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Somehow, The Guyver has crash landed on an unknown planet; it looks like it has been eradicated. There seems to be no other forms of life here, only dry, grey, sandy soil. It stretches from horizon to horizon and the blue sky of earth seems absent here as well, no clouds only black space filled with stars. The gravity was exactly like earths and its terrain was completely flat. But in a distance a small city like area could be seen, Guyver used his gravity powers to fly over to inspect it. He landed hard but not even a buckle of the knees from him only a small crater formed under his feet. This area was not like earths at all its structures were completely round and very metallic in color. Pale to dark greys surrounded him, he did not take kindly to the unfamiliar so he began to use his gravity powers to create pressure orbs and unleashed them on the nearby buildings. Not even a whisper or cry came from his onslaught; the buildings tumbled to the ground. In the madness of it all he was about to leave before he sensed another presence. Guyver quickly unsheathed his elbow swords and they became to vibrate violently, his scanners moving back and forth searching for any incoming sounds.

Quit your hiding and show yourself Guyver said in a sinister sounding voice.

Guyver didn’t think they even spoke his language, he just thought that it would be an early warning before the devastation that was to come.

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Deep, deep and beyond the firey pits of the Underworld. Demon had been practicing the art of death. He ha mastered it but you could always get better. Razor had put himself to many different test. He ahd fought hand to hand combat with his best warlords. While they still use thier powers. He practice in all of th known skills. His favorite bieng Gunslinger, DarkMagic, and martial artist. When using his own created martial arts forms soem of the blows deliver from his fist would take down mountains. He had a certain passion for death.

But at the same time death was a curse that he would never escape. An insect that keeps coming back. Soemthing he would never be able to vanquish so he ahd no choice but to use it to his advantage. The lord of Chaos was getting tired of sparring with the same sapiens and demons every day. The alst tiem he ahd any action was when he conquered hell. And that was decades ago. Fatal Fury called upon his best Man Hellborn. He needed a real fight. Smeone who could hold thier own ground. He had begun to send Hellborn to find soemone on earth. But there was a large pwoer source flying throguh his realm.

The Sapien began to yell. "Sir his power rivals yours". Lethal D stumped around. "No on epowers rival mine. well just have to see." Demon flew far into the solar system. Who or what could this be in his realm. nothing ever dared to land in his realm. Not even thee most powerful gods. Demon followed the flying man. It did not seem to be a man thoguh more of a machine. Razor used his necromancer powers to alter the machines location. to planet velox.

The lord of Cahos watched at the thing crashed into the palnet. He followed the man thier. At ifirst he watched the man. As he began to destroy the buildings this began to piss Razor off. who the hell would dare reck havoc. With the god of havoc. Demon instantly teeleprted in front of his opponent. HE was more pissed than ever. He began to teleport around his opponent for the hell of it.

Who are you too come in my realm?

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who are you to come to my realm said the hatted man as he stated to teleport around Guyver.

Guyver began to laugh slightly at this reckless display,

I don’t know but are you here to take me out of it he said sinisterly.

Guyver then used his Orb to send out a dome of pressure surrounding him and spread out in all directions. The battle had begun in Guyvers eyes, who was this man to challenge him and on what grounds. Guyver, with a quick burst of speed dashed at the rival and with a twist of his body he tore at the opponent with his massive elbow mounted swords; once in a horizontal with the left than a vertical stroke with the right. Guyver then stopped the attack and vaulted backwards with a moonsault, pushing the sand deep a few inches. While in mid-air he corkscrewed his body to face the opponent being ever so careful about his surroundings. He launched several crimson energy beams from his medal arching in several directions. Without a moment to spar, he landed with one foot on the ground the other behind his calf. This was a dramatic landing but he is a bit of a show-off on his first meetings with his opponents.

My name is Guyver X, learn my name well foe, for this maybe your last battle

He dropped his rear foot back to the ground and crossed his arms, while gazing at the debris that was kicked up from the energy beams. X constantly listening for the faintness sounds and the slightest movements, he was a master tactician and a skilled combatant but he knows nothing of this character he just attacked. This possibly could continue for quite some time but X is ready for anything this guy has and then some.