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The dark storm clouds began to move over the huge forest, the winds of calamity hit the manor vigorously causing the shutters to stir in a loud tirade. The wind howled over the hull of the home; giving a phantomesque looks to the house on the shadowy hill. Z and Sha stood both draped in all black standing before the captured Cass. For the first few minutes she looked astounded to see two Z’s; however her shock eventually wore off. The fact that they weren’t combustible was probably more or less the reason for her shock. Z placed a tracker on Cass’s back and then activated the beacon on it; using her now as bait for the events to come. “You risked your life to save Gambler and I called your bluff” Sha said, lightening incense.

“Because of you, people will die, because of you the world will be cleansed just a bit more” Z said, slowly walking down the halls towards the manor’s exit. “You’ll have a lot more to worry about if Arrow decides to come home” Z said, following behind Sha with a sadistic smile on her face. Z and Sha happened to be polar opposites of each other; Z’s methods were erratic fueled by her ability to overpower most situations. Sha was more graceful in her tactics; somewhat calculating; having a reason for everything; using her own power as a last resort. The world quickly got caught up in Utopia’s politics, taking Anti-Registration stances. Maya had single handily made Utopia a perpetual hotspot for news.

“This shows exactly, how pitiful the heroes have become” Sha said, looking out into the thick black Turkish forest. “Your wounds from your battle with Nova and Jean have not healed; you are dismissed”. Z flew off almost instantly to tend to whatever business she had planned. The Utopian Registration act was still three months off and the world was literally ready to explode, inside Utopia however those law abiding citizens, were packing Trinity Legends HQ registering themselves to the Trinity Foundation. Within the militaristic walls of Utopia, the soldiers and leaders were bracing for a war, not just any war; a war that had been building since King Derekken invaded.

The U.N and the U.S had threatened sanctions backed with military enforcement if Maya hadn’t come up with a way to control Utopia’s Meta human population. Through multiple compromises, Maya agreed and came up with the URA. Within moments of the acts proposal it was accepted by the U.N; and reviewed to see if the act would work globally. Sha knew the act would fire up the village idiots, seeing as most of them had been through two civil wars on the matter hated to see it go down that road. Despite these sentiments, this coming war wasn’t about Pro-Registration vs Anti registration, it was about the influence that both Utopia, and America carried. An unexpected curve ball was thrown into the mix, as Kain; ruler of T.I openly challenged Maya’s registration. Maya was young and almost as naive as Cass, she was going to respond to this. Despite his announcement being somewhat of a shock; this hadn’t put a damper on Sha’s grand scheme of things. Opening her ecosphere patched in the manor’s coordinates and sent them to Maya’s ecosphere. The elements were in motion the hour was at hand. Vanishing in a mist of darkness Sha disappeared to monitor the elements from afar. Elsewhere The Utopian President sat comfortably in her chair playing back Kain’s message to the world on her screens. “This has been the most stressful thing I’ve ever done” Maya said, referring to her current position as a world leader. “The U.S has placed missiles in Saudi Arabia, and now T.I wants to start a problem” she said; holding her head. As she held her head down, she noticed a red beep on the navi part of her ecosphere. “Gustave...ready the Trinity Foundation…we have a new mission”

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Eleven Days, Thirteen Hours, Twenty-Seven Minutes, Eighteen Seconds

Her mind for details didn't allow her to forget a single thing, nor did it allow her to fool herself. She was Cassidy Lockhart-Starks and she was being held captive somewhere in Utopia. It had taken her the first five days to acclimate to her new living situation. She had jury-rigged a new wheelchair from the remnants of her old one and used the scrapped tech for improvised weapons. It was a fully stocked house and she had managed to use cleaning supplies, nails, propane and other assorted objects to whip out some IEDs and run of the mill traps. None of it would work for either Ziccarra, but it would slow down the progress of anybody else.

Every morning her routine was the same. Pull herself out of bed and into the shower, use the improvised curtain rod that she'd stuck between a doorway to do pull ups and keep herself in shape. There was nothing more important at this point than staying in fighting form. She had no idea what would happen from moment to moment and with her powers suppressed, there was no telling what advantages she may need. Any food that was offered was scoured thoroughly to make sure there was nothing hidden to it - if she was being drugged, there was no show of it at this point.

"I am Cassidy Lockhart-Starks. Mother of Thomas and Aliana. Daughter of Mistress Redhead and Sovereign Son. Elite assassin of the Order of Sancta Camisia, a title I will always hold." This was repeated anywhere from five to twenty times every morning when she woke up. This house was not like any other. Every night, the moment she went to sleep, her mind was assailed by beings unknown to her. Every night again and again she was forced to live out her worst nightmares, her deepest seated fears. A recurring theme was abandonment, the other most common was the brutal death of her children. In the moment, it felt as if she was living it and every day when she woke up, she woke up wanting to die. Her mantra snapped her out of that.

Today...today felt different. She had just finished her morning routine and her body was sheened with a layer of sweat. Her hair haphazardly pulled off her face and secured atop her head in a messy bun using a piece of twine she had found laying around. Hoisting herself into her off-the-cuff wheelchair, she rolled herself to the bay window in the living room. Her view was both a favor and a burdening hell. The sky was always grey here, tree branches occasionally sweeping up against the house and every now and then she could hear the crack of thunder, but from day one she had known where she was. Utopia. The land that she had been willing to bleed for once, the land where she thought she could have had it all.

Naivete seemed to be an ongoing theme for her. Placing her hand on the glass window she leaned her head against the pane and closed her eyes, allowing herself a rare moment of self-contemplation. She had a bond to Gambler. She'd never be able to articulate why she stayed by his side, maybe it was because she was as twisted as he was, maybe it was because he made her look a tad more normal, maybe it was just beyond words. Whatever it was, it was there, but it was also time to face facts. Standing by his side was one thing, putting blind trust in him was another. It had already been made quite clear to her after Ruin Kingdom that she was a pawn. If he was even going to attempt a rescue it was going to be at a time that suited his own political agenda, she knew him well enough to know that.

The next words were murmured against the glass windowpane, her breath fogging it up as she spoke. "I'll kill you for this, Ziccarra. I'll burn down the ground on which you walk if I need to. You were my friend once, I had trust in you. That was a mistake. The difference between you and me is that we've both been burned, but instead of adopting a totalitarian attitude and burning everybody who was once close to me, I believed in second chances. Maybe that was my mistake, believing that there was good left in people. God knows there isn't any left in you. At least I have a heart. It may get broken, bruised and sh!t on, but it's there, beating in my chest. As opposed to yours, which has turned as icy cold as your eyes."

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“Privates…everywhere” {Usage} Jeeves quickly responded, as Sean glanced upon single soldiers barracks. {Are you sure this is what you want to do? I mean in America you are a decorated Command Sargent Major} his loyal friend and confidant advised. “Here, I’m the Sargent Major of the Army” he said, running his hands across his nicely shaven chin. {You’re a douche bro} he responded followed by a bunch of static. “How so?” Sean asked curiously, slowly stalking his future soldier’s barracks. {Well, you’re going to be labeled as a traitor, your wife and kids will have to pack everything up and move to Utopia} Jeeves said, taking a sip of pepsi on the other end.

“So, they’ve followed me to Korea, Germany and all the way out to Jacksonville; they’ll be iight” he said, rubbing his chin again. Pulling the cube off his necklace, he took a moment to glance at the position he was about to take on. “It’s strange” he said, nodding to a nearby Lance Corporal that had addressed him on the opposite side of the pavement. {What is?} Jeeves said, in his commlink still sipping pepsi. “Are you drinking in my ear Jeeves?” Sean snapped swiftly. {Yea bro, I’m starving, I haven’t ate sh!t since last night} Jeeves said, crunching on some chips this time. “That stripper don’t count bro, I’m surprised she didn’t give your ass the clap hahahaha” Sean chuckled, as he dropped the cube on the ground.

The Editman began to unravel itself from the cube fitting every part of Sean, until the red, white and blue suit had completely eclipsed his bronze skin. “Ya N!gga gonna get black as sh!t outchea” Sean said, purposely loosing tact. {Trying to psyche yourself up huh?} Jeeves asked, eating some skittles. Sean opened the door to the barracks and watched as the eyes of Utopia’s young men glanced upon his finely polished armor. “WHAT THE FU1CK DO YOU SAY WHEN AN NCO ENTERS A ROOM!” he screamed, thanks to Jeeves purposely amplifying his voice he seemed louder than he actually was. “I GOT SOMETHING FOR YOU SON’S OF B!TCHES, GROUP ATTENTION, HALF RIGHT FACE, FRONT LEANING REST POSITION MOVE!”


As he was barking his orders, the almost orgasmic grunts of privates reverberated throughout the barracks. “WHAT THE F!UCK IS ALL THIS GRUNTING PRIVATES, YOU ALL SOUND NASTY THIS IS A MALE ONLY BARRACKS!” He screamed still, smoking the dog sh!t out of his privates. {You’re having way too much fun} Jeeves said, watching in amusement.

“Position of attention move” he said, walking past the privates. The stench of overworked muscles adulterated the air. {We’ve got a message from President Lopez, I’m patching it thru}, “Thanks” he said, taking one look back at the Trinity Foundation future soldiers. {Sean, I’m patching in some coordinates to a remote location in Utopia; we’re moving out}

{Roger that ma’am, I’m enroute over} firing his rockets, the SMA took to the skies to hopefully join his team. The ether around them seemed almost like America did, when they were preparing for Iraq. There was a bunch of uncertainty in the air filling most of his ranks with fear and confusion. War with America, and now T.I; would devastate the landscape of Utopia. Not one of his fellow teammates doubted the decision making of their leader; and if they did no one spoke about it.

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Democracy had dilapidated into obscurity on a World wide level throughout the years. Political process had been slowly replaced by war, assassinations, and corruption until the very idea of Government had become laughable. Meta-Humans, having all but become the dominant species on Earth alongside various other evolutionary marvels, had caused the United Nations to invoke a more hardline stance against the growing concern. Public outcry over the previous two Registration Acts failed in comparison to the newly sponsored URA bill under review by the Speaker of the House subcommittee Chairman. Utopia, having initiated the act, had full U.N. support and would serve as the foundation of the Meta-Human Act.

Jean Luc focused his attention on the holographic projection of the day's breaking top news story. The conquering chieftain of the carcinogenic Tb-In had issued a captivating response to the proposed URA. "Brilliant" the Cajun smirked. With Tb-In forcing Maya's hand the Aristocratic Assassin knew the Order of Sancta Camisia would have an easier time rescuing their captured compatriot, Cassidy. Although in her current crippled condition Gambler was having trouble validating his concern for her safe return. Yet she was an asset, a loyal member, and his greatest protegee. To much time had been devoted to her maturation and combat development to simply let her vanish beneath the shroud of Utopian politics.

The World was on the brink of a cataclysmic war that the human race could not recover from. The very fabric of fundamental Government was on a collusion course with the natural progression of evolution as Meta-Human's stood on the cusp of becoming the top of the food chain casting those without any giving abilities down to the lowest station of the human conditions. Calculating with any certainty the possible outcomes was all but impossible, however, knowing several of the various characters involved would help the King of King's ability to perceive the motives lingering in the shadows of outside influences, or so he arrogantly believed.

Carelessly throwing back the red Egyptian mulberry silk sheets that adorned the bed he now shared with the illustrious Clara Mass, Jean Luc presumptuously strolled across their lavishly decorated room within the confines of the OsC chateau. Sliding his ceremonial OsC Bisma Ahmed Pakistani robe on over his elongated shoulders before stopping at the base of his walk-in closest. Each side housing a congregation of masks and armored faceplates, part of the assassins recent obsession. Carefully he collected the crimson tinted mask once worn by his father in the days of the Les Assassin Silencuix. After the distinct whistle of the airlock sealing shut he proceeded downstairs to his communications chamber. "Ordinateur, contact de tentative avec les fonctionnaires utopiques. Je souhaite discuter une résolution avec Mme Lopez" (Computer, attempt contact with Utopian officials. I wish to discuss a resolution with Ms. Lopez)

Jean Luc LeBeau was in full support of the registration, having authored the original, a more stringent comprehensive and wider spanning legislative bill was the only logical progression. In a World were countries had been destroyed and conquered with but a thought, something, or one, had to step up and proclaim these acts unconstitutional and a direct threat to democracy as the World knew it. And despite his differences with the Utopian authoritative process Gambler knew the other-side of the equation was far worse. "Ms. Lopez, I know dat dee last time we....met, twas a bit strenuous to say dee least. However a greater concern now loams and I believe you and I can come to a mutual beneficial understanding. But first dings first. I demand dee release of one Cassidy O'Rourke, aka Dark Huntress, alias Mercy....."

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"YOUR MOVING TO UTOPIA?!" The male duo blurted out at the same time.

Levinastood before them, her head lowered, avoiding eye contact, she knew she was going to have to make a choice, she just didn't realize how quickly she was going to have to make it."Look... I'm notenthusiasticabout it myself."Levinasighed. "But with the wholeRegistrationthing going on... there's no way I'll be able to play superhero anymore here in the US without putting you and my family in danger."

"YOUR FULL OFSH!T!"Danielblurted out. "We know you HATE and disagree with theRegistrationand now because you have to make a difficult choice, your going to run away to Utopia?!"

"I'm not running away! I'm making a mature decision!" she yelled back at her friend. "If I move to Utopia, I wont have to register under the Utopiangovernmentbecause I'm part of Trinity. If I stay here, I'll be forced to register as a USCitizen,doesn'tmatter if I'm allied with Trinity or not."

"Quit Trinity!" Micheal's head popped up like he had an idea. "Just quit trinity, and... stop being a hero. Just beLevinaagain." he looked at her friend. "You guys are the only friends I have, and to loose one of you guys because Maya is being a power hungryb!tch... its not fair."

The hero frowned, she hadn't been able to sleep for over a week because of this. "I can't quit being a hero. After the lecture you two gave me when I first got my powers... how could I?"

"Oh NOW you listen to us."Danielvoice was filled with anger.

"Look I'm doing this to protect you guys!" she snapped back at him. "I don't want another war in my town andconstantlyworry about you guys because bad guys know who I really am!" frustration filled her. "If something happened to you guys because of me, I don't know what I'll do."

Shaking his head Daniel turned his back to her, slamming a handagainsta wall.

"But what about your family?" Micheal finally asked."And how are they going to take it when you tell them about this?"

"I'm not." she pulled out a stack of papers from a back she was holding. "This is the paper work thatsaysthat even though I am underage, I have the legal permission from my parents to go live in Utopia on my own without them."

Daniels body whipped back around asMicheal'seyes widen insurprise.

"How'dyou manage that?" Micheal asked, there was no way her parents would agree to this.

Levinachuckled. "My parents are always drunk, just catch them with a hangover and they'll sign anything that's put in front of them just to get it out of their face."She paused for a moment as she put the paper work away.

"So... when do you leave?" Daniel asked the question both of the guys were too afraid to ask.

The blond hero paused for a moment. "After I leave here." it was almost a whisper. "The sooner I leave the better."

"WHAT?!" The two blurted out again at the same time, they figured they would have at least tillthe end of the school year with their friend.

"What about school!?" Micheal was beginning to panic now.

"Trinityhas theL.O.V.EInstitutefor female heroes, I'll be getting my education there."She reached back into her bag. "But... all because I'm leaving,doesn'tmean I don't want you guys to stop being my helpers." she pulled out two communicators. "These are fromTrinity, I kinda... 'borrowed' them." she placed them inMicheal'shands. "Their linked to just my communicator and... I'm hoping that when I still go out on missions and stuff... you guys will still be there?" she slowly looked up at the two.

Micheal gently grasped the communicators. "Voltage Team for life." he gave a grin as Daniel stood behind him, not even looking at his friend that would soon be leaving.

Levinaopened her mouth to stay something, but before she could, her communicator went off. Pain began to develop in her eyes, she didn't want to leave... not yet. "I have to go."

Micheal quickly stepped up and gave her a hug. "I'm going to miss you, but you do what you have to do." he pulled away as he looked over toDaniel, stubborn and angry still.

"Go on, leave." Daniel's words stung deep.

With thatLevinaturned and walked out of the Voltage Team HQ for the last time and began to make her way to her new life as a UtopianCitizen.

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"You do not have to involve yourself in this", a dead-serious Athena advised, intently watching her brother Alceus lift a pair of supernaturally heavy dumbbells during an intense training session. Sparkling sweat dripping from his forehead, his flawless blonde hair wet with sweat, The Champion struggled to maintain the conversation whilst pushing his physical limits. "Gnnah!", he exclaimed, abruptly dropping the two dumbbells as they cracked the marble floor beneath his feet. Panting, mighty Alceus turned to face Athena, his expression was one of surprise, "You really believe that?", he asked boldly. "Yes I do. You are to be the savior of this world, not a mindless warrior who fights in wars because of petty mortal affairs... damn it Alceus, you are a god for Gaea's sake!", Athena shouted. Sighing briefly, Alceus replied, "No I'm not!", he shouted, "And neither are you. You know I don't think of us that way. We're not special".

The Son of Olympus openly defied his sister's wishes, "I'm honestly surprised you think you can talk me out of this. You know that the Utopians are some of the people I've sworn to protect. Everything that threatens them is my business. I have to be down there with them. To protect them from the horrors that this war is going to bring", Alceus said, the tone of his voice growing calmer as he took a seat on a marble bench. "You really expected me to stay here in our uncle's dimension, watching Utopia suffer because I'm not there? You should know me better than that", he said, a hint of disappointment in his voice. Sighing, an apologetic Athena sat beside her brother. "I know, I know. Sometimes I forget how dedicated you are to helping these people. It's just that... Alceus, this upcoming war is between very powerful sides. You will be risking your safety, I simply do not want you to return to me completely broken", Athena replied, voicing her concern for him. As he was about to utter yet another word, Alceus paused, "Don't worry. I can handle myself", The Champion replied.

"Take care of yourself", Athena said, still concerned for her brother's safety. Hugging him warmly, her worries were ever so prominent. While she has fought beside him in countless deadly battles, Alceus himself has never involved himself in a war of such destructive potential. Flashing a reassuring smile at wise Athena, Alceus stood to his full height and prepared himself for the following day, where his assistance will be of great help to the Trinity Foundation. With the next day having arrived, The Champion wasted no time, immediately demanding that a dimensional rift be torn open before him as a means of transportation to Earth from his current location. With Athena tapping into her magical resources, the goddess of wisdom hesitantly transported her closest brother to the skies of Earth. Descending from an unbelievably high altitude, The Champion gently landed a few meters away from the Trinity Foundation headquarters. With his main priority being the protection of the civilians, Alceus' energy-senses were awakened to their full-capabilities, nothing will pass by undetected. "Maya, I'm in Utopia", he said, speaking into his Trinity communicator as he contacted his team's leader, wondering what specific areas in Utopia he will be tasked with protecting.

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The Night Before

Bishop slouches back staring out the balcony window of his Solace City condo at the rain, as it splashes onto the glass and cascades downward. A womans form casts a shadow against the wall adjacent to the couch, long gone into her rest. He stares out into the greyish night, recollecting the events of Ruin that have left him in a spiral of self-loathing and self-abuse. His usually smooth face now covered by an unsightly nappy stubble, rings of crescent darkness sit under his eyes from sleep deprivation, Both with a reddish hue from the constant drinking and smoking. As he sat there, the thought of children and women screaming in horror filled his mind, knowing it was very likely what was happening in California at that moment. His attempts, each and every on that godless, chaotic night, proved to be just another check on his list of futile and failed efforts.

As the image attempts to rest in his mind, he washes it away like a fresh tide on a beach with an ocean of Jack daniels, the moans of the woman he met in the casino used like a sirens song to drown out his own rerunning self-loathing words of negativity, a fog of cannabis hides the memory under a thick veil that he may never let dissipate. As all these things rush at him, he grows tired. Tired of the turmoil his life has attracted, tired of never meeting others expectations, and most of all...too drunk to bother to get to bed. He drops the lit cigar on his alcohol covered chest and passes out

Morning After

The acrid smell of smoke hangs in the air surrounding him. The sun shines through cracked grey clouds pinning random bits of light across his body. A thick caramel hand blocks the beams, the other rips off his scorched black t-shirt. The woman he had met left a number sitting on the arm of his chair "Delinda 555--" He crumbles it up, sizzling in his palm until he just lets it float away in the recirculated air of his home. He puts on his custom uniform, now with a trinity emblem sown into the back, and heads down to Monroe Park. The feeling in his chest would never go away, but that didn't mean he should just up and quit. With temendous will, he slides a convincing smile across his face as he greets the desk clerk in the lobby. "Hey there, Richard, any news for me?" the suited man with a comb over sits in his elevated office chair jotting notes down from a computer terminal screen. He flips through a calendar book with raunchy pictures of women on each page, "Nope nothing as of yet 'kit. Believe me though, something pops up every other week around here." He laughs "You'll be the first guy I call, promise. So, lookin' to get some trainin' in or...? " he drifts off awaiting a reply, pinching his two fingers together and sucking on them as to signify smoking a joint. " Come on,rich, Have some class man, this isn't eighth grade. I'll be in the gym." He strolls off without looking back at rich, simply raising two fingers in the air to signify his good will to the inappropriate at times, but good man.


As the sweat drips off of his body, he counts off the repititions in his head. Images of the mysterious woman whom he fought fueling him from one lift to the next, finally hitting his quota.

Richard runs into the room with a towel over his shoulder, Surkits' suit folded neatly resting on his forearms and a communicator on top. "Well, looks like wishes do come true. Ms. Lopez herself wants you at this location, as in five minutes ago." As he throws in his clothes, he reads off the destination on a slip of paper tucked in-between, surprised to find it was in Utopia. "Any idea what this is about?" He asks, hoping to have some information before running into the situation head on as he did the last time, which proved fatal. "Alls I know, is its a local problem, and we don't get local problems- ever." Rich walks over to a seamingly smooth wall and begins tapping it in an area of six inches. it slides up, revealing a tube to the surface, mot likely an emergency hatch thats common in New Jerusalem. "Your chariot, sir" He says, bowing sarcastically.

Surkit straps on his gloves, inserts his communicator and enters the pod. The sound of flushing water can be heard before the wall closes. as it does surkit puts his hand in it, " Hey Rich?"

"Yeah Surk'?" He lifts his mask and shakes the clerks hand, "The names Bishop" Rich looks at him with new eyes, seeing the man instead of the super "Go gettum sur- Bishop"

With a nod of understanding the two go their spearate ways, Rich back to his desk. Bishop, up and into his new homeland, Hoping he may find an ally and not just an enemy this time around. He presses the comm in his ear, "This is Trinity Member codename: Surkit, I'm en route"

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I was once a mercenary and than a heroine.  People liked me than but this is now.  Hatred looms over my head but don't they know of my numerous troubles?


She stands before a few hundred.  Flashing lightly nearly blind violet eyes.  Yet, the bones know to remain still.  And the muscles have yet to quiver.  On this evening of all hours; Zeraz Tower casts a foreboding shadow.  Confidence is incapable of withering.  Sealed cherry flavored lips reek of untold truths.  Whispers scatter like wildfire.  Unable to delay the inevitable the matron of thee Zeraz legacy adjusts the microphone while her eyes remain in lock with the most fearsome of American journalism.  

"Society is dying.  In the past year our governments have been overtaken by the meta-human gene.  Countries that once flourished now crumble beneath the heels of the untrustworthy.  Tenebrasque IN controls nations once believed to be unyielding, New France exists as an outcast to further degrade the developments of other countries in order to prove their own technological superiority, all the while Utopia sits in its little corner forced to become the epicenter of the newest incarnation of a fiendish attempt at regaining power in this world we live in.  Chaos will no doubt ensue as the imps of our native lands act unnecessarily violent.  I see no need for this.  This registration act's eventual passing is not the issue we should not be worrying about.  It is a topic that should not be overly discussed.  It is a sample matter of international security that'll keep the average superhuman in check.  What baffles me is the lack of conversation pertaining to the likes of Eternal Chaos, Morgaine de Bourbon, and Maya Lopez.  We fear one, ignore the other, and let the blond write a meaningful bill but still we know nothing of them.  Have we regressed to the point where we submit to fancy costumes?  What happened to the swagger and charisma that America once had?  Why are we slipping away and allowing others to do as they please?" 
She pauses.  Inhaling the cold atmosphere and exhaling the worries within the soul. 
"I'm not trying to undermine this act.  I wholeheartedly support it but I feel as though we've lost our backbone.  It's taken so long for us to get back on our feet but still we watch these fights between costumes as if its a Michael Bay trilogy.  Why do we wait for a smart idea when our brains should be thinking without the aid of a telepath?  It seems whenever I talk, these empty faces are unable to retort.  I speak the truth.  It isn't our choices that distinguish who we are.  It's our commitment to them.  Within the next few hours, Zeraz Industries will be implementing rescue centers in the outskirts of these isolated countries.  These efforts will be protected by the Sector Eleven agency in order to prevent further bloodshed in this world." 
Silence among these mouths.  Astonished by her brassiness.  How can she speak so openly, is she not afraid of the consequences?  Sadly, she is unable to emote a care for such hypothetical after effects.  Her stance remains solid.  Her honesty itself pierces into the minds of various.
"Doubt is a disease.  It infects the mind, creating a mistrust of people's motives and one's own perceptions.  Doubt has the ability to call into question everything you've ever believed about some.....and reinforce the darkest suspicions of our own inner circles.  These new countries have infected us but one of the three hopes to unite us.  I say we allow the act but we must be cautious of their wordings.  Our trust can be manipulated and looking the other way will only result in our downfall.  I ask my fellow Americans to stand up for you believe in, voice your opinions, disagree if you must, but please do not back down!  Support registration if you want accountability!  State your opinions if you want equality!  Prevent the growth of the wicked and untrustworthy!  My name is Clarice Michelle Zeraz.  Any questions?" 
Of all my convictions, some see an innocent victim.  Others see evil incarnate getting exactly what she deserves.  

Today Begins...

Her thoughts are dedicated to a happy existence.  Running across an empty field, arm in arm with her two favorite men.  An adoring husband and a carefree living son.  The taste of freedom excites the nervous system while the sight of happiness draws out sweat from a supposedly cold body.  As Sean relaxes among sunflowers, Michael laughs as Clarice stumbles awkwardly.  She falls into his arms willingly letting go of any worries and embracing his love.  She's at peace.  Away from the conflicts of yesterday.  Their lips touch but this is all a lie.  She is somewhere else as well. 
Eyes open as Egyptian sheets are pulled off her bear body.  Wrapping it around her voluptuous frame, Clarice attentively watches the movement a well-known player.  She shares this bed with Jean Luc LeBeau, the originator of all things tactical.  He too took a liking to the registration act, only because it was his idea first.  Ever since than, countless nobodies have tried and failed at copying his signature originality.  There was much she did not know of his plans.  All she knew was that the Order of Sancta Camisa was returning and he called upon the aid of the Zeraz bloodline.  Helping him would ensure her families safety in the aftermath of the oncoming complications.  

He was contacting the leader of Utopia, but why?  "Miss Lopez, I know dat dee last time we....met, twas a bit strenuous to say dee least. However a greater concern now loams and I believe you and I can come to a mutual beneficial understanding. But first dings first. I demand dee release of one Cassidy O'Rourke, aka Dark Huntress, alias Mercy....."  His mentioning alone of the wretched Cassidy was enough for the redheaded mystery to hop off the silky bedding.   
"Jean...whatever you have planned there is one thing you must know.  I will not be rescuing the Dark Huntress.  That handicapped hussy murdered me and I refuse to allow her place in your heart to dictate me as well.  There is no friendship between her and I.  If there is anything else I can do..please do contact me.  Until than I have a fitting for a crown, meant only for a Queen.  And as a gift for allowing my entry into this marvelous home, know that Tenebrasque IN and its forces will not interfere in whatever you have set into motion."  She said, disappearing into the shadows.  Touching her temples, her abilities of telepathy extend through these barriers. 
Eternal Chaos, it seems after the events of the Ruin Kingdom...my predictions were indeed correct.  Our enemies will soon wage war against one another.  It seems our dearest Cassidy has invoked an international incident, how unexpectedly predicted.  Regardless have no fears because once this is all over...one enemy will fall and our rule will have one less opponent to think about.  As for the speech yesterday, I apologize, but a lady of my stature has to uphold to certain standards.  Blinking her eyes twice, Clarice switches channels to her young nephew who so happens to live in Utopia.  
Closure, its me Clarice.  I'm not sure what's exactly going on but it seems our paths will soon cross.  Be the hero you are and protect Utopia's citizens at all costs.  If we are to promote your image as a hero, entrepreneur, and war relief activist, the less fatalities the better.  If anything goes wary...Gambler has ensured me your amnesty from whatever may happen.  What I'm doing may come off as shady by I owe this man a favor.  They will call me a whore, a liar, a manipulator, but none of this is true.  Blood is thicker than water.  And I just don't want you to think any less of me.  I love you Noah with all my being.  Family comes first.  She spoke, maintaining a observation on her surroundings.
Getting dressed in her black Sector Eleven attire, Clara Mass wraps her curly crimson locks upward.  Happily grasping her ebony blade, she returns to the room, eyeing Gambler from head to toe.  His physique is something to desire.  Part of her hopes to always have him but that is a false hope.  Jean is no one's to withhold because Esther still has his heart and she always will.  No one can compete with the original woman, everyone else falls in comparison.  Clarice knew her place by his side but still she urns for more.  A favor indeed by the possibility of power intrigues her curiosity.  
"I fear the fitting will have to wait.  What must I do? Oh my dearest King of Kings?"  She said, licking her lips and pondering what today shall bring. 
At the end of the day, I know who I am and what I stand for.  Nothing can break the unbreakable.  I am the definition of imperfectly perfect.  I am Clara Mass.
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Following the events which transpired at the Ruin Kingdom, the Hunter barely escaped with his life.  However, he was not alone.  Several members of the criminal underworld had escaped as well, and had witnessed his return.  As rumors surfaced of his return, several bounties were put out on his head and assassins from all walks of life attempted to put the Greystoke Legend down once and for all.
Plunged into a world which he no longer knew, separated from all former allies, and weakened from his forced cryogenic hibernation, the Hunter appeared to be an easy target.  Sure enough, many killers made their move and failed.  Like an animal with its back up against a wall, William Greystoke was forced to resort to acts of a more savage nature.  Though he hated to do it, he fed on his attackers before abruptly ending their lives.
Reestablishing contact with Wolf Pack was not as simple as picking up a phone.  During his absence, all former Wolf Pack codes, frequencies, and safehouse locations had changed.  More often than not, William would manage to find an old safehouse - only to discover that its contents had been completely cleared out.
In addition to the change of frequencies and codes came a change in leadership.  The Hunter learned that Hawk had taken over the reigns of leadership shortly after his capture.  Recently though, Hawk had apparently left - leaving Risky in command.  For the time being, William would leave things that way until he had tied up some of his own loose ends (mainly involving his capture and what exactly was taken from him against his will).  Wolf Pack seemed to be steady under Ruby Glassman's leadership, and he saw no need to involve them with his own personal vendetta.  For the time being, he thought it better that his presence be kept a secret from them.
Apparently, the news and other media had focused their attention towards Utopia - now under the leadership of Maya Lopez.  Indeed, Utopia was where it all began.  That would serve as the focal point from which the Hunter would begin his quest....

Utopia (11:37PM)

In a secluded alleyway, William collapsed to the ground gasping for air.  Reaching up, he removed the thin wire from around his neck and tossed it to the side.  Across from him, his assailant silently rose to his feet from a pile of rubble.  Gritting his teeth, the Hunter rushed towards his opponent and lunged.  As he did so, he brandished one of his makeshift adamantium daggers in his right hand.  With the dagger held in a reverse grip, the Hunter attempted to slash the throat of his assailant and end him once and for all.
However, in the blink of an eye, the assailant side-stepped the Hunter's attack and drove his shin into William's abdomen with a powerful roundhouse kick.  In that same motion, the assailant snaked his right hand up to the back of Greystoke's skull and used the momentum to literally slam his face into a brick wall.  Though his immortal lycan abilities greatly increased his reflexes, William was somehow a little slower than usual.  Nonetheless, his opponent seemed to be able to match his speed and reaction time perfectly.
To make matters worse, the assailant's strength was vastly greater than that of a normal human being.  This assailant's superhuman strength combined with his amazing agility and reflexes caused William to wonder whether or not he was fighting an actual super soldier.
As he picked himself up from the ground, William closed his eyes and began to control his breathing.  When he opened his eyes, they were a bright yellow feral color.  With a low growl, the Greystoke Legend locked eyes with his opponent and slowly rose to his feet.  Tilting his head to the side, his neck let out a sickening sequence of pops and cracks.  The wounds on his face then began to heal themselves as he bared his teeth and crouched low to the ground.  There was no way that he would let this assailant leave with his life.
Like the strike of a viper, the assailant's right hand shot out with a powerful attack aimed at William's solar plexus.  In the blink of an eye, the Hunter brought the edge of his left hand down and deflected the blow.  With the adamantium blade still clutched in his right hand, he plunged it into the inner "pocket" of his opponent's attacking elbow.  He then released the blade and brought the back of his right elbow up with a sharp blow to his opponent's temple.
Sliding his right hand around the back of the assailant's neck, he drove his knee up repeatedly towards his opponent's abdomen.  Two shots connected deeply, but the third was blocked by the man's left forearm as he followed through with a palm strike to the Hunter's chest.  As he reeled back from the palm strike, William crouched low to the ground and shot forward again.
This time, his shoulder connected with his opponent's waist.  Using the momentum of the attack once again, the Hunter pivoted around his assailant's base to the rear.  From there, he locked his arms around the man's waist and lifted him up into the air - bringing him down with a strong suplex.  Kicking his legs out behind him in a sprawl, William used his own upper body as a pivotal point and rotated his position nearly one hundred eighty degrees.  He then slid his right arm under his opponent's exposed throat, pulled him up slightly, wrapped his legs around the waist, and proceeded to apply a brutal guillotine choke.
Just as he could feel the windpipe of his opponent begin to buckle, combined with the small cracks and pops of the man's spinal column, the assailant plunged a blade into the side of William's exposed ribcage.  Roaring in pain, Greystoke released his victim and the man sprinted towards a nearby fire escape.  When he pursued, he was met with a sharp side kick that sent him flying back nearly twenty-five feet.
Immediately, his assailant went on the offensive again by running up a nearby wall, using it as a platform, and launching off with a flying side kick what was powerful enough to crash through a brick wall.  Still crouched and holding onto his damaged ribcage, the Hunter suddenly leaped into the air to meet his opponent head-on.  His eyes flashed over to the pile of debris from earlier, then back to his opponent.
At the last instant, the Hunter side-stepped the attack.  However, he caught his opponent's leg and pulled it in close to his body.  Using the momentum of his opponent's attack against him.  Greystoke sharply turned to the left, redirected his opponent's attack, and placed his hand on the man's throat for an added boost of force - slamming the assailant back-first into the pile of debris.
When the dust cleared, William's assailant lay there - impaled by a large jagged piece of broken metal.  As the man lay there shaking, the Hunter moved in quickly and ended his suffering by snapping his neck.  For a brief instant, William stopped and looked at his assailant - obviously some type of well-trained assassin.  From the look of the man's fighting style, something seemed to be familiar about it.  Running the tips of his fingers over the man's suit, Greystoke brought his hand up and took in the man's scent.
Another scent lingered.... one that the Hunter had some into contact with several times in the past.... particularly during a certain stormy night deep down in New Orleans, Louisiana.... then again on grander scales such as Asgard itself..... then again during several further encounters.....  There was no mistake when it came to the scent of..... the Cajun.
Unclear at the time, the Hunter's own private investigation had caused him to cross paths with legendary Noir Grenouille; and it had nearly cost him his life.  William suddenly looked up as the sounds of sirens and voices could be heard in the distance.  Gathering his blades and taking a few souvenirs from his kill, Greystoke quickly prepared to exit the scene.  Yet, as he prepared to flee to scene, he could not help but feel that he was being watched.  Looking up, he sniffed the air.  As he finished gathering what he could, the Hunter then fled the scene.
Soon enough though, more familiar elements would begin to enter the puzzle - some friendly, and some hostile.....
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“They’re all hypocrites” Maya said, finishing her prayer to God and thinking about Andy. “Dad, they’re all hypocrites. Kurrent used to preach “by any means necessary” yet he cannot see that this is necessary.” She said, slowly rising from the side of her bed, taking her little boy in arms. The T.I threat didn’t deter her at all, as a matter of fact she figured it was time someone erased the irritating eye sore off the map. Her hatred for them ran deep; the roots of this hatred were saturated by the downpour of failure. Maya’s last venture, Omega Justice; was utterly destroyed by T.I. The difference between then and now was, T.I was once run by Darkchild and Reenforcer, Arrow was there, as well as Magneto there was virtually no way she could’ve won back then.

Despite T.I’s drop in power and huge influences, Kain took over and promptly started where Darkchild had finished in capturing both Russia and Iceland undisputed. “Ma’am, equipped are you to handle a possible war with the U.S and T.I?” a reporter whom adeptly maneuvered through her body guards asked. “I’m not going to comment on the whole subject of war; both the U.S and Utopia have been debating over peaceful negotiations for months.” Maya replied somewhat humble. “As for T.I they can go f#ck themselves” She said, swiftly walking through the sea of reporters and flashing lights.

Sitting with her head propped up against the backseat of her limo, she let out a long sigh. “Contrary to what people believe this doesn’t have the makings of a civil war” Maya said, to her advisor whilst pouring a glass of Pinot Noir. She hated the tasted, but loved where it usually put her, and right now she wanted to be anywhere in the universe but on Earth.

The sleek black limousine continued towards, downtown Solace City; where Maya could already see hundreds of people in line registering their information to the Trinity Foundation. That was heaven; hell was waiting for her in front of the transition tube down to New Jerusalem. A coalition of Anti-War and Anti-Registration activist protested Utopia’s recent world actions. Maya’s security guard kept close, to block anything that might be thrown; however the young blonde pushed away and addressed her people.

“I’ve tried to be civil in these last few weeks, but it’s not working, I’m sure you all have heard my speeches; where I’ve stated multiple times: The U.N forced this upon us, and I’m forcing it upon you. “You all have a problem with it? Then write your congressmen, oh wait that’s right you don’t have ONE; so shut the hell up and let me fix this.”

The crowd stood almost quieted by their leader’s rather crude speech however they continued to follow her until she opened the door in the tube. “The U.S has been preparing for war against us, since we annexed Greece, under Jean and Ziccarra. I’m sorry to inform you that this is unenviable.”

“Yeah, and follow T.I, because once Kain; takes you into space (because he’s afraid of us down here) and tortures your souls. “I’m going to take a page out of my kidnapped rival’s page and create a “New Utopia…b!tches” Maya hit the button on the shoot and instantly was sucked through the tube down towards New Jerusalem.

As Maya sat at her desk, trying to analyze an attack strategy for T.I; a red glow began to shine from her Fendi purse. Opening the bag, the Red Lantern ring that came to her a few months back was screaming for her to accept it. “NO!!!” she screamed, moving away the ring quickly and backing into a corner.

“This isn’t my fate!” she said, exiting the room. (To be continued, Trinity Limit#3)

The Utopian President, stumbled into her office infected by the effects of nausea and vertigo; “URK!” hunching over she threw up a crimson bile; knocking all her documents over in the process. Holding her stomach writhing in pain; she focused her mind and allowed her healing factor to quell the sharp pain.

Maya managed to make it to her seat, activating her ringing ecosphere; it didn’t take long for her to decipher the man’s voice. His dialect was one of the very few she hated hearing.

"Ms. Lopez, I know dat dee last time we....met, twas a bit strenuous to say dee least. However a greater concern now loams and I believe you and I can come to a mutual beneficial understanding. But first dings first. I demand dee release of one Cassidy O'Rourke, aka Dark Huntress, alias Mercy....."

The message to Maya back, why the hell did he think she was here? Maya composed herself and then quickly responded in her usual “Maya manner”. “First let me start by saying, the last time we met; I should’ve killed you, then and only then will me and your b!tch of a daughter be even.”

“Secondly, I don’t have Cassidy; I’d never depreciate the value of this land, by kidnapping that trollop. The years spent in Utopia was getting to her as the Rebirth Culture that Z had installed before her ‘death’ was coming out in Maya.

“I’ll leave you with this warning; In Utopia, I’m personally putting a price on your head, Fourteen Million to the person who brings you in; have a good rest of her life”. She said, killing the link.

A few moments after she killed the transmition with Gambler, The Champion chimed in letting her know of his arrival. “Champion, I’m leaving from New Jerusalem to join up with Surkit and Editman; come with me as back up; Styke, Angeni you guys are reinforcements. All Trinity members are on standby and are to pull patrol on The Trinity cities while momma bear is gone…something doesn’t seem right” she said, wondering why Gambler though she had Cassidy.

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Her brown eyes wondered around the building as she walked through the L.O.V.E Institute in Utopia. She saw pictures of heroes before her time who have made positive impact on the world; Angelic Reaper, Primavera, Mistress Redhead, Jasmine Cole, Magda, Dawn, Charge Up, Charmix, Franky Cook, so many names, so many faces that will never be forgotten. Lauren wanted that, she wanted to make a positive impact on the world. The young teenager was willing to put aside what the world did to her, and push forward to a positive future. Lucky for her, that lead her to Trinity Foundation.

She confronted Maya Lopez herself about this and even while the Utopian President was being attacked from every angle about the Registration, she still sat and listened to what Laruen had to say. The teenager told her, her story, from when she was born from two normal, human parents and developed her powers at the age of one. Was taken by the government by age of two during the first registration act and since then had been a lab rat. She told Maya of her escape just last year, and her run since and how she came into Utopia. After everything was said and done, and long conversation with the President, Maya gave the teenager a spot on Trinity. For the first time in a long time, the new hero felt like she found where she belonged.

No more running, no more hiding, no more constant poking and isolated cells. She was… free and when the time was, she gave a silent vow to go back to those who held her captive all these years and free those who are still being held against their will. She wouldn’t let them win in the long run, she would fight back, when she became stronger, she would go back.

Most people saw this Registration Act and immediately went against it, but if people took the time to look it over, its not being forced by someone WITHOUT powers. Its being placed forward by someone who was like them, a human with super powers, not a power hungry human who wanted to put a leash on every powered being out there. Not so that they could poke and study you under a microscope, but to actual try to make the Earth a better place to live. Maya had a vision to change the world, and Laruen wanted to be a part of it.

Her communicator then went off, cutting off her concentration for a moment, reaching into back pocket, she grasped her new little toy and flipped it on.

“All Trinity members are on standby and are to pull patrol on The Trinity cities while momma bear is gone…something doesn’t seem right”

Lauren nod her head to herself as she tucked her communicator back in her pocket. Slowly rising her arms up to her side, her feet began to levitate off the ground as she slowly began to rise upward along the side of the L.O.V.E Institute. She wasn’t flying, she couldn’t do that, not yet anyways, but because of her powers, she could become as light as air, and rise into the sky. Landing on the roof top of one of the many buildings in the city she looked down at the area she now called home.

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Their was a war coming, it was similar to the one fought in the past, but this war was on the track of being grander than the previous and Kurrent could not let that happen. The first war was planned expertly by Gambler, he made it to the most powerful position in the United States and had people believing in him. Although Kurrent opposed him he had to respect the charismatic approach that was taken by Gambler. This coming war was different and The Hero knew it.

The Trinity Foundation had fortified themselves in Utopia and have slowly taken over the surrounding areas. "Was this the plan all along" was on of the thoughts that plagued him. How he not see what was happening, how could the world not see? He had even formed a team, The SIB to combat this like this and it slipped from right under his nose. They say the greatest game the devil ever played was letting the world know that he did not exist, in Kurrents thoughts the same can be said for The Foundation.

He had to find out what was going on for himself. The rumors, word on the street, media was all bulls!ht to him. He needed to hear it from the source, Maya, he needed to go to Utopia, but first he needed to change into his new red suit that he would use in missions that required a more menacing approach.


Using the zoom tube tech on his bike The American Badass, Kurrent was able to teleport into Utopia. He had become rather gifted in the teleportation tech after learning from Mistress Redhead and was able to bypass the security implemented in Utopias defenses. It was not an easy task and he was sure that he tipped them off but he would cross that bridge when he got to it. After camouflaging T.A.B turned his head to see a man in front of him. He was intimidating in size and his aura gave Kurrent a similar feeling that he felt when Zeus temporarily restored his power. "Damn that was fast" he said drawing his gun on The Champion being sure that his intrusion to Utopia was known. "I heard you talking to Maya, why don't you get her down here for me."

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Fortunately, Maya's response was received earlier than anticipated. Patiently listening to her words from his communicator, Alceus was told that Maya intended to leave New Jerusalem in order to meet with other Trinity Foundation members, Editman and Surkit. She didn't hesitate to ask The Champion to accompany her as backup, while ordering Stryke and Angeni to remain as reinforcements, and finally, all other Trinity members were told to remain so that the cities are protected during her absence. While mighty Alceus' original intention was to remain behind and protect as many civilians as possible, it seemed as though Maya had thought ahead, having the bulk of the Trinity members remain in the cities for the purposes of protection. Perhaps though it was only for this brief occasion, as Alceus has stated before that once the war commences, his main priority is not to do battle with the opposing forces, but to protect those who are defenseless and vulnerable against the consequences and the horrors that come with such wars.

Offering his response, Alceus agreed to accompany Maya but never hesitated to make his intention of protecting civilians once the war begins clear, "I'll go with you Maya. But once the war begins, I'll return to keep the civilians here safe. As capable as our teammates are, my main priority is to protect Utopia's people", Alceus replied, voicing his desire not to be a cause of bloodshed in the war. However, on the verge of terminating his conversation with Maya, valiant Alceus suddenly felt a surge of energy in the environment, one that can only be identified with the presence of a superhuman. "Someone's coming", he thought, his energy-senses were on high alert, waiting for a super-powered being to emerge. In an instant, an unknown stranger managed to bypass Utopia's technological defenses and teleported to The Champion's location. The man's energy-signature was of no doubt, superhuman origin, it was far too intense and powerful to belong to one who is not super-powered. The man stood in front of Alceus, and while at first the Son of Olympus failed to recognize the man, soon his identity revealed itself. "Maya you might want to get down here. Somebody managed to bypass Utopia's defenses", Alceus said, addressing Maya through his Trinity Foundation communicator, informing her of the stranger who burst through Utopia's defenses.

With a more focused gaze, Alceus' eyes briefly widened for a moment as he realized who he was standing face to face with. It was Kurrent, a hero of legendary status to many and one who had Alceus' respect. And unknown to The Champion, at one point, Kurrent's powers were restored by Zeus himself. As Kurrent drew his gun, ready to counter any form of hostility, Alceus made an attempt to calm him down. "Calm down. There's no need for that", The Champion said, his composure at its finest. Kurrent however, wasted no time, making his intentions clear, demanding that Maya confront him. Speaking into his communicator, Alceus informed Maya of his current situation, "This might interest you. The guy that managed to bypass our defenses, he's asking for you to come here and meet with him. Kurrent's here", Alceus revealed, turning his attention back to Kurrent. While the man was indeed ready for any form of confrontation, Alceus was clearly not going to engage him, "You can put the gun away, I'm not going to fight you. A battle would just destroy the city anyway", he said, "I'm sure Maya will come to see you. Let's not make this ugly", Alceus concluded.

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"I do not approve of your love towards the young son of Zeus."Hephaestus bluntly told his daughter while working on a new invention.The Greek God of Fire and the Forge is a huge lump of a man with his shoulders at different heights and a huge, bulging, misshapen head and his leg in a steel brace, with a wild brown beard that sparks fire from time to time. "What do you have against him father? I do not understand." Helena was becoming frustrated with her father not paying mind to her and not accepting Alceus. "Because.....I just don't like him." Hephaestus let out a cold laugh trying not to reveal that he was lying. Helena was getting so frustrated with her father that she just wanted to pick up a mallet and hit him over the head with it. "You tell me lies. I demand to know why you hate him." She approached her father from behind. "Can you stop working for one second and look at your daughter?!". She shouted with anger. Hephaestus let out a sigh before turning around to face his beautiful daughter. "Zeus had slept with many women even when he was married and I do not wish for you to be hurt." Hephaestus frowned before going back to his work.

Helena shook her head before placing her hand on his shoulder. "Are you saying he would be with more than one woman? Alceus is nothing like his father and I know that for a fact. I'm not a little girl anymore and even if he was to do that I would break every single bone in his body." She chuckled before moving back and leaning against the metal wall. Hephaestus couldn't help but to laugh at his daughter statement. "I guess your right. I would ask you to help me build some inventions but I know how busy you are with Athens and helping the mortals." He said finally finishing up the invention he was working on. "I have time--". Before she could finish her sentence the Trinity communicator went off. "Champion, I’m leaving from New Jerusalem to join up with Surkit and Editman; come with me as back up; Styke, Angeni you guys are reinforcements. All Trinity members are on standby and are to pull patrol on The Trinity cities while momma bear is gone…something doesn’t seem right". Maya indicated.

Helena gave her father a puzzled look since she did not know what was going on due to her just joining the team. "I shall arrive shortly, Angeni out." She spoke into the communicator before putting her long hair into a ponytail and braiding it. "I must go father the mortals need me but I will be sure to visit you and mother." Helena gave her father a quick bear hug before releasing him. "Wait before you go! I remodeled your bracelets since your last pair was damaged by Zeus during the war." Hephaestus said while giving his daughter the new bracelets. "I call it the Bracelets of Hephaestus." He smirked. "Thank you father and I'll be sure to keep the name." She said before giving him one last hug and exiting the cabin.

Helena stood on the edge of Mount Aetna and equipped the Bracelets of Hephaestus on her wrist. "My first mission on the team.......this should be Interesting." She said before taking off into the sky and heading towards Utopia.

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The hairs on Atticus' arms stood on end. He could feel the energy leaving his body, jumping from one follicle to the next, finally being expelled into the more infinitely massive pool that all life sprang from. There was an inordinate chill in the air; maybe from the cold northern region Utopia graphed, just the userpic void that only awaited the coming times. If it wasn't so utterly tragic, he could have maybe laughed at it all, but after returning from his almost equally horrific trip in the Northern-Western region of Africa, to be greeted with the promise of war was no lullaby at night. In opposition, Atticus wanted to protest his appearance, his existence within such distasteful action, and yet, the Keeper, as in being the keeper of his brother, inside of him allowed him the grace to participate. He knew that everyone involved would not only bring the most hell they could to the other, but that in the wake innocent life would be taken. Wars of Attrition, likened to that of the first World War: dug out trenches, torturous mustard gas, never ending hatred for no reason...He couldn't equate the two but they both touched each other in outrage. The world was set ablaze with the fire of discontent, not unlike the times before, when such political legislation was forced. Time and time again, Maya, his leader, told him though, that this was different...He couldn't possibly understand why, or even how, but her sincerity, her utter belief in everything she did, made it seem like his fighting for her, his fighting to protect a land he'd only called home for very few months now, acceptable.

After receiving word that he was to aid other members, namely a goddess named Angeni, were to stay in Utopia, protect it...Atticus only knew that it meant, with their lives if need came to pass. He wanted to go AWOL, and never be heard of again, but again, the keeper had a task and that was to defend, and protect. Fighting the good fight was never an easy task, but knowing that you are the good guy eases the pain of taking a life...Or so he though, or at least wanted to think. It was so different, actually smelling blood as it dripped from a villagers neck...Or seeing nub limbs from a Blood Diamond war, or witnessing the famished youth and elderly struggle for a blade of grass to gnaw on. The tragedies of humanity, the complete and total lack of love for each other was appalling. Atticus was faced with a choice: Pursue his life's goal, which was to become a politician, enact world saving legislation...save the world..and a new one, forced upon him by an ancestry he's gladly sever, use the powers his bloodline flowed with, and save the world...Destiny had that effect, no matter what road you take, it's always going to lead to the same destination...The latter was taking precedence as of late, even reluctantly so.

Speaking calmly into his Trinity Foundation communicator... "This is Atticus...awaiting orders"

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The smothering silence is disturbed and a slight chill creeps in her spine. News spreads to the Wolf Pack that a fellow ally by the name of Mercy was recently abducted while at the same time a different news had been circulating for the taking of a registration which strained some members. The Utopian first initiated the campaign and other countries followed suit, while her own country of Japan remained on a neutral stance. Too much was going on at the same, seemed quite odd though especially on the kidnap of Mercy, her location was sent as a beacon igniting all those to recieve to prepare an invasion. The sense of change in the air switches people own opionion in a war to come, take a stand for pro, or become the opposite and to be oppose. But what's really stopping the Wolf Pack's witch from venturing forward to choose a stance was her family political reasons in this heat. "I'll have my say in this later." the alluring enchantress said as she walked out and made way to her home land.

"You'll progress no further, sister." a captive and static voice spoke assuring that a reasonable explanation was to follow, "But-" Sayomi was cut off before she could even explain herself, her reasons to wanting to help her team. "Don't you see the stakes you are taking here, the minute you enter their soil you have directed Japan's stand in this registration, for the anti's. You are the princess of Japan Sayomi, start acting like one instead of a brute soldier. I've allowed you freedom to pursue your life and even join the Wolf Pack, but this is one of those times where you cannot go with your friends and attack a nation that is neutral to us. Doing so will have declare a sign of war. Do you really want war among us?" as an empress to Japan she had to make decisions not for her own benefits but for her people as well. A break of silence was broken when Sayomi opened her mouth in retort, backed by anger and a unreasoble response "What would our parents think of this? We have to act now before it's too late! They can come at us at any time!" trying to sway her sister to agree on her terms, but the empress remained strong on her grounds, "They have no say in this, until they break from their coma! I've already ensure defenses are well wrap and tight in Japan, you think I don't take precaution? Mystics are well rounded. So long as our parents are in their endless slumber, for now I am the Empress of Japan and it is my duties to look out for it's people not for the likes of your own interest!" her voice grew in anger as the thoughts of her parents steeped in, "You think that's enough, work on your best interest sister.", "Need I not remind you that it is still our first goal to revease this treacherous spell place on them! You think I don't work days and night trying to find a cure for them while you get a free pass at chasing butterflies! Don't tell me how to act in my best interest, I've managed to unify and annex Korea to Japan in the midst of our parents accident, picking up their left over! Take a look in the mirror and judge your own actions first hand, sister. In two weeks from now you are to marry and set a cement with China and it's ruler. Tell me how you'll balance your life then, will you still judge, bringing you to act of your own selfish reasons and bring your new home to ruins or will you act for the people? If you dare go, I will resign every ties you have with us and exile you from Japan!" she finished off looking away from her sister, her hair flies in the same direction, then she exhales hot breathe to cool herself down and release her angered spirit.

"I understand." she said, while getting on her knees and bowing before her sister, she then marked her way to existing the palace. "Do you think she will listen my empress?" a humble servant asked, "Knowing Sayomi, it's like talking to a senseless puppy, gullible and naive, doing quite the opposite. Bring in the Circle", "Yes my empress." her footsteps travel through the room to out the door, reaching out to the members and preparing for what's to come. Reaching down to her pockets she take out her standard I-Phone and began tapping the screen, dialing with two words flowing from her mouth, "I'm in.".

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Beware, beware, the little mountain sight.

Beware, beware, all it's might.

Beware, beware, they must unite.

Beware, Beware, there will be a fight.

Beware, beware.

Beware, beware.

Beware, beware.

A non-existent little girl eerily repeated the poem. Again and again. The words echoed throughout the blank space within the mind of Alex Gray. Beware, beware. But beware of what? The Rider floated within his mind as he looked around the empty space. His ears followed the words of the little girl and he closed his eyes as he tried to take it all in .

" Champion..."

Alex's eyes shot open as he returned to reality. The dream has been plaguing him for the last few nights. He got up from the couch his body rested upon as he leaned towards the table and listened to Maya's voice from the communicator.

"I’m leaving from New Jerusalem to join up with Surkit and Editman; come with me as back up; Stryke, Angeni you guys are reinforcements. All Trinity members are on standby and are to pull patrol on The Trinity cities while momma bear is gone…something doesn’t seem right".

The Rider reached for his communicator as he rubbed his eyes. The team grew noticeably ever since he joined the Foundation. They worked endlessly and according to Maya, something else was wrong, but what? No matter the situation, he was ordered to be ready for any possible situation. Alex walked towards the garage

Alex zoomed through the city on his cycle. The black beauty sped around the city as the Swordsman observed the streets of the grand nation of Utopia. The sounds of people and children talking about the hero did not phase through Alex one bit. He did not seek fame, he did not seek power, he just wanted to solve a mystery.

The Swordsman spoke through his communicator, "This is Stryke." His tone was monotonous as usual, "I'm patrolling the streets. Nothing strange has occurred as of yet. I'm awaiting for further orders."

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I hate attention but I push myself regardless because I'm done being a piece of background.  It's time I take the shine. 


He sits twenty-seven inches away; analyzing the massive crowd as her speech comes to a close.  Hundreds of hearts beating like an orchestra, playing thee awful tune of paranoia.  He keeps his eyes tight as the sun's setting aligns with this melancholic mood.   Attentive pupils paint a picture of spiking energy signatures.  All feel normal but there is an exception.  One of which does not belong.  Whatever it may be is concealed by an uproar of questions.  A jolt of nervousness brings the boy to his feet but voices cloud his thoughts.   
"Please, leave me alone.  There's a reason I've stepped down as the face of Zeraz Industries.  All I ever wanted to do was make a change for this country.  Instead of causing war every other weekend, I've always prayed for a bright future.  However, my acts are only received with negativity.  Acceptance is all I ever dreamed of but all that's asked of me is drama, angst, and pictorials of my journey's with the Trinity.  I don't speak, I don't write, I don't flaunt because I consider my personal life no one's business.  We all have secrets right?  Secrets we keep locked away from the rest of the world.  Friendships we pretend.  Relationships we hide.  I am a person just like you and I'd appreciate privacy." 
He inhales the love of his family and exhales the hatred brought onto him by mere strangers.   
"If you're wondering about the rumors of my death.  If you intend on asking me about my troubles there will be no proper response.  I am simply done with the blinding lights that are the paparazzi.  You've heard of my story.  Little German boy comes to America, discovers his father's legacy, and hopes to bring closure to his unfinished business.  Journalists have tried their hardest to validate my actions.  Books have described my intentions in despicable ways." 
His smile is wicked and stains the minds of those of see.   He talks as if all those who are not he are below him.  Even if his words sting truth.  It's the way he talks that will make these adults crawl up in the fetal position.  What has he become?  Self-involved it seems or something much worse.
"What's done is done but still the ears of the media will not walk away.  For the innocent, the past may hold a reward.  But for the treacherous, it's only a matter of time before the past delivers what they truly deserve.  And there you have it.  Sooner or later I'm sure you'll all learn of what I am but not by my own free will.  Perplexing I know but what can I do but talk whatever way I wish to talk?  Yesterday dictates my tomorrow.  So please kiss my ass and have a pleasant evening."   
Bewildered by his unprofessional manners, retorts aren't made, notes are jotted down instead.  Whatever happened to the boy next door?  He's shyness withers away as boldness sprouts abroad.  He pushes the unsuspecting narcissistic gossipers aside so his body is not moistened by their heavy panting breathes.  He's somewhere now.  Wondering where the mysterious person had fled.  Why is he acting so out of line?  Because he's been poked, prodded, and now studied.  A cloth beneath his shoe. 
"Oh Jean.  I'm a hero these days."  He said, placing the cloth inside his pocket.  With nothing else to do the Son of Thunder plans to return to Utopia within the next twenty-four hours.  When away from the overbearing forces that be America; Noah could always find rest and relaxation whenever strolling through New Jerusalem.  There's no need to worry.  What could possibly go wrong?  Rhetorically speaking of course.
Stealing the spotlight is rather easy if charisma is a genetic gene.  I was once an unscathed topic.  Soon enough, I'll be known worldwide once again. 


After the events of what scholars called the Ruin Kingdom, Closure barely escaped with Mister Mercury in tow.  Although the reasoning behind the team-up remain unknown, the rescued's identity is to remain disclosed.  Not to mention the timely intervention of his ever so talkative aunt.  Her name had become a subject of interest as of late.  Everyone knew of her but Noah didn't understand why.  Scratching his head at the cliff hangar ending of Jerseylicious the Son of Thunder accepts an incoming telepathic call from the world's stealthiest reality-warper; Clara Mass.  
If anything goes wary...Gambler has ensured me your amnesty from whatever may happen.  What I'm doing may come off as shady by I owe this man a favor.  They will call me a whore, a liar, a manipulator, but none of this is true.  Blood is thicker than water.  And I just don't want you to think any less of me.  I love you Noah with all my being.  Family comes first.   

Puzzled by her cryptic wordings, Noah cringes at the thought of his aunt being a sleazy hooker.  What was happening, that it'd cause him to think of her any less?  She's been more of a mother to him than his own mom.  Whoever bad mouthed her would no doubt lose some teeth, but Gambler's involvement only meant disaster.  Aware of his past with the Lopez family, the yellow eyed warrior smashes the television screen in a fit of rage. 
Clarice, don't do this!  It's one of his traps.  He's been wanting our loyalty ever since we settled our pact months ago.  The marriage with Angelique didn't work out so this is just another ploy to higher power.  Whatever he's promised you.  Please deny them.  We've worked so hard to build a better life together.  I won't let you throw it away with the false hope of becoming an earthbound goddess.  Can't you see your losing your humanity?  Clarice?  Clarice, don't you dare ignore me.  No matter what's been told to.  I haven't given up on you.  So, why have you given up....on your---
"Alceus!"  A panicking scream shatters the windows, all because the telepathic connection has been abruptly severed.  Ripping off his shirt the Son of Thunder punches the whitewashed wall until his knuckles bleed.   Angry tears slide slowly down his reddened cheeks.  Noah cannot fathom what this day will bring forth.  He doesn't want to think.  He wants to sleep.
"Damn you Alceus...Angeni...all of you will pay for what you've done."   
Pulling out the aged cloth from yesterday, Closure reads the numbers inscribed deep into the fabric.  Excitingly fetching his phone, he dials in the numbers at a fast pace.  He wants to end this as quickly as possible.  The sooner the better.  His home would not be tarnished by the presence of the unwanted. 
"Jean.  What do you need me to do?" 
His ears catch a conversation being held miles away.  On accident the charming voice of Maya Lopez creeps into his ear.  "All Trinity members are on standby and are to pull patrol on The Trinity cities while momma bear is gone…something doesn’t seem--"  Closure gears up rushing as if time is of the essence but rather accordingly.  Strapping his helmet safely on his skull, his face does not indicate humane emotion.  Debts would be paid.  Utopia will remain undamaged.  
Running at a quickened pace the Son of Thunder coincidentally bumps into his fellow Trinity teammate. 
"Stryke, it's me Closure.  I've circled across the cities in a continuous loop in hopes of locating any unnecessary visitors.  Judging by the foul smell in the south sector, not mention a trip in security, I have reason to believe we have a visitor.  Care to take this mission with me by your side?  I believe it's about time we teach these grunts why Utopia is not the country to mess with."    He said, thinking of hundreds of plentiful methods to hunt a hunter. 
I'm not the most known person in the pageant but soon people will quiver upon the mentioning of my name.  I will remember this day.  People will learn my name.  Whether they want to or not.  I couldn't care less.  My name is Noah Rochelle Zeraz.  And I'll bring closure to your measly life with a dagger through the heart.
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Making an Example

“Sha up” Maya screamed, her ecosphere activated taking her to a blue computerized like dimension and dressed her in her black and white Trinity uniform. Surkit, Editman and Olympian Champion were to accompany her to the Turkish part of the Utopian Empire; to check in on a distress signal. The signal wasn’t like anything Maya had ever come across, most of the Utopian countries was run through the Ninjan tech; the fact that this was foreign in nature drew her ever most close to it. She was finding it increasingly hard to keep up with Utopian politics as well as; maintain the wellbeing of the nation.

It didn’t take long for the Utopian Monarch to take to the skies; in a rush to meet with her Olympian friend. Maya expected Editman, to arrive first seeing as he was the first person to respond to the beacon; The Champion would act as the enforcer, and for the time being Surkit was being brought along just because he was the newest member. Maya made it about halfway out of Solace city before she was telepathically messaged by the Champion again. "Maya you might want to get down here. Somebody managed to bypass Utopia's defenses".

The news halted Maya for a moment; this day couldn’t get any odder. “What do you mean someone breached security”. Taking a moment she opened up her ecosphere to check the main borders, they indicated nothing of a forced entry. “Teleportation” she said, squinting her eyes, moving in reverse she turned around and headed for O.C’s current location. “Everyone wants some of Utopia now-a-days” she thought to herself, thinking about how everyone wanted a piece of ICE when they declared themselves a separate nation. “The only way to protect the world…is to conquer it” she thought; however this wasn’t her own thought; for a brief moment and time something invaded her mind and caused her thoughts to be swayed.

"This might interest you. The guy that managed to bypass our defenses, he's asking for you to come here and meet with him. Kurrent's here” O.C chimed in again; before this information she was casually flying; now she was making haste. Activating her ecosphere, Maya alerted the nearby police; she wasn’t going to give Kurrent amnesty because they were Vertias Teammates; she needed to make an example out of someone; who else then the Hero’s sacrificial lamb.

Honing in on the Champion’s position she landed to see Kurrent pointing a gun at O.C. “You dare break into my home and threaten one of my teammates” Maya said, waving her hand attempting to use her magnetism to pry the weapon from his hand.

“Not only do we have an American illegally trespassing on Utopian lands, but he’s smuggled an unregistered weapon and threatened an officer of the law” Maya said, with her hands on her hips. Almost on cue, hundreds of Utopian police officers arrived on the scene as well as the local news stations.

“Damn it Kurrent, you just can’t stay out of the news” she said, shaking her head. “Alceus, go join Editman and Surkit” she said, waving him off. “When you get there I want a full report one everything including location; terrain and personnel report” she said, handing her second in command his mission. “If anyone asks I’m dealing with Kurrent”.

The police escorted Maya and Kurrent into an underground facility; this was going to be the place that housed the people whom didn’t register. Maya followed the police as they escorted Kurrent into a white room full of white walls.

“You’re requested my attention and now I’m giving it to you” Maya said, not looking the excellence of execution in the face. “I didn’t want this, but you guys across the pond are forcing my hand”. Maya said, not really wanting to do this to Kurrent. “You’ve been the biggest, critic against Utopia and now you’ll be the example for the world”

“Seeing as you broke several Utopian Laws, and are above a Class II on the threat scale, you should be sentenced to several years in the place. “I’m asking you to register with the Trinity Foundation for your international crimes or…suffer the consequences” Maya said; hoping Kurrent would cave.

If he chose not to the room would be activated by her echosphere technology and fill his mind with images of himself being tortured. “This is not about Freedom, it’s about protecting the people of the Future” she said, with her hands behind her back.

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The second they went underground Kurrent began to survey the prison. He looked at everything trying his best to subtly make photographic imprints in his mind. He needed to find an exit, even though he had just walked in he was planning possible escapes. Something told him it would not be that simple. Getting the drop on Maya was out of the question. There was a time where she revered The Hero and perhaps he could have used that and caught her off guard, but not today.

She was different, more powerful, motivated and in her home court that was something that Kurrent could not compete with. He continued to survey the area as she spoke and listen carefully to what she had to say. Every word that came out of her mouth was important, anything that she said could possibly used against her.

After she spoke he paused and looked deep into her eyes making sure that was he did or said next was the right thing. When he was ready began directed his words to her, "You've changed Maya," he said in a soft tone but quickly changed it to have more conviction "I can't help but wonder that deep down you know that this is not the way. I came here to try and convince you of that, but I have seen enough there is now way back from this. You will get what is coming to you"

He knew what was coming next, Maya was not know for bluffing. He braced himself and thought that it was better to already be in Utopia now then when the attack comes and the defend it. He has seen their forces and know that whoever tries to attack will be in for a long night. He took a step back away from Maya and said one final thing to her, "remember this, the road to hell is paved with good intentions"

Almost on cue Kurrent went to his knees as horrific images began to fill his head. They were much worse that what Maya made it seem. Kurrent let out a scream as he felt everything happening to him in the virtual torture. Through his screams he was able to muster one word hoping that Maya was still in the room. Defiant as ever he shouted loudly, "MORE"

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Calmly the Aristocratic Assassin sat alone in the basement of the OsC Chateau struggling with his thoughts and emotions. Long had he denied himself the affluence of emotional attachments. Instead he indulged in the selfishness of ambitious conviction. But recent events had challenged this method of thinking forcing the Cajun to deeply reflect on his self-adsorbed disposition. The Utopians had ridden a wave of unbridled political power to the heights of artistic administrative government. Backed by the United States as well as the United Nations the Trinity Foundation was all but untouchable behind their wall of Ninjan technology and military superiority. Now they stood on the cusp of innovative World reform through global jurisdiction.

"Illuminate" his thick Cajun accent echoing off the walls as the artificial intelligence known as Oracle reacted. Instantly the room burst to life revealing test tubes, holographic monitors, beakers filled with DNA and other genetic material gathered and cultivated throughout the years. In the corner protected by a synthetic vibranium glass case rested the Ninjan prototype battle suit the assassin had commissioned during the Tb-In Hellfire Club war. The unmistakable letter S embroidered on the chest, a symbolic gesture to the beloved deceased ex-wife of Jean Luc, Sha. Tracing his fingers along the case the Living Legend forced an uncomfortable smile before turning back towards the viles of blood,one vile in-particular. "Oracle, ready sample INK4A." Issuing the command while rolling up his sleeve, Gambler securely strapped himself down. Methodically several animatronic limbs began preparations. *Sir, my calculations show a 98.43 percent chance that another injection of Ninjan Dna( see the Tb-In vs Hfc war)will destroy your body from the inside. Rapid cellular degeneration will cause your body to bleed out from any and all openings causing systematic deterioration.*

Although he knew the Oracle was right Jean Luc had run out of options. The OsC were still re-establishing themselves and were years away from legitimately challenging a force as formidable as the Ninjans and the Trinity Foundation. A single Ninjan had almost ended his life, an army would have little trouble succeeding. So with a deep breath and a weighted heart the King of Kings sighed, "Proceed...."

3 hours later:

Jean Luc's attempt at diplomacy had failed. Maya had emphatically denied any knowledge of Cassidy's abduction and subsequent whereabouts despite the Prodigal Assassin's homing locator pinpointing her location deep within the Utopian border of Turkey. Either the triumphant Trinity leader was lying, or the house of lopez was infected with treacherous design. By now Gambler had fitted himself with a state of the art Black Vibranium Kevlar micro-woven bodysuit complements of the enigmatic Science Branch, weapons division. As Gambler arrogantly marched through the halls he could feel his blood racing through his body like an instantaneous surge of power. However it was quickly followed by a sharp piercing pain digging deeper and deeper into his cerebral cortex. Fighting past the pain he managed his way to the communications wing. "Alpha, Zulu, Foxtrot. Wolf Pack come in, copy? Wolf Pack dis is a priority level Omicron transmission, call sign....Assassin. Dee Trinity Foundation must be stopped at all costs. Dee OsC and I are about to deploy to Utopia. Requesting any and all available members to assist in dee rescue of Cassidy O'Rourke, aka Mercy. In addition, requesting two priority kill contracts for one Ziccarra Liafador and Maya Lopez. Compensation to be delivered upon successful completion of contract. Assassin out." Although the animosity between the two factions ran deep Gambler hoped the realization that the Trinity Foundation was closer to global superiority then any team before them would circumvent the hostility and provoke the iron willed Wolf Pack into action.

His next transmission would be his last, "Sancta Casima, one of our own has been taken captive, dis, is unacceptable. Alter any and all current mission statues and re-divert actions towards Utopia. Bring Mercy back by any means necessary. Or die trying..." Then, squeezing his hands tightly and releasing them he crouched down before firing straight up through the roof in a crescendo of unmitigated power and rage, thundering through the sun drenched sky rocketing towards Utopia.

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Mere minutes after informing Maya of his current confrontation with Kurrent, Alceus was taken aback by how fast Maya had arrived on the scene. However, his composure remained as Maya addressed the decorated hero known as Kurrent. Despite standing for what he believed was right, the Excellence of Electrocution had already broken numerous Utopian laws simply with his presence in the city. The words being aimed at Kurrent from Maya implied that the two had a sort of personal history. "Huh?", The Champion's attention soon shifted from the superhuman duo to the countless masses of Utopian police officers that arrived in the scene. Maya took no hesitance in handing Alceus the mission of grouping up with fellow Trinity teammates, Editman and Surkit, while she dealt with Kurrent.

Requesting a full report on the situation once he arrived in the intended location, Maya dismissed Alceus, telling him that if anyone asks of her, he should simply inform them of her current situation with a trespassing Kurrent. "Alright Maya. I'm off then", the Son of Olympus said, taking one last glance at both his team leader and Kurrent, one of the most respected heroes in the world. Blasting off into the skies, generating a slight shock-wave as he did so, The Champion had his Trinity communicator search for the locations of both Editman and Surkit. The process however, was unfortunately not instant. Flying through the cloud-infested sky, courageous Alceus patiently and silently waited to be informed of his teammates' location, never forgetting the orders that Maya Lopez had given him. But an aspect of his encounter with Kurrent, could not help but toy away with his curiosity. "I can't say I didn't expect Kurrent to agree with the Registration Act. But to go so far as to illegally teleport into Utopia? The heroes of the world must really disagree with Maya's decision", he thought.

Having once looked up to heroes such as Kurrent as a symbol for heroism and justice, The Champion sighed, while freedom was something that he held dear to his heart, it saddened him that seemingly the world has traded freedom for security. But it didn't matter at the moment, while he has taken an official neutral stance in regards to the registration act, Alceus' ideals have somewhat forced him to be more sympathetic towards the anti-registration side. But all of that would have to wait for another time, the beeping of his Trinity communicator indicated that the locations of his teammates have been successfully detected. Following the trail that would lead him first to Editman, The Champion soared through the skies, speaking into his communicator as he got into contact with his teammate, "Editman, I'm coming to your location. Maya's busy with Kurrent", he informed. In a matter of seconds, he could spot the faint shadow of Editman in the distance as he flew towards his teammate.

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"This world, is but at an end," Tormenta murmured in his secluded hotel penthouse. The Black Mamba turned the television off, disgusted with the well-being of the world. Another proclaimed Registration Act. The Assassin already knew the outcome. Every attempt had failed before, there was no chance for this one actually working on a place like Earth. Why? Super-powered people were anti-establishment. The amount of egos were just too much to unify. This 'Utopian' society wasn't so perfect. Nor the people who ran its government.
Tormenta went into his bedroom and slipped into his walk-in closet. He grabbed the nearest shirt and slid it over his bare chest. Beside this assortment of hung shirts was a oak table. On it were two blades, both five feet long and and four inches wide. Their curved edges pointed up toward the ceiling. The usually Black-Clad Assassin--plainly garbed in pajamas--grabbed one of the weapons before exiting back into his bedroom. 
His bare feet trotted over the marbled floor, which felt cold on his skin. He crouched next to a vent, his gaze fixed intently on it. Without warning Tormenta's body began to dissipate. His head turned into a thick mist first, before the rest of his body and the sword in his hand. The mass floated in the air for a moment before diving toward the vent. The diffused Disciple of Deception navigated through the ventilation system with relative ease. His body slipped into another room two floors below him. Although not as large as the penthouse, this one was large enough to hold a closed bedroom and a living area. Tormenta's gaseous body floated towards the ceiling, unseen and unheard. The Genetically Engineered Assassin peered down to a couch. On it, several men watching TV. Each of them had a weapon in a holster on their chest, but they didn't look intimidating arguing over Family Feud in Spanish.
The Black Mamba's body rematerialized in a corner of the ceiling, in which he held himself up, his sword in his mouth. Then he pounced. Tormenta dropped down and sliced one man across the chest. The other two, stunned, immediately tried to retaliated, but were too slow. The Disciple of Deception stabbed another before pulling the blade from his soft flesh and sending it again through the third. All three men were now peacefully calm as their life-blood cascaded from their wounds. Tormenta, without a single drop on himself, stalked off towards a bedroom. Inside were two men who were deep in conversation. They ignored the Angel of Death, waving him away as if he were a lapdog. 
"Death is a release for those on my hit-list."
Both heads turned and four eyes focused on him. Tormenta grinned, his sword dripping blood...

Tormenta sat outside on the penthouse porch, a cup of coffee on a table beside him and a newspaper spread across his lap. He took a sip of the brewed drink peacefully before an intense ringing from a small device on the table grabbed his attention. The Black Mamba's mind stopped wandering, and focused on the sound. He clicked the sides of the communications device, and a very familiar voice interrupted the calm morning air. It was a melodic voice which captured Tormenta's attention. The voice of the Cajun, the King of Kings. "Sancta Casima, one of our own has been taken captive, dis, is unacceptable. Alter any and all current mission statues and re-divert actions towards Utopia. Bring Mercy back by any means necessary. Or die trying..." 
The Black-Clad Assassin immediately knew what he was supposed to do. He stood, letting the newspaper run off of his legs and onto the ground.
"I'll die before failure." 

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Atticus was on edge, as well he should have been. There was a smell of salt, a tinny musk that reminded him of a car junk yard. He didn't know where it came from, just that it made him sick to his stomach. Churning like the ocean in the fall, he heaved over the edge of his bed. Still awaiting further orders from his team leader, which had yet to be given. The day, ever yet to have anything cataclysmic, or so he thought, to have happened, Atticus began to cry. Not being able to help it, fighting desperately to control his childlike sobbing, there was the deep sense that after today, after this time period however long it may take, his life, the world would not be the same...He feared the change. But Maya had promised in a sense, a change for the better. That this piece of legislation was for good, that the lasting effects will bring security, and most of all accountability to those who had meta human abilities. Thinking to himself "I'd give up this life in one moment" to have the life he so selfishly gave up. Like the weather he commanded, all be it, loosely, it changed constantly, and that was his mind. But one thing stayed controlled, and that was his analytically streak.

He looked at it, metaphorically speaking. From a historical point of view, he was in the middle a war that would indeed go down in history. From a political standpoint, this killed his chances of ever becoming a successful politician. Of course, in any future, it would be used against him like so many other things. The U.S. the people, the very fiber of its being,the Constitution allows people to think that it is graced by god himself. That even when in the wrong, there is divine inspiration that justifies their ignorance. It had become tolerable to wear a flag pin and call someone, your brother, a communist, or some other name that defiled the red white and blue blood they carried. But for Atticus, these things had always been obvious. The ornate hypocrisy of those that would invade Utopia for actions they tried to enforce, was laughable, farcical even, if it weren't such a threat.

The Keeper, as he was becoming to call himself, go up from his depression, and stepped outside. It was apparent to him that he wasn't at all experienced. But where he lacked there, he made up in spontaneous and raw power. It gave him a quiet strength to know that he could conjure lightning that could melt metal, and birth a cold that could extinguish. His suit given to him by the TF allowed him to move and take a lot of damage, which he didn't want, nor maybe foolishly expected. But as scared as he was, there was an anxiety within that propelled him to fight...To fight with everything he had. The throws of warfare were always unfair, and unjust. Someone always had more power, more people, more belief. And Atticus's belief was enough to push him forth.

Leaping from the high balcony, as jolt of fear struck him, but was overtaken by joy. Flying high, the sky was clear, but that smell...The tinny musk; it halted his procession. It was stronger now, and he followed his nose, downward. His skin began to sizzle, as he entered a catacomb like structure. There were noises from the southern corridors, and he followed. Looking down at his arm, the hairs stood erect, popping off literal spark. Something that generated powerful electrical currents were near him. Almost like a compass, he followed the smell of electricity, and saw something that struck his confidence. It was Maya, and another man...She seemed to be torturing him...But he screamed out for MORE!..It was confusing, and shocked him. As were the sights of war, but the reality was, he might be in either one of those positions, torturer or torturee. The Keeper didn't know if he could handle either role..

He left, lifting back into the air, to survey his surroundings. The calm before the storm was chilling, and somehow what he'd just seen was weighing on his mind...Was torture acceptable now? He thought this...Atticus knew that it wouldn't leave him until he had an answer...Now was the waiting game, would he be the fighter or would he run?

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{Cruising Altitude 74,000 feet}

His A.I kept him vigilant of how high (No pun intended) he got; going to high caused his suit to freeze up. Sean couldn’t fathom how Maya was a psychic that didn’t have the ability to see her own future; the whole ordeal was quite tiring. The politicians of the world had driven people; both Utopian and American alike into a profusion of progressive confusion. Despite his dislike for politics; the Iron Solider believed in the young Maya and her vision for Utopia. He fought Feral Nova; the bought between them not only ended in a near nuclear explosion and left him in a coma for an extended period of time. When he recovered, he learned of Utopia.

This was how America was supposed to turn out; a land ran on futuristic technology; state of the art highways and top notch schools and probably the best Army in the world. The simplistic minds of the governed would never see how important imposing restrictions on civil liberties would grow to be. The heroes of the United States did not protest the Patriot Act when it came about; only because it followed 9/11. The difference between URA was; Maya wasn’t waiting for a 9/11 to propose legislation.

{Sir, the lots for PBL- 7869; have been temporarily suspended.} Jeeves alerted. “I’m tracking that Jeeves. {That’s a first…} the machine quickly snapped back. “Don’t start with me today Jeeves, I’ve got a feeling I’m going to f!ck something up. Order from the lot TK-478903, issue it to all the troops ready to deploy, I just got word from the General, and all force protection levels are now at Charlie”. {It would appear as if Kurrent has been captured by Maya Lopez} Jeeves said, relaying the information into Sean’s window’s media player. (ITunes isn’t compatible).

The world was quickly testing the power that the young blonde exerted, He knew nothing of her intentions on handling Kurrent; but this was the example the world needed. These heroes needed to know that carelessly exercising their powers had come to an end.” I’d like to see a news report on Kurrent’s arrest when up”. {Roger sir} Jeeves responded searching multiple protocols for news on Kurrent.

{Incoming message from The Champion} Jeeves alerted, patching the message through to Sean. "Editman, I'm coming to your location. Maya's busy with Kurrent". The Champion said, moving quickly on his location. “Damn he’s fast” Sean said, watching as his fellow teammate’s heat signature moving in quickly. The hulking figure easily over-powered Sean; it was easy to see why Maya chose people like him to take over as second in command.

“The beacon is resonating from somewhere near here” he said, slowly rotating around the Champion. The thick black forest was slightly parted by the violent rolling thunder. “Let’s check it out” speeding over the sea of darkened coniferous trees; the two landed before what appeared to be a home.

This wasn’t the home with Martha Stewart décor, this was some scary Steven King type sh!t. “That’s some scary Steven King type sh!t” Sean said, gazing upon the horrifying home through the amber slits in his eyes.

“No offense, but I seen way to many; horror movies to know that the black dude dies if he’s in front or behind the white guy…we’ll go in shoulder to shoulder”.

The Two Trinity members walked through the halls with each step hollowing throughout the manor. In the deepest part of the manor, in the darkest room; he found the source of this beacon. “Cassidy Lockhart-Starks” The sight of the redhead beauty disabled Sean’s mind momentarily.

He personally didn’t know Cassidy; but when a person held a reputation as the one she did names usually meant nothing. “What are you doing here?” Sean said, taking note that he and O.C marched right through the front door. {Given the skin condition and the heat signature levels coming from Mrs. Lockhart-Starks, it is my assumption that she’s been here a while} Jeeves chimed in.

“What’s going on?” he said, scanning the room for any anomalies.

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The life as an assassin was not an easy one. Nothing was easy, nothing was taken for granted and if one wasn't wily as well as excellent at their trade, one didn't survive. It was as simple as that. Cassidy knew a thing or two about survival, it was how she made it through childhood, how she made it to the elite tier of this world's assassins, it was how she made it through the King of the Vine tournament as victor. It was how she'd make it through this; she simply didn't know how to fail.

Traps had been set, courses laid. The second they'd entered the house, the intricate array of mirrors that she'd set up had shown her who it was. She withheld on detonating the explosives she'd set under the doormat. Using unstable household chemicals and anything else that she could get her hands on, Cassidy had laid basic traps throughout the haunted manor. Dental floss used as trip wires and strung across all windows. If tripped, it would trigger implosions of the window frame, releasing shards of wood and bags of nails on any who crossed their threshold. Makeshift mines had been placed throughout the house, triggered both by touch and by detonation, the detonator that Cassidy had hidden beneath her mattress. Those were the big ones, there were other surprises hid in nooks and crannies. If she wished it, nobody would be making it through this house without difficulty.

She sat now in the corner of her bed, looking worse for the wear. Her hair was unkempt, hollow black bags underneath her now cloudy green eyes that were once as clear as the summer grass. There was a haunted expression in them due to the fact that every night, her worst nightmares came true, only she never was able to break through and convince herself that it wasn't real, it was as if she was actually living them. Her body had been driven down to pure muscle, there was no longer an ounce of fat on her due to lack of rations. As difference as her appearance was, it was her tenuous grip on her feral instincts that shone through. She was an animal backed against a wall and she was willing to do anything and truly at her most dangerous.

The first thought through her mind at the sight of them was who were they - friend or foe? At this point she had to assume that everybody was a foe. Nearly two weeks in and nobody had come. She wasn't surprised, Gambler would play this to his own political advantage and if it better suited him to keep her here, that's where she would say. Cass knew that she was going to be relying on nobody other than herself. Ziccarra and Sha had placed her here, in the land that she had once loved so much, the land that was now dictated by Maya Lopez and enforced by Trinity Foundation.

One of the men she knew, Editman. As President of Starks Enterprises it always did well to know your competition and his tech was top of the line. If she'd had her equipment with her and circumstances necessitated it, she would have tried to hack his suit, alas that was not an option now. The other man exuded an air of confidence and assuredness that could not be denied. They both appeared surprised to see her.

"Don't take another step." Her voice was rough and scratchy, it sounded like she was a lifelong smoker and heavy drinker, this was due to its only use being her waking up screaming and repeating the same thing to herself every morning. "If you're asking why I'm here you're either stupid, naive or both. What does it look like I'm doing here, you idiot? It's surely not a vacation." She leaned forward a little bit, the detonator that she held in her hand hidden from sight, but ready to go if another soul came through that door. "I'm a prisoner of war. As leader of Utopia, I can only assume that Maya's aware of it. As her personal...army," that last word was spoken with a heavy dose of derision and a curling of Cass's lip, "I can only assume that you were aware. So tell me...why are YOU here? Was the mental torture not enough? Has the realm of Utopia stooped so low that they're now going to physically torture a cripple as well?"

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It took the heroic Olympian a mere several seconds to arrive at Editman's location. His Trinity Foundation communicator/device vibrating relentlessly, having detected a nearby beacon. It seemed as though Editman had detected it as well, coincidentally virtually the same second that Alceus' device did. Nodding in agreement to his teammate's suggestion to abandon their airborne environment and land, The Champion did so, simultaneously landing on the ground's soft cut grass with Editman. Momentarily pulling out his communicator, The Champion made an attempt to reach his teammate Surkit, all the while closely observing his entire environment for the report earlier requested by Maya Lopez. Suddenly, the valiant hero's attention shifted to what appeared to be a lone house that stood before them. It was a bleak and barren home, one surrounded by an air of shady mystery and unwelcoming eeriness. "It definitely isn't a welcoming place, that's certain", Alceus said, in response to Editman's brief description of the house.

No doubt including the mysterious home's description and it's location in what will conclude as his report for Maya, The Champion walked towards the house before noticing a slight hesitance in his teammate. Pausing for a moment, mighty Alceus couldn't help but chuckle as his teammate spoke of horror movie cliches, suggesting that the two enter the house shoulder to shoulder. "No problem", Alceus smiled, "I never took you for the type who likes horror movies. Then again I don't know that well", he continued, creating the basis for small conversation prior to encountering something that would require their complete undivided attention. The halls the two walked through were dark and infested with spiderwebs. Almost instantly upon taking his seventh footstep, Alceus' energy-senses detected a faint energy-signature nearby, a particularly fatigued one but belonging to one of superhuman attributes. "Someone's in here", Alceus warned, just above a whisper as he briefly turned to face his teammate Editman who walked beside him. Eventually finding themselves behind a door with seemingly no light behind it, the two Trinity Foundation members walked into the dark room and Alceus immediately caught sight of the faint energy-signature's source, it was a redheaded woman named Cassidy, better known as Mercy.

Editman wasted no time in questioning her presence in the gaunt house, while Alceus remained silent but aware of the Cassidy's identity and affiliation to the infamous Gambler. Her appearance was an exhausted one, her crimson hair was far from silky, it was wild and unkempt. In the meantime, the Son of Olympus' energy-senses were kept aware and alerting to any rising energy-signatures in the vicinity. After Cassidy's harsh words directed at Editman were said, The Champion turned to his teammate, feeling sympathy for the woman, her current condition was not one that many would enjoy seeing. "What do you suggest we do? We obviously can't just leave her here", Alceus said. While his concern for Cassidy's health was indeed genuine, he was very aware of the fact that if Gambler were to discover her location, he would not hesitate to come for her which would be a rather unpleasant outcome. "If Gambler somehow discovers her location, he won't hesitate to come for her", he concluded.

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The screams of another human being did nothing to her conscious, too many times had she listened to the horrifying screams of someone she loved; his was no more than work on a Tuesday. “You worked alongside my sister Kurrent; there should be no doubt in your mind that I can make this worse”. She said, watching with her hands folded at the site of him squirming under the pressure of his own cerebral images. “Stop it, package him and get him ready; Kurrent will face international charges for his intrusion in Utopia.” The young leader folded her arms and began walking down the long narrow hall-way. A huge bead of sweat formed at the top of her forehead and slowly snacked down her cartilage before effortlessly being wiped away.

Opening a local janitor closet the Utopian Leader locked herself in the ‘prison’ and balled up into a corner. She didn’t want people to die, but her visions revealed nothing but destruction, she didn’t want people to suffer but she could feel the winds of misery molesting the atmosphere. As she placed her head between arms allowing the tears of frustration and stress to set in; something deep within the inner machinations of her mind snapped.

The Blonde Premier glanced up from her arms with an almost red strain in her eyes; she couldn’t kill the possibility of bloodshed, but she could make sure it didn’t involve Utopia. “I wish pulling a whole country into the cosmos’s was as easy as T.I made it seem; but there leaves only one way” she said holding her head. She came to terms with a decision that seemingly haunted her for weeks; however as she took the helms of the command desk in New Jerusalem she sat confidently. There were hundreds of people of the press waiting to hear what would happen to Kurrent, and about Maya’s thoughts regarding his presence.

“As I speak to you all right now, we are being invaded. Kurrent’s capture was not by coincidence I have seen in visions the arrival of Jean Luc, and his crusaders and; Captain Ruby Glassman and her crusaders. The presence of American Military personnel; crusading in Utopia; unregistered and unauthorized has been perceived as an Attack on Utopian grounds.

As the Primer spoke in front of her branch Generals she openly changed into her old Solace Uniform; with a few alterations. “With such attacks on Utopian Grounds, I’m declaring this right now all American tourist/contractors and those visiting Utopia, will have 48 hours to return to their country; after that our borders will close.”

In the middle of the press conference she opened her ecosphere and logged in the coordinates of where, Editman, Surkit and The Champion had gone off too. “Utopia, it seems our dream of peace will not be recognized by our western tyrants. Those whom call themselves heroes did nothing, while your families perished at the hands of Y intercept. These are the same people whom want to destroy your way of life.”

Hovering in the air on national television, the commander and chief of the Utopian Guard readied herself as a member of the TF to defend her nation. “This is not a declaration of War Utopia; this is a declaration of Independence!” she screamed.

Upon word of her speech; hundreds of Naval Warships dispatched from Utopia; the end of appeasement had come the time for talking had ended. “In order to protect the world…I must conquer it” she said, hovering high over the land watching as the sons of Utopia went off to defend their homeland. She would later join them; however for the time being she had something else to worry about.

“All Trinity members, this is Maya we’ve officially entered a state of war; if you have any disagreements now would be the time to vouch out; otherwise our target is located at grid coordinates CPG-9943, Ice Bird will pick you up and take you there, Noah, Angeni and HV hold your positions” she said, taking off in a light burst towards her point.

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The birth of Helena Troy came to be when her father was cast from the heavens by Hera. Hephaestus was born weak and crippled. Displeased by the sight of her son, Hera threw Hephaestus from Mount Olympus, and he fell for a whole day before landing in the sea. The Nymphs rescued him and took him to the island Lemnos, where the people of the island cared for him.

To gain revenge for his rejection by his mother, Hephaestus fashioned a magic throne, which was presented to her on Mount Olympus. When Hera sat on the throne, it entrapped her, making her a prisoner. The gods on Mount Olympus pleaded with Hephaestus to return to their heavenly domain, as to release Hera, but he refused. Dionysus gave the smith god wine, and when Hephaestus was intoxicated, Dionysus took him back to Mount Olympus slumped over the back of a mule. Hephaestus released Hera after being given the beautiful Aphrodite as his bride.

After a few months, Hera decided to seek revenge on her son and driven by madness and revenge, she angrily battered Hephaestus until his face was completely unnoticeable, despite the fact that this was her son, Hera didn't show any type of mercy and threw him to the Underworld where he would suffer for eternity.

Spending years of suffering in the Underworld, Hephaestus had no choice but to create a forge and work for the rest of his god life nonstop, but Athena couldn't bare to watch her brother suffer anymore and set him free. After being released, Hephaestus and Athena began to grow a relationship and the two eventually had a daughter who they named, Helena Troy.Even though Hephaestus loved his wife Aphrodite, however he was sad and angry at her unfaithfulness and he left her to be with Athena forever.

Arriving at Utopia, Angeni hovered above the city wearing her breastplatewhich had a design of an eagle crest and wearing her blue shorts patched of white stars.“All Trinity members, this is Maya we’ve officially entered a state of war; if you have any disagreements now would be the time to vouch out; otherwise our target is located at grid coordinates CPG-9943, Ice Bird will pick you up and take you there, Noah, Angeni and HV hold your positions."Maya ordered through the communicator. "War? I do not understand what's going on. And did she just mentioned Noah?". She asked herself wanting to find Noah and send him to Tartarus for his betrayal. "This is no time to be thinking of vengeance, I must focus on protecting the people." Helena told herself before taking a seat on the edge of the building.

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Dolphins try and keep side to side with the tube transport as it rockets towards the surface, but their cut short by what seems like dozens of tubes intersecting each other. As the tube breaches the water the inner pill shaped chamber flies into the sky with it's own momentum, then resets itself with built in thrusters designated to triangulate the written coordinates: CPG-9943. It falls back down in a curved descent until sliding across a field like an aircraft. The hatch is kicked off as Surkit steps out to get a lay down of the area. The field is cut in half by a thin layer of trees that seem to die the closer they get towards the other side. He steps over logs and through mud as a transmission is recieved through his comm link,"All Trinity members, this is Maya we’ve officially entered a state of war; if you have any disagreements now would be the time to vouch out; otherwise our target is located at grid coordinates CPG-9943, Ice Bird will- " The darkly clad man pushes in his comm link, ignoring the useless information. Reachig the end of the barrier he looks forward to see the full image of a house, that stood tall yet crooked. the door was open, flapping lightly in the warm air.

He smacks the tree behind him, his fist giving off a light glow for some visibility. The living battery looks around the inside of the door carefully, not sure if anybody inside is waiting for a moment to strike. The coast appeared clear, though he stepped lightly attempting not to alert anyone who may have been inside. As he walks through with his fist held up in front of him, he begins to hear the sound of voices, growing louder as he walks down the downstairs hall way, past the dining area, "What do you suggest we do? We obviously can't just leave her" He knew almost immediately it was the god-like hero Alceus.

he walks into the barely lit room to see two others, one on an old victorian looking bed who was obviously malnourished, and another who he wasn't entirely sure at first was a man or robot. "Alceus, I see you decided to step into the fray after all huh?" He points at the woman on the floor, who he remembered from the files when he was en route to Ruin. Only now she has a look of murderous intent on her face. "Starks. What the f$ck are you doin' here?" He asks with a puzzled look, "I'm a prisoner of war. As leader of Utopia, I can only assume that Maya's aware of it. As her personal...army," that last word was spoken with a heavy dose of derision and a curling of Cass's lip, "I can only assume that you were aware. So tell me...why are YOU here? Was the mental torture not enough? Has the realm of Utopia stooped so low that they're now going to physically torture a cripple as well?"

He looks at her with a twisted face then back at the others, then back at her, " You must be out of your damn mind. Why would we or Maya want to kidnap and torture a defenseless, fish legged scientist, knowing that you've got Frenchmen running after you everywhere and vice versa, huh? Do you think she wants to fight a war on one front, let alone three?

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Alex stopped at a red light. He turns his head to the right as he observes a mother and child holding hands. The sense of love and the bond between the two was strong. The mother smiles as she sees the growing knowledge of her son. He smiles as he knows that she will be there for him, no matter what. A sense of nostalgia came to the Rider. His desire to remember if he ever had a life similar to that of the child, a happy life. Did he ever have a strong bond with his parents? Did he even know his parents? The swordsman looked onward as the duo continued walking down the sidewalk.


The sound of the cars released Alex of his imagination. He looked up as the light had already turned green; shifting back into reality, the Rider zoomed forward. Car after car, street after street, the Swordsman kept on going in circles. Stopping at another red light.

"Stryke, it's me Closure."

Alex turned his head to the left as he saw his TF teammate

" I've circled across the cities in a continuous loop in hopes of locating any unnecessary visitors.  Judging by the foul smell in the south sector, not mention a trip in security, I have reason to believe we have a visitor.  Care to take this mission with me by your side?  I believe it's about time we teach these grunts why Utopia is not the country to mess with."

The Rider looked at his teammate straight in the eyes, he replied dryly, "Alright."

The duo dashed through the streets on their bikes towards the south sector as Closure had stated, there was an intruder in Utopia. Whether it was coincidental or not, Maya gave out a message.

“All Trinity members, this is Maya we’ve officially entered a state of war; if you have any disagreements now would be the time to vouch out; otherwise our target is located at grid coordinates CPG-9943, Ice Bird will pick you up and take you there, Noah, Angeni and HV hold your positions."

War had been declared, someone had infiltrated Utopia, these series of events would soon lead into something bigger. Conflict was inevitable. The duo had reached the south sector. Police officers and police cars swarmed the scene like moths to light.

"Maya, this is Stryke, Closure and I are investigating an intruder in Utopia. Something tells me that we have some more uninvited guests aside from this one."

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The blood was still on his hands and the tears ran down his face as he kneeled over her limp body. (see Cuban kidnap crisis.-hawk) Red streaks played in his long greying hair as the blood had not yet dried. She lay on the operating table as machine after machine began to work on her, and all Hawk could say was, "Risky.........risky......" It would be another hour before the team began to filter in. Richard would have to handle the debriefing as Whisper or Hawk were not in the mental condition to handle those duties. Gathering himself for a moment Hawk stood by her brushing the sweat and blood off of her face and clearing away her raven hair. He whispered in her ear over and over again until a he felt his daughter's hand on his shoulder.

Whisper ushered him into the shower to wash off the blood and sweat. She could see the strain in her father's eyes. "Dad has loved only two women in his life. My mother, Mani, died in his arms just over a year ago.....and the other lay on the table with blood pouring out of her back. Risky was more than just a partner to him, she is him. They are one in the same. She is the trigger, he is the bullet." Whisper spoke quietly to Richard as they watched their team leader struggle under the medical units.

The sound of water raining down on him drown out all thought and all the pain. Looking down at his feet the rain of red slowly trickled down the drain. He would stay here blocking out the world until....... "Sir," the deep baritone voice resonated through out the shower. "Sir," It appeared the world would not go away after all. "Yes Richard."

Wolf Pack come in, copy? Wolf Pack dis is a priority level Omicron transmission, call sign....Assassin. Dee Trinity Foundation must be stopped at all costs. Dee OsC and I are about to deploy to Utopia. Requesting any and all available members to assist in dee rescue of Cassidy O'Rourke, aka Mercy. In addition, requesting two priority kill contracts for one Ziccarra Liafador and Maya Lopez. Compensation to be delivered upon successful completion of contract. Assassin out."

He sat there staring at the computer screen, just sitting there. "Sir, what are your orders?" Still Hawk just sat there, until silently he walked over to the table where Risky lay and held her hand. Never had Hawk thought of her as small or weak, but her little hand in his, she felt like a girl. "Charmix find Mercy. I want to know her location by days end. Richard, Whisper, and Risk.... cough...." Hawk choked up for just a moment. "..and I will go after the others. Charmix will join us once we have our intel. No one engages with out my word....do you understand me?!?" Hawk voice was raising as he finished up his orders. "I will NOT let any of the Pack die today!"

With a member laying on an operating table fighting for her life, with no rest, with no regard for themselves, the Wolf Pack gathered their equipment and with tired eyes and heavy hearts they left their Texas headquarters. Pausing for a second at the door, Hawk looked back over his shoulder at Risky. Then slinging his backpack over his shoulder he did what the Wolf Pack always did..........hunted.

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Recklessly Jean Luc rocketed towards the Utopian border, the injection of Ninjan blood acting as an accelerent bolstering his mutant physiology to an otherwise unachievable level. However the side affects of Gambler's heedless act were already starting to manifest themselves on a cellular level causing his hemoglobin to congeal into a black tar like texture as it leaked from the edges of his crimson colored eyes turning them into shark like shadows to match his vibranium woven body suit. Within minutes the Aristocratic Assassin had crossed over Italy and Greece before pausing allowing his body to hover gracefully over the tip of the Mediterranean Sea. His malachite shaded cloak flowed freely in the gentle breeze as he prepared himself mentally for the challenge ahead. Ninjan technology was an amelioration of futuristic engineering capable of advanced feats once thought impossible. Gambler's molecular signature would instantly be recognized the moment he crossed over into Utopian airspace and with the affluent bounty placed on his head by the Trinity Chancellor, Maya Lopez, every soldier of fortune, mercenary, and assassin would instantly be drawn to his location and without knowing the precise condition of the Silent Flute, Mercy, he was hesitant to draw unwanted attention to the already overwhelming situation.

Deadly deliberation drowned the Savant of Sophistication's mental stability as thoughts of unbridled revenge raced through his imagination. Maya was a tactical academic and a political juggernaut. Calculating, methodical, but human. She cared for her people, her convictions were iron, her acuity beyond reproach. The registration act was a necessity in a World were Meta-Human's could, and had, conquered and destroyed entire countries on a whim. The people demanded a sense of security and she was going to deliver it to them. Forcefully if need be. Like children the proletariat had been spoon fed nonsensical Anti-Registration propaganda and like mental midgets they gobbled it up. Never understanding, never able to grasp the concept of Government intervention. And they never would. Jean wanted to unleash hell upon Maya's people for what he believed she had done knowing full will the deepest cut he could infect would be the one against her defenseless constituents, her people, her community. The notion of bringing her precious Utopia down around her head in flames was an enticing intuition, but one he would no longer entertain. He knew the agony of such an act having faced it himself years ago after Darkchild and the Tb-In all but eradicated his lovely France. Having always considered himself a cut above the common villain, above such meaningless acts of destruction and death, Gambler diverted his contemplation back towards Mercy's homing beacon.

Without hesitation the Cajun bolted across the border flying at speeds reserved for those equipped with the durability to withstand the violent strain it imposed on his body. His power was fading quickly. Luckily he had reached the edge of the property line where Cassidy was being held. Her unwilling habitation looked like a scene from the "House on Haunted Hill." A poetically theatrical move. Suspended in air just inches from the main door the Aristocratic Assassin gently landed before subtly brushing the cracked door completely open unveiling a cinematic revelation. Not one, not two, but three, Trinity members looming over the disabled body of his adopted daughter. Momentarily distracted by one another as they conversed on what, and how, to deal with the imprisoned assassin.

With the edge of his draping cloak wrapped around his left arm held close to his body like a Roman emissary, the self-proclaimed King of Kings smirked, "Her care is no longer your concern." pausing, he looked around the room gauging the looks of those in attendance. A sly graffiti like sneer raced across Jean's face as he locked eyes with the defiantly postured Mercy. Even in her present condition the heart of a killer beat strong. "Before any of you act impulsively I implore you to listen for but a moment. Your leader has set upon a path dat will only end in Utopia's ultimate destruction. Dhere is a cancer in your midst gentlemen. A.....conspiracy if you will. Ask yourselves, why was dee Registration Act introduced in Utopia? Who has dee largest growing number of Meta-Human's in dee World? Who was physically responsible for dis young ladies abduction? Ninjans, no? Food for thought gentlemen, where do dee Ninjan's loyalty lie? With Maya? No, I dink not. Dhier loyalties lie wit dhemselves, wit dee preservation of dhere race. Dhey are conquerors, and after Maya is manipulated into fighting a war on multiple fronts who will be left to reap dee rewards?"

As the Cajun let his words marinate the faint sound on military grade helicopters could be heard off in the distance, converging on Gambler's location believing his arrival to be an act of War per order of Maya Lopez. "I'm sorry, but I dont have time to convince you." Suddenly the acrobatic assassin darted towards Cassidy while she intuitively hesitated to trigger her Macgyver styled riggings. As if in slow motion Gambler sprinted as hydrogen peroxide mixed with common pool cleaner dropped in to two frozen jars causing the unstable concoction to explode behind him igniting a multitude of violent trappings to erupt.

Extending his arm as he ran past her, Cassidy's delicate body was yanked up onto his back. Tucking her head into the crease where the Cajun's neck connected with his shoulders she held tight as the pair dashingly dove through the window igniting yet another of her deadly machinations. A blossoming glass field of debris trailed behind them as the window itself exploded with in a maelstrom of wood shards and nails. Hitting the ground in a disturbingly awkward manner the duo rolled end over end in hopes of absorbing a portion of the impact. Grabbing the crippled Mercy by the hand once again hoisting her onto his back Jean Luc grimmest, "We've gotta move chere!"

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The flames had barely ignited against the sky, when the manor called upon its master, Shadows erupted from all around the manor casting a dark dome round the perimeter, a means to prevent those that dared to attack the manor from escaping before he returned. Almost at the same time as Gambler left the with the daughter of Sovereign Son and a small entourage of misfits behind him, stood him. A malevolent smile crossed his face as he looked at the scene before him, his eyes looked as if they were so peaceful, but not a peace that makes the people feel at ease, nor one that makes it safe but a lonely peaceful, it felt as if you were the only thing left within this world, a dark menacing peaceful…oblivion, shadows had replaced the suits he would normally place upon his person, they moved with a life of their own, his hair was long and white. “Now let’s see, if I have this correct.” His eyes never moved from the Cajun, his eyes digging into the very soul before him. Arrow had changed since they had fought so long ago, it was almost life time’s ago, before he had become the High Lord Of Hell, Before France and the T.I but this insult could not go unpunished, they knew who the manor belonged too, they knew in their actions that to damage it would call his wraith so what was he to do. “You come to my home, uninvited may I add. You below up part of it and think to leave without even a hello.” His eyes glowed red “Do you have no manners left? Or is the end of our unsteady friendship.” His eyes still focused on Gambler, he could feel the angry growing in him like a beast, clawing to escape to kill them all.

Arrow Manor, had remained hidden for his whole lifetime, never to be seen in the physical realm until a few months ago. It had its own power and its own mind, The manor house looked almost out of place, gas lamps could be seen flickering in the windows. It was as if it had pulled it through time and placed it perfectly into this city. But the house bore more than power it was home to everything arrow had collected over the years. It was the one solid thing within his life, the one place he could retreat to and not worry about which snake was trying to strike at him. It was more than walls and windows it was part of him, part of what he had been and what he had grown into. For the first time someone had struck at it, someone had dared lay a hand on his home and for the first time in years Arrow felt true rage, a rage he had never thought he would feel again and it had been one of his dearest friends that had struck the blow. It was true that Arrow and Jean where always trying to remain two steps ahead of each other, one never knowing what the other would do. But in all the years they had fought and battled with each other, they had always been there for the other when things became too much for the other to contain. It was this betrayal that burned the most, that brought Arrow back to his senses.

He waited for a reply and then said “The girl remains.” His voice rolled with malice, “to take her without my permission is unforgivable, from my HOME” his voice echoed around the shadow dome, the very ground rumbled. “If you do not agree to this, then fight me, place your life as forfeit and I will gladly take it.” Arrow moved forward standing a few feet from Jean “I have always stood by your side when you required it from me and I have my reason for that. But this is my home Jean….the place where very few have seen and less have dared to discarded it as you have.” As he finished his last word, darkness flooded from around them, shooting out dark shards of solid shadow towards the group. “It has been so long since we danced.” Arrow said entering the shadows and vanishing from sight as his first attacks headed towards their targets. The dome itself began to become smaller and smaller, as the shards shot forward, the ground began to rumble below their feet, as hell fire began to spout from the ground Arrow voice echoed next to each of their ears as if he was right behind them “leave the girl and live”. The house began to mend itself as Arrow began to seek the women who had brought this all to his home, with nothing but death in his mind.

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“Become the blade....be as one with it. Channel its strength and make it yours...”

It was if hecould still hear the words of that not-forgotten master as Chris moved in the near automatic patterns, the footwork, so much that it almost looked like a dance. Yet some part of him had to remain conciously aware. The monomolecular edge of the blade was a fine one, honed to perfection, and it would be just as easy to lop of one of his own limbs taking cuts as a practice dummy as it would be shearing of the head of an enemy.

But still he needed to find some focus. That edge still held him. The edge that could turn into an all out bloodbath if he let it slip one inch. He’d prefer to leave that for an enemy. Taking a breath, he’d lie that sword on the floor in front of him, set his palms on his knees and just close eyes. Do his absolute best to send his mind into that calm state he held once upon a time.... but the attempt at meditation wouldn’t last him very long at all....once that transmission came through.

"Alpha, Zulu, Foxtrot. Wolf Pack come in, copy? Wolf Pack dis is a priority level Omicron transmission, call sign....Assassin. Dee Trinity Foundation must be stopped at all costs. Dee OsC and I are about to deploy to Utopia. Requesting any and all available members to assist in dee rescue of Cassidy O'Rourke, aka Mercy. In addition, requesting two priority kill contracts for one Ziccarra

Liafador and Maya Lopez. Compensation to be delivered upon successful completion of contract. Assassin out."

“You have GOT to be f*cking kidding me.” He knew the voice. And he can still see the sly smirk behind it. He’d never liked Gambler. There was once a time that that he’d sworn a reckoning between the two. A reckoning that had to be postponed because of much more important happenstances

Perfect opportunity to settle old grudges dont you think, C? The almost snarky chuckle sounding in the back of his mind. Come on... you’ve been wanting to put a round in the Cajun for years. Answering the call will just put you RIGHT where you’ve wanted to be.

“Shut...the hell..UP.” Get a grip, Angelys. Not now. Trying to get his mind on the ball.Utopia, huh? Would make for one long trip. Seeing as he’d probably been one of the first to hear the comm, he’d patch in to the rest of the Pack, wherever themy be. “ladies and gents, looks like we’ve got a contract been offered. If you’re like me, you wont like the one offering it.”

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Shinji patiently watched his engineer, Ejima as he fine-tuned the last Naito shield generator. Almost fifteen-minutes ago Shinji and Ejima installed a shield generator in Realgam City. The black orb hovered at the center of the ivory city encased in the indestructible alien-mineral, Orion. Waiting to be activated with an electrical current releasing a concave wave of cosmic energy to the entire city. The second opalline orb reflected Solace City and Ejima's concentrated visage at transitioned into a smirk of achievement. His tense shoulders dropped with a sigh, "O-K, the shields are on standby and ready to activate." Ejima glanced over his shoulder with a jesting smile and spoke his natural Japanese tongue. "What do you think the distress calls from Her Majesty are for?"

Stoically hovering beside Ejima and his hovercraft Shinji unflinchingly responded to his engineers snide comment , "We're being manipulated into a war and this Utopia invasion is the leading piece of the arrangement." Breaking his gaze from Ejima and peering at the rolling grey cumulus clouds Shinji purposely fell into informal Japanese dialogue. "Moments like these..." Shinji smirked at his musing, "You see yourself as if you're standing in front of a mirror. And it follows you throughout the entire process. Usually we ignore the reflection in front of us. But when it's all over...you see who you truly are. Regardless. Depending on the outcome, you wish you looked in the mirror at the beginning. I gazed into the mirror." Shinji fell silent and pressed the Empyrean Carpus wrested on his wrist and opened the Naito program projected on his hologram interface.

Before he used the program, he pressed the micro-communicator in his ear and spoke pronounced English. "Utopia is now under FP-CON DELTA." His dashing face and baritone voice broadcast nationwide across major cities under Utopian jurisdiction. "Citizens of Utopia, for your safety we are under a 7:00 curfew. It's past eleven. This curfew is effective immediately and Law Enforcers are on patrol to enforce this curfew.Realgam City and Solace City residence.Momentarily, a 2 minute countdown will begin preparing your city for lockdown. A domed shield, Solace City and spherical shield, Realgam City will enclose your respective cities. No one leaves and no one enters." Shinji signaled for Ejima to follow his gravity-breaking descent into Solace City with his hovercraft as he pressed the activation key of the Naito shields. Counting analog clocks replaced Shinji's upper body blazoned on the cities megascreens and nationwide television. In one-minute and fifty-seven seconds electrocosmic shields would inclose Realgam and Solace City completely. Any daredevil keen on testing out it's effectiveness would experience a 700 volt shock and meta-human invulnerable to high voltage would splatter completely against the indestructible dome if they challenged it's durability.

Shinji calmly landed into the Solace City downtown district, marching down the middle of the street and scanning for civilians. No pedestrians or mobile cars in sight or earshot. "Perfect, they hustled off the streets." Shinji resolved nodding a greeting to a passing Police Officer patrolling his assigned perimeter. Ejima leapt off his hoverboard and retracted it into a handheld metallic cube, "Tell me, in your reflection what did you see?" Ejima's jocular demeanor remained as usual, but Shinji read a genuine curiosity in his question. Shinji personally questioned and verified his philosophy of not explaining himself to anybody. Saying what was needed, nothing more. "What do you see?" He replied as his ablative combat boots gracefully lifted off the concrete. Ejima dropped his eyebrows in thought, "Don't answer. It was a rhetorical question. Check on Rico and Alex for me, I'm following up on grid coordinates posted from Trinity." Ejima nodded in agreement still thinking on Shinji's rhetorical question as the man blasted into the clouded Solace City skies for the coordinates CPG-9943.

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Sean hated politicians almost as much as he hated his wife; the fact that the crippled assassin threatened him didn’t bode to well. “First off woman, Maya is the one who has us on a wild goose chase looking for your crippled ass” Sean remarked almost emotionless. “How can you be a prisoner of war, if we aren’t at war” Sean said, again trying to tie up some loose ends. {Maya declared war on the United States just fifteen minutes ago} Jeeves chimed, in once again raining on Sean’s parade. The combination of both Surkit and Alceus’s questions left him baffled. To be honest if it were up to him, he would’ve left the crippled wench to find her own way out; however there was a part of him whom wondered how she even got there.

While the Three Trinity members sought information; The Cajun, Gambler made his entrance; just as The Champion had predicted, he looked somewhat different and not by natural means. The last time Sean had encountered him was back during the Civil War, ironically then both he and the self-proclaimed “King of Kings” were united by cause, here not so much.

He spoke with a true Cajun accent; with a dialect that rough Sean was tempted to dance the Zydeco, all joking aside Jean spoke on something’s that made sense others that did not. Cass had mysteriously gone missing inside the Ruin Kingdom, Surkit and Shinji being the only Trinity Members there; so how would she end up inside of Utopia without them knowing who the captors was. There was a huge piece of the puzzle, in which the Trinity Members were without. The allotted time needed to truly analyze such vital information was not given; The Utopian Military was flanking and Jean knew it.

Moving swiftly Jean leapt from the wind causing Cass’s IED to explode within the manor; through there was an explosion and a gigantic hole ripped through the manor; none of the Trinity Members were damaged. Sean pushed his hands forward calming the combustible thermal energy given off by the IED. “If she could make bombs; why the hell did it take her so long to do so” Sean said, finally absorbing the thermal energy. {That’s what happens when women stray away from the kitchen} Jeeves responded.

Taking one step, Sean noticed the whole atmosphere of the manor had changed. The master of the maniacal manor had made his menacing presence known at last. To this day, this was the first time he had the misfortune off gazing upon the ruler of hell. “Dude looks like beetle juice” Sean said, looking over at The Champion.

Arrow’s reputation had long preceded him, Jean’s reputation had long preceded him and the fact that both of them were present just meant the stakes rose just a bit. From the stories everyone told about Arrow, he could see most if not all of them were true; but they chose to be heroes and they chose to protect those who couldn’t protect themselves, in that Selfless Service and sacrifice came with the job.

Arrow didn’t seem at all interested in Surkit, Champion nor Sean; something the three could work to their advantage for the time being. “Alright guys, Champion your clearly the strongest out of the two, you take Arrow, I got Gambler; Surkit take that hoe and get her as far away from here as possibly, watch out bro she spits”

He said jokingly but knowing wholeheartedly that this was about to be a one hell of a battle. {And…what happens if they decide to team up against you two?} Jeeves asked Sean seeing if he was prepared. “Well, then at least I got my final lap dance” he said, hovering in the air.

Having previously come in contact with Gambler his energy signature was the easiest to detect; dispatching his 7.62 small arm shoulder turrets; Sean fired a series of concussive rounds towards the King of Kings in hopes of him releasing Cassidy; for Surkit.

{I’m curious, if Mrs Lockhart Starks wants to go with Gambler, why not just let her go?} Jeeves asked. “Because Jeeves, that makes too much sense”

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With Cassidy apparently at their mercy, Alceus made an attempt to discuss the redheaded beauty's fate with his teammate. Unexpectedly, his teammate Surkit made a late but abrupt entrance, never hesitating to boldly insult a seemingly fatigued Cassidy. Just as abruptly as Surkit had emerged, The Champion's Trinity communicator vibrated, informing him of Maya's most recent statement, regarding the commencement of the war and while it was expected, Alceus had not anticipated it to start this early. Soon however, mighty Alceus' attention shifted from his teammates to a man that he sincerely hoped would not have come despite his prior prediction of his possible arrival. Sighing, Alceus patiently listened to infamous Gambler's words as he gazed intently at Cassidy, physically and mentally prepared to halt any attempts at a potential escape. Maintaining his composure, Alceus was ready to offer his views in response to Gambler's earlier statements, however, as anticipated, the deadly Cajun made an attempt to escape with a silent Cassidy, activating the surrounding traps.

Almost instantaneously detecting rising energy-signatures in the vicinity, The Champion readily erected a protective blue-tinted barrier around not only himself but his Trinity Foundation teammates as well. While stopping Gambler was indeed an important objective, to one as concerned and attentive as Alceus, protecting the man on his right and his left was his main priority. His environments having ignited in a violent blaze, cunning Gambler would have possibly succeeded in establishing a reasonable distance between the Trinity Foundation members and himself. However, if not for a mysterious dark dome that enveloped the damaged house, Gambler would have indeed abused his prior advantageous position to his favor. "I hope you guys are okay", Alceus said, briefly focusing his attention on both Surkit and Editman before realizing that they had all been unwillingly trapped in a mysterious dome of darkness. Suddenly, in the blink of an eye, the Son of Olympus felt an eerie disturbance in the air as a slender shadowy figure emerged, possessing a terrifying energy-signature infested with murderous intent. "Who is this?", a curious Alceus wondered, having not yet uttered a single word since voicing his concern over his teammates' conditions.

However, it was inevitable that he would soon recognize the enigmatic figure that had purposely made his presence known. His eyes widening in disbelief, The Champion had never truly encountered nefarious Final Arrow in person, to be sincere he never thought that he would ever be cursed with the being's unwanted presence. Having only heard of the villain through story and legends, Alceus' mind did not hesitate to remind him of how the legends he has been told of speak so highly of Arrow's immense power and cunning. Such legends that even bring fear into the eyes of the divine world's most powerful skyfathers. Unfortunately, as a result of Final Arrow's shadowy and unnecessarily complex energy-signature, mighty Alceus could only resort to speculating on how powerful of a being he was. While the villain had quite the reputation, The Champion somehow harbored no fear for Arrow. "Well this is unexpected", he murmured, pulling out his Trinity communicator, speaking into it, informing Maya of his rather unpleasant situation, "Maya, this might interest you. We're currently involved in a situation with Gambler, Cassidy and Final Arrow", he said, before slipping the device back into his pocket.

Fortunately, Final Arrow himself was more focused on Gambler, almost emitting the impression that he was unaware of the Trinity trio's presence. This was in actuality, quite the advantageous position, an opportunity for strategic plotting against their enemies. Abruptly, the surrounding dome of darkness steadily decreased in size, further limiting the available space, while Arrow's unwelcoming home grew more perverted and dark in appearance. Finally, Editman offered his choice of action, hoping to engage Gambler while valiant Alceus was to engage Final Arrow, and Surkit's attention was to be focused on crippled Cassidy. Hoping to instead temporarily use the opportunity as an advantage as Arrow's hunger for death seemed to be focused more on Gambler than truly anyone else in his presence. However, it was too late as Editman had launched his attacked while Arrow continuously darkened their environment, finding solace in the cold shadows as shards of what appeared to be solidified darkness sped towards the group with merciless intent. Raising a barrier to hopefully deflect the shards to another direction, The Champion realized that there was little choice in his situation.

Doing battle with Arrow seemed to be the only option as he waited for Maya's answer. Tightening his fist, Alceus fearlessly challenged the villain to combat, an outward flailing aura of intense glowing golden energy violently radiated around him, white electrical arcs surged around his perfectly sculpted body, his eyes pulsating with white energy, a display of his power, a clear challenge. His heroic heart, it spoke to him, begging him to protect the innocents that rely on him, not to allow Final Arrow's presence to be a source of widespread death. His heroic resolve unshaken, perhaps having grown even stronger after encountering Arrow for the first time in his life. But Alceus was no fool. His recent battle in Olympus had left him stripped of his immortality, he readily accepted his recent mortality as The Champion harbored no fear, the will of a hero burned relentlessly and furiously within him as he prepared to face what could very well be the deadliest enemy he has ever truly encountered.

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Nothing was happening...Nothing at all, and it was frightening, the anticipation that is. Reading in books, war seemed like something that had to be called start by a referee. Like a whistle would blow, and then bombs would drop, troops would trample over body parts and, the sky would turn an awful gray color, smelling of dry blood, victory and defeat.But nothing like that was happening. The sun was on the verge of beginning to set, and the awburn haze it let off was beautiful. Then a break in his momentary inspiration, Maya's voice began to speak. “All Trinity members, this is Maya we’ve officially entered a state of war; if you have any disagreements now would be the time to vouch out; otherwise our target is located at grid coordinates CPG-9943, Ice Bird will pick you up and take you there, Noah, Angeni and HV hold your positions” As they began to extrapolate on the small interface monitor of his communicator, he saw people scurrying through the streets of Solace City. Now it seemed real. They knew what was coming, he knew what was coming.

Any time now there would be a blast that shook the world, or a plasma bolt that would strike it into two. People always seemed to think that overpowering your enemy was the best way to beat them. But smart leaders knew that out-thinking them was the most efficient way. That question still remained to be answered for Atticus, with respect to Maya. Having only three Trinity Foundation member stay on patrol, and the rest converge in this one spot seemed foolish. Seeing as how the coordinates were right where he was, there would be little time before he saw his team members.

The magnificent city was dead now. Darkness had overtaken the bright lights, and artistic structures. The security systems were the best in the world, and outside threats were in fact a non-issue. Seeing as how Utopia was a soveriegn nation, there was no need for it to comply with NATO or any other world convention pacts. But the downside to that is that, when you make up your own rules, you have to make sure they aren't second rate to those that already exist. That was the case, Atticus hoped. Science was no stranger to the workings of this city, this nation, but neither was it indifferent to those around the world.

Whiiirrrr... The whistling noise. Was that it? Was that the start? Was he supposed to be blasting things with lightning now? The Keeper couldn't see anything though. But looking closer, he could see a statue in the park of Realgam city, not to far off from Solace city, as it began to wither away into nothingness. It took him back. He knew, or he thought that there was nothing that could get inside or outside those dome shields and yet as he flew closer, he saw nothingness beginning to eat away at a storefront. This was bad, and unexplained. An investigation could have been dangerous so he stayed airborne. The whistle sounded again, and this time he saw it. What looked like a cloaked drone flew through the starry night sky. The electromagnetic spectrum view he could see, gave him confirmation. And again, more buildings began to be eaten away at. "All members...Anyone close by... I think we have a serious problem. I can confirm that there are drone strikes targeting the recreations district of Realgam City. I can't confirm however how it's happening. All I can say is that building are being eaten away like dust."

The noise was deafening. The cloaked drones were obviously a retaliatory action to the spark of war. He couldn't be sure if this was a direct attack from any one of the world powers or NATO in particular. All he knew is that they had technology that not only surpassed that of the shields but that was silent upon destruction. The digestion of brick, steel, glass was apparent, and unyielding as more and more buildings began to wither away. Atticus finally acted, conjuring an icy wind that he hoped would quell the invisible glutton, and for a moment it did. Realizing that he had to increase his push, he called for back up..."Anyone ANYONE...This is Atticus Blaire calling for backup. Realgam City is under attack from drone strikes...Requesting back-up, and permission to leave the perimeter force fields."

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Beep… Beep… Beep… Beep… Beep… Beep… Beep… Beep… Beep…

In a seemingly endless repetition the uniform sound of the machine sounded through Wolf Pack’s infirmary. Like steely guardians the life supporting machines stood around the damaged body of Ruby Glassmann to watch over her life signs and keep her alive. They let her look small, gaunt, almost disappearing in the white sheets where before she had been able to dominate a room with her presence alone. Since her departure from Cuba she had been unconscious, trapped in the black nirvana of nothing, reliving the incident in her nightmares over and over again like a personal purgatory.

For days the faithful bang of the shot that should had never come echoed in her head, the smell of cordite stung in her nose, the sharp pain when the bullet rent her flesh was still existing in the sting in her back. But most of all there was one thing that tortured her: The certainty that her luck had finally let her down.

When all this happened she had not been as quick, as hard, as strong as she should have been. There had still been the sensation of the adrenaline that run through her blood like cool water but it had not made her stronger. There was still the conviction that her ally Fortuna would let fall things in place but she had let her down.

The conflict that she thought could be clearly seen on her face. From time to time it distorted. Sometimes in pain, sometimes in an expression as if she was refusing to accept what happened in her head. Then her hands would grip the white sheet of the bed and twist it, rip it in impotent rage. Her trained body would tremble for a second or two before she sank back again with sweat on her alabaster skin.

For her troubled team mates it was only a few days, for the Female Merc it had been a subjective eternity though. She was caught on the threshold of death, in the green neverland between earth and the afterlife, and fought her own war while around her the world went to hell.

From time to time she would come close to waking up again. Then she saw the troubled face of her friend and warrior brother Hawk at her bed, how his distinguished features were pleated to express a bond that other people could hardly understand. She would like to reach out her hand to touch his cheek, to show him she was okay but she did only have the strength to open her eyes to a tiny fluttering slit before she fell back into the clutches of unconsciousness again.

As much as her old friend’s face was comforting and gave her the strength to fight on it would be the voice of another man that would finally get her out of coma. A man that she sincerely and truly hated.

Her equipment, her Wolf Pack uniform, her father’s shotgun and her communicator, were neatly spread out. Of those only the communicator showed a bit more of life than their owner as he valiantly sent a blinking red light in the darkness around her.

Out of a sudden it came to life, spat out a message that came from someone Risky had never thought to hear on this channel.

"Alpha, Zulu, Foxtrot. Wolf Pack come in, copy? Wolf Pack dis is a priority level Omicron transmission, call sign....Assassin. Dee Trinity Foundation must be stopped at all costs. Dee OsC and I are about to deploy to Utopia. Requesting any and all available members to assist in dee rescue of Cassidy O'Rourke, aka Mercy. In addition, requesting two priority kill contracts for one Ziccarra Liafador and Maya Lopez. Compensation to be delivered upon successful completion of contract. Assassin out."

It was Gambler’s voice. A voice she hated since her first days in the meta human community. Someone who had taken the integrity of a political office and trampled it into the dirt, who had literally wiped his ass with the flag.

The result of this message, this much hated soft timbre, was amazing. Out of a sudden the previously silent guardians started to get lively. More and shorter beeps told of how her heart frequency rose, the numbers that watched her blood pressure rose, the zigzag lines symbolizing her brain activity skyrocket.

And then Lad Luck moved for the first time in days. Slowly, insecure, shakingly, hindered by pain and stiffness her hand crawled towards the communicator. With a surprisingly firm grasp she took it and brought it to her face where her glued eyes frantically opened and closed to get used to the light. Her dry, cracked lips moved as she pressed the words out, her raspy voice   unmoved by her wound:

“Wolf… Pack… Suit up… It’s time to kick some butt…”
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Collectively gathering their composure Jean Luc climbed back to his feet with Mercy still clinging to his overly stressed shoulders. A whirlwind of emotional excitement had swilled within the Savant of Sophistication's blood having witnessed the cunning proficiency of Cassidy's ever expanding repertoire. Despite her current disability the Boston Badass not only survived in a mansion more deadly then most villains, but had managed to turn the residence's more intricate items into a web of carcinogenic allurement.

But just as it seemed the assassins had gained a momentary advantage the winds of change swept in like a tidal wave of terrifying trepidation. The all to familiar chill snaking its way down the Cajun's spin was more recognizable then a physical signature. Uncharacteristically Gambler sunk his head as if instantly defeated.

A quick flashback through his thoughts set off red flares like an alarm as he methodically replayed the moments leading up to his attempted rescue. His focus had blinded him to the obvious as he recalled the early 1550's handcrafted Agate Faceted walking cane that had meticulously rested in the small corner of the doorway. The authenticated elegance of every table, curtain, and painting screaming the owners name. "How did I not see it?" thinking to himself. "How did I not recognize dee signs?"

"Cassi....." but his words were cut short. Reluctantly choking them back as the very atmosphere itself became hostile before parting like an operatic curtain for the star of the show. Stern gaze was met with stern gaze as Final Arrow materialized. Never before had a more dangerous creature possessed a more cultivated tongue. Through his speech his anger became apparent, disenchanted by the level of disrespect shown not only to his home, but to him, and his appraisal for appeasement was more then the Living Legend was willing to entertain. Anticipating this, the Devil's Favorite Demon unleashed an influx of developing shadows rapidly engulfing all in attendance.

Almost instantaneously the Trinity Trio sprang into action led by the enigmatic leadership of Editman who had meticulously cataloged their intended targets. Displaying but a fraction of his suits impressive capabilities, Editman launched a series of shoulder mounted concussive blasts towards the self-proclaimed King of Kings preventing him from responding to Arrow's ultimatum. Clinching his teeth in concentration Gambler burst into an array of aerialistic contortions as he weaved through the incoming ordnances like a strand of floating silk.

Hitting the ground on the tips of his toes, Mercy still securely strapped to his back, long strides propelled the Aristocratic Assassin into a superhuman sprint across the tainted yard of the devil back towards the dilapidated remains of the mansion flashing a small blast of kinetic energy up towards the military minded Editman in hopes of duplicated enough of an electro magnetic pulse to temporarily disrupt his sensors.

"Faites- Confiancemoi"(trust me) shouted the Cajun as he grasped Cassidy by the hand. Whirling her around to the side of his body Gambler recklessly flung the malnourished assassin along the ground. Even in her present condition Mercy was able to harnessing the speed and momentum of the toss flattening her body out in a perfectly duplicated head first baseball slide through the basement window while Gambler simultaneously launched himself through one of the mid-level windows knowing full well the unpredictability of the haunted house was his only chance of escaping with Cassidy in tow.

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A few weeks ago

April moved in closer with her claws on full extension. Through her eyes Nova appeared as pure thermal energy with red all over her body. Nova’s body left a crater in the ground, something April planned to do more; however upon staying on the attack Nova burst into flames, sending a wall of heat in between the two just off her transformation. “Impressive” April said, stomping her foot on the ground causing a destructive pressure force to hit the flames causing the stream to halt in the middle of the air. “How’s that for impressive” she said, bragging a bit too early. A fireball hit her head in the chest causing her to instantly fly backwards. She landed HARD on the ground causing a dent of her own. “She’s tougher…” April grunted rolling out of the way of the second fireball.

Her eye’s blazed with red again as her Rage, carried her beyond the point of confusion. “Berserker CLAW!” She screamed, April dashed towards Nova, with her claws down at her side and began slashing at Nova in a fast and quick circular motion. She never saw if she had hit or not because once her confusion ended, she passed out.


She didn’t get to see the damage done to Feral Nova; everything was a blur after that. Her hatred for Feral Nova had become hackneyed; though it was not of her own doing. Dr. Sting had concocted April from his own imagination to do nothing but hunt. Slowly breathing in the chemicals of the L.O.V.E HQ, she plotted her escape.

The L.O.V.E scientist had no clue as to why Feral Nova left her there; but they worked effortlessly to find out more about “X-Protocol”. Though they had her contained in a maximum security area, the only reason they hadn’t had a problem with her was because she was inactive. A few minutes ago her heart rate increased; a few minutes ago her cerebral signs show significant maturity; a few moments ago she was activated.

The elliptical chamber slowly began to crack; April released a powerful pressure that caused the glass to falter. The scientist watched in awe as their ‘subject’ gave an impetuous death glare. The chamber cracked more, each crevice water and steam began to spouting out. The scientist began scrambling, running for their lives finally the chamber gave in and April was free.

Scanning the area, her instincts caused her to look for Feral Nova first, her nose picked nothing up which brought upon a feeling of disappointment. “Dr. Sting this is X-Protocol awaiting orders” she said waiting for a reply. Glancing across the room, she saw what appeared to be her clothes and a new communicator.

Suiting up and activating her link she finally was able to contact Sting. “Great, you’re already in Utopia. You’re on mission with the Wolf Pack; a hit has been put out on both Maya Lopez and Ziccarra Liafador if you’re interested”. April glanced down at her vibranium claws “I think I’ll pass…” she said, aggressively.

As much as April wanted to go toe to toe with the Utopian demagogue; there was no way to pin point the exact location of her. Exiting the L.O.V.E HQ heading South she encountered what appeared to be a crime scene. It didn’t take her long to label two members of the Trinity Foundation, she didn’t know personally but the way the two moved through the scene feely gave her that impression.

Stepping forward, April released a pressure that cleared the area; causing the streets and pavements to slightly crack. Now that she was sure she had, both TF members attention; she extended her claws to maximum length.

“Let’s see if you two are worth the hype” she retorted rancorously.

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Her brow arched just the slightest bit as she looked between the three team members, an incredulous look on her face at how she was being addressed by the newcomer. The blonde with a commanding air stayed generally quiet, allowing his more rambunctious teammates to dig their own graves with nothing but their words.

"You must be out of your damn mind. Why would we or Maya want to kidnap and torture a defenseless, fish legged scientist, knowing that you've got Frenchmen running after you everywhere and vice versa, huh? Do you think shewants to fight a war on one front, let alone three? She had no idea who this man was, but it was astounding the gall he had addressing her in such a manner. It would be amusing if the times weren't so dire.

"You must be out of yours. Maya doesn't tend to make the mistake of underestimating people, which is more than I could say for you. Cassidy Lockhart-Starks, remember the name and consider yourself marked for my blade. As for a war on three fronts, do you not think it's obvious what's going on here? Take a seat little boy and watch how the big kids play." She leaned forward the slightest bit, lowering her voice to a condescending whisper. "Maya's trying to take over the world, you idjit. And all of the Trinity Foundation is falling in line. How does it feel being a puppet in somebody else's show?"

Her glance turned towards Editman and she could tell by the falter in his stance that his suit had just conveyed information that was of great surprise to him. It had begun. "You're at war. Now you actually know it. This is what happens when people try and crush the world under their own foot. The most dangerous people are zealots - those who believe that their course of action is that absolute right one, people who will gladly die for their cause. Are you willing to die for Maya's cause, Editman? Because I can tell you now that she'd sacrifice any three of you without blinking if it gave her an assured win. Not..." before she could finish her sentence a raucous noise echoed throughout the manor.

Everything after that was a blur of motion. Her heart beat rapidly in her chest as she saw that it was Jean and Cass found herself completely shocked. He had come for her and just as war had broken out. Was he the cause or the effect? Was his rescue effort what had ignited it or had he utilized Utopia's precarious political position in order to retrieve the renegade assassin?

Strapped securely on his back as if she were a child, everything whirred around her in a flurry of motion as she tried to keep her wits about herself. She was faint, exhausted and functioning at about 35% of her full capability. For anybody else, she was still as dangerous as a snake laying in the grass, but for her, she was sub-par and things were only about to get worse.

They had made it clear of the manor and it was the first time in nearly two weeks that a calm breath passed her lips, her heartbeat regulating if only for that moment. Her hands clenched tightly onto Gambler as if her life depended on it, despite her being strapped securely to him. Nothing good lasts forever and neither did this moment of calm; contrarily, it lasted but seconds.

A voice that was the very embodiment of fear, of darkness, of everything that went bump in the night crawled across her skin, sinking into the depths of her soul. It was Final Arrow and it was at that moment everything hit her. All the little details she'd missed, the nightmares every night, the very vibe and feel of the house. The energy had been his and here he was with a plan to reap his vengeance. His tenuous friendship with Jean was one for the history books and here he was calling everything into question. Jean was a survivor and an opportunist with little emotional attachment and more regard for his own life than anybody else's - or so she had thought. Yet here he was, doing everything in his power to save her now from not only Utopia, but from Final Arrow himself.

With unmitigated agility and grace, the King of Kings used all of the ruckus of incoming attacks from members of the Trinity Foundation to his own advantage, using the cover of debris to exit the scene. This was a short-term plan at best, but it was all they had for now. The dirt and gravel dug into her skin as she sped across the ground, using only the barest traces of her tk that she was able to access as protection. Her powers had just started coming back and here they were dwindling again. It was maddening, but enough to get her through the window and back into the manor of hell without too much damage.

"JEAN!" The frantic cry left her throat before she could hold it back. It was guttural and animalistic noise, barely recognizable as her own voice. There was no telling what traps this manor now held besides her own. It felt liquid, like it was shimmering, in two places at once and constantly moving around her. She had no idea if she would even be able to find him again. The words of Final Arrow replayed in her head over and over. "The girl remains." What did he want with her? Nothing was ever cut and dry with him, that was perhaps the most important thing her father had ever taught him beside never taking one of his deals. But what choice was she afforded? This was his domicile, there was no getting out unless he willed it. Of course, he very well could just want to play a game of cat and mouse with them.

"Dammit, dammit, dammit." She was in a dark, dank basement and had no mobility save for the smallest miniscule amount of telekinesis stored away in case she needed it for a last ditch effort. However her options had dwindled from little to pretty much zero. It was time to hole herself up and see what she could do - that or wait for certain death. It was only a matter of time before Arrow got bored playing with the Trinity Foundation and came to find her or Gambler. She and Jean would either find each other first and work together once again or she'd strike a deal with the devil.

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Everything moves in fluid and predictable motions , just like a river it could take years of planning or a simple change of the land to effect the world around you. Like showing everyone your face, appearing in front of them, making a show of it, They start to plan their actions to react to the present before them! But they never take the moment to think back, they may look at their mistakes and things they missed little choices that could have changed the outcome of what was happening now, but they never think about the little choices they make there and then. The heroes take their ground and prepare to battle, that is an obvious move for they are the brave heroes, their stories emanate with tales of bravery and sacrifice. Each their own man but still taking the place of their fallen comrades before them. Gambler wishes not only to safe himself but the girl, he can’t go forward surrounded by the display of power and he cannot trust those around him to help him defeat a common enemy, much proved by the actions of Editman, So his only option is to retreat into the house which all the heroes seemed to have forgotten about. A house that Arrow himself created, but yet none of them asked how he did not know who had entered the threshold, that he had never placed any type of ward or spell to tell him who or what entered. The house itself was almost alive and yet none thought that it would relay the very conversations and acts they all par took in. Why would he make so much of a show about the outside of the house, the shadow attacks the dome, when the house itself was a living weapon, what was he hiding!! As the shards of glass landed in the basement he heard her voice "Dammit, dammit, dammit." A small smile crossed his face as he entered the light, just an inch away from her.


The Champion showed no fear as he stepped forwards towards Arrow, “You smell like your farther” Arrow said with a gentle voice, as his shadow attack bounced off the blue shield“ You don’t fear me, that’s a good thing, don’t think I did not notice you when I was focused on the Cajun, you have a spark. Something not many people or demi gods have, something that makes you stand out from the mundane.. excuse me just for a moment” Arrow shot his hand up towards the house as Gambler and Mercy made their escape, as they slid in the windows, a large three headed dog appeared standing more the four floor’s high, at distance it’s fur as dark as the night, but when you came closer the fur was in fact millions of tiny snakes. Each of the three heads glared with ruby red eyes, the weight of the creature left the ground broken and tattered, it’s tail was a long snake with black scales and eyes to match the it’s three headed master, “The tin man and the sparky one as well”. The dogs three heads snapped round towards Editman, one mouth opened and spat fire as the others lunged forward with incredible speed towards the hero. “now what was I saying. Oh yes, Alceus that’s your name isn’t it?” he already knew the answer “You don’t fear me, that I can understand, but the real question you should be asking is do you understand me?” Yet again his hand opened several small Dimensional Rifts began to open around the hero, small hands began to reach out of them trying to grab hold of the Olympian “Fore I think I am beginning to understand you.” The Shadow dome was still closing in around them making the battle even harder, the ground still erupted randomly with hellfire and now the very guardian of hell barked a sound wave towards his enemies and all Arrow could do was laugh.

Mid Level of the house

Jean rolled gracefully to his feet without making a sound, Arrow was always impressed with how silent and deadly the man before him could be. Their game of cat and mouse had always amused him. “Please do sit” Arrow said from red velvet chair, a small coal fire spat flakes of orange towards the floor, in front of the fire sat the owner of the house, as glass of port in one hand, he wore a fine suit made of the most elegant black thread. Arrow pointed again at the seat across from him, in between sat a small table with the open glass bottle and an empty glass, the sounds of the battle outside could not be heard as the glass had already repaired itself. “they won’t be able to follow for a while, “ he said with a smirk “I’m keeping them busy, after all it has been some time since we shared a drink and had a little chat. Remember like we did at the House Of Fire (HFC club house), I do hope you did not mind the little show I put on with the others, have to keep up appearances and all that”. He swirled the port around the glass before he spoke again, “Jean I have been keeping something from you for all these years…something about us.” Arrow looked at Jean looked past the cold exterior “Something that I should have told you long ago.”


Arrow danced in the chaos that had ensued utopia as they prepared for the inevitable war, he spun around gossiping women and men with stern looks the whole time simply enjoying the moment of pure and honest confusion and madness, they had set themselves so high and he had could do nothing but smile within their worries. He marched the streets, the silver tipped cane clicking as he walked past the simpletons that would battle on the front lines protecting their merger existence. But it was not these people that he was interested in he sought the true queen of this chaos Ziccarra Liafador and of course the one Sha. In the end one would in no doubt kill the other, but sometimes a little idea was need, a seed that would grow into something larger and so he sought her out. Teleporting next to her as she flew “My Queen” he said with a velvet voice “You have not given me any orders yet…I am yours to command”. He had aligned himself with Ziccarra after he saw what she truly was and what she would make of her people. Oh and how he hoped that she would make them the darker people they all feared to become.


Arrow looked down at her, tilting his head from side to side “don’t get up” he said almost laughing. A chair appeared in front of her, just out of her grasp and he sat, whipping back the red knee long jacket as he did, revealing his black waistcoat, the white shirt underneath was partnered with a crimson tie. “Well what a predicament we have, you see it was you that blew up my house…setting all those little treats. Now what should we do about it, what would your farther say in a time like this” his voice a perfect mimic of Sovereign Son “You could let me go and apologise for damaging all my explosives..” in an instant his voice changed back to his own “ he had such a flare for things like that, I suppose we could just ask him.” Arrow turned his head to the side, a bright light shone from nowhere onto a large silver cylinder the doors slid open, the lifeless body of the black mumba (Michael Lockheart) fell to the ground with a thud, “Don’t worry he’s not dead yet….” Arrow slowly turned back to her, “but that all depends on you.” His smile getting larger, “All I need is a strand of your hair and one whole day of your company.?” He held out his hand “Oh and by the way you can stand, I have allowed it while you are in my domain.”

Nowhere and everywhere

Limbo is normally void of everything, not a single thing can remain in between nothing. But thousand, upon thousands of Silver cylinders lined and one man, Arrow turned and gazed into nothing and smiled, everything is predictable even a little chaos.

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“Stop the fleet I repeat stop the fleet” She said, hovering in the air second guessing her war decision. “I want all branches to return to Utopia”. She wasn’t sure if she was making the right decision in bringing back her troops; then again she wasn’t sure if dispatching them in the first place was the right thing to do. The last few weeks had brought about a stressful time for everyone; she was a new leader young and impressionable through her emotions. Her team had been dragged through hell and they continued to fight. She would not ask them to take up arms against the United States; but she also was not repealing URA.

Realgam City was currently under attack that right now was far more important than Jean. “It appears I was wrong about Cassidy” Maya said to herself, there was too much going on for her to sit and do nothing.

“Listen up, I want all borders on complete lockdown; if Gambler wishes to escape he must come thru ME is that understood” she said, forcefully through her ecosphere to customs all over the empire. “All out sourced Trinity Members returns to home base, Cagiest, Angeni get to the city in the sky Atticus needs help; I’ll join you momentarily.”

Disappearing into a crystal blue light, Maya appeared down in the L.O.V.E HQ, where X protocol had previously escaped from. The amount of damage caused was enough to give her an instant migraine, this was indeed the busiest month of her life; she wanted nothing more than to just runaway with Alex and never return.

Opening the door were she held Kurrent; she walked up to him with her hands crossed pondering something rather disturbing. “It’s to protect Utopia” she said, pushing a button on control conduit; this would render The Mighty Kurrent under her control; though his mind would be controlled, it was a prototype which left room for all types of espionage; he was now at the mercy of telepaths. “Kurrent, you’re now a member of the Trinity Foundation; your arch foe has infiltrated Utopia, find him and bring him and bring him to justice. “By any means necessary” she said to him, whispering in his ears.

Maya was a student of the game much like, Kurrent was; she knew there was one thing Kurrent hated conscious or not and that was Gambler. Truth be told she couldn’t be bothered with either Kurrent or Gambler; she felt as if both of them wronged her with Andy’s death. “Kurrent, your primary goal is to stop Gambler, your secondary goal is find the Hunter and bring him to me” she said, pointing her finger directing her slave out of the facility.

“Miss Lopez, you better get down here, we’ve found her” Maya had to be in Realgam to help her friends; so she quickly duplicated and left to handle each respective situation.

Walking down the corridor, she saw her redheaded mentor laying on the platform exhausted from her enter dimensional travel. “Th-this eco-technology is amazing” one of the scientist stated, as he watched Maya rush to her mentor. “Sarah, I-I-I need your help” Maya said, almost chocked up with emotion. She wasn’t sure if it were guilt or joy which she was expressing but she was sure the message came across the same.


Maya had been so wrapped up in everything else; she didn’t know about Shinji’s imposed curfew; she arrived on the scene to see the drones attacking. “Atticus, I’m here but, I don’t know where you are” she said, pushing an electromagnetic field around herself to draw the drones to her.


Ziccarra flew high in the sky trying to gauge what was going on below; without introduction Arrow teleported right next to her. She aligned herself with him, not Sha but it seemed as if the former Ninjan Queen had it in for not just Gambler but everyone remotely associated with him. “I was given a “break” from Sha, but I feel as if she want’s both Cass and Gambler to escape for some reason.” Z said, staring off into the distance; not really getting into Sha’s ulterior motives. “See how far Gambler will go to save his “daughter” she said, with a smile on her face.

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The heartbeats of the Ronin Assassin skipped a beat and then stopped entirely for a moment, all in reaction to that singular voice, that one being. It was like a cold, wet snake slithering up her spine, sending chills throughout her body. He was dressed impeccably as always and in a right vengeful mood. Her gaze stayed on him, never leaving despite knowing that if he wanted to disappear from her sight, there was nothing stopping him.

She clenched her fists, her nails digging into her soft palms, in order to keep herself from speaking out of turn with a scathing comment as he intentionally left the chair just out of her reach. Instead Cassidy gazed upon his face, her eyes narrowing as she listened to his words. She had been about to speak, to tell him to go to hell, her father had taught her better than this, when he dropped what was quite possibly the biggest bombshell of her life on her.

'DAD!" Mimicking her father's voice had been one thing, Cassidy was no stranger to head games, but this was something else entirely. It had been months upon months since she had seen her parents, brother or sister and had been left with no idea how they had fared, only a short conversation with an alternate universe version of Chevie. Sometimes she pondered how this came to be the life she lived.

Here in front of her, yet maddeningly out of reach, was her father. But this was not the happy family reunion that it should have been. Her gaze snapped to Final Arrow and all semblance of self-preservation left her as what could only be described as an animalistic snarl left her lips. It was contained and reared in within seconds, but she was sure her folly had been marked.

The proffered deal drifted to her ears. It seemed simple, it seemed straightforward, but nothing ever was with Final Arrow. Eyes darting from Mike and then back to the devil in the impeccable suit, she knew that this offer would not stay on the table for long.

The last sentence sunk in and she narrowed her eyes in disbelief, wary to test it out for herself. It took her a full minute before she was able to bear weight on her legs, the muscles and joints have been so out of use for so long now. But there it was, her ability to walk back - as long as she remained in this manor. What a catch-22 she had been faced with.

It took but seconds for her to be at her father's side, her hand gently wiping blood off of his face as she leaned down, her ear right above his lips as she ignored Arrow's proffered hand. Cass hadn't realized that she'd been holding her breath until she felt the faint exhalation of Sovereign Son's breath against her ear, gently ruffling the red wisps of hair that had escaped her bun.

Bracing her hand against her dad's chest she momentarily rested her head there, content knowing that it was his heartbeat that was murmuring in her ear. Her other fist clenched in his jacket for a moment as a single tear slipped down her face. "I'm so sorry Dad, so unbelievably sorry." In that single moment she was a child again, before snapping back to the reality that was her life, her very own personal living hell.

Her heart was in her throat as she turned to Arrow, one hand still on her father's still body, making sure that his heart continued beating beneath her palm. "The first life lesson he nailed into my head was to never trust a word out of your mouth. The second...the second was to never make a deal with you." Her lip trembled for a moment before she regained her poise, a completely different attitude coming across her. "You have two people very important to me right now. You have all three of us in an incredibly precarious position. Jean can perhaps stand with you, my father is not in any shape to finagle something right now, so I'll finagle in his stead. If Jean and my father are afforded safe passage out of here, I will gladly accept the terms of your deal, knowing full well that it will have unseen ramifications down the road, provided my children are left entirely out of said ramifications."

There was no fear in her voice, only assuredness, going on stronger and stronger the more she spoke. Reluctant to leave her father's side, she forced herself to her feet, exerting every ounce of will power that she had to not fall over. Looking Arrow straight in his eyes, she couldn't help but feel as if she had just looked straight into the chasm of Hell itself. "Do we have a deal?"

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While the infamous Cajun known as the elusive Gambler was indeed to be confronted by the mighty Olympian at some point, the valiant hero had fortunately succeeded in swaying nefarious Final Arrow's attention towards him. The act may have perhaps spared his Trinity Foundation teammates an unwanted sinister demise however, in the process, Alceus may have unknowingly condemned himself to a fate so inhumane, even he could not picture it's horrors. Arrow's rather interesting choice of words came as an unexpected surprise, it revealed the villain's knowledge and confirmed the stories told by those who whispered of the being's legends. Not only did Arrow express his knowledge of Alceus' family and certain aspects of his personal life, he did so with an eerie certainty. "Damn, this guy, how the hell does he know this?", Alceus wondered, remaining silent for a moment as Arrow temporarily excused himself, taking the time to conjure up a demonic Cerberus-like canine of a beast and directed the grotesque creature to attacking him and Editman.

"It seems like the legends I've heard about you speak the truth", Alceus responded boldly, still showing no fear in the presence of such a dark power. Managing to quickly dodge the incoming assault of the creature's approaching heads, The Champion however, was powerless against the countless dimensional rifts being torn open all about him while Arrow seized the moment to reveal his knowledge of Alceus' name, perhaps he knew even more. Vulnerable to the energies generated by dimensional rifts, mighty Alceus began to feel it's effects on his body, slowly the dimensional rifts would weaken him. "That's a good question", Alceus said, in response to Arrow questioning the Olympian's understanding of him. Mere seconds afterwards, unusually tiny, almost infantile hands emerged from the surrounding dimensional rifts, attempting to grab the Son of Olympus. Fortunately for heroic Alceus, the attempt was a futile one, The Champion's Herculean strength serving him well in this occasion of fending off the demonic hands. Making the frightening claim that his understanding of Alceus was steadily increasing, Arrow commanded his demonic pet to discharge a powerful sound wave in the directions of his opponents. Quickly covering his ears, The Champion was subjected to a punishing attack, his weakness to such sound-related attacks temporarily disorienting him as he held his head, wincing in pain.

And while Final Arrow laughed triumphantly, mighty Alceus dared to return his fearless gaze towards the sadistic puppeteer with a surprisingly confident smirk. Honestly, there were no guarantees against an opponent of such a cryptic nature, but attempts would made. Clenching his fists tightly, the violent aura of energy radiating around The Champion's body grew brighter and brighter with every passing second. While he sidestepped the occasional burst of hellfire beneath his feet, Alceus' ability to take control of the ambient energies in his environment came to use. Releasing a burst of bright blinding light in an attempt to cast away the mass of darkness and shadows that Arrow command with it's polar opposite, light. "Maybe I don't understand you. At least not yet", Alceus continued, rushing over to Arrow's side as he threw a devastating forward roundhouse kick, aiming for the right side of the shadowy entity's side, concluding his fast-paced combination with a flurry of speedy earth-shattering punches aiming to utterly decimate Arrow's upper body. Facing an opponent of this caliber, The Champion chose not to restrain himself, freely tapping into his immense strength to the very limit as he fought valiantly against Arrow. The effects of the dimensional rifts destined to slowly impair his performance over time.

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There was a logic all to obvious in what she had said. Maya was pushing things from the start, she knew Gambler would get out at some point, but she also knew Starks would follow him. She knew the exact location of this house, where she was being kept. The pieces slowly slide into place until the big picture is flipped upside down to show an entirely different blueprint, one that outlined the machinations of war, and Maya had already twisted the gears. As the Gambler lays cement over the foundation of dissention Cassidy built, he scoops up Cassidy after her speech he jumps into the yard, setting off a few traps no doubt set by the young Ms. Starks.

The windows explode, the door set with some type of tandem switch blows into splinters along with the window frame and glass, ejecting at the three trinity members. Surkit reacts with just enough haste to armor up, being shielded by the small, although clever attack. He steps one foot at a time out of the window, looking at Gambler staring at a dark figure

The night is hell and the devil has come home. As the three look on at the figure of evil incarnate, a crushing feeling of inevitable oblivion swells within Surkit. Would this be the final and last time he went in over his head? This dark figure speaks, and it's like the sound of a death rattle extending into eternity. He had a glow in his eye, a confidence and calm that was unnerving, "You come to my home, uninvited may I add. You below up part of it and think to leave without even a hello." he addresses the King of Kings, sounding as though his feeling may have actually been hurt, had they existed in the first place. The void of a being makes one final statement, “The girl remains.” His voice rolled with malice, “to take her without my permission is unforgivable, from my HOME” his voice echoed around the shadow dome, the very ground rumbled. “If you do not agree to this, then fight me, place your life as forfeit and I will gladly take it.” Arrow moved forward standing a few feet from Jean “I have always stood by your side when you required it from me and I have my reason for that. But this is my home Jean….the place where very few have seen and less have dared to discarded it as you have.”

Black dagger like constructs shoot forth at the trio, with the want to be dressed in Utopian blood. The fear escapes Surkit as he jumps to the left rolling into a tree. As he hits the ground a whisper hisses behind him, “Leave the girl and live” it says. “Your offering something you can’t even guarantee a#^hole” He rises, running over next to editman who was already mid-sentence. “Surkit, take that hoe and get her as far away as possible, be careful she spits” He jokes, eleviating none of the attention in the attempt to joke. “Yeah? Well I got a hell of a bite, get me some room”

Editman nods, and lightning quick, shoots a series of miniature missiles into the direction of Lebeu, who out of desperation and nervousness, goes with the only option and sends Cassidy back ino the crypt she just crawled out of, himself going into the center of the home.

Surkit stops mid run, sliding a pitcher mound of dirt into a pile in front of him, watching as the house reseals iyself as though it never happened. “Sh!t, ” He thinks to himself, then weighs out the decisions in front of him. If he went in, there was a chance nobody would come out. If he let Lebeu handle it, he'd likely either get killed or make it lout with her. Either way, she'll survive after this is over "She's better off in there with him, for now" he turns back just in time to see a hell hound of sometype with a snakish tail and devilish eyes matching it’s master, standing next to Arrow The Tin man,And the sparky one as well.” the animal runs forward at editman with it’s broad shoulders rocking, saliva dripping from it’s mouth like lava out of an erupted volcano, a soulless look of hatred in its’ eyes.

Surkit reacted the only way he could think of. The blast from the jerrybuilt bombs sent enough force in his direction to be at about one fourth of his power, it would have to be enough for now. He tightens his pinky into his palm slowly, and electricity begins to form, then the middle finger; black smoke engulfs the electricity, finally his thumbs encloses, leaving his fist a ball of fiery plasma. He jumps some five feet in the air and slams his fist into the ground. A chaotic blast if corrupted energy starts a seismic wave, leaving cracked and scorched earth in it's wake. Surkit wasn't sure what the uncontrollable wave would do to the others, but knew for sure it would throw off the beasts balance, possible even trapping it.

While all the time, Maya chatters on in his ear, the situation too active to turn it off or listen to it with undivided attention.

He looks at the toppled beast as it growls with a sound like the belly of a pit filled with bats, " three heads, and less brains than a chihuahua." He jumps and lands next to editman, standing at the ready with locked eyes on the beast, " You know more about this sh!t than me, if you got any ideas, I suggest you get in the sharing mood. "

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{Seems like Maya is having a change of heart} Jeeves chimed, in updating him on current events. “It’s a little too late for that” the Iron soldier replied; using his suits thermal energy to combat dodge the blunt of the kinetic energy. His visual screens begin to flash crimson red; alerting him to his suit distress. “He’s as every bit of crafty as people have made him out to be” Sean said, rerouting the energy from his primary repular weapons back to his core. It took mere moments for his suit to recirculate the energy, which would stabilize his suit.

“Damn it there gone” He said, {Well, if it didn’t take you so long to morph} scanning the area he located Gambler’s energy signature running through Arrow’s manor. He had to abstain from charging in the manor after them seeing as the manor had a mind of its own. {Why didn’t you help Gambler and Cassidy, fight Final Arrow?} Jeeves asked, mentioning the obvious. “Arrow and Gambler have more history than any of us out here; there is no way Arrow is going to allow Gambler to run up in his sh!t like that” Sean replied hovering over towards O.C.

The ground begin to quake; though Sean only noticed it from the tree’s. “That doesn’t sound good” Sean said, performing his Five and Twenty Five meter checks. {Because everything that causes the Earth to quake is a good thing…} Jeeves said mordantly. An atrocious beast with three heads snapped towards Sean. Pushing his hands down he fired thermal energy to propel him into the air. {Arrow just b!tched you sir} Jeeves said, on the other side.

“Jeeves reroute power I need my thrusters working at MAXIMUM capacity” he screamed, trying to out maneuver the three headed mutt. Pushing his hands out, he absorbed the heat from the flames all the while dispensing a thick smoke over the area. The speed increase was futile the gigantic beast slammed into Sean knocking him to the ground.

“System report JEEVES!” Sean hollered in pain. Some of the panels on his suit had been detached and multiple wires dangled freely from their previous placements. {Power Core is at 60%, that last blow was critical, Small arm capability is temporarily disabled.} Jeeves once again updated. {Also, You, Surkit and O.C are being recalled by Ms.Lopez}.

“I don’t think that’s going to be aaaaaah” he never got to finish his statement; the huge beast with the middle head tried a vertical bite on Sean, causing him to extend his arms to keep the beast from eating him.

“This…is bad...” he said, straining. “Jeeves requesting Mach 3 drop off. {Send it} Jeeves said urgently.

“Line one 30, 90, Line2 “Pappa, Brava Lima Fife Tree Tree Two wun. Break, Steel Dragon, Line 3 Alpha, Line 4 Echo” how copy over.

{That’s a good copy bringing in the Mach 3 over} Jeeves said, locking in the coordinates to send them back to Paige. “Out” Sean said straining his body trying to avoid being puppy chow. “SURKIT YOU SON of a B!TCH HELP” Sean screamed, as the beast caused the non-vibranium components to break. Surkit hit the ground with incredible force breaking the beast concentration.

The beast backed off a bit and allowed Sean his freedom. “Where you aiming at the beast Surkit; cause it kind seemed like you were AIMING AT ME!” he screamed, but quickly leapt out the way as the dog suddenly grew more and more aggressive.

{Small Arms, back on line} Jeeves said, updating the system. {Restoration at 84%} the female A.I said; allowing Sean to use his Repulsars. Pushing his hands outward he fired a huge short range repulsar at the beast hoping to break it down. With some fine aerial maneuvering; Surkit moved towards Sean. "All I can tell you boss is to just keep firing!"

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Helena stood seated on the edge of a building as she thought about the registration act while watching over the city. "Mother.........I should have listened to you. I just should of stayed today with my people instead of being here confused." She mumbled to herself before her communicator went off again. “All out sourced Trinity Members return to home base, Cagiest, Angeni get to the city in the sky Atticus needs help; I’ll join you momentarily.” Maya ordered through the communicator. The Princess of Athens nodded before jumping off the building and landing on the concrete of the streets. "I'll be there in fiv--". Before she could finish her sentence a large figure lifted the young goddess by her head and slammed her face into the concrete floor. "Do you remember me, Princess of Athens?". The man laughed before giving her room to get back up on her feet. "King Yedus......I will never forget that terrible face." She replied while trying to pull herself back up on her feet. Instead of running away the people of the city stood there and watched as the princess managed to pull herself up.

Trying to stand back on her feet, Angeni fell on her knees while blood began to drip down her face onto the concrete floor making the crowd cheer with excitement thinking this was just all an act."I have fought my way through guardians of Hades, and drove my way out of the fires of torment to change my fate. And for my efforts, the Sisters have shined their light upon me, delivering me the very object of my vengeance, Helena Troy". The Barbarian said raising his gigantic war hammer in the air preparing to finish off the goddess who was badly injured and covered with bruises."I have defeated you once before and I shall do it again, Barbarian King." Helena said looking up at the giant and spiting chunks of blood at his face. "You dare mock me! Daughter of Athena?!". The Barbarian easily angered raised his hammer more higher to finally end the goddess but the princess somehow managed to use the last of her strength to dodge the attack and send her knee forward across his chest, then swinging her hip while extending her kicking leg outward, striking him with the outside sword edge of her foot sending him a few inches away from her. "Back down or face the Lasso of Athena, Barbarian King". She demanded while watching the giant get up from the ground in pain and standing back up on his feet."You are a fool to think I will give up after escaping the depths of Tartarus."The giant said while picking up his gigantic war hammer and raising it into the air.

Helena who could barely stand on both of her feet began remembering the day she had battled the Barbarian King during the siege between Athens and the Barbarians. The battle itself was less like a battle and more like a total massacre lasting only a hour. Despite the Athenians great knowledge and hard training in combat, they could not hold back the Barbarian Army. The Barbarians were merciless and savage, slaughtering the Athenians like bugs. Young Helena and the Barbarian King faced off on top of Mount Ida and the King was about to kill Helena using his massive war hammer but the young goddess knew she could not lose to the giant who would later destroy all of Athens which was the most important thing to her as a child. Not wanting to be killed by her enemy the ten year old princess called out to her father that day asking him to forge a strong weapon to defeat the giant and so he did creating the Lasso of Athena which Helena used to defeat the giant by lassoing his hammer and pulling it towards her and using her strength to swing the hammer like a tornado and send it right back at him ending his life instantly due to the spikes on the hammer.

"This time, Princess of Athens, I will have your head!"The Barbarian King roared charging at her with his hammer. Snapping back to reality the goddess quickly lassoed the hammer and pulled it towards her now using the final left of her strength to swing the hammer like a tornado and send it right back at him. "Goodbye......King Yedus." She frowned as his body turned into spics of dust. "Hang in there Slight." Helena whispered to herself before taking off into the sky.

Arriving at the location of her teammate, Angeni hovered above and analyzed the city with her blue eyes. "Slight, Maya, I have arrived at the city but I do not see any of you." She spoke into the communicator before noticing a couple of flying objects surrounding the city. "Are these the threat?". She said to herself while removing her tiara and tossing it at the flying objects causing them to be cut in half. "What strange little devices." She smirked as her tiara returned back into her hands like a boomerang.