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Name: Francis Flinn

Age: 16

Species: Mutant

Height: 6'


Francis Flinn was born to two very normal parents. His father was a plumber, his mother stayed at home but was a freelance site designer. Neither made excessive money. Neither thought themselves unusually good at anything. They were, quite simply, normal. Francis however was not. For starters, he was born two months premature, but despite initial concerns he appeared to be healthy. And he was growing fairly fast. What did start to show, was signs of early intellectual problem solving maturity. In just a few months of early life, they discovered Flinn had managed to draw a, admittedly poor, picture of the inner workings of a door's key lock. However, while he appeared to be reading, and followed most of his parents orders and requirements. He wasn't fairing so well socially. Francis, until the age of seven, never said a single word. They had tried coaxing him to speak with treats. They had hoped being around people would help. They took him to doctors even, to see if his vocal cords were functional. They were, though weak from lack of use. And while he would learn sign language on a practical level, repetition of what they told him to do. He never used it to communicate. Finally, by age seven. He used one word. "Killer." and pointed his mother at one of the teachers. Upon further inquiry they discovered seven year old Flinn had somehow managed to hide his phone in the teachers room, where it caught him muttering to himself about having to go back and dig up where he "Hid that [expletive][expletive] and bury her in someone else's yard."

While Francis's speech didn't improve much, what did begin to show, was his terrifying talent for almost any scientific endeavor but with a focus on engineering, physics, mechanics, and technology. However, regardless of the subject. If it had to do with science or memorization, he'd never gotten anything short of an A. But due to his immense lack of communication abilities, in spite of hanging out in groups a lot, he was unable to function properly in society. He was physically healthy, he was clearly highly intelligent, and yet he could only manage a few words, rather demonstrating then actually conversing. More doctors realized, Francis was some kind of mutant. However pinpointing exactly what he could do had not yet been done. Some assumed his intelligence to be his abilities. However, proving this was difficult due to his lack of communication. And when asked if he had a super intellect directly, Francis drew a picture of a thousand blue dots, a few which had additional dots inside them. And then changed the color of two seemingly randomly inserted which were colored purple. Pointed at one of the purple ones. Then pointed at himself. Whatever his abilities were. They weren't finding them out here.

When he was turning sixteen, his parents heard about a school. A school that sounded perfect for this type of problem on both fields.

Abilities and skills:

Intelligence: Francis possess incredible intellect, one which seems to understand science and logic in a way which most humans could only dream of. He has been able to solve problems that were presumed unsolvable. However, most of his intellect and knowledge seems locked away behind his lack of communicative skills. He has been able to manage scientific advances in his home that Einstein or NASA could only dream of. Physics is actually his greatest field, but the child is skilled in almost any area of science and mathematics he studies. And his greatest effects have grown from his knowledge of programming, engineering, and chemistry. Unfortunately, due to his lack of finances, Francis also cannot make the many designs he has in mind. His intellect is very much superhuman, both in its raw computing power, memory, and how many tasks it can preform at once. And in that his mind seems to operate at a speed far beyond that a human should, and he seems to comprehend his senses as if the world moved at a greatly reduced speed. This is important because Francis does not actually act quickly, from his perspective, he moves very slowly, but so does everyone, and everything, else. This is in part because his mind works far more efficiently then a normal humans when it comes to processing information, but in general seems to have more capacity and power then a human can.

Physical fitness: Francis might have been picked on in school. If it wasn't for the fact that, while not superhumanly physical, Francis is actually rather tall and well muscled for his age (especially being 3 months premature). He didn't join most sports due to his lack of communications kills, but was in track which he excelled at, and did participate in some gymnastics. Importantly, his fingers are very dexterous, partially more due to his study then anything else.

Knowledge: Francis is definitely ahead of his grades when it comes to study and is aware of numerous matters of intellectual study.


Communication skills: Francis relies on demonstration and other people to get any information across. He uses very few words, sometimes spoken, sometimes using sign language. While he generally understands what other people are saying with english or sign language. Sometimes even other languages. He can't express or repeat as well. Especially not with his voice, as his vocal cords are fairly weak from lack of use.

Finances: His parents don't have nearly enough money to help him with his work. And while they thought about seeing if he could make his own company. Neither of them know how to help him manage it, or have the time, especially with his lack of communication skills. So he relies on what he is able to make.

Equipment: TBA

Programming language: "Alpha plus"

His mother saw him once working on some kind of programming language while creating what his mother assumed was just an advanced phone. What she noticed was the complete lack of traditional language used in many such as C+, Python, or Swift, which used actual words. Instead, what she mistook as being called Alpha+, when really it was just being titled "A+" for convenience not initialism. The language itself seemed based upon efficiency, not comprehension. Because of Francis' excellent memory, he found languages which used english to be too long to use and require to much worded thought. Instead, A+ uses each symbol meaning different things, and being able to be connected in a variety of orders to produce certain actions on a level of how often they're used. Allowing it to optimize its memory and how fast he can input it. This language however was designed more for just his A+ "phone" which relied on the language, and was a stepping stone for a super-computer design which he intends to create, using a set-up not unlike the brain. Though A+ as a result tends to lack in cooperation with other devices, it was meant to preform any necessary function he wanted. And has inserted chips with translation to allow it to comprehend most information coming from the common programming languages. Another use of this is that it's IMMENSELY difficult to hack because nobody but Francis actually knows the language, which is very detailed and complex.

A+ phone:

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The "phone" is actually a bit large for such a title. It's because it was designed to preform pretty much any necessary function, except Francis lacks the necessary tools and pieces to create a smaller version of the device. It's a bit clunky but still features a high resolution screen, his personal A+ programming language and internal design. The device has numerous buttons on it and its back, most of which are untitled or titled incorrectly, and a multi-input touch screen with a shielded cover, and waterproofed design. it is fairly durable but also means he ends up having to clip it to a belt due to being around the size of a tablet or ipad rather then phone. It does possess a sim card and operates as his phone, has a wifi, bluetooth, and radio signals. And has more power and memory then what you'd find in a work or gaming computer. While it has a speaker, microphone, and three cameras, the speaker is rather low quality, the microphone tends to make things sound muted, and only the camera system operates at full function allowing a 3 dimensional awareness of what it's looking at. One additional useful feature is that it has a projector on it which can be detached but used wirelessly, something he often uses to give demonstrations by real-time programming geometrical patterns into the device using his faster input language. It can handle some low EMP's but could absolutely fall to a big one. The device has a rechargeable, and exchangeable, battery pack which can last around 10 hours active use, and 49 if left alone.