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The metahuman twins Ruby and Sapphire stood together underneath the beams of intense sunlight that were bearing down upon them, the pair were in the middle of the Sahara Desert and some miles away from the nearest city. "Are you sure this is going to work?" Ruby with the only visual differentiation between her sister being her short hair and classy red dress asked. "Why wouldn't it?" Sapphire retorted with some genuine curiosity as she spread out her arms wide and glamorously "it's a stupidly simple plan, giant fire monster alerts UNKD heroes. Depending who we get effects how we will have to deal with them but getting them we will, even if we have to dissolve a few people to get to that point"

"Huh...ok then" Ruby murmured as the elemental auras of both sisters kept them in perfect comfort in the dry and hot environment. Ruby then placed her index finger against her own cheek as she contemplated on her next actions before pointing her index finger at the horizon and projecting a walnut sized fireball from it. What was essentially now a miniaturized star traversed thousands of meters a second from them before it suddenly stopped and expanded into the shape of a three hundred meter tall man.

"I'm lacking imagination at the moment but this should do right?" Ruby turned to look at her sister for approval who then responded with a thumbs up "This is fine sis, I can't wait to see who we get matched up with".Ruby smiled mischievously as her giant fire golem began slowly traversing the sand each step leaving giant foot prints of glass in its path towards the nearest city.

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Hours seemed to vanish long before the youthful gamer knew they would be gone another night turned to day for her. The love for engineering always washed away what otherwise might have been a burden of ones job. It was early in the morning when the call came in. Directors of UNKD were telling all staff of a sudden kaiju to rise within the desert. "Is there any signs of where it had come from?" She asked over the phone, the answer was a no of course. All they had to go by was a satellite picking up briefly on a ball of fire traveling before. Hard to track a bright light mixed in with the bright sand. She couldn't get a direct grasp on the trajectory as she looked at the video sent her way. Wasn't time to wait either however, a thought and the zero suit she wore had retracted itself from nodes about her body to cover her figure.

with an all to common hurry of the mech pilot she left her room in Mitsuri and in the typical fashion sent a rushed text to those she knew. "Sahara Desert seems to have a kaiju to engage would love help. <3" Coordinates followed the message and upon confirmation if needed those she knew could have Sisters Eye sending travel their way in no time. Amongst those messages of course was Marie someone who Lizzy had come to love. A teammate who'd become a friend who'd then became more like a sister to the engineer. Lizzy climbed into the seat of Mjolnir and then a doorway opened up a circle of rippling light leading from Mitsuri to the desert.

And just like that the neon pink mech hovered within the skies around what would be the eye line of the towering figure of radiant heat. A panel on the back of Mjolnir began to dispatch drones. She had in essence two types. One that surveyed the land and helped to control the effects of her actions and another to assist in combat. After the disastrous effects of a fight with Mega Justice in Grim City she had long arrived to the conclusion she needed to have a means to control the excess heat of high powered lasers. These small insect like drones would dispatch a field into slipspace shielding them from attacks and drawing everything in close proximity to them in. This might break down bodies or metals if she wasn't careful the main function however was again for the heat an energy of her weapons. The swarm she would direct toward the left arm of the glowing monster. Her objective to make the limb vanish and test what the things reaction might be.

Meanwhile one of the combat drones within the skies would go off in the general direction the heat signature had come from. With any luck it might find a clue as to how or why the blazing titan was here.

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(Hot and dry environment. .time to activate the itching )

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@spectral__: @_gaige_:

The dessert was where Nubus thrived, like a kingdom of his own where he could command the very ground itself. But that was not the only reason Nubus's attention was drawn when Ruby and Sapphire gained the attention of Gaige of the UNKD in the Sahara. No, it was that Ruby and Sapphire were companions of Xenethas, an individual that Nubus had an odd sort of relationship with, which was initially somewhat accidental. At first, when he sensed the massive fireball Nubus didn't care a great deal, there were mutants everywhere this might not be any different. When he investigated and saw Ruby and Sapphire however his interest grew somewhat, even more so once he saw that Gaige was involved. He considered not interfering, but he had heard of Gaige, if only somewhat, Nubus had not spent as much time around other humans as he'd like and was a bit lacking on the sort of information that everyday people might have about superheroes, it was only because Gaige was one of the better known ones and stood out that was he was truly aware of it.

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He sat down crosslegged on the sand, using the Talisman of the watcher to perceive them both from a great height without closing in just yet. Don't overdo it if you do get involved. You can't do their job for them whatever it is. Still, it might be good to help them out. he thought simply. This was his arena after all, he could take part in it without permission if he wanted to. He stood up, alright, I'm in, I'll see what the two of them are up too then make my decision on what level of involvement I'll have. with that the sands coursed around him, covering him until his normal form transformed into that of a birdlike creature as he summoned the Scepter of Taktet to him. He set away the talisman of the watcher and with a step on the ground sent himself slipping underneath the sands like some sort of cartoonish groundhog with super speed until he lifted out of the ground nearby Ruby and Sapphire.

"What exactly are you doing?" He asked cocking his head at the two as he towered over them, "I can only assume the attention you're getting is on purpose is it not? I'm sure you'll be discovered soon enough."

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(How doo I get involved with people I know nothing about

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The Solar Soldier sits on a celestial body ,The Moon. While absorbing the energy of the stars he noticed a significant change in weather in the desert regions of the earth. He stood up and leaned down, facing the earth, to get a better sense of this change . He discovered something else that alarmed him when doing this action ,it was moving . "Has Surtr of Muspelheim invaded the Earthlings?" He wondered to himself. "Not while I'm watching over them "The Sentinel would seem to disappear as he approached the desert at nigh luminal speed.

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When he entered the earth's atmosphere , he was encased with fire as he hit the sand with a 'Booom'. A glass crater ,with the radius of a small house and the depth of house, was formed in from of the fire golem. The Sentinel first applied some itch cream in which he protected it with a stellar energy force field, on his body. After doing so he would slowly emerge from the smoking crater. His pupils began to shine with a golden yellow as he approached the Fire Golem. "Fire Joutin, the Journey you wish to continue has been stopped by The Sentinel, if you continue to proceed you will face punishment" He watched as the Golem passed him and continued to head forward , "So be it!" He yelled as his hands began to glow with a golden illumination. He would appear in front of the golem and would fire a concessive blast at the stomach ofthe golem. The blast would cause hurricane-like winds in the area. He would notice these winds and lowered the devastating force of the blast believe that he was doing more harm then good if he proceed with such high energy levels. The sand would move as he would fire a continuous beam into the beast's chest. Believing hat he defeated it he would yell in the air, and it was a powerful yell"WHO SENT THIS DISGRACE TO ATTACK INNOCENT CIVILIANS" After noticing a civilization a couple of miles from where he stood . He would the begin to fly up higher to get a better view of the sandscape. His body was surrounded by a golden aura.

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@nubus: @rey_king: @spectral__: @_gaige_:

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Sheesh! Marie goes on a Sabbatical and her home in Japan is devastated! Can't a girl get some vacation time in without the world practically ending?! Marie didn't even get a chance to ask Lizzy what had happened to their home. The gamer seemed a little tired, so Marie chose to let her friend get some rest before she plays the 20 questions game. But even that much is denied the southern belle when she gets a text message from someone she counts as a sister.

Marie is just finishing her meditations when grabs her phone, glances at it before moving to put it down. Then she catches herself and quickly does a double take. Reading the message again, she has to be sure she read it right. "A Kaiju in the DESERT?!" Marie is no Kaiju expert, but didn't they always come from the sea? This is unheard of. Plus, this is Lizzy and she wants some help. Marie wants to meditate a little more, but her friend comes first.

Marie takes a hasty, three minute shower, before she gets dressed and takes off for the coordinates Lizzy provided. Even with her newly enhanced flight speed, Lizzy still managed to beat her here. But it is still good to see her friend because she always appreciates seeing that adorable pink mech.

Renegade starts hovering near enough to her friend to smile and wave a hello. She's got Lizzy's back and the other girl knows it. These two are tight. But, before Marie can do anything to the fiery titan, she sees someone slam into the sand before emerging from it. And then this...hero in yellow attacks the fiery titan with an impressive display of power. Marie gives Lizzy a wondering glance, asking herself who this guy is. But thankfully, he appears to be on their side.

The question is, did the stellar sentinel manage to destroy the Kaiju? There is so much sandy dust that Marie cannot see the huge hulking beast.

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@nubus: @rey_king: @renegade84: @_gaige_:

"Well looks like you didn't get the horned one Sis" Sapphire replied to Ruby as Gaige appeared with her drones followed by subsequent allies "awwww this was supposed to be fun and easy" Ruby whined with disappointment before using hand gestures to command the fire golem. Nubus appeared and began questioning them but Ruby was too busy micromanaging her monster to answer so her sister did instead "We're getting a pet for Rubes" Sapphire replied casually to Nubus as in the background Gaige's drones managed to shunt parts of the golem away but failed to do lasting damage as it simply regenerated its lost portions as fast as the drones were able to isolate fragments of it.

The Solar Soldiers immensely powerful attacks however failed to destroy the monster but instead caused its form to spread out across a vast field of sand to only then reform to twice its original size, the sheer heat of the energy attack made the golem even stronger due to being made out of pure thermo kinetic energy that was being maintained by Ruby who was kilometers away from the trio of heroes.

"Nubus" Sapphire straightened herself rigidly "it is true we will be discovered soon enough so I ask you if you would be as so kind as to help us, please focus down those flying machines so Ruby's golem may grow stronger from the yellow ones energy attacks"