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It was Sunset Blvd and another day in the celebrity scene, yet a very unique limousine parks it way in front of the newly opened Gulch & Gatherer. a new 'trendy' restaurant where the in-crowd are loving. There was the trend of fusion food back then, the wave of culinary skills that flocked over and made new york a gastronomic capital. There was Julia Childs, Anthony Bourdain and even the Iron Chefs. Now there is a man shrouded in mystery, the man who brought several 'controversial' wonders in the world of chefs. Today is another interview where the paps are allowed in, unlike other hollywood celebs he gets the men to work for his advantage. They enter a line and are given each face to face interview, gossip sites and even TMZ gets thirty minutes. He is as kind to his peeps as his food is unique.

It made more headlines than Molecular Gastronomy, in the common world he is known as Stark's bodyguard. In the world of cooking he is known as the Mad Chef, compared to a real-life willy wonka as a man who can prepare anything. As he served Polonium soup to a senator, without the debilitating effects that made the man stronger than before. Many came to his restaurant to get super-powers, others came here to taste exotic flavors unattainable by other places, some are just simply here for the atmosphere.

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His line of anthropophagous cuisine is taking the world by storm, it was a hit on angel island, it was a hit in venezuela, it was a hit in space and so far it is a hit in Kentucky. In the series of interviews he gave the reporters a new line in their babywich products, now they get to choose with the new 'Designer Babywich', with the new unveiling outlets across the states became full. So far hybrid babies are quite popular, yet there seems to be a three way war between spliced infants. Cowby, Chickenby and Pigby flavors.

The cameras zoom to his face as he gets Live. "So I heard you folks are bored at home, well how about eating here at G&G? we offer you the best of the best." he opens his hand towards the table across he camera where Alferd and Gladys, now a popular glamor model because of the appeal she holds over the male eyes presented a large banquet. "It is a roasted unicorn, yes and now you can literally taste the magic as it is served with liquid rainbows" she took several slices as Alferd puts the portions on the plates, as there are children outside the man-monster is kind enough to let them enter.

"See, even children love my food. Chew gently now kiddies, you do not want to choke on their gamey meat" they began to chew slowly, with every bite comes a deep everlasting flavor of spring. The euphoric feeling of nature expanding within their mouths, as if they were taken by god's chariot to see a glimpse of heaven itself. The smell expands to the television screens as the ratings tripled in less than five seconds.

Step right in



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[ Hah! Nice one man ]

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@nerx: Cool, just gona ask about that actually :P

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Different >.>

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