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A small camera crew is running trough the wreckage of New York a mighty battle has broken out between, A new enemy and the Heros of eart, the battle is not going well.

"This is live action news, Newyork is under attack by a unkown powerful enemy, Many Hero have fallen or lay dead, Are hope lies on are greatest hero , who as we speak fights this monster over the harbour".

The two where looked in deadly battle in front of the staute of liberty, Each puncj shoke the ground, Then the hero slamed to the groun at lady liberties feet.

"O god , O god , Help if anyone is out there help", The strange being began charging his hands , A blast of red energy exlpoded towards the fallen hero, He closed his eyes as death was about to hit then nothing.

He slowly opened his eyes to see a shadowy figure taking the full force of the blast, He was fighting back with a dark blast of his own, the energy waves plusing off the two beams was destroying everything around them, The beams where getting stonger , frocing the man of shadows to one knee.

His jacket began to tears, his hat blew away,the ground around him began to break as he stood again, his jacket burnt as did his shirt, his skin began to blister, He could feel his blood begining to boil, tears of blood rolled from his eyes and nose, a small scarlet trickle came from each ear, Pushing the blast back the unkown threat was destroyed.

The man fell to his knees, and fell forward, Kady liberty looked down over the fallen man, a great shadow on such a dark past, All of a sudden the men where surrounded by medical staff, treating the injured.

the camera cut back to the news reporter"The threat has been adverted but at what cost and who was that unkown man who saved us all" tears rolled down the womens perfect cheek, as she broke into a sob .

Two hours later.

New York Head quaters:

Around forty men stood round the mediacl bed as it was pushed down the the hall, the lights came at intervals of three seconeds, the body on the bed was almost burnt to a crisp, His dark eyes where now blue, his face was covered in blisters and blood, One of his arms was all but gone and his leg was just haning on, he had forth degree burns all over his body.

The bed came to a halt as it enterd surgery, "Put the power dampers on him, I do not want him breaking free, this has been coming along time and finally ,we have him" A tray of scaples and knifes was pushed in front of the bed,The doctor leant forward and whispered in the burnt bodies ear.

"We dont know why you helped save us today Arrow, But we can not pass up this opertunity to see what makes you tick", The man cut into the bidy "Doctor , what about pain killers", The doctor laughed "for the mighty Arrow , I dont think so", The scaple broke into the burnt flesh, Arrow began to fit in pain.

But he did not scream , not even when the ripped open his rib cage, and took out one of his eyes, He just shock, passing out every now and again, when he did they would just pump him full of aderniline to keep him awake, They would find out what they wanted from him dead or alive.