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The RPG takes place in the Guild Wars world of Tyria.

A terrible magical event conjured by the Charr (Large wolf-like creatures), called "the Searing". The Searing rains fire and giant crystals on the beautiful land of Ascalon turning it into a desolate, shattered wasteland. King Adelbern of Ascalon believes his kingdom can still withstand the Charr with the help of the Great Northern Wall, while his son Prince Rurik disagrees and believes Ascalons should take the initiative and take the fight to the Charr. Neighboring Kingdoms are The Shiverpeak Mountains to the west, torn by civil war of the dwarves. West of the mountains is the Kingdom of Kryta, under control of the White Mantle (A good starting place for reds). Further to the west is the Maguuma Jungle, and south of Kryta and Ascalon, is the Crystal Desert, but it is only accessible by boat.

In this there are 10 professions to choose from with a secondary profession. They are Warrior, Ranger, Mesmer (Illusion Caster), Elementalist (Uses elemental magic), Monk (Healer), Necromancer, Dervish, Paragon, Assasin, and Ritaulist (Check the wiki for more details on the professions: http://gw.gamewikis.org/wiki/Main_Page )

You may also be from Cantha (Being Canthan, Kurzick, or Luxon) or Elona (Istani, Kournan, or Vabbian) but the RPG is beginning at the same place and time as the Prophecies campaign.

Normal RPG rules apply: http://www.comicvine.com/message/official-rpg-rules/8030/&c=7&7

Put your character info in the OOC before starting.

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Jecht Pnahtyh surveyed the battlefield from the Great Northern Wall. The battle that day was long and ferice. Charr forces had killed many brave men that day, and many brave men had killed Charr forces. Under the rule of King Adelbern, Ascalon was able to hold the Charr on the Northern side of the wall since the Searing, a terrible event, summoned by the Charr, which made blazing crystals rain down from the sky, destroying the lush green land that was once Ascalon.

Now the kingdom lay in ruins. The sky was always a deep burning red, green valleys had been turned into wastelands, and once tall beautiful buildings, had been turned to rubble. Large crystals still lay about, as a reminder of the day the Charr gained the upper hand.

As a Paragon, it was in Jecht's duty to lead, calling out words of encouragement, while striking down enemies, ordering the attacks. He was one of a kind in Ascalon, having been trained in the land of Elona with the Sunspears. They taught him to fight well, and he did. His katana, he had recieved in Cantha, had seen many battles, most in the last year since his return to his home. Jecht turned and looked to his forces. Monks were running from person to person, trying to heal as many as they could before the next attack began. Tomorrow, they would head for Nolani Academy.

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The morning sun lit up the red sky, setting it ablaze and the Charr camp began to stir. Their fearsome Titan effigy burned brightly with their sacred flame, striking fear into all who saw it. All but Braska.

Braska had been tracking this warband for the last two days, killing off the occasional Charr, keeping the pack paranoid and on edge. He scouted out the camp as it came to life, ready to get on the move again. Today would be the day he would make his move. The Shaman of the group moved towards the effigy to lead the pack in prayer for victory.

As the Charr began, Jecht loaded up his bow with six arrows to be fired at once. He determined that he could fire all of them at the leader, and whatever didn't hit that one, would wound some of the larger warriors, slowing them down. Drawing back the bow, the magic within the weapon set the arrows on fire, and he released. The arrows arced silently through the air and rained down upon the creatures. One arrow caught the Shaman right through it's skull, killing it instantly, while others found their marks on some of the warriors and rangers, setting them on fire. Screams erupted from the camp as Braska loaded up another six arrows and fired. Chaos took over at the camp as what to them, seemed like a massive attack from a large band of Ascalonians, sent them scattering. Arrow after arrow found their mark, leaving burning Charr bodies all over the burnt earth.

The small group of survivors had ran off into the wilderness, but Braska knew they wouldn't last long. The devourers or the hydra would take care of them. Even if they did find another group of Charr, they would either spread fear, or be killed for their cowardice. Braska smiled as he crept back into the Diessa Lowlands, heading towards Grendich Courthouse to restock on supplies.

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By high noon, Jecht's troops were almost at the old Nolani Academy. When they arrived, they found the place under siege. The paragon gathered his troops, and split them into two teams, one to attack the Charr from the east side, and another from behind the Charr, trapping them against the wall of the Academy.

Jecht led the squad to attack from the rear. Sneaking as quietly as they could, they arrived at the spot. Archers waited on the cliff side for the signal. When everyone was in place he yelled! "FOR ASCALON!" and led the charge at the surprised invaders. The Charr fell quickly, as they were easily outnumbered by the surprise forces and the ones inside. Arrows flew. Fiery spells exploded. Swords and axes clashed. Before long, the last Charr had retreated. Jecht called two of his best rangers forward.

"Track the survivors. Don't let them reach reinforcements." he told them. With that the two were off.

Once inside the academy, Jecht was in the company of Prince Rurick, and a strikingly beautiful mesmer.

"I cannot thank you enough." said the prince. "This is Lady Corissa Winter. She has been defending Rin, until the Charr forces overwhelmed her own. You two may talk, and discuss plans of attack, then after, we head to reclaim Rin."