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All Father Odin, watching as several attempted invasions by the Frost Giants and conflicts with Midgard gnarled is grand realm, has finally lost his great patience with the world and it's occupants. With his great power, he begins to send all of Asgard away from the other eight realms, seeking solitude for his people, whether they want it or not. The other gods oppose his decision, attempting to reason with the All Father. Soon it became obvious Odin was in not going to change his mind, and the gods turned to outright rebellion for the good of the land. In one mighty battle in the lord's throne room, Odin defeats all of his underlinings. Seeking a rightful punishment, he steals items of their power and sends them away, down to Midgard, the realm they all so wish to stay so near to. Still, the battle takes apart his great power, forcing him to cease the shifting of the Asgardian Realm. However, before entering in his Odin Sleep, he uses the last of his power to destroy the Bifrost Bridge, the only known way to or from Asgard, efficiently trapping the now powerless gods.
Before Odin's last deed was done, Balder sent his one son, a secret from the All Father, through the Bifrost, to Midgard, telling him to retrieve the stolen items; to use them to stop the All Father's chosen path. One by one, these items appeared on Earth. Hidden in the most dangerous of areas, or the most devious of hands. Some may of already been found, and others seemingly lost forever. This last son cares not for what he is forced to do to find them, be it steal, battle, or kill. 

OOC Part-

Before I explain this, yes I have gotten this approved by the CoE.
This isn't a singular RPG, but a large list of adventures centering around the tracking and retrieving of artifacts from Norse mythology. Now, these items can appear ANYWHERE on Earth, and can show up in any way. Be it crash landing in Paris, phasing into a cavern beneath Mount Everest, or dropping into the hands of a beggar; anything can happen. There will be Two Types of RPG around this: Locational and Event. Locational is in the case an item appears in a location thread (New York, for example). These will obviously be open to anyone, and I will allow for items to be taken this way, as long as you give me a chance (I sell, don't worry). If another person's character is able to grab the item and make away with it, they may use it for whatever they want, but they have to have an RPG of the second type with me. The second type, Event, as you smarter ones may have guessed, is a separate RPG, with it's own thread and OOC and all that jazz. These could be simply between me and a person who stole a item, or it may be a open RPG. If you want to have an event RPG with you finding an item, just say so, with which item you'd particularly think would make the RPG more interesting. 
Here is the item list. I am 99.9% sure it is incomplete, so if you know of an item not on the list and think it should be, say so! The abilities of the items, for some, have been somewhat modified just for the sake of making the RPGs interesting. If someone captures and item, I will mark that item with the current owner, whether it be me, Impero, or a NPC hobo. 

  • Tyrfing-A magical sword, crafted, and later cursed, by imprisoned Dwarves. The blade never rusts, is almost weightless, and is guaranteed to never miss a stroke. However, when it strikes a killing blow, someone close to the user will become greatly ill, and continued use of the blade is guaranteed to cause great disasters, be it tornadoes, snowstorms, or droughts, regardless of where the user is.
  • Gjallarhorn-A war horn, made to be used at the beginning of Ragnorak. Whoever blows this horn shall be able to control any man or woman who hears it, as long as the horn is on their person.
  • Mjollnir- The hammer of Thor, God of Thunder and War. In order to lift this mighty weapon, one must either be found worthy or be wearing Jarngreipr, the gauntlets Thor used to train with Mjollnir as a boy. If any are able to use it, they will be given the power to fly and summon storms.
  • Draupnir- A golden ring, originally owned by Odin, but given to Balder. This ring gives the wearer the power travel between realities. However, extended wearing of the ring leads to an obsession with it. The ring also has the ability to duplicated, but the lesser rings have no power to them.
  • Brisingamen- The necklace of the Goddess Freyja. Whoever wears this necklace will be seen as extremely beautiful, and will be able to manipulate any they chose.
  • Megingjord- Thor's belt of strength, it makes the wearer physically stronger than anyone. However, it causes the user to go into a warrior's madness.
  • Gullintanni- The helm of Heimdall, guardian of the Bifrost. The helm grants the wearer all sight, the ability to see anything they please, whether they be millions of light years away, or in the exact same place in another dimension. Continued use of the helmet is known to cause forgetfulness, often leading to the user forgetting what they were searching for, as only Heimdall knows how to correctly use the helmet.
  • Norn Stones-Mystic talismans used by Loki, these stones grant the user the ability to use magic to it's fullest extent, able to go anywhere they wish and warp reality. However, the norn stones cause the user to act like a common prankster, rather using the power fool with enemies rather than fighting them.
  • Gungir- To insure no power would be left for the other gods to use, Odin sent his spear down to Earth as well. Gungir can penetrate anything below Uru, and gives the user the power of a god, granting the user incredible strength, power over magic, and the ability to fly, as well as utilize the "godblast" (promptly named by mortal witnesses), blasting an amount of force able to obliterate cities.

P.S.: I got brave, please don't hate me.

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This is pretty awesome man. Good luck :)

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Hey, this is the name of the Civ V expansion pack I bought three days ago! :P

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Hmm I'm interested... But is this Prime or CVnU?

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@kiddevil: nU, unfortunately. There just doesn't seem to be enough active locations and people in prime.
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That was a great read... I feel like "the more you know" rainbow should appear after finishing lol

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This looks really good.

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Tyrfing will soon appear in New York city.
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The sword has appeared!

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@_Legion_: Ugh there is only no locations/people cause no one is willing to make an rpg for prime.

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@kiddevil: Essentially the same thing. 
But the nU is dying out too, it seems.
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@_Son_of_War_: Eh it always happens eventually. Who's the guy in your icon?

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@kiddevil: Beowulf.
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I discontinued the thing in New York. It's just that the event really didn't have anything to do with the sword itself, and the one guy who took interest was more interested in the cape killer/ganger aspect of it.
If anyone wants to do something I'm taking requests.