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Equipment of Ignaticus

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The Blade of Ignaticus: Forged from the flames of Muspelheim. Shaped by the eyes of the dwarfs. Emerging from the center of a burning galaxy. The Blade of Ignaticus is the second-to-highest honorable weapon in the Muspelheim Ignaticus was born. It was crafted as a gift to the Prince of Flames for proving himself, by committing multiple acts of valor for Muspelheim's sake. It was crafted with multiple battle scenarios in mind, and was crafted to deal with those scenarios.

Material Name: Unon (Mystical Infused)

Material Properties: Non-existent heating limit, extremely high damage resistance. Lightweight despite density.

Sword Capabilities: The Blade of Ignaticus was made in the image of the original Sword of Surtur, but for the purpose of being able to carry on the task of either single-handedly bring Ragnarok or being the vessel for Ragnorak to come. It has been gifted to arrive at the will of Ignaticus, and Ignaticus only,am at any given time without fail, usually appearing in a cloud of flames whenever it arrives. Due to the mystical energy infused within it, the Blade of Ignaticus has no cutting limit. As when its blades meets its target, nothing will prevent it fron cutting through, usually brings with it a world of burning, despite the victim not being able to burn. The vast amount of mystical synergy provides as a both a magical catalyst for the user's magical properties and as a shield to protect the user from magical objects by draining the mystical properties of that object.

Blade Length: 60 in

Grip Length: 12 in

Overall Sword Weight: In the Hands of Ignaticus: None, In the Hands of Other Personnel: 34 tons

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The Brace of the All-Flame: Containment of the All-Flame, passed down to him after the Eternal Flame was Infused the Power of the All-Father. Although was is left now is only an infinitesimal fraction of what was before, it is still a dangerous artifact in the hands of anyone else. More of a force of nature than an artifact, The Brace of the All-Flame was in fact made by the All-Flame to contain its power.

Material for Brace: Unknown

Material Property: Impossibly Dense, Invulnerable

All-Flame Capabilities: While a fraction of what it used to be the All-Flame still has impressive abilities. When in the hands of Ignaticus, it has the ability to fold the fabric of space between two places, no matter how far, close enough together to create a wormhole with the entry and exit points the size of an SUV. This can also be used to travel to different realms or other physical pocket dimensions of reality. The All-Flame can be used to protect atomic forms that bind Ignaticus together by encasing them in a singularity point that provides his atoms with increasingly powerful, but equivalent forces. This has been pushed when Ignaticus was thrown into the blackhole singularity event, but exited the event just fine. When applied to the Blade of Ignatius in the event of Ragnorak, unspeakable power will be disposed upon him. Power designed for the arrival of the three superhumans that he feared the most.

Brace Dimensions: 6in Radius

Brace Weight: 2.2 lbs

Brace Temperature: 2 Gigakelvin

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The Nexus Cube: This was stolen from the Golden Throne room of the Asgard from where Ignatius was from. In fact, this relic was what earned the respect from Surtur, giving him his Blade. It has various purposes, but the main feature of is what it contains. It has been programmed by its creators (not the Asgardians) to see the user as a non-target entity. The Nexus can act as both a storage space and a prison for items.

Materials: Axion

Material Property: Unknown

Nexus Cube Capabilities: While from the outside, the Nth Tesseract seems mundane. It contains an infinite number of dimensional compressed into one dimension, The Nexus Dimension. The Nexus dimensions is cut off from the outside multiverse, effectively rendering any connection to the outside universe void. Whenever a new entity has been added into the Nexus's inventory, they are stripped of any physical representation of themselves and their consciousness remains inside, strapped with astral ( -∞,∞) dimensional restraints. The properties of these restraints are unknown. When opened, it folds the dimension around it into itself, including that of both time and space. The target is continuously moving towards the center of the Nexus Cube, no matter how fast they are moving.

Nexus Cube External Dimensions: 1' x 1' x1'