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E speaking,

“is been months already two months patrolling the city and yet still no catch is not that I haven’t seen any freaks around, hell this city is full of freaks I can’t even turn around whit out spotting one they practically own this place.”

E haves a sip of coffee he is sitting in the nine lives coffee shop next to the window looking outside as Lexicat the owner of the coffee shop very politely ask E if he needs anything else. E looks at her up and down there was something about the owner of the shop it felt like she was one of them, them as he calls the people with super abilities (freaks) but he is not sure besides if he is actually trying to impress the press and the people in this City he would need someone a bit more leaned to the dark side someone whit a bad reputation. the other reason is that the owner is very polite and always with a smile,

“No thanks that be all for today.”

E pays for the coffee and tips as he gets up from the chair and walks out the shop as other people walk in he makes he’s way to the parking lot he unlocks he’s Eleanor mustang GT500 and sits in the driver seat closing the door he place the key in the switch and turns it starting the car the engine roars as E steps in the gas pedal just showing off the noisy muscle engine E then puts the car in reverse and backs out turning the wheel to the right then he switch back to drive first gear as he burnout the tires as they screech driving out the coffee shop parking. Driving he’s way back through  main he grabs he’s phone speeds dial a number and puts on he’s Bluetooth Rodney picks up the phone in he's home,

“oh! Hey E what you want now is eight Am, could you call at eleven?”

E, chuckles sarcastically replying,

“you lazy piece off cow fertilizer, listen I’m around fifteen minutes from your place I’ve been months trying to nail some freaks but the ones I have encounter are too tough I don’t think what I have be enough the reason? Because that grenade launcher is a failure is for long distance attack I can fire a SOB in front of me with out blowing my ass by doing it”

Rodney replies over the phone asking if E don’t want the grenade launcher no more,

“are you nuts I love that thing! but I will need something more than that and than Kevlar Pearce bullets like something to weaken or bother them and get them to my level, you better get me a answer or I’m beating the crap out of you when I get to your house you got seven minutes”

Rodney shouts“hey is not fair! Man! I’m helping you out and yo--”E hangs the phone as he chuckles then he says,

“ I bet he must be soiling he’s pants right about now, laughs” 
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Fourteen hours before.

There is a chase in progress a Lexus been fallowed by a Lincoln navigator fleeing from a custom Hayabusa motorcycle at high speed. Four men dressed in black all with weapon they are the body guards of one of the men in the Lexus more specifically Orlando Hutchinson a big entrepreneur in Vine City he was linked with a assassin who tried to kill a Jonathan Delgado the assassin after a small painful torture interrogation section he confessed he’s client was Hutchinson. Orlando decided to repay the favor hiring one of the most named Mercenaries in Vine city. Bandit accelerates he’s motorcycle gaining on the Navigator Bandit let go of one hand managing the motorcycle with he’s left hand he grabs a gun, the men in the navigator are looking back at Bandit as he going speed approaching the navigator the men in the backseat shouted,

“he’s getting closer!”

*Gun fire*A bullet makes its way through the back windshield of the navigator killing one of the bodyguard in the left side of the back seat.

“What the Fu#k!”

Shouted the driver as he tried looking back seen one of he’s comrades’ blood spilled into the front windshield he shouts out,

“ what the hell are you doing back there!? shoot that mother fu#ker”

The second man in the right of the backseat grabs a shotgun he yanks it and start shooting at the motorcycle, bandit notices the shotgun and he tries evasive maneuvers as the gunner aims and shoots,
Bandit then presses a button in the motorcycle and it gives it a boost as the gunner tries he’s best to get a hit. Bandit passes right beside the Navigator and the man next to the driver sticks he’s head and right arm out of the window shooting at Bandit with a 45 magnum. The bodyguards on the Lexus' passenger seat  also stick out of the windows shooting back at bandit luckily bandit teleports along with the motorcycle out the way, the bullet hit the navigator. after seen the teleporting their superstitious believes started popping out,

“what the f#ck?! How the Fu#k this he do that?!”

Bandit looks back and quickly teleports the motorcycle back in alignment with the navigator he takes off the biker helmet and threw it back at the navigator shattering the windshield he then let go of the bike handle,

“A gift! compliments of G‘B!”

Bandit gets rid of he’s backpack throwing it backwards, the speed in the chase drove it straight into the navigator the Driver yelled out,

“get rid of that! Throw it!”

G’bandit grabbed a detonator looking back he press the button yelling,

“asta luego Amigos!”

The navigator explodes as Bandit now draws he’s attention to the Lexus there are two men a driver a man on the passenger seat and the target Mr. Hutchinson crouching on the back seat. Bandit accelerates as the guard in passenger seat shoots at him bandit make he’s maneuvers evading the bullets but two of them hit the motorcycle

“ok! Unacceptable! You don’t shoot my bike and get away with it!”

Bandit teleports along with the motorcycle to the passenger of the Lexus  surprising the gunner, the shooter tries to Aim he’s gun at Bandit but bandit grabs the man's arm braking it as the gun fall to the pavement.
Bandit then grabs the man by he’s suit and pulls him out the window with one hand dropping him at high speed into the ground looking back as the man slides and roll on the ground,

Ha! That’s what you get!”

The driver then throws the car against bandit’s bike making bandit lose control headed straight into a lamp post bandit jumped off the bike before impact and teleported to the top of the car as he’s bike drove itself to a concreted wall exploding at impact,

“AAAAAAAAAAAAAH! Shouting gibberish, MY RIDE!!!”

Bandit’s eyes enraged began glowing deep red after seen one of he’s best bikes explode, he clawed he’s fingers and stabbed them on to the roof of the Lexus, the driver and Hutchinson grabbed guns shooting up to the roof wounding Bandit while they where zigzagging trying to get Bandit off, bandit looked for another option away from the roof he teleported and reappeared in the front of the car at that speed Bandit ball up as if he was doing a cannon ball crashing into the car through the windshield making the Driver lose control and the car began spinning tipping upside down rolling over and over again finally stopping after crashing into a apartment building.

The crash left bandit out of this world he was crawling out the car probably on pure instinct, he’s vision was blurred the police sirens could already be heard in the distance. Mr. Hutchinson was also crawling out of the car pulling a knife out of a cane he was in a pretty bad shape bleeding out of he’s head maybe from the glass after the windows broke, he was crawling he’s way to bandit with the worse intentions and when he reach bandit he rose he’s right hand holding the knife firmly on he’s right hand and.. *gun shot* bandit hold he’s gun to Mr. Hutchinson’s head blowing he's brains out. Bandit bleeding he got up from the floor holding he’s bleeding abdomen he grabbed one of the guns that had been used by Hutchinson and check the ammo,

"Just as I thought, Kevlar piercing rounds"

 Bandit took the gun with him as the police and the emergency squad arrived to the scene.   

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present time...

E arrives at Rodney’s place and they walked to the basement Rodney looked quite confuse like if he wanted to ask something but did not dare too, Rodney ask E to wait as he climbs a ladder looking for one of he’s merchandise.

E speaking,

“Why exactly I’m getting this new gear you might be asking yourself huh? Well while you look for what ever you are looking for I’ll tell ya is simple, couple of weeks ago I was searching the holes in the walls of the city the places where I might find what I’m looking for I entered a Bar with my weapons my grenade launcher and my Kevlar piercing gun my gun was not visible I’m not stupid I can’t start trouble cause I’m a Agent but I’m not dumb neither knowing any of the people inside could be a potent threat I walk in not looking for trouble but it was hard for people to not notice my grenade launcher I walked in to the bar and many of the clients left running off probably frighten”

Rodney keeps looking through the room as E gets a brew from a small refrigerator, opens it and sits in a chair continuing he’s story,

“So I order a drink and the bartender gave me a brew as I placed my grenade launcher on the floor right next to me, the bartender was actually a cool fellow he was talking to me like if the grenade launcher and my attitude was common around those parts I looked around as the bartender ask me what agency I worked for I looked at a interesting character  at the end of the bar he seem to have notice I was looking at him and he looked back at me, I just turned my attention back to the bartender telling him I’m more of a loner And there it happened, the man I was looking at earlier glare at me like if I would have hit a soft spot he came to me asking if I had said anything. It was obvious he was a freak and a very intimidating one but I don’t let myself be tough out, I grabbed my grenade launcher on my shoulder and face him telling him I just said I was a loner I work for no government agency. Even if I acted tough the truth is I thought he was going to kick my Butt cause All I had was the grenade launcher and gun, and you know what would have happen if I shoot it indoors”

Rodney replies that he would kill everyone in the room including himself because of the potency and the containment in the R-grenade. Them Rodney adds that if the detonation doesn’t kill them the after effect would, radiation is lethal in that level. E looks at Rodney saying he forgot to mention that part the last time, E continues he’s story,

“So I stood there waiting for the boy with issues to say something seems he had some control he said he had no problems but then he kept talking asking if I wanted a problem, it was then when another boy interrupted saying he would take care of me because the other couldn’t handle my Grenade launcher’s power it was there when I got even more worried since that mean that this new kid might be able to handle it, since he with out fear and whit great quickness placed a knife to my neck , luckily the people in the bar ask for the encounter to end and as everyone clear out I took a picture of both men, one of the even dared to tell me he’s location saying he was part of the group called the Ice Dragons.”

Rodney then shout out “eureka!” he had found what he was looking for, he gets down from a ladder with a box. He places the box on a desk and opens it grabbing a  strange design gun with some odd bullets and a remote that looked like a car alarm beeper saying the gun is called the implanter and is design for the police officer of the future, it delivers a bullet  same impact power but with after effects the bullet is a electrode battery.

 “this is a very star trek kind of stuff  if your target is hit by long distance and is still making a run for it all you need to do is press the button in the remote and a electric discharge will fry the target also it could cause paralysis, leave it on into contant and its voltage doubles, what you think E? that would level any of those freaks wont it?”

E seemed to like he’s new toy as a smirk is drawn in he’s face,

 “OK Rodney, you convince me.. I’m not kicking your ass.. If- you can find me any of these freaks in the City to level”

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Present times…

G’bandit after a really bad duty night he wakes up in he’s hideout he sits up in the bed and notices the sheets are all stained by he’s blood he is still wearing the clothes of the last night it seem that he got home and simply fainted into the bed after healing he’s wounds. Bandit got up from the bed and notice the blood trail coming from the living room he grabbed he’s blue bunny fluffy slippers and walked to the living room Bandit stopped in the door gasping as he saw the living room, the mint colored couch was now stained by blood. Bandit walks to the couch whit amazed he runs to the couch and notice three bullets on the center table. Bandit was frighten because he didn’t remember taking the bullets out, he look at the floor and it had even more blood,

“where was I? Elm street?”

A unknown woman replies saying,
“No, you where acting on instinct you where dying Elian those three bullets never made it out of you and didn’t allow your body to be fully heal by the curse that is why you where leaking blood all over”

Bandit has no Idea of who the woman is or how she found he’s hideout but she did found it. Bandit was confused he pointed at the bullets in the table asking if she was the one who took them out, the woman says she fallowed him after he’s emergency GPS in he’s suit activated. Bandit had no idea of what the woman was talking about but he thank her for the help. The woman notice bandit’s face of ignorance and threw him a device and told him that he should scan himself when he is agonizing the woman said the suit was design to monitor he’s vital sign is they drop a emergency GPS is active for any R.O.R member to assist the needed mercenary. The woman was walking out the door and bandit ask her to wait then he ask her name but she just smiled and walk away.

After really needed shower Bandit grabbed the suit and notice the Kevlar material was pierce and he remembered of the gun he had brought back from the past night he looked around the place and notice the gun was in the floor he must have thrown it the past night he grabbed it and had a new purpose there are four places in the City that the bullets are sold, bandit thinks of doing some good for once maybe not to win the Samaritan award but the Kevlar piercing bullets are tricky since he’s Kevlar suit is he’s best defense in he’s street assignments. Bandit goes to he’s arsenal and grabs a different suit a more resistant suit than the Kevlar having metallic wires inside is bullet proof but a straight shoot with a Kevlar Piercing could do something, bandit gets he’s arsenal and gets in yet another motorcycle with he’s mission to stop the distribution of pierce ammo.

“I hope CVPD gives me a medal"

Bandit opens the RAT tunnel and screech out laughing at he's previous statement riding off in he's Hayabusa

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Present time: 8:54 PM.

   E, now is searching in the city for one of Rodney’s super clients the only think that E don’t likes is that he is making the job of a crocked agent working whit the enemy but it was part of the job the only way to make sure the enemy isn’t too powerful to handle even if E is quite sure he can take care of anyone right now with he’s new toy. E uses he’s Bluetooth as he parks in front of a nightclub he has Rodney holding on line as he walks in the club everyone walks out E’s way frighten by the grenade launcher and the Implanter been hold on he’s left hand. E walks in the club and the whole party just stops the music , the dancing, drinking and taking it was like pausing a video game everyone froze staring at E, E then grabs he’s badge and raises it up on he’s Right hand saying,

“my name is E, I am a vine city law enforcer looking for a man named Terry bulky”

The people in the club don’t seem to know who E is talking about but then a punk looking dude about 5 feet six inches steps forward looking at E acting all tough yelling out saying he is the one people call Bulky. E looks at the man and talks to Rodney on the Bluetooth asking if is a joke but Rodney say Bulky is no joke he advises E not to be fool by he‘s looks. E sighs obviously underestimating Bulky and attempts to create a safe perimeter in case the little man is a actual threat no innocents are harmed,

 “ ok people, everyone if you are not bulky you got ten seconds to get off my face before I open a can of atomic radiation on you people.. Now leave the building or get ready to be blown to pieces!”

Some of the civilians start going out the door but others seem not to catch the message E been a really short temper man puts away he’s badge and grabs he’s gun on he’s right hand shooting several timers to the ceiling shouting  “Didn’t you heard what I just said! grab your one night stand and walk the hell out of the door now!” the clubbers freak out after the shooting and run out the door leaving the place just for Bulky and E,

“ok bulky this is how it works you are coming with me for grand theft auto, selling of narcotics and conspiracy, also it is believe you’re in possession of a illegal weapon, you are under arrest! you got the rights to shut up, remain silence everything you say can! cause my anger to pop you right between the eyes and also it can! be use and will be use against you, you got the right to get a attorney if you can’t get one Vine city probably get you Mathew Murdock he’s blind but is suppose to be good.. Now are you coming quietly or is this getting loud?”

E looks straight at bulky’s eyes and he notices that he is sulking “what the heck?”Bulky’s eyes began to change then fangs grew in he’s mouth as he’s skin turn grey and he’s body began to grow and expand the muscle structure he was easily seven foot tall now and looked like he had a seven steroid cocktail a huge monster. E shouted at Rodney using the Bluetooth “Rodney you ass hole!”as Bulky roared raising both arms on the air interlacing he’s fingers together, E runs out the Club screaming as Bulky’s arms smashed on the floor making the whole place quake the floor was shattered as a fissure made its way out the club, E grabbed he’s Grenade launcher and aimed as bulky was attempting to run out the door E pulled the trigger as three R-grenade where launch Rodney could be heard over the Bluetooth“three grenades! Run! E run! you crazy bastard!”  the grenades explode making a huge mushroom of raging fire so powerful it raised E slamming him on the ground. No sight of bulky or the club it was all total “Damn, where the hell did you got this thing Rodney? There’s nothing left!”E hears the sirens in the distance and gets on he’s car driving the hell out of that place.

“Rodney! You ass! How in the hell do you expect me to bring a Super back to jai if this thing turn them to ashes!”

Rodney says the idea is to shoot to miss so the Target don’t get the full impact and that is obvious the Radiation was going to fry them in a straight shot. E then decides to call it a day since the autorities are now alert.
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   By 8:54 pm Bandit had already visit two of the most successful  weapon dealers  in the city both places are now destroyed and the owners terminated. Bandit rode out the last location and headed back to he’s hide out but at that time a light begins to flash on and off in he’s motorcycle there was a mission at hand. Bandit parked between alley and grabbed he’s phone he puts on the battery and goes online checking he’s E-mail the mission was to interrogate a man named Rodney for the death of Bulky and the destruction of a club it was all link to him since the club was demolish by a weapon Rodney was optioning to a highest bidder then the negotiations stop meaning he had sold the weapon, who ever it was that bought the weapon Was the one who destroyed the nightclub. Bandit was hired to eliminate both men Rodney and the man with the weapon. Rodney’s address was on the message bandit decided to make the detour.

10:15 PM

    Rodney was watching television in he’s huge plasma TV when the phone rings he picks it up and a unknown caller warns him telling him there might be a Mercenary looking for he’s head. The caller hangs up leaving Rodney on the line“oh-crap”Rodney quickly turn all the lights in the house off and turn off the TV as he peeks out the window he see a lights as if there was a car around he checks the time it was10: 25 PM  “oh- shit” Rodney quickly goes in he’s room and grabs he’s night vision binoculars he kneels in the window and looks outside he turn on the night vision and gasping as he saw Bandit walking into the property he threw himself into the floor scared almost wining repeating “oh, my god why him, why, him, please not him”Rodney walk to the basement and opened the trap door making he’s way to the small room behind the wall he grabbed a gun from the arsenal and breathing heavily scared seem to know of bandit’s reputation.

   Bandit broke down the door with gun in hand using he’s night vision ability he search the living room, kitchen, bathroom and bedroom without turning any light on since it would just compromise he’s position.
Bandit after scouting the whole house he directed he’s attention to the basement he walked to the basement door and kicked it braking it down aiming he’s gun down to the basement in case of a possible ambush, but nothing. Rodney was shaking uncontrollably biting a shirt in he’s mouth to hold himself stable. Bandit grabs a couple of electro pellets and throws them down the stairs of the basement the electro pellets go off creating a electro field causing the circuit breaker to explode damaging the house’s electric system. Bandit then went down the stairs been careful, he knew that with the powerful discharge of energy there couldn’t be anyone in the room but he checked anyway knocking down everything in he’s way. The smoke from the circuit activated the smoke alarm
“crap!”shouted Bandit. Rodney looked out a crack seen G’bandit running up the stairs seems like he was leaving. Bandit ran to the back of the house looking around in case he missed anything but it was apparently clear besides he had to go before the 911 get there because of the smoke alarm. Bandit teleported away and ran to he’s motorcycle he sat on it and accelerate riding away.

Bandit arrives at he’s hideout enters the place through the RAT tunnel, he gets off the motorcycle and says the fallowing,
“computer on, online password: Elian Allen, go online to R.O.R satellite”
the computer opens several windows as every command is given and stays in a loading state waiting for a clean satellite signal, then the a window opens and Jack appears on the window asking about the mission.

“well Jack Rodney was not at he’s home, it seems that thee is a ghost in the house cause the lights where turned on then suddenly they turn themselves off, then when I walk in the house it was empty, you know what that means Jack? There’s a snitch in R.O.R probably warned Rodney I was coming..” Bandit looked at the monitor and said, “trust no one my friend, Bandit out”  the computer automatically logged off as bandit took he’s mask off and sat on the blood stained couch, he looked around the floor all the blood that was still staining the place,

“mm.. I should get a house cleaning lady..”