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While standing in the vault of powerful to just sentimental artifacts and weapons rested. Lyn was reminiscing on the past events by looking at her collection. After taking careful precision to account for all the magic relics in the vault something was feeling like it was missing. She remembered an amulet that should have made it into the vault. It somehow was never collected to be guarded within the vault.

A cabinet full of old books stood against the wall. She went over fingering through each volume until she found the one that caught her eye. Pulling the book free from the shelf and opening it to read through the contents. She sighed heavily as she peered onto the pages. Indeed it was true she was missing an artifact. One of her own past which baffled why she overlooked it to begin with.

After thumbing through some other books she cursed under her breath.

Lyn relocked the vault as she left the contents still inside. There was no clue as to how to find it or even where to start. The artifact would be lost in time unless it could be found. Just as Lyn began to sink further into the how to find the artifact. The television revealed a clue. A museum in America was having a dragon exhibit and in the background behind the museum's spokeswoman sat a tablet with the artifact engraved on it.

Leaping to her feet she made arrangements to get to North America. Casting a spell to create a more human look. A now blonde, blue eyed, and well tanned Lyn set out for her quarry. She changed her clothes into a very nice black casual dress and placed upon her face a pair of well made fake reading glasses. Within a few hours she stepped in the museum after a long journey.

Blending in was not a problem, but getting close to the tablet without alarming anyone while the museum was busy was another. Lyn searched the museum to finally find the tablet. Unfortunately Lyn had never come across the text and glyphs on the tablet. With a groan her next option was to seek help.

Nothing on the tablet made any sense except the artifact she was looking for was right dead center on the tablet. Another problem was it appeared the tablet was broken off from something, because the some of the engravings were in appearance incomplete.

Cloaking herself with a spell she waited until night fall when things were less populated. A few night guards remained, but they were small fry compared to what Lyn could do. Kain was concerned with public appearance, so Lyn could not use her powers against humans just yet.

The tablet was under glass and had some form of security device attached to the back of it. Lyn placed her hands on the glass as she pulsed an energy wave disrupting the alarms before they went off. As she removed the glass her eyes swept the area for guards every few seconds.

Things were feeling too easy and Lyn was beginning to get suspicious. There were several items in the area that were well worth a large fortune, but the lack of security was unusual. She took the tablet in hand as she wrapped it up into her cloak to prevent damage a guard walked around the corner flashing his light at her. He screamed some words at her as she moved quickly up the stairs. The guard yelled into his radio as he chased her. Lyn grunted in frustration. The guard was almost as bad as the dogs they use to protect things.

Lyn moved quickly to the roof and took a running start to leap to another roof top. She did not look back as she moved quickly into the night. After awhile all she could hear was silence. The spell making her human wore off as she summoned her horse Vantago. He rose from the Earth running to her side. Quickly she mounted his back as sirens could be heard in the distance. Vantago ran like the wind and she got away with her first step in finding her artifact.

Vantago vanished into the Earth as Lyn now stood at the doorsteps of her home. Once she entered the dwelling, she uncovered the tablet. The glyphs were not Egyptian or any she had seen from Greece or Rome. They were almost a mix of them together, but Lyn had no idea. Next point of business was to find someone who could help.

The tablet was placed in a well hidden area of her home just before she left to find the man who could help her. She remembered how smart he was and the deal they made. Now it was in his court as to what deal would be made now for his help in this endeavor.

Lyn began to ask around to find Mr Holmes. Her search went for awhile, but eventually she found his office and waited for him to come in. She sat in his chair at his desk while in the dark awaiting his return.

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"Come on, you lazy bums! The hard part's finished! We're almost done! It won't be long now, soon you could be back safe in your beds at home! It all depends on how fast you can finish the trip down!"It's unbelievable, Sam Rosenthal thought, how slow these men are. He had taken Five of the men of his crew from the science division of the new "Taskforce" that he had joined hiking up the Devils Thumb mountain in Southeastern Alaska, just northwest of British Columbia. He had planned for a weekend trip, but hadn't counted on his group being so...Inept, was the word that came to mind. Of course, the Devils Thumb was notoriously difficult to climb for any normal person, and it had taken Samuel a while to get used to it on his first trip on the mountain. On top of that, this time, they had gone up by way of the Witches Tits, previously unclimbed, and that climb had taken much out of the crew. No one had died, however; he was very careful to make sure of that. Samuel kept warm using his alchemy to stabilize his body heat, doing the same from the rest of them.

A sudden call came through the phone of one of the men. After a brief greeting, he handed the phone to Samuel. The call from Lester, an old friend and informant of Sam's, granted the group a brief respite. "Somethin' strange is goin' on here, Sammy. There's this pale lady in black out here lookin' around for you. Real scary. I mean, she's real easy on the eyes, but still...I mean, she's got no pupils! Her eyes, just pure white!" Immediately, Sam knew whom Lester spoke of. "Just calm down, it's no big deal. She's just...an old acquaintance of mine. I'll be there as soon as possible. Just stay as far away from her as possible and you'll be perfectly fine." He spoke calmly, almost cheerfully, so the warning left Lester confused. Nevertheless, he obeyed and left not only the area, but the entire state. "Alright, men!" Sam shouted as he hung up, "This break is over! Before, we were taking it easy! Now, it seems we'll be taking the expressway!" He reached into his rucksack and removed a pair of skis. The rest of the men did the same.

After making it down the mountain, they remained camped at the base for three more days because a storm had picked up, the high winds bringing heavy snow. After the third day, Sam began to run out of tobacco and opiates, and despite the continuing storm, he and the crew headed off.

Samuel returned alone sending the others elsewhere for their own safety. He could feel the presence as soon as he entered. He opened the door to his private office and set his belongings down before speaking. "Greetings, milady. To what do I owe this visit?" Finally, he turned on the lights and opened a drawer, withdrawing a substance and lighting his brier-root pipe, awaiting her response.
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Sitting at the desk Lyn could hear voices outside the doorway. They did not sound very happy nor at ease with her presence, but none entered the room. Looking around the room made her realize it wasn't very well organized. Things where strewn about in an unorderly fashion. Then again most geniuses had messy dwellings. On the desk laid some maps that did nothing to interest her in the least. A light sat at the edge as well as some utensils for writing. There were no cob webs or anything covered in dust.

The entire feel of the room was just vacant of life. One would suspect a drinking cup if the office was used often, but this one was not. Small things let Lyn know it was vacant for awhile. A pile of mail on the corner of the desk that had not been opened since the post date from a week ago. The voicemail light flashing on the answering machine with numerous messages. The trash can being empty. Most offices had something within the trash even after one work day.

Lyn wondered why the room was so clean and so unorganized at the same time. Either Surelocke had a very neat maid who could clean around the disorder or some how this mess was new. Either way she did not make a mess. Lyn had just walked in and sat down at the desk. The mumbling at the door went very silent after a moment. Evidentially whoever was at the door left in quite a hurry. A few days went by and finally a shadow claimed the doorway. Silence had been broken by the entrance of none other than Surelocke Holmes.

Lyn smiled and as she leaned back in his chair. He sat his things down and then went on to speak. He gave a greeting most would be very afraid to do. As he spoke he walked over to a cabinet. Withdrawing a smoking pipe and lighting it up. The smell was harsh on the sensitive senses. Nothing she couldn't ignore. Lyn watched him carefully not fully trusting him, but she knew if he made one wrong move it would be his own demise. Nevertheless it was her best interest to be on guard at the moment.

Well my friend, I have come to make a proposition. I need to acquire something and it has come to the realization that it requires a bountiful mind to figure out what I need to know. So here I am. I will however be indebted to you if this object is found in tact.

Lyn's voice remained smooth as ice as she spoke. Lyn knew any hero could have spotted her on the way here and tried to make a name for him or herself by taking her on. Thankfully none did for their sake. She also knew one could be listening into the conversation, so she tried to give little information on the quest she was about to take with Surelocke's help if he agreed to help to begin with. Lyn placed a hand on her chin as she leaned close to the desk awaiting Surelocke's answer.

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Glancing around, Samuel could see nothing had been touched. Even still, it was evident that she had been there for some time. Good. At least she has manners. Seems I can't get that from most of my allies. How long has she been here?

“Well my friend, I have come to make a proposition. I need to acquire something and it has come to the realization that it requires a bountiful mind to figure out what I need to know. So here I am. I will however be indebted to you if this object is found in tact.”

Despite her use of the word friend, Sam could sense a feeling of uneasiness in the room as Lady Death spoke. She gave subtle clues that suggested nervous tension. She was on guard. I don't see why. I can't attack her, nor would I be the first to attack anyways. The lengths she went to in finding him, how she leaned on the desk, how she had been there for days, the fact that she was even coming to him, someone whom she clearly didn't completely trust. All of this suggested that she had exhausted all other options, or at least considered them and thought him her best one. It was almost...cute. Hah, like a child who's lost a trinket and needs help finding it. He himself had a feeling of impending peril at the task with which he had been presented, but he steeled his heart to meet it. His curiosity had been stirred and the adventurer dwelling within him couldn't resist. His eye twinkled as he considered the offer. What kind of artifact? Does it hold power? What happens if it's destroyed? How durable? Does it explode? What happens if I take it for myself? Oh, a favour? However, he had to maintain his composure, and bombarding her with such questions could cost him the adventure. Also not wanting to sound too eager, he straightened up, took a puff from his pipe, and gave a single statement to sum up all of his concerns. Whatever information she wanted to give, she would.

"Alright then, tell me more about this quest. Give me the whole story, if you would."
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After her words Surelocke appeared to have a flash of thoughts running in his head. Lyn was on guard ,because she didn't want anyone else to track down her artifact. Unfortunately his office was far from secure from prying ears. She could make out some words even if they were mumbled through the doorway. A certain twinkle flashed in his eyes and Lyn knew it all too well. She had indeed come to the right person for this task. He asked for more information on the task, but knowing this place was not so secure she wasn't quite sure.

"No offense Mr. Holmes, but this is not the place to talk about something I need to find. I personally don't want competitors seeking the same thing if you know what I mean. Remain calm for a moment and I shall reveal more."

Lyn's eyes began to glow as an energy pulsed around her spreading to the walls of the room. It was a barrier between the office and the outside world. None would see or hear anything spoken. Lyn smiled as her eyes returned to normal. Before speaking she listened to make sure even she could not hear people outside the office. Once satisfied she began to speak.

"Now we can talk without rats listening in. I am seeking an artifact that interests me. Unfortunately the clues I need to find it are on a tablet I posses, but cannot decipher. I have not found anything to even help me discover what the glyphs mean upon this old stone. I can do one of two things. I can pay you handsomely in money or owe a favor of your choice as long as it is within reason of coarse."

She paused a moment before speaking again. Lyn was watching Sam's body language and how he smoked on his pipe.

"If you choose to accept this proposal. I would however request only you to know of what I seek or information you acquire during this search. I have a feeling you are going to learn some things about me that have been kept secret for quite awhile and I wish to keep it that way. How do you wish to be rewarded and any questions thus far?"

Lyn sat silently and very still as she expected several questions about what is to come. Knowing Sam he was a curious mind like her own.

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An impressive display. If nothing else, it was scintillating to say the least.

Competitors? That's interesting. Now even more than before, he wanted to know about it. She was going to great lengths to make sure no one knew about it. Her words and actions were an open invitation to ask everything. 

In one long breath, he spoke. "What kind of competitors? What artifact is this tell me more about it. What kind of power does it hold that someone would be willing to scorn the great Lady Death to retrieve it? Tablet, however did you come across this tablet? Where is it now? Show me." He had heard something of a tablet recently stolen from the museum on the trip back from the mountain. "If it does hold power, why should I help you, knowing how much you detest humanity?" Of course, this was of less consequence to the adventurer inside, but the other part of him had security concerns. Mostly, though, he just wanted to see the tablet and the artifact.

After replacing the tobacco in his pipe, Sam turned his back to the woman and removed and polished his glass eye before placing it into a case, and placing another one where it once rested.

"I accept, but seeing as I could always make money myself, I should probably accept the favour, within reason, of course. I'm not greedy or unreasonable. Oh, and don't worry about the information getting out. I can assure you, no one knows how to keep a secret better than I do."

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As expected Sam went into numerous questions and Lyn took note of each one so she could answer each one. Lyn could tell his interest in the matter was peaked. Once he finished Lyn took a deep breath as she began to continue into her explanation.

Competitors, meaning those who want to oppose me at every turn or to try to make millions of this discovery. Also those who wish to have me owe them one. Which would you prefer, me owe you or me owe someone far more sinister. This artifact will make someone very famous by solving numerous questions of what existed long ago especially if the artifact is still with the original clasp that holds it onto a chain to wear. It is called a Daigon. A very rare stone also known as the Eye of the Dragon. Only one in existence. On the clasp holds the map to find the only dragon burial chamber on this Earth. The tablet to find the Daigon, is in a vault in Paese di Tenebra. You will have to wait for my associate to bring it. If the tablet is destroyed the hopes of finding the Daigon go with it.” Lyn looked at Sam in the eyes. “I assure you it is of gentle nature in my hands. It can not grant wishes with me. It is a small amulet that can grant wishes to humans alone. Something that I know from experience and in the wrong hands it could very well be disastrous as you can see.”

Lyn watched as he replaced the tobacco in his pipe. He turned his back and was tending to something she could not see. It did not caused alarm in the least. He went on to speak.

I knew I came to the right person for this matter. I do believe you are a genius not for for your loose lips, but the brains to keep the lips in order.”

Lyn summoned her associate forth. Within seconds Aurora, denizen of blood rose from shadows in the corner of the room. In her arms rested something wrapped in a very fine cloth. Carefully placing it onto the desk. Denizen had been watching the whole time within the shadows to keep watch over Lady Death's well being. Denizen peered over to Sam as she moved back into the shadows.

Do not worry Mr Holmes. She only bites when ordered to do so.

Lyn carefully unwrapped the tablet to reveal the unusual engravings. At the center was an etching of what looked like a round eye with a slit for a pupil in the center. Around the eye was engravings of glyphs and symbols. Lyn pointed to the center of the tablet.

That in the center is the Daigon, but everything else is just gibberish to me. I have no idea what language it is, but I can say it is not Greek, Roman, or Egyptian. Or even my own ancient language for that matter.

Lyn stared at the tablet for a moment and then looked to see Sam's expression.

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Samuel listened intently, taking in every word, and not without notes. Her body language suggested that she was no longer feeling defensive. Might we be getting somewhere? Or is there something more? There was definitely something more, as evidenced by another woman, who seemed to come from right out of the shadows, carrying something wrapped in cloth. So badly he wanted to ask, Why all of the security? We've already established that I can't attack you, and I wouldn't even if I could. We're more civil than that. He watched the newly appeared woman with caution; she had a strange presence about her. Lady Death's words did nothing to assuage his agitation.

Such an overwhelming confidence in my abilities. I must be careful not to disappoint. "I see. It seems I have almost as much riding on this as you do, perhaps even more. The way I see it, there are many scenarios in which you could keep the tablet, whilst only one where I come out on top. I could return it to you, or someone else could find it before me and return it to you, stealing the favour from me. Or either I or whoever this someone may be could find it and turn it in to the museum. Either way, you could just take the eye back, kind of like how you took the tablet." Then again, there was also the scenario of whomever found it keeping it and its power for themselves. Of course, that would be very foolish indeed. "We do have a slight advantage over most competitors, though. They do not have the tablet...There is but one tablet, correct?"

When the tablet was placed before Sam, he examined it, briefly with a naked eye, then with a magnifying glass and his hands. For a moment his eyes went wide, as if surprised, then his face took on something akin to a giddy grin, then a look that seemed a cross between a knowing worry and smug reassuredness. He had seen symbols such as these many many years ago. How old was I then, seventeen? He stood up, looked her straight in her pure white eyes, and spoke softly. "There is good news, and then there is news that is not as good. I have seen markings like these, but that was many years ago. An island, far off the coast of Asia. It took us a very long time to reach. So long, in fact, that I lost track of time. Then again, that was a long time ago, and we were travelling by foot." He paused and thought to himself, then muttered, So long ago, and I'm not entirely sure I remember the location of the location of the Island."

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The ramblings of a genius went on for a few moments. Lyn wasn't quite sure why he rambled like that, but she had seen others with high intelligence who did the same. Sam seemed to be talking to himself in his head as well. His facial expression changed frequently to each thought. He asked about the tablet being the only one.

Lyn rested her face onto her hand as her elbow rested on the desk. “As I said before, we lose this one and finding the Daigon stops here. So yes it is the only one. You seem to be curious as to why severity of my security measures. I can tell by the way you are deducing things. As you know I have enemies both hero and villain. Anyone of them would love to undermine me and take what I seek. This Daigon belonged to a dear friend of mine from long ago. Well not my friend, but my mother's.

Sam pulled out a magnifying glass and began to examine the tablet. After moment his eyes went wide and Lyn's curiosity perked up. He started to smile in a strange way. He stood up in deep thought as he then looked at Lyn in the eyes. Lyn looked back as her eyebrow rose up.

Lyn thought a moment as Sam brought up some Island. He said he had seen the glyphs before, but did not remember where. It was indeed a tasking moment and not knowing where to go or what to do next annoyed Lyn. It was something she had to overcome or try to figure this out. She sat back in his chair and thought on the problem at hand.

Thinking hard and trying to remember some way to help solve this puzzle. There were several Islands in the World. Lyn thought about each one trying to remember what she knew of each one. Almost every Island had similar attributes. Some more than others had tropical fauna. Few islands were in colder weather. The more Lyn thought on it the less she could even come up with an idea of what Island might be the one Sam referred to. She did not travel to the Islands around Asia.

Lyn looked down onto the desk to see the maps she had seen when she first arrived into his office. Carefully she set the tablet off to the side and revealed the map. It was an old map that had several aging marks on the paper.

Perhaps your next clue is here?”, she spoke as she motioned to the map. “Do you remember what kind of Island it was? Tropical or frozen?” Her voice calm and collected.

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Sam noticed a hint of what seemed remotely like annoyance in Lady's voice as she spoke. Her answer left him partly satisfied. He was glad that there was but one tablet. Good, then there should not be any competition. He was pleasantly surprised that she was able to decipher his thoughts through his facial expressions alone. Still, he could not see why she needed the security, with all of the power she possessed.

Sam had to admit to himself, he was a little ashamed that he was unable to remember the island, such a large inconvenience that he felt fully responsible for.

Relief came when an idea seemed to come to her, and she stood quickly, moving the tablet aside and bringing to centre an old map that Sam had actually forgotten about, and spoke. “Perhaps your next clue is here? Do you remember what kind of Island it was? Tropical or frozen?” 

After some time of looking at the map, Sam could feel a mysterious force directing him toward a small island a ways from the coast of Chile. He felt the souls of the others who inhabited his body calling out for home, and instinctively, he reached out and pointed to it, surprising even himself. "Rapa Nui? I would've never thought..." He quickly got over his shock, deciding that he would save the astonishmentfor later.  He chuckled lightly, then looked to Lady Death. "Well, I guess the island we're looking for is Easter Island. Give me time to gather my things and we can be on our way...Ah! Oh, will your companion be accompanying us?"
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A stroke of genius crossed his face as he came to an answer. Sam spoke of Rapa Nui as if he were questioning his own judgment. Shortly after he said they needed to go to Easter Island. Lyn knew of the Island having some strange mystical properties, but had no idea how they led into the dragon realm of things. According to some legends it was the place of some tribes worship and some stories were told of the inhabitants of old having the ability to use magic. Lyn wasn't sure about how true it was, but nothing was impossible after the things she had seen in her lifetime.

Sam mentioned her companion joining them. Lyn smiled as she walked around the desk. “She will go where ever the tablet goes. Aurora was asked to guard it from thieves and who better than someone who can phase in and out of the shadows. No need to fret over her being near. Aurora does what is told and unless she is attacked first, so unless you plan to attack her then you have nothing to worry about. Aurora is very good at what she does best. Creeping people out is just one of the side effects one has being around the unknown. “ Lyn's voice was calm and almost normal.

The energy field lowered after Lyn wrapped the tablet back into the soft cloth. She picked up the tablet holding it close. Aurora rose out of a shadow and took the tablet from her. Lyn told Aurora to listen to Sam for the time being and that his words were to be followed. Aurora bowed her head in acceptance of the orders and returned to the shadows.

Since we are to be working together. I only know your professional name, Mr Holmes. Is there something else you would like to be referred to? Also how do you wish to travel? There are many options to take.”

Lyn could easily get a plane to fly them or use magic to transport them there. Either way was suitable as long as the goal of finding the Daigon was successful.

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Sam backed up a little when he saw Lady advancing toward him, a disturbing grin accompanying her movements. She told him that the woman from the shadows would be accompanying them through the entirety of their journey, a somewhat wicked joke attached at the end. "Good. The more the merrier. We could use the extra security."Why does she keep insinuating sinister motives on my behalf!? Inside his mind, he was yelling, but he kept a perfectly cool face.

Soon Lyn took up the tablet and the energy field isolating the trio from the outside world went down. Sam was a little confused that she would allow him any say in the actions of her subordinates, but at least it meant she wouldn't leave him dangling over a cliff if it came to them without Lady to give the order to help. Once again, the woman disappeared. "Oh I can tell already she's going to be just delightful to work with." There was no sarcasm in his words; he had planned, if possible, to learn as much about his new companion as possible.

 Next Lyn began questioning him about what he wanted to be called and how he wished to travel. He thought it was funny how she nicknamed him Mr. Holmes, not even using it in the sardonic manner that most people used it nowadays. "For now, you may simply call me 'Alchemist.' As for travel," he began moving around, collecting some materials into a bag while speaking, "I would prefer something a bit less than instantaneous." Sam was in no hurry to go back to that place. Six hundred and twenty-nine years and it still doesn't feel long enough. His last experience there, the one that left him the way he is now, had turned out far from pleasant, and there was an intense feeling of hurt and disquiet welling up inside him.

Quickly, he got to work arming himself, preparing for anything that might transpire. A flask of Mortis Viridis was loaded carefully into his coat pocket; a few Bandit32 Throwing Knives went into sheaths on his arms and legs. Edgar and Zoe, two Mauser C96 semi-automatic pistols went into holsters on the inside of his trench coat, safety on, the stripper clips into the rucksack. The Nazwy982D Crossbow was folded in and placed in the rucksack. PhantomT1482 Sneakygun was attached to Sam's wrist, extra ammunition placed in the bag, along with a couple of gas canisters. Reno and Reina, Sam's prized rapiers, went into sheaths attached to his waist. Finally, he came to the Avacery1378 dagger made for him by his mother. After a moment of contemplation, he decided to leave it, zipped his bag up, and faced Lady Death. "Sorry for the wait, dear girl. Now that that's all taken care of, shall we depart?" He made an effort to sound more eager than he had been feeling, partly reassured by the thought of discovering something new.

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Sam requested something less instantaneous. Which Lyn would prefer to get there sooner, but she had to accommodate the man who was helping her find the Daigon. Lyn noted he grabbed up more weapons than most. She wondered why he was arming himself for a small war. Perhaps he felt the need to or knew something about Easter Island she did not. Lyn was standing just outside his office looking inward. Sam apologized for making her wait, but he really did not make her wait for very long. He now stood facing her.

With a few words of an ancient text Lyn's body became a well tanned color, hair turned black, and her eyes were a golden hazel. Her clothes changed as well. From her scantily clad leather to black shorts and red short sleeve blouse. Black docker boots on her feet where her thigh high boots were.

Alright Alchemist, You can refer to me as Lyn. Now we can travel less conspicuously.” She spoke with a calm tone as she brushed her newly black hair out of her face.

Lyn pulled out a cell phone to begin the arrangements for the trip to Easter Island. She was asking for what flight or sailing trip would be sooner. With a scowl on her face and a heavy sigh. She asked the person on the other line to hold. Looking at Sam with a frustrated look. Not because of him, but the news she was about to give.

It appears my friend our next plan of departure is upon a tourist ship bound for Easter Island in the next two hours. Unless you want to wait for three days for a plane ride. I need to know, so I can get the tickets and arrange our transportation to the port or where ever that needs to be done. My private jet is out of order due to a flock of gulls running into the engines, so that is out of the question. Plus if we travel with the regular public, we would be under the radar.”

Lyn looked at Sam in wonder. Either way of transport did not bother her. She was not effected by motion sickness of the waves or worried about flying. Lyn had done both in the past on much less reliable means. Wooden aircraft and not so sturdy ships to the more advanced of this era.

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Just as he was stepping out of the room, Samuel caught Lady death in the middle of casting a spell. It made her appear as a normal person. So that's how she gets around. Hmph, she could be anybody, anywhere, and you would never even notice...Well, if not for that unearthly feeling I get from her. And if I didn't know any better... he stopped thinking his irrelevant thoughts when he realised she was talking to him. He caught her mid-sentence, "me as Lyn. Now we can travel less conspicuously."

While Lyn talked on the phone, Sam mentally prepared himself for the journey, quieting the spirits within him. Once again, his thoughts were interrupted. Lyn was giving him the option of waiting two hours for a tourist boat ride or three days for a plane. I'll take the three day waiting period, he wanted so badly to say. But he knew how important this was to her, so he opted for the boat. "If we take the boat, we'll have wasted less time and given less to any competitors. Besides, with what I'm carrying, in an airport? Though I suppose it's not much better on a tour boat. Still, every bit of security counts. Then there's also the fact that technically, I don't exist. At least, as far as records of my existence, there are none. We could pay directly, but that always raises eyebrows and—! Oh, I was merely laying out the facts. The boat is clearly the better choice."

When she returned to her phone, Sam made another effort to keep watch and make sure there was no one else who could see him with the strange woman. After all, it was supposed to be a top-secret base, and a stranger here would not look good in his standing with the team.

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Once again San went in a ramble of words that made Lyn wonder. She wondered if he knew he was vocalizing almost every thought or if he didn't know. Perhaps it was how his mind worked. Lyn went to talk on the phone once more to set up arrangements. Closing up the phone and smiling.

Do not worry of your things. This cruise ship is known for being discrete and well known celebrities bless the cabins, so privacy is necessary for them. I do have bad news though. I hope you do not mind sharing a room with separate beds. With last minute arrangements that is all I could get. We could place up some make shift walls between the beds. Also we should make our way to the street to meet our cab.

Lyn moved towards the exit and went outside. Shortly a taxi pulled up to the curbside. Lyn walked over and spoke to the driver real quick. She opened the door as the taxi man got out offering to load Sam's bags into the now opened trunk. He was a short stocky man with unusual eyes. The cab driver had an almost golden ring around his pupils. He worked for Tenebrasque In covertly for such missions that required a discrete presence.

In the trunk sat two mid sized bags of luggage. They were red and black trimmed. Everything Lyn had was black, red, or white due to lack of color vision. It did nothing to slow her down from appearing to have normal sight. She sat in the back seat as she pulled out a compact mirror to see her magical creation closely. It would be impossible for anyone to know who she was. To make it even harder, she put on a pair of glasses. Skinny blacks rims and thin glass to appear like they were to improve her sight, but they did nothing.

Pleased with her new appearance and how well it looked she placed the mirror back into a small purse that was sitting in the back seat for her to use. Lyn looked through the purse to see and know what contents it had. Everything she asked for was there. The small compact which she just used, the eye glasses, wallet with money , and identification. The driver's license read her name as: Lyn Argent and placed her age at thirty. Lyn smiled as everything was now working in her favor.

Looking out of the cab window to see what Sam was doing and then to the clock in the car. They had more than enough time to get to the docks to meet the cruiseliner.

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Sam made a funny face at hearing the arrangements made. Sharing a room with Death? That would make for an interesting book. Or series of books! And short stories! But what to call them...I wonder if this means I'll have to go to sleep tonight. "Oh it's no problem at all. In fact, I'll bet most men dream of sharing a room with a woman as beauteous as yourself. And don't you worry about that wall. I can take care of that. I'm a carpenter."

Sam followed Lady Lyn to the taxicab, but when someone offered to take his things, he quickly refused, almost in a panic. "No, not at all, I can handle it thank you." He always preferred it if he was the only one to touch his belongings, some of them fragile, many of them dangerous.  He placed his bags carefully in the trunk and looked in and around the car, noting the not quite normal cab driver, as well as Lady making extra efforts with her appearance. You'd think she thought she had covered everything. It's just as well. Every bit of security. He just noticed he was staring, and jumped when he noticed Lady looking at him, then agitatedly made his way to the car. "Sorry about my manners, I don't know what came over me."

When he first entered, Sam stared around blankly, feeling like a complete outsider surrounded by these people whom he thought probably didn't like him that much, with the exception of Lyn, just barely. He silently wondered whether the one called Aurora would be joining them in the taxicab or on the ship for that matter, though he dismissed the thought, remembering how she could be anywhere that there were shadows. She probably wouldn't be seen again until they reached the island.

Along with his rapiers, which he laid on the floor, Sam carried one smaller bag with him in the car. It was filled with tools and parts for some new things he'd been working on, as well as his notebook, which he called Barnaby, whose pages were filled with formulas, calculations, and other notes. During the drive, he planned on getting some work done, since it was likely he'd be turning in early tonight. He pulled out a small round device and a screwdriver, and he began tinkering, every so often stopping to look at and write in his notebook.
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Sam had some unusual facial expressions once Lyn told him they would share a one bedroom with separate beds while on the cruise ship. He mentioned being a carpenter. Once in the cab, Lyn did not pay attention to what Sam was doing outside the cab. For some reason he apologized for something Lyn had no idea about.

Lyn did however notice how Sam looked like he felt out of place. He brought with him a bag that clanged and clacked as he placed it in the cab. After an hour in the cab, Lyn's phone rang. A quick greeting was made along with a few words exchanged. A curse came from her lips as she slammed the phone shut after a few minutes.

I fear we now have competition. The museum took pictures and they have called someone in to help find the tablet or what was on it. Hopefully we are ahead of them.

The cab pulled into the Port's parking lot. Shifting the car into park, the cab driver got out of the car to open Lyn's door. She got out and walked toward the back of the car. Drawing out her two bags from the trunk. A woman from the cruise ship came running over.

Everything is in order for the young couple in the lover's cabin.”, she squealed. “Allow me to escort you to be best suite on the ship.

Lyn looked very confused as she looked at Sam. She wondered how that got mixed up in the reservations. It was supposed to be a normal room with two beds. On top of the mix up, Lyn thought the woman was way to happy for her own good. Lyn followed the bouncy hostess onto the ship. Several people were boarding on the ship ahead of Sam and Lyn, but the hostess pushed past them making way for Lyn and Sam to get to their cabin first.

As Lyn entered the room her eyes grew large. The cabin was huge with a hot tub in one corner and a bathroom with glass walls only the toilet area was behind walls. The bed looked like at least ten people could sleep on it. The room was decorated in red and white with a few other accents. Lyn could not figure out what color it was since she could only see the reds and whites of the room.

Lyn argued with the hostess saying the room was nice, but not what she requested. The hostess smiled brightly as she glanced over her clipboard. She asked to see Lyn's ID and then verified that this was indeed their room. Lyn face palmed herself as she thought about Kain and what he would think. Thankfully to her relief there was a large couch in one area of the room. The room was large enough to keep the two separate, but the shower itself was a huge issue. From the door Lyn could see through the shower.

Tossing her bags onto the bed as the hostess left claiming if the 'love birds' needed anything to ring the assistance desk and pointed out the ship catalog with all the amenities they could want up for grabs 24/7. Lyn sighed as she glanced at the catalogs. She picked up one and blushed. Sensual oils and scents to order for the room. What else could go wrong Lyn thought seeing this was not a good sign.

It was a five day cruise and then a quick flight to Easter Island. Lyn only had to suffer the accommodations for five days. She sighed heavily as she looked at Sam, “We start our journey here on this ship for five days. At the next Port, we depart for a seaplane that will take us to Easter Island. The Seaplane is privately owned by a man known as Mark Jacobson. The pilot doesn't care about secrecy as long as you pay, so you can take your things without worry. We have rooms reserved at the Hotel Manavai. There we have rooms next to each other, but not shared like this.” Lyn grunted as her plans were not going very well. At least they were on the ship. In another hour the ship would leave port. Lyn looked outside the windows to see a vast ocean. It was beautiful to see. Then she turned and looked through her bags to see what was in them. Shorts, shirts, socks, under garments that were reasonable without being overly sexy, short boots, shoes, and some nicer clothes for unexpected events. Everything she would need to look normal. In a smaller bag inside the second bag was her hygiene needs. The soaps and so on.

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Some time into the car ride, Lady received a call and started talking to someone, who apparently had bad news, for Lyn let out a curse when she hung up. Sam soon found out why. Lyn explained that the museum had pictures and hired help in finding the tablet. Quietly, Sam muttered to himself. "Well, I can't say I didn't see this coming. In fact, I anticipated it. Of course, they don't have the wit of myself, nor the power of death at their disposal. But I wonder, who could it be? Perhaps I've heard of him, or her, as it were."  He was in this way for the rest of the car ride.

When they arrived at the port Sam quickly gathered his belongings, hiding his twin swords by making them into a pair of light dumbbells temporarily. A rather jubilant woman from the cruise ship came to speak with them. Such an odd girl,  he noted. She spoke of a lover's cabin, that they would have the best suite, but Samuel thought nothing of it. Being in a lover's suite is no big deal.  Besides, h e was preoccupied with the more pressing matters at hand, and besides, Lyn seemed to be taking care of whatever was wrong. When they were done speaking, Lady gave a funny look and followed the woman onto the ship. Sam followed.

They entered the room, and Sam finally saw why the suite was to be a problem. It was a large room, but left much to be desired, at least for two who were not the "lover birds" the room was designed for. I just hope no one else finds out about this.  Sam shivered at the thought of Kain, or Ivan, or anyone else catching wind of the situation. He saw Lady place her bags on the very large bed and knew that he would probably be on the couch. Even worse, there was no desk at which he could work. He needed some space, so he returned his rapiers to normal form and placed his belongings into a corner, sitting in his own area on the floor. He muttered again to himself. "These plans seems to be going wrong at every turn. Ah well, I suppose we'll just have to roll with the punches."

There was an uncomfortable silence as Sam stared at Lyn while she perused through catalogs detailing various oils and scented items. Finally, she spoke and explained the entire situation, that they would remain on the ship for five days then board a plane belonging to someone named Mark Jacobson to the island where they would stay at a hotel, thankfully with separate rooms. "Good. At least hotels have desks."  He watched Lyn unpacking to look through her belongings, thinking how complex her outfits were. Sam preferred to dress more simply. Most of his clothes looked alike. He brought only black shirts and pants, suspenders, a hat, and an old British military uniform that he fashioned himself a long time ago. The perfect guise, he thought, for his abundant arsenal.

He sat silently, constructing a back story for himself in his mind. It might take some time, but if I can find any form of technology at all, I can fashion an Identification for myself.
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Sam was almost excited when he mentioned the hotel having a desk. Lyn could feel his eyes on her as she ruffled through her clothes. She thought a moment at the ordeal at hand. The people on the cruise thought they were a couple. She guessed it was due to the reservations that were made for the corny lover's suite.

I am going to check out the rest of the ship and see if I can track down that desk you seek.

Lyn stepped out of the room and moved down the narrow hallway. She peered down each pathway to see where to go and how much room they had to go if something unexpected happened. Lyn finally found a help desk and asked the workers for a desk to be be delivered to her room immediately. The two workers looked at each other in bewilderment. Lyn didn't think it was that strange to ask for a desk. Then again the thought of the room being a lover's suite came to mind. The workers probably thought they would be going at it like jack rabbits. Which was far from the truth. Lyn had no desire for Sam other than he was helping her find the Daigon.

Leaving the desk to travel elsewhere as the workers called in the request for the desk. After a few minutes Lyn found herself in the ship's shopping area and then the buffet area. A certain smell attracted her attention. Sweet treats lined a buffet table. The smell of warm brownies, cookies of various kinds, and the cakes looked absolutely divine. She had to keep a facade of being a normal human. What better way than a woman enjoying the delicacies of a five star chef.

Lyn grabbed up a plate and placed a small sample of each dessert onto her plate. The chocolate cake really sent her taste buds soaring. Lyn thought Kain would love the flavor of it as she took note of what kind of cake it was. She nibbled on everything she had. Some were delicious while others were just ok. She was definitely not a fan of coconut. Finishing her snack, Lyn made her way to other areas of the ship. After getting a good layout of the ship inside her mind, she made her way back to the room. Lyn smiled to see two very muscular men delivering the desk into the room. Something was going right for a change. The men placed the desk where Sam motioned it to go. The men left the room as Lyn entered.

Is there anything else you need, Alchemist?” Raising a quizzical brow.

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The awkwardness in the room persisted until Lyn finally decided to go to see the rest of the ship, as well as to go and acquire a desk for the room. "Oh, how kind." Sam decided to stay inside the room. He guessed Lyn wouldn't want to be seen with him publicly; doing so would only  propagate  the misconception that they were lovers. It didn't matter to him, but she probably cared. Besides, it will afford me some time to myself, my own thoughts and work.

Sam waited until he was certain Lyn was long gone, then he began to explore the room further. He looked around and turned on the television, but turned it off as he was unable to navigate the  menus , not having much experience with them. "Television is just a waste of time anyway." Next, he looked in the bathroom, noting the various scented candles, lotions, and soaps. I'll have to remember to bring back a few souvenirs from this trip. These will do nicely.

Following this, Sam pulled out his latest invention, the one he'd just completed in the taxicab. It was time to test it while Lady was still gone. He depressed the trigger but, startled by voices at the door, he dropped it to the floor. A resounding boom was accompanied by a blinding flash of light. "Gaah! Ow! God dammit! Oh yes, wonderful! It works! I'll call you Fulgor Percussio! Perfect! Oh, ow. My eye." The voices continued, followed by a knock. It was the men who came to deliver the desk which Lyn had ordered. Unfortunately, Sam's invention had left him blind. Luckily, the door was left unlocked and Sam shouted for them to come in. Unable to see, he simply motioned and told them to place it in front of him. They completed the task and left blind Sam alone.

Soon after, he heard Lady asking him if he needed anything else. He looked to where he heard her voice come from and spoke, "Oh, hello there darling. How was the ship? You really must smell these scented candles. There's damask plum and lavender, and even coconut. Delightful! Need? No, nothing comes to mind, well, maybe some eye drops, but I should be fine in due time, with or without them. Have we any more information on the task at hand? Whom our enemies might be? Current location? Where's Aurora?"

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Sam spoke while making some odd facial movements, "Oh, hello there darling. How was the ship? You really must smell these scented candles. There's damask plum and lavender, and even coconut. Delightful! Need? No, nothing comes to mind, well, maybe some eye drops, but I should be fine in due time, with or without them.Have we any more information on the task at hand? Whom our enemies might be? Current location? Where's Aurora?"

Lyn looked at him curiously as he kept acting like he was squinting like someone who starred off into the sun. She spoke softly as she moved into the room,”The ship is huge and the dessert buffet is to die for. As for the candles, no thank you. Lavender smells aweful and coconut just makes me think of sun tan lotion.” She wonder why he would need eye drops. Noticing the strange looking device and putting two and two together. She laughed,”Let me guess you blinded yourself! I saw eye drops in my over night bag. Allow me a moment to double check.” Lyn rummaged through her luggage. With a smile she handed Sam a small container of Visine multi-symptom eye drops.

I have people looking into our competition ,but no leads yet. Current location...we just left the dock three hours ago. Aurora...hmmm....seems someone is curious.” Lyn walked over to a small fridge and drew out a bottle of water. Slowly drinking the water as she leaned against the wall.

So, Alchemist, what is it you truly want to know? Unfortunately Aurora is a species all to herself and quite frankly I know very little about her. If it will ease your mind to fulfill your task at hand. I shall give any answer to all of your questions about Aurora.

Lyn continued to lean against the wall. She was curious why Sam wasn't asking more prudent questions, but every genius had his quirks. Sam was in the same room with death in living flesh and unlike others, he did not ask about life after death or the annoying question of what was the meaning behind life. A strange sound came from her cell phone. Lyn checked it to see a few texts were waiting to be read.

Arthur Thrash and a team of mercenaries slash antique hunters are our competition. They have not left the U.S. at this time, because they are still examining pictures. I guess it pays to know a genius to get things done properly.” She smiled with a smug grin. “Evidently the college who owns the museum could not afford the right folks to do their dirty work, so they hired the low lifes.” Lyn clicked on the second text and frowned. “Seems our friend, Arthur has a nasty criminal record he tried to cover up. Smuggling in Nigeria two years ago, theft in Napal five years ago, illegal artifact transport in Egypt fifteen years ago, and nothing else recent. Perhaps he has friends in high places or he works for someone outside the museum. They are still trying to find out who is working on Arthur's team to find the Daigon and will get back to me as soon as possible.”

Lyn's cell reached the limit of service as it beeped a notorious sound of it losing signal. She walked over to the brochures. “Unfortunately according to this pamphlet we won't have any kind of Internet or cell service until we pay for it. Oh well another thing to pay money for.” She spoke as if money meant little to her and it did. She had lived so long and spent so little.

Lyn had possession of a large fortune that would easily dwarf the millionaires of today. It was spread out in different banks and trust funds all over the world and under several name connected to her. None would know unless she openly told them.

While I am calling to activate our service did you want something to eat, if you eat at all that is?”, she picked up the ship's phone to call the customer service desk as she adjusted her glasses onto her face.

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The way Lyn fawned over the food, even in private, was almost like a normal girl, and Sam couldn't help thinking that she didn't seem as bad as he had previously thought. He spoke quietly to himself. "Heh, almost makes you forget about the evils that she's capable of..." A disappointed look came across his blind face at hearing Lyn's disapproval of the candles. "Well, I thought they were quite nice." To add to his upset, he could hear her laughing at his blindness. "It wasn't even my fault. It was the workers'. They startled me."  He applied the eye drops and straightened out his vision, looking at her with an expression of indignation.

Sam glanced down as Lady spoke, wondering just who these many connections might be. "Oh, I have no problem working with Aurora as is, I just have this curiosity, sometimes over the most pointless things. Unfortunately, it is impossible to stifle one such as mine. But since you offered, where did she come from? How did you meet? What is that she does, that trick with the shadows? What else can she do? Is she hiding something under that veil?"

While Lyn looked into her phone, Sam turned to his record player and placed a disk under the needle. Frédéric François Chopin's Adagio was the song playing. He thought about getting a cell phone, but decided he probably couldn't figure how to work one of those either. He listened intently while Lady Lyn explained the situation. Arthur Thrash?Bottom of the barrel indeed. Immediately, a feeling of superiority rushed over the Alchemist. He chuckled lightly. "I suppose we can't blame them, working with what they are given.

Sam himself cared little for money. Over his lifetime, he had accumulated a bountiful affluence. The longest Besides, he could turn copper into gold, or a plain rock into a diamond at a whim. He gasped in surprise at the supposition hat he himself didn't eat. "She makes it seem like I'm the embodiment of death and she's the human," he mused. "No, nothing for me," he stared at her waiting for her to make the call. After some thought, he changed his mind. "On second thought, I would like a piano and a violin delivered to this room, as well as a stand on which to hang sheet music."
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Just before placing the call to the customer service desk she sighed. “Alright Alchemist. Aurora was found in the wreckage of France. She was impaled by some steel bars. Once Kain withdrew her from the impalement. She revived. We have no clue what she is or where she came from before that. We have ideas, but none of them are pretty. Aurora exhibits traits that only a succubus has, but has no need for sex like a normal succubus. The shadow tricks are something she does inexplicably. Aurora has picked up and move an eighteen wheeler while attached to a fully loaded trailer with ease. Superior healing and she revives from the dead every time. What is under the mask...you ask...well....let's just a lot of nasty sharp teeth.”

Sam denied wanting food, so Lyn went back to making the call. Just as the lady answered Sam issued a request. An odd one at that. Lyn told the lady what they wanted for the room. The lady announced how sweet it was to have a man serenade his lover with a violin and a piano. Lyn grunted in utter frustration. She also requested a music sheet stand. While keeping the chipper woman on the phone to set up a payment plan for the wireless/cell phone connection into the room. The lady at the desk said some one would be up to the room within the hour to set up the service and approximately another hour or so afterward for the other requests.

Strange how these humans jumped through hoops to get more money. To Lyn it was just green paper with odd pictures of dead guys and monuments. She shrugged the thought off as she placed the phone back onto the receiver. This trip was far from dull for Lyn. From an interesting ,but overly cheerful woman to the cabin being a lover's suite. Nothing seemed like it was impossible.

A knock at the door echoed into the room. Lyn got up and answered it with some caution to her step. The man behind the door was the maintenance man and was there to hook up the driver to help strengthen cell phone use and internet capability. He entered the room and left a few minutes later after his set up was done. Lyn checked her phone and sure enough it had come back to service. Lyn did not miss any calls or texts. She was hoping to see something new.

Shortly after another knock at the door. Three men this time. “We had to borrow these extra instruments from the band, so take care of 'em will yah”, one man grunted. They pushed in what looked like a church's piano. It was indeed an older piano from the look of it. Very fine crafted wood and golden painted words on it that read “August Forster”. The piano was vertical instead of the normal grand piano with the width being horizontal. The violin was handed over still within the case. The violin however looked much younger than the piano. The piano itself displayed a fine grace of good workmanship. Lyn appreciated fine tuned things. She gently tapped the keys and smiled. The piano was well tuned even though it was only a backup piano.

Before the men left they set a music stand into the room. Lyn was beginning to get tired as she yawned. She stretched out her neck as she looked closer at the room. “I do not believe you can bring anything big into the room. If you do we will have less room to walk around. Well I am going to get some shut eye. After I figure out some other issues.

Lyn tugged the top sheet off the bed and proceeded to cover up the outer walls of the glass shower. Then she moved her quest to the bed. The bed had curtains and she put them to use as she drew them down. Lyn checked the closet to find extra sheets and blankets. She decided to be nice for once as she set up Sam's make shift bed on the couch. That was until she realized it pulled out into another bed. Lyn placed the sheets on the pull out couch and draped the blanket onto the bed. Tossing a few pillows for comfort into the pull out as well.

If you should need another blanket due to cold. I saw another in the closet. Oh and don't worry about making noise. I will make a barrier, so that you can do what you need to without worry of waking or hitting me. Should you need me before I wake...just tap on the bed with something that would resonate.” She handed Sam a small tuning fork. A hint of what to use.

Grabbing some clothes from her bag she went into the shower. Steam rose from the shower as she completed her nightly task of showering before bed. The shower was quick as she stepped out of the shower later wearing a pajama set that covered her private parts very well. The shorts were short, but not enough to show off anything. The top was one of Kain's shirts that looked like a dress on her as it swallowed her body. The towel wrapped around her hair as she exited the shower.

Lyn breathed a sigh of relief to get clean. Brushing her hair out just before leaping into bed. Pulling the blanket over her to sleep as she curled up in bed like a little kitten. Lyn could still smell Kain on the shirt and smiled as she fell asleep. As she fell asleep a barrier grew over her preventing anyone from trying to hurt her. It kept sounds away from her and allowed a good nights sleep. The tuning fork if used correctly would resonate the barrier enough to stir Lyn to awareness. Sound vibration on the same level of the barrier would work as well, but the tuning fork did it every time without having to figure out the correct resonance. Kain was the only one who could get into her barrier without using any means, but then again she loved him dearly and trusted him with her life.

Day one was finally over and now to begin day two of the the five day ship ride.

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Sam listened intently while Lyn told her story. "Interesting.She sounds like an invaluable ally." I have to see those teeth!

Sam was giddy with excitement when his instruments arrived. They didn't seem too excited to have to do the work, but Sam gave each a tip of seventy-five cents each. He swiped his hand across the upper panel, pressed on a few keys, and smiled. This one would do nicely. He took the piano from the other and opened it, playing a few notes of the intro to The Price of Freedom, a song he'd learned under commission by a Japanese composer. Pleased with what he heard, he put it away.

After the men left, Lyn said something of space and large objects, then mentioned sleep. Before she retired, however, she started tampering with the shower and with the couch on which he would be sleeping, which turned out to be a bed. " Oh, how nice of her to do that. Though I could've done it myself. Still, the gesture is appreciated."  When she finished, Lyn handed Sam a tuning fork to use to wake her if he needed her. "I don't see any reason why I would need to, but it's always good to be prepared."

Sam waited until he was sure Lyn was asleep, then he put on a change of clothes. The usual black shirt, pants and boots, brown suspenders which included a holster for a pistol, and an eye patch to cover his left eye. After dressing, Sam made his way for the door. I wonder what else is on this ship.  He shut the door slowly and quietly and roamed the halls until he came to a sort of restaurant within the ship. He had noticed eyes on him since he'd left the room and thought it must have been the eye patch. After a while of standing uncomfortably, a young blonde woman, in her mid twenties by the looks of her, approached Sam. She brought with her a well-built, rather tall man with black hair, early thirties, Sam guessed.

"Hi, I'm Dora, here on vacation with my husband, Dean. We're newlyweds here on our honeymoon. You're the one who's in the super suite. We were behind you when the hostess gave you your rooms. Everyone here's real jealous of you and your girlfriend. The best suite in the whole ship. See how they look at you?" 

Sam was just thinking he'd never get to introduce himself, then the husband spoke. "So why don't you tell us about yourself? Why are you here? Can't be regular tourists, since you and your girl are in the lover's suite. You really went all out. Anniversary, or are you using this trip trying to get in?"  He nudged Sam at the last remark, and the girl dug her elbow into his side as to correct him for misbehaving.

"I am Sam Rosen...burger! Sam Rosenburger!" He sighed a heavy sigh, having just avoided giving his actual name. Not that he was famous or could be located on any database or anything, but still, he wanted to be kept a secret.  As for why I'm here, it's nothing like that. I'm here on business. I have the utmost respect for my companion and would never dream of trying to buy her affections." "Oh, I got you,"  Dean smiled and winked at him, which earned him another chastisement. Forget it,  Sam thought, and was just about to leave when they offered to treat him to dinner. Sam still wasn't very hungry at the moment, but agreed to eat with them, as a courtesy. They talked for about an hour about things like love and background, mostly things about the young couple, and before long, Sam was actually starting to like them. Before he left, they invited him to another dinner the following night, to which he agreed, and they told him to "Bring a date."

Sam returned to the room late, having taken much longer than he'd expected. "I might as well get some rest. I'll take a shower and tell Lyn about the others in the morning."  Because he was sharing a room, he decided not to go the usual au naturel as usual. Still wearing exactly what he'dworn to dinner, he threw himself onto the pullout bed and slept sprawled over the mattress.

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Lyn woke up around 8am to see a sprawled out Sam on the couch bed in his clothes. Odd to see with a man in full attire for the day in bed asleep, but what ever. She went into the bathroom to brush her hair and got dressed for the day. Afterward she snuck out the room quietly to get some breakfast. Once again the buffet was spread out with many delights. Everything for breakfast and more. Danishes, bagels, pancakes, waffles, and whatever one could request from the chefs who worked the buffet area. Lyn walked up and down trying to make up her mind what to eat.

She did not require food, but she still liked to eat for the sensation of taste. Lyn placed several items onto a plate and then sat down at a table by herself to be later greeted by an odd couple. They claimed to have meet Sam last night. They asked to take a seat near Lyn and she wanted desperately to refuse wanting to eat in peace. A facade had to be kept to prevent from being found out, so she reluctantly allowed them to join her. After a few moments of hearing how the couple meet, Lyn just could not stomach it anymore. Excusing herself saying she needed to get Sam something to eat as well. The couple awed at her words saying the couple was so cute and new to the relationship deal. Dora and Dean waved a goodbye claiming to see Lyn later with Sam at diner. Lyn could not believe her ears as she groaned in frustration.

Lyn did as she said to the couple grabbing several different items for Sam. She walked back to her room. Once inside she laid the plate down on the small desk and plopped down on the chair wondering how far she would have to deal with humans she so loathed. Sam was different and she could see that by just looking at him. His energy levels were very unique to him. He had numerous souls residing in him as well, which made her curious. That would be up to him to divulge in time.

What needed to be discussed first was the ordeal of diner with the Dora and Dean. Lyn needed to know what Sam said to them to corroborate his story he told them. During breakfast she was able to sway the conversation toward more information on the couple not herself and Sam. Lyn was a smooth talker which made it easy to talk the couple out of knowing Sam or her. Lyn sighed heavily thinking it was only four more days of this metal tub before they could move on to better enterprises, meaning the hunt for the Daigon.

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At 2:00 Sam was jolted awake by his alarm, which simulated the sounds of an ambulance siren. He quickly hopped up from his couch bed and looked around the room frantically before fully realising what was happening. Then he stretched and calmly walked over to his timekeeper and turned it off. He spoke rather loudly, to no one in particular. "Ah, and what a wonderful morning it is. First order of business, I'll need to tidy up for the day. Well, almost first." Sam picked up the phone and was immediately patched through to customer service. "Yes, I would like a bottle of Chianti brought up to my room in precisely fifteen minutes. Yes, the lover's suite. Alright, yes. That's very nice. Thank you. Goodbye." grabbed up his bag and walked briskly to the shower. 

Sam placed his bag on the floor and stripped to his altogethers, then turned on the water and took a cold shower. Precisely nine minutes later he was out and brushed his teeth for exactly two, taking the other three to get dressed. He was out just in time to answer the knock at the door. It was the same woman who had shown them to the room. Smiling big, as usual. "Ah, thank you, madame," he said, returning her smile to a smaller degree. Then he dropped seventy-five cents in her hand, saying "That's all you."

Finally, bottle of Chianti in hand, he took a look over to Lyn, who looked rather annoyed. "What's wrong, darling? Something on your mind? You can tell me about it. I promise you, I'll keep it a secret. Oh yes, also, we have dinner with Dean and Dora Winterfresh tonight at . . . what time was that? Darn it. Well, I could always follow up with them and find out."
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It was late afternoon when Sam finally stirred from his sleep. Lyn was studying the tablet with Aurora in the corner of the room. Remaining close enough to the shadows and the tablet. Lyn held up a magnifying glass examining. She looked up trying to figure out why Sam was practically yelling he was awake. Sam ordered Chianti and then proceeded to the bathroom. Lyn looked at Aurora baffled at his waking habits, but only shrugged it off.

Sam went into the shower and was back out to meet the cheerful hostess at the door. Aurora moved more into the shadows and out of sight. Lyn tossed a pillow onto the tablet to prevent anyone to see it. Not sure who exactly was at the door. Now Sam stood at just inside the room with the door closed and Chianti in hand to meet by a curious brow from Lyn.

"What's wrong, darling? Something on your mind? You can tell me about it. I promise you, I'll keep it a secret. Oh yes, also, we have dinner with Dean and Dora Winterfresh tonight at . . . what time was that? Darn it. Well, I could always follow up with them and find out." , Sam spoke.

Winterfresh sounds like the gum sold at those gas stations.” Lyn laughed, “We were to meet them at six in the grand ball area. I meet them this morning. The couple asked if we could come together and be more of a formal look. Something about the diner being apart of some dance this boat has. Tickets would arrive here to us around 4 to be able to gain access to this gala .

Lyn motioned for Sam to come closer as she held a magnifying glass over the tablet.

On to better things, the dance is a later concern. I do believe I have good news for you. This symbol here is one I know...”She pointed it out as she continued. “Unfortunately with it missing a corner piece. I am not for certain, but it is a dialect I am very familiar with. It means in your tongue, promises. Without knowing where this tablet came from and if there is more to it. I cannot be for certain.

Lyn uncrossed her legs as she sat in the chair at the desk and pushed away for Sam to get closer to look. She moved over to her clothes and looked for something more formal. Lyn also looked over to Sam's wardrobe. Most of her clothes were more for business attire formal, not dance formal.

Ummm. Sam since you have accepted this invitation to this dance/diner thing. How do you propose to dress since your clothes are quite neutral as far as formal wear go and most of my clothes are casual or business like?” She smiled at him with a wicked grin knowing Sam had no idea what he accepted into this invitation by the Winterfresh couple, but Lyn however asked questions getting the facts. Most men she knew did that. Say ok and then find out later it was more trouble than it was worth.

It was going to be interesting to see this pulled off without either being embarrassed for this or that.

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Sam was delighted that Lyn could get the necessary information. She could help keep the time and prevent him from being late. A dance? Formal? "Oh dear."  He chuckled at Lyn's laughter, and she beckoned him nearer. Just the Sam noticed a plate on the desk and grabbed up a cold waffle to wash down his Chianti. "Oh, Aurora's here. Will she be accompanying us to the dance? Maybe she could teach a few moves." He laughed at his own jokes, then sat to have a look at the tablet.

Lyn mentioned recognising a symbol on the tablet, but with a few missing details . . . and pieces serving as more of a hindrance. "Perhaps a quick trip to the states is in order. It may have broken off while you were running. Maybe our sharp-toothed friend here?" He motioned towards aurora. "Hmm. On second thought, by now that place is no doubt thick with people, with added security.

While Sam was examining, Lyn stepped away to look for clothes to wear to the dinner, and while there, she asked about what he planned to wear to dinner. "Well, I was thinking of wearing an old uniform." He motioned to a military uniform, wrapped in a clear suit bag hanging by the bathroom. It was that of a Commandant General Royal Marines, which he made himself. "Oh, and while we're out, I'm Sam . . . Rosenburger."  He looked down sheepishly at the last name, which indicated that he'd almost slipped and let his true name be known.

While Lyn was away checking her wardrobe, Sam withdrew a laptop from his bag and began checking through emails, as well as cross-referencing all possible sources to find out more about the tablet and its missing piece. Before long, something interesting caught him. He laughed so loud that people in rooms far down the hall could probably hear. "Lyn, you would not believe this. The museum you robbed has caught one of my aliases and has contacted me, asking me to help find the tablet."  Then he began muttering again. "I could accept and stay updated on the status of their search, but they might expect a face to face meeting. I could think of an excuse. What do you think, Lyn?"

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Lyn laughed att he thought of Aurora dancing. She was good at killing and maiming not dancing. “No she will not join us at the dance. I was the one who snatched the tablet and I was very careful not to chip it. I believe it is a piece out of a much larger piece. Old uniform?” Lyn raised an eyebrow while looking at Sam. “You introduced yourself as Rosenburger?”, Lyn did what she could to stifle a burst of laughter. As she continued to look through her clothes Sam went to his laptop.

Sam claimed he contacted by the museum to hunt down the tablet as well. Lyn stopped and thought a moment. Strategies began to form in her mind as she then realized opportunity presented itself into full fruition. “Indeed an interesting idea.” She pushed her frames back onto her nose,”I say you go to the face to face meeting. String them along to find out what they know. I know of a way to do it...if you are comfortable with some magic that is.” She smiled. “I can portal you there and Aurora here can take your image for appearances here. She would remain in the room, but I dare say you will not leave me to this gala tonight.

Lyn's face displayed some brilliance and dismay all at once. She hated this dance idea and she hated not having an outfit for it. Also having to parade as Sam's girlfriend or something more. Her brilliance was to the open window into the schemes of the museum to hire out people to find the tablet or where it came from.

Then it dawned on her who else was in the room. “OH! Aurora go back to my wardrobe back home and bring me back the leather sachet hanging in my larger room. “ With those words Aurora nodded vanishing into shadow. Within minutes Aurora appeared with a leather zip up bag that had a hanger sticking out one side.

Lyn smiled and thanked her. She took the bag over to the bed placing it gingerly upon the bed. Unzipping the bag released an exotic aroma into the room. Scents from Lyn's trip to Egypt to see the Nile. The incense had permeated the clothing. There were three dresses inside. A dark maroon short dress, a glittery black gown that was semi short, and the third was simple black gown that was long.

Lyn gave an odd look as she contemplated which to wear. “What color is your uniform by the way?

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Sam was visibly vexed at being mocked. He silently promised to repay Lyn for his chagrin. Later.

Sam sighed and quietly cursed at hearing the word magic. Lyn's wicked smile didn't help. "Goddammit. Magic," his voice was low and sardonic. However, he quickly perked back up. "I suppose I could make the meeting. Me, miss dinner? Wouldn't miss it for the world, dearie. I'll see you there." Sam quickly started working on his reply to the curator when a question arose. "How might I contact you when it's over? And getting out without them noticing my rather quick departure? Teleportation as a means of travel would probably be detrimental to keeping our cover, no?

What color?"What is she, colorblind?" Sam joked. "In case you can't see, it's black pants, navy blue top." Once again, he motioned to the uniform. The top was navy blue with a red collar, gold shoulder boards, and a gold sash with red stripes across the stomach. It was adorned with various medals, some which haven't been given out since before World War I. The bottoms were a black pair of pants with a simple red stripe going down each of the legs. Also hanging on the door were a pair of white gloves and a white hat with a red stripe and the symbol of the Royal Marines on front and centre. He had no idea that she actually was colorblind. "I'll be wearing that out tonight. Why? Are you planning on matching? I thought we were trying to look as far apart from a couple look as possible. Hmm, though I suppose it doesn't hurt being careful with clashing colors and such."

Sam finished his reply while Lyn examined her dress. He would "coincidentally" be "in town" and, to his delight and their advantage, the curator wanted this done as soon as possible. Sam would arrange the meet at a bakery in Italy in approximately one hour. Sam began scribbling on a sheet of paper. For the occasion, he used a little alchemy to make his hair temporarily blonde, his eye red. He stood and walked over to Lady, examining the dresses. "Lyn, I'll need to be at this address in approximately one hour." Sam waved a paper in front of her face. On it, the address read Viale Premuda, 44, 20129 Milan, Italy.
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Sam cursed out loud in protest of the use of magic. Lyn thought a moment and had a much better idea. He insured that he would be there for the diner. Lyn wasn't too thrilled knowing Sam's tardiness and lack of time perspective. Sam replied to her question of the color of his uniform and then decided on the short dark maroon dress.

"Aurora can take you in a flash and remain there to bring you back. Since you dislike magic so much." Lyn looked at the clock and smiled. "I hope you know you will only have a little over three hours to accomplish this meeting and be back for the diner. Plus you would need to get dressed. On that same subject unfortunately people on this tub think we are indeed a couple...so therefore our option is to just keep going with it. "

Lyn avoided the question of her eyesight by deflecting the subject elsewhere. Sam mentioned needing to be at an Italian address in an hour to meet with the museum officials. "So now you have one hour to work out details with Aurora and mind you they need to be very specific. If not she interprets the orders as she sees fit." Lyn took the paper with address taking a glance at the paper. " Why Milan of all places? The museum I stole from was in the U.S., not Europe."

That detail began to bother Lyn. It made no sense to meet in Milan. Supposedly the Museum did not have the money to hire legit people to hunt down the clues to the thief or to get together a team to search where it came from. Now they had money to sit in Milan which was across the ocean from the actual museum. On top of the cake was the museum secretly hiring Arthur Thrash and his team of thugs to hunt down the tablet as well. Something was not adding up at all. It got her mind rolling into thought after thought. "I do believe that Aurora would be your best way of traveling now. Something just isn't right. She can run surveillance for you and watch your back. Plus her ability to travel through shadows will be beyond helpful."

Lyn thought for a moment on the matter at hand. Someone had to be supplying the money to pay these outside treasure hunters. The who was the major question in her mind on top of why so much effort to find the tablet. Perhaps someone else knew of the Daigon. If so they were a threat to Lyn's lineage and her secrets of the past.

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Sam shuddered a moment at the thought of that woman putting her hands on him. His hyperactive imagination had him picturing her, teeth unveiled, biting into his neck. Somehow, he found himself chuckling at the thought. "Oh you," he spoke to himself. He stopped when he heard Lyn mention his narrow time frame, but reassured himself, saying "It only takes a few moments to get the necessary information. Besides, they probably don't know much more than 'the tablet is missing.' Then again, why would they hire someone like Arthur Thrash for the task? Possibly security. It's no doubt worth a hefty sum of money. Anyways, time is of no issue. It doesn't take me an hour to get dressed."

Sam was just about to take Aurora aside, but stopped when he heard Lyn's concerns. He stopped and withdrew a pack of Dunhill cigarettes from his coat and listened. "Of course, it could be a trap, as your extra security measures seem to suggest, but that would imply they knew I was helping you. Otherwise, they would need all of the help they could get. In such a case, it would appear easier and less conspicuous to spring a trap in Europe than the United States. There would be less eyes watching them if they did try to horrendously murder me." He took a long drag from his fag and blew a thick cloud of smoke. Then he spoke to Aurora.

"Hello, darling. I'm Samuel. It seems you'll be . . . impersonating me. Question,"  he turned once again to Lyn. "How will she be me, here in this room, and be my bodyguard at the same time? How does this shadow ability work? Where will you be during all of this? . . . Travelling through shadows. . ." Sam stopped and contemplated a moment, then returned to his normal train of thought and spoke again to Lyn. "Do you think it's possible that someone else may know of the . . . Daigon, was it? We should definitely be wary of the possibility. Fag?"  he asked, offering her a cigarette.

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Sam assured he would be back in time for the dinner he so nicely invited both of them to. Lyn sighed at the thought of having to go. Sam began to smoke. It did not bother her as long as he was on the other side of the room. Kain occasionally smoked and she had endured the aweful smell many times. "Arthur Thrash has quite a record on him. His failure is very low on the scale of his accomplishments. My extra security is for the safety of the Daigon and you as well since I need your help to track it down." Lyn watched as Sam went to speak with Aurora. Aurora in turn just raised an eyebrow at his questioning. She could not take his place and wondered why he even thought that. Her shadow abilities were impressive, but not in direct sunlight.

Sam spoke to Aurora just as he stopped Lyn interluded into the conversation. "Ummm.....Alchemist?" Lyn spoke. "Aurora can not make a single peep. She will take you through shadows to your checkpoint and return you here when you are ready. If the museum officials set up a trap. She is fast enough and strong enough to take them head on."

Then Sam mentioned the Daigon and a possibility of it being known. Lyn thought a moment. "As for the cigarette no thank you. Now as for the Daigon....some may know. Very few. Long ago there was a faction called the Order of Dragons. A malicious band of men who came together to rid the world of the threat they deemed unnecessary to live. In doing so the Order learned of all dragon relics. Some they hid away and others were destroyed. The Daigon however can not be destroyed. It has vast amounts of power and limitless supply of it to add to the need for it to be in my hands and not another human. For the record I am not apart of that abomination. In fact I am what you say is at the end of their sword." As she spoke her voice was evident in her anger toward the order and what they stood for. "The Order was disbanded in 1812, but it does not mean someone did not pass on information of their stories to their children and so forth.As for any one in particular none that I know of would know of the Daigon."

Lyn looked at the time and then looked at Aurora. "Take Alchemist to a rendezvous point that makes it look like he stepped off the train in Italy. Follow him through shadows to his meeting place. Attack only those who attack him first. Make sure he comes back unharmed. He is vital to my venture. Understood?"

Denizen of Blood then bowed her head in acceptance of the orders given. She then walked over to Sam standing net to him. The shadows around her moved like tendrils wrapping and curling around on the ground. Lyn looked over to Sam and smiled. "Aurora is the best friend you never had at this time. I assure you she will keep you alive and well. Her heightened abilities will sense or smell any danger and prevent you from getting hurt. The train station is approximately 15 minute walk from your destination, so I suggest you get going if you want to see this meeting place and find any good escape routes if you should need them. Keep in mind the more shadow the better for your escape. I shall hold down the fort here and find out more through my contacts around the area to help us find more information on Thrash and his party."

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Sam kept his outward superior manner, but he had already known of Arthur Thrash and knew inside that it would likely be trouble, especially on Easter Island . . . If we even make it that far.  

Sam was completely surprised hearing Aurora couldn't speak. "Good, I thought she was being silent because she didn't like me." This begs the question, how do I know she can understand me? Or anything she's thinking? We've made it this far without her eating me, so I'll give her the benefit of the doubt.

Sam groaned hearing they may be dealing with a "faction" or "Order." Cults, he thought. "I hate cults. They're so annoying with their overzealousness, and they aren't afraid of death, but they never seem to die. I can tell we're going to have our hands full with this one." The thought of them hiding relics made him feel giddy all over again, but the destruction of them, to one who valued knowledge and the ancient, filled him with anger. The equivalent of blaspheming.

Sam readied himself for transport, and before he left, he smiled back at Lyn. "Close enough, you can start calling me Samuel from now on."

Milan, Italy

Arriving at the bakery from the train station, Samuel took in his surroundings. It was a public place, very popular, so they would have to be feeling especially bold to try something here. Then again, it was the other party who had arranged to meet there, so if there were ulterior motives, they had likely considered and accounted for it. The meeting area seemed closed in, so there was a possibility of being boxed in, but with the time of day, there were many shadows all over, which he could use to his own advantage.

Sam considered setting up alchemical traps just in case anything did jump off. If they do try to kill me, my cover is blown anyway. Better to be safe than sorry. In various places in the surrounding area, The Alchemist commenced setting up. With a blade hidden in the toe of his boot, he began, as inconspicuously as possible, making circular arrays in certain places in the ground, his escape routes. He made sure there were many shadows and not very many people around. When he felt he had done enough, he approached the meeting place.

The curator was short and scrawny, even by Sam's standards, and for a strange reason, he had a mustache that wasn't there when Sam saw him on the news not too long after the tablet had been stolen. Either he grows his facial hair really really fast, or he's definitely got something to hide. No matter. I can handle anything he can throw at me.  

Sam made like he had just arrived and looked around as if lost, until the museum curator stood and greeted him with a smile, still looking around nervously and taking him to a seat in the b. Sam likewise greeted him with a smile, but was evaluating him the entire time. He observed the many signs of anxiety: his dilated pupils, the small droplets of sweat on his forehead, his hands slightly shaking, and how he can never seem to look at me directly. No time to ease him into talking. "Greetings, Lawrence. I'm glad I could be of assistance to you and—DEAR GOD WHAT IN HEAVEN'S NAME IS THAT!?" Following Sam's outburst and pointing, all eyes in the room were directed toward an outside balcony, at which point Sam inserted a syringe into the curator's neck. It contained trace amounts of temazepam, sodium thiopental, scopolamine, amobarbital, and ethanol, and was to be used as a truth serum, with some suxamethonium to act as a paralysing agent. He quickly placed it back in his pocket before the others in the room looked at him with annoyance and confusion present in their faces.

The curator would've been shouting, if he hadn't been sedated, to an extent. "What have you done to me? Am I going to die?"

"Relax," Sam told him calmly. "You're not going to die. You'll be fine in five minutes. I've just injected you with a truth serum of my making. It's non-lethal in the amount I've just given you, so you have nothing to worry about. I just need a little bit of information, and I need to be sure you won't lie to me."

There was a sound and the curator seemed to be struggling to reach something in his pocket. His BlackBerry had received an incoming call and a message inquiring as to what the disturbance was. The caller was none other than Mr. Thrash. Sam listened to the message and turned the phone off. "I'm afraid we'll have to get down to business quickly. First question! Why hire someone like Arthur Thrash to help you in seeking the tablet?"

"It's no mere tablet, you idiot!"  Lawrence seemed astonished at his own words. "It's very important to my heritage." 

Interesting,  thought the Alchemist. He leaned back and lit up another cigarette. "Continue. Why is it important to your heritage?"

Lawrence paused a while before answering. He seemed to be struggling against the effects of the chemicals. "My ancestors came from an order that was supposed to . . . take care of artifacts like that. The order is long gone, but some of us still carry out the mission dutifully."

Now, Sam could see Arthur and his group in the distance, but he had to confirm one more thing. "Next!" Sam Exclaimed. "How did you come across the tablet and what does it have to do with your 'mission?' " 

Nervously, Lawrence answered. "It was hidden, searched for by family for generations, and when my grandfather died, he passed the task down to me, told me to find it and keep it well, because of the dragon's eye—" 

"Thank you for your cooperation I will see you again don't be a stranger! Toodaloo!"  By now, Arthur and four others were almost on the scene. Sam stood up and took off running, the group in pursuit. Arthur had stayed back to check on the curator. These men were fast, and were gaining on Sam quickly. Making a series of lefts and rights, Sam turned in an alley and activated his trap. Soon after he passed, a cage suddenly sprung up from the ground, trapping two of the men in a single cage. The other two didn't even stop.

They continued for what seemed like an eternity, no one relenting. Taking another left, Sam came to what would've been a dead end, but his second setup erected a stair set that allowed him to reach the rooftops. Still ,the men pursued. He led them higher and higher until they had reached the highest building around. Sam stopped and turned around to face the grimacing men. "Well then. It would appear you have me trapped." Neither of the others spoke; they just kept advancing, slowly. "It would appear that way."  Stepping back a few more metres, Sam spread his arms wide and stepped backwards off of the building. "Come on Aurora, take me back to the room now please." Just as he had hoped, he was caught and teleported back to the safety of his lover's suite.
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Aurora took Sam to well hidden area to release him in Italy to go to his rendezvous point. She crept back into the shadows watching him as he fumbled with some kind of magic circles. She didn't know what he was doing, but it was not her concern to know. He made his way to meet with the Curator who smelled of anxious fear.

Once again Aurora remained in shadow listening, but as she was listening she was using the shadows of the cabin to script out what was said between the men. Lyn smiled at who resourceful Sam was using the truth serum, but wondered who else was in the room. Once Sam left the room in a hurry, Aurora followed and as soon as he called out her name. Aurora reached through the shadow ripping Sam through time and place. Quickly rising from the shadows in the cabin of the ship. Aurora released Sam and stood looking to her Mistress. Lyn smiled. "The Order still exists. My suspicions were for not. Aurora go back and find out what you can. Stick to the shadows and remain unseen gather as much intell as you can." Lyn held up the tickets to the dance. "The messenger arrived early to bring these....Glad to see you have returned in one piece." Lyn then placed the tickets on the desk as she moved across the room. Aurora vanished into the shadow just after she bowed in respect.

"I have a confession Samuel. Since I think I can trust you. I will divulge more information than any mortal has known and it will remain so. No other can know what I am about to tell you. As you can see I am not a standard human, but not just in looks mind you. I have a dragon bloodline. The Order has helped in the demise of my brethren and for the longest I have hunted them as they hunted dragons. All those stories you read of dragons were almost true. The daigon was created by a dragon to her human lover. She gave it to him as a gift of upon their marriage long long ago. The human betrayed the dragon by wishing the Daigon's powers to never be used by dragon talons. Unfortunately the Daigon was still a powerful wishing tool for human kind, but the heart broken dragon in her last effort killed the human. Leaving the Daigon to be lost in time. The tablet is the only clue to find it, so you see Samuel. This Daigon in the Order's hands will inevitably make them a very powerful danger to those around them. The Order has remained silent for years. Probably due to the lack jobs of killing dragons, but nonetheless remained like a shadow unless something of dragonic heritage rose up."

Lyn handed Sam a very small, but very old book. She had done well to preserve the pages. Even though they were still brittle from aging. "This is the true story of the Daigon. Written by a scribe who knew the female dragon and her plight. I guess he felt sorry for her. The story written today is very wrong and quite embellished to make her sound much worse. But the stone within the center piece is made from dragon magic and a piece of that dragon's soul. This book is one of the few to survive the Order's rampage of dragon relics. Written in old Welsh in the late 1700's. Just after the fall of what was the last known dragon. Some still exist, but hide their claims to dragon heritage as I have."

Lyn thought about the whole ordeal and looked to Sam. "I do believe we should step up our search since we know what they are packing to get this relic. Shall we skip this dance and have Aurora take us directly to Easter Island or continue this ruse, because Arthur Thrash has no idea where we are or where to look for the clues to finding the Daigon or this tablet?"

Aurora returned with a small camera in hand. Lyn took the camera and plugged it into a laptop revealing pictures of a map and several scribes of old. "I do believe this might help you Samuel." She pointed to the screen. "They have circled on this map an area off the coast of Japan.Not sure why though?" Lyn looked through other pictures to find a man with a tattoo resembling a snake with bat like wings being stabbed by a knife. "The mark of the Order.Go ahead and look through these and see if you can make any heads or tails of this." Lyn moved aside to give Sam a better visual.

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Samuel was quite whelmed by all that he was being told. She must really trust me if she tells me this much about her and her history.  He decided to try to lighten the tension with a joke. "Well, I'm not exactly mortal myself. Hence the im-." 

It seemed every time Sam heard anything about Lyn, her history and her people, he felt bad about being a human. He was always finding out some new wrong that had been done to them, and he even hated the humans sometimes because of it. He was no stranger to deception; he knew how it felt, how you never seem to get over it. Of course, he could never remember feeling actual love for anyone, save his mother and the priest who took them in. These people sickened him more and more the more he learned about them. Instead of letting wrath consume him, however, Samuel was able to focus his anger on the task at hand. He looked Lyn directly in her eyes and spoke. "We'll get the Daigon for you, I promise. No one should have to hide their heritage and that includes you." 

Sam sat down to have a closer look at the picture. After thinking, his mind began to wonder. Might it be possible to set the dragon's soul free? Another version, now that would be interesting. And what about these other connections, Japan and Wales? How do I know I can trust her after all of this? Not important now. Looking a bit more, Sam gave his supposition. "Okay dear, it's like this. This, this mark on Japan means the order is at least slightly active, and their base of operations is in Yokohama City. Funny, why not just go for Tokyo? This man . . ." Sam stopped at an image of a man, clean-shaven and well-dressed in an indigo suit wearing a cape over his clothes, with a fedora on his head.  I could swear I know that man, for a long time. But why? Why does his name escape me now?  Again, the fellow residents of his body began wailing out in pain, and he likewise felt a deep pain in his head and chest, but tried best to hide it. Sam cleaned up his act somewhat and continued looking, still quite perturbed with his sudden lapse in memory. "He's probably pretty important." He thought for a moment, but still nothing came. "I would hate to be rude and duck out on everyone, but this is your heritage, so you will make the call on how we should proceed from here."
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Lyn knew Sam was not mortal. She could sense it in the energy flowing off of him. Immortality for some was a curse, but it seemed Sam was content with it. Sam spoke of getting the Daigon back and it being a shame that she had to hide her heritage. Lyn had hidden it for so long she did not bother her to not be open with her little secret.

the pictures flashed across the screen as Sam took a look at them. Aurora had done well in getting several pictures of maps and people. Sam spoke of Tokyo. Lyn replied, "The city is too busy for their needs of secrecy and solitude. Too many tourists and there are still those who worship dragons. That could be a possibility too." She thought a moment. Pondering the motives behind the Order.

"Samuel, I dare say we will have to be rude and not show up. If the Daigon lands in their hands the world is doomed. They have distorted views and will use the power within to execute them. I can tell by your facial expression you are thinking heavily. The man you keep starring at is Griffin Cadwallader or more recently known as Jim Carthel. Jim Carthel is like you....an immortal. His family was killed back in the Crusades in Wales and he still lives to this day. I have crossed paths with him a few times. Judging by his ring, he now leads the Order. This may explain why they know of the Daigon to begin with."

Lyn brought up a painting revealing Jim Carthel in a knight's regalia fighting what appeared to be a winged lizard more than a dragon. "Bring back any memories or no?"

Just then a knock at the door and the echoing voice of the hostess rang through the door, "I have a message from the Winterfresh couple!" Lyn looked over at Sam perplexed as she pushed her glasses back up onto her nose. She got up to answer the door to see some flowers in the hostess' hands. Lyn took the note and a bunch of flowers tied together back into the room. The note said, "Hope to see you two soon!" with hearts drawn on it. Lyn handed Sam the note almost chuckling.

"You friendly couple is trying to suck up for some reason." She smiled. "We must have made quite the impression on them."

Lyn thought a moment as her next words came out calmly. "Samuel, You came to me before about bringing a friend back from the dead and I told you I could do it, but at the cost of another life. I know what it is to lose someone you care about. If you help me get the Daigon back. I shall help you as well with no deals attached. You have done more than your share of danger in this and I doubt the danger is done. Especially since our opponent for the Daigon is immortal as well."

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At the same time Samuel talked to Lyn about hiding what she was, he thought more about why he hid so much from the world, his alchemy and his immortality, not even giving his real name to but a few select people. In times past, there were more who believed in the mystical science. It was like religion. It was religion for a long time, until finally people started focusing more on the afterlife, rather than living on Earth forever. Now, he could count the world's alchemists on one hand. He settled on a simple answer for now. If I told people about myself, they would look to me to fix their problems, of wealth and thirst, of hunger. I don't have time for that.

Even through his thoughts, he managed to catch Lyn talking about dragon worship in Tokyo, that being a problem for the order. He made a mental note. Handy. If dragon worship is a big enough problem to keep them out of the capital, perhaps we could use that to get rid of them. Not the mission now. This is for the Daigon. The death of the order can come later.

Lyn still seemed unassured as to whether or not they would be able to retrieve the Daigon. Who knew she actually cared for the world? Perhaps she's not so evil after all. Actually, I knew that.   So apprehensive. Has she not learned?   "I'm well aware of that Lyn, but —!" he stopped mid-sentence hearing the word immortal. This certainly begs the question of how he became immortal, and what he can do. Perhaps an affiliation with Mephistopheles, like myself. Hmmm. "Well now, that certainly makes things more interesting, though we are a powerful alchemist and a dragon lady, so the odds are still—Saint George!? Sorry to upset you darling, but I dare say we are doomed.”  His voice was a mix of seriousness and humour, so that it might have been hard to tell whether he was serious or not.

Samuel was so busy obsessing over the new discovery that he didn't even pay attention to the note. He took it and stared blankly and continued thinking on his enemy. He began once again muttering to himself, and his voice was very distant. "A warrior from at least the seventh century who's initial claim to fame was the slaying of an immensely powerful dragon, though the dragon had been dumbed down a bit in most artist renditions. Of course. It makes perfect sense that he would lead the order. What? Oh, I'm no stranger to danger. In fact, you could say I live for it. It is what keeps me going in this otherwise monotonous life. I'll see you about that offer. I need to speak with someone on it."

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Sam's mind was evidently running on full gear. His facial expression was tense. Sam mentioned Saint George and Lyn smiled. "That baboon died after he raised a son...Your buddy Jim Carthel. " She was meaning to be a smart alec, but she did keep tabs on the enemy better than they did her. Sam spoke continuing his thoughts from his mind.

"He became immortal by cheating all laws of nature. Some creature offered him eternal youth and the man jumped on it. Something about preserving the dragon slayer his father once was. As far as doomed. I do not believe that. We have the element of surprise and they do not know we are looking for the actual Daigon. For all we know they are searching in the wrong place. None of their maps include Easter Island." Lyn's voice was very callus when speaking on the subject, but lightened up when she mentioned them going another direction.

"Not trying to be rude or rush you, but we really need to get a jump on the race to find the Daigon. "

With a few ancient words spoken Lyn drew a door on the wall using her fingers. Where her fingers trailed a red light was created. Lyn pushed her hand onto the light lined door revealing a beautiful Island. "Do worry once we cross over this will seal up and no one on the other side will see it. I made sure to caste the spell somewhere mortals don't tread." Lyn told Aurora to take her belongings over. Aurora nodded and in moments she stepped through the door. A low sizzling sound could be heard echoing off of Aurora who quickly receded into a nearby shadow. Lyn motioned Sam to go next. "I shall go last since I casted the spell."

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Sam was slightly relieved that he wouldn't have to face Saint George. It would be akin to fighting one's childhood hero. Of course, he was no romantic, and realised that there were probably some missing pieces, possibly some embellishments, but the stories did have nostalgia value.

Creature? Could it be? I suppose only time will tell. Samuel stood and began pacing back and forth, then walked into the bathroom, still contemplating, muttering. "Of course, he still has leagues of experience over me, and I am not sure at all what he is capable of, but that should only serve as part of the excitement! That is, of course, if we see him. It is possible, and actually likely that he was simply using peons to open up his search. An artifact as important as this should no doubt be sought in person. We'd better be ready for anything."

By the time Lyn had finished rushing him, Samuel returned from the bathroom dressed in his military outfit, his knapsack slumped over his shoulder.  "Of course. Like I said, it's your heritage. Let's go."

Samuel walked over to Lyn, took a bow, and stepped through the door to Easter Island.  "WOAHWOWEE!!! BLODDY HELL!!!" Somewhere mortals don't tread. Like the top of a moai nearly ten metres off the ground. Samuel had stepped off of and was hanging from the statue, just barely catching himself. He hung for a moment before constructing through alchemy a set of stairs allowing him to travel down. 

Already Sam could feel the pain growing inside him. Over his many years, he had learned to ignore the usual pain and wailing of the spirits within him, but here, back on the island, it was intensifying. He ignored it as best he could and made as if he was completely fine. Looking around, he spoke quietly to himself.  "We'll have to work quickly to make gain on this and save me the pain of dealing with with these raucous ruffians."

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Lyn nodded to Sam as he said to go. Sam returned the gesture by bowing after he walked up to her. Within a second of Sam walking through the doorway a loud noise echoed. Lyn looked through the doorway to see Sam having a shocked look on his face. She could not help but chuckle.

Just as she walked through the door the opening shut and everything was as if nothing was there to begin with. Lyn hopped down the statue to the ground.

Lyn was adjusted to moving up and down steep areas. The mountain ranges she grew up on were her playground for many years, so it did not phase her. She looked up at the statue when she landed on the ground. It was very geometric in nature with sharp angles and curves. Lyn looked over to Sam.

Sam spoke of working quickly. Lyn wholeheartedly agreed to the notion. She did not want to tangle with the Order until after she had the artifact in her own hands. "To which direction do we need to go from here? This is now of your knowledge, not mine." Lyn noticed the sunlight and sighed. "Aurora will have limited sightings until nightfall. Let's say the sun is not her best friend in the world."

The island was blanketed by early morning fog. It was slowly lifting from view. Lyn noticed the area was teeming with magical energy. It was unnatural for anywhere to be like this. Lyn had been to numerous places, but none felt like this. It was almost as if this was the mecca of all magic. The energy flow was even unique to this Island as well. She could not help, but feel a little wary of what was to come.

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Samuel watched as Lyn descended and looked around, seemingly excited about being there. He was excited about the mission, but his history with this place and Mephistopheles, and the growing pain inside him was killing his enthusiasm.For a moment, he zoned out and contemplated what things would have been like had he not followed the strange man who approached him that day, how things might have been different if he hadn't lived for six-hundred years. It would have been a lot easier, but then he wouldn't be here with death trying to save the world, or whatever this business was.

Lyn concurred with his statement of hurrying, and thankfully didn't catch his true meaning. Now, the objective was in his hands, and it was up to him, though last time he was here, he was merely following Mephistopheles aimlessly, unaware of what was to become of him. "To which direction do we need to go from here? This is now of your knowledge, not mine.". "Aurora will have limited sightings until nightfall. Let's say the sun is not her best friend in the world."

"Well, I wouldn't say that I think she's a beautiful woman, monstrous veiled teeth and all."Sam chuckled at his words and turned away for a moment. "Please excuse me, I need to think."He turned and started whispering, seemingly to himself. In actuality, he was talking to the other souls, asking for guidance. "You're the ones who guided me here, now don't leave me in the dark."

He stood for a moment, looking around at the area. The moai, the fog, and the general feeling of the place, were all so familiar, yet so different than last time. Still so alien. Despite the change in times, it still felt the same. Sam wondered if others on the island would feel it. He stood thinking with his eyes closed a moment, then it came to him. Images flashed in his mind and passed, in the blink of an eye. Nothing too vivid, mostly bits and pieces that felt like remembering a dream previously forgotten from the night before. Hills, a body of water, more moai, and a large crater vaguely resembling the mouth of a volcano. Sam recognised the images in his head as the Rano Raraku Quarry. He'd been there once, a long time ago and never wanted to go back. He went to tell Lyn. "After giving it some considerable thought, I believe the next stop is the Rano Raraku Quarry, located approximately 2.4 kilometres from the Western coast. Coordinates South 27 7.33799 by West 109 17.2764. The only problem is I don't know where you've dropped us in the attempt to avoid peering eyes. But I suppose we could always go with our gut. That seems to be working well so far."

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It was a wonder why Sam admitted to thinking Aurora was beautiful when it was not even the subject at hand. Lyn only mentioned Aurora would be less seen due to the daylight. She shook away the thought and continued to listen. Sam excused himself to think, while he was thinking Lyn was looking around. Something felt familiar like the needle on a compass being drawn toward the Northern direction.

Suddenly Sam blurted out coordinates and where to go. Rano Raraku Quarry, a place that meant nothing to Lyn by name. She thought a moment as she looked around. She looked at her phone to see the screen was going haywire and of no use to them here. Lyn sighed and her mind went into gear as she thought out what to do next. Aurora wasn't going to be of much help to find the place either. She had never been to Easter Island. Sending Aurora out to find it would cause a delay in their task because Aurora would have to search the whole Island to find one place.

Then it occurred to Lyn that there was something she could send out to find the Rano Raraku Quarry. The Soul Collectors could easily spread out and find the Quarry. Lyn looked over to Sam smiling as she summoned them forth. The ghostly snake like creatures appeared singing their tunes of communication. Lyn spoke to them in her ancient dragon language, with haste they turned moving quickly to find the Quarry.

"No worries Sam these little guys will find the Quarry in no time."

Within minutes one returned and spoke to Lyn about the location in question. The Soul Collector's vanish as quickly as they appeared only to await being summoned once more.

"Samuel, he says it is a twenty minute walk due West of here, but something is going on in the area. Some kind of celebration!?! Do you know of any that will happen this time of year here?"

Lyn looked perplexed as she tried to figure out what kind of celebration it was.

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Sam watched the ghost-white little creatures appear slowly out of nowhere and the communication that went back and forth with Lyn. He began to wonder about them. Where they come from, how they were made. Other potential uses. When they came near, there was a great upwelling from the others inside him. For some, it was fear. Others were calling out, a longing feeling coming from them. The feelings subsided when Lyn finished speaking her cryptic language and the creature left, vanishing again into the nowhere from whence it came. "Why do I feel so left out?"

Sam listened while Lyn explained the situation regarding the location twenty minutes away and the celebration. He laughed at her perplexity and began pacing while explaining. "Well, a few hundred years ago, I was in the area and there were many tribal wars. This was one area that was relatively unaffected, and at the end, there was a celebration here which also coincided with the arrival of a certain pair of persons who were as deities to these people, who performed miracles and the people celebrated their appearance. Right after those  men left, something very bad happened. As you may know, there was a mysterious 'unknown' disastre that wiped out most of the population of the entire Easter Island. This area was where the first people started to resume their way of life."

Sam continued pacing and thinking. Today's date? No. Why would they be celebrating that day? I suppose they didn't know it was us. Who could've drawn the conclusion? For all they know, it was a random occurrence. But why should they still celebrate it. I must find out. "Come on, Lyn, twenty minutes westward, right? We've no time to lose. Got to get there before the Order does," he said, waving his hand as he headed east.

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Sam explained a situation that caused the locals of today to celebrate. He explained it was the arrival of a pair of people who did good for the Island only for it to go very wrong after they left. He began pacing after his explanation. His expression was of deep thought as he walked back and forth.

"Come on, Lyn, twenty minutes westward, right? We've no time to lose. Got to get there before the Order does",he spoke.

Lyn began walking in the direction westward. Wondering why Sam was pointing East. She thought about what Sam had said just moments ago and how his facial expression was somewhat odd, almost like he remembered it as a memory. Her curiosity claimed her mind as she spoke, “Samuel was it you and another who came here doing good awhile back causing the celebration?She looked over to Sam as they walked. “It does not matter if you were, but to pass time I do not see any harm in converting as we move forward.”

Lyn in her own lifetime had been called several deities. From death to salvation and almost everything in between, but her actions were always her own. She killed who she wanted and saved who she wanted as well. Lyn did not see any action of her past evil or good. They were actions she took to either protect herself or her love. Some actions were her just taking action against another who infringed on her own rights. The very notion of evil was no more than just that to her.

Something about Sam seemed to peek her interest. The curves of his face appeared to be pained. Subtle lines appeared that humans had when pain or worry took ahold of them. Lyn did not say a word about it and kept moving. Most men ignored pain until it became too much and soon Sam would do the same unless he could control his own inner pains.

In the distance sounds echoed off the land of cheering and music. It was the celebration in full effect just minutes away.

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"You know, Lyn, I really think we're becoming really good acquaintances. I'd even go so far as to say you're not so bad. But then, why do you hate all humans for what those few did to your people? . . . Hullo? Hey! Where are you headed!?" Samuel had walked a ways Eastward, talking to no one before he realised that he wasn't being followed. He turned and hurried to catch up with Lyn, who was already crossing over a hill. The extra physical activity had a negative effect on his body, as he began to tire quickly, the pain inside increasing. He was about to start complaining about being left, but noticed Lyn's furrowed brow, signifying deep thought. A little ways more and she spoke again. “Samuel was it you and another who came here doing good awhile back causing the celebration? It does not matter if you were, but to pass time I do not see any harm in conversing as we move forward.”

Sam thought a moment, wondering what exactly to say. It wouldn't seem like much at a glance, but was actually very personal for him. It wasn't something he liked to talk about often; every moment of his existence was a painful reminder of what happened. He hadn't told many people about it, and here she was, the relationship between the two something he wasn't completely sure about, asking about such a personal matter. Well, she did tell me all about her heritage. Equivalent exchange, I suppose. Haha.  He chuckled at the thought. I haven't even considered that in such a long time.

Samuel sighed and began abridging the story in his mind, then told. "You are half-correct, my friend. It was I and another who passed through here, a long time ago. A few centuries ago, the year was 1382. In the hopes of saving someone I loved, who had saved my life and that of my mother, I undertook a journey with Mephistopheles, whom you may have heard of. He promised me the power to save the man. Mind you, this was before any accounts detailing him were ever produced, so do not take me for a fool.

Anyway, after a very long and grueling journey, we arrived at a mysterious island, this place. We weren't performing miracles, per say, merely using alchemy and such to gain the trust of the inhabitants. Mostly small things. Of course, with our tone and abilities, they took to us quickly. We travelled all over, and were worshipped. The 'celebrations,' the 'ceremonies' were merely a cover-up of a scheme to make me into what I am now, Lapis Philosophorum. A human Philosopher's Stone." His voice trembled as he spoke, his eyes became distant. "We took the souls of nearly every living creature on the island; that is the true nature of the disastre that decimated the population. The small, temporary good we did is nothing compared to the pain and suffering we caused them. I've not seen Mephistopheles in a while, but when last I did, he spoke of plans, for me."

Sam finished what he had to say and remained silent for a while. His pain was growing as they got closer. He heard the music and dreaded getting closer. He dreaded each moment on that rock. However, he turned his head and smiled. "But that's enough about me. Now I have a question for you. I don't think you're so bad a person. But then, why do you hate all humans for what those few did to your people?"  He hoped to draw the focus on anything else, something that didn't concern the island, it's people, or his history with either.
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The evidence of the trip was wearing on Sam was revealing itself more and more. Lyn could understand after hearing his words and what happened long ago. She remembered making her own trip to a tragic place and the feeling that welled up inside her. Sam mentioned being a human philosopher stone and then proceeded to ask about why she hated humans so much.

Lyn stopped looking directly at Sam. “My father was human and he frequently tried to kill me as an infant and up to his death when I was a young child. Humans have always cast a certain disdain. They do not open their eyes and see things as it should, but instead they tend to control and if they cannot control it…they try to destroy it. A perfect example is the Tasmanian tiger. Beautiful creature, but the people feared it. It has been extinct for many many years. Sadly the last known living Tasmanian tiger spent its’ last days inside a small cage. As for those who say I am bad. That is no concern of mine for they know nothing of me.

Looking into Sam’s eyes she could see the pain within him growing. It was becoming a concern now. Lyn had nothing against Sam and had respected him since their working together.

This other fellow you mentioned. Mephisteles…I have never heard of him. Then again I may have and just forgot. You need time to rest for a moment. I will scout ahead to see what is going on and what we might face.”

Lyn was not asking, she was telling. She did not realize how active they were until she noticed Sam. It did not bother her to keep going with little rest, but eventually the lack of rest would catch up to her as well. Lyn quickly turned motioning Sam to stay as she went ahead.

What was ahead of her was something to cause confusion. Men and women dancing with music playing, but the confusion was not the dancing. It was the dress they wore. It was a tribal garb mixed with a newer style. Blue jeans cut along the knee area were worn by almost all of the men and the women donned strange beads around their necks. The music came from a band at the far end away from Lyn. They played instruments of ancient times.

The people were dancing involuntarily and it almost resembled a seizure, moving without rhythm. Some of the people appeared to act like it was a wondrous thing to be there while others were almost in another world within themselves. Staying out of sight was too easy since the people were too involved with other or dancing. Lyn slinked out of sight and returned to Sam’s location.

There are about a hundred or so people. Some appear to be on drugs or some kind of hallucinogen, but I did not see any weapons or anyone who could be considered a threat. Do we need to go around them or is this the place you seek?” She looked at Sam for an answer.

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Sam frowned at Lyn's story. Somehow, she always managed to make him feel bad about being a human. "Still, it's not all of them. I'm a human, at least I think so, and I like to think I'm not so bad. Besides, don't you think there's you taking your anger out on people who did nothing to you make you wrong? I know you say 'they harm other things,' but you also seem to consider them an inferior species. You can't hold them to the same standards as yourself. And you don't know every human being either, so to condemn the entire species  sounds a bit extreme. Yes, most of them are fools, but many of them can't help it. At the very least, you could try for something other than killing them on sight. Don't you think that would make you somewhat similar to those who wronged you?  He looked into the pure white windows of her soul. Of course not . . . food for thought, anyways."

As they continued walking, Sam noticed Lyn kept staring at him. He looked back with raised brow, cocking his head back. Her words made him wish he'd never told her anything. “This other fellow you mentioned. Mephisteles…I have never heard of him. Then again I may have and just forgot. You need time to rest for a moment. I will scout ahead to see what is going on and what we might face.” Sam made a complaining face and was about to protest, but her face warned against it. Sam knuckled under and sat down on the hillside, grumbling while Lyn went ahead. "It's not like it'll do me any good anyway."

Sam sat on the hillside and looked around, bored out of his mind, though it had only been a short time. He was just thinking he was going to lose it and was going to go ahead and sneak up on Lyn when he looked down and saw a small brown mouse scurrying along in search of food. Looking to do anything, he quickly reached for a few throwing knives from a sheath on his arm, and made them into a small cage using alchemy. He reached his hand down to let the mouse on. It crawled over him for a while, moving over his head and shoulders, until it concealed itself under his hat. He looked up to see that Lyn was coming back with word on the situation.

“There are about a hundred or so people. Some appear to be on drugs or some kind of hallucinogen, but I did not see any weapons or anyone who could be considered a threat. Do we need to go around them or is this the place you seek?”

"Well, not unless it's a quarry filled with stone people as well. Let's take a look."  Relevant to the mission or not, his curiosity had been piqued, and he was going to see, so he headed up the hill.

Sam looked over the hill to the people, still in their trance-like state. He noted the music. A style he'd never heard itself, but he recognised it as a mix of the traditional music of the Rapa Nui people and folk music from England and Japan, as well as some from the Americas. The dress itself was like a diaspora of clothing from the island, old English dress, and modern American garb, with beautiful gemstone beads from Asia. He turned and gave Lyn his thoughts on the matter. "Judging by the music and clothing, it may be relevant to why we are here, an amalgam of cultures. I see a mixture of influences, from my previous time here, the original tradition, and traces of Asian and modern American cultures, in both the music and clothing. It will have to take a back seat though, as the place we seek is filled with moai. Perhaps we will backtrack, but first, we must find the Daigon."

Sam led the way around the group and continued the trek, until eventually, they came to a quarry filled with hundreds of moai, many of them having parts missing, either from incomplete creation or destruction by nature or other forces. He took a deep sigh. "Now comes the most fun part of all. We get to search through these moai. I suspect we should probably aim for one in particular: the Tukuturi. This one is different than the others, in that it comes from a red volcanic rock, called scoria, and features other distinct features, such as a normal body. Help me locate it so we can take care of the rest in seeing its relevance to our cause."
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Lyn took Sam to the people who were entranced by some unknown source, possibly drugs or supernatural means. Sam appeared to be excited by the find as he gazed upon the crowd. He spoke like a like any smart mind would as he gave his observation. Lyn could tell he wanted to ‘dissect’ the means behind the dance.

He spoke of moai and Tukuturi. These words meant nothing to her since she had no idea who or what it was. The people danced around in their circle to some song that had no words to it. They moved like they had no worries or cares. Lyn shook her head as she continued to move past them.

I am not sure what it is you seek, but I did see this. You mentioned stone people.” Lyn walked up the mountain side to reveal a statue of what looked like a kneeling person looking to the heavens above. It was indeed old and weathered by time. Lyn looked over to Sam to see if this was it. “There are some more just past this hill as well.

The sounds of the music changed in the back ground. Drums pounded an actual rhythm and beat. The people still moved wildly as they did before. Lyn could not understand the meaning behind the music or the trance like state. Humans did not make much sense to her to begin with.

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Sam had just begun to split when Lyn offered to show him something. He went along with her over the mountainside, noting the musical change. Stepping over the hill, he beamed at what he saw. The vast expanse of land that was Rano Raraku, just as beautiful as ever. The steep hills dotted with moai, some of them unfinished or greatly weathered by time and nature. One in particular caught his eye.

Samuel turned to Lyn, grabbing her by both shoulders, hopping up and down and cheering like a schoolgirl. "Lyn this is wonderful I could almost kiss you! You're so great and you don't even know how great you are!" Then his tone became more regular, as he started muttering again. "If nothing else, it could confirm or deny my initial theory of this place." He observed the moai in the area, finally stopping at the Tukuturi. Time had done some damage, but this one had easily remained in better shape than any of the others. "Alright then, let's finish the job."

Sam wiped a tear from his eye, stepped back a little, and closed his eyes. Upon opening them, he saw the moai differently. He saw not the rock art, only the scientific aspect of it. Each and every individual particle that made up the volcanic rock, down to the smallest. Smaller than a quark, even. For him, this view of the world was just as aesthetically pleasing as any artwork or natural formation seen through normal human eyes. Somehow, he was able to intuitively understand the makeup of all on this plane of existence. With a sigh, he began to deconstruct it, piece by piece, starting from the head down. When he was finished, there was nearly nothing left, but some small bit remained. Sam grabbed it up and had started to examine it, noting how it was composed of different stuffs than the rest of Tukuturi. Suddenly, he noticed, there was another speeding up in the tempo of the music and the group of former dancers had started slowly advancing upon them, still in their trance-like state. "This . . . could be trouble." He wasn't sure if he should go with his instinct and make a move, a run or an attack, or if he should wait for their intentions before causing any more trouble on the island. It's just, the way they moved was so . . . weird.