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Albert Donner, household name


A paraphilia in which a person is sexuoerotically attracted to a person who has committed an outrage or a gruesome crime

A wealthy CEO of a fast food empire, a host of several well known cooking shows, a partner of a very successful man and a hot blooded killer. But instead of hate he receives a legion of fans, and this is because of his personality that can cause Bonnie and Clyde syndromes to his faithful followers or 'cannibals' as he calls them. Al Qaeda type live executions and snuff showings became a hit in his channel. With his kind of money the media can be made to work for him, however fighting against several lobbies will be difficult.

Strangely enough his 'Cannibals' mostly comprise of teenage girls, each of them cute murderers in their own right. Since Hybristophilia is one of the very few paraphilias more common in women than men. Passive ones tend to just write letters, sometimes up to marrying jailed criminals, mostly murderers. They share no interest in involving themselves in the crimes.

They often believe the criminal to be innocent, or reformed, or not to blame in some way and consider that only they truly understand the killer, and are capable of rehabilitating him. They may also believe that they are the only person the killer has ever truly loved. Albert thanks the development of human rights for this. Aggressive hybritophiles which make up most of his viral fanbase take part in his crimes. Most of them take the role of the lovely volunteer, aiding in coverup, creating of alibis, bodily disposal via consumption, baiting prey, and et cetera. They are in love with him who will not love them back. Their only ambition is to prove themselves to them in return for his love.

For his World Eater tour he takes his jet to Asia, he is a star even in places like North Korea due to his Dennis Rodman antics. Sharing thoughts with their great world emperor, and china likes him because his stance on the one child policy. Helping officers kill off unwanted babies and taking them for a hefty price. The monster is a social one as he is against the working class, with his friendly messages of forced abortions with his Chinese cannibals.

Gulch&Gatherer opened in china while following their censorship and their red color scheme, in the Chinese branch the cook is a talking panda. Making its special foetus dumplings from the proceedings of the one child policy. Dead babies have nutritional values that made them perfect for skin care, in the way it is cooked it makes people look and feel younger. It is now wonder that the offspring of the poor became famous in cosmopolitan areas.

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In this new age of tolerance and acceptance anything can pass, what used to be taboo is now acceptable. As an artist he wishes to push the boundaries even further, as death and violence has been desensitized he pushes his own agenda to make it acceptable. He is an activist for his cause, garnering quite a following despite enemies from some religious groups. Outdated beliefs who have outlived their purposes for the age of the future, and most of his fans are also anti-religion. Usually there are religious groups who picket new activities, but these people tend to fight back. Once there is a G&G. opening which resulted in a blood bath because some idiots started to throw stones. The staff simply returned the favor with bullets.

It is not unusual that whenever a G&G. shows up that religious buildings around it tend to get vandalized, their idols desecrated. Such acts are homages to demons who have been oppressed and forced to kneel to to mankind, also several undesirable behaviors tend to get appropriate reactions. As a social work the group actively targets 'supremacists' like KKK meetings are raided for food gathering, it is funny when people claim to be the superior race when they don't even taste better than their target of hate.

Ironic since back then he supported the Klan, not because of their beliefs but simply because before the age of equal rights minorities are regarded as livestock. Thus easier to remove without causing alarm, but changes in social views have caused interesting development as well. Now he does not have to raid a home if he wants to eat a woman, now he can find them in office buildings as well. Illegal immigration to him is a huge benefit since he gets a free meal whenever he catches people attempting to cross the border. Often the border patrol gets the blame for his unsavory action, but life is life. Whatever humanity does he always ends up with the advantages, since they are very amusing beings. Some of his fans have begun their own school shooting sprees.

His fans are also global oriented as they frequently talked with him ideals of bridging peace in the middle east. Agreeing that baptism by nuclear fire is the best way for the whole world to forget about Palestine/Israel.Some of his fans have earned privileges and shed the facade of humanity as they undergo medically unnecessary enhancements to facilitate the predation of the human race.He is essentially a rock star with a band of groupies, with more fanaticism of the Taliban. Underground shows frequently include human sacrifice, it is the libertine lifestyle brought back for the enjoyment of the 21st century.

As a celebrity he is very tight with his fans, sometimes they even send him their own recipes and he reciprocates with special boons. There is a certain fan that went the extra mile for luring several boys before chopping them up into meatballs, she sent him the dish and he loved it.

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Gladys is happy because this lady works her charms like a professional model, using seduction at a level that exceeds the norm. There are even assumptions that she may even be a mutant.

"She seems like a hot pepper, lets go to their archipelago and build a G&G there mister A"

Alfred is also amused at her knife handling skills, with proper training and guidance she would be able to deflect bullets as if they were bubbles of soap. He had found another rose in the garden, one that can be his protege.

"Boss, I agree with Gladys. Lets move over to the island next, before the authorities get to there"

He began to chew slowly as the juices from the meatballs flood his mouth, fat and flavor dancing in his taste buds. He can feel a thousand feelers radiate to tickle his senses, it felt like his very first experience swallowing a baby whole. He had found love in cooking, this time from a human being.

Life is always wonderful.