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Her hands explored his body as if she had never touched him before. Their kiss, it was vicious as her fingers dug into his skin with lust while he laid her down. She loved Kellan, but love wasn’t what she felt in this moment as she wrapped her legs around him. The heat of aggression was her passion, frustration was her fuel, pain was her energy. Even when her husband was killed, even when her world was destroyed, even when she thought her brother was dead, never had she felt this way before. She hurt. Something had changed in the Knightfall Saint, something had broke when she was betrayed by the man she has completely trusted and this wasn’t fixing it… it was making it worse.

There was no love in this, not for Ashley, there was only pain. She could try and justify this. That she needed this. That this would help her heal. That this would be the only time. But it would be nothing but lies, and if Ashley was one thing, she wasn’t a liar… or at least she wasn’t before. But as their hot breath pressed against each other’s skin, she knew this wouldn’t be the only time. As he held her so close they felt they could meld into each other, she knew this wouldn’t help her. Then as he finally pulled away from her, releasing her from his grasp, she knew… she was now addicted to the pain that he caused her.

Catching her breath she now getting dressed. She didn't say a single word, she couldn't even look at him. The lust of anger had overtaken her and she allowed it to. There was no excuse she could make. She wanted it. Now.... what was next? She begun to pick up her papers and other items that were knocked off her desk during their sinful encounter, carefully placing them where they once where. "Were you going to leave something for me?" She asked, not bothering to explain how she figured out his initial reasoning for coming. When he saw her in her office, he was just as surprised to see her as she was with him, he wasn't expecting her to be here. Which meant he was either going to take something... or leave something. Figuring he wouldn't dare to steal from her, leaving something seemed the more probable reasoning. She dared to not speak of what just happened, she couldn't... she wouldn't.

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Omg Nova got SPICY

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As the heat cooled and the passion cleared, reality returned with the gravity - the weight - of their situation. He was still Kellan, a nonbeliever in good men, and she was still Ashley, the purest of people. And yet, there was no ignoring the pull that'd always draw them back here, that guided his ruby gaze back to her sapphire one. Like her, he stood and dressed himself, smoothing the wrinkles out his clothes and avoiding her sight. Not from shame, but sympathy. She would never understand his methods, his solution, his thinking. She was a savior, a healer, not an avenger - a punisher. She saved the innocent, and he punished the wicked. He was an extreme of justice, and she an extreme of goodness. Opposite sides of the same coin.

"Were you going to leave something for me?"

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The question floated to his ears like an accusation. Yet the Horned Saint said nothing. Instead, he turned round to do what she couldn't bring herself to; meet eyes. A calmness ran in place of the blood in his veins, and Kellan strode towards her with nay a hint of hesitation. He'd spin her round, lock his gaze with hers, pull her body into his, and crush her lips with a simmering kiss that could melt steel. There, passion burned once more, ignited from the ash and cinders of the fire that'd unclothed them. Yet as his lips grazed hers and his hands roamed her skin and curves, the Horned Saint'd leave a note in her palm, and for those precious seconds her eyes were shut, he'd pull back into the shadows and vanish. He'd return to her, again and again and again, how could he not? But for now? All that was left of him was a note.

And on it were details and suggestions. He'd cleared Black House of it's rubble, dust and scavengers for her to turn it's ruins into a place of healing where the good people of Gothic can be nurtured and cared for. They would play their roles. She would heal and save, and he would deliver his brutal brand of justice.

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OMG I love them so much

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@grimmwald: For real, I wanna watch a show starring them.

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As she clipped her badge on the pocket of her white coat, she could feel his firm grasp on her shoulder as he forcefully turned her to face him. Their eyes locked upon each other as her brows collided with each other as he then pulled her into a kiss. Her eyes closed as their lips collided once more. Her mind told her to push him away, to say no, but her body, it yearned for the pain to be inflicted upon her.

A paper was placed in her hand and before she could open her eyes as their lips parted, he was gone, having slipped away into the shadows that lingered in her office. She took in a breath, taking steps back until her back pressed against the wall. She lowered her head as her shoulders begun to tremble, silently sobbing to herself. Sliding down the wall she sat on the ground, her fingers pressed against her lips that still gave a blistering burning sensation from the kiss. She knew that wasn’t going to be the last time the two would encounter like this. Even soulless, she knew he still felt something, he wouldn't give it up, give her up, and she didn’t want him to.

Clearing her throat she wiped the tears from her eyes, rising herself from the ground she took in a deep breath and looked down upon the paper that was given to her. She had to read it over a few times to make sure she read correctly. Use the Black House as a new hospital? Work at the place that she had to go in and see Kellan as the monster he became? Work at the place where dozens of bodies were laid scattered, dead and rotting? She scoffed, almost throwing the paper in the trash, but… she didn’t. Instead, she tucked it back in her jacket. Trying to smooth out her outfit and fix her hair, her mind began to race with ideas. He gave this to her for a reason… and she would use it.

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