the stuff to make a good ODST” He smiled pointing to the Doorway Morgan had sent the Sergeant. “We better get in cov….” Everything went dark as a sniper bullet passed out the front of Flukes helmet blood sprayed Morgan and Frost, as Luke Flanagan Orbital Drop Shock Troop took his last breathe in this world.

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"One of them were taken down!? BY HUMANS!??" Aeolus, roared as he heard the news of the Hunters' defeat by the ODSTs. "Useless Worms... And what of our brothers?" The Brute giving him the report shook his head slowly and the rage that showed in the Captain's eyes made his subordinate flinch slightly. "They're pursuing other humans with the second Hunter." When Aeolus turned his eyes on the Brute, who was still standing around, they filled with even more anger. "THEN WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR!!?" Not waiting around to get yelled at again, the younger Brute hurried back off into battle. Meanwhile, Aeolus was looking in the direction of where the first Hunter was taken down. "Never send a worm to do a true warrior's job...", he grunted, as he shouldered his shotgun and headed off in a sprint toward the location he'd been given. 
The armor clad Captain arrived just in time to see the Hunter along with a few of his men barreling down on a loan soldier, yelling and shooting off shotgun bursts. He was about to join in the fray when a loud sound rang out not far from where he was standing. He watched as the second Hunter collapsed and his men panicked and looked about for the sniper. He knew they couldn't see him, but from the sound and smell of him, Aeolus knew exactly where the man was hidden. He stepped back behind a rubble pile and watched on as the rest of his men were taken down by another human that joined the first and the continued aid of the sniper. Normally, it would be the Kig-yar or "Jackal's" job to watch for snipers and cover soldiers, but they were all busy at the primary building where the prisoners were held. Aeolus growled as the sniper finally walked from his position. The enraged captain wanted to do no more than slaughter the lot of the humans now standing about and his animal instincts were telling him to do just that, but just as he was about to do so, his eyes locked on Luke's rifle. Glancing to his left, Aeolus noticed a similar rifle on the body of a dead marine and a smirk slowly slid to his simian face. A normal Brute would of given in to his primal needs and charged out to his death, but this is exactly what set Aeolus apart  from his brotheren. He was a thinker, a planner, quicker with his mind and body than any normal Brute and today, this very moment, he'd let that be known.
It didn't take him long to get into position next to the bus Luke had crawled out from under. He hid his massive body as best he could and looked through the scope of the sniper rifle at the humans. His hands were steady, as if he'd done this many times before when in actuality this was the Captains third or fourth time using a human sniper rifle. However, he was quick to adapt, especially when it came to human weaponry. Though others frowned upon it, it was exactly what gave Aeolus the edge in battle. Using an enemies weapon against them could be a great strength when there were no familiar ones at hand. It was a lesson he practiced often and one that would soon reward him. Locking the sight on the human sniper's head, Aeolus pulled the trigger. The kickback on the rifle was nothing to the Brute Captain and he watched on as his shot rang true and went straight through the unsuspecting human's head. Knowing his cover would be blown soon, Aeolus would make sure to be ready. He ducked back behind the bus and shouldered his new rifle as he took out his shotgun once more. Now he'd simply wait. If he was found, the human that found him would get a shotgun surprise, if not, he'd bide his time and find his moment to take revenge on the humans. 'One down, two to go...' Aeolus thought as he waited, his primate like finger ready on the trigger of his shotgun.
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Sgt. Jacob Davis had been running through the outskirts of the city for a half an hour now. Through underbrush and buildings; avoiding the Covenant troops at best as he could. He'd seen a lot of ODST SOEIV's on his way and he had seen a few breached ones with occupants still inside. Not living, just lifeless bodies. Some had been viciously murdered by the Covenant forces when they were found. Blood was splattered over most of the SOEIV's he had seen. Alien and human. Sgt. Jacob wasn't bothered by these discoveries though. None of his men. None of his problem. At first, on his first drop, he had seen enough of these sort of breached SOEIV's to see these as few simple stragglers. Failures to the human forces. Soldiers who had forgotten the first duty of landing. Surviving and meeting with the rest of the soldiers. Now these dead soldiers were useless. But they're weapons were still useful. Sgt. Jacobs had taken a few magazines.
Now he was only a few hundred feet away from his unit. He could hear the human bullets firing and the Covenant's own firing back. Sgt. Jacob hurried. As he turned a corner he came upon two grunts. Without thought, Sgt. Jacob raised his sniper rifle and aimed. He pulled the trigger callously. The bullet went through the head of the first alien. The other turned to look at what had happened, but it also was given a bullet to the head. Both slumped to the ground. Sgt. Jacob jumped over the terrestrial figures and continued on."Bastards," he mustered to say as he looked ahead of him. This was war. No need to look at the faces he had killed. There was enough nightmares to fill his sleep. These murders would just be tossed to the back of his head.
Sgt. Jacob took a few cautious steps and looked around a corner. He was only thirty feet away from the coordinates he had gotten from his soldiers. The firefight was louder than when he had first heard it. He was definitely close. As he peered over the wall he saw a few brutes hiding behind a battered car. He could see his men defending a small building that was used as a store. They had busted the windows and were using anything inside as shields. A few dead grunts laid across the floor in their blue blood. Sgt. Jacob smiled, sons of a b!tches can't deal with these bastards without me. Jacob aimed at the back of the head of the first brute. Then he lowered to the neck. Yes, that was it. A small, unprotected part. One shot and the beast would be dead.
As callous as before, Jacob pressed the trigger. As if in slow motion he could see the round barrel out of his weapon and aim straight for the brute. In what seemed to be minutes, but was only milliseconds, Sgt. Jacob saw the bullet enter the alien and splatter the blood if it across the battered car. The brute slid down and hit the ground face first. One down, two more to go. Survival of the fittest. He was the fittest. These were easy targets. Dropping his sniper rifle, Jacob grabbed a grenade strapped to his Velcro chest plate and pulled the safety. Then he threw it. Before the two brutes could respond, it went off. The battered car moved a few feet, and the remaining brutes were blasted to pieces. A hand landed near Jacob. It was completely charred.
Jacob looked at it for a few seconds in disgust and then looked towards his men. They were cheering. The small skirmish was done. Sgt. Jacob picked up his weapon and approached the building. He entered through the front entrance and looked at his men. Jacob knew he needed to figure out if they were well enough to move. One had been shot in the leg and was bleeding profusely, the 'doctor' of the team was trying to fix him up. Everyone else seemed fine. Just a little beaten up from being trapped in a building for so long fighting against the gigantic, warrior brutes. 
Jacob took a deep breath. "Alright men, we leave in 0930 hours. That gives you guys thirty minutes to make sure you got everything you need. We're safe here for now, but I don't want to have us all trapped here next time a few of them show up. Understood?"

Hoo-Ra's went around the room. "Good," Jacob said tiredly. He wanted to power nap, but he needed to make sure the rookie who'd been shot wasn't going to die. Jacob went over and looked at the wound. They'd stitched up the wound and wrapped it in a white cloth. The rookie looked fine." You'll be able to limp in thirty minutes," Sgt. Jacob said reassuringly." We won't leave you behind lad."
Jacob stood up and looked around. This was going to be another hard arena of war...and he was going to live. His teammates were going to live. And they all would kill these Covenant bastards...
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 “RUN AND SHOOT!“ Gunny yelled out as he took off, with Perez right behind him, tossing a flame grenade behind her to at least stall the Convent forces for a second or two. Weaving through the area she followed the Gunny from a safe distance, it was better for her not to run too closely, that would only give the enemy a larger target. “THERE!” Morgan shouted out, pointing at the building. Nodding at him she rushed towards the building, pulling up her own map, “There should be a hallway! Run down the hallway and take the first right, it should lead you to an exit bringing you out behind the hunter! You should be able to take him out from behind!” 

“What about you?!” Perez didn’t stop running as she went inside the building.

“Don’t worry about me, I will distract him! Move on, GO!!!!” 

Pulling out two more flame grenades with one hand and  her battle rifle with another she sprinted through the building, skidding through the hallway as she kicked the door the door that lead to the exit. Breathing heavily she saw the hunter standing before her, facing away as it was ready to send a blast towards Morgan who had a shotgun in hand.

“Come on you big blue son of a b!tch you think your gonna be the one to take me out! 100 drops and you think you can take out the baddest man on this planet!" 

With a chuckle Perez was just about to launch the grenades and her own rain of bullets until a rush of sniper bullets smashed into the Hunters body, back away she watched as the massive corps fall forward on the earth, it trembling under its weight. Looking upward towards Morgan her head turned towards another ODST who came towards The Gunny. With a sigh she rest her battle rifle on her shoulder as she tucked away her grenades, walking over to the Hunters body and inspecting it. 

“Ugly bastards…” she placed two fingers on the warm orange fluid that surrounded the monster as more Brutes showed up, using her battle rifle she began to shoot, as the sniper bullets planted themselves into their heads. With a smirk on her face she shook her head as she made her way back to Morgan where another ODST made his way towards them, and he looked like he had been through more hell than she had.

The three of them were busy talking as she finally made it to them, taking in a breath as she stepped over the bodies that seemed to carpet the ground. The newer ODST then made a movement towards the building that Perez was just in. “We better get in cov-“

Before he could finish his sentence his helmet visor shattered as blood spewed out of it, the snipers body fell to the ground, her eyes widen as her head whipped over in the direction of where the bullet came from, on top of a building, somewhere in front of the small group. Her hands directly went to the fallen sniper rifle as she quickly used the scope on it, but only thing she could see, was the tip of sniper rifle barrel that took Flukes life. “F#cken alien bastards!” She growled out as she lowered the rifle, making her way to the building. “Come on! Where no good if we stand around and get our @ss’s snipped too!” 

She shouted out at the two men as she made her way to the building. Taking cover in it as she leaned against the wall, placing the sniper on the ground for the other two if they wanted it, pulling out her battle rifle as she covered the men so they could get into the building.
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meanwile a lone ODST named sargent xavier hosken was walking though the woods when he spoted a covanet patrol coming tords him, he fell back to a large rock cluster and got his m7s ready to fire he could here grunts speeking to eachother and was waiting for them to move on so he could go help the others!
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Fluke lay on the ground the hot blood dripping into his mouth, a shoot of pain railed its way to the front of his head. He had heard the bang just as the sniper rifle went off behind him, It was to late to dive as the bullet entered his helmet, but he had managed to twist his head just enough for the bullet to pass out the side of his cheek, none of the blood had left the helmet as he looked down he could see fragments of his teeth in front of him. Staying still he dared not move until the sniper showed himself. The pain was almost sickening as he tried to fight it back, Someone tugged at him picking up his sniper rifle, Sonava b!tch he thought as they took his only weapon. The front panel of his Visor was smashed to hell from the bullet the only thing he had left was his combat knife that he used to take down the hunter. Closing his eyes he pushed up with his arm “holy sh!t” he heard frost shout as he looked down on the ODST. The three troops had not noticed the tiny movements from the old ODST as he fell, they thought he was dead. “Come on! Where no good if we stand around and get our @ss’s snipped too!”   A woman’s voice shouted as he began to stand. They all thought the worse when the visor broke and the bullet came out, who could blame them, Fluke would have thought the same. Grabbing onto Frost for support  Fluke finally stood his mouth lay in ruins from the sniper round, the blood pouring out of his helmet, lifting his hands he undone the buckles at the bottom and threw it aside, it bounced along the broken streets before spinning to a stop near the edge of a bus. The women had found cover and now looked fully at the scene behind her.  She had them covered as frost and Fluke moved to her, Frost laid Fluke down behind the her as she covered Morgan.

Reaching over he pulled on the strap of his sniper rifle and lay next to the women’s feet supplying cover as well. Pointing for Frost to go to the next building as the blood still poured from his mouth. “Sir yes sir” Frost said in amassment at the ODST who was still willing to carry on the fight after losing half of his mouth. Fluke signaled for Morgan to head to him, while he and Prez kept him covered, she watched the streets as he watched the windows, anyone so much as tilted their head or farted they would know about it, the two waited as Frost got to the building past them and signaled that it was clear, Fluke touched prez leg and pointed her to Frost and then signaled for her to move to him and then pointed at himself and Morgan who would follow after she could give them cover, That’s if Morgan ever got his ass over to them so they could move (Yes Ronin Im telling you to hurry up and post). He waited to make sure that she understood him and he took aim looking round the building and cover for his would be killer.

It takes a lot more then one sniper round to take down an ODST he thought to himself, you tried the same trick once before and it got you nowhere, no sniper round is going to send me to my grave, he smiled before couging in pain. “Reminder to self, do not make myself laugh, blood pain and half of my mouth equals lots of pain” he said in his mind, his arm was still shaking from the amount of pain in his body, he would not be able to get a kill shot if he saw anyone but he could miss just enough to hurt them and he needed to be treated but that will not happen until they where safe in cover