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Abigail'd long abandoned the title of Raysh al-Shaytan. The period in which she'd held that title was most prominently marked by paranoia and misery, and by the time she gave it up she'd incurred scars that would stain her soul forever. But despite its troubles she couldn't deny there were some benefits to her experiences with the League of Shadows. She'd received some of the best training the world had to offer, gained access to esoteric knowledge not available anywhere else. And although she'd been in many ways the antithesis of the League's principles and traditions, some remained loyal following her departure.

Now the League of Shadows was replaced by a global fian, but the Ríonfénnid retained everything she'd taken up as the head of the global assassins cult. Adopting many of the Leagues methods and tactics, fianna emerged in cities worldwide, comprised of men and women capable of blending into a variety of settings. Always vigilant, and connected by a wireless network that spanned the globe. So when word spread in Gothic that some as-yet-unidentified individual was seeking Abigail, hardly any time at all passed before the Aensland Golden Girl herself became aware of the rumblings. Pondering aloud to both her mother and Alastair, based on the nature and style of his inquiries she knew one of two things to be true:

  1. He was looking for help, or
  2. He was looking to make a name for himself.

"In any case, far be it from me to keep him waiting. Someone's got to show the Americans what manners look like." And, donning her theta trion weave suit, Arquitenens set out alongside two of her companions to meet the stranger.

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@arquitenens said:

Someone's got to show the Americans what manners look like."

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Though the Brahma Brotherhood had long been purged from the streets of Gothic, the air still carried a chill. As though all the souls lost to Satar's brutality still lingered, wandering in the unseen valley between life and death. Roaming the streets, Achilles could do nothing but imagine the basic sense of helplessness felt by the families whose last sight was a wretched sky when the Baabda Beast approached. And before him, the Brahma Bull. Walking, and his eyes searching, the gleam of the star-spangled shield strapped to his back drew the eye of monstrosity. A bent man with misshapen limbs.

He wreaked of Konite, and the American God answered the white of his smile with a general's steely reserve.

No Caption Provided

The bent man glanced at the crater made in the wake of Achilles' landing, and the sweat ran cold down the nape of his neck. Even his shattered mind could understand the power coiled into the American God's limbs. A power made all the clearer when Achilles demanded he hand him the knife he hid under the folds of his shirt. The bent man complied, and with an effortless squeeze of the hand, the American God shattered the steel blade.

Arms crossed over his chest, stern eyes narrowed, he asked his questions, and the bent man answered in haste, his rangy finger pointing him in the direction of the Aensland Golden Girl. The bent man wobbled back to the bowels of an alleyway, and Achilles strode on. Within the minute, his brow lifted at the figure in the distance. A figured he imagined many did not know they prayed for in dark times.

Her golden hair was unmistakable, as was the glow of her spirit.

"Abigail Aensland", Achilles began, his closed fist finally opening as the light of a cosmic gem soared free. "An honor. But to cut things short, as I'm sure we both have other things to attend to, my name is Achilles. I was instructed by Thee Champion - or Alexis, as you know him - to transfer ownership of the Reality Lavaliere to you". There it lay, humming and glowing, glowing and humming in the palm of his open hand; the Reality Lavaliere.

His father, Thee Champion, trusted Abigail's sense of duty. And Achilles did the same.

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"An honor."

By then she'd been virtually conditioned to automatically scoff and roll her eye whenever she heard those familiar words, uttered by prospective allies and enemies alike. Although Abigail no longer struggled to understand why others held her in such high regard, understanding it intellectually and actually feeling it were miles apart. It was tough to get used to, and standing so near to the site of her greatest failure didn't help any.

But she'd lived long enough with her insecurity and self-loathing to become somewhat accustomed to them, on occasion. If he felt honoured to meet her, that was his problem.

"Alexis? Is he...?" She glanced around as though expecting to see him waiting nearby, then immediately felt stupid for doing so. If he were going to be here he wouldn't have sent a stranger in his stead. Her gaze was inexorably drawn toward the crimson gem and a knot formed in her stomach. So that's it. A 'Universal Lavaliere.' Pettis had told her of its power, and that of its counterparts, and their very existence terrified her. Of course it'd been too much to hope that he was mistaken about them or would reconsider his giving it to her. But Abigail had suffered for most of her life, and she bore a messiah complex that would make Christ himself blush. Thus, she hardly trusted herself not to abuse the power of the stone for some purpose or another, be it personal gain or in the name of "helping." Myriad rebuttals chased one another across the landscape of her mind...

But ultimately, as much as she feared her own mind, there wasn't a person alive who she trusted more. "Fine," she said, begrudgingly taking the Lavaliere from his hand, "but what exactly am I expected to do? Just...hold on to it? Can it be destroyed?" Her gaze on the stone then shifted to a glare. She was relatively unpractised but wondered if her own reality warping capabilities might be able to have an effect. If not on their own, it might be possible to artificially amplify her mutant mastery with the Lavaliere and induce a feedback loop that would allow her to destroy it.

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The Reality Lavaliere - or any, for that matter - was awesome in power, and nigh-infinite in scope. Natural laws cannot bind it, and the fabric of all that was, is, and will be, can be undone and remade by it's essence. Such a power risked ascending any mortal to a pantheon known only by cosmic deities and fundamental forces without which all things would not be. Achilles then, could only imagine the limitless might of anyone - be they fool, madman or Samaritan - wielding all six Lavalieres. It was a danger that had always frightened his father, and one the American God hoped to avert as he handed Abigail the Reality Lavaliere.

"Alexis? Is he...?"

"My father's retired"

"My father's retired", and tired of raising the world instead of his own daughters, Achilles failed to mention.

Yet as the cocktail of emotions and thoughts made themselves known on Abigail's face, the American God answered her scrutinous glare with Spartan reserve. "Unless something in you is telling you to use that stone to rule the world or destroy it's people, and everything else in between, use it however you intend to. You're of strong enough character to know when using it'll be necessary. None of us are perfect, but if your known history's any indication, you've done a decent job of choosing between right and wrong".

"As for destroying it", he pondered, narrowing his gaze on the cosmic artifact he'd just relinquished, "It might be possible, theoretically speaking". Quickly, his mind swept to thoughts of the star-spangled shield glimmering on his back. It was a programming glitch in the information fabric of the universe, and thus, impossible to destroy by any means, Lavaliere and all. It was a gift from his father, though whether it was found and altered, or created and designed, he could not say. But if the Reality Lavaliere could be destroyed, he imagined a programming glitch of a different nature might be the key.

"Any other questions before I go?".

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Retired? That was sudden. It seemed like only yesterday she'd met the Miracle Man and foresaw him as a potentially prominent figure in her future. An admitted pang of envy sprung up in her chest but for his own sake she hoped Alexis was happy with his present and future. Abby herself had "retired" several times in the past but it never stuck. By her own sense of duty or new foes seeking to destroy her for legacy and principle, she would always be dragged back in, a slave to this gruelling game until the inevitable occurred.

If that's what you're thinking, you don't know nearly enough of my history. But it wasn't an unfair assessment. While others fought in deliberate search of recognition, many of Arquitenens' triumphs and failures took place far away from prying eyes. Besides, mother suggested it might be a good idea to stop preemptively assassinating her own character directly to her admirers.

"Well, since you've got me at a disadvantage I suppose a proper introduction would do," she suggested with the slightest of smirks. Manners, she jested coyly in her mind.

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Achilles hardly knew her. There was no crackle of familiarity between the American God and the Aensland Golden Great. But even on a stranger, Achilles recognized how heavy the shoulders seemed, how they slumped ever so slightly from the weight of duty. And the devastation caused by duty swarming the spirit was one the American God knew all too well. His every waking moment was haunted by visions of entire cities burning in the fires of war lest he step in to save them. Yet as Abigail smirked and Achilles glimpsed at a glimmer of cheekiness, playfulness beyond the everlasting sense of duty they both shared, he nodded.

"I suppose a proper introduction would do"

How rude of him to forget. "My apologies, Ms. Aensland", he noted, sincerity rising from his voice, his head greeting her with a subtle bow. "My name is Achilles", he paused, offering her his hand and matching her slightest of smirks with the subtlest of smiles, calm but true, "Better suited for Ancient Greece than well... now, or any other time period, I suppose", he shrugged, "But we make do with what we have".

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Oh my God I love him♥

I didn't think I would, I thought he was gonna be a little dry, but he's so cute♥

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Flashback Along The Zhalong Wetland 3 Years Ago

The Vendetta Stands.
The Vendetta Stands.

Cadmus Liafador stood along the wetlands with his katana brandished tightly within his fingers. The 21-year-old Liafador was holding his ground against the Iron Claw, the organization responsible for the disturbing murder of his mother. He was fresh from his training with the White Cardinals at the hands of his elder sister Zeon, and now that he was on his own he was looking for vengeance and thirsting for blood. That was what drove him here. The Iron Claw had thought that they could evade Cadmus forever; their ignorance was something that brought a smile to the young mans' face. He had caught their scent. He had tracked them once, if they had any intelligence they would have bowed on their knees and wished for a painless death at the hands of the Former Cardinal. But instead, they chose to evade and attempt to bait the assassin into a battle. But they caught a man who was beyond pain, beyond mercy, and now he was on the slaughter.

Without warning the young Liafador surged forwards, he was met by four Iron Claw members, but only one of them had the audacity to meet Cadmus at his blade. They clashed. Steel against steel. Parry, strike, Cadmus played the game; toyed with his enemy. Steel against steel....until it was steel against flesh. With a subtle and almost unnoticeable twist of his hips, he would shift to the side and bring his wrist up slightly, but using enough momentum so that his sword would drive upward into his enemies' ribcage. Life leaked from his eyes, his pupils exploded with emptiness and Cadmus would slide his blade out of his now-deceased adversary and turn to the others, the confrontation had taken less than 10 seconds and the crimson-turning water left the Iron Claw members staring at their fallen ally. Warmblood gushes out of the exposed wounds. He was pressed snugly against the water allowing the free-flowing surge of sticky blood.

No Caption Provided

There laid an expressionless male who rested on a pool of mild cerise substance, which stunned the living daylights out of each being who stood there. Cadmus looked up with the glare of Thanatos himself, and he shot forward.

Two minutes.

That's all it took for Cadmus to eliminate the other three. But before death blessed them the young assassin tortured for information, and now even after his Now he had names, and now he would truly hunt for the men responsible for killing his mother. He wouldn't stop until they took their final breath under his sword. Never deviate. Stay on task. ALWAYS finish your mission. No matter the cost.

Gothic City, Present Day

Gothic City, a place of despair and hopelessness; a city where death was a normal occurrence, and sadness was yet another friend. Death had yet graced another doorstep as Cadmus Liafador finished his latest kill. For 3 years Cadmus had been hunting the members responsible for killing his mother, and for the last 3 months, he had taken 6 names off of his list, Samson Yungood. Member of Iron Claw was the latest. To the public, Samson was a restaurant owner, no priors a clean record...a seemingly good man. But he had been there that night; he had helped torture, Annabella Nussbaum. He had held her by her throat and tore the skin off of her piece by piece, smiling while he did it. A gruesome smile. One torched into Cadmus' mind.

So it only seemed fitting that Cadmus did the same, and after such a gruesome death the heavens only sought to cry. The inky darkness sank into the marrow of Cadmus' bones. This was followed by attacks of lightning bursting on the streets and steadily made its way from one end of the city to the other.

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Sometimes flashing bolts of pure energy seem to stand for long moments around certain buildings. Temporarily, they held prisoner all the people inside, dangerous cell bars of heated light. Count one, count two, count three, then, came explosions of thunder in great waves of discordant and demented sounds. The noise level became so intense that it rattled picture windows, and made each person tremble inside his chest cavity. The wind raised to the level of a thousand howling hounds. No one seemed able to speak, because fear transformed intelligible words into agonizing moans and groans. But there stood Cadmus Liafador, unmoving and unfazed clad in the armor inspired by Quintus Knightfall. His eyes rested on the sidewalk to where his final victim ran trying to escape the storm, Cadmus would stalk, hunt, then finally the Twilight Assassin would finish the mission he had started so many years ago.

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The ever present hunt of a man immortal. Detect, analyze, decide, act, repeat. This was the life of Lucias Carpenter as the name he went by. A man older then the country he stood in. A man always tracking down those who killed without just reason.

Gothic city. He’d hunted here plenty, the people here. They were just so prone to taking advantage of corruption. It was the type of place that people like Lucias could work a very long time and still feel like they accomplished nothing. But for Lucias, that time added up. He couldn’t protect people, all he could do, was give them their vengeance, like he got his.

He was walking the streets in his usual outfit he wore nowadays. A combat knife in his boot, another in his jacket. He often didn’t need anymore then that, afterall if his weapons didn’t do their job. He’d just resort to fire, painful as it was. Or, simply, hunting them down until they died.

No Caption Provided

Today, he was in a different situations. Lightning struck though no natural storm brought it. His first instinct was of course a superhuman, though he had to remind himself they have technology now that can mimick that. Either way, something was about to go down. They were moving across the city, towards his direction. The Immortal breathed in and cracked his knuckles. He tried to remember each house they seemed to linger on.

The sound itself was painful of course, he even felt it shake his very body to the core, even his head felt like it was shaking. But for someone who annually willingly set himself on fire, it was rather minor. People looked like they were screaming, or trying to, no doubt the noise was just overwhelming them too much. He saw a man running, and then the Phoenix’s eyes turned to another. Another person not so impeded by the sounds and the storm. Not so concerned as he should be.

Saw the man in armor, watching. From here it was difficult to be sure who he was looking at. But the running man was a good guess. He narrowed his eyes, the Phoenix was not a guardian. He never claimed to be. He did not see himself as one, nor expected anyone else to. He was Vengeance and Justice for those that went too far. He began to move, keeping somewhat near the running man trying to gauge if this was who the armored one was looking at.

Naturally, his instincts told him assassination. The armored man was probably the cause of all this, or involved, that’s just how things seemed to work. If he was here to kill, The Immortal intended on doing his best to prevent that. Or, should he succeed, taking vengeance.

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Samson ran through a maze of buildings and winding side streets as the sky rumbled, and heavy rain bounced off the cobblestones. The storm smothered the moon, greying the world around him. Drops of rain beat against his skin like hammers. The tunnel of alleys curled away coldly into infinite dark, the light that showed the rough walls dwindling as it snaked away. And there stood The Twilight Assassin...or he had stood there. The place the assassin had been standing before was now empty -no- completely devoid of if he had never even been there. Cadmus had been spotted, he had spotted the man in the leather coat watching him like a hawk, observing and attempting to determine what his objectives are. That wouldn't do.

Cadmus had vanished into thin air, the darkness and mist covering his movements, he stalked his prey like a top-tier predator, vanishing and reappearing in random places. He did this on purpose for his new adversary, to throw him off the scent.

No Caption Provided

The armor-clad warrior would take detours away from his main objective to make it seem like Samson wasn't his main target - toying with his opponent - but eventually, Cadmus would just disappear completely as if the air had swallowed him up and refused to spit him out. Samson would sprint across a viewing area and onto a balcony where he attempted to seek shelter from the storm, something that wasn't Cadmus' doing but was much appreciated by him; Cadmus slowing drifted up the stairs towards his final target. Twilight was tireless, aggressive, and cunning, he had been on this mission since he was a child and now he was reaching it's end.

Samson's face would turn towards him as Cadmus neared closer his confusion quickly turned to panic and fear as he realized he was outmatched here. Cadmus said nothing as he withdrew one of his guns, and focused it at one of his mothers killers, ready to finish this.

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Lucias had been noticed, the figure began to...vanish. He was skilled at stealth quite clearly. Even with experience, there was only so much you could do about someone like that. There again was the problem for Lucias. He couldn't accurately protect people. His abilities were all about coming back to life and keeping going. He was just not built to protect.

Then, he appeared again, that single fact ascertained that this person was trying something, as he once again vanished and reappeared again. That didn't help with the problem though. Lucias wouldn't be able to chase someone like that, and he'd been prompted to do so in the past only for someone he was protecting to get killed in the process. This was why he wasn't a guardian. He was a hunter himself not a shepherd.

Then he was gone. Lucias didn't see him anywhere, the storm wasn't making this any easier. He even nearly lost sight of the man he originally thought was the target, but saw him running toward a building. This was too chaotic. His eye twitched, a flicker of movement, shoot. He was too far away to run towards the probable target. He could see movement, he could see two figures where there should have only been one.

He didn't speak. He didn't hesitate. A combat knife emerged from his boot and with the practiced speed of active use, he sent the dagger flying through the distance between them aimed for Cadmus's chest, immediately chasing after his knife, "That's enough!" he shouted, he had to get his attention, had to distract him from the target, grabbing another knife and sending it swiftly through the air leaving him just with another combat knife in his boot as he approached the two figures closing the gap quickly. Unfortunately, if the figure dodged fast enough and was dedicated more to killing then saving themselves, they could certainly get a bullet off. He just hoped they didn't want to get hit with the knives and that he could get in the way in time. Or at least, in time to fulfill his duty. To hunt those who kill. He was already memorizing the persons appearance for later. Just in case he failed.

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End. This. Now.

End. This. Now.


These words shot through Cadmus' mind as his gun was drawn on the Iron Claw member, his finger on the trigger; but something was off. The firstborn and unknown son of Marcos Liafador let a hint of annoyance cross his features under his Balaclava. Someone believed they could get the drop on him? Someone believed that they could keep Cadmus from his vengeance? No. No. This would not do.

No Caption Provided

Twilight heard the slight whistle of metal slicing through air and water as a blade streaked towards his torso and with reflexes that were incredible - nay - extraordinary, Cadmus' hand would grip the blade and twist it in his hand until he was holding it by its hilt. The armor-clad assassin would barely turn his head to assess his opponent. His eye would narrow and Cadmus would look up and as the second blade left the air, it would suddenly be intercepted by the first thrown knife. The Young Liafador would turn to Samson and unleash two bullets into his legs prohibiting any movement, and if he didn't bleed out Cadmus would take his time killing him...just for the inconvenience, this was causing.

Finally turning to face Lucia's the Twilight Assassin would tilt his head slowly analyzing the data in his movements, how he carried himself, the subtle yet powerful twitch in his form. Yet Cadmus deduced one thing...This man was no fighter. A predator perhaps, but no warrior. The thrown knives had shown his adequate skill, but it was nothing incredible, anyone with semi-proper training could do such. Cadmus deduced that this man held his gifts on the inside; which was a special and dangerous thing, but the thing the Liafador noticed the most...was that his adversary was studying him: Gazing over his features trying to memorize every detail, and that caused the young man to laugh slightly. He stepped backward towards the shadows leaving his prey whimpering and dying behind him as he cloaked himself deeper until only the slight glow of orange appeared in the night.

Despite being hidden his voice still rang clear through the storm, slicing through the storm like the swords that hung on his back. "This doesn't concern you. You do not wish to get involved." If he had every known failure in his life, it didn't show. Everything from the way he held himself, to the way he spoke, to that look of unassailable confidence in his eye spoke the truth, Cadmus strived for success, and he rarely didn't achieve such. There were reasons for that. Reasons that Lucias would soon find out if he continued to press the Twilight Assassin.

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The man displayed incredibly speed, but nothing Lucias hadn't seen before. Skill was a tricky thing. No matter how talented you were, if your opposition was ceaseless and posed even the slightest threat at any point, you would fall to it. That was the only way in which he could kill some of the people he did. He was not trained. He was not taught how to fight. Sure he picked up a good bit on how to apply his powers in combat over his long life. But his skill came from how he knew how to apply himself tactically in a way few others were allowed to, because they could die, and he could not.

Cadmus not only caught the first, but threw it at the second. He tried to hide himself into the darkness, but this time, as Lucias grew closer, he had a solution. The man said that this didn't concern him. How many times he'd heard that line, in how many languages? And how many times he'd ignored it.

"Every death concerns me." He said, his hand caught fire, it burnt him, like any fire would, and yet healed him at exactly the same time. It burned as he touched the stone ground beneath them catching it on fire. The thing is, it wouldn't burn, not Lucias's clothes, not Samsons, not the rest of the building. And it dispelled the shadows quite easily. That was all he needed to do, that final look to solidify what glimpses he caught in his eyes. Of course, the fact he didn't actively attempt to prevent it from setting Cadmus on fire was certainly a potential plus. But his hand, also, was quite literally on fire and that meant pain. Of course it was a pain he didn't even flinch at, but it was not something he enjoyed doing. As a result the moment he got that glimpse, he'd let it flicker away. "You're not even among the first few hundred to tell that to me."

He attempted to get in between Cadmus and Samson. But he wasn't here to protect Samson, and it showed, in the way he wasn't prepared to move for defense. He was prepared to attack, wherever Cadmus moved. That's where Lucias intended to go as well. He was not a wolf protecting it's child. "Save him or not, my job is to kill you if you do. However long that takes."

It was a simple statement, a statement he had full-filled more times then he could count.

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Pain. He felt pain. That was the first thing Cadmus noticed. The flames that dispelled the shadows also illuminated things on Cadmus' end also. He could hear the skin sizzling and healing on Lucias' skin. The assassin looked at the burning man with disinterest. His body showing now physical change. Instead this time he stepped out into the light.

"Every death concerns me."

No Caption Provided

Cadmus continued to study his adversary and more things caught the young mans mind: Self-harm, Lucias felt not regard for himself, setting his body on fire must cause serious pain, especially if it's healing afterward it showed it caused damage...caused pain. Cadmus smiled underneath his mask; interesting, this man was most likely a being with incredible regenerative abilities. The Liafador was trained as a White Cardinal under his older sister Zeon, she taught him the prospects of pain. How to overcome it, how to take it out of the picture altogether. A Cardinal felt nothing for themselves, only striving to achieve their goal. Cadmus would break bone after bone, and still keep coming; Lucias knew this not, Cadmus would use this to his advantage.

"You're not even among the first few hundred to tell that to me."

Few Hundred? Interesting. Very interesting. Cadmus stored this away for later use, Lucias was just adding fuel to the fire for which Cadmus was gathering information. Keeping silent Cadmus kept listening and observing interested with every word that poured out of this man's mouth. Cadmus even smirked slightly when he stepped in between Samson and himself as if that would possibly keep Cadmus from reaching his goal.

Save him or not, my job is to kill you if you do. However long that takes."

Again knowledge that Lucias freely gave Cadmus, A hunter was what he was, a being who tracked and stalked his prey. His confidence was illuminating, it showed his persistence, determination and drive. But no matter what he thought he had never seen a being like Cadmus Liafador before. The Twilight Assassin stepped forward towards Lucias, almost daring him to get in his way, Lucias was a being who fought first and asked questions later...which is EXACTLY what Cadmus liked. One of his main powers was observing, learning, and adapting to others. He would continue to walk forwards until he practically faced to face with Lucias, his mask gleaming and his armor sturdy. Cadmus played his role and baited his enemy, as far as he was concerned this battle was now on his terms.

"I don't believe there is anything you can do to stop me." His voice was metallic and layered by modulators, indistinguishable from his normal voice. But even under that there was still a hint of a challenge that said: Prove. Me. Wrong.

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The man was quite armed and armored. That could pose a bit of an issue. But, he'd been forced to melt through metal rather then use weapons before. Armor would certainly not be enough in the long run, but it might be for the present. Fire, a painful, but incredible tool. In turn for the pain that Lucias would feel in using it, making him un-killable and dangerous offensively. But not a guardian. Never a guardian.

Cadmus, was listening to him. That much was obvious. However, so did many before him, and many before him also died. It didn't really matter much to Lucias how much the man could learn about him. More dangerous men had tried, more powerful men. No Sorcerer, god, or scientist could keep him down. And that was, perhaps the point. The lowest blood, cruelly killed by the king. And now, no power remained over him.

The man approached him and ideas flooded, immediately. Even daring to get right up to Lucias's face. It didn't scare him of course, nothing really could anymore. However, he was also standing within very easy burning range. Painful as it would be for Lucias. Steel, titanium, it didn't really matter what a suit was made of. Even if it shouldn't burn, it would for Lucias.

"I don't believe there is anything you can do to stop me."

A challenge. The content of which, Lucias knew was probably true. It was a good thing then, that tactically, he already considered Samson likely to be dead. He couldn't protect someone. Let alone against someone faster then him. All he could do, was kill. So that was how he acted, his foot cought fire and as it did so did the floor. He would protect his own clothes, and he would protect the nearest parts of the house, and he would protect Samson, but he would not protect Cadmus as they were all encased in a fire like that of a forge. Of course it hurt, just as if he were really and truly on fire. But when you could melt a persons very armor to their skin, the exchange of pain for power was one he had to choose to make.

There were of course other disadvantages, the fact it would undoubtedly freak Samson out as even though he wouldn't be burned, he was still encased in fire. And the fact that if he kept it up he would absolutely melt or burn something else, although the fire would vanish the moment he stopped. But Cadmus, he would be hit with an undying flame. "You're probably right." He finally said only after committing his attack, even in his pain, his voice spoke without showing it, he was used to it, it hurt more then most people could imagine, but he could fight through it, "But how long can you stop me?" he countered. He knew, right now, all he was doing was delaying Samson's death somewhat. This man was dangerous, clearly,. But, that's why he didn't make it his tactical goal. Just a side option. His goal, was to kill Cadmus.

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Promethium, quite an interesting metal. Promethium is capable of generating and absorbing near-limitless amounts of energy, something that Cadmus was very glad about when discovering it. Much like Vibranium the more pressure and energy you press on it the stronger that it gets. The armor encasing Cadmus' body was made of such metal. Though it slightly surprised him to see fire encase his form he didn't move, the mask shadowed the slight wince Cadmus made as the fire burned his body. It hurt. But he had felt worse, a lot worse and he never stopped. To Cadmus Fire is one of the most beautiful weapons of them all. It shines with all its glory. The warmth along with the welcoming feel it gives but as you slowly approach it snarls and bites. Everything you love could be gone in minutes, due to a single nip. But Cadmus played with fire. Even when he got burned...

Unholstering one of his guns he would flip it in his hand and stride forward, his skin sizzling and popping under the heat, the insulation in his suit was keeping him from dying, and his healing factor kept him from dying due to his injuries...but it did hurt. The Twilight Assassin would look at Lucias and raise his gun.

"You're probably right."

Yes. He thought, I am right.

"But how long can you stop me?"

This caused Cadmus to laugh, despite the pain, despite the burns he laughed. "For however long it requires. But this murdering piece of scum dies. Now." With that Cadmus would raise his gun and fire a shot at Lucias' brain than his knees. These bullets were powered by Lucias' own fire. The strength of the flame reflected in the bullet. Then with a turn of his arm, he would scowl slightly as he looked at Samson. If the fire was now out, his armor would repair and he would walk forward kneeling next to Samson. "I promised you a slow death. It's what you deserve. But sadly I have not the time." The young Liafador would rise to his feet and begin to walk away, before turning and unleashing a bullet into Samsons' head. He would turn to Lucias' despite whatever shape he was in and he would say simply. "You said it was your mission to kill me if I killed him? The deed is done. I understand not why you would ever defend a piece of shit like Samson, but Justice has been served, and my mission is done."

Then without any more words The Twilight Assassin would begin to walk away.

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He could hear him sizzling, he knew the man had to be burning, but he strode forwards, and lifted his gun up and fired. A bullet split through Lucias brain and knees right after a comment, an important comment. He dropped, a fire burning in his skill and on his knees as the fire on the ground drifted into nothing. His wounds were closing, quickly. But not quite quick enough, In the short time between Lucias falling and his eyes focusing again the Liafador had already pulled the trigger and his eye twitched at the corpse as Liafador began to walk away.

The Immortal turned over to his feet, leapt off and reached for his shoulder, "Explain. You called him murdering scum. The fact that you use armor is enough for me to know you're neither the most powerful, nor the most skilled, person I've been forced to kill. Regardless of your answer I'll investigate it." His voice was still one of judgement, he still held no fear for the man. Nor did he feel guilt for failure. He knew full well he likely would not have saved him. It was why he couldn't hope to make something like that his goal. But, if he had the reason, he could hunt the man down. Time and again people had made the assumption he couldn't find them, or couldn't kill them. And time after time they were slaughtered one way or another.

"Running and hiding from me only lasts so long." He commented. He didn't care if the person was afraid of what he said, it wasn't a threat. It was a statement. Sometimes, the people he met, knew well enough to understand that he really had no issue tracking them down for the rest of their days, and it was best to accept that.

Whether the Liafador believed that or not, or would at least, act is if he did or not, he'd have to see.

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"Explain. You called him murdering scum. The fact that you use armor is enough for me to know you're neither the most powerful, nor the most skilled, person I've been forced to kill. Regardless of your answer I'll investigate it.

Cadmus would turn his head slightly and his features underneath the Balaclava wouldn't change, though a smile would creep onto his face. "If you believe that is why I wear an armor than you are sorely mistaken, you have seen that I have no problem taking harm. As for him, he helped torture and kill my mother. I fufilled my vendetta and brought justice." He said this simply because it served him no harm if he told this man. There was nothing incriminating on Samson, he was a ghost, all of Iron Claw was. There wouldn't be anything on him. As for the topic of his armor, Cadmus wore it as a symbol, and for people to underestimate him in exactly the way that Lucias was doing now. Cadmus was an extremely talented combatant trained by the best and able to replicate anything that he saw with his own eyes. Fighting styles, movements...anything. Plus his ability to generate any weapon he wished made him dangerous.

He would gaze with Lucias and tilt his head slightly.

"Running and hiding from me only lasts so long."

A tracker needed information on their target, there was nothing about Cadmus, he was a ghost, an apparition. The only person who knew that Cadmus Liafador existed was his sister Zeon...and Cadmus Liafador. But the Twilight Assassin would be known soon. "You do as you wish." Cadmus would begin walking away standing on ledge before turning his head. "Tell people what you saw here today. Criminals aren't safe anymore. Not while I'm here. Your methods are weak, but respectable. You won't be able to find me, but if you need assistance I'll find you." This was a promise, a slight shift in the direction of the conversation, Cadmus alluded to some things, but left enough out to make it known that in this situation Cadmus reigned supreme. Cadmus would turn off the ledge and drop down - vanishing - into nothing.

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He mentioned something about the armor not being why. However, the reason why he wore it was mostly irrelevant. It was that he wore it. That, and that Lucias could even slightly delay him from killing the man, and could hear his flesh burn. Armor was an accessory, a convenience for those who needed something else beyond solely their abilities. He'd seen it used aesthetically, he'd seen it used combatively, he'd seen armor as fragile as glass used only to enhance a persons magical potential, he'd even seen it used to weaken themselves. Armor was armor, no matter how you looked at it. If you used it, there was a reason. But for Lucias, it was also a marker. He'd seen the mans height, heard an altered voice but he could hear the way he spoke, the words he chose, he saw his combat style, and his personality. He'd had to work with less in the past. Sometimes it took months or even years sure, but time was of no relevance to him. And any time he'd show up, each time he recognized the kill, he'd log it down, and know another peace.

If what he said was true about the man torturing the assassins mother, there would be evidence. He could track Samson pretty easily even if he didn't know the assassins name. He could trace his location records, follow every action the man took that was trackable. Look up records of women tortured over all the locations of the man, and the relevant locations in which the woman could have been transported from around her time of death.

Lucias let an eyebrow raise as Cadmus mentioned he wouldn't find him, "The irony, is in anywhere from now to years, you'll be easier to find then I will." he said with a chuckle. There wasn't a shortage of information on Lucias, but he was never all that showy. He didn't come up in the news much because he travelled to much. His targets were mostly killed with blades or bullets, or, they were just burned. Nothing that unusual. He himself though, his body changed sometimes. His body right now was most certainly different from what it once was. As was his speech patterns, and the languages he knew, and method of combat. Sure, if you knew him already, it wouldn't be too hard you just had to know what to listen for, but police didn't regard his killings as all that out of the ordinary. Just some other vigilante or revenge killings most of the time. People like Cadmus though, they were just as easily identifiable. Exactly because they were skilled. They used armor, sometimes signatures, often a variety of weapons, and when they did get seen fighting, they caught attention.

Only now Lucias had a detail a little further, the mothers death. Tortured, and Samson participated. It was time to get to work. He ran back to the body and would study it in detail. Scars, wallet, face, hands, feet, throat, eyes, each thing that could offer information however minute. And then he'd be gone before the police arrived. It was time to start investigating.