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Her hands explored his body as if she had never touched him before. Their kiss, it was vicious as her fingers dug into his skin with lust while he laid her down. She loved Kellan, but love wasn’t what she felt in this moment as she wrapped her legs around him. The heat of aggression was her passion, frustration was her fuel, pain was her energy. Even when her husband was killed, even when her world was destroyed, even when she thought her brother was dead, never had she felt this way before. She hurt. Something had changed in the Knightfall Saint, something had broke when she was betrayed by the man she has completely trusted and this wasn’t fixing it… it was making it worse.

There was no love in this, not for Ashley, there was only pain. She could try and justify this. That she needed this. That this would help her heal. That this would be the only time. But it would be nothing but lies, and if Ashley was one thing, she wasn’t a liar… or at least she wasn’t before. But as their hot breath pressed against each other’s skin, she knew this wouldn’t be the only time. As he held her so close they felt they could meld into each other, she knew this wouldn’t help her. Then as he finally pulled away from her, releasing her from his grasp, she knew… she was now addicted to the pain that he caused her.

Catching her breath she now getting dressed. She didn't say a single word, she couldn't even look at him. The lust of anger had overtaken her and she allowed it to. There was no excuse she could make. She wanted it. Now.... what was next? She begun to pick up her papers and other items that were knocked off her desk during their sinful encounter, carefully placing them where they once where. "Were you going to leave something for me?" She asked, not bothering to explain how she figured out his initial reasoning for coming. When he saw her in her office, he was just as surprised to see her as she was with him, he wasn't expecting her to be here. Which meant he was either going to take something... or leave something. Figuring he wouldn't dare to steal from her, leaving something seemed the more probable reasoning. She dared to not speak of what just happened, she couldn't... she wouldn't.

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Omg Nova got SPICY

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As the heat cooled and the passion cleared, reality returned with the gravity - the weight - of their situation. He was still Kellan, a nonbeliever in good men, and she was still Ashley, the purest of people. And yet, there was no ignoring the pull that'd always draw them back here, that guided his ruby gaze back to her sapphire one. Like her, he stood and dressed himself, smoothing the wrinkles out his clothes and avoiding her sight. Not from shame, but sympathy. She would never understand his methods, his solution, his thinking. She was a savior, a healer, not an avenger - a punisher. She saved the innocent, and he punished the wicked. He was an extreme of justice, and she an extreme of goodness. Opposite sides of the same coin.

"Were you going to leave something for me?"

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The question floated to his ears like an accusation. Yet the Horned Saint said nothing. Instead, he turned round to do what she couldn't bring herself to; meet eyes. A calmness ran in place of the blood in his veins, and Kellan strode towards her with nay a hint of hesitation. He'd spin her round, lock his gaze with hers, pull her body into his, and crush her lips with a simmering kiss that could melt steel. There, passion burned once more, ignited from the ash and cinders of the fire that'd unclothed them. Yet as his lips grazed hers and his hands roamed her skin and curves, the Horned Saint'd leave a note in her palm, and for those precious seconds her eyes were shut, he'd pull back into the shadows and vanish. He'd return to her, again and again and again, how could he not? But for now? All that was left of him was a note.

And on it were details and suggestions. He'd cleared Black House of it's rubble, dust and scavengers for her to turn it's ruins into a place of healing where the good people of Gothic can be nurtured and cared for. They would play their roles. She would heal and save, and he would deliver his brutal brand of justice.

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OMG I love them so much

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@grimmwald: For real, I wanna watch a show starring them.

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As she clipped her badge on the pocket of her white coat, she could feel his firm grasp on her shoulder as he forcefully turned her to face him. Their eyes locked upon each other as her brows collided with each other as he then pulled her into a kiss. Her eyes closed as their lips collided once more. Her mind told her to push him away, to say no, but her body, it yearned for the pain to be inflicted upon her.

A paper was placed in her hand and before she could open her eyes as their lips parted, he was gone, having slipped away into the shadows that lingered in her office. She took in a breath, taking steps back until her back pressed against the wall. She lowered her head as her shoulders begun to tremble, silently sobbing to herself. Sliding down the wall she sat on the ground, her fingers pressed against her lips that still gave a blistering burning sensation from the kiss. She knew that wasn’t going to be the last time the two would encounter like this. Even soulless, she knew he still felt something, he wouldn't give it up, give her up, and she didn’t want him to.

Clearing her throat she wiped the tears from her eyes, rising herself from the ground she took in a deep breath and looked down upon the paper that was given to her. She had to read it over a few times to make sure she read correctly. Use the Black House as a new hospital? Work at the place that she had to go in and see Kellan as the monster he became? Work at the place where dozens of bodies were laid scattered, dead and rotting? She scoffed, almost throwing the paper in the trash, but… she didn’t. Instead, she tucked it back in her jacket. Trying to smooth out her outfit and fix her hair, her mind began to race with ideas. He gave this to her for a reason… and she would use it.

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"We've been expecting you." The woman's voice seemed ancient, like she witnessed the rise and fall of the Titans, and the christening of Zeus' to his throne. Her back was turned, facing the altar - in her hand, a ceremonial dagger, as if she just conducted a sacrifice. Or was about to. A sacrifice was not an unlikely observation with all the bones scattered around the altar. "Your the one responsible for this madness? Who are you?!" Helena's tone was full of authority and displeasure. After everything she witnessed above, she had every reason to resent the mysterious woman. The former princess only hoped Richard heeded her warning and escorted everyone to safety. She suspected he was more than a businessman, which is why she trusted him enough to escort all those tainted by the Lotus Fruit - even if he had to forcefully remove them, like Odysseus did his crew.

"Ah, I see you inherited your grandfather's demanding spirit -- or maybe your father's? A door to remain closed - for now." The woman turned around, smiling serenely. What now stood facing the demigoddess was a woman as pale as an embalmed body. She seemed to be in her late fifties, but Helena knew better when it came to their nature. Her long black hair rippled loosely down her back, like waves tainted by an oil spill. A maroon sleeveless chiton draped down her body, concealing her Greco-sandaled feet and touching the cavern floor. Worn in her hair was a headband topped with a crescent moon symbol, all made from actual gold. While the demigoddess wore vambraces on her wrist - extending to her forearm - the mysterious woman wore wrist-guards for what seemed to be decorative purposes - small alchemical symbols carved into them. What made her sight dissatisfying was her eyes; they were purely black, as if the woman was possessed by the spirit's of Pandora's Pithos.

"I will not speak again, who are you?" Helena emphasized, her hand moving down the side of her dress, toward her concealed dagger. The demigoddess narrowed the woman's essence to a goddess or a witch - maybe both. It was impossible for someone to conceal the nature of this place without using some form of magic to distort the mortal eye. The magic being used was so powerful, it even gave her a demigoddess trouble. "Wait, did Richard see through the deception of the restaurant?" The question lingered briefly, before fading away. While Theurgy was quite popular in Atholis and Ancient Greece, what was happening here was an abomination. The alchemy symbols carved into her wrist-guards and the bones scattered around the altar also gave the impression that the woman was a sorceress.

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"Who are you?" Helena's own voice mysteriously responded back, echoing off the cavern walls. Whispers and displeasing sounds then began to fill the air - laughing, humming, gurgling, moaning, yawning, rage, and words that uttered - freedom, greed, arrogance, fear, and much more. The chilling part about the whispers and sounds is that they seemed to be emitting from the cracks on the cavern floor. If the whispers grew any louder, she would spring into action, because they were already driving her "mad." "I was going to offer you a choice: To leave this place and forget you were here. I could grant you that you know? Or -- you can hear the truth, which will only bring you more pain and misery. But it seems you have chosen the path of misery; so allow me to shed light to your curious nature." The woman raised her ghostly arms, and poof - one torch replaced the knife in her hand and another torch appeared in the other - the combustible material on the torches, blazed with green fire. "You're Hekate? Goddess of Witchcraft, Crossroads, Ghosts, and Necromancy." As soon as the former princess said her name, black vapor crept along the walls, engulfing them like a parasite. Her body began to shiver as the cavern grew increasingly cold, causing the muscles around her tiny hair follicles to contract - goose bumps. She exhaled, releasing water vapor from the temperature drop.

"How observant. Tell me, daughter of Athena, do you think of me as your enemy?" The ancient witch asked, gesturing the giants that escorted the demigoddess to each wall that encircled the cavern. Helena knew they were attempting to flank her, but oddly enough they left the stairway unblocked for her to escape. Did the goddess still give her the option for her to leave? Or did she already know the former princess' intentions, knowing she would not leave without answers and destroying this place?

"How else can I perceive you?" The warrior demigoddess asked, resting her hand on her thigh in case she had to rip the lower half of her dress to obtain her dagger. She had to admit, she was shocked over the revelation that the great Hekate was behind the wickedness above them. According to the Homeric Hymns and other forms of writing, the witch was tender-hearted and had a servitude personality. Unlike the Titans and Gods, the witch goddess was unconventional, and despised those who oppressed and shunned the misfits in society. Hekate was the goddess who aided Demeter by lighting her path every evening in hopes of finding her abducted daughter, Persephone. She was the goddess who became Persephone's companion and eased her transition to the Underworld as the Queen to Hades. The witch chose to fight by the Olympians side during the Gigantomachy War, setting Clytius on fire with her torches. Interesting enough, she did not need to fight alongside the Gods, as it was unknown if she even chose a side during the Titanomachy War. What is known is that she chose to aid the Olympians during the Gigantomacy War, with no gain in mind. Zeus after the Titanomachy War granted Hekate some authority over the heavens, sea, and earth, so maybe she did commit treason and fought alongside the cupbearer during the rebellion against the Titans.

"I see," The witch mused, as she followed the former princess' eyes to the surrounding area. With the snap of her fingers, her entire body blurred, and out two figures of the same woman separated from her body in black smoke. Returning to her normal state, the two other duplicates of Hekate solidified, and then stood side by side with their creator. "You can hear my piece and understand my intentions." The right duplicate spoke first. Unlike the main Hekate, the right goddess was youthful and extremely beautiful. Her eyes instead of being black were as clear as the sky during spring. "You can leave and continue your journey." The left Hekate interjected. She was about the typical age of a mother, but nevertheless beautiful. Her eyes were dark brown. "Or I can turn you into a dog - or a rabbit - maybe a cat - and spare you the burden that continues to haunt you." The Hekate in the center, the main one, threatened. "The choice is yours, Helena Troy." They all said in unison, before the two duplicates returned to their smoky form and unified with the goddess. According to tale, Hekate usually appeared in three-forms, representing: past, present, and future. It's why she was considered the Goddess of Crossroads, and looked physically different from her other two forms. It was also said that her three-forms were meant to represent: Persephone the young maiden, Demeter the mother, and the old crone. No wonder one of her forms had sky blue eyes and the other grain brown eyes.

"Go on," Helena responded with disgust. No matter what the witch goddess told her, she was not going to allow this "restaurant" to stay operational. The only reason she did not act was because she was curious in understanding the motive of the revered goddess, and how she came to be this way. Hekate aided many: She was called the protector of everything newly born, because she would watch over the young. She was called the guardian of the household, because inhabitants believed she would bring prosperity and fend off spirit's. Those who worshipped her in Ancient Greece and Atholis, depended on her to comfort those who were dying, and ease their transition into the Underworld. Many prayed to her for spiritual guidance and discipline due to her being the goddess of witchcraft. She was even prayed to by sailors who were fearful of Poseidon's wrath. Hekate kept her serene smile, as if she foresaw this very moment. "The reign of Zeus is reaching it's climax, Helena Troy. I have foreseen the forces of nature stirring in their slumber. Soon the Gods of Olympus will need to decide if they would rather stand by a tyrant, or the golden age that will usher for awakening the true rulers of the universe." The goddess explained, strolling back and forth - her long dress dragging behind her, rubbing against the cavern floor.

"The forces of nature?" Helena mused, her eyes narrowing in thought. What could she possibly mean by that? Did these forces of nature have anything to do with the prophecy her mother warned her about? The one that threatened all of Western Civilization and their essence? Her mind raced with different questions, and her heart accelerated as she was reminded of her upcoming journey to Delphi. "You mean the prophecy? Is that what this is all about? You are trying to stir up forces that would destroy our very essence?! People who have done no wrong will be slain." The blood that circulated through the demigoddess boiled, as if Ares was the one standing before her.

"Is that what your mother has told you? That you and millions would perish? Typical Olympian deception. No, Helena Troy; I did not join the forces of nature to slaughter innocence. I have stood by those who have been shunned by both humanity and the Gods," The witch goddess glanced at the demigoddess with pity. It was clear Hekate was aware of the injustice committed against Helena, and was not pleased. "I do not intend to stop now. The only way to free the oppressed is to allow the forces of nature to rise once more, and rid humanity of all the divisions that plague it. By doing so, the homeless and the ill can usher in prosperity and happiness. But that can only happen if we allow these forces to restore the world to what it once was" She paused briefly, before clearing up any misconceptions. "Anyone who stands against that dream will then meet their demise. That is why I ask you to stand by my side, because you of all people know how it feels to be shunned by your own relatives - just like me." When the witch goddess spoke, she spoke with so much ancient power, it tempted her to take the offer - almost if she was using hypnotism or persuasion to cloud her judgment. Zeus had done nothing but oppressed her all her life, why wouldn't she rise against him? And now another goddess was telling her that her mother told her a half-truth. There was a variety of reasons to join Hekate and these forces of nature, but that's when it dawned on her.

"That might be so, but I intend to find out on my own. Your argument is sound, but I do not wish to overthrow Zeus; only speak and reason with him. If he is a God of Honor and Justice, like he is depicted, then I will use that against him. Unlike many who act on emotion and assumption, I will do this the right way. I will seek out Apollo and the Oracle of Delphi, I will unveil this prophecy, and I will discover the reason for my persecution. If the reason for my persecution is unjust, I will gladly take up arms against Zeus, but for now - I will stand firm." Helena held up her head with pride and certainly. She wasn't sure when she formulated that plan, but she felt drawn to it - even satisfied.

Hekate glanced at the giants flanking the caverns, her face clearly stunned and disappointed by the response of the demigoddess. It was as if she gazed into one of her crossroad gateways, and did not foresee this event happening. Returning to her usual tranquil smile, the goddess nodded. Her body suddenly began to emit green mystical energy - a faint eerie glow - an aura that was as ancient as the Titans. "I prayed to the Fates you would understand, but it seems you have chosen your crossroad. Kill her, but keep the guest alive." The witch beckoned the two giants toward her and the other two toward the stairway.

"Finally! Demigod flesh!" The two Laestrygones cried. Suddenly they no longer looked like eight-foot-tall waiters - Hekate's illusion faded, giving the former princess clarity, and reassurance that she was dealing with giants and not mortals. The Laestrygones were bare-chested and heavily built - their chest muscles were larger and broader than Heracles himself. Their arms were hairy - like a primitive ape - and their biceps looked as if they had taken drugs to enhance themselves. The nails that grew out of their fingers looked sharp enough to "pierce" through the most durable of skin. They chattered their teeth, revealing their widely spaced sharp-stained teeth. They were man-eating giants after all. The only thing they wore were loincloths to cover their genitals.

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Helena tore the lower half of her dress, as the first giant stomped his way toward her. Smirking, she removed her small dagger from her scabbard, which was tied to her thigh. "Sword" She said, causing the giants to stop in their tracks and look confusingly at each other. "HA! This demigod is not the brightest brother; she thinks her dagger is a sword." The first Laestrygone mocked. "Clearly not an Odysseus brother, but still good to eat." The second giant responded with laughter. He stood a few inches away from his companion. The former princess could hear Hekate warning the man-eaters to not underestimate her, but the giants continued their mockery. They truly were not the brightest. "I pity you both - your master is a sorceress, and yet you have learned nothing about the very magic that concealed you both from the mortal eye." The blade of the dagger suddenly stretched to about eighteen to twenty-four inches, and formed into a leaf-shape. Down the center of the blade, a wide groove was inscribed with shimmering runes.

"Oh, Oh." Said the second giant. "Kill her!" The first giant charged, causing the cavern to tremble a bit. Helena rushed forward to intercept, but instead of facing the man-eater head on, she used her speed to reach him, and then drop and roll forward in-between his loincloth - worse idea ever - the foul smell reeked of bathless nights. Now that she was behind the unware giant, she used her sword to slash continuously at the first Laestrygone Achilles tendon - all in a matter of seconds. Since she was moving so fast, time had seemingly stopped for her, as if Kronos froze time with his scythe. The giant shrieked in pain and fell immediately to his knees, as Helena succeeded in her plan. "How did she--brother, I am coming!" The second giant growled and rushed behind the warrior demigoddess, hoping to bear hug her and possibly bite her head right off. Hearing his loud footsteps, she jumped high enough to sidestep off the first Laestrygone upper back and then somersault over the second giant. While this was all happening, the other two giants waited for Richard to enter the cavern, hoping to grab him immediately and then bring him to Hekate, who watched calmly, as if she had foreseen this event.


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The Son of the Shogun had entered the underworld where all was veiled eldritch illusion. What was real and what was perceived by the human eye were not the same. Helena, beautiful goddess-heroine, had wondered if he could see through the web of arcane deception and the truth was, no. Richard could not.

But he didn't need to.

Born and raised in the Temple of the Strigidae he had been trained by the Seven Secret Masters of that obscure and martial order. The Secret Masters told him many things. Things that were hidden. Things that were forgotten. And there were times in those moonless nights in that hidden fortress-temple that the Masters came to him and told him things stranger still.

Life and death are not real.

The world is an illusion.

T̵̲͉h̦͇̯͈͚͈͘e̴y̢̺̺̳̘̺͎̺'̨̦͍̗̘̠r̲͓̣͇̝̟e̲͓͙̗̟̠̱͜ ̤͓̜̟͚͍͔͞b̪̺̠͓̠u͈̮̠̻̤i҉͔̠̱̹ͅl̲͔̮ḏ̥͎̬̣̣iń̳̭̺g̮ ṭ̻͚̱͓͕̝ḩ̭̣e̘̳̣̱͇̹ ̞̝̠g̤̘̱͢r̗̤̖e͉̲̱̳͟a̝t͔͇̳ ̱̰͓̗́m̢͍̘a̖̥̜͎̪̞͠c͖h̸̼̟͖̭͚̠̯i҉̼̻̫n̵̬̞̗e̞.҉̭̞

(What was that last one? He couldn't quite remember. The thought slipped from his mind like an eel squirming from the hand of a fisherman.)

The world was an illusion. So when Richard entered this world of myth, this world of illusion spun from strands of magic by the three-bodied spider that confronted Helena down below, he was only stepping from one illusionary world into another.

It's why he had always been so good at solving mysteries. Crime scenes were just another type of illusion. The deceptions of criminals, just another false reality.

He didn't see the truth. But he didn't need to. He could figure out some version of the truth on the fly; just like he always did.

So when the two giants confronted him he was ready for an encounter with the supra-natural. He was ready to face the guardians of the underworld; whatever form they might take. The deceptions they wore meant nothing to Richard for did not everyone in his world dress themselves up in costumes to hide the truth of their identity, hero and criminal alike?

The first cracked his knuckles and leered. "Pretty rich boy. You can't buy your way out of this!"

"Oh?" Richard raised an eyebrow as he adjusted on of the cufflinks on his suit jacket.

"Yeah. We're gonna kick your ass."

"Wait." He said, and lifted his hands. "I surrender." As he spoke and dropped to one knee.

The giants blinked in surprise. The bigger one then shrugged his gigantic shoulders and stepped forward. "Hah. Little man not dumb as he look."

As the giant reached forward to grab Richard by the head the CEO and vigilante rose, powerful tree-trunk like legs driving him upward like the piston in an engine. Every muscle in his body fired in unison to drive an uppercut of thunderous power in between the legs of the giant.

It made a sound like a pig squealing. Cupped the injured body part in it's massive paws and slowly fell to it's knees.

The smaller giant guffawed at his companions misfortune, pointing and laughing, throwing his head back and slapping his knee. "HAHAHA! He trick you, fool! Wait until others hear!!!"

Richard popped one of the cuff-links off his suit jacket. The giant before him glared daggers, still bent double with pain and the huge man-eater opened its mouth.

"Curse you, man-thing. I'll rip your arms fro-"

Richard flipped the golden cuff-link into the giants open maw. The giant gagged as it stuck in his throat. Richard kicked him in the throat, crushing his esophagus into the piece of metal.

The giant fell to his back then, gagging and gasping and clawing at his throat. He begin to turn blue.

The second giant stopped laughing.

Richard adjusted his collar and walked down the steps toward the second giant. "Your turn."

Three minutes later the Heir to Shadow stepped off the bottom of the stairwell and nodded to Helena. "Fancy meeting you here." He glanced at the sword. "I see you've come prepared."

A Laestrygone came stumbling down the stairs, moaning and weeping. There was a titanium fountain pen driven into each of his eyeballs. 'Excalibur Industries' was printed on the side of each pen.

"He's blinded me! Curse him! He's blinded me!"

There was some blood on Richard's shirt and his left hand ached; the powerfully built vigilante had tried a livershot but the giants were too tough, even for a man of his strength. A scrap on his right cheek oozed blood. Richard ignored it.

He stood beside Helena. "The patrons are safe. I got them out." Richard said to Helena.

He rolled his neck as he looked up at Hekate. "All except one." A little grin. "Helena, a health inspector. Have you seen her? Charming lady; I was going to walk her to her car. Afraid I can't leave without her."

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The Laestrygonian's
The Laestrygonian's

In a backward somersault, Helena leapt over the charging Laestrygonian's head - like an Olympic Athlete - and allowed herself to descend inches behind the man-eating giant. But before she could even touch the ground, she wrapped her arms around the giant's neck, and braced her legs against his back - as if she were rock climbing Varasova. Like a rodeo bull, the Laestrygonian went into a frenzy and tried every effort to get her off his back. He tried to yank her off, but attempting to remove her arms from his throat was as complicated as trying to hold up the weight Atlas bared on his shoulders.

Tightening her toned muscles around his neck, the giant choked and pleaded with complication for his fellow Laestrygonians to aid him, but the others seemed to be groaning and wailing in pain under mysterious circumstances. Helena wanted to turn her head to get a glimpse at the commotion, but the giant's wild behavior made it hard for her to glance behind. "Get...Off...Me!" He snarled, fidgeting and clawing his back. The warrior demigoddess in an effort to get the Laestrygonian to finish off the first man-eating companion she brought down, she did what needed to be done without hesitation. "Dagger." She commanded her enchanted sword. On command, the runes began to flicker with a blue light. Humming with mystical power, the twenty-four inch blade shrunk in size to a seven inch blade, along with the hilt.

No Caption Provided

The princess demigoddess removed her right arm from the giant's throat - her left still wrapped around his throat - and brought it over her head, as if she were going to assassinate a corrupt politician. With one swift motion, she slammed the dagger into the man-eating giant's back, causing him to bellow in pain. The Laestrygonian then stumbled forward and stepped on his companion's back, causing his man-eating friend to kiss the cavern floor and possibly succumb to his previous wounds. Stumbling backwards, the Laestrygonian opened a opportunity for Helena to kill two birds with one stone. Pulling the dagger from his back - the giant howled in pain - she gripped the hilt firmly in her hand, and then began to stab the side of his neck repeatedly, until she finally brought the dagger to his throat and slit it open.

The princess leapt off the Laestrygone's back as he collapsed to his knees, drowning in his own blood. Hekate watched unamusingly from a distance, clearly unbothered by the events that just unfolded before her. In fact, she looked as if she had foreseen the fates of her barbaric henchmen, and had a contingency plan. Placing her leg on the kneeing giant's back, as if she were leg pressing, Helena kicked him over and watched as he fell on top of his companion. Now one Laestrygonian had bled out while the other did the same, but was crushed as a reassurance. Wiping the specks of blood from her face with her left hand, while pointing her dagger at the Goddess of Witchcraft, the demigoddess princess boldly proclaimed. "You will abandon this path you have taken or...." She mentally commanded her dagger to revert back to her sword. "I will have no choice but to confront you." Her voice was fierce and full of authority, with a little pint of compassion.

Truthfully, she did not want to face the revered goddess. Witchcraft was frowned upon by society today, but Hekate was a compassionate and selfless sorceress, unlike Circe and other members of their family. The goddess used her magic to aid both mortals and gods. It felt not so long ago when New Rome had laid siege against Atholis, destroying many families property and unleashing spirits that harassed the inhabitants. Hekate was the one who the cleansed the streets of those spirits, and used her magic to restore the inhabitants fortune - granting them twice as much as they had before. It's why the goddess was called the guardian of the household, and the prosperous witch. The demigoddess had her fair share of dealing with members of her family - Ares, the God of War, being the first - and Hekate being the second. If she refused to submit, Helena had no choice but to stand against her. She did not know how she would fare against a being as ancient as the Olympians, but she prayed her training; wits; and strength, would pull through. The sorceress standing before her now was unrecognizable, making her unpredictable. Her powers and magic were diverse and ancient, making things even more challenging and dangerous.

"I do not wish to fight you, Helena Troy. Believe it or not, I am on your side." Hekate confessed, her smirk was as obscure as magic itself. When she spoke, she spoke calmly as if everything was still under her control. Yet her body radiated with mystical energy, as if she were ready to defend herself in case something went wrong. This led the demigoddess to believe the witch was either telling the truth or stalling. If she truly did not seek conflict, she had an odd way of showing it. Hearing footsteps echo from behind, Helena immediately glanced over her shoulder. She remembered hearing sounds of commotion and scuffling with the giants guarding the stairway, while she dealt with their two companions. She didn't see the Laestrygonians, which only meant they either ran when they saw their brothers fall, or they were bringing Hekate's guest - whoever that was. She swore to the Gods if that guest was Richard or someone he failed to evacuate, she would ruin that perfect face of his. The footsteps seemed to be coming from the stairway that led down to the cavern - they were light and calm. The warrior demigoddess tried to listen for heavy footsteps, but she only picked up footsteps that were either mortal or much lighter than a Laestrygonian. Since the stairway was engulfed in darkness, she could only squint and anticipate who would emerge from the shadows.

The Fates were never on her side: Richard emerged from the shadows, proving her conjecture right. Curse her intellect in situations like this. "Fancy meeting you here." He seemed amused by the events happening before him. Blood stained his expensive shirt and judging by the look of his bruised hand, he had hit something solid. "I see you've come prepared." He eyed her sword, which dripped with blood. "Are you mad?" She asked, her tone was as serious as her face. The princess was too stunned to even tongue-lash him like a training officer at this moment. A Laestrygone emerged from the shadows of the stairway, stumbling and groaning. Two metallic pens were embedded in his eyes, as if Apollo or Artemis had loosed the writing instrument into it with precise precision. "He's blinded me! Curse him! He's blinded me!" The man-eating giant groaned, stumbling back and forth until he collapsed on the cavern floor with a loud thud, leaving a small impact crater. Helena looked at Richard with astonishment, even though a part of her wanted to uppercut him to the cosmos. Never before had she witnessed a mortal slay a mythical being, especially a Laestrygone. He was resourceful as he used a mere pen to conquer a member of a race that gave even Odysseus trouble.

"The patrons are safe. I got them out."Richard told her, easing her concern for the safety of the drugged victims above them. Now she was beginning to wonder if he was even mortal. Though that's why she firmly believed you should never underestimate your opponent, and physical strength was not everything. "It seems I was right: You are no ordinary businessman. As a reward for my deduction, you owe me an explanation. But only after this is over." She said, clearly amused of him and his performance.

Both the warrior businessman and warrior health inspector snapped their attention back to the Goddess of Necromancy. Hekate could only smile, as if she still were not concerned over her plan failing. "Helena, a health inspector. Have you seen her? Charming lady; I was going to walk her to her car. Afraid I can't leave without her." Richard's jest didn't seem to faze the witch, in fact she seemed pleased that the businessman was willing to stay. This troubled Helena greatly.

"I stood in the center of a road flanked by four intersections. Each path stood a gateway - north, east, west, and south - glowing with energy more ancient than the Olympians themselves. Outcomes flickered in the entrance of those gateways, providing me with wisdom and insight of this very moment. In every outcome, you both fail in foiling my plans. This is not arrogance, only truth. Allow me to prove my point." The goddess confidently said. Helena's worse fear was realized: Since Hekate was the Goddess of Crossroads, she could foresee into the future. Stepping in front of Richard, the demigoddess braced for any incoming attacks. While the businessman impressed her, she was not certain he could survive against an ancient sorceress. The witch raised her deathly pale arm, her startling eyes closed shut. Swerving back and forth, she began to hum and chant something in Ancient Greek. The green mystical energy that encased her body was now suddenly blood red. Her fingers began to dance and twitch, as if they were catching a spasm. Red glowing energy manifested from her hands - steaming like mist - and flowing through her finger tips like electrical currents. Instead of projecting a bolt of energy at the two heroes, she made a claw-like gesture - her palm facing upwards - and bent her fingers back and forth as if she were gesturing Richard to come toward her.

Helena could leap into action, but there was a chance that Hekate wanted her to leave the businessman exposed. If there is one thing she learned: Never trust a witch, especially one that was an ancient goddess. They could easily project their image to make themselves seem real when they were just an illusion. If the demigoddess sprung at her, she wasn't even certain she would truly be there. Being a calculating warrior, she waited to see what her next action would be, before engaging. "This is my last warning, witch! If you do not abandon this place, I will not hesitate to act. Success or not, I will not allow this place to stand." The Princess of Atholis threatened. With the corner of her eye, she noticed a tiny bubble of blood formed from the scrape on Richard's cheek, and levitated toward the witch goddess. Glancing back, she noticed Hekate was using her fingers steaming with magic energy to pull the bubble toward her. Seeing this unfold and unaware of what would happen, Helena commanded her sword to turn into a dagger. She figured since the witch was distracted and using her concentration to perform this feat, she would act now and hope the blood bubble would either pop or drop to the ground.

Without hesitation, the demigoddess hurled the sword at the Goddess of Necromancy and the floating bubble. As expected, the sword phased right through the once revered witch. Laughing with a bone chilling cackle, the image of what seemed to be Hekate disappeared. The floating bubble of blood continued to levitate toward the center altar, unscathed and clearly protected by divine magic. The shadow parts of the cavern that flanked the two warriors now began to curl up, and suddenly formed multiple solid images of Hekate with her arms still raised outward, and glowing with red steaming energy. "It's over, daughter of Athena. Your attempts to impede my effort in resurrecting the forces of nature were futile, as I foresaw." They all said in unison as the bubble finally reached the center of the altar. Clutching their fist, the bubble erupted and the drop of blood landed right on the table. The entire cave suddenly began to tremble with power as if Poseidon had struck his trident against the deepest ocean trench, disrupting the tectonic plates of the earth and causing a massive tidal wave to form. Bracing herself, Helena glanced over at Richard.

No Caption Provided

"You need to go! Only I can undo what has been done. If you wish to aid me, make sure everyone is at a safe distance from this foul place, including yourself. The side effects of the lotus fruit will only lure the inhabitants back! Your duty lies with your people, not me. Now go! Make certain that no one is near here!" Helena spoke loud enough over the trembling cave. This time she was not taking no for an answer, her face was strict and severe. What she was about to do was madness, and something only a woman with a dying wish would do. "And Richard?" She said, before he could even take off. "I will not allow her to use your blood to awaken these forces of nature, you have my word! It was an honor meeting you, businessman!"


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Oh my gosh, thank you lol. I still have a lot of work to do with her, especially her powers.

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(Five years after the events of Devil's Rising)

"Angels are falling from Heaven these days. Hitting the pavement, and not getting back up."

Shot. Pain. From the fingers to the shoulder, and it hung there. Biting deep. He clasped the red, and his brain screamed at him. No more. No more of that. He shouted internally, commanding his body to move. It listened. Through no will of its own, the nerves compiling his various muscle groups and joints listened to him and him alone. His brain. His personality. His sheer invisible force of character.

He was moving.

He was shooting.

Three men collapsed around him, bullet wounds in their sinuses and out the other side. Holstering his gun he grappled with another in close quarters, smashing his eye into his brain cavity with a thumb as he held the barrel of the pistol sideways with a free hand. He grinded the opposing wrist into the cement with his boot.

Junior watched through his mind's eye, hearing footsteps rushing his position. It was momentarily defensible at best. He uncorked a metal sphere and tossed it into the black unknown reaches of the steel forest. Fragments of iron whizzed in every direction, severing flesh and bone. Searing skin with the heat. He had his chance and he took it, diving into a smaller station of the warehouse.

He kept moving. He kept shooting. The pain never made itself known again, but never fully went away.

Reload. Exhale. Did they see you come in here? He didn't have to answer that question. They were already here, already surrounding him. Three more shots, three more with injuries. Including himself. He nailed two in the throat, but not before one belched white-hot lead through his oblique muscle. He wheezed, lunging for the full-auto he discarded earlier. He had been chased back to a position he once held at the beginning of the skirmish.

Three bodies were lining the small hallway leading to the front foyer. Five more were inside, slumped against walls or crinkled into flesh-colored mounds. A drug deal gone horribly wrong. He took his AR-15, reloading it with a fresh clip from his belt. There was a trail of blood and sounds of a struggle in the other room, on the other side of the desk. He followed it with his pistol prepared.

Two pleas for mercy, answered with a burst of light. Then silence. Two more bursts, hesitation, and then a third. He limped over to the entrance, stepping along mounds of broken glass and more crushed gunmen. Bullet holes scraping the engine block were telltale signs of a struggle, and the half-mangled chain link fence was unmistakable evidence of a forced entry onto the property.

Junior hobbled to the trunk, and removed a can of gasoline from its gullet. His ears perked up. More movement inside. They were planning an ambush. He set the can down slowly, and brought the AR to heel. Eighteen flashes, and the drywall evaporated. Two distinct voices were audible immediately, with a third shuffling away. Wounded with a leg injury.

Junior placed the gascan on the desk. The injured man waved his hands in surrender. Tried to apologize, ask for forgiveness. There would be no forgiveness here. Only the baptism of fire. The final vengeance of humanity before the grave. Junior shot through both of his wrists and holstered his firearm. Heavy boots brought him close until he could grab the gunman by the hair and drag him into the foyer.

Three minutes later and the place was thoroughly drenched in the contents of the can. Paint, carpet, bodies, blood money, all of it. A flare provided the spark, and Junior took his prisoner in tow as it all burned behind them.

"Where is Antonio Roman's next shipment?" Junior demanded.

"I don't know man, I'm not part of the Hanging Gardens, please! I got a wife and kids!"

That statement hung in Junior's mind like a disease. Every fiber of his body was rejecting it at once.

"They're better off without you," he put the 9mm right between the man's eyes.

"Okay, flock, please, I heard there was a shipment over by the docks. It might be old news, but I swear they're doing something there!"

A sharp pistol whip, and a couple of teeth clattered to the concrete followed shortly by the 'thump' of about 190 pounds of human flesh.

"Already hit that. You're trying to send me into a trap,"

"No, please."

"The Romans used to crucify their criminals," Junior holstered the pistol, in favor of a claw hammer and some nails. "You're gonna wish for something like that."

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It always lead to trouble. Richard had learned that early in his career. He had also learned to never ignore a report of a problem with magical connections. Mortals simply weren't meant for that kind of power. The damage they could do was immense. He didn't trust them with it.

But now, standing in a cavern that was tearing itself apart Hawkshade begin to wonder if magic was a force too dangerous for even the gods to be entrusted with.

If this earthquake brings down more than the evacuated building above, how many will die? How many if it breaks a gas line? Of course that was assuming they were still under Gothic. With magic you never knew.

"You need to go! Only I can undo what has been done. If you wish to aid me, make sure everyone is at a safe distance from this foul place, including yourself. The side effects of the lotus fruit will only lure the inhabitants back! Your duty lies with your people, not me. Now go! Make certain that no one is near here! I will not allow her to use your blood to awaken these forces of nature, you have my word! It was an honor meeting you, businessman!

Humor faded from Richard's face. Hundreds, thousands could die if this earthquake grew out of hand.

And there was absolutely nothing he could to against an earthquake. But Helena (daughter of Athena, the strange woman had said) was another story.

The Heir to Shadow didn't know what her powers were. He could only assume they were substantial. After all he could see the giants she had handled and read the battle in the sprawl of their limbs and the shape of their wounds. Helena wasn't just strong, she was good. Quick and agile too, he noted. Inhumanly so.

She was the only person here who had a chance at stopping this disaster before it grew. And though it might hurt his pride Richard knew that if he stayed he would only be one more person she would have to save from the earthquake.

He met her eyes. Nodded. "Thank you. And it was likewise an honor, Helena."

With that Hawkshade was gone.

He took the stairs at a sprint, each stride crossing a half dozen at once.

Less than thirty seconds later he walked out of the front entrance, adjusting his cufflinks. Paparazzi snapped photos. A line of police and firefighters struggled with a crowd of addicts who pushed and shoved, attempting to re-enter the building.

Richard waded through the crowd to the police major directing his men. Caught the man by the elbow. Lead him behind a couple of vans and explained how profitable Excalibur Industries might find expanding into this neighborhood.. but only if property values plummeted after a gas leak destroyed the most popular restaurant in town.

The major explained that such a thing would be highly illegal. Richard asked if such illegality had a dollar value and as it happened, it did. A check was filled out to a trust in Nevada where privacy laws were quite strict but which existed in the Major's name.

And then the police and firefighters begin to evacuate the crowd and block off the street for two blocks in each direction, informing them of a gas leak that they had detected. It didn't take long. An extra zero bought Richard the speed he feared he might need.

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@red_jay(OOC: You wanted Red Jay to meet Reaver, now's your chance if your free. ^_^)

Theme Music...

Loading Video...

Around Midnight in Gothic City...

(OOC: This is separate from what Hawkshade and Shield-Maiden are doing, just so you know)

No Caption Provided

Reaver is a tireless human machine fighting crime. What Grimmwald attempted to do failed and crime still returned and worse than ever. The root of the problem can never be destroyed because it's the nature of man that is what causes crime. The evil that exists inside of all men.

Reaver hasn't seen Hawkshade lately and it won't bode well for Connor once he finds out what is happening with Richard. But for now, the vigilante lives in the sweet embrace of ignorance as he takes down dozen thugs by himself with various martial art punches and kicks. Some moves have been taken from Richard himself, others from Grimmwald and Ashley Knightfall. It's a nice blend of styles combined into one.

Connor, who shares a name with Kid Superion, is finally getting used to the new style of fighting he's adopted. Reaver releases the fireman before he fires a grabnel to get to a rooftop. Was there someone near? Reaver takes out a batarang, "Show yourself."

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@redreaver: @laughlyn(Yes! Thank you paragon. I also tagged lauglyn as well since she wants to fight:)

12:00 PM, Gothic City

No Caption Provided

Currently 12 o'clock in Gothic City, Will was running. Running from what? His dreadful past that led to the death of his parents? Or the flaming car that's driving towards him at 120 miles per hour. Will needed to defuse this situation quickly, there was a hostage attached to the trunk of the car, and the wall behind it. If Will wasn't quick enough, this hostage would be ripped in half, Will couldn't let that happen. Red Jay quickly did a backflip over the flaming car, as he did, Will threw two Red Wings (red Jay's version of batarangs) at both chains holding the hostage.

Will quickly released the hostage and let him run, as he did, Will heard someone grapple up to a nearby roof. Was someone watching Will? Will had to find out. Red Jay took out his own grapple gun and grappled himself to a roof across from where reaver was. Once will got to the roof, he noticed someone wearing something that looked very similar to what Will was wearing, was he copying him?

The masked vigilante quickly took out a batarang that looked similar to Will's Red Wing as well, he was shocked to see someone that looked exactly like him. "Show yourself." The masked vigilante asked with a tone that could even make the toughest criminals scared. "Am I seeing double? Cause you look exactly like me." will said as he stepped out of the shadows.

If this Kid tried to attack Will. he would have to get close since there was an alleyway in between the buildings they were speaking to each other from.

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@red_jay: (OOC: I'm sorry but I would rather have this RP be between us)

Reaver looks Red Jay over as he puts away his batarang. Well, they do wear similar looking suits, even their masks have a similar design. Either Red Jay is copying Reaver or these boys simply think alike. Either way, Connor notices they don't look 'exactly' alike. With what he can see of Red Jay's face, he has a different bone structure, slightly different skin tone. Both are the same height, but Reaver is more muscled.

This guy is either a fan of Reaver and chooses to dress like him or they genuinely just think so much alike they both designed similar outfits. Either way, Reaver doesn't seem to mind the other guy's looks. "Hnn." Reaver isn't smiling, he hardly ever does. Always with the weight of the world on his shoulders. "It is almost like looking into a mirror isn't it? I call myself Reaver. You?"

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@red_jay: Yeah fight as in you and I, not you and I and someone else to help you :P it's cool, we don't have to fight. I was only going to fight because YOU wanted to.

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@redreaver:(OOC: Sorry about that)

Will was relieved that Reaver put away his batarang, he didn't want to beat up a person he just met. Will analyzed reaver from head to toe, so it did seem like Will had an equipment advantage, but reaver was slightly bigger that Will, which meant he's most likely stronger than Will. That wouldn't be a problem if Will fought smarter and faster.

As Reaver put away his Batarang, he let out a small grunt, as he eyes Will. Will thought to himself, is this as confusing for me as it is for him? "It is almost like looking into a mirror isn't it? I call myself Reaver. You?" Will raised an eyebrow as he asked this, he thought reaver was a silent but deadly type, It seems he was wrong. "Huh, Reaver? That's a cool name. You can call me, Red Jay. And no, the bird thing wasn't my idea." Will let out a small chuckle as he says this. Will assumed Reaver wasn't going to be a threat, so Will put away the red wing he was hiding on his wrist.

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@red_jay: (OOC: Not a problem. ~_^)

He thinks he can take me on in a fight? I'd like to see him try
He thinks he can take me on in a fight? I'd like to see him try

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No Caption Provided

Oh but Reaver is the strong and deadly type, but it depends on the person. He's glad he doesn't have to take the other guy down. Fighting other vigilantes is not what Reaver is here for, not with bigger threats in Gothic. So the boy didn't name himself, Connor logs that into his memory. Kid Superion, his best friend, told him about meeting someone calling himself Red Jay who had joined Maya Summers Academy. "Gothic City is a long way from Farmington, Connecticut." Reaver states before hopping on the edge of the rooftop and crouching.

Ah, so Reaver knows about the Academy. So, why isn't Reaver there? Connor looks down into the alleyway, then he promptly leaps off of it and dives down into the alleyway. His cape spreads out, letting him glide as he slams both his feet into the back of huge man. A blonde woman barely manages to get out of the way when she saw Reaver approaching behind. The man is effectively knocked out and Reaver picks up the woman's purse, handing it to her. She says a quick thank you. Reaver nods, not saying anything as the woman runs off to call a cab.

Reaver waits for Red Jay to either arrive or go off and do his own thing. Either way, heroes never rest. A quote he keeps saying to none other than Ashley Knightfall.

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@redreaver: (OOC: Red Jay and Reaver first team up?)

No Caption Provided

Will and Connor were standing there for an awkward 10 seconds not saying a word to each other until Reaver finally breaks the silence. "Gothic City is a long way from Farmington, Connecticut." Will's eyes widened in confusion, how did this kid even know Will went to the Academy? Will gives reaver a bold stare. He was about to open his mouth to speak until Reaver left him by jumping Off of the ledge.

Will follows as, he watches reaver stop a mugging, with skill. But that wouldn't be enough to impress Will. will jumps down into the same alleyway reaver is in, "Nice Job, you stopped a petty crime, but that's boring. Let's do something else. will starts tapping on his gauntlet on his digital 3-d map of Gothic City, "There's an Arms Deal going down at the docks, you better catch up." Will said to reaver as he sends him the location with a grin. And With that Will blasted off with his Rocket powered Wings. Hoping Reaver is following

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And with that command, the two bid farewell. Her striking eyes followed him as he went up the stairs that led back up to the restaurant, leaving her alone with the peculiar goddess. Who did Richard think he was fooling? She knew he was no ordinary businessman. No mortal businessman was capable of the feats he just performed. The bones from his hand to his arm should have shattered like glass, he should have been devoured alive. Not even Odysseus, a grandson of Zeus, was capable of defeating the Laistrygones physically. Yet Richard was able to take down both with his wits and fist.

It's why she never underestimated mortals, whether they were ill or as healthy as an ox. As the entire foundation of the restaurant trembled with might, the demigoddess began to formulate the plan in her head. One could argue she had gone mad, but she was certain this was the only way to hinder Hekate's efforts in reviving something that would threaten all of Western Civilization. She never attempted this before, but if he was as narcissistic as the tales described, her plan should work. "Rise, Rise, Rise!" The chthonic goddess chanted in a chaotic divine language.

The outline of her entire body now glowed with mystical green energy, while mist of the same color flowed across the cavern floor. Dust from the cavern ceiling fell as the cave continued to vibrate with power. The eerie whispers of suffering returned, flanking all around them. The witch was using the dark arts to awaken an evil that her mother warned her about, or so she believed. Helena needed to act fast, it was the only way to stop the resurrection from happening. "ZEUS!" She shouted into the air with her arms spread out, surrendering to the ruler of Olympus.

The demigoddess display must of surprised the ancient goddess, her aura relinquished and the chants ceased to exist. Her oil eyes squinted with curiosity, as if this performance was not foreseen in one of her gateways on the four-way crossroad. The rumbling and whispers of the dead continued to merge and echo throughout the cave, but the goddess of magic stood perplexed. "You claim to be all powerful, yet you allow this witch to commit treachery? To threaten your sovereign rule?!" She insulted the Ruler of Olympus in a shocking display. If Leo and her companions at the Justice League Alliance were here, they would think Dionysus had struck her with insanity.

She wondered if they would assume she was not being rational. If divine beings could sweat, Hekate certainly captured it. The goddess of crossroads looked as if ichor was clouding her pale pores. "What is the meaning of this, daughter of Athena? There is no outcome in which Zeus intervenes on your behalf, I have foreseen all possible futures relating to this very moment. I suggest you stop making a mockery of yourself." The goddess tried to make Helena question her plan, but she could hear the uncertainty in her voice. Telling her to stop was all she needed to hear to continue further. If Hekate was aware of her plan, then why did she tell her to stop, if it made little difference.

"You have sought my demise since my conception, yet failed every attempt on my life. You sent beast after beast, hoping one would deliver me to the doors of death, but discovered that death itself could not conquer me. I pity you grandfather, you're a coward, who relied on mere creatures to do your own bidding!" Helena challenged the God of the Sky with not the slightest quiver. She was saying whatever to provoke the divine being into hurling a massive thunderbolt at the restaurant. If there was one thing her grandfather hated - according to tale - it was his self-image being tainted. "Listen to me, Helena Troy. We are not enemies. Everything I do, I do for those shunned by society - for those who have been treated as peasants. You may perceive me as wretched as Zeus, but I have done nothing but bless and aid those considered peculiar by societies standards. I have guided travelers, sheltered and nourished the young, blessed the family, cast away unwanted spirits from the household, aided and comforted the mother, and more. What has Zeus done? He continues to oppress you for what you are, instead of punishing your mother for her own transgressions. Don't you see, child? We are not so different, you and I. Do you think this family generation of ours has bestowed me the recognition I deserve? No! I am treated as a minor goddess, while Hestia sits on the council and is considered more important than me and every minor god or goddess that exist in our family. It is time for the social institutions and division Zeus has wrought upon Western Civilization to fall. The only way to achieve that is to revert the world back to it's primal state. That is why we must awaken the forces of the universe. Join me, Helena Troy, and seek your revenge for the pain you have longed endured. Let us reshape the world and bring everlasting peace to ALL."

Hearing Hekate pour out her intentions tempted Helena to join her side. She wanted nothing more than to enact her revenge against Zeus, but how could she? She did not know the full story to why the sky father wanted her slain. There were many reasons she did not seek to overthrow him, but that was the main reason for her not to partake in a quest of vengeance. Now that she really listened to her reasons for treachery, she began to see the same goddess told in the tales of Hellenism. The demigoddess understood what it was like to be considered worthless, to be not accepted by the ones that were suppose to love you. She saw the corruption, lawlessness, and hypocrisy in the world increasing, and that made her want to stand aside and allow Hekate to awaken these powerful beings. But - Helena Troy knew better.

These beings sounded far worse than her grandfather. They wanted to exterminate anyone who did not share their vision, and that disturbed her. Hekate, a revered goddess, sacrificed and drugged innocent lives to awaken these beings - which tainted her image, and made these beings look foul. Helena also did not share their view on reverting civilization back to the age of beginning. "No! I refuse to partake in your crusade. If your quarrel is with Zeus, then it should solely be with him. These beings you speak of, they sound like the politicians of Athens and Atholis. They promise peace and prosperity, but they become just as mad with power as the ruler they wish to overthrow." Helena inflated the witch's sales pitch. Hekate did not look disappointed at her defiance, but she certainly looked concerned about something.

"Then watch as the forces of the universe rise from your mortal companion's blood!"The witch goddess resumed her mystical chants. If the warrior demigoddess did not act now, all would be lost. She needed to say something that would get her grandfather to hurl his might at her. "Zeus! If you wanted to, you could strike both me and Hekate down. You could end two burdens plaguing you at once, and end the nightmare we have wrought upon Olympus. Oh, but I forgot - you're still that spineless cup-bearer for your father." Helena was certain that last insult would be enough to anger the heavens, even if the insult was a lie. Anyone who indulged their mind in Hellenism would know Zeus was as cunning as Athena that day.

Aware of her limits, the princess knew she had to escape at max speed. If Zeus hurled a lightning bolt at her, she would not be able to escape its speed. She was unsure if she could survive the explosion of a restaurant, even though something inside her was telling her she could. Not willing to take an unnecessary risk at a time like this, she decided to just leave as quickly as she could. Tapping into her invisible aura, Helena lifted herself from the ground, and levitated in between the cavern floor and ceiling. She could have warned the goddess to leave, but she knew the witch had no intention of leaving. She suspected the reason she refused to attack her was because of her confidence in her prophetic insight. The witch goddess truly believed Helena's plan was doomed to fail, despite seeming uncertain.

"As I foresaw with my very own eyes, you have failed, child of wisdom. Crossroads do not lead us astray." That was the last thing she heard from the goddess, before propelling herself forward, and exiting the restaurant at hypersonic speed. At a safe distance, she could hear sirens wailing two blocks away from the restaurant. She saw none of the addicts still around, which only meant Richard had done what she asked. It was a shame the two would never meet again. Helena glanced at the restaurant in disappointment and failure. Zeus' wrath should have struck the restaurant before she even escaped, but nothing happened. She knew she couldn't stop the revival of the beings Hekate informed her about, but she could still destroy any remains of Lotus Fruit.

Just as she was about to radio the Justice League Alliance for assistance, a lightning bolt tore open through the night sky and struck the restaurant. All she heard was a thunderclap, before watching the restaurant erupt in a miniature mushroom cloud. Thunder rumbled soon after, feeling the vibration course throughout her body. A smile of success stretched across her lips. She was not certain if her plan stopped the rise of the mysterious beings, but she and her companions would be ready in case it failed. Though there was a part of her that did believe she succeeded in both objectives. As for Zeus, her grandfather: She found it strange that he waited for her to leave the restaurant to potentially smite her, prompting her to stay on her course, instead of raising arms against the King of Olympus. Helena knew for a fact Hekate survived the explosion, she was an immortal goddess after all. Glancing one last time in the direction in which the sirens wailed, Helena said her final words to the mysterious man that aided her. "Farewell, Richard," And with that said, she draw her sword and cleaved open a portal to the JLA.

The End.....
The End.....


Kind of slacked at the last part, but that's because I been working on this post all day.

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No Caption Provided

There's a reason why Reaver chose this alleyway. A mugging just happened to get in his way. He watches Red Jay take off with rocket powered wings. Then he takes out car keys and presses a button as the Hawk Car de-cloaks. The canopy slides open and he jumps inside. He starts the engine and uploads the location of the arms deal to the car's onboard computer before taking off, tires squealing.

Under Red Jay, a black car with a bat theme will pass under him. Even though Reaver cannot be seen inside, it's obviously him since no other car looks like that. Reaver will do more than catch up, he'll pass Red Jay by and get there before he does.

Gothic City Docks...

Reaver arrives at the docks in good time. He sees the intel is good and there is an arms deal going down. He identifies the gunmen, then he starts taking them down one by one using stealth tactics and waiting for Red Jay to finally show up. But in the meantime, Reaver uses his torch to light a fire that destroys the weapons. That causes a stir as the remaining men check out the fire. But Reaver is behind them, smashing down a smoke pellet and then taking them out.

Red Jay will have to handle the snipers, but Reaver is confident that he will.

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𝕊𝕠𝕞𝕖𝕨𝕙𝕖𝕣𝕖 𝕚𝕟 𝔾𝕠𝕥𝕙𝕚𝕔

The echoing *tink* of an aluminum bat making solid contact swam out from beyond the field of play and out into the all but abandoned bleachers.

No Caption Provided

"Here." The Phantomshell momentarily remained silent. His judgmental eyes squinted as he stayed downwards.

"Come on man get it together I said no mustard." he sarcastically remarked, yet took the yellow covered hotdog all the same.

"Yeah, I know." his best friend and former partner in crime, Noah, quipped with a smile. They both subtly chuckled and continued their faux enjoyment of the little league game unfolding before them.

"So why am I here?" Noah gruffly asked.

"Its time to get the band back together. Gothic's entire criminal infrastructure is in shambles and who better to seize the reigns of opportunity then us?" Ishmael brushed the dark brown beanie off his head while staring straight ahead. Running his fingers through his hair in an attempted to comb out the hat-head.

"Oh you rotten son-of-a-bitch are you outta your goddamn mind? You hit your head or something?" Noah's anger was a mask for his overriding fear. Fear that had been instilled in many a criminal post Shadowland. But not Ishmael. Not the Phantomshell. Where others saw fear, the Digital Deathnote saw an unprecedented opening. An opening he aimed to exploit.

"Wake the F'up Noah. Look around. Its over. Its been over." of course he was referring to the murderous tidal-wave that had seen the brief eradication of crime in the city. "Its business as usual out here. The docks, the allyways, the blackmarkets and hitmen for hire, its all back. The only thing that hasnt returned is a strong indomitable sense of leadership. A hierarchy. Its the wild wild west, a reborn frontier and I'm Billy the f&%$ing Kid." Licking his fingers and wiping them off on his black cargo pants before extending his hand, Ishmael concluded...

"Ride with me brother. Ride with me."

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As Will is flying over the not so beautiful Gothic City, he spots a black bat themed car under him. What in the hell is that? Will said to himself as he zoomed towards the docks. Will arrives a few moments after Reaver but it seemed like reaver had it handled. He watched as Reaver took out the armed men one by one until getting rid of the shipment. Reaver threw down a smoke and started beat up most of the men, but not all. There were a total of 2 snipers, one was on the nearby crane, and the other was on the perch across from it.

Will glided through the black sky towards the first sniper. As Will approached the sniper, Will shoved his face into the railway knocking him out. The other sniper began to aim at Will, but luckily for Will, he had superhuman hearing, he heard the sniper slowly pull the trigger, so right as he heard the click, Will whipped out his grapple hook and attached it to the snipers leg pulling him towards Will close lining the sniper with the railway knocking him out as well.

Will hopped down from the crane walking up towards Reaver, "Good work Reaver." Red Jay examined the weapons and the money. "Hmmm, a shipment of Ak_47's for over 300 thousand dollars? That doesn't make any sense. A couple of Ak's wouldn't cost 300 hundred thousands dollars, unless these guys were selling something else..." Will crouched down to the bag of money, counting the money, and then looked directly at reaver pulling out schematics to a mech suit and showing it to Connor, "Reaver, check the shipping containers, guns weren't the only things these goons were trying to buy."

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@redreaver: @red_jay: Alex West had been in Gothic City several times over the past few months. He had been secretly rebuilding the city after the attack and stopping petty crimes, Alex didn't want anyone to know that Velocity was behind this so he would wear a version of his fathers suit and he would change his lightning trail color from white to golden. Well at the moment Alex was a bit preoccupied with something that could potentially destroy the city he was trying to rebuild and he was kind of pissed off. I have to find that bomb...now. Then I have to drop it at the docks...or in the water near the docks. So Alex threw caution to the wind and started racing through the city, the golden light shining from his lightning would make the city glow, lightning up the darkness, and letting the people know that there was hope left for their city

Racing through the city he saw a bad@ss car designed like a bat, "Ok...that's a cool car." Then looking up in the sky he saw someone who looked similar to one of his best friends Will and he saw him also flying towards the docks. Shaking his head clearing his thoughts, he sped towards where he knew the bomb would be. He had located it by tracing the signal in the detonator in the bomb...or more accurately the body...Because the bomb was a woman...She was obviously dead but her body was glowing with a purple tinge and Alex's eyes began to widen as he realized she was beginning to detonate. Picking up her body he would launch himself through the city desperately trying to get the woman put of there. Alex's heart began to ache and blood began to pour from his nose. Got to keep it up....can't slow down! So he kept going....Dumping the body in the water he turned and ran back to the docks as fast as he was able to when the bomb detonated under the water and a huge wave water came after Alex. He had no choice but to push through the pain

Image result for flash running on water gif

Alex hit the water like a cannon and refused to slow down, he felt the water under his feet, and he was refusing to let his body to lose speed, This is not how he wanted to die, And Alex had no time to let his stupid condition let that happen. He saw the docks and he made a beeline right for it, jumping on the docks his legs gave out and he rolled at insane speeds crashing into a few containers. He looked up weakly and saw Red Jay and someone else he didn't know....wait...he did know him..the Red Reaver. Alex's vision swam in and out of focus and he felt like throwing up some blood. Making himself stand up he looked at the confrontation the two had, and his face instantly fell. "I'm totally interfering with something! My Bad!" He'd look at Will and give him a crooked smile and begin to walk away then he fell on his butt and just sat there "Give me like two minutes and I'll be out of your guys hair."

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@lamartheslayer: (OOC: I'm sorry but if you wanted to join this RP, I would have appreciated it if you had asked. I won't make you edit/delete your post, but in the future, please ask first)

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@paragonxxx: (Oh shooty shoot, that's a big my bad on me. It's no problem I can delete it, or take you guys out of it)

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@lamartheslayer: (OOC: Not a problem. You can keep the post this time since I like you. So keep it. ~_^)

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@paragonxxx: (OOC: Lmao, thanks a million, I didn't know you were Red Reaver either. God you have so many characters it's hard to keep track XD)

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@red_jay: (OOC: Don't plan on Alex just taking down the robot lol, He's goin through some rough times with his powers and he didn't bring the Zoran Savitr with him to help stabilize his heart. So he won't be ultra-powerful or moving very fast for that matter lol)

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Gothic City, the most Crime Ridden city in the world, well, that's what Spencer Thinks anyways. Spencer was born and raised in Gothic City, it was a nightmare. Both of his parents were murdered on their anniversary, and Spence had no one else to go to. Spencer lived with multiple foster families before, going out on his own. Spencer had one mission, End all crime in Gothic City, and he will stop at nothing to do so. After Leaving both Will and Christopher Todd, Spencer wanted to become his own hero, not be stuck in another ones shadow. Thankfully for Spencer, Will and Chris were still nice to him, so they still provided him with thing he needed, money, food, a place to live, but Spencer didn't care about any of that, all he cared about was to bring every single criminal to justice, that may seem like an impossible task for most people, but Not for Rogue Jay.

12:37, 𝔊𝔬𝔱𝔥𝔦𝔠 ℭ𝔦𝔱𝔶, 𝔖𝔬𝔪𝔢 ℜ𝔞𝔫𝔡𝔬𝔪 ℜ𝔬𝔬𝔣𝔱𝔬𝔭

No Caption Provided

Somewhere on some rooftop, Spencer was watching over Gothic City. The wind blew in Spencer's hair face. It was a slight breeze. Sitting on the rooftop alone was...calm. No one to tell him what to do, no one to watch over his shoulder, just...him. The built in radio in Spencer's gauntlet picked up chattering from all over the city.

"Yeah, he dumped me. I thought we were doing fine." Some girl said a few blocks away

"Did you see the game last night? We barely won, it was a Miracle!" Some guys said on the second floor of the nearby apartment.

"Mooooom! We're gonna miss the movie!" A little girl said at the nearby movie theater.

Spencer was just sitting on the rooftop waiting for something to happen, he was bored, he wanted to bash some skulls in right about now. It was surprisingly a calm day in Gothic City, until Spencer saw a streak of lighting dash through the City, "What Is a speedster doing in Gothic City?"Spencer said to himself with a low tone. He quickly lost interest, as he directed his attention towards a nearby hijacking. "Finally, something to do." Spencer hopped off the rooftop, spreading his arms and legs while he nose dived towards the ground. The building he was one was at least 50 stories tall, so as the air rushed through Spencer's face, he felt alive, like nothing mattered except for now.

Gliding wings would emerge from Spencer's arms as he glided towards the hijacked cars. Spencer Landed on top of the car as he started pulling the thugs out one by one. There was quite a crowd, multiple civilians watched at the sidelines watching the situation unfold in front of them. Spencer quickly shut down the situation and stopped the hijackers. Spencer watched the cops take away the carjackers as the crowd if Civilians started cheering him on. Spencer gave the crowd a small smile as he used his grapnel gun to climb on top of the nearby tower.

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@lamartheslayer: @red_jay:

Just as Reaver begins to move to check the shipping containers, he spots the speedster do his thing before landing on his butt. Connor narrows his eyes, not trusting him. Not surprising since the vigilante doesn't trust hardly anyone. "In two minutes, you can leave. We got this." Reaver says to him. He realizes that might come off as cold, but Connor doesn't care. He's grim, hardly ever smiles and he gets the job done with no time for distractions and this speedster is a distraction. A teenager with too much speed with no thought on how to use his power. Of course, Velocity is more than welcome to prove Reaver wrong.

No Caption Provided

Reaver checks one container, but the next one is when the doors burst open and a mech comes stomping out. It moves it's gun arms close together as it fires on Reaver. Connor anticipates the attack, however, so he moves out of the way long before the blast has a chance to hit him. He takes out his bo staff, blocking gun fire with his extended ballistics shield before he swings the staff up and fires an electrical charge from it's lower end. The mech twitches, suffering minor damage before Reaver moves again by throwing down another smoke pellet. Now the mech can't see him even with it's state of the art sensors.

Reaver lays a charged bomb on the mech, leaping off and then it explodes, damaging a gun arm and making it useless.

Red Jay's turn...or Alex.

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@redreaver: Well Alex was getting ready to leave when the giant f*cking ROBOT started coming out and shooting everybody, Alex groaned in annoyance as he had to roll out of the way to avoid being shot. There was only so much Alex could do at the moment since he was still recovering from the exertion of running the bomb out of the city. The Red Reaver obviously doesn't like anybody. He's the obvious loner who doesn't like social contact and prefers to beat people up in the dead of night. But still Alex wasn't gonna just let them take this thing on by themselves.

Rising Up he watches as Reaver starts dodging the barage of bullets and he loses his sights as Reaver drops a smoke bomb and disappears. "I hate when they do that..." Waving his arms he creates a vortex that clears the smoke and when he gets his vision back there's the giant psycho robot...and a smaller psycho drone floating behind it. Alex needed a head start if he was gonna fight this thing, so for a moment he vanished from view in a blur of lightning. He heard the fire of the drone launching something.

"Oh come ON A MISSILE!?" Alex runs up to the missile catching it and throwing it back into the miniature droneinstantly blowing it up.

Image result for flash catching bullets gifs

Not wasting any time Alex begins to run around picking up the bullets and flinging them into the Mech itself piercing the metal and staggering the bot. Alex's heart began to hurt and he knew he had to do something drastic to give the others an edge because under normal circumstances Alex would have taken this thing out on his own but now...he couldn't...So with one desperate move Alex tossed a bolt of lightning and toppled the mech head over heels leaving it open for a final assault.

Image result for flash throws lightning gif

Alex fell to his knees and croaked weakly "Someone take that thing Out!"

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@lamartheslayer: @redreaver: (OOC: insert knuckle cracking lol)

What was 2 crime fighting vigilantes became 3, Will's friend Alex, or as he likes to be called, Velocity, showed up to the scene falling on his butt. Will gave Alex a small grin, the looked right back at Reaver as he opened the large metal container. What came out of the container wasn't so surprising, a Mech that seems like it was going to go on a killing spree if the three didn't take it out swiftly. Will watches as Connor take out the robots left arm, disabling it. Red Jay was impressed, he's never seen someone that was as good as Will, let alone better. Then Will directs his attention towards Alex as he takes out a drone, now that just leaves the Mech.

It seemed like him and reaver had even more in common, they both use a bo staff, this was all to surreal for Will. As the gust of smoke was blown away by Alex, Will's eyes were locked onto the Mech. Without a second thought, Will charged at the mech, and began running up the arm Reaver disabled. Will kept running up the mech until he got to it's head, then Will quickly took out the explosion gel, one of the many gadgets from Will's utility belt, and started spraying the mech's head with it. Will quickly leaped of the mechs head with a graceful backflip landing right Next to Reaver. With that, Will presses a button on the Gel gun causing the Gel and the mechs head to blow up.

As the mech falls to it's knees, falling in fornt of both Reaver and Red Jay, Will gives Reaver a grin, and says, "This was only the beginning, the night is still young." Will turns his head back to Alex and gives him a thumbs up.

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@lamartheslayer: (OOC: Actually would it be okay with you if you split off with Red and Reaver and interact with this character instead, because I really need to develop this character. it's fine if you don't :)

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@rogue_jay: (Yeah it's not a problem, set up the interaction and I'll meet you)

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