Flashback Paradox (open CVnU RP thread)

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Do you want to:

  • Flesh out a part of your character's past in something other than you bio?
  • Create some shared past canon with other characters?
  • Just indulge in having your character remember an event "as it happened?"

This is the place for it.

This is the place for flashbacks, memories, etc. RP's here can be anything, from single-post one-shots to ongoing RP's involving multiple characters, so long as they meet one criteria: they have to have happened in the past. Could be yesterday, could be thousands of years ago, so long as they're not happening in the "here and now" of your character.


  • All CVnU and RP rules apply, per usual.
  • Anything that would affect the canon of another character must have that character's writer's permission.
  • Anything that would significantly impact the greater canon of the CVnU requires CoE approval.
  • In order to keep the canons separate, this thread is CVnU exclusive. That being said, if someone in the CVU (or any other universe) wants to create their own, feel free. Heck, you can copy/paste it and just change it your universe if you want.
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This is a great concept!

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This is interesting.. hrm..

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This is pretty cool. It could lead to a thing or two.

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This is a fantastic idea!

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Nicely done! ^_^

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His name was P'rseident Calidus. In his Kingdom were few. But their hands were many.

In time P'rseident would do what no other Lord of Atlantia would ever do...He braved the land. There, where many of his kind saw neanderthals, he found knowledge. Power. Respect.

With the devotion of the shoreman above he would launch a campaign on Atlantia's divided nations that nearly tore the sea asunder and bathed the oceans in the blood of all creatures.

But in the tenth year, there was peace. P'sreident was approached by his brothers and sisters of honorable lineage and negotiated terms. Eventually they agreed.

Atlantia would forever be Atlantis.

She and all her kind would stay beneath the seas.

The world of men would play no further roles in the affairs of the deep.

All the people of the shore had to remember them by were their names and tall tales. Eventually names changed, stories of history became fables of religion, and P'rseident, King of Atlantis and ruler of 5 great nations would become Poseidon, The King of the Seas with a golden Trident.

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It is always in these times of quiet, surrounded by the sounds of a million lives diverging and converging in ten million different ways, that I think back to death. To its proximity to these people, and how uninterested they all seem in that morbid closeness. Yet I cannot help but be aware. Cannot help but recognize how close I have come, time and again, to that final void. Even now, my mind harkens back to the horrors I have seen. Consumed by fate narrowly avoided.

To that uninhabitable place of bone bleached sand and black metal storms.

Two years ago, in the space between Sol and Rigel...

I take in the grisly sight. The charred remains of warriors, weapons melted into their chests, litter the landscape. Scorched earth and structure, blast points where powerful weapons met their primitive ones, mark every wall. For every corpse, there are a thousand of these punctures. There is nothing on this world but death. Any potential for colonization has clearly been wrung from this place by the conflict that last visited it. It is a lost cause.

"Planet CV dash seven seven dash five nine. Inhospitable. Radiation levels too high to support Rechtan life without considerable resources invested in radiation shielding, air and water purification. Amend Seeker records to reflect."

Planet [CV-77-59]; record amended. Marked "Uninhabitable".

"Good. Returning to the Sanngetal with a biological specimen. Deceased. Confirm."

Confirmed. Seeker 01 returning to ship with biological sample. Deceased. Ultraviolet sterilization process pending. Quarantine capsule 04 vacant.

The HUD goes quiet after that. Nothing more to report. I begin the long trek back to my ship, dragging the corpse I have chosen by the ankle through a dry, cracked landscape. As I stare into the path before me, sand and stone shifting in the increasingly tumultuous winds, my mind wanders back to the site of battle.

Something does not sit right. The charred structures, marred by weapons far more powerful than those held by this corpse and his comrades, implied a far greater number of casualties among the primitives. The dead should have piled in droves there.

And suddenly, the eerie silence is broken, replaced with the malice of howling wind. Suddenly, I am unnerved.

"Sanngetal, prepare for takeoff."


"Sanngetal, initiate takeoff procedures. Confirm."


The storm of dust and sand sweeps up debris from within the rocky crags, fine filaments of iron black accompany the beige white grains. I try to activate the sensor suite on the helmet. It too, is dead. Magnetic iron could be clouding communications and sensors, but in the animal part of my brain I feel it must be something more sinister. Something alive with intentionality.

The sounds of screaming winds and my own frantic heartbeat echo in my ears. I draw the single-action Endbringer from its magnetic holster, my finger cradling the trigger. My muscles tense in anticipation, instincts screaming danger. Still I have no choice but to push forward, for I know that the only sanctuary I could possibly find lays ahead of me, in the safety of the Sanngetal.

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@farseeker:Okay, I think I know who to use for this; I'll start to work on something. Thank you for your patience, and great post, btw!

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There it is.

The Ephemeran huntress wiped the cryo-stasis blurriness from her eyes and squinted at the beeping alert panel. One of her sensors had been triggered, on the planet CV-77-59. She had dozens of such sensors scattered across dozens of galaxies, each placed in a location she'd calculated as being likely to attract interstellar attention, for one reason or another.

Ostensibly, this was to perform one of the duties her employer had tasked her with: keeping tabs on some of the more remote planets in known space and identify any potential threats or assets, but the truth of the matter is that the huntress used the excuse to find potential hunts. One would think that the universe itself might not lend itself boredom, but the simple fact was that finding new challenges could itself be challenging, among millions of light-years of basically nothing.

Deft fingers played across an instrument panel, and all known information on the world her ship was fast approaching was displayed. High radiation. That meant additional precautions. Her armor could fully seal and protect her against most environmental hazards, most forms of radiation included, but armor could be damaged or disabled. Unsealing a small aperture on the side of her instrument panel, she withdrew what looked like a medical syringe, albeit of obvious alien design. Taking it in her right hand, she held out her left arm, clenching her fist to make a vein stand out, and injected herself with the syringe's contents, an anti-radiation serum.

The exact specifics of how it worked were not known to her; knowing where she got it from, it was likely it used as much sorcery as science, but what mattered is that it would allow her body to fully resist the effects of the planet's radiation for approximately one rotational cycle. Not knowing how long this hunt might take, she grabbed a spare dose and slipped into the pouch on her belt, where it was slung over the end of her cryo pod.

Moments later, fully encased in her armor and armed with her full arsenal of weapons, she strapped herself into a drop pod. As her ship dropped out of hyperspace, it ejected the pod directly at the planet and then immediately activated it's cloaking shield and going into standby mode. Xi would be able to contact and give it commands remotely, but until she did, it would remain in an all-but-invisible orbit above the world. As a precaution, she also had the ship send out a massive ion pulse that would temporarily disrupt communications in the area. If there was more than one being awaiting her below, there was no sense in letting them coordinate their actions more than necessary.

She braced for impact as her pod slammed into the surface, several miles from the Far Seeker's location. The pod was not cloaked, and it's breach of the atmosphere and subsequent impact would doubtless be noticed, so the moment it settled into the small crater it created, she popped the main hatch and sprung out into the open, activating her own personal cloaking field as she did so. She swiftly made her way to the ruined skeleton of a nearby building, clambering up to the second story and settling in behind a blasted-out window that offered her a good vantage point of her landing zone.

Now, let's see if this attracts the curious...

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I am fifteen miles to sanctuary when the air cracks, a streak of fire illuminating the sky. I curse my own curiosity as the black sands swirl around me, whipping the desert into a fervor.

Fifteen miles to safety, but judging by impact and trajectory, only six to ten to reach whatever artifact, manufactured or natural, has just struck the planet. It occurs to me that I could run. Hide from whatever it is that has decided to nestle itself into the planet's cracked and bloodless skin.

But I am not such a man. I became Seeker to sate my own craving for exploration, to drink my fill of the world. The wonder of what might be would haunt me if I even consider leaving, this much I know.

I move cautiously toward the presumed point of impact, shuffling alongside abandoned homes and exposed rock, careful to hide myself away from the object I approach. I make note of escape routes I may take, should I find need of them. My mind races with the myriad possibilities of what awaits me. Precious few do not involve injury or death.

Finally, the miles are cleared, and I peek around the shadow of a building. What I see makes my blood run cold. An impact site. A crater, and in it a cold atmospheric entry pod, exit hatch still hanging open. The situation screams danger, but for myself, or the traveler that landed here, I do not yet know.

I draw the revolver at my hip as I work my way into the crater's center. Shadows and sand hide the pod's interior, as well as any occupants that may reside within. I ready myself should aid be required, though the nagging sense that I am springing a trap tugs at my mind. Still, my own imperative pushes me on, deeper into the half grave this pod has dug for itself.

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One quarry.


Xi waiting, taking her time, scanning the surrounding area until she was certain that the one who approached her pod did not have any support waiting to eliminate anything that moved against him. A lone hunter then, not unlike herself in that regard, at least. Skilled, powerful, foolish...or some combination of the three, perhaps?

A common hunter, seeking only trophies, would have attacked at a range, taking advantage of their stealth. Had she been facing multiple entities, or under contract for a specific retrieval, Xiandra would have done likewise. But sniping a single target from hiding while on a personal hunt offered neither challenge nor honor, things which meant more than any trophy.

Instead, she dropped from her perch, not bothering to attempt to land quietly, and deactivating her cloaking field as she rose from her landing, revealing her armored form fully as her invisibility and the toxic dust kicked up around her subsided. Her spear was in her right hand (after all, the other was armed; no sense in pretending to be a pacifist), but she stepped forward in a casual manner, wary but without aggression.

"This world is death," she spoke in Sauroid, gambling on that being a more universally recognized language than her native Ephemeran, "what is your purpose here?"

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The pod is advanced. Wildly so. Within, it bears the grooves and hollows for weapons and ammunition, most if not all carried off by whatever spacefarer deployed from the iron seed. It is as I believed, whatever came here is armed, and undeniably dangerous.

Then comes the scuff of boots behind my back. I flip the cloak behind me as I draw the revolver from its magnetic holster, train it upon the sound. The inhabitant of the meteorite, no doubt. She speaks in a tongue foreign to me, but by recording the audio and playing it back through the database I discern the words' meaning easily enough. She speaks in Sauroid, a tongue closely intertwined with the Imperium, a dark and dominating force in much of the galaxy. One that a traveler would do well to avoid. With my off hand I set the real-time translator to the lizard tongue, answering in Rechtan and letting the helm speak her words in change, with the other hand I maintain my aim upon her, her relaxed stance doing nothing to dissipate the tension at finding an Imperium enforcer here.

"I am a Seeker. It is my duty to search for habitable planets and mark them, nothing more. So, tell me, what is the Imperium's interest in this place?"

I step away from the pod's opening, attempting to maneuver to a space where I might dive behind it, should an attack come. In my travels, I have come across those speaking of the Imperium rarely, but when it is mentioned the tales are always of blood and gore, viciousness and murder. I ready myself against their reputation.