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A force has entered into existence.  They are the Crassians.  They physically resemble the perfect human.  They are tall, athletic, and possess strength, intelligence, and ambition the rival Kryptonians.  The Crassians are among the greatest tacticians and personal combatants the universe has ever known.  With superior fighting skills, technology, and intelligence, nothing can stand in their way.

Slowly and surely, they have been making their way through the galaxies and has been enslaving them one by one.  Having an unstoppable army, they enter a planet, enslaves it, then takes its inhabitants away from their homes.  In a way, they are like raiders.  They come to a place, take what they can, and never come back.  Then the inhabitants are rounded up and sold into intergalactic slavery.  Collars are put on them which disable the abilities of characters.  Through it all, this race has put its slaves on palnets in the middle of a continent - far away from the sea.  The only ports where ships can enter the planet are located by the sea.  The only way to escape is to find your way to the sea, board a space craft, and then escape to your home planet. The Shi'ar,  the Skrull, Ninjeta, and many other planets have all been conquered and enslaved.

In addition to being extremely brutal, this race of aliens represents and sophisticated "upper class".  They rise above all others and engage in activities which only satisfy their own entertainment.  One such instance is the use of gladiatorial games.  Certain slaves are taken to places where they are trained to be gladiators.  In the arena, the collars are sometimes deactivated and slaves are made to fight each other to the death to appease the mob.  Being truly vile, there is nothing that the Crassians won't do.

Now, Earth has been conquered.......
This will involve a 3-step storyline for the participants.
  1. Capture (How they became enslaved).
  2. Transition (Their life as a slave; any progresssion to becoming a servant, gladiator, etc.)
  3. Revolution (Rebellion, Organization, and Escape / Death)


One a clear moonlit night, Demetrius Arkelis was walking along the coast of an island in the Bahamas.  Walking next to him was the heroine known as Mantoid.  Hand-in-hand, the two were walking rather blissfully along the beach.  Everything seemed perfect.  For so long, The Spartan had known nothing but war and bloodshed.  Now, he was finally at peace.  The way she smiled at him, the way the moonlight touched her hair - everything was so right, so perfect.

Suddenly, there was a bright flash in the distance.  At that moment, several large ships appeared in the atmosphere.  Immediately, several objects flew out of the ships.  The Spartan held Mantoid close as he wondered what was going on.  His eyes could distinguish that each of the flying objects were actually humanoids of some sort.  With a tremondous tremor, ten of the life forms landed in a circle around the couple.  Each of them resembled a human in prime physical condition - truly remarkable.  The largest one held up a scanner of some sort and scanned them both.  His red cape flapped in the wind as he armor shone in the moonlight.  On his side, he had a sword and what appeared to be a set of collars.  Demetrius' instincts were telling him of the danger that was present.  Just then, the alien looked up at the nine others and said in a deep voice, "Take them....."

The alien troops then converged on the couple's position.  Their speed was incredible.  The Spartan quickly realized that they were indeed intergallactic slave traders.  Before, he knew what was going on, several of the troops siezed him.  Their strength was incredible.  It was as if he was fighting against gods.  At the moment, it appeared as if Master of War would be subdued by the fierce grappling displayed by the aliens.  That's when he saw it - four of the aliens were making their way towards Mantoid.  With a loud roar, Demetrius cried out, "NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!".

With his adrenaline pushed to the edge, the mighty Greek threw his adversaries off of himself.  One drew a blade and swing it towards Demetrius' chest.  He arched his back, caught the alien's arm, then wrenched it to the ground.  As another came flying towards him, The Spartan extended his leg in a powerful kick which sent the alien slamming to the ground.  As a third jumped onto Demetrius' back, the Greek reached back, grabbed the being by the jaw, then threw him foward and slammed him onto the ground.  Just then, a bolt of electricity shot into The Spartan's powerful body.  Thinking nothing of it, he continued to tear his way through the intruders.  Then, a much stronger bolt was fired into his body.  This time, the force made him slightly weakened.

At that moment, the leader of the aliens moved with amazing speed and delivered a spin kick to The Spartan's jaw that snet the Master of War spinning to the ground.  As Demetrius' healing was beginning to kick in, something metal was clamped onto his neck.  Then, instead of healing, The Spartan slowly faded into the darkness.  Now, his freedom was gone.  He had no idea what had happened to Mantoid.  Now, there was only darkness......

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Ryu,the famed savior of the small village of the Miyoko clan had been traveling for days across the bamboo forest of Japan.He was searching for a zen place to meditate and a place to hon his already amazing skills in the way of the ninja,then he finally came across the village to find that it was being pillaged by the Emperors samurai,Ryu took offense to that and decided he would defend justice once again by defeating these evil warriors in combat and allowing the village to be free from the tyranny of the samurai.Holding his katanas in close grip and taking his stance Ryu watched as the evil samurai began to surround him and grunt at the fact that there was a small resistance for them to put up with,but simply laughed when ysaw that he was one man dressed in an attire that was ancient and thought to be ridiculous in this new age,but Ryu stood and watched every movement to strike ignoring the ignorant warriors.

The smell of fire and burning oak was evident and the sound of the wood crackling resonated as they samurai circled quietly around Ryu,then one began the attack and launched with a strong horizontal attack straight for the neck of Ryu,the Immortal Weapon simply ducked with ferocious speed then thrusted his katana into the abdomen of the hasty samurai,then clutched the hilt and drew the sword from his opponents stomach and jerked the blade to clean the blood of his priceless steel weapon.The other samurai were hesitant to strike after seeing the first one fall and continued to circle Ryu,once again he stood silent and ready,like the Paladin piece on a chess board.

Soon the village people began to regroup and the few warriors they had stood around to watch the newcomer,it was simply amazing to there virgin eyes.Then the four samurai that were left all took there Bushido stance and attacked at the same time at all angles,Ryu side stepped then spun around on his palm with a leg sweep that knocked two men off there feet and onto the gravel ground,Ryu twirled his blades around before impaling the two samurai that had just fell from his jaguar like attack.The others just stared and began to run and turn away,but they would pay the price of justice.

Sword as he was called,collapsed his katanas and holstered them into his armor,then began to turn to one of the village men,asking for a bow and arrow.Then gave him two arrows and old almost useless bow,Ryu dropped the bow then played with the arrows as the cowardly samurai began to run,a smile crossed his face under the ninja mask and launched the arrows through the air,they were perfectly straight and one could hear the whistle they made flying through the air.Within seconds the men where struck with arrows that traveled at amazing speeds,it was a feat only thee Immortal Weapon could possibly do.The crowd of villagers clapped and they crowded around him and hailed his swordplay,being humble Ryu just said "thank you" with a simple nod.

The next day Ryu awoke from the nice bed they had laid out for him and the rice and fish they had prepared for him laid there nice and hot.He was impressed but at the same time felt bad for the village,they barely had food and were giving it to him.Sword just nodded to himself and ate the meal without disgrace,then dressed in a robe they gave him as well and walked out side,his three katanas at his side.The natural spring air and cherry blossom scent gave Ryu a new look on life and he began to walk through the bamboo forest that was nearby to contemplate on his next move.He took a seat next to a small fountain and closed his eyes to focus in think,but it lasted no longer then a minute,when suddenly,ninjas armed to the death came from the shadows and called out to Ryu.

"You have defied the emperor,prepare to die."

Ryu was disappointed that the ninjas got word of his presence and knew that it was a villager that told in exchange for jewels or money,or maybe even land.Nevertheless Ryu stood nonchalantly and let his black hair sway in the wind before drawing his first blade that lay on his right side,then drawing the second that was laid on his waist at the back.He was in no mood for another battle so took the initiative to start the fight.He launched into the air and came down towards the first ninja,instantly decapitating him then spinning around and landing on one knee after a gentle roll.He moved his sword to the back and prepared to dash in,and as he did several shurikens and exploding kuni came launching towards him,but he weaved and dodged them with amazing agility and let the impact of the explosions breeze his hair to the side as he continued to rush in.The ninja who launched projectiles began to rush forwards as well,but with a swift movement his abdomen was separated from his waist and  the severed body flopped into the small pond Ryu once sat at.

The last one just kneeled down and tried to lunge his own blade into his neck,but Ryu was faster and kicked him in the chest,launching the mercenary into the air then throwing his blade into the midsection of the mid air fighter and cutting him in half vertically.It was over and he said nothing,all he did was cut the sacks of gold the ninja carried and went back to the village,they were still sleep.Ryu entered his room,made up his bed,laid two sacks of gold on the floor and nicely folded the stainless white robe before leaving the village.His jet black armor was shining and the golden tassel on his blade blew in the wind,then he faded away like a gentle breeze.That was the last time the Miyoko clan saw him.

To be more accurate,that would be the last time anyone on Earth had seen him.For Ryu was merely strolling down a winding dirt road as usual,looking for solace,peace,and tranquility,and as usual-he couldn't find it.Several hot star like objects fell from the sky and one landed not to far from the winding road.Ryu tried his best to ignore it,but found curiosity getting the best of him and diverged from his path to see what had made such an impact on the earth,he clutched his katana grips close as he began to slowly move towards the
hole and noticed a ship had landed and coming from inside where beings who looked like humans.Ryu relaxed and began to offer aid from the edge of the crater,making sure to not move in too close,but these men where not men at all and seemed to be so much faster,five of them pulled out weapons that seemed to be from space and they shot without a word.Ryu's steel weapons had no chance,they were shot in half by the laser like weapons and he quickly through them to the ground in an angry rage.

"I dont know what you are,but you will pay!"

Ryu had launched himself through the air and his golden cloth flew in the wind behind him,as he landed he planted his foot into the ground and delivered a kick that caved in one of the beings chest,he then quickly spun around and caught another with haymaker,disconnecting its jaw.Ryu called out his attacks,but noticed they were soon recovering from the blows and stopped.

"Elephant stomp,Mantis flip and Leaping fist....."

"You...you aren't human..."

They just looked at him and got back up,dusting there war like outfits off,then just watched as an unseen warrior clocked Ryu in the back of his head with an electric like tonfa.It was blackness after that,and the aliens began to drag his unconscious body onto the massive ship and hauled into a cell,which was filled at least 6 other warriors,and outside an alien picked up the broken katanas and there pieces and brought them aboard before the ship took off.Inside the cell were other races that Ryu had never seen and he scattered across the floor at the site of another alien race.The strange green one rose up and displayed his perfect physique,then walked over to Ryu to introduce himself.
"My name is K'Lark,I am Skrull.Pleasure...."

"Ryu,friends call me Ryu...are you a friend?"

The Skrull looked at the confused samurai for a second,then smiled and shook Ryu's hand.

"As long as you can fight,because where we are going...You need your fist,wits,and friends who can use both."

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There she was, Mantoid, walking along the beach with her love, Spartan. They were enjoying themselves in the moonlight. "Isn't it beautiful?" He agreed with her. She looked out over the water, she could see fish jumping out of the water, trying to catch low flying bugs. How wonderful. She looked back toward Spartan. His eyes stood out to her like a sword to one's heart. They were brilliant, and Mantoid could see how deeply he loved her.

"Isn't it good to have a little peace and quiet?" He agreed with her, and how could he not. They were like two people made for each other, holding hands, walking along the cool beach. She started to turn red, "I lov..." She was interrupted by something.

Light lit up the dark, moonlit sky, to reveal many unearthly ships coming into Earth. Great, company, and I forgot to bring the cake. The ships flew down from the sky and landed close to where Mantoid and Spartan were standing. Then, humanoid aliens walked out of the ship. Those look like humans, only Uber. She glanced over at Spartan and gave him the "what's next" face.

Then she heard an alien say, "Take them..." She saw as they rushed for Spartan. They reacted so quickly that she was stunned for the moment. Then she regained her senses. Got to help him. She raised her hand and a stream of water shot out at one of the aliens. It didn't even push him back! Time for some heavy weapons. She pulled her hand back and tried to pull the water out of an alien. Huh!? Do they have water inside them, or are they just too powerful? Mantoid decided to go with a sword. Her hands lost color, then her whole body. Her extended hand suddenly started to get cold.

A blade of pure ice formed in her fingertips. This is more like it. She saw four of the aliens rush toward her. Then Spartan attacked them, and it gave her a chance to attack also. She slashed at an alien's chest, and it hardly even gave him a scratch. Angry, she stabbed her sword into him, and it came out the other side. There we go. The alien fell to the ground.

Then, she felt a hand go into her liquid back. The hand closed, and Mantoid was reverted back to flesh. Oh no. She barely had a chance to glance at Spartan, a metal neck brace was clamped to his neck, and then one clamped to her neck.


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she was sleeping, her apartment was hardly queenly, it was placed under a railroad underpass but as for it being hidden..it was. it had a tree that had grew right infront of the house hiding it. Marisol,had come to earth in search for the renagade ninjan Hayden Miles. Hayden had been a thorn in marisol's side for a while,her initial mission was to bring hayden back to ninjeta....but after being beaten by her twice she was going to now try a new method. Murder... besides marisol did not have communication with ninjeta in 5 months.

She had been a bit worried about the well being of her friends but she just decided that something had happened,with the electronic servicves. marisol walked into the kitchen taking out a bowl of capt'n crunch. sitiing on a hard couch watching the newest season of smallvillie. she worked as a deal or no deal girl  the pay was good but with marisol's inpulsive buying she had little of everything...and alot of clothes. she heared alot of scearming and saw alot of running as she looked outside the window
there was huge beings beating down people in the streets . shocking them and then they disappeared. What the hell! marisol ran back in her room she threw off the robe she was wearing revealing a thong and a see through brazziare. she sat on her bed slipping on her socks and her tunic. 

She had almost finished getting dressed when her huge blast ripped through her apartment's walls the aliens had come for her, she had her vest on along with her socks, Four huge men appeared in her room. with clubs and swords. They were ugly,but tough looking. the shot a ray at marisol presumably they ray that was snatching up human kind. marisol rolled out of the way of the ray. it hit a rug and it was gone. So that's your game sh said she ducked behind a table she remembered her arrow was still strapped to her back,she pulled it and then looked over the table. they were gone. she looked up to see they had exited the the house.

She pursuit them looking around outside her neiborhood was peaceful. she looked over at a local house,they had moved quick. MArisol had lived through the invasions of the spanish,the sayians and the goricks but never a race like this.  she ran into the house and saw them getting ready to take a family. Marisol shot her arrow. legend has it that even if marisol shot her arrow at the ground it would always find a way to it's target. One of the men were holding a women in his arms. Marisol whispered to her bow get him
she pulled back on the string and fired her bow, at the wall, it bounced off and hit a lap then pierced toward one of the men hitting him in the forehead. he fell dead. MArisol had three people left to kill. one charged in making it hard to shoot her bow. she rolled to the side but was knocked into the door by another man. the man who charged punched marisol in the face. and in the gut. she quickly pulled her 9mm and shot him...the bulltets didnt work marisol rolled out of the way of another punch but was grabbed by another man. he began choking her was squirming in his arms finally she kicked him in the gut, and dropped down to the floor leg sweeping him.

he fell to the ground  and she yelled NINJETA SWORD! a sword appeared in her hand. and she was ready to fight again. A ninjan! get her she'll sell high..they are work horse!. the man looked at another man and said to him Two ninjan's not on ninjeta what are the odds!. The talk distracted marisol from what she was doing and she was beamed up.

She landed harsly on the ship and everyone in the city of Garshin was seemingly in there. Two gaurds quickly picked marisol up. and escorted her to a chamber. she was thrown inside a chamber with a man,suddenly he charged her dealing a harsh blow to the stomach. she was somewhat conscious. suddenly she felt her clothes being ripped off and felt the thrust of something she had never felt before....she fainted.

She awoke in a cell, she was naked and her hair had been messed up on her arm there was a tag number, MM#19. she glanced over at the being standing in thhe corner. it was a female and she was fully dressed. 
the girl had a slight smile on her face and then she spoke.

Fancy meeting you here! looks like you had a bad night. marisol looked up and said Ha...ha...hay.....

she couldnt finsh the rest of her sentence. but could hear the words of her enemy

Get yourself togather..Golden Goddest..because very soon you will have to team up with your old enemy to free us from this enslavement...... but for now sleep.

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Darkness for some it was an eerie time a place of fear and nightmares but for the dark master this time of day was his light his paradise he felt stronger in the dark his strength and power were at there peak and it was the only time of day that reminded him of the realm of which he became as strong as he was a realm as dark as the heart of the devil he was a manipulator of the darkness and one of the most powerul yet after living for over 2000 years he had became one with the art of combat and honour making him one of the best warriors in combat to walk any realm.

Acer was walking down a dark alley he was visiting the place were it all began for him he could see in the distance standing a top a hill the castle of where he was born it had long been forgotten and no one had visited since the day he was born many fearing it many believeing it to be the home of the devil. His pale skin that was as white as snow gave off a soft light in the darkness his deep dark crimson red eyes glistened as one with the moon light that was shining upon his long flowing dark hair that swayed with the wind that howled like a wolf echoing around the small English village strands of hair wrapped around his face tangling up shielding his view every so often making him sweep his hair to one side with his hand but just as quickly he had to do it again. His long black coat swayed the same direction the wind and his hair moved yet his black top and pants gripped his body like they were molding to his skin not moving even in the slightest.

The alley was dark puddles filled the ground it was damp rubbish blew around with the wind stray cats would run past now and again as every step he took the sound of glass could be heard breaking from underneath his feet the sound could be heard for a good distance yet no one was about to hear it. Grafitti filled the walls some art work youths had made were better than others. A lone trash can was knocked over rolling around like it had been beat to death. The walls were filled with holes bricks falling out walls crumbling and when Acer got half way down the alley the sun began to rise and when it did he could feel his dark powers slipping away like they were being grabbed by a thousand hands and being dragged from his body but then a voice entered his mind as both Requiem and Dream spoke something was not right they could feel a presence not just one but many and a they were powerful the two eyes buried deep with in his palms shot open looking to see what was up and what that energy source was.

Acer began to walk some more getting three quarters of the way down the alley then as if from out of nowhere two large humanoid beings stood infront of him he immedietley sensed there strong energy levels and he knew they werent human but infact aliens humanoids from a different planet he could see they were indeed powerful they were large man built like olympians both wearing some form of intergalactic combat suit. Then as if things couldnt get worse more appeared two more behind him and 5 standing on the roof tops to his left and 5 to his right there were 14 of these beings in total. None of them spoke or showed any signs of emotions then two of them came for him one infront began walking with the look of a being with intentions to kill another slowly sneaked up on the ninja but he already knew this Requiem had spotted him. The alien infront became with in striking distance of Acer and sent a pucnh for Acer's face but in a split second Acer had raised his arm up blocking sthe strike with his left hand grabbing the bengs left hand and crushing it this act of speed and strength shocked all the aliens and then Acer sent a short yet powerful palm strike at the beings chest similar to Bruce Lee's one inch puch the alien sent flying back on to the road.

It seemed that act had made the others enraged and they all drew out blades that like them where not of this world and they all attacked Acer coming at him with amazing speed but he to drew to blades from his hands and he matched there speed meeting them blow for blow but they worked as a perfect unit showing skills, strengths and strategy beyond anything in human history and with that and the numbers they were able to gain the upperhand he could block an attak but everytime he did another would get him he figth seemed to last foe an age but Acer was quickly beaing knocked to the ground his blades went back inside him as the collar was strapped to his neck he was dragged away his but he managed to pick up a shard of broken glass and hide it away before once again he faded into darkness.

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For the last month, Starkiller had had floated aimlessly in space, inside his cub shaped ship.  He had just gone through a black hole and had seen all kinds of things that God had never intended any of his creatures to see.  In that black hole, darkness ruled.   Light fell to the mighty hand of the black terror, and Starkiller learned one lesson, one lesson that would resonate throughout the crevices of his body.  Darkness will always rule.  Darkness is what keeps the Universe in balance.  Darkness is power.  Starkiller would put his trust, his faith in the dark side, and it would deliver him, it would give him power...The power to crush, the power to lead, the power to manipulate..ABSOLUTE POWER!

Starkiller sat on the floor of the cold, dark, metallic chamber in the center of his ship.  Time had faded away into nothingness, but it felt like yesterday that his master, the Lord Darth Vader, had betrayed him and exiled him from his world.  Vader had feared his young secret apprentice, feared his power, feared his mastery of the force.  However, Starkiller now had a new master: The Black Raven, the manifestation of the Dark Side itself and he would stop at nothing  to do as this new master commanded.  The young sith was now edging slowly towards his new target: Earth.   The Black Raven had commanded him to search for and eliminate the last living jedi and Starkiller readying his body and mind for the encounter.  He knew that jedis were great wielders of the force and very tough, but he knew that with the full power of the Dark Side at his disposal he would eventually be able to come out on top.

The young sith had not eaten since he entered the black hole.  Hunger ate at his insides like a ravenous beast, tearing away at the lining of his esophagus.  But with deep meditation and focus, he had ben able to subdue the beast and quell its desperate cries.  Personally, Starkiller thought of this as an advantage.  By disposing of his human frivolities, and taking control of pain, he had become a better specimen, far from human, devoid of pain and the childish needs and wants of man.  He was whole 'nother species and had dreams of one day ruling the galaxy with an iron fist and incomparable demeanor.  

In an instant, Starkiller rose to his feet.  He wondered how long it would be until he entered the blue planet's atmosphere.   He couldn't wait to show his master his unbridled skill and mastery.  The young Sith walked towards the viewing screen of the ship.  Strangely, this apparatus had been one of the only that had remained unphased during the entry through the black hole.  He smirked as he observed the small blue planet in the distance.  So frail, so...vulnerable.   How ironic that in this piece of sh!t, this vile heap of water and vegetation, the ultimate struggle between good and evil would come to its bloody conclusion.  Starkiller saw a future in which this earth and the surrounding universe was shrouded in darkness, where he was the law, where everyone answered to him.  No more treachery, no more pain....just pure, absolutely beautiful darkness.  Starkiller's eyes rolled in their sockets as his vision shifted westward.  He squinted as he saw something truly unexpected.  

Lights....a huge group of lights, bunched together.  As the minutes passed and Starkiller looked even more carefully he realized that these weren't just any lights.  This was a fleet.  Each one of those lights, a single, powerful and imposing ship.  As the fleet neared Starkiller's vessel, their lights seemed to alternate between white, red, and orange.  The young sith looked on in confusion as the fleet broke up into separate units.  These starships were not like none he had seen before.  Their design was very different and peculiar.  A huge chunk of the fleet sped toward Earth but a small group of ships continued to close in on Starkiller's vessel. Seconds later, he felt  a strong tug towards the group of ships.  Starkiller lost his balance and fell to the cold, dirty floor.  He was confused.  Were these Imperial ships sent to look for him and retrieve him?  Did they originate from the blue planet? What were their intentions?  Whatever they may be, It seemed like it wouldn't take long for the young sith to find out.  A white blade that resembled light burst through the walls and proceeded to tear and melt the metal of it, created a circle shaped hole through Starkiller's ship.  With eyes, squinted, He looked into the bright light and could feel the heat of the blade, it made him sweat, it made him uneasy.  Starkiller reached into his holster and pulled out his lightsaber.  As he deployed it, the room became illuminated with a mix of white an red light.  Starkiller heard rustling and footsteps coming his way, they were about to board his vessel.  The young sith, gripped his lightsaber tighlty and continued looking into the light.  Whatever was coming his way, he was ready.  Friend or foe, he wasn't going to wait to find out.  As a tall man stepped into the chamber, Starkiller jumped at him and slashed away with his lightsaber.  With ease and fluid a very fluid movement, the man simply stepped out of the way.   Starkiller turned around, frustration etched all over his face.

Who are you? what do you want with me?

The tall man simply replied with a smirk and looked to his side.  He was looking at someone else.  In a swift and violent motion, Starkiller turned around to see who was standing behind him.  As he turned, he felt a strong force come hard over his head and felt a hot jolt of electricity run through his nerves.  The young Sith fell to the floor and after a few twitching motions lost all consciousness.  As he was surrounded by black and darkness, a strange figure approached him; it was his master, the Black Raven.  Before Starkiller had the chance to honoroabley greet his master the humongous bird spoke in a deep voice that seemed to echo in the darkness, 

You will be tried, you will be weathered, you will be broken down into nothingness, restored, and broken down again till all that is human and light in you ceases to exist.  They will make you their bitch, you will cry and whimper...but when all this is said and done, you...you Starkiller will be stronger, stronger than any man this galaxy has ever known.  You will be my weapon, my tool.  I will mold you into the perfect image of darkness and desolation.  Be true to the Dark Side, human, and it will be true to you, it will deliver you from your enemies.  

As the voice seemed to still be ringing in his body, Starkiller awoke, surrounded by gawking faces.  THere was a metallic collar on his neck, a collar that everyone else in the room seemed to have on their necks as well.  Starkiller wondered where he was.  He looked around the room and could see a diverse collection of humans and alien races he had never seen before.  One of the green skinned creatures stood up and lent Starkiller a hand.  Rudely, the sith slapped his hand away and stood up by himself.  

Can anyone tell me where the hell I am?

The green skinned creature, appalled by the human's lack of respect said in a high pitchy voice.  You, just like the rest of us, have been captured by a vicious race.   By now, you're planet has been pulverized and maybe even destroyed.  The place we're going is not pretty.  I suggest you make as many friends and allies as you can now, that is, if you want to survive.         
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When The Spartan awoke, he was lying in a cell with his arms and legs chained.  Beaten and bruised, Demetrius' healing factor seemed to be gone.  That's when he reached up and felt around his neck.  Alas, there was a collar cruelly clamped on tight.  The metal which was used was unlike any The Spartan had encountered before.  The same metal was what composed the shackles on his wrists and ankles.  Blood dripped from his brow and quietly splashed upon his hand.  Demetrius looked astonished, for his healing was truly gone now.  Perhaps, his strength remained.  As the mighty Greek grabbed a hold of his chains, he tried with all his might to pull them apart - but to no avail.

Just then, he felt as if his body was rocked.  Still a bit light-headed from the encounter before, Demetrius staggered to his feet.  As he looked around, he could see that he was not alone.  Many other beings were chained as well.  Many of them had the same collars clamped onto their necks.  Looking around, he could see several of the guards moving around.  The beings had a snobbish look to them.  Certainly, they were among the most superior of beings; and they knew it.

Just then, the group that had captured Demetrius walked by.  As they walked by, The Spartan locked eyes with the unit leader.  The alien stopped dead in his tracks, then walked up to The Spartan's cell.  After looking back into the Greek's eyes, the mighty alien raised his palm and issued a devastating strike to Demetrius' chest at amazing speed.  The Spartan's large, powerful body was then sent flying back as it slammed hard into the cell wall.  "FOOL!"  the alien said.  "NO one looks into the eyes of a Crassian!"  Then, the snobbish being left - laughing with his accompaniment.

"So......Crassians....." Demetrius said to himself as he struggled to regain his footing.  Suddenly, he realized something:  he was on a ship.  The Spartan had no idea where he was going.  All that he knew what that he was about to be sold as a slave.  These Crassians had taken everything away from him.  They took his peace, his freedom, his dignity, and most importantly, they had taken the woman that he loved.....Erika.  "Erika....." Demetrius said to himself as he looked around.

Heading over to the massive bars to his cell, he looked out all over the ship.  Across the way, he could see several women being headed off into a seperate area.  One of them was unconscious.  With barely any clothing on at all, the beaten and bruised woman was thrown into a cell.  It appeared as if some of the Crassians had their way with her.  "Those bastards!" he said in rage.  Although her face was beaten and bruised, The Spartan could distinguish who the young woman was.  She was Nijan......it was Marisol Montez.  If they had done that to her, then......

At that moment, Demetrius' heart sank.  He had no idea what had become of the heroine Mantoid.  In utter anguish, he paced about his cell.  The whole time, he was trying to remain calm.  Certain events had unfolded that were beyond his control.  Mantoid was his love, his life.  Demetrius could not bare the thought of anything horrible happening to her.  These Crassian's held the physical, intellectual, and psychological advantage now.  They had to be stopped.  However, if The Spartan tried anything, he would be slaughtered in an instant.  Therefore, he knew what he had to do.  He remembered who he was.  He was The Spartan, Baron Arkelis - Senator of Martial Society.  Now, more than ever, he would have to stay alive.  That would be the only way that he could be reunited with his love.  That was the only way he would taste freedom again......

After exchanging words and making introductions with a few of the other slaves, several Crassians began pacing the corridors with different scanning devices.  The lights on certain individuals' collars began to change color.  One of the Crassians pointed a scanner at Demetrius' collar, but paused.  Instead, he called over another Crassian and began to discuss with him.  "This one's big....strong too.  Should we send him to work in the mines, or should we try to make him a gladiator?"  Even without his powers, Demetrius was impressive.  He stood nearly seven feet tall and had one of the greatest personal physiques ever seen.  Eventually, it was concluded that The Spartan would be sold as a gladiator.  The Crassian raised the scanner and immediately, a red light appeared on Demetrius' collar.

Next stop, the Crassian slave market.  The Spartan was to be sold as a gladiator.........

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His pillow and sheets were drenched by a cold sweat  as the Mobb Deep Affiliate, Kurrent tossed and turned while in a deep slumber.  That was until he heard the sound of a man approaching. The Warrior of Warriors was not much of a heavy sleeper and in his line of work that came to an advantage. Thinking quickly and always being one to  find an advantage in anything that he did, he woke but kept his eyes closed giving an illusion as if he was still asleep.

"How can someone get past the security of the Mansion, they would have to pass Morte, Sha's and Acer's room to get to mine and it would be pretty damn hard to manage that" he thought knowing that none of the Mobb Deep members would ever try and sneak up on him or even enter his room with out knocking. They are all deadly and it was just the respect that they had for each other.

The sound was nearing and suddenly a clanking off what sounded like keys could be heard by  the possum playing  Prince of Power.  "FINALLY"....... says a deep and raspy voice that was foreign to the hero that was now feeling a effect of a blistering headache and becoming more suspicious by the second. The uncomfortable feeling in his head that started in his neck made his think to himself that he was only imagining things but his misgivings were confirmed when a large squeaking sound of the door opened.

Before the intruder could speak the Excellence of Electrocution shot up from the bed bending his body at the waist in a sitting position. He extended his arms while preforming the move in a swift motion opening his eyes striving to send over 30,000 volts of pure electricity to the mansions interloper. He sat there in shock looking at his hand that should have fried the person in fromt of him he noticed a collar around his neck. He looked around and noticed that he was not in his domicile but in a cell being held prisoner and had no recent memory of why or how he got there.

"Sometimes people forget and its no surprise that a human would" laughed the same man with the deep and raspy voice that appeared to be a guard of some sort. "Get it together your due in the arena in minutes and we don't want to keep anyone waiting" The guard then grabbed  Kurrent by the arm and aggressively stood him up out of the bed. The Electric One had no clue what was going on. His head was hurting due to neck collar that seemed to halt his powers and he was in no state to fight due to his confusion. Normally his first instinct would have been to attack the guard and attempt an escape but he was lacking something vital to making that plan work...information. Instead he waited and decided to follow the rules of the guard to stay alive long enough to get any type of details.  At this point he only knew that he was expected in an arena and that meant he would be alive for at least a while longer maybe to make a more informed decision.

The guard now spoke again voilentely rushing Kurrent out of the cell reminding him about having to go to some arena. A sudden rush or anxiety, agitation and anger filled the heroes body as he was now preparing to face the unexpected. He began to walk out of the cell and  all he could say in a loud tone while lowering his head was...............................F^@K!!!!!

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The world rocked to the left, Pain pressed against her skull. Then the world rocked to the right, The pain moved from her skull to the middle of her brain, Somthing wasnt right. She felt as though her energy, her power was locked inside her brain. As she opened her eyes, just as the world shifted to the left again, She looked around in the dark bleck room, She heard crying and laughing of a snobish voice. She shook her head then growled as she saw that some bastard cut her long hair. now it was sholder leight, and matted. She glared out as she saw a shadow pass on the other side of some bars that locked her in with the other females. as she stood, she felt dizzy, her world turned to the right making her fall back, her sence of balance was slightly off. as she leaned against the wall, she tried hard to make an energy sheild around her body, but to no avail.
"F*cking bastards....."
She had her powers gone, she had her balance off, She had short hair, a sign of slavory in the old days. a passive sign, Barring her teeth at a creature as he walked by, with a scaner in his hands, She shot out ready to tackle him, but her chains blocked her short of reaching the bars. He laughed at her and looked over her naked body. Then he looked to the one that took her down in the tunnels, her glare got deadly as she staired at him, He didnt smile for he new what she was made of. He looked to the one with the scanner.
"this female took down three of my team, She is not to be taken lightly...work her in the minds, or fight her in the games, but nothing less than that...."
"A woman like this? a mere earthling humanoid took down three of us?! Look at her, her body is small, Her arms are weak, her legs are thin, to thin to make much damage. are you sure she didnt use any power on you?"
"you fool! i tell you what i saw! if you dont belive me, just look in her eyes, let her free, see what she does to you."
The two men stared at eachother before one pressed a button on the scanner and a red light flashed on her callor. 

"Im going to kill you...i swear it." She hissed as Lillyana fought against the chains that held her to the walls. though she had no powers that made her eyes bright, and green, the light was still shinning in her bright blue gaze.

As the boat stoped, she fell to the side, she felt the musuels in her arms streight painfully as she fell to the ground, THe men took this to their adanage as they ran into the cage and started to gather some of the girls, As someone touched her arm to grab her and take her with them, she started to jerk about like crazy, Her head ramed another skull of one of them, but that made a light flash in her eyes. As she rased her feet, she thursted them as hard as she could into the chest of another one, sending him though the door into the other cage, she saw some one's hands wrap around his neck holding him here. She drag her nails though the arm of the one holding her, but he pressed his fingers hard on her neck and shoulder, right under the collar, She flet the life leaving her body, but it didnt, but the light did.

half awake, half sliping into the blackness, She was draged out of the ship.

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Get yourself togather..Golden Goddest..because very soon you will have to team up with your old enemy to free us from this enslavement...... but for now sleep.  she said to her ex teamate and current enemy. hayden had been captured by this race before,she had been doing a under cover mission on the planet Xibar, they captured her and attempted to sell her on the market but she was saved,by her then best friend Shayla Lopez and other teammated Vanessa trapton. these people were barbaric. the crassians were diffreent  from the other races in space,the syaians were warriors like the ninjans but the crassians were murch more powerful, but the one thing ninjans had over them  intelligence. as marisol slept hayden looked at what a powerful ninjan could be reduced to,she walked over to the bars,glancing over she saw a mother and daughter hugging closly,hayden was not evil she only did what she felt,which more times then none was wrong. Had sha and her never had a falling out they could have protected the whole planet of ninjeta. but she guessed that fate didnt mean for that to happen.

Hayden's attention quickly shifted to the man whose key's were jiggling, the women were screaming she heared the man say WOMEN GO TO THE FACTORY MEN GO TO THE ARENA HAYDEN had no intention of going to work like a human,she nudged marisol who awoke, she had been asleep for about 12 hours and hayden wasnt sure that she still had her powers because of the man that raped her. she would probably go to a farm or something that would be good for her.....seeing as though she lost her powers,the ninjan law required marisol be put to death, but for three reasons hadyen was not going to do it 1) when sha was first born she did not have powers and hayden saved her. 2) she needs some friendly faces around even if marisol was her enemy. and 3) they were not on ninjeta.

the guy opened the gate to marisol and hayden's cell hayden was about to charge when marisol pushed her out the way and charged him. she punched her and she flew back faster then hayden could see that she had indeed lost her powers the guy came for hayden. he attempted to punch her at the exact same time she was going to punch. they fist hit each other and they both flew back. hayden got up faster than he did and she jumped on top of his giving him hay makers left to right until he passed out. another one came from the left hayden did not see him until marisol yelled HAYDEN!  she turned around to see the same ma...WOMEN! who captured her the last time. the women signaled for the other guards to back off it would be just hayden vs her, hayden then relized with the type of clothes she was wearing...SHE WAS A NINJAN!. hayden looked as if she knew this women from somewhere but she didnt know where. Hayden readied herself by standing in her crane pose. the women charged. hayden duck a series of punches as did the women.  they erupted in a violent rush of blows only sharp eyes could see. Marisol stood looking in awe as she could not see them,to her it just looked like moving colors. when the violent rushed stopped hayden's forearms was locked in a deadly struggle agaisnt the womens forearm. she then said to hayden.  you have learned well since our last encounter Ms.Miles hayden then relized who she was.....Vanessa Trapton! she had a deck of cards and used the same power as the man that hired hayden on earth. hayden quickly back flipped as she threw the cards. hayden screamed GET BACK to all the people in there cells. the card exploded. the women commanded her guards to cease the women and that they did with blinding speed they got her. vanessa walked up to hayden and spit in her face.

Make sure she get's to be a gladiator. AS FOR THE OTHERS.....SEND THEM TO THE FARMS and as for the other ninjan....send her to the homes! Marisol struggled to her feet. in the ship there were three port holes. one for those fit to fight to the death, while hayden was beautiful she was not going to allow someone to rape and take her powers and vanessa knew this. that's why she sent hayden there.  hayden waited on the ship as she was to become a gladiator. she met a women who was also told she was going to be a gladiator. hayden glanced down and noticed the collar she gritted her teeth and decided to rest her eyes.
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His world had gone dark but for how long that he did not know his beating had been a bad one in fact it was so bad he could only remeber picking up the shard of glass before blacking out anything before was a blank his eyes slowly and painfully began to open at first everything was a blur he could make out the shapes of figures but his eyes had not yet adjusted he couldd feel the sweat dripping from his brow by the heat of what ever hell hole he was in various parts of his body were bleeding the snow white skin of The Ace was now a crimson red the blood dripped down upon some dirty brown rags he could feel his hair had been cut it was short and messy.

It had taking his eyes much longer to adjust to his surroundings but when they did the first thing he noticed was the chains wrapped around his wrists and ankles the metal seemed strong and of an unkown substance one that Acer had not seen before he grabbed the chains and tried breaking them but to no avail it seemed his strength was gone why was that he asked himself he felt strange weaker than usual he felt normal it was like his strenghts and speed were locked away in a deep cell in his mind and he didnt have the key. Then he felt the collar round his neck it was made of the same metal as the chains a red light located to the front of it. The collar reminded him of the movie battle royale he quickly thought was he being thrown into that same scenario asked to survive and kill but then his lost memories started to come back.

He started to remeber what happened before he picked up the glass he remebered visiting his home town it was dark and he had been walking down a dark alley then it came he saw it as clear as day those men those beings of immense power, skill and strategy and he knew what had happened and where he was then he took the time to focus on his surroundings and his fears were realised as he saw many just like him in the same situation all chained and all with collas around there necks and they werent all human it seemed as though many races were forced in to this hellish scenario. Some were male and others female some chained up while others locked in cages all like animals all standing chined to one another adults and children all situated this devil ship some did not speak a word some begged for the lives and others cried in terror women laid down naked and beating obviously raped by these vile terrors.

Then a large creaking could be heard and a turning of the handle as a door at the end of this cramped stinking room opened and in came 3 large men the same type of species that had attacked Acer while on earth two of them went to either side of the room each helding some form of scanner device whilst the third and the biggest of the three most likely the leader stood in the middle. One by one each person was scanned a green light flashed and the being shouted out the species and what there profession would be some sent to the mines others as house servants and others gladiators they were slaves onboard and intergalactic ship. Finally they came to Acer and scanned him but instead of his light going green and making a beeping sound his collar stayed red and buzzed it seemd something was up and the three large men stood infront of Acer and began to talk. "Sir were getting no reading from him his species can not be identified"  The man who just scanned Acer spoke to the leader "Thats impossible we have data and DNA of every race in the planet try again" and so the man did he scanned again but the data came up negative and the leader turned to Acer "What the hell are you" Acer simply smiled.

Im not of this world or any others im from a place that will make you tremble with fear.

Acer spoke not phased by what stood infront of him he had been thrown into situations like this from birth he was a master of survival and he would survive this. "We Crassians fear nothing foolish boy" Acer became angry did he just call him boy sure he looked young but he was over 2000 years of age and remebering the shard of glasss he took it out and stabbed the man in the neck who instantly fell down but the cut was not as bad as it should have been and when he got up he began to beat down Acer his face became crushed under the forceful blows and then he took that same piece of glass and dug it deep with in Acer's eye before tearing it out the blood began to drip on the floor as Acer screamed out in agony as he dropped to his knees in pain the man looked own and spoke "So i hear they needed 14 to take you down well you seem like you want a fight ill make you a gladiator the one eyed gladiator" Acer laid in terror but it was only just beginning.

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It was a warm New England day, the sky was clear, and the smell of salt was in the air as James lay out on the beach, happily absorbing the sun's rays. The "Civil War" had finally ended, and the Hellfire Club went to ground fairly quickly, using the last of their resources within the government to cover their tracks and disappear. Slinger knew they'd be back, but for now he decided he would try and enjoy what he could of the summer before he had to get back to work, which would be quite some time as he had been honorably discharged from the now defunct "Initiative" program, and didn't have much prospects lined up. He thought about going back to the "We Are Legend" Headquarters and seeing if they would give him back his position there, but to be honest, he never really could get used to the West Coast.

As James baked in the sun, he looked around the busy beach, everybody was so happy, having so much fun, it was as if they had all forgotten about the chaos that had ensued during the Hellfire Club's rise to power and the enactment of the registration act. He smiled broadly and flipped himself over onto his stomach, trying to even out the sunburn he would no doubt  be nursing the next day, he never did tan well. Suddenly the young knight heard the long roll of distant thunder, or at least he thought it was thunder. "I guess that's it for the beach" he said to himself as a dark shadow shaded the hot sand. He finally looked up to check if the cloud that had just blocked out the sun looked like rain or not, but it was no cloud that he saw when he looked to the sky, it was something else entirely.

"Uh oh!" James said out loud. High above the congregation of happy beach-goers was a floating fortress, flanked by what looked like people flying around at high speeds. It wasn't long before the heroes of the earth showed up to intercept the U.F.O. and James had gotten a very bad feeling that the sudden arrival wouldn't end peacefully. "Alright!" Slinger shouted at the crowd of people on the sand who were standing around in awe of the object, "Everyone off of the beach, get back to your homes, it could get dangerous here!" It had payed off that  the young knight's face had been plastered all over the news in the past few months, he was a well known hero throughout the United States, and now when he spoke, people listened. The beach had been cleared and the people had began filing into their cars and slowly made their ways out of the parking lot, and just in time too as the confrontation had just began.

Heroes were dropping out of the sky fast, the invaders were incredibly powerful, making short work out of anyone in their path. Slinger ran over to where a group of the beaten heroes had crashed down on the sand, "What the hell is going on up there?" He asked a man in a golden costume, who was beaten and bloodied, but alive, conscious, and trying to get to his feet.

"Th-they, they're t-too fast, too strong. We, we can't beat them. Sl-slinger right? You, you have to get away from here, get help, we need more power."  The man responded, a look of sheer terror in his eyes. Just then Slinger felt a strong wind at his back and heard a loud "woosh" as he suddenly found himself surrounded by a cleanup crew made up of the invading forces. They seemed to be scanning Slinger and the fallen heroes, and were speaking to each other in a language that James couldn't understand. Ignoring Slinger they went to work, they didn't kill the defeated heroes , they were taking them captive.

Slinger launched himself at the apparent leader of the group with what would be a devastating flying kick to a normal person. Unfortunately it would only devastate Slinger himself, as he was plucked out of the air by his ankle with ease and then slammed into the ground by his leg into the sand below. The man then lifted James up never letting go of his ankle, holding it in a steel grip, while another of the crew scanned Slinger again. Then finally James heard them speak something in English, "Only human."  Then the man holding Slinger up shrugged his shoulders and nonchalantly tossed James like he was a small pebble toward the water, sending him skipping like a stone across the surface, by the time he had stopped moving, he was halfway to Nantucket.

It was a long swim back to shore, Slinger had a lot to think about, but first and foremost he would have to link up with some sort of resistance. WAL was too high profile, they probably had already been gotten to, then James thought about his other option, he remembered the Martial Society. He thought back to that first day, when they toured the armory, there must have been something there that he could use. James only hoped he could make it. He would have to find a way to Greece, and fast. As he swam, he formed the plan in his head, he plotted out everything, every last detail, all he had to do now, was execute.

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Get yourself togather..Golden Goddest..because very soon you will have to team up with your old enemy to free us from this enslavement...... but for now sleep. Was the last thing she heared,Marisol had feel into a deep sleep,she really didn’t have a choice, she had lost her powers which caused her to be come overwhelmed with exastion, she knew hayden was her only protect her which was ironic because they hated each other, she was weiry even while sleeping,because the Laws of Ninjeta required now for Marisol to be put to death.Marisol and hayden both belonged to the royalty class of Ninjeta,they should have been allies but Marisol decided that her duty was to her friends mikayla and gwen so she joined the war on the side of the nobility. Hayden was imprisoned on Ninjeta and was at the mercy of Gwen starks and marisol. After being tormenting her for years and not giving up ,Hayden  escaped. When hadyen escaped marisol wore the burden of briging her back to ninjeta.

marisol could see that Hayden's attention quickly shifted to the man whose key's were jiggling, the women were screaming she heared the man say WOMEN GO TO THE FACTORY MEN GO TO THE ARENA HAYDEN had no intention of going to work like a human,she nudged marisol who  was already awake, she had been asleep for about 12 hours and her and hayden wasnt sure that she still had her powers because of the man that raped her. marisol would probably go to a farm or something that would be good for her.....seeing as though she lost her powers, Marisol was basically good for nothing...but she still had her inhanced luck, this is what allowed marisol's arrows to hit her target without even shooting it directly at them.

 the guy opened the gate to marisol and hayden's cell  marisol pushed hayden  out the way and charged him.  she attempted to  punched her and but it had no affect the guard hit marisol she flew back faster then hayden could see that she had indeed lost her powers the guy  went for hayden. marisol back hit the cell wall hard she tried to regain her footing but the impact had knocked alot out of her. marisol looked up to see hayden and a man,  he attempted to punch hayden  at the exact same time she was going to punch. there fist hit each other and they both flew back. hayden flew back but was caught by marisol the other gaurd flew back and hit another cell. hayden got up faster than he did and she jumped on top of his giving him hay makers left to right until he passed out. another one came from the left hayden did not see him until marisol yelled HAYDEN! she turned around to see the same ma...WOMEN! who captured her the last time. marisol would have helped hayden but she was at the mercy of her own mortality, and she was still naked so she did not want to bring attention to herself. marisol looked back over to  the women who signaled for the other guards to back off it would be just hayden vs her, hayden then relized with the type of clothes she was wearing...SHE WAS A NINJAN!. hayden looked as if she knew this women from somewhere but she didnt know where. Hayden readied herself by standing in her crane pose. the women charged. hayden duck a series of punches as did the women. they erupted in a violent rush of blows only sharp eyes could see. Marisol stood looking in awe as she could not see them,to her it just looked like moving colors.  marisol looked at more guards asmbling near the exit she knew this would not be good.

when the violent rushed stopped hayden's forearms was locked in a deadly struggle agaisnt the womens forearm.  ,marisol could have sworn she saw electricity coming from them.  the  women glanced at marisol and she then said to hayden. you have learned well since our last encounter Ms.Miles hayden  looked confused then relized who she was.....Vanessa Trapton! she had a deck of cards  hayden seemed to know what was going to happen, hayden quickly back flipped as she threw the cards. hayden screamed GET BACK to all the people in there cells. the card exploded. and the ship seemed to rock, marisol remved her hands from her face, and looked up to hear the women command her guards to cease the women and that they did with blinding speed they got her. vanessa walked up to hayden and spit in her face. Make sure she get's to be a gladiator. AS FOR THE OTHERS.....SEND THEM TO THE FARMS and as for the other ninjan....send her to the homes! Marisol struggled to her feet. she did not know what the women ment by the home but she did not want to find out. 

Marisol sat in a on a new ship being taken to a place where she had no clue existed...the skies where dark and the water was pitch black,she could have sworn she was on a space ship a few minitues ago. there was 15 other women on the ship with her,most of them were young, she was probably the only teenager. marisol had been food deprived, her hair was still golden yellow but the fatigue had caused dark rings to form around her eyes. she was shivering from the cold. marisol felt a thud inbeween her legs...a fish had jumped from the ocean in to marisol's lap. She could sense her luck rising. she devoured the fish whole and uncook spitting out the bones. the other women on the boat looked at her like she was crazy.

The crassians ran to the front of the ship they were picking with the human women, Marisol stood up and said hey you leave them alone or i'..... with the quickness of a bullet they punched her in her gut she gropped to her knees throwing up the food she had just ate. and in a bold move marisol punched him back. the punch had no effect. and as her punishment they took her and hung her by her hair of the railing . marisol in the most uncomfortable postion of all ...went to sleep.
she woke to the sound of children of here! teen agers right there!   adults! to the right! marisol stood in the middle as the only  teenager she was rechained and placed on the back of a hover car and it sped away..this person was her new master...his name was Yuri. your going to like it here young lady...if you do what your told we'll get along just fine marisol gritted her teeth as the pulled up to a huge house. she went inside and looked around,there was hundreds of girls wwalking around in almost nothing.
marisol raised a brow, as she was met by a women named shaina. she took marisol upstairs to a room with another teenage girl. she we'll help you get accousted. she said and she exited the room.
i'm veronica!  the women said, marisol looked at her a bit confused as the girl was not dress she had only a thong on and marisol looked at her in disgust.
Where's your underwear? Marisol then again looked confused. and then demanded that the girl tell her where she was. your at Master yuri's brothel house marisol heared a series of various moans comming from other rooms. she turned around quickly ready to attack, but veronica told her that the other girls where engaged in "work"

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During the entire voyage across space, Demetrius had not heard anything from Erika.  Already, he was marked to be sold as a gladiator.  Looking down, he grit his teeth in bitter anger.  The Spartan then raised his shackled wrists up to his chest.  He was chained like an animal.  Now, he would be forced to fight as one.  However, the Master of War knew that he had to survive, for that was the only way that he would EVER be able to get Mantoid back.  Lifting up his head, he looked around as the Crassians began quickly moving around......The ship had landed.

First, although he couldn't see it, Demetrius could hear the women being herded out first.  He could not tell if Erika was among them or not.  Just then, all the slaves with a red flashing light on their collars were taken out.  All of them were lined up and chained together.  Then, the Crassian commander roared, "Right, you worthless pieces of sh!t!  Get going!"  With that, the guards took out electricized whips and began flogging the slaves in order to get them to move.  The whip cracked down upon Demetrius' shoulder, causing him to turn in rage towards one of the guards.  However, instead of simply attacking him, The Spartan would bide his time.  Then, the slaves were led out the ship's main door onto Crassian soil.

The bright sun beamed down.  Its light hurt many of the slaves' eyes.  As the prime pieces of property were ushered out into the open, the large crowd of Crassians lifted up their voices and began cheering.  Already, Crassians of substance began pointing and critiquing the appearance of the slaves, noting likes and dislikes.  "And now...." the auctioneer spoke up.  "Let us begin the selling of the GLADIATORS!!!"  At his words, the crowd roared in anticipation.  Just then, the first gladiator was brought up, sold, and then another was brought.  At this rate, each gladiator had been sold to a private citizen for around 200-500 marks.  However, there were certain Crassians who were lenisters.  The lenisters were wealthy businessmen who specialized in the purchase and training of gladiators.  Finally, it was The Spartan who was set upon the auctioning block.  "Alright!" the auctioneer roared.  "Here's a deadly fighter for you!  One of the greatest physical fighters the universe has ever known, trained in many different types of combat, this slave will bring you great fortune in the arena!  What is the starting bid?!"

At that moment, bids went up all over the crowd.  They were bidding over Demetrius as if he were a piece of meat.  The bids went up higher and higher.  Private citizens had now gone as high as 1,000 marks.  Suddenly, above all the racket, a deep voice boomed, "1,000,000 marks!"  Just then, the entire crowd went silent.  A man wearing an elaborate robe stood above them all.  From the looks of him, he was most-definitely a lenister.  At his bid, all other competing bidders laid down their bids and gave him preference.  Thus, The Spartan was SOLD.

Later on, that same lenister bought many other slaves at high prices.  The gladiators were kept in a seperate group from the rest of the slaves.  Instead of walking, they were taken to their new home by way of a transport vessel.  Soon, they approached what appeared to be a mighty fortress.  Inside the structure, women slaves were lined up to greet the returning master.  Others were tending to other duties around the complex.  However, in a certain much larger part of the property was a place of training.  There were many slaves performing intense drills in speed, swordsmanship, and personal combat.  Indeed, this was a gladiatorial school.  Just then, Demetrius' attention was drawn to a palisade where the lenister stood proudly watching over everything.  At that moment, the lenister spoke.

"I am Lord Julius Heroditus...." he said.  "You are now MY property.  Everything that you see around you....is mine.  This is the Heroditus Gladiatorial School.  Here, you will be taught the BEST of personal combat.  A gladiator must use both his brain and his muscle in perfect harmony.  A strong arm with a dull brain is utterly useless.  Only the BEST of you have been chosen to come here.  Gladiators must be treated with utmost diligence.  They must nurtured and molded into the ruthless KILLING MACHINES that they must become.  Eventually, you will learn to fight to the death...... sometimes your collars will be deactivated in order for you to do so.  That's right, you will sometimes be temprarily restored your powers when in the arena.  Here, physical superiority is VITAL.  Therefore, you will be massaged, pampered, and made into......GODS."  Thus, Lord Heroditus continued.  "On occassion, those of you who please me will even be given the companionship of a young lady for the evening..."  With a smirk on his face, he motioned to the women who were lined up.  "Live well!  Die with honor!"

With that, the gladiators were led into the compound.  Once inside, each gladiator was groomed, massaged, and given a hot meal.  Then, each of them was given an individual cell with complete and total privacy.  Their training would start the next day.  However, Lord Heroditus was going to send down a woman to each of their rooms first in order to..."welcome them."  The thought of having women forced to do that made Demetrius sick to his stomach.  Such ruthless cruelty....no remorse.  All he could think about was his precious Erika.  More than anything, he wished that he was with her.  Outside, the women were being rounded up and sent to each gladiator's cell for the night.........

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Finally reaching the shore, Slinger began the first step on his trip to Europe and the Martial Society headquarters in Greece, he needed a pilot. He ran the whole way back to his home, it was only a few of miles, he made it in just a little under fifteen minutes. The run through the streets of the small town allowed him to survey the panic in the streets, there  were abandoned car wrecks, looted buildings everywhere he looked. When he made it home, he bolted into his room and changed from his bathing suit and into his armored uniform, then grabbed the keys to his bike, a Martial Society communicator, and also his grandfather's sword, a holy relic near a thousand years old. Then he took off towards the nearby air force base to find a pilot and possibly an aircraft capable of making the flight to Greece.

When Slinger finally arrived at the base he found it in complete dissarray, there was nobody at the security check point, and the homes of the families living there were all deserted. After making it through the residential part of the base, James began to notice the destruction perpetrated by the invasion forces, the jets were all destroyed, and bodies were strewn about, and not only men in uniform, women, even children were apparent amongst the slain. He finally reached the heart of the base, and that's when he found the first signs of life. Holed up in the smoldering command center, there was a small triage center and MASH tents setup to care of the few survivors, everyone was in crisis mode.

Slinger stopped his engine then, speaking to some of the soldiers who lead him through the tents to an impromptu war room, quickly found the man in charge, a lieutenant colonel in th air force named Thompson, he was the highest ranking survivor. Slinger spoke quickly, he had no time to spare, "Colonel, I need to get to Greece, the fate of the world is at stake, you saw what those things can do, and we need to arm ourselves to fight back."

"No can do Mr. Slinger," Colonel Thompson replied condescendingly, "we need all the men we've got here, I can't afford to spare one."

"But sir, there's an armory in Greece with weapons that can help us drive off these invaders, If only-" he was interrupted by the colonel.

"Sorry son, we're swamped here, maybe you should try and catch a flight out of Logan airport like the rest of the civilians do." The Colonel smiled a wicked grin at Slinger, and turned his back to him and on to other business, effectively dismissing the knight.

Slinger turned and began to walk out of the tent, when he felt a hand on his elbow. He turned to see a man who was probably in his late fifties, he had white hair and a full bushy beard. "I'm sorry sir, I have to leave, I don't have time to linger here." Slinger said to the man, anxious to get out of there fast.

"I don't think you understand kid, I heard you needed a pilot, and I think I'm your man." The old man had a look of fierce determination on his face, Slinger could tell he was serious, but he was thinking of someone younger, this old man's reflexes wouldn't cut it if it came down to evasive maneuvers in a dog fight with the invaders.

"Sorry sir, I think that ship has sailed, i really appreciate your offer, but I really need to get going." Slinger was a little sad to have to disappoint the man.

Instead of giving up, the determined old man instead sweetened the pot, "Listen kid, I still don't think you quite understand. I work for the air force. I'm an engineer working in experimental avionics. We were working on a new plane here with a small scale fusion reactor." Slinger's eyes lit up at the mention of the fusion reactor, he didn't think the technology existed, the old man continued, "This new stealth aircraft has unlimited range, is capable of extremely high speeds, and supports high yield energy weapons including two experimental solid-state lasers. It also has-"

Slinger cut the man off, "Okay, I get it, I get it. All I need to know is if it will get me to Greece." He didn't need a full rundown of the specs of the aircraft.

"Oh, it will get you there, in theory anyway, it hasn't even been test flown yet, but I'm certain of its capability. Follow me it's in an underground hanger guarded by an elite unit of marines, we may be able to recruit them to our cause." Slinger didn't need to hear much more, he followed the man to the secret hanger where he spotted the jet. The marines who were ordered to guard the ship were very helpful to Slinger and his new found pilot, they were eager to get back at the invaders, eager to liberate their planet.

Slinger, the engineer and the ten Marines that would fit inside the new jet were buckled into their seats and making preparations to take off when Slinger noticed a fatal flaw. "Hey pops, there's no runway down here." He said with a frown. To which the old man just laughed as he pulled on a lever and the ceiling began to pull itself apart, sliding open and revealing the light from the early evening sun. Then James heard the hum of the reactor springing to life as well as the sound of jets firing and the whole aircraft rocketed into the air.

The old pilot turned toward the crew made up of Slinger and the ten marines, "Next stop Sparta. Oh, and my name's Doug, nice to meet you Mr. Slinger." The crew all gave the man an anxious glance, as the jet lurched forward, James watched as the world passed quickly by the cockpit windshield. If the invaders didn't spot them, they would be in Greece very soon.

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In fact, It wasn’t until the creature slave saw her bones did he stop and look at her. “Why you no scream?” She gave him a pained smirk. “Cus. It don’t hurt yet…” she lied. It hurt, but she had had worse. He was still whipping her when the master came back, “What the!? I told you till she screamed!” He grabbed a horn from the slave’s head and pulled him away from the girl. “but..Sir! She didn’t scream. She say it no hurt!” That is when the master looked to the girl and her blue eyes, and blood covered face looked back at him with cold dead eyes. “Try again..” She stated.
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There she was, chained on the ship. Mantoid was bound by her hands and feet, along with that dandy collar. I hate this. She glanced around the room. Hmmm... This is pretty advanced. She was looking around the room when she heard some footsteps. Quickly, she had her head fall forward, and appeared to be sleeping. The Crassian walked in and looked her over. "Interesting, still no sign of movement out of this one, I really must have traumatized it." He stepped a little closer and grabbed her by the chin. He tilted her face up until it was the same level as his. Don't open, don't open, don't open. It was hard for Mantoid to resist. He breathed some of his breathe on her, then let her head down again. Now, he started to walk behind her and check her out.

She cracked her eyelid slightly, and saw what he was doing. Why that dirty... She stopped as he touched her shoulder and ran his hand along her back. "Thin, yet well muscled, and by the looks of it, quick with good reflexes. She looks like she could be a fighter. I may see if she is fit to be a gladiator." Wow! Me, a gladiator, that sounds pretty rough. He started to walk back towards the door when she spit on his back. "So, the little angel is awake now, eh?" He turned around and came over to her. "You don't look like a fighter at first glance, but your figure could very well be one." She looked at him in the eyes. "What other choice would I have?" He said to her, "Well, almost all of the other women are going to work as slaves doing housework and the such, but you seem different." She looked proud. "How so?"

The Crassian pushed a button on a remote and her arm clamps and leg clamps came free. "I'll keep your inhibitor neckband on you, I've seen what you can do with your powers." Uh... Am I going to fight him? Mantoid spoke up. "Uh, I have a question for you." The alien looked amused. "Me, what is it?" She said, "What kind of species are you?" The Crassian stretched his arms out and answered, "I'm a Crassian, and you are?" She looked at herself. "Uh...I don't know what kind of alien I am. My parents abandoned me when I was a baby.

The Crassian closed his hands, got into a ready stance then opened them. "Lets see what you got. Attack me." Well, here goes nothing. Then, with amazing speed she lunged forward and delivered a head punch, twisted around and elbowed at him to the chest, and rolled to the side to try to trip him. The Crassian easily blocked the first blow, was surprised by the second, but blocked it anyway, but the third really caught him by surprise. He was tripped and fell to the floor. He got up, looking surprised. "Well, I'd say you have some potential. Mind if I do a few punches at you, nice and easy." I hope he isn't kidding. Erika nodded. The Crassian came up to her, and delivered three punches to her, one to the head, one to the solar plexis, and one to the belly button, at amazing speed. It seemed to all happen in a fraction of a second. She saw the head punch coming and blocked it, pushed off from his strong arm to completely miss the second attack, and do another block on the third attack. "Impressive."

"You amaze me my dear, and for that, you will be sold as a gladiator." I guess a little fighting is better than chores. She looked at him. "So, have a name?" He turned around again. "Yes, but you don't need to know it." Smart alack."You have a choice, you can get into those clamps yourself, or I can force you into them." What is the point to resist. She got back into them, and he pressed his remote. The clamps went around her hands and feet. Uh... Cold! The Crassian walked out.

She was so distracted that she forgot about her love, Spartan. I hope Demetrius is doing ok. She looked up. Well, might as well get some rest, don't want to be tired. She dozed off.


Mantoid woke suddenly, as the same Crassian undid her clamps. "What is going on?" The Crassian looked at her eyes. "We arrived, and you are to be sold." Oh great, this will probably look weird. On her way out of the ship, she caught a glimpse of Spartan. "Hi Demetrius!" But he was too far away. I wonder if I will ever see him again? She looked as the prisoners were starting to line up. Mantoid however, was taken to a different place. She turned to the Crassian escorting her. "Uh...Where am I going?" The Crassian responded. "We are taking you to the upper class buyers, not those low lifes downtown." Am I that special?

She looked as the building started to get nicer as she went along. Maybe this could be good after all. She was brought to a small room with about ten Crassians, all dressed in expensive clothing. They eyed her over. One spoke up, "So, is this the little miss who you said was quite the fighter? She looks pretty thin to me? Jerks. The Crassian who had brought her in said, "Who wants to see a little demonstration?" All of the buyers agreed happily. The Crassian picked up a knife. "Go stand over there."

Knives, good thing I know what I'm doing. She walked over by the wall. "Okay, I'm going to through this at you, and you will dodge it to show these people how good you are." Lets get dangerous. Erika spoke up, "Um, can I see a rag of some sort before you try to kill me?" A buyer pulled out a nice, clean rag. "How is this?" She glanced over to it. "Perfect." She grabbed the rag and tied it around her head, covering her eyes. The buyers started talking amongst themselves. "What is going on?" Erika said, "Throw the knife." All was silent, then a whizzing sound broke into the air. A knife, razor sharp, was hurdling toward her chest at speeds unknown to MLB throwers. As quick as lightning, she lifted her hand up, and caught the knife, right as the tip poked her shirt. She took off her rag. All the Crassians had their mouths wide open. Erika had a small hole in the middle of her shirt.

"I want her!" "No I want her!" The buyers kept arguing. They kept bidding on her until the price was extremely high. Finally, only two remained. It still endured on. At last, one declined, and Mantoid was bought. She walked up to the Crassian. He stuck out his hand, "How do you do?" She smiled. "Good. My name is Erika, but my friends call me Mantoid. Call me either as you please." He answered, "I am Rorn, high commander, and have plenty of money to spare.

They walked back toward Rorn's home, exchanging information. When they arrived, Erika said, "This is beautiful!" Rorn smiled in response, "Yes, it truely is." They got inside, and she saw a large training area. "Is that where I will train?" Rorn said, "Sure is."

He gave her a fresh meal. "Well, after that, lets see the extent of your abilities."
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It had been almost two hours since the blood stained razor edged piece of glass ripped his eye right out of the socket a evil deed commited by a terror from the universe he had not moved from the laying position of which he dropped to when it had happened he had not moved or replied to the other beings around him he just laid there like a sleeping dog the blood had stopped flowing becoming dry forming around the area his eye once was. His eye was making a yellow liquid becoming infected slowly forming the sleeping dog into a rabid beast and thats exactly what they wanted.

All he did was stare with his good eye at the dry blood on the floor located right in front of him and lying in the centre was the dark red centered in the middle of a dark white as a red nerve clinged on to the round looking ball of death and staring right back at him was his own eye all he could hear was a mocking and a taunting of how weak he was but in his mind he kept screaming for the noise to stop for the voices to go away for all the crying around him to go away if he wasnt chained like a beast and didnt have such control over the darkness with in he would have slaughtered all aboard the ship.

All of a sudden the large roaring of the engines began to go much quiter as the speed of which the ship was moving became slower as he could feel it decend and 10 minutes later a large thud was heard and felt as a slight shock wave could be heard and felt run a tremor through the ship as the large doors opened and the crassians walked in and began to lead each of the slaves outside the red sun shone bright upon a planet that seemed both ancient and advanced as the slaves were led off to a large crowd of bidders. Sand gripped to the slaves feet houses seemed like castles of pure golden sand some more golden than others in the distance larger buildings of such golden colour it was an enchanting spell to hiss good eye.

One by one slaves were walking being led to there respective jobs and sold others were sold for low prices while others reached limits as golden as the sand of which they stood. Each one was whipped if there head moved just slightly or if a sound came from there mouths and if the pace slowed they all suffered and thats what happened standing in front of Acer was an elderly man and a man from earth and because of him the lines pace slowed as each was cracked over there backs all fell except one and that one was Acer but the line kept getting slower and then creaming as the man was taking a way and all that could be heard was a crack of the neck ALL OF YOU LISTEN WEAKNESS WILL NOT BE TOLIRATED ONLY THE STRONG SURVIVE HERE REMEMBER THAT. Then the bidding began as each one was sold and only Acer was left and his price started higher than the rest constantly rising it seemed they had heard of his power and what it took to take him down and out from behind the mob a large commanding voice could be heard HE IS MINE ALL OF YOU LEAVE. The the crowd began to bow and scatter like ants caught in the fire as right in front of Acer stood a large man dressed in robes of gold a large beard hugged his face and either side where two gaurds My name is Auctrious but you will call me sir i am of the highest nobillity and you my son will make me alot of money.

Acer not speaking was led off passing all the slaves at work some worked har while others were tortued the sound of the cheering and jeering crowd echoed from the arena as Acer came to a large manor and he was led inside being pushed along by the force of his captors the place was filled with a substance that looked like white marble a large ebony stair case stood in the center of the large room slaves hard at work a young girl aged only 10 looked at Acer and smiled but he ignored the gesture of kindness. Nice isn't she oh yes i love having my way with that one. Acer felt sick the man spoke in a calm yet sadist tone as he led Acer to a cage and put him in taking his chains off and as he was released he ran out trying to escape but he was quickly subdued by a gaurd and beating down as the man came to him and placed his fingers between Acer's chin and lifted his up head. I guess i need to teach you a lesson. Acer was led to a large courtyard a stone path led to a large stone center a fountain stood in the middle grass locaed around the edges. Crying could be heard as that smiling girl was led outside surrounded by a group of men and on the lords signal the men tore at her rags and began to beat her and do acts so bad to speak of them would cause tterrors so foul a devil would wimper in his sleep the girl cried and tried to escape pleading and begging for the other slaves to help but nothing she begged for them to stop but she was beat to death and it wasn't them who killed her it was Acer he was crying streams of tears ran down his face trembling at the girl who laid in a pool of blood he felt sick and weak he had done this and he couldnt speak or move he felt nothing he was fading into darkness and it seemed as though he would never come back then he ws led to the cage and locked up.  

Listen the other crassians will break your body beat you and rape your very being but me i will break your mind eat your soul and crush your heart from now on you will not disobey you will not try to escape now rest for tomorrow you will be thrown into hell. Acer didnt respond tears still flowed a river his body stil shaking but his mind had gone and in this age of terror he had lost his freedom lost his eye lost his mind and now he was loosing his heart. 



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"Tell me your powers girl." The master said to the redheaded woman that was still tied against the wall. If she could of turned her head, she would of, if she could of killed him, Oh what a dreamy thought. She wanted to make as much pain to this man as she could of. But she couldnt even move. Gathering some spit in her mouth, She aimed to his eyes, with aim as true as the sun was bright,Her shot hit him right in the face. It burned him from the blood in her body. after the spit left her lips, it was charged with energy. a burning energy. He sumbled forward trying to hit her, but instead he hit the botton that held her collar to the wall, with her head free, SHe moved her legs up over her head. it hurt her soulders but pain wasnt anything to slow her down, infact, it made her go more. SHe got her feet against the wall and kicked off twisting her body around, the rope that held her wrists snapped off before she landed on the floor. Without another thought, she ran right out the front door as fast as her human body could go.

Though the streets, slaves and the masters to the slaves parted as they watched the blood covered naked female with short red hair run by as though her butt was on fire. She ran by other houses, other training yards where she saw the men that was on the boat being beat and trained to fight. She paused slightly trying to figure where the others where, where spartan was. or anyone else that could run with her. she needed some strong men to run, so when they came back, they could kill all these f*ckers. As she thought, which her mind worked abit slower without her powers, She felt something hit the back of her head. As she dropped to her knees and spun she saw the livivd face of the master that clamed her. He had a staff in his hand. WIth it he wacked the side of her face sending her into a gate. Using her feet she tryed to fight him, only to be beaten down over and over, in the street. the pain was real this time, the wounds didnt heal, the blood lose was growing with each hit. That is when her depression came strong again, She was trapped. Alone. So alone...naked and beaten. They where too strong, To fast. To..powerful, She was hopeless, weak and childish for thinking there was any way out. She lost her freedom. she faught instead of ran. she should of ran....when she had the chance. but now. everything was over, it was lost. She would never again feel the freedom of running though the grass, of chasing the clouds, of fallowing the wind...

Just then, the hot wind blew over her body, sticking to her blood covered body, as if saying good bye. Her body held still as he beat her with the stick, After abit more hits with her lying still, He stopped and looked at her. The light in her blue eyes was gone. Did he finaly tame this wild Child? Knelling down next to her, He grabbed her blood bathed hair and held her face up to his, then he spat in her face. "B*tch, I have every right to kill you now, but..if i did. i would lose the money i payed for your @ss. You will do as i say..and to make sure you do, im going to buy some humans, to keep and beat every time you F*CK UP!" He slamed her face into the dirt before snapping her fingers to the beast of a slave that whiped her before, "take her home, bath her body in salt and achohol. Dress her wounds then clad her in the clothes that i had boaught. I will go shopping for more slaves." He kicked dirt into her face as he walked off. The beast looked down at the woman before shaking his head and grabbing her wrists before slinging her over his shoulder. SLowly turning away. SHe closed her eyes, She could hear freedom, SHe could feel it at her blood driping fingers. But it was too far for her to go...She did this to herself, She Desirved this. and much more.

Inside, she felt her heart being chained up, she was screaming and crying, but the door was closed on the child that begged for freedom, that longed to run and chase the moon beams at night, or bath forever in the suns sweet kissses. The woman with the long wild hair, the green emerald eyes was gone..locked away into a broused and broken heart.

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After they had trained, Erika was looked up in a room, thus making it so she couldn't escape. A guard was placed by the door, just in case anything tried to get in or out.

Mantoid lay on the bed, staring up at the ceiling. The bed was nice, but not as nice as back home. What strange few days! I was walking on the beach with Demetrius, then I get abducted by these Crassians. I left Earth and was transported here, wherever that may be. They are treating me pretty fair, but I am still their slave, as a gladiator. I wonder when I will fight in the arena, and, if I should die, or make my way to the top and get freed. She was missing Demetrius. I wonder if there is any way I could find him? She got up, and paced around the room.

She knocked on the door. A small hatch opened, small enough to barely see one's face. The guard stepped right by it. "What do you want." He said in an irritated voice. She responded in a kind voice, "Actually, I have to use the restroom, and there isn't one in here." He looked confused, "What is a restroom?" Erika looked equally surprised, "You know, the place where you go to empty yourself." The guard thought for a bit. "Well, why didn't you say so! I'll escort you there, so you don't get into any trouble." She nodded. Now, time for my plan. She was escorted with him to the "restroom" and he stood outside of the door. No ways out. She actually did need to go, and sat on the "toilet" for about ten minutes. When Erika was done, she got up, and walked back outside the door.

The guard spoke up, "So, you finished now." Mantoid looked into his eyes, "Yes." He put his hand out towards her. "Don't look into a Crassian's eyes." She quickly glanced down. "Oh, sorry, I didn't know." He looks tired. Erika was walked back to her room. As she was about to go in the door, she "accidentally" dropped her ear ring. "Oops." She bent down to get it, and moved her hand towards the guard at lightning speed. He didn't notice a thing. She got up and walked into the room. Victory! The door closed, and she stood by the door, peering out from time to time. After quite a while, the guard sat against the wall, and was soon sleeping on the job. Perfect. She double check that he was asleep, then pulled out what she had swiped. It was a small remote control device. Lets try this out. She pressed a button and the door opened. She tip toed out, then closed the door again.

I'm going to go find Demetrius! She stealthily walked through the house, and exited from the front door. Wow! I made it! She started walking along the road with a large blanket that she had grabbed inside, around her. Erika glanced at all the buildings. How will I ever find Spartan? She continued walking, until she smelled something vaguely familiar. That smells like Demetrius. Erika sneaked into the house that she thought he was in, and started to search it. These are all just prisoners, no Deme... She silenced her voice. There in the cell, was Demetrius. He was asleep. She rushed over to it. Quietly, she whispered, "Demetrius, wake up! It's me Erika." He heard her voice and woke up. He was very surprised to see her. They shared what had happened to each of them, when Demetrius wondered if she could free him. She frowned. "I don't know how to open this type of cell." She started to say something else when she heard the sound of footsteps. Uh oh! "Goodbye, and hopefully we will see each other again!" She silently ran off.

Outside, she found some difficulty making it back to her house. She finally found it though. Erika crept back in, and walked toward her room. Then, she saw that the guard was standing up, awake. This isn't good. How in the world am I going to make it back in, undetected? Then Mantoid got an idea. She went to the front door, and grabbed a breakable vase of some kind. She through it out on the front porch. The guard instantly heard it. "What is that!" He rushed towards the door. Erika was hiding beside the wall when he rushed past. Whew! That was close. She sprinted back to the door and pressed the button. The door opened. She dropped the remote on the ground, and pressed the close button on it. It whizzed shut. Wow! I actually made it! I could have escaped, but I didn't have anywhere to go. She frowned. Will I ever get out of this place?

She slept for several hours, and was awakened by the guard. "Here miss, is your breakfast. Eat up, you need to bulk up." She looked at the meal. It looked like a slab of meat, covered in fat. "No thanks, I'd like to keep my agility." The guard growled at her. "I'll get you something more healthy then." In a few minutes, he came back with a plate of "fruits" and "vegetables." Erika thanked him and grabbed the plate. Not bad. She finished eating and looked around the room. What is there to do around here? Wait, I'm a gladiator in training, so there isn't any fun for me. She heard a knock on the door. "Come in."

The door opened and Rorn walked inside. "Well, how did you sleep last night my dear?" She looked kind of nervous. "Well, it was okay. I dreamed of my love though." He looked at her with an eyebrow raised. "Dreams? What are those?" This truly is a different planet. She cleared her throat, then said, "Dreams are when one's imagination takes them places they could never be in real life." He nodded. "I wish that we had that, all that we do is blank for an hour or so." Rorn reached for her hand. "May I?" She nodded. They walked out of her room, headed for a large room in the center of his house.

"This is the training room. It is fully functional, with droids, obstacle courses, strength machines, agility machines, and of course, sparring with Crassians." Erika looked around at all the equipment. "Wow! This a lot of stuff!" She walked over to the mat. Two Crassians were sparring. One was holding the other down, then, the other flipped him over and elbowed his neck. It made a loud cracking sound, and then that one started to cry out in pain. "Ahhhh!" The Crassian cried. "Match over." Rorn said. A medical droid, by the looks of it, floated over and stuck some needles into the wounded Crassians neck. He started to shake a bit, then lifted up and stretched out his arms. "Ah, much better." He got up like nothing had ever happened. Erika turned to Rorn. "How was he healed like that?" Rorn smiled. "That is a rare, expensive liquid that can cure bodily wounds, although it has no effect on the heart." She put her hand over her heart. I might want to keep this. She asked again, "It works on human's right?" He looked disappointed. "I'm afraid that it has no effect on humans, so try to stay alive."

Rorn motioned for Erika to come toward him. She walked over to him. "Now, to arm you with the right weapon." She glanced at the weapons. Clubs, spears, swords, maces, flails, axes, and more. Erika looked at him with concern in her eyes. "How would I ever choose?" He laughed. "In time my dear."

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The women were being distributed like pieces of meat for the gladiators that evening.  Suddenly, the door to Demetrius' cell flew open.  Just then, a young woman was thrown into his room and landed on her hands and knees.  She had bruises over her face, her red hair had apparently been cut, and her countenance was that of bitter defeat.  Immediately, the first thing that Demetrius felt was pain.  This poor soul had been beaten and abused beyond reasoning - a show of Crassian colors.  Demetrius walked over to the woman and slowly removed his outer robe and stood before her in his training attire.  Then, he took the robe and draped it over the woman's shoulders.  Even now, he could not see her face, but Demetrius felt something familiar about her presence.  That face.....although beaten and bruised, he had seen it before.  He could not see her eyes, for the woman's head was still looking down.

With a bit of intrigue, Demetrius turned away and left her in peace.  Then, he went over to his bed and lied down, looking up at the bars above him.  The Crassian moon was full and the sounds of guards marching about could be heard.  The Spartan let out a deep sigh and looked up.  Would he have to fight tomorrow?  Would he die?  Would he ever see Erika again?.....Questions raced through his mind.  Here he was, being treated like a fine piece of stock.  His only purpose was to kill and become an animal.  It was as if the Crassians were taking his humanity away from him.  Reaching up, he felt the collar around his neck.  If only it were off or even disabled, he would exact his vengeance upon  this cruel race.  Furthermore, he'd free every slave while he did it.  The Spartan then rolled over onto his side and began to fall asleep.

Just then, Demetrius heard a familiar voice whisper, "Demetrius!  Wake up!"  Demetrius looked up to see Mantoid above the bars over the roof of his cell.  With his powerful body, he leapt up to the bars and grabbed ahold of them with his bare hands.  Pulling himself up, Demetrius reached through the bars and felt Erika's soft face.  Finally, he knew that she was alright.  Looking up at her, he noticed that she also bore one of those collars.  However, Erika did not have many scars or bruises at all.  Apparently, she had been given to a more lenient master.  She had not been through the hell that had befallen many of the other women in captivity.  The reunion of the two was then cut short as a guard approached.  Thus, Erika bid Demetrius farewell and left quickly.  The mighty Greek then let go of the bars and landed quietly on the ground of his cell.  Jumping into the bed, he made it appear as if he were asleep.

However, in all honesty, it was one of the most sleepless nights Demetrius had ever endured.  He tossed and turned aimlessly as though her were tormented by something.  The thought of a Crassian taking Erika as a slave made him weary and concerned.  Certainly, they were appearing to be nice; but in the end, their true colors would be known and Mantoid would be subjected to horrors beyond her wildest imagination.  Looking up from his restless state, Demetrius glanced once more at the woman in his cell.  By now, she appeared to be sleeping.  Still, something about her face seemed all too familiar.  At any rate, if The Spartan were to survive, he would need some sleep.  He could not necessarily rely on his healing to give him stamina - due to the collar around his neck.

Several hours later, a large Crassian guard burst into Demetrius' cell.  "Alright, you pathetic piece of trash...Come with me!"  With that, he grabbed the redheaded woman by the hair and jerked her out of Demetrius' cell.  Just as the mighty Greek stood up, two more Crassians grabbed him and threw him out of his cell with force.  Demetrius' large body slammed against the wall of the corridor, and he was helped to his feet by another gladiator who was walking by.  In a line, the gladiators were marched into the kitchen area where they received their morning diet consisting of different vegetation, meat, and a pastrie of some sort.  Then, they were all given a strong drink which was fortified with nutrients to increase their muscle, stamina, and energy.  After the gladiators were fed, they were sent into a large training area where other slaves came up to them and began massaging their muscles, getting them ready for the grueling training which lay ahead.

The lenister, Lord Julius Heroditus, came out with several of his roughest trainers.  His gladiators always won in the arena.  The private owners did not stand a chance against his....."property."  Thus, the Crassian gladiatorial trainers went around the facility and began drilling the gladiators in everything - from weapons and armor orientation, speed and agility training, weapons training, enviornmental combat, and exercises meant to make the gladiators emotionless towards the aspect of killing.  For the weapons and armor orientation, the trainers explained in detail the function of each sword, axe, mace, or flail, or polearm.  Then, they took out and explained the armors associated with each piece of weaponry.  For the speed and agility training, the gladiators each had to race through a course of balance points, entrapments, and collision-based objects.  Once they had finished that, they were each given a blunt piece of weaponry and taught the different sparring steps involved in making a fine kill.  Through this course, The Spartan caught the attention of Lord Heroditus, for Demetrius was truly in his element.  In the environmental combat training, gladiators were sent into an open area with no weapons.  All of their weapons had to consist of the environment around them.  Whether it were a rock, part of a wall, or even the sand itself, EVERYTHING was turned into a weapon.

Towards the end of the training, gladiators were sent into the training area.  They were then blindfolded and given a sword.  They had to then walk into the training area and take a swing at whatever was there.  Here was the catch though:  in the section, there would either be a wooden dummy......or a bound and gagged slave.  This sent chills through most of the gladiators and made some of them extremely uncomfortable.  Nervously, the first gladiator was blindfolded and sent in.  With sweat pouring out of his body, he swung down............the wooden head of the dummy fell to the ground.  When the fourth gladiator was selected, he raised his sword and sliced through his target.........as blood and flesh spilt onto the ground - for a slave girl was selected for the grissly tasked.  The rest of the gladiators watched in shock as the event unfolded.  This was too much............

At the end of the grueling day, the gladiators were taken, oiled, and massaged by other slaves.  All of Demetrius' muscles were sore due to the fact that he had been without his abilities for so long.  Therefore, his added stamina, strength, and durability were not there.  However, his body was large and powerful - which enabled him to complete alot of the exercises which other gladiators could not accomplish without their abilities.  Afterwards, the gladiators were led back into the main kitchen / dining area.  The meal for that evening consisted of some type of seafood, along with vegetables and water.  However, most of the gladiators had lost their appetites from the events which unfolded earlier.  While the gladiators were eating, they were suddenly made to stand up.  Lord Julius Heroditus entered the room with his trainers.

Looking around, he said, "Well done, gladiators......As I was watching you all throughout the day, I couldn't help but notice that there were certain members which, I feel, exhibited certain 'qualities' which have made them ready for the Crassian arena.  Therefore, those of you that please me will be selected now......."  The lenister then went around the room and began selecting the pieces of property which he wanted in the arena the next morning.  When he came to Demetrius, he raised his hand and pointed to him - selecting him to fight.

Later on that night, Demetrius faced the fact that he would have to battle the next day.  Therefore, he sat in quiet meditation - clearing everything from his mind.  He would have to put all emotions and feelings aside.  He would have to kill the MAN......and release the BEAST within.  Like an animal, he would have to appease a mob.  However, he would have to remain in control and think strategically.  That night, he let Demtrius Arkelis die.........and THE SPARTAN take over......

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"you have been a good little slave girl since this mornings mess." The master said to the girl at the floor, being beaten with sticks, this wasnt for punshment, but to toughen her up. She had been training all day, it was now sun set, She ached, bleed, but never cried. her heart was broken, her soul was shattered. Her will to fly with the wind, died. All she prayed for now, was death, her death, to end this torment, this living hell. rolling over she glared up to the man with dead eyes.
"I will give you alittle treat, what all B*tches like you want, a man to take you...but i am too bussy, I will send you to the school, let the other fighters take you. Maybe you will learn what it might be like in the arena, then you might put abit more spunk into your training!" He waved his hand. The large brute of a slave grabbed her by her hair and dunked her into the waters of ice cold to clean her. THen she was chained up again and dragged to the school, before she new it, she was on her knees before a large man, She didnt bother to look up, Only wraped her arms around her naked body. so her fingers pressed against her back, She leaned over so her chin was close to her knees. Her small body shook, SHe looked to the side and watched his feet come closer, then He covered her naked body with something, BUt she didnt move, she dared not to. When she realized he wasnt going to rape her, She started to claim down abit. THen Looked up to him, That is when she saw his face. "spar-" her words where broken when a voice came from the window. Erika! THe girl he fell for but never realy met just yet. She was in one peice..some girls where lucky. She shook her head, it was best that the man, her leader in the MS didnt see her in this dead state. THen she cut her arm with her teeth, Moved slightly to the wall and wrote on the floor.

I know you, Sir spartan..The next time you see the...red head...please...kill her...Her WILD soul is dead. The CHILD is shattered.

Her blood dried as she slept, Then she was woken by a yank of her hair. Her bright blue eyes looked right at Spartan before she was thown to the side and taken back to her masters home. Where she would start her trianing again.

Beatings, whips if she didnt do right. She rembered faintly being driven to this once before, in her past, that was clouded by fog. but..this was differnt, as she looked up into the two sets of suns, one yellow, one purple, She wasnt on earth...Her heart was on earth.. Her soul belonged there, not here, not to rot forever in this hell...Her soul would be lost forever here. Would she ever see the world she belonged too?

SHe fell to her knees, with a wooden sword in her hand. Then she let out a blood curling scream that echoed though the intire city. The collar was so tight against her neck, She couldnt tell if it started to creak from her anger and her powers that where locked up, or if that was just her dream, her wishful thoughts.

As someone came to whip her, SHe used the wooden sword in her hands to fight him back till he fell into the water, THen her sword when right though its eye. She couldnt see. SHe couldnt hear, feel, or taste the blood that dripped onto her lips. She tore the sword from the things body before turning it on another slave. Then the master, But just as she was bout to stike him down, SHe felt a charge of pain just shoot though her neck sending her body into spazing jerks as she fell to the ground.

When the air cleared, when the sounds of her own pain left her ears, when the sweat could finaly be felt on her bursed body, She saw his eyes cold and heartless. "That is what i want you to do! tomorrow! you will fight! you will win, or i will kill ever slave child i bought...slowly..."

SHe couldnt respond, she couldnt feel anything. not pitty, not fear, not a sicking, not hate, nothing. she was numb and cold, just like the dead slave in the water.

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As Erika was standing there, looking and handling the different weapons, Rorn walked off. "I'll be back shorty." After a short while he returned, with a horrible look on his face. "Uh, what is wro..." He slapped her in the face and she fell down to the ground, hard. "I checked the tracker in your neckband. Why did you run away!" he roared. "I was just..." He slammed down both his fists on her back. "Ahhhh!" Her back made a loud cracking noise. She was on the ground, vision blurred. "Now, I'll treat you how I should have, as a slave." Her vision went black, as she fell into an unconscious state.

Hours later, Erika woke up. She tried to get up and winced in pain as her back was so hurt. I really feel like a slave now. She glanced around the cell. There were bars, made of some kind of metal, with rust and moss around them. She thought about what had happened for a long time. If only I wouldn't have escaped. She started to cry, then stopped. Get a hold of yourself, your a gladitor now, not someone on vacation. She put her hand up to her face, it stung as she touched it. He must have hit me pretty hard to do this. Erika now came up with something to fight for. It is time to be Mantoid, and I will fight for myself, and hope that I can be strong enough to survive. If possible, the same for my friends, although, this isn't something that involves teams.

She heard a door swing open, a stocky Crassian walked in. "Food for you." He opened her cell door, and put a bowl of soup that looked revolting, along with some kind of dry bread. "Eat up." he chuckled. He closed the door and was heading away. "Wait, come back!" He turned around and said, "This is your new home, enjoy it." He turned back around and exited. Yuk, this stuff looks months old. She felt her stomach rumble. Well, if I'm going to keep my strength, might as well. She soaked the bread in the soup and downed them both. Hey, actually not that bad once you force yourself not to throw it up as it goes down. She laid down on the cold floor. If only I could leave this place. She shook her head. It won't happen. She dozed off.

Mantoid was awakened suddenly by a large hand grabbed her shirt and yanking her up. "Time to train." She was dragged out by the Crassian and was brought to the same arena. Rorn stood there. He spoke up. "So, how does it feel to be treated normally?" Mantoid turned her head towards him, knowing that it was time to be tough. "It is bearable, and I will overcome." She was brought to the mat. Weapons were laid out before her. "So, you have a choice again." Hmmm... What do I want? Mantoid eyed them over, and finally decided on the short, double bladed sword. "Okay, so you have chosen." Rorn signaled to a Crassian with the slave with his hand. He turned back towards Mantoid. "This will be your first training match, to the death." She swallowed. One of us will die. She approached the mat, and was about to step on it when Rorn said, "Wait, you must want armor, right?" Mantoid turned around. "Actually, all I want are two arm guards, one for each arm." He handed her some. "Are you sure that is all?" He looked uneasy. "Sure is." She stepped onto the mat. Then, on the other side of the mat, stepped the slave she was about to duel. He was about 30 years old, strong, and had armor from his head to his toes. In his hand he carried a large broadsword. He taunted her saying, "Oh, are you going to cheerlead this for me. Who am I fighting?" Her face had no intention of noticing. Rorn stepped forward. "This is to the death, ready, set, begin."

The man strode forward at Mantoid. Is that all the speed he has got? She smiled. She stood there motionless. He pulled his sword back and plunged it at her. She quickly side stepped out of the way and slashed his left arm, causing some bleeding. "You will die!" He flipped around and came at her again. This time, he did an overhead swing at Mantoid. She lifted her double bladed sword to block it, put the force of the blow knocked it out of her hands. Great! It fell ten feet away. The overhead blow was still coming down, and Mantoid let the sharp, huge blade slide along her arm guard. It tore a small hole in it, and gave her a small wound. Time to kick into high gear. She saw the man run towards her again. He performed a right to left low swing, trying to chop her legs off. Mantoid saw this, and jumped high into the air. Her feet landed on his shoulders, and she kicked off, causing him to fall to the ground. Time to recover my weapon. She reached for it, and was about to grab it, when she felt the tip of a sword slash along her back.

Mantoid fell down in pain. My back! Lucky for her, the wound was only a quarter inch deep, nothing life threatening. She saw in her peripheral vision that the man had lifted his sword and was ready to drive it through her heart. Now. She rolled at the very last possible time, and grabbed her double bladed sword. With his sword partially stuck in the mat, Mantoid rushed up to him and performed a blow to his head. The sword hit his helmet, and made a large dent, but didn't really do anything else. Give it up for armor. The man recovered his sword and raised his sword for another overhead swing. Not this time. She dove right between his legs, rolling between them. He looked surprised as his sword came down and hit the mat. Mantoid had gotten up, and had just enough time. She whirled her sword around and whirled it right through a weak spot in the armor, near the man's shoulder. Blood sprayed up in the air. "Ahhhh!" His arm went airborne, and landed a few feet away. Blood pumping out of it, his face was red with rage, as he rushed towards her.

The broadsword whipped through the air faster than Mantoid had expected. She blocked it though, and moved in closer, pulling her sword back to her. With nothing to do, the man was defenseless. Mantoid spun her sword around and cut in a circle. It was done in a split second. Blood sprayed out as the man lost his head, other arm, and both legs. Mantoid's sword with covered with blood. I did it. She half smiled. She walked back up to the Crassians. Rorn spoke up, "Good, you have proved yourself, even without the aid of armor." She looked at him. "Does this mean I get my roo..." He gave her an angry glance and was about to hit her, when she raised her sword to counter the attack. "You may keep your sword, to train with, but you will remain in that cell." She nodded.

Mantoid was brought back down to the cell. Well, there we are, I killed, and it didn't even hurt me very much. What am I turning into?

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After a night of meditation, The Spartan awoke fully refreshed and alive.  As he moved over to the wall, he noticed a small message written in blood.  From the color and dryness of it, he could tell that it was from the night before.  Therefore, he went over and crouched down beside the writing.  While Demetrius was reading the message, it all came to him.  Now, he realized why the woman seemed so familiar to him then.  "Lya......" he said to himself.  As he read the words, his heart sank.  The thought of the Crassians beating, abusing, and crushing someone he cared for......It hurt him deeply.  Even then, Demetrius could not help but think of what tortures might have befallen Lya, Marisol, or even Erika for that matter.

Reaching up, the Master of War ran the tip of his finger over the message.  Some dried blood smeared onto his finger.  Taking in the scent, Demetrius now knew that it was Lya.  Rising to his feet, he heard the guards approaching his room.  When they burst in, they took him to the grooming area.  It was earlier than usual and only the gladiators who were fighting that day were present in the grooming area.  Demetrius disrobed, went over to the sensor, then let the water pour upon his powerful body.  Wearing nothing but the collar of bondage, the mighty Greek washed himself.  In a way, it was more like a cleansing.  Demetrius' Arkelis was being put off and The Spartan was being ushered in.

When he had finished his shower, Demetrius dried himself off and dressed in his undergarmets.  From there, the remaining gladiators had oil poured on them and their muscles rigorously massaged and loosened by other slaves.  Afterwards, the gladiators were fully groomed.  When getting ready, Demetrius put on what all the other gladiators were instructed to.  He put on a pair of pants that resembled tights.  Instead of putting on a tunic or shirt, he was instructed to remain shirtless.  After putting on their boots, a large cloak was given to each gladiator for them to wear - like a pancho of sorts.  Then, the prime pieces of property were lined up and loaded onto the transport.

As they went into the Crassian city, there were many large elegant structures everywhere.  There were also many works of art and wild birds could be seen flying throughout.  Also, many Crassians were either walking or flying to a certain place.  Demetrius followed the flow of the Crassians with his eyes, and that was when he saw it - The Koromachase (Koro-mock-ase).  The imposing structure towered high above everything else.  Like a coliseum of ancient Rome, it was made for the sick pleasures of the Crassians.  Then, the transport flew inside and the slaves were unloaded.

The gladiators went into their holding area and were filed through the corridors up to a registration.  "Name..." a Crassian said.  With that, the gladiators were to give their name so that they could be announced before their entry into the arena.  Suddenly, it was Demetrius' turn.  "Name...." the Crassian said.

"Dem...." he began to say his full name, but stopped.  Instead, he looked at the Crassian and said in a deep voice, "The Spartan."

"Very well then, move on." he was told.  Surrounded by Crassian guards, the gladiators were led into the armory.  Demetrius went through and selected the armor which he was going to adorne and then slaves strapped it on.  He selected a piece of armor that covered his entire right arm and shoulder.  Truly, it was an immaculate piece.  Composed of vibranium, the armor consisted of a guantlet which covered The Spartan's hand and wrist.  Then, it was armored up to the shoulder.  Upon the shoulder guard, there was a solitary sharp spike that protruded.  Metallic clamps held it to the mighty Greek's powerful body.  Then, an ornate vambrace of vibranium was added to his left wrist and shin guard were mounted on his legs.  Demetrius asked for no helmet.  For presentation, a red cape was added.

In the arena, The Spartan's collar would be deactivated and he would have all of his original abilities.  Just then, the announcer went to his position in the Koromachase.  Looking down, he announced, "Crassians!  Let the games begin!"  At those words, hundreds of thousands of Crassians stood to their feet and began cheering like never before.  Birds were released and flowers were tossed into the arena by onlookers.  That day, many were going to die; few were going to live.  All that The Spartan could do was to wait patiently for his match........

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Lya was waken by her normal time, only today, she wasnt going to be training, She was led to the pool of water just outside the door, There she was srubed down head to foot, oil was massaged into her arms legs, stomach and chest and face. then He came out with cloht softer than silk, and some metal spike like things that where placed at her back, and down her long arms, Her hair was brushed out and set to spikes. She was clad looking something midevial. The master came before her and looked her over, the cloth covered, barely, her breasts to her legs, then went down her long smooth legs abit. but not around. Then he slaped her face twice, once on each cheek. "rember bytch, if you lose, or die..the rest of these human cattle will die aswell!" He then pushed her into a cart and made her stand up proud.

Proud..how could she look it. when she was dead within. They drove though the town before she was placed into a line with others. some bastard men where taking down names, one placed his hand just above her breasts, if her eyes could of, they would of flashed with anger at the touch. "NAME!" He yelled at her, angry that she was looking him irght in the eye, but new better for what she was. "WildChild." She stated blankly before going along. She saw the arena, It looked just like what they use to have on earth, in old days, where this game was played for bastards like these. She growled deeply, before walking into the pits with the others. She wanted so much to go in there, to feel the rush of energy once again.  She looked around, Then saw spartan. With a slight smirk she was about to call to him but stopped just as the world exploted with noise of the cheerings.

she felt her heart start to beat as if for the frist time. She was about to feel the energy, the rush of life that flowed forever within her vines. She would be able to show them just who they where f*cking with. TO feel healled, her hair would go back, her skin would be smooth, her eyes would be green, and most of all, she would feel safe. warm. free once more...but..when we was done fighting..the feeling would go..crushing her soul again, even worse than before. SHe reached up and clawed at the collar abit, letting the blood run from her neck, down her breasts, in a pattern that looked freakishly wild, just like the rest of her.

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she felt a tug on her chains, she quickly opened her eyes, the ship had stopped an all the women gladiators were chained to each other, and the leader of the line must have thought it was a race because they were dragging hayden, this angered her she firmly placed her foot down on the ground and the whole line fell. the crassians were just as amazed as the rest of the line,she was a ninjan but not expected to have the powers that she has. The crassians snapped out of there amazement and activated hayden's collar shocking her, bringing foam to her mouth, this brought back memories to when she was being totured on her home planet and an errrie presence decendeded over hayden, and lightening struck out of the middle of no where killing the strong crassian guards.

hayden didnt know where the attack came from but knew she was going to be blamed for it, and no sooner than she thought it about 15 guards beat hayden down in front of the other gladiators, began to cheer to them it was one threat gone, and none of them thought hayden was going to survive this beating. one guard ripped at her clothing,exposing her from top to bottom, they stood back a few all ready to pounce on the ninjan women again, what better way to send a message to future revotls by the women then to rape, the strongest one there. hayden's eyes was a blood red as the commander of this particular ship came up to her. two guards  forced hayden on the ground she gritted her teeth and prepared for the worse, as the guards lossened his pants hayden's twisted mind had thought of a plan in just a few seconds.

Using her mind she heightened his fear emotion, he suddenly became afraid of her, from on the ground hayden began to mock him All this women in front of you and you chicken out at the last second......
some man you are!
as the soilders and other slaves began laughing the man overrun by his emotions jumped off the ship and plunged to his death, once everyone relized what happened, hayden had switch places in the line to mov closer to the registration booth.  they entered the gates of a huge and beutiful city, it had streets paved with pearls and homes made of golden sand, with the smell of fresh pastry's in the air... hayden would bring it to it's knees like rome did carthage! she hated this place and soon  they would feel the rath of her evil nature.

people gazed at the long lines of slaves being brought to the city, hayden was the only naked one, the guards took her first smacking her around at bit to anger her, they then threw her into a pit....it was dark wet and creepy, she heared a low growl from a few feet away she could hear the screams and roars of a beast and someone had just been killed. hayden's beast had jumped at her she quickly moved to the left and caught it's claws with her bare hands. she over powered the beast ppushing it back into it corner before flipping over it and choking the life from it. She called upon her ninjeta sword and began to skin it,

When she emerged from the pit she was sporting a lion's skin skirt and bra. So who wants to go next?  WHAT'S YOUR NAME SLAVE! THE NAME IT HAYDEN MILES..... it will do you well to remember it!  the guards took hayden to the armory she didnt take anything, she watched other's fight and even kill them seves for equipment,but she didnt need it she sat on a bench and awaited the night's beackoning.

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Starkiller frowned and raised his eyebrow as he heard what the green-skinned alien had to say.  The words coming from his mouth shocked and appalled the young sith.  You, just like the rest of us, have been captured by a vicious race.   By now, you're planet has been pulverized and maybe even destroyed. 

His thoughts raced through his mind.  Before he was a captured, his mission had been to go to Earth and exterminate the last living jedi.  Now everything was changing.  The planet he was going to, the blue planet, supposedly had been destroyed.  Starkiller wondered what the fate of the jedi was.   The young sith's emotions and feelings were conflicting...at best.  He wanted the jedi dead, yes, but he wanted to be the one to kill him, he wanted to squeeze every molecule of life from the wretched, rotten body of the jedi.  Oh how good it would feel to kill that man, to fulfill his destiny and become the lone wielder of the force.  How great would it feel to know that the last remnant of one of the most ancient, powerful orders in the history of the universe had been slain by his hands.  It would be the first step towards the destruction of light, towards the implementation of a new era of evil, dread and darkness.  Starkiller wanted to be the one to usher in the new age of darkness and he felt that it would truly be a shame if that last jedi who lived on the blue planet had been killed by the acts of these petty miscreants.  Starkiller had no idea what the goal of this technologically advanced alien race was.  Why were they rounding up members of different races?  The green-skinned alien continued speaking.  

 The place we're going is not pretty.  I suggest you make as many friends and allies as you can now, that is, if you want to survive.  

Starkiller didn't know where exactly they were being taken but the situation didn't look too great.  The prisoners looked down, beaten; their spirits had been crushed their hearts were sinking, and even in that state of total desolation, and loss of hope, they seemed imposing and threatening as they stared Starkiller down.  A conflict at this point would be utterly meaningless, so Starkiller decided to just find a place to sit in the room and be quiet.  Starkiller dove once again into thought as he remembered the words of his master, the Black Raven.         

You will be tried, you will be weathered, you will be broken down into nothingness, restored, and broken down again till all that is human and light in you ceases to exist.  They will make you their bitch, you will cry and whimper...but when all this is said and done, you...you Starkiller will be stronger, stronger than any man this galaxy has ever known.  You will be my weapon, my tool.  I will mold you into the perfect image of darkness and desolation.  Be true to the Dark Side, human, and it will be true to you, it will deliver you from your enemies. 

The words had been an eerie prophecy but nevertheless, Starkiller trusted that the force would guide him and his actions.  All of a sudden the room began to shake and vibrate.  Many of the people and creatures there became frightened and some started yelling in diverse languages.  A sense of desperation fell upon the residents of the damned room.  Starkiller had never seen such madness, it looked as if the creatures were being tortured.  Yet in the middle of all the madness, the young sith saw one big, orange-skinned creature just sitting there, seemingly unphased by the events.  As he made eye contact with him Starkiller asked, What's happening here? What's wrong with these people? The orange skinned creature looked away and said solemnly, We're landing, Starkiler.  The fear sometimes is just too much for the weak minded...but not you, right?  Starkiller was surprised the orange skinned man's words and stared at him.  He hadn't told anyone his name.  He felt a very strange presence in his mind and was about to ask him how he knew his name, when the door of the room creaked loudly and swung open violently.  In came three big men in black leather suits, holding what seemed to be electric clubs.  The room became quiet as everyone stared at the men.  One by one they put chains on everyone and took them out of the room one by one.  Starkiller tried to fight back but was promptly clubbed in the head.  He went unconscious and one of the men had to pick him up on their shoulder and take him to a cell.  

Starkiller woke up, alone, in a cell, chained to the wall with huge, heavy shackles.  He tried to escape, he tried to use the force to pull out the chains from the wall but to no avail.  It was useless it seemed like the metal bracelet around his neck nullified him somehow.  He struggled and sturggled, and swore loudly in his cell.  F*ck! What the f*ck?! As his cries became louder and louder, a guard came to his cell.  What the f*ck is wrong with you? your frightening the damn buyers, human.  

Buyers?, Starkiller thought.  The young sith became infurairated.  You're selling us?  Are we nothing but f*cking slaves to you? The guard stared and at the human and walked slowly towards him.  You know for a small, insignificant creature, you sure do have a huge temperament, and an even bigger mouth.  The guard laughed and slapped the sith with the back of his right hand.  By this time, the only thing that was keeping Starkiller from lunging at the guard was the heavy chains around his hands and feet.  The guard seemed to be prodding the sith.  His eyes stared right through Starkiller.  They saw the hatred in him, sensed the darkness, and knew, knew that this lowly human was meant to be more than just an everyday slave.  The guard smirked as he walked closer to Starkiller.  He raised a club in the air and , Starkiller, knowing that he could not do much to defend himself closed his eyes and braced himself for the intense pain.  He waited a few seconds but to his surprise, he was met with no pain whatsoever, no searing shock, but just a harmless beeping sound that came from his collar.  As he opened his eyes and looked down at his collar, he could see that the color of the light on it had been changed from green to red.  The young sith looked up at the guard with a puzzled look on his face.  After a few seconds of intense staring, the guard simply said, Good luck in the arena, f*ckface, and left, laughing, and closing the cell door behind him.

Morning came and as the sun illuminated the holding cells, many strong, well built guardsmen, arrived and took all the male captives with red lights on their collars.  Starkiller was taken to the middle of what seemed like a crowd.  He saw as many of the people he had seen in the ship were now being sold liked slabs of meat.  As the bigger captives were sold, the crowd slowly became smaller and smaller.  It seemed as if the potential buyers were not interested in the smaller specimen. Starkiller looked on as the orange skinned man that had inexplicably known his name was taken on stage.  The crowd went quiet and it seemed like no one wanted to buy him.  Starkiller didn't exactly know why.  The man was well-built, tall, and seemed strong.  Many in the crowd jeered and yelled, Ha ha he's a Jefad. No one wants him! kill him! The orange skinned man seemed unphased and stared front.  The price kept coming lower and lower until one man, scrawny and shaggy hearded appeared in the front of the crowd, saying, I'll take the Jefad...they might be weird creatures but good enough fighters, nonetheless.  27 marks, no more, no less.  

The auctioneer grinned and looked back at a guard as he whispered, "God, we'd be lucky if we could find a sucker to take him for free.  Looking back at the buyer he said loudly and with a pinch of a humor in his voice, Sold! to the man in the green shawl! 

Next up was Starkiller.  By now most of the crowd was gone.  It seemed humans weren't very popular in the gladiator arena.  Starkiller stared at each face in the crowd that seemed to be smirking and laughing.  They underestimated him, they thought he was just another human, ready to lie down and die like a f*cking dog; they had no idea what he was capable of.  As with the mysterious jefad man, before him, the price plummeted in steady intervals as people seemed reluctant to buy a lowly human.  Finally the raggedy man, the same who had bought the Jefad, came forth once more and offered to buy him at 57 marks.  Again the auctioneer smirked and yelled in his scratchy voice, Sold! 

The deed was done; Starkiller was now officially nothing more than a piece of real estate.  Two men immediately came to either side of the man who had boughten Starkiller and the Jefad.  They turned on some strange magnetic guns and literally began to drag them into a large hovercraft.  Looking at both Starkiller and the Jefad they said, Just try no to kill each other in there.  They were both taken into a cell at a house and slept there for the night.  In the morning, the raggedy man, otherwise known as their owner walked in and asked them their names.  The jefad said in a deep voice, "I am Rabsus the Forgotten One, but you sir, can call me Raby.  When the owner asked Starkiller what his name was he answered loudlyI am Starkiller, treat me right, and I juust might not kill you when i finally escape these confines.  

The owner laughed and seemed care-free as he said, well..my name is Django, but you can call me master.  Today you will do battle, bravely step into the arena and fight, maybe even to the death.  If you win, you will make me a proud man, If you lose...well don't worry about losing, you won't be around long enough to figure out the consequences.  

The man clapped twice as his henchman steppd from out of the shadows and once again used the magnetic guns to drag the two into a hovercraft.  The inside of the craft was pitch black and they could see nothing but could hear people cheering outside.  The jefad man, who Starkiller had now learned was named Raby, spoke and said, Why do you let yourself be shrouded by so much darkness and hatred? What's the purpose?  Starkiller could not see the jefad but could feel the man looking at him.  The question perplexed him, the jefad seemed to know intimate, inner details about the young sith, details that he hadn't spoken about with anyone.  Though he was very much vexed by the confusion and personal question, he answered, Darkness, hatred, thirst for blood, inner rage..that is the true essence of power.  I am much more than human, I am a sith, a force wielder and hatred is the key to manipulating that power and shaping it into whatever the f*ck you want it to be.  The door suddenly opened and the rays of sunlight consumed the darkness inside the craft, an eery image that infuriated Starkiller and made his blood boil.  They were dragged out of the craft and thrown to the door below. Suddenly, he felt a strong tug in the back of his neck.  He was separated from Rab. and thrown in yet another cell.  

Hours passed and finally the loud screech of foreign instruments were heard.  The stadium seemed to vibrate as noise overpowered the stadium.  The crowd was going wild.  He heard many voices, but they were muffled by the wall and Starkiller could not distinguish what they said.  Fifteen minutes later, as quickly as the stadium had been filled with bellowing and sheer pandemonium, it grew quiet.  It was a quiet like none other.  Like if the crowd was holding it breath in a collective gasp.  A loud clatter could be heard down the hall.  Starkiller stood and walked to the bars of is cell trying to spy what was happening.  What he saw shocked him.  Raby, the Jefad, was making his way down the hall, covered from head to toe wit crimson red blood.  As he made his way to Starkiller's cell he looked at him with a grin and said wryly, See? you don't need darkness to win.  Without another word, he walked passed Starkiler's cell and stepped into his own cell, the grin still etched in his face.  Apparently, Raby had won his battle.  What a surprise.  Starkiller was quickly finding out that the jefad were a very enigmatic race.  

The young sith put his face in his hands as he wondered what he would encounter in the arena.  A Rancor? A Wookie? A Brumak?  His thoughts were interrupted as a huge man appeared on the other side of his cell.  Your turn buddy, the man said, unlocking the cell door.  Two other men appeared and grabbed a hold of the young sith.  They walked him past many cells, containing prisoners..gladiators.  One of the guards pushed a bottom on the side of the wall and the huge, metal wall in front of them slowly began descending into the floor.  As the wall came down the sound of the crowd was amplified about a thousand times.  Starkiller looked upon the stadium , the people, the blood stained dirt in front of him.  It was clear that many had died there, fighting for their lives.  Skeletons could be seen hanging from the walls of the  mighty stadium.  Starkiller did nothing but smile as many in the crowd began laughing at him, calling him pathetic.  

Suddenly, the deafening sound of the crowd went quiet as two mighty metal doors on the opposite side of the stadium flung open.   Out of the shadows stepped a huge pale foot, followed by another pale foot and then ultimately by the rest of the pale body of a creature unlike any other.  Whatever the hell the creature was it was ugly..and very, very big.  The crowd once again began to go wild.  Deep down in his heart of hearts, Starkiller was filled with fear and uncertainty.  His forehead was adorned with multiple beads of sweat.  However, he quickly heard some very reassuring words.

Trust in the force, trust in the dark side.  I will deliver you.

A small jolt went down his spine as he felt the metallic collar come off him.  He now once again felt reconnected with the dark side.  He felt power.  Whatever the hell that creature was, he knew it was no match for the power of the Dark Side.  The wall behind him once again was in place and the guards that accompanied him to the arena, nowhere to be seen.  He stared across the stadium at the hideous beast and wondered if he was looking at the face of death itself, or just another stepping stone in his quest for power.

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How long had it been since his spirit had been broken stripped like meat from the bone beating broken and shattered his heart had been cut open and left to rot they had done the impssible they had broken his willpower something thought impossible his will was one of the greatest on earth thats why he was respected the way he was why he did the things he did and fight against overwhelming and impossible odds. They had taking it all away they had made him cry shed tears something that before that he had never done before in his life the boy who was born and bred to kill had finally let human emotions take over and he felt angry but all that rage and darkness stayed deep with in his heart waiting to be released and when it was may god help all those who gets in his way.

It had been a long time since he saw the girl die and since then all he could see was her face haunting his eyes and darkening his dreams all he could see was her bloody and broken body hear her screams for help and it was all aimed at him screaming for him to save her asking why he killed her and it only made him more unsatble more furious at himself at the crassians and at this sick twisted world in which we lived. He tried to make her go away but nothing no matter how much he wanted the nightmares to go away they just wouldnt stop.

Acer had barley eating since that event he had not even moved from the same position the only time he ate or moved when he was beating and forced to move and force fed his meals they didnt want him to grow weak for if he was they would lose alot of money and he didnt care he wanted death at the moment he welcomed at the moment death was a paradise in waiting and he couldnt even gain death in this hell. A large crassian came in and garbbed Acer underneath his arm and dragged him outside to a training area with other slaves training located around the area where training equipment to improve strength speed agility balance and may other diciplines that would help in the field of batle. Then the master siganled for Acer to fight a blue skinned alien and he didnt speak but the signal he gave was a fight to the death.

The other being held a short old metal sword it looked like the type a spartan would use its reach wasnt that great so Acer had a much better chance of winning despite the fact he chose no weapons he would use his body in this fight for that was his weapon. The alien laughed at Acer for his look was one of disintrest and broken spirit but despite his broken heart one thing remained and that was his killer instinct a warrior heart that still beat deep inside his body. Acer took a Zui Quan stance of as it is more famously know drunken fist or drunken boxing. This is a wushu form of fighting and one of the most difficult to master due to the need for more powerful joints. The style immitates the movements of a drunkard that postures momentum and weight of the body seeming to stagger as one moves but with much greater balance and fluidity than a normal drunk its a technique that throws people of balance. Acer was staggering about appearing to be holding two shot glasses.

The man came at Acer and sent a downward motin strike to Acer who twisted his body and arched himself back grabbing the mans wrist using his relaxed state in order to pull of this move. Acer still keeping hold of the mans wrist and twisted his body back round again throwing the man of balance before striking him with a back hand that knoked the man away and caused his mouth to bleed. The man got angry and tried another striking move but Acer moved back and rolled his arms knoking the mans arms away and began to quickly strike the man in the face with rolling back hand fluid strikes the man was knocked back and left open. Acer twisting his wrist grabbed the mans jugular and with the same twisting motion he id at the start the break could be heard as the alien dropped to the ground and everyone looked impressed at what Acer could do.

Acer was then took off by himself to a large arena there he gave his name and was put in a room with the other gladiators he asked for no armour or any weapons all he did was sit meditaing waiting for his match.

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The Crassian Guard continued to be aggressive as he pulled Kurrent by the arm still with his feet shackled and his arms hand cuffed at his back. The guard spoke condescendingly to the bound Excellence of Electrocution all the way through the hall way until they finally reached a door that lead into an arena.

Three more guards showed up all laughing at Kurrent size. The guards all had him by about 50 pounds which was saying a lot because Kurrent was a man the measured at six feet three inches and two hundred and twenty five pounds.  They said things like "Look at the size of him", "No way, this guy is a fighter", "We should just destroy the planet now and be done with these puny beings" The Electric one just stood there taking the insults keeping a straight face and taking every comment in. He thought to himself as the continued to ramble......"They must want me to fight and prove myself for something, they must be some sort of sick aliens that get off on fights"

After the three men finished their demeaning banter the took Kurrent to the arena and set him right in the middle of it. On a podium about 25 feet up stood 2 older men of the same species as the guards.  They had to have been some sort of high ranking individuals within the species by the way the guards acted towards them. Their playful yet tough demeanor was changed moments notice when they arrived and the stood straight up when they began to speak

"This is the one they call Kurrent" said one of the high ranking Crassian's almost as he if he was disappointed "I though he wouldn't be so puny up close" at this point Kurrent had all the information he needed. The Guards, the high ranking douche bags, the arena it all made sense they wanted him to battle. He didn't know with who or if he would even get to use his powers but it was definitely some sort of fight he would be in.

The high ranking men continued to when suddenly in a act of bravery of complete foolishness Kurrent spoke interrupting them....."Excuse me, I don't know how I got here or who you are but nobody calls me puny". Immediately after Kurrent snapped his head back towards the nose of the guard that was directly behind him. He quickly then jumped in the air tucking his knees to his chest and move his cuffed arm underneath his feet and to the front of his body. as he landed on the ground all seemed to be going right from his impromptu plan. That was until he turned his head towards the second guard. With a strong right hand square on his chin it knocked Kurrent down on his back. If that wasn't enough the  guards with the exception of the one he hit in the nose began to stomp down on the hero. He tried to move but the tree trunk legs from the three men were overwhelming for the tied up hero.

Before it was over the guard that was first struck grabbed a sword and was charging at Kurrent. The men doing the stomping saw that he was coming to deliver the finishing blow and quickly moved out of the way leaving the beaten Kurrent exposed. The swordsmen lifted the sword over his head and was about to slash down when one of the ranking Crassian's intervened. "Put him with the others" he said while looking at the one with sword in hand  "Now"

The walk to room with the other guards was no picnic for Kurrent. Each of them took turns taking shots at his kidneys and  giving him gut punches so that their superiors would not notice any scars on his body. They threw him in a room aggressively  with other men in it. As he tried to get to his feet he noticed that his shoulder was out of place so when he finally got to his feet he walked towards a wall and slammed his body to it in order to pop his shoulder into place. He sighed in pain as it went back into its socket and walked towards a familiar face that was sitting in deep though. He looked towards his friend and began to speak with heavy breaths....."Acer, do you....have any idea what is.........going on"

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Mantoid woke up as a drop of water hit her on the nose. How I have missed back home. She slowly gets up off the cold floor. Back pain, it sure isn't a sleep number bed. She looked around the cell. Her blue eyes had lost some of there shine. Same as before, except I have this neat looking sword to practice with. She reached for the sword. She picked it up. It wasn't too light, nor to heavy. The handle was about one foot long, designed for either one hand or both hands. Protruding out of each side of the handle were blades. One on each side. The double bladed sword was about  four feet in length. This meant that each of the blades were about one and a half feet.

She looked the sword over. It is a beautiful design, good enough for show, yet rugged enough for battle. She picked it up. Mantoid swung it through the air. It sliced nicely. Then she grabbed it in one hand, and started spinning it in a circle. As it sliced through the air, it made a humming sound. What is that? She swung it more, and the sound continued. Hmmm... She looked at the bars. I wonder... She walked over to the bars and slashed at them. CLANG! Metal hit metal, and the sword ricocheted off. Strong bars, let me try... Mantoid only grabbed the sword with one hand. She spun it around, faster and faster. The humming sound started up. She brought it to the bars and felt the blade sink into the bars. In a split second, there was a large circular cut in the bars, big enough for her to escape. Whoa, this thing can vibrate to cut metal. She looked at her sword. "I will call you, Mantis. Quick but deadly." She climbed out of the hole. Mantoid walked upstairs.

Rorn was standing there. "Took you that long eh, well I guess you are ready." Mantoid looked at him surprised, "Ready for wha..." She felt a large fist come down on the top of her head.



She awoke in a different place. This was nothing like were she had been, and there were other prisoners as well. She looked around the cell. Typical, they took Mantis. She looked out of the cell bars. There it was, leaning against the wall. Yay! I still have it.

Mantoid heard something familiar sounding. Who is that? She looked around her a found a few cells over was Kurrent. She raised her voice, "Hey Kurrent, it is me, Mantoid. What is this place anyway?" He informed her that this was the place right outside the gladiator arena. "Oh, that makes me feel so warm."

I wonder if there is anyone else that I know in here, like Spartan. She saw a guard coming. Sit down. She sat as the guard approached. He paused as he passed her cell. He glanced at Mantoid, "Nice sword." She turned his direction but didn't make eye contact. "Uh... Thanks." She felt her back. Her wound earlier had scabbed over, but she'd probably have a scar there. She said to herself, "Oh well, battle marks."

She looked around the cell again. I wonder how long I will be here?

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It had been a short flight over the Atlantic, the experimental jet was astoundingly fast and the crew were taking it to its limit. The assembled force, non of which were superhuman in any way, were tasked with the liberation of the planet, and to do that they needed a defensible position. As they approached the Martial Society fortress, a sprawling, ancient though with numerous upgrades through the years, complex in Greece, Slinger's engineer/pilot began to worry, "I don't see anything on the radar, are you sure you know what your doing?"

"Trust me, it's there." James replied, pointing to a field on the heads-up map, "There, that's where you'll bring it down."

The Pilot, named Doug, gave Slinger an uneasy glance but he did as he said. They began to descend toward the spot James had indicated when suddenly the aircraft was bathed in a green light that had shot up from the ground. The light was accompanied by what sounded like a female, yet vaguely robotic voice, "Commencing scan of bio-signatures now. Please wait." The crew was jumpy, but this was a process that Slinger was very familiar with. "Scan complete." The voice chimed back in, "Confirmed passengers, twelve humans, including Senator James Burgess. Awaiting vocal authentication."

Slinger noted the crew's visible uneasiness, but knew just what to do, he spoke authoritatively,  "Authentication, Sir James, Keeper of the Code. Semper Vigilantis." He waited as the disembodied voice processed what he said.

"Welcome home Sir James, please dock in bay four." As the voice finished speaking suddenly the cloaking device that hid the Martial Society headquarters switched off, revealing the massive structure built using ancient Grecian architectural design, but with modern touches, such as the now opening bay doors to hanger four appearing out of the ground in the field James had indicated earlier.

"Bring it down there Doug, we'll start making plans for our counter offensive once we-" A lance of ruby energy shot down from the sky above scorching the ground below. "What the hell was that? Doug?"

The pilot struggled with the controls as he went to evasive maneuvers, "I don't know what it is, there's nothing on the sensors!" Again the light probed out, this time grazing the jet, splashing away bits of molten armor and causing paint to bubble. Then a shadow blanketed the landscape below as a Crassian ship seemed to appear out of nowhere in the sky above.

This is bad, James thought to himself but continued to give orders. "Doug! Get us into that hanger, fast! Once inside we'll engage the buildings auto-defense mainframe, that should cover us until we can access the armory!" Doug just looked at Slinger and nodded approval, "The rest of you get your jump gear on! We want to be ready if we have to abandon ship!"

The g-forces on the crew were intense as the jet banked and rolled attempting to dodge the fire of enemy lasers and attempting to avoid missile lock, while returning fire when it could with its own large laser cannons. The pursuant spacecraft was relentless in its attacks, but somehow the tiny jet, thanks in large part to expert piloting, managed to make it close to the bay doors, but finally the attackers managed to score solid contact. A beam of light reached out and severed the tail of the aircraft and cut deep into its starboard wing. "Everyone strap in! We're coming in too hot, we're gonna crash!" The Pilot yelled, as the jet tumbled into the doors of the hanger, crashing into various different vehicles during its fall, and finally screeching to a halt when it slammed against the back wall of the building. Luckily as advanced as the prototype jet's weapons were, so were its safety features.

Miraculously there were no injuries, and the crew, lead by Slinger hastily disembarked from the wreckage and made there way through the corridors, searching for the armory, and hopefully a way to fight back against the Crassian invasion. Slinger barked out commands to the voice activated computer as he went, "Computer, initiate primary defense protocol six-two-three. Seal off all of the exits, no one
gets in or out. Start all missile batteries and bring the cannons online, set the auto targeting system to fire on any and all aircraft without my bio-sig."
Hopefully that will keep these things busy for a while, Slinger thought to himself and finally turned the corners to the vault doors. It was like the gates of heaven to him. He punched in the code and the doors slowly opened, revealing a centuries spanning collection of the most devastating weaponry ever created by man, and also some that were both alien and divine.

Loud explosions seemed to shake the earth James searched the armory. His crew awed at the equipment as Slinger picked through the weapons, arming the marines with technologies that they'd never seen in their wildest dreams, personal particle projector cannons, ultra strength body armor, and advanced imaging devices that would allow the men to track and aim at the super fast invaders. "Familiarize yourselves as fast as possible, you'll get your chances to use these very soon." Slinger said as he finally found the item he was looking for, a large case made of vibranium that holds warheads that could turn the entire state of Rhode Island into a pile of ash, hopefully they'll work against the Crassian ships. Just as Slinger was packing away the last of the explosive devices there was a loud crash as the ceiling caved in and suddenly standing among the small squad of marines was three of the human like beings that they had all witnessed devastate their friends and colleagues just hours before. This time however the men were prepared as shots rang out from the marines weapons and found there mark in the lead member of the three newcomers.

Stunned that the men were even able to hit a Crassian with their weapons, the invaders were even more shocked when they realized the large hole that was charred into the midsection of there leader as he slumped to the floor. They leaped into action angrily tossing about the humans who were well protected in the armor that had been crafted using techniques refined over a millennium of warfare. The marines and Slinger cut quickly cut down the Crassians without suffering any casualties. "Well," Slinger said matter-of-factly, "now we know we can hurt them, lets see if we can chase them away."  First though, he thought to himself, we need a way to get into space.

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The small elflish girl closed her eyes, trying so hard to take her mind anywhere but here. Somewhere where the wind blew peacefully though the tree's, the sent of the ocean water as it moved against the sandy beaches like lovers lost in time, forever making love in a timeless passion. She was almost there when she heard her name being boomed out into the crowd. Then another name. The crowd got so still as the young girl walked out, with the proper small steps like a Gesha, Looking up into the skies, she saw the orbs. She paused wondering what they where. Then out of the corner of her eyes she saw the creature she was to fight. 

Lya didnt have a weapon, She never used any. She took a few steps into the arena then stopped short of the middle. Pain, Unlike any Pain she ever felt! So rich, So hot! it burned though her blood. She parted her lips in a gasping scream that didnt pass her teeth. Then her head started to jerk from left to right, slowly her arms jerked one at a time, as though power was being poured into her body. Her back arched, as her short hair started to curl once again, her shoulders where thown back, soon her hair was so long, it reached past her wiast, like before she was inslaved. her skin, once so scared she couldnt tell where one stopped and another started, became as smooth as cream, as soft in color like milk and honey.

As this was going on, The creature, with three horns upside his head paused in confustion, but after hearing the threats of his master, He charged her. Just as he came within feet, three other slavef fighters jumped in and charged her aswell, they wanted to make a good show for the crowd after all.

Just as all of them came within a few feet of her, She looked right at her master. Her eyes as Wildly vivid emrald green was glowing brighter than their suns. Then she thrusted her hand right at him, A blast of green silk mist like energy shot from her fingers right at him. It hit the barer and boucned off, rolling over making a green dome and know one was able to see what happened.

No screams, no cries, no sound what so ever. The master smirked faintly knowing, if she wasnt dead, she'd be shocked that the attack she tryed against him didnt work, but as the smoke and energy cleared. the eyes, green as acid stiared right at him, with a look of pure death, The bodies of the four beasts, where at her feet, dead yet not a drop of blood was spilt.

The wind blew hot and steamy over the crowd, Her hair, as long as er arms blew back as a light flashed in her eyes, The cloth that was around her body shimmered and shivered as if in fear of the being it hugged so tightly. She felt a sence of her old self again, her energy, her soul was back, Yet even now she was trapped, her powers stopped working outside the orbs. 

Just as she was getting use to her powers again, she saw some gards come up with the 'shockers' in their hands and reached out for her to take her back, she jumped back but feel to her knees as the painful shock shot though her body. SHe didnt realize she was being dragged. not untill she came to a stop and her eyes, her wild eyes where blue once more.

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A bead of sweat ran down Demetrius' nose and then dropped to the ground.  At the sound of Lya's name, "WildChild!", over the announcer's lips, his eyes shot open and he left his state of meditation.  He watched as the beaten, emotionally-dead Lya was taken by the cruel Crassian guards and thrown into the arena.  However, as Demetrius watched closely, he could see the fire come back into her eyes.  It was as if her powers were restored to her like never before.  Yet, there was a darkness there.  As four gladiators charged Lya, he watched as the girl spun around and fired a blast of pure energy towards something in the spectator's area.  From a distance, Demetrius could see her bright, passionate emerald eyes glow with rage and a vengeance.  Suddenly, she was taken out of the arena by the Crassian guards and thrown back inside the holding area.

Several other matches were held throughout the day as well.  Whether they were masters of electricity or lords of fire, the gladiators were made to spill the blood of their brethren.  Demetrius watched on as brothers and sisters battled each other.  Sometimes, slaves were tied down and fed to wild beasts let into the arena.  By now, the sand of the arena was covered in the blood of slaves.  As the crowd roared thunderously, lifes were being taken.  It was all for show, all for lust, and all for greed.  Like scavengers thirsting for blood, the Crassian mob cheered with joy as lives were taken and blood was shed.  It was all a brutal game to them.

Awaiting his turn, Demetrius fixed his armor and adjusted it to his liking.  Reaching down, he grasped some dust from the ground and rubbed it over his palms.  More than anything, Demetrius did not wish to take a life.  His whole life, he had taken countless lives.  Throughout the ages, he had become known as the Master of War.  People had stopped referring to him as "Demetrius".  Now, he was simply "The Spartan" to them.  However, in his life there had emerged so much good.  Demetrius found the one he loved.  With the heroine known as Mantoid, he had found true peace.  Gone away was his path of bloodshed.  Now, he was finally happy.  Instead of gaining power, now his heart was taken with love.  The love of Erika and Demetrius was so strong, that nothing could shake it.  Just when he had found true inner happiness and peace, The Spartan was called to fight again.  However, if he were to ever be united with Erika again, Demetrius would have to stay alive.......he would have to KILL.

"And NOW....." the announcer said.  "Prepare for a true MAIN EVENT!......a main event of pure POWER and fighting skill......to the DEATH!"  At his words, the entire crowd of the Koromachase stood to their feet and roared loudly.  Thus, the announcer called for the gladiators.  "From CRASSIA........once convicted and made a gladiator......this is truly a remarkable warrior.  Having won his freedom TWICE, he is not content to retire to public life.......UNDEFEATED throughout the years, I give you......... CRASSIUS MAXIMUS!!!!"  The audience roared as the Crassian gladiator flew down into the arena.  Dawning a black and gold cape, the gladiator was a grand display of physical perfection.  Muscles that were toned to the extreme, perfectly proportioned features, and a visage that conveyed confidence and pride made this gladiator a truly deadly foe.  The black and gold armor that he wore was custom-fitted.  It had elaborate engravings and markings on it which signified regalness, power, and brutality.

"And now, I bring you.....his VICTIM!" the announcer said with a sadistic smile.  "Brought from the planet, Earth, this being is unknown to the arena.  Coming from the Heroditus Gladiatorial Academy.............THE SPARTAN!!!!!!"  At first, the audience cheered, but not very loudly.  Demetrius heard his name called and closed his eyes at the sound of it.  With the roars of the crowd all around him, he stood up with his head cleared and himself readied.  Walking over to the weapon rack, he drew a relatively short sword with a broad blade and a slight curve.  It reminded him of an ancient Greek makhaira which he was quite familiar with.  Then, taking a round shield, THE SPARTAN walked out into the arena.

At the sight of the mighty Greek, the audience stood to their feet and roared even louder - as if they KNEW this would be an event to remember.  As he stepped onto the sand, Demetrius could instantly feel his collar being deactivated.  The blood rushed through his veins and his muscles tensed as they felt their strength return to them.  Any bruising which he had immediately left.  Standing nearly seven feet tall, the magnificent Greek walked walked straight out into the midst of the arena and locked eyes with his opponent.  Never before had the Crassians seen a gladiator look so fiercely upon their champion like that.  In an instant, the two magnificent powerhouses locked eyes and stood toe-to-toe with each other.  At the sight, the crowd roared loudly as the staredown began.

Without blinking, both gladiators began walking backwards away from each other.  Immediately, the Crassian champion levitated his body in the air briefly, then shot over in the blink of an eye.  Flying with incredible speed, Maximus flew directly towards the Spartan.  Seeing him do so, The Spartan raised his shield to brace the impact.  Upon which, Demetrius was sent flying back from shock.  Heavily, his large and powerful body slammed onto the ground - sliding to a halt.  Waiving to the crowd, the Crassian champion began his taunt.  The Spartan then stood to his feet and assumed a combative stance - motioning the Crassian to attack again.

In a bit of pride, the Crassian smirked then flew in cirlces as if her were creating a whirlwind.  Just then, he sped out towards The Spartan at blinding speed.  Quickly, Demetrius dropped his sword and shield, grabbed onto his cape, and leapt up towards the champion.  Mid-air, The Spartan snagged his cape around his foe, twisted his body violently, and used the mighty Crassian's momentum against him.  The result was the mighty Spartan slamming the Crassian into the ground of the arena.  At that, the crowd began cheering radically.  Reaching down, The Spartan picked up his sword and shield, then lunged fiercely at his opponent.

The Crassian then drew his own sword and shield and lept towards the Spartan.  The two collided mid-air and were knocked around from the impact.  The metals colliding rang out loudly throughout the city.  Thus, the champion began to quickly slice towards Demetrius.  The Spartan blocked the attack with his shield, then lunged for the Crassian's midsection.  The champion, however, lept around and sliced his vibranium blade into The Spartan's back.  Blood flowed briefly from the wound, but then it healed instantly.  This caught the Crassian by surprise as Demetrius rose to his feet.

Now, the two warriors began the dance of death.  The Spartan brought down his sword upon his opponent's shield with such tremendous strength, that the impact nearly deafened the audience.  Suddenly, the Crassian took to the sky.  Planting his feet, The Spartan lept up after him.  Spinning around violently, the Master of War bashed his shield into the champion's face, the spun again and delivered a powerful slash to the Crassian's chest.  As the blood flowed, the Crassian did not heal as well.  Grabbing onto his neck fiercely, The Spartan brought the Crassian down to the arena with him in a mighty slam.

The Crassian took some dust from the arena and threw it into Demetrius' eyes.  Taken back by it, The Spartan was somewhat open and the champion went for the opportunity.  Thrusting his sword powerfully towards The Spartan's open abdominal structure, he was blocked as Demetrius swung his blade down in a mighty parry.  However, the blade of the Crassian pierced into The Spartan's side, through his thick hide, and out the other side.

Roaring in pain, The Spartan grabbed the champion by the throat with his left hand.  Then, in a savage move, he headbutt the Crassian with a thunderous blow.  With his right hand covered in armor, the mighty Greek proceeded to pound his fist into the Crassian's face repeatedly.  Even though blood and flesh were flying, Demetrius continued the onslaught.  Then, he kicked the champion directly in the chest, sending him flying back to the wall of the arena.  The champion's body slammed into it and slumped to the ground.

The Spartan's pierced side healed up and he was more fierce than ever.  Reaching down to the ground, he picked up his sword and began his walk over to the fallen Crassian.  In one last attempt, the Crassian lunged forward and began attacking wildly towards him.  Blocking each of the strikes with his own blade, Demetrius finally caught his opponent's last attack by wrapping his left arm around his opponent's right arm.  Torquing it back, The Spartan pulled the champion's shoulder out of the socket and began to break his elbow.  Then, like a form of art, The Spartan smoothly spun around one last time......and sliced off the Crassian's head.  The muscles were tensed yet smooth, his movement was fluid, and his form was perfect.......a fine KILL.

The Master of War then dropped the lifeless Crassian champion to the ground, looked up, then raised his sword high.  The announcer proclaimed, "My fellow Crassians, I give you your new CHAMPION......THE SPARTAN!!!!!!!"  At that moment, the crowd roared louder than ever.  Flowers were tossed down into the arena and they began to call out his name.  "SPARTAN! SPARTAN! SPARTAN! SPARTAN!" the mob began to chant.  He was their new hero.  However, in the end, he was nothing but a tool.  The Spartan had become an animal.......

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Mantoid stood there anxiously peering out of her cell into the arena. First she watched Lya battle, then watched Spartan battle. Both of them fought so brave and hard, that is something that takes real courage. She didn't have the best vision of the arena, because the cell bars were covered with a large curtain. There was just a small hole, about a one inch circle, that she could see through. This is intense, the real deal. I hope that I will be brave enough when the time comes.

The squeak of a cell door could be heard quite loudly. Wait is that... She whipped around to see a guard standing at her unlocked door. He cleared his throat and said, "Your time has come, to enter the arena." Already! I hadn't imagined it would be so soon. She tried to stay seated on the floor, but the guard dragged her out. "Stubborn little one, aren't you." He eyed her over. "Aren't you a bit small to fight in the arena?" Mantoid glared into his eyes. "Size doesn't determine victory." He hated it thtaat she had stared into his eyes, but he could mind less because of the timing. Mantoid walked out and grabbed her sword, Mantis. He walked her over to some armor. "I'll take that one." She motioned to a very lightweight armor. "If you insist." On the armor came, and Mantoid looked like she was ready to take someone on.

Mantoid was brought to the gate. The announcer said, Ladies and Gentlemen, I have a real treat for you today. Brutus, a giant of a man, able to wield a sword with one hand that weighs as much as most men. And Mantoid, a young beauty that is agile, and has a double bladed sword. The crowds were going wild. Mantoid was shoved out into the arena, and the gate closed behind her. She saw the gate on the other side of the arena open. Oh my... Out walked a man that was inhuman. He stood somewhere in the 8 foot range, with arms bigger than small trees. In his hand, was a huge sword, over five feet long, and it looked like it weighed 200 pounds. She looked at her sword. Wow, a three pound sword up against one that weighs almost 70 times as much. She saw the giant coming at her, and she stepped forward.

She felt a slight buzz and beep as her collar was being deactivated. A faint smell of smoke caught her nose, and the beeping sped up, until it went out. She still didn't have her powers. Uh oh. The giant rushed at her with all his might and swung his sword straight down at her. Mantoid rolled out of the way, just as Brutus's sword smashed against the ground. His sword plunged deep into the ground. Now is my chance. She whipped around, and came at him with full speed.

Seeing her coming, Brutus stood up and blocked her blows with his gauntlets. Mantoid was getting him off balance when, his foot came up and hit her square in the ribs. CRACK! Multiple ribs broke as she flew backward. Keep breathing, you can take him. She saw Brutus pull his sword out of the ground. Mantoid was on her back, sword out of her hand. She sat up and saw it a few feet away. Brutus was getting ever closer now. She dived for her sword and raised it above her head, right as Brutus came down with his sword. She felt the massive strength of him and the weight of his sword, but she managed to hold the block. She rolled between Brutus' legs. Spinning her sword as she went under him.

It cut into some thin armor right between his legs. Blood smeared on her sword as she let it exit. "Ahhhh!" Brutus cried in pain. He grabbed himself with one hand, and smashed the ground with the other. Mantoid was about to make another attack when Brutus looked up. His eyes had turned pure red, so red in fact that fire seemed to protrude from them. I hope he stays down. He didn't. Brutus picked up his sword and threw it at Mantoid with great force. She rolled out of the way just in time. What she didn't count on is that Brutus also had charged her. He came at her by surprise, and Mantoid didn't have enough time to react. He had grabbed her sword, and plunged it through her foot, and through the ground. "My foot!" She cried out. He had her now.

Unable to escape, he hit her over and over again. Then he grabbed her around the neck and started to lift her up. Her foot was still stabbed through by her sword. His strength overcame it, and he pulled her up. "Ahhhh!" She roared in pain as her foot was cut in half. "Now, you will be destroyed." He snarled. Blood coming to her mouth, she weakly looked up to his eyes. "Go ahead... and try!" He was angered by this, and through her down to the ground. She hit it, hard.

This is it, no way out. Then she saw her sword, Mantis. She reached for it and she grabbed it. Brutus had lifted his foot up, to crush her ribcage in, when he heard a whizzing sound and felt his right leg get cut into the bone with her sword. "Arrr!" He yelled, and limped over to get his sword, to end this.

By this time, Mantoid's neck was black and blue due to the choke, her back was broken in two spots, four of her ribs were broken, blood was coming out of her mouth, and her left foot had been sliced from the middle, to the toe. I wasn't cut out for this. She saw him reaching for his sword. With every ounce of strength left in her, she threw Mantis, and it whirled through the air. Brutus saw it coming and ducked. It missed him completely. He grabbed his sword and walked over to Mantoid. "Goodbye." He was about to plunge it through her heart, when he heard that whizzing sound again. Instantly, Mantis dug into the armor on Brutus' back, vibrated through it, and came out of his chest with his heart stuck on one of the blades. A gaping hole was left in Brutus, as he fell down backwards, dead.

Erika tried to get up, but was fading fast. The crowd went wild. The announcer said, We have ourselves the winner, Mantoid! She sure didn't feel like a winner. Crassians rushed out to see if she was all right. She weakly opened her eye and said, "Cut... (gasp) this ... (gasp) neckband... (gasp). Her eyes rolled back into her head.

A few seconds later her neckband was clipped and she still lay there. The announcer said, Well folks, it looks as though both of them persished in the... He stopped as her skin lost color. She became pure water and stood up. Mantoid raised her hands above her head. "Victory!" she yelled. The announcer happily said, Give her a big round of applause.  The crowd began to clap louder than before. She reverted back to flesh, and her wounds were gone.

She was taken back to the cells. I did it, I can't believe it, but I did it.

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For a few minutes it seemed as if everything was in slow motion.  Flashes of light filled the stadium.  The alien crowd was eager to see the demise of this lowly human.  They thought nothing of him.  Another worthless alien wriggling for his life to entertain them.  But they didn't know....They didn't know that Starkiller was more than just another alien; they didn't know that now that the metal collar was off him, a power unlike any other once again flowed through his veins and intertwined itself with his soul..and for their ignorance, for their underestimation, they would pay, pay dearly.  They will be the one's to wriggle in pain as the power of the Dark Side of The Force is unleashed upon them.  But for now, Starkiller had other things to worry about...  

They young sith gazed at the monstrosity that was crossing the threshold at the other side of the arena.  It was huge, at least 12 feet tall, with pale, colorless skin, and teeth that were gnarled like the roots of an ancient, weathered tree.  Its eyes glimmered with a red light, unlike any other.  The gaze it returned to the young sith seemed to stare into his soul.  It analyzed and prodded, churning his insides and making his vulnerabilities evident.  Starkiller was powerful that much was true.  He was devoid of sensitivities and petty emotions, with no empathy towards any creature in the galaxy.  He truly was the ultimate weapon of the sith, but with all these advantages, with all these efforts to purge his body ad soul of anything that may be considered a symbol of human weakness, he was human nonetheless.  Warm blood ran through his thin veins, his heart pumped a monotonous beat, his bones were breakable and vulnerable.  But human or not, Starkiller knew that he had something on his side that would not let him fail.  No matter the odds, no matter the size or ferocity of the opponent, the Dark Side would never abandon those who faithfully served it, it would never betray him.   

Starkiller struggled to stay composed and to keep a defiant grin on his face.  With a gulp, he took a step forward, at all times keeping his eyes on the creature that would be his opponent.  The crowd laughed in unison at the young sith.  Some on the crowd commented on his small stature, some made fun of his lack of weapons and lack of body armor.  Starkiller's new owner was one of the poorest, most unsuccessful, solicitors on the planet.  He was known for his bad decision making and botched investments in gladiators who ended up dying before the arena could be adequately filled.  Because of his monetary situation, Starkiller's owner was not able to supply him with an adequate weapon or body armor.  Starkiller began wondering what had happened to his lightsaber.  It had been a beautiful lightsaber, given to him by his new master, the Black Raven.  Powerful yet accommodating, with it in his hands, Starkiller felt he could defeat any foe.  Starkiller would kill to have it back in his hands where it belonged.  As he wondered about the fate of his beloved weapon, he looked up into the stands.  There he saw the man who had bought him at the slave auctions.  Even now, he refused to call the man his owner, he refused to believe that he belonged to anyone other than the Dark Side.  The man had a wide grin in his face, probably the result of his other gladiator's win earlier on, it seemed like he didn't really care how Starkiller fared in his battle.  One win in the arena for a day was way above average and already made him proud beyond belief.  Personally, Starkiller didn't give a shit about bringing his so-called master pride or riches, he considered this a small requirement on his own quest for glory.

With the crowd cheering and the hideous monster staring and salivating,  Starkiller took another step forward.  The monster began growling and finally roared as its handlers struggled to keep a hold of the chains that held it back.  The young sith did not react to the loud roar that resonated throughout the stadium and produced a large uproar in the crowd.  He felt the monsters hot breath splatter against his face, it smelled of blood and rotting flesh.  Finally the people in the crowd began simultaneously standing up on their feet and cheering louder.  The sound was now deafening, like a flock of a hundred eagles getting ready to swoop down and feed.  Horns began blaring and joined in with the cheering.  It was time...time to separate the men from the boys, time to fight.  

With little warning the handlers let go of the chains that kept the monster down.  As the monster tasted the sweet, heavenly nectar of freedom, it seemed to grin at the young sith.  Starkiller knew what the monster had been feeling.  It had met eyes with him the moment he had stepped into the arena, it had been waiting patiently, eager to tear the flesh off Starkiller's bones and bathe the stadium in blood and guts.  Now it was free to do as it wished but that hideous monstrosity was in for a very rude awakening.  As the pale, white monster ran towards Starkiller with astounding speed and fury, it picked up dust in all directions and created a mini sandstorm.  When the monster finally lunged itself at the young sith, Starkiller used the force to create a strong, protective field around him.  The monster smacked the force field with a deafening force that made the whole arena shake.  The collision of the monster's face with the solid wall of telekinetic force made gobs of blood and mucus rush out of its mouth and unto the dirt on which the battle was held.  The crowd suddenly went quiet.  They wondered what the hell was happening, what had stopped that merciless monstrosity dead in its tracks.  Seeing the crowd's reaction filled the young sith's heart with utter joy.  He smiled and looked at the crowd, with a satisfied look.  Without lifting his look from the crowd, Starkiller then dismantled his force field and as the monster slowly flopped to the floor he sent a powerful telekinetic wave towards its direction.  The monster was sent flying to the wall behind it with such a force, that many of the skeletons that had been hanged on the arena's wall came down and crashed to the dirt.  Starkiller yawned as he walked slowly to the monster.  He bathed in the glory of the crowd's shocked silence.  When he got to a distance 10 feet from the monster, he felt his legs being swept up from under him and fell on his side.  The monster had flicked its tail and tripped him.  The monstrosity rose to his feet, blood and mucus covering its mouth, and roared once more.  The roar picked up more dirt and covered the battlefield in dust.  Starkiller coughed as he struggled to see where the monster was.  Before he could react the foul beast appeared behind him and threw him against the wall that had already been partly destroyed by the collision with the monster.  

Starkiller crashed against the broken wood and steel.  He felt a strong pain in his spine as he fell to the dirt.  He looked around and saw the bones and skulls surrounding him.  As he fought, trying to stay conscious, he noticed something in one of the skulls mouths.  reaching into it, he pulled out something cold and hard.  Looking at it, he realized that what he had just pulled out of that skull was nothing less than his beloved lightsaber, the one the Black Raven had given to him.  He felt the force in his body as it gradually healed all the wounds and broken bones.  The dust was now settling and Starkiller saw the foul beast walking slowly towards him, twirling its thick tail behind it.  In one swift and graceful movement, the young sith rose to his feet and deployed his lightsaber.  As he did this, he heard a deep voice in his head repeating what he had heard and trusted in so many times before.  

 Trust in the force, trust in the dark side.  I will deliver you.

As the creature lunged at Starkiller, Starkiller lunged back at him, slashing his lightsaber forward towards the creature's left arm.  Starkiller landed 5 feet behind the creature and as he looked back, he noticed the huge left arm of the monster lying on the floor.  The monster growled loudly and turned around quickly, revealing his razor sharp teeth.  It lunged at Starkiller once more, intent on making the young sith its dinner.  Reacting quickly, Starkiller drove the lightsaber forward into the monsters stomach and pulled downward, letting the saber melt through the layers of thick skin and fat that covered the creature.  The horrendous smell of burnt flesh filled the air of the arena as huge drops of blood and molten guts fell to the dirt with a watery plopping sound.  Most of the people in the crowd were now disgusted and some were already throwing up, revealing what they had had for lunch.  As the saber melted though the monsters intestines, the creature let out an unearthly roar that sounded like a cry for help.  Starkiller was relishing every second of the encounter and in his mind was yelling, Cry, b!tch, cry! 

Despite all the pain that it was showing, the monster was not going down.  It tossed its remaining arm around trying to get a hold of the sith.  Starkiller dodged its many blind attempts and answered them with more thrusts of the saber.  Turning off his lightsaber, Starkiller then unleashed an unforgiving surge of force lightning, covering the monster's body in electricity.  Starkiller could only imagine the pain that the creature was feeling as his frivolous life was now escaping him.  After the unforgiving attack, the beast finally fell to its knees.  Starkiller spit in its face and put his hands at either side of the its head.  Looking into its eyes, Starkiller smiled and said furiously, F*ck you as he crushed the monster's skull with the raw power of the force.  The lifeless body of the monster then plopped to the floor, covered in a pool of blood and guts.  Starkiller began laughing hysterically as he looked into the crowd.  Fueled by hatred and desire to kill, he began readying another attack of powerful force lightning targeted towards the crowd until, a guard surprised him from behind and clamped on the power-dampening metal collar.  Starkiller felt the power rush out of his body and was again reduced to a mere mortal.  Angered, he grabbed the guard by his arm and began delivering right handed punches to the man's face until another guard came from the back and struck him with an electric club on the top of the head.  As electricity poured into his body, the young sith fell to the floor and lost consciousness.

5 Hours Later...

Starkiller awoke in his stone bed located in his holding cell as the man who had purchased him sat by him.  After a long, awkward stare, the man smiled and said, Good work, gladiator, you made me a very proud man today and you will be rewarded.  Starkiller, still dazed and confused replied with a cold stare and finally spit in the man's face.  F*ck you he said angrily as he sat up.  Seeing the anger in his face, the man became afraid and began screaming for the guards.  As Starkiller put his hands around the man's neck, trying to choke his life out, four big guards came rushing into the cell and separated him from his master.  The guards pulled and dragged the young sith out of the cell and down the hallway.  Arriving at a small room at the end of the mighty hall, the guards threw the furious Starkiller in and closed the heavy door of the room.  Starkiller kept yelling obscenities as he sat in the smaller, cramp room.  His fury and hatred could no longer be contained.  He was ready for his next match.....ready to kill again.....

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There he was a beating down and broken man sitting alone in a dark desilate corner hiding away from the rest of the slaves away from the rest of the world and all the problems that his slavey had brought upon what seemed like a worthless life surrounded by men and women who had all been treated like cattle sold to the highest bidder and forced to fight to the death many died while many made it through to fight another day but in this world living very long seemed highly unlikely hell it was a miracle that so many slaves made it to the arena after how they looked all beating and broken like him and at a higher degree and the only way he could take his mind off it all and to focus at his next fight was by meditating it was the only way he could be at peace and relax his mind without it he would have giving up along time ago all he could think of well more like dream was about earth and how beutiful it really was and how much he cared for his friends it wasnt untill you have it all taking away do you trully apreciate the simpler things in life.

"Acer, do you....have any idea what is.........going on"

Acer was then snapped out of his meditated trance by a voice all to familiar he could recognize that tone anyway it was the voice of his friend and team mate and the man who convinced him to Join Mobb Deep Kurrent and for the first time Acer didnt feel so alone on this hellish planet and if one of his friends were here perhaps more where and with that a whole boost in confidence and life came back into The Ace and he knew there may be just the slightest chance of making it out of this world but in order to do so it would take time planning a cooporation with the other slaves. Acer turned to Kurrent and looked up.

Hey man its good to see someone i know as of now all i know is we have been taking as slaves by a race known as the Crassians and have been taking to there planet along with humans and other races and as for earth well im not sure whats going on down there but with the way things look here im gonna say down there cant be any better. Now where gladiators forced to fight like f*cking barbarians for there own sick twisted pleasures we need to find away out of this place.

Just then a crassian gaurd walked past and looked at them both in a suspicious manner and Acer not wanting to draw attention walked off and headed to the entrance to where the battles where taking place and he looked out to see what he might be going up against. Then Acer heard another name all to familair to him echoing like time across the anouncers voice as he could see one of his closest friends and perhaps the one who he cared for more than any Lya was there with him and yet again his heart was filled with more hope than ever and he had to get them out his friends even if it meant his life. Acer watched the fight with intent he could see Lya was just as badly hurt as he was perhaps even more and he hoped she would win and he could see that fiery passion and rage that burned deep with in her eyes and he could see she had won. Then more people began to fight and then amongst them where two more people he knew all to well the first was The Spartan and then Mantoid both winning there matches but Acer kept away for now but the final person he saw fighting he did not know he wielded a lightsaber like his friens Obi but there was something dark and sinister about this man and Acer knew this man was a sith.


Acer walked out into the arena as the gates opened he had no weapon or no armour for this battle and the crowd was silenced by his lack of equipment they laughed and taunted at the look of him they couldnt believe that it took 8 of there own to capture him but today they had seen many things that they thought they never would and they would see just how powerful he is now he had got his heart and soul back as a raging passion filled his eyes it was time to not hold back to cut loose and show these b*stards just how powerful he was and just how strong the human race was as they would not go down without a fight not fall into darkness they would live on and fight to the bitter end and regain there freedom.


The crowd roared and raved and all stood to attention as three large crassians made there way into the arena the crowd went wild stomping there feet as the arena shook at the storming of the crowd all three crassains were dressed in traditional crassain armor none had weapons but there power seemed great. They all where witing to make there move as a rapid beeeping could be heard from Acer's collar and then it stopped as a rush of power came into Acer and he sensed and felt all his powers back. It was like a whole new life had entered his body and it was ready for feeding.  Then the large gong could be heard signaling the fight then one of the crassians came at Acer at high speeds and he had no idea that these brothers would be so fast and by the time he tried to react it was to late the large right punch hit Acer square in the face and sent him flying into the arena wall causing a hole to appear as rubble began to fall and Acer got out and fell to his feet cracking his neck. The air was filled with the smell of death as blood from the previous battles layed dead on the ground. The crassian came at Acer again but his punch was this time met by a green forcfield as the impact sent both the crassain and Acer back and reacting quickly Acer created a energy hand that he sent out and grabbed the crassian and sent it into the wall and proceeded to beat the alien as he was on the floor.

Acer had beat the crassian almost to death when the other two crassians rushed at Acer and tackled him to the ground and began to beat him down as one held him down and the other beat him then the other crassian came and held his hands down while the other held his legs down and the final began to punch his stomach shattering his ribs and turning his stomach a deep dark purple. Acer seemed in a impossible situation and he was beig held down and this made him angry as a large blast of energy let his entire body and sent all three crassians in differnt directions. The blast killed the crassian he was beating earlier and the other two struggled to get up both at other ends of the arena. Acer flew off to the one on the right and picked him up by the throat and broke both his arms the crowd was silenced as the breaking of both arms echoed across the arena and then he dropped the crassian and as he did he created a energy blade and beheaded the crassian the blood spirted from the neck as the head rolled across the floor and the crassians gasped and then his enhanced hearing picked the other crassian coming at him and he quickly turned around and shot it with a concussive blast of kinetic energy. The crassian was knocked to the ground and Acer stood over the beating alien and charged his hand up with a vast amount of energy and sent a punch down all the way through the crassian killing it. The crows was in total silence.


The crowd cheered and roared like lions he had won his first match he would live to fight another day and he had his rage his passion and his soul back and he would make it out of this place but first he would save the other slaves.

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Covered in blood, The Spartan stood in the center of the arena.  Flowers were thrown to his feet, the crowd was cheering like never before.  There he was, crowned the new champion of the arena.  "SPARTAN!  SPARTAN! SPARTAN! SPARTAN!" the crowd roared over and over again.  To them, The Spartan was their new "hero" of sorts.  In actuallity, he was a display whose sole purpose was to fulfill the lustful desires of a mob.  Demetrius blinked, then looked down at the ground of the arena.  Beneath the fallen flowers lay the former champion's dead body.  Crassius Maximus was now dead.  His severed head lay next to his body.  In Demetrius' hand was the sword.  Covered in the Crassian's blood, it reflected brightly in the Crassian sunlight.  Blood also covered Demetrius' chest, arms, armor, and the rest of his body.  Slowly, amidst the roars of the crowd, he dropped his blood-drenched sword, then began his walk back to the holding area.

Walking in from the arena, Demetrius was sorely vexxed.  He had just killed a living being.  What had he been reduced to?  Would it ever stop?  Would he ever be free again?  These and other questions raced through the mighty Greek's mind.  As he exitted the arena, The Spartan's collar was out of the field's rays and was therefore activated again.  Just like that, his abilities were drained from his body.  In different holding cells, he could see his good friends Kurrent and Acer.  "My God, what's happened?" Demetrius said.  Before he could answer though, two Crassian guards took him away.  That's when he saw her......

In an adjacent cell, there she was.....it was Mantoid.  "Erika......" Demetrius said as he made his way to her cell.  However, the guards grabbed him and shoved him on.  The animal within was screaming to get out.  The collar around The Spartan's neck was the only thing that enabled those guards to keep their lives.  Demetrius was led to weapons area where he turned in his sword.  Taking ahold of his armor, he unstrapped it.  The armor peeled away from his flesh and dropped to the ground.

Several slave women came up and began to tend to him - an "honor" reserved for the Champion.  They aided in removing the rest of Demetrius' armor.  Then, with cloths wet with some form of cleaner, they washed the blood and dust from the mighty Greek's powerful body.  They washed over his massive chest, then along his rib cage and down his abdominal area.  Then, they washed his back, shoulders, arms, and other features.  Then, after washing his face, they took scented oils and rubbed them over the tense muscles of The Spartan.  Demetrius was then given a fresh robe and sent back into his cell.

Struggling to get a good view, Demetrius was able to see out into the arena.  To his dismay, he watched as Erika was sent out.  Immediately, he could tell that something was wrong because Erika was not using any of her abilities.  "Oh no....her collar....." he said to himself.  Yelling at the guards, he said "Look!  Her collar's not deactivated!  Do something!"  With a sneer, the guards shrugged and watched the battle.  Ferociously, The Spartan grabbed onto the bars of his cell and let out a deep roar of frustration.  Suddenly, it was over.......Erika had won.

After a few more of the matches, a young jedi knight was sent out into the arena.  Quickly defeating his foe - a foul creature - the jedi was brought back in.  Then, the hero known as Acer was sent out to battle.  There, he felled two opponents.  Before Demetrius was able to see the rest of the matches, he was taken from his cell and put in vibranium restraints.  With his wrists shackled, he was led out of the Koromachase and back to the Heroditus Gladiatorial School for the night.  Upon entering, he received much praise and adorations from Lord Heroditus.  Demetrius responded with a lowered head and a disgraced conscious.

That night, Demetrius was fed a large meal and sent back to his quarters.  Inside, he felt like an animal.  The rage he felt was so great that he wanted to loose all restraint and kill out of anger.  If only his collar were off....Frustratedly, he paced back and forth in his cell.  The Champion finally sank down to his bed.  With his will nearly broken, Demetrius closed his eyes as a slight tear fell from one of them.  How he yearned to be at peace again.  Deep within the back of his mind, the gladiator wondered if his only peace would be.......death.  Death was not an option though.  He had to think reasonably and logically.  The only way to obtain freedom was to carefully strategize.  However, nothing seemed to come to his mind.  Seeing Erika's body beaten, Lya's spirit broken, and many other things made Demetrius realize what kind of beings the Crassians were.

The time to escape would come soon.......

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In her cell:

She had sat in her cell, watched Lya, Starkiller, Acer, and Spartan reign victorious. What strength they have. I am fading... She looked around. There on the ground, was a piece of a broken bottle. She crawled over to it. It was part of the front. Hey, maybe I can toss this out in the hall so a guard can step on it. Mantoid was about to throw it, when she noticed that there was paper on the other side. She flipped it over. Erika looked at it hard, trying to make out what it said. It was in a different language unknown to her, but the shapes seemed to kind of match with english letters. After a few minutes, she finally made out:



That was all. What in the world was that!? Is this something given to me to tell me of the future, or am I just going crazy, making up strange letters out of strange letters. She dropped the piece of glass. It shattered when it hit the ground.

As she was sitting in her cell, she felt something in her right arm twitch. She glanced over to it, thinking it was some kind of bug rubbing against it. She didn't see anything. Strange. A few minutes later, it happened again. Is it just me or is that not my arm doing that. She looked at her right arm again and saw nothing. Oh well... She saw her skin start to rise and move down her arm. "Ahhhh! Something is inside me!" She grabbed a shard of glass and slit along the top of her arm. She winced in pain as blood started to pour out. Then, a large worm-like creature poked its head out. A look of horror spread across her face as she quickly reached for the creature with her left hand. She grabbed it around the head, and started pulling it. It kept coming. One foot, two feet, finally five feet and it was out. The creature squrmed around, and tried to bite her. "You shall die you disgusting creature." Erika grabbed the creature midway and by the head, and started to pull. A cracking sound was coming from the midsection of the creature as it's body was being torn in half. Then, suddenly, it burst in half, spilling its guts all over Mantoid. "Yuk, gross." She wiped off the guts and threw the dead body towards the cell door.

A Crassian guard walked by. "What have we got here, ah, that is a Crawdin. They are a parasite type species that gets into someone, you probably your food, and starts to grow." He looked at how big it was. "Wow, that one is huge! The biggest I have ever seen is about 2 feet long, that one is over twice that!" She looked back up to him. "Uh...Thanks. By the way, do you know when I will fight in the arena again?" The guard looked at her carefully. "I've got nothing better to do, I'll go check." He walked away.

Wow, that Craw... whatever it was, was huge, and it was living inside me! No doubt about it, it couldn't have been healthy. She sat there eying the killed Crawdin over. She looked towards it's face. It had a small face, with a large mouth. Then, the mouth sprung open and a small sac flew out. "Yikes!" Mantoid looked at the sac. Inside, there were many baby Crawdins. That is not good. Maybe I can get the guard to dispose of them for me. Just then, the guard came back.

He looked at the sac. "I can take that, if you don't mind." He snatched the sac, and was about to walk away when Erika spoke up. "Uh...sir...I mean...uh...did you check when...I would fight?" A sound of uneasyness was in her voice. He turned around and said in a deep voice, "Ah yes, it is scheduled for you to fight tomorrow. With that, he turned around and walked off.

Well, now I now when I will battle.
She looked at her arm. I hope that I can actually use my powers this time. She laid down on the cold floor, tried to find a comfortable spot. After struggling for a few minutes, she finally found a decent spot. Well, goodnight. She dozed off to sleep.

The Arena:

Erika woke up, startled. A loud noise rang in her ears that it was a new day. Great, today is the day I will fight again. She looked at her arm. It had scabbed over, and looked much better than it did yesterday. She ate what was hardly a breakfast, then sat in her cell waiting.

A guard came over and said, "Hey you, time to go battle!" She looked at him nervoisly. Mantoid got up, and walked to the door. The guard walked her to the room where her sword, Mantis, and her light armor were. She got them on, and was about to leave when the guard spoke up. "Don't leave yet, let me fix your neckband." He pulled out a fancy screwdriver like tool, and began work. It took a few minutes, but he finally had finished. "Good as new." He walked her to the arena door.

As she was walking to the door, the words that she had read on the bottle came through her mind. This was not put here by accident, your time has come to... She wondered what it meant. As she neared the door, she passed the cell of the Spartan. She tried to stop to say hi, but the guard wouldn't allow it. "I love you, and if I don't make it through this, go on without me, and be strong." She gave one last look at him, her eyes glowing. She turned back towards the front, and was nearing the door.

You say her once, without her powers. She conquered. Now, with her neckband fixed, she will have access to her full potential. Ladies and Gentlemen, give a warm welcome for, Mantoid!

The crowd started going nuts. Mantoid walked out into the arena. She gazed at the open arena. Then, the announcer started back up again.

Fighting her, all the way from the distant Galaxy, is a rare creature that is yet to be named. It is one not to be trifled with, and has never taken anything less than victory. Also, no gladitor has lasted more than 30 seconds against this beast.

Mantoid's eyes opened wider as she saw the creature come out into the open. The beast came out from the door. The beast stood on four legs, and its shoulder height was about 10 feet. Each of its legs were thicker than tree trunks, and had sharp spikes covering them. Between its legs, on the sides of its chest, were six large claws that rested off the ground. They were over five feet long each. The beast's eyes were small, and pure blood red. The mouth on it was large, with a row of swords that it could use to eat through what it pleased. But this wasn't the bad part. Near the rear of the creature protruded a large tail. It curved around like a scorpion's tail, and ended with a long blade. The blade, was covered in a bright green substance, and it didn't look friendly.

The guard who had let the behemoth out, was headed back toward the cell quiclky. WHOOSH! Then, fast as lightning, the tail-blade of the beast lashed out, and the guard was slashed in two. Each of the halves were fizzing and receding were the wound had taken place. The tail-blade was covered in organic acid!

Mantoid stood there, sword in hand. She raised it above her head, and felt power flow through her. Her body turned to water, as did her armor. "This is it, you're going down." The beast started to move towards Mantoid, and she stood their, hand extended out. A sharp ice spear had formed in her hand, and was hurtling toward the creature at great speed. As the ice spear hit the creature, it didn't even flinch. Mantoid looked worried. As the creature loomed closer, another ice spear hit it, and again, it didn't even flinch.

Mantoid was getting worried now. She looked at the beast again, getting ever closer. She closed her fist that was extended out. Suddenly,both of the creature's front legs shrived up into dust, having the water extracted from them. It cried in pain, but quickly re-grew it's lost legs. This was not looking good.

The creature was closing in, and Mantoid decided to take to the skies. She grew wings out of water and took off. WHOOSH! Her flight was cut short as she was sliced in half, right down the middle. Each side of her fell to the side, then re-grouped above the creature. She hovered there, out of reach.

The creature looked ever so angry, and started jumping up and down, making small shaking that felt like earthquakes. Mantoid was up high in the air. She heard a faint, BEEP, and she had lost her powers. She was falling towards the ground when she got them back. Guess I had better not fly that high. She hovered in mid-air, and formed an electricity ball in her hands. She sent it hurtiling down toward the creature.

Down on the ground, the creature was mad. It saw an electricity ball coming down towards it and it hit it square in the eye. It screamed in pain, as it fell to the ground. Seconds later, it regained strength, and stood back up. It started to shake. In an instant, its back peeled off, and four large wings jetted out. It took off, headed straight for her.

Mantoid saw the beast flying toward her. This wasn't suppose to happen. She saw as it approached quickly. Mantoid flew toward the creature, and spun her sword, Mantis in her hand, and went under the beast's belly. It didn't even make a scratch to it. How can I even hurt this thing? She saw the monster turn around, and slash at her again. WHOOSH! It missed, and Mantoid saw her chance. The only way I can take this thing is to take it from the inside out. She turned into a streamline bolt of water, and shot into the beast's open mouth. It gulped her down happily.

Is this the end? Did the beast finally win? It has also been an amazing 45 seconds!

Mantoid was traveling through the creature, trying to find the brain. After flowing through it for a few minutes, she finally found it. It wasn't large, yet not small either, about the size of a football. As there was a bit of room in the brain cavity, she reformed into her humanoid water form. She grabbed Mantis, and gave it a blade of water on one side, and electricity on the other side. This is the end. She spun Mantis around at lightning speed, and cut into the brain stem. Blood was gushing out everywhere The creature cried in pain from the outside. Mantoid finished slicing it in a second, and cut through the top of its head for a way out.

Outside, the creature was down on the ground, unmoving. Mantoid walked out of the skull area, and stood on the ground, bloody brain held high.

Well folks, it looks like we have our...

The crowd gasped.

The creature jumped to its feet, open skull exposed. There was no brain inside it. It stabbed its tail at her. She was too distracted to react, but was luckily in her water form. WHOOSH! The tail-blade stuck through her chest, and she could feel the blade come through. But this was different, the creature had much power and was draining hers to nothing. Mantoid felt dizzy as she started to lose her water form. Got to hold on. But it wasn't enough.

She had reverted back to her normal form, and had the large blade sticking through her. Blood was pouring out. WHOOSH, WHOOSH, WHOOSH... This is how it ends. A tear came to her eye, as the beast slashed her into many pieces. Blood and guts filled the air. The beast roared in victory, as it stomped the ground. It went over to its brain, grabbed it with one of its legs, and put it back in. Quickly, it healed up.

Oh, poor Mantoid, she fought so hard too. Well, our winner is the beast!

The crowd cheered.

On the ground, where she had been cut up, was the neckband. It had been cut as well. As the beast was leaving the arena, a small spark came from the pile of body parts.

Maybe, just maybe there was hope.

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As Her master came towards her, Her vision was blocked of the fights. With a deadly glare She moved her eyes, and only her eyes to his. His eyes twiched before he motioned to the gards to open her cage. She made them place the shackles on her ankles and wrists. He had got the deep feeling of dreed from her when She faught, and he was trying his best to shake it off. Taking the chain, he pulled her to her feet, She jumped up making him glare back at her. Then he pulled hard making her fall to her knees. Barring her teeth she growled faintly at him.

"Come on now girl! im going to take you to get clean, then you will go to the school where you will get your treat for making me rich!" He laughed a hallow laugh as he pulled her alone. her eyes glanced to the sides. Spartan...She would find his room again...Would he do her the favor she had in mind? Only one way to find out. and how she prayed He would...

She was taken to a river, just on the outside of town, The water was a soft green and blue, so differnt than back home..A few slaves that he brought with them, told her that the water was safe and to go ahead and take a bath. For the frist time, She smiled. How long has it been sence she had been in wild waters, Sure the slaves had to stay near her to make sure she wouldnt run, but this was better than nothing.

Taking off her clothes, and her decors for the fight, and handing them to another slave, she walked to the water. Knelling down, she ran her fingers along the waters face, letting the cool kiss grace her skin,Then her body slid in, The other slaves have seen her naked, but not wellingly. and not wihtout scares and bruses, she had none now, her skin was as smooth as innocents. the color of pure sun kissed sand from the beaches. The water washed over the flesh as though a lovers touch was slidding over her body. taking in every part, loving ever move. She dipped her hair in and the fire red turned to blood red as the curls fadded faintly. She worked hard to get the blood out of her hair, sure she didnt get any blood when she faught but when other fighters came back, they sprayed blood over everything. She took more care in washin her body, THan she did for anything, infact, there was a weird light in here eyes, for she felt she would be doing this for the last time. She would never wash her hair again, have water touch her skin again, never let the water roll over her lips and down her body. nor the fading sun kiss at her wet skin, dancing on her hair, setting it ablaze with light.

As she got out from the water, She took the towel another slave held for her. Then, carefully she patted at her hair, using her long fingers to comb it out and to dry it. The curls got back so fast, so lush and full. It was a shame they would never have the kiss of the wind again, nor the touch of a true lover. her lips would never kiss the lips of another in such a pure love. or an equal lust. no tender touch for her cheeks, no warm breath on her neck, no cure for the warmth touch of another against her body as tender as the wind that blew over the waters. Nothing but harsh whips, nothing but blood to warm her skin, nothing but hate to touch her cheeks, Or fists against her lips. or Yanks against her long hair. No...She wouldnt let that happen, IT would end to night. either by His hand, or by hers. She ran the towel down her thoat, wondering if this is where she would bleed out from..or her wrists, or would she go all the way to her wild beating heart, so full of passion, and love, and now nought but greve and fear.

As she put a new robe over her body, She nodded to the gaurd slaves to take her to the school. IT was both a very long and a very short walk. The sun was setting, a very earthly like wind was blowing, a promise of a large storm. she prayed it was a storm that would knock this world into hell...but..what would become of the other slaves? She wasnt sure she cared anymore. Would they be as happy as she would be to just die..no more pain, no more slavery. no more orders or beats. no more rapes, or killings...just one fast death..then nothingness?

She waved fairwell to the slaves as she got into line, She made sure she would be the woman to go into spartans room, and she was, THey didnt thrust her in this time, They just opened the door and let her walk in, after she won the fight, they where more carefull with her. She had a hood over her face and her hair was hidden. She watched as they closed the door, then she looked to Spartan, He was on his bed, Looking as lost and hopless as she was.

"Spartan..." She whispered as she removed her hood.

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Starkiller stared intently at the steel door across the room.  He was sitting solemnly on the concrete bed in his new cell.  He had been brought here because he had lost control, he had finally snapped and tried to kill his "owner" which, apparently in this world, was a big no no.  Inside him there was a strong thirst, a thirst for blood.  His last kill had been 5 hours ago, he had killed the foul beast with the power of the force.  The power of hatred had consumed him.  For those fifteen minutes in that coliseum, Starkiller had become much more than human.  Fueled by rage, powered by the Dark Side of the Force, Starkiler had become a divine entity , one with darkness, one with hatred, he sensed the collective mood of the crowd, and felt nothing more but a strong desire to kill them all.  But that feeling of sheer power, that energy that ran though him....all had stopped the moment the metal collar was placed back around his neck.  Digging deeper into his dark twisted soul, Starkiller cursed loudly as he sat in the high-security cell.  He stood up aggressively and smirked before he ran towards the steel door at full speed.  A large thud resonated throughout the hallways as flesh and bone collided with the cold steel door.  The sith fell to the floor but immediately got back up and once again ran at the door.  He repeated this over and over again until his shoulder was bloody and sore.  Let me out! he said loudly as he tried to get the attention of the guards.  

Starkiller's owner, worried that he might injure himself beyond use, beckoned to the guards and ordered them to calm him down.  A minute later, the young sith heard a soft hiss behind him and turned around quickly.  The sound was coming from the small air vents at either side of the room.  A guard came to his door and tapped it, the soft sound of metal echoed a little and then died.  Turning around, Starkiller once again charged the door, except this time, he stumbled to the floor after two steps.  Starkillers breathing picked up and his eyes became bloodshot.  What...the...fu...  The guard at the opposite side at the door began chuckling as he said, A powerful nerve agent is now being fed into your cell.  When you wake up, I expect you to be on your best behavior.  The young sith slowly drifted into unconsciousness.

5 Hours Later.   

When Starkiller woke up he was chained to a post, surveying his surroundings, he could see stains of blood on the walls and floor and could hear the cries of people in chambers close-by.  He was stripped of his clothes and the floor felt cold and damp on his skin.  The young sith quickly remembered why he was there and rage once again filled his heart.  He stood up and pulled at the chains but they wouldn't give, the shackles were heavy and tight, there was no escape in sight.  As his anger slowly grew, the door swung open with a loud creak and revealed a tall man dressed in black and carrying a whip.  With a smile he looked at Starkiller and said coldly, 

When I'm done with you, you will have learned to respect your master, you human scum.  

The man slowly walked up to Starkiller, tightening the grip on the whip's handle.  Starkiller cringed, readying himself for the whip's contact with his body.  The man rose the whip in the air and brought it down on the young sith's body.  The pain rushed through the sith's body quickly, but he tried not too scream.  Before the shock of the first whip left his body, the whip once again made contact with his skin.  The punishment continued, until Starkiller's will to cover up his pain fleeted and he began screaming in agony, the whole time plotting, plotting what he would do when he was finally free.
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Acer had won his opening match against his three crassian opponents they where a powerful race and they had incredible srength speed and combat skills but the three had greatly underestimated the power and skill of the young earthling his fighting skills were superior to most having honed his body to near perfection and his added energy manipulation powers or to be more precise chi energy gave him more of a chance to winning. As he walked out of the arena his life flowed with energy he felt alive again his blood was boiling like lava, heart racing at high velocities and then beep beep beep the collar around his neck became activated again as his power was drained away but his souls was singing and he didnt care about his power loss he was back in the game and nothing would get in his way of saving the slaves and making it off this sh!thole of a planet.

Acer walked through the room where the other gladiators where some of them where smiling that they had made it through there first match and would live just another day while the others where still smiling yet there was a good chance that they where about to die from there injuries, they were smiling because they knew where death would lead them was much better than this place, they would die and in there eyes go to heaven. Acer was led out of the arena and back to the streets by two of his masters personal gaurds who began clapping Acer as soon as there eyes met a large smile was on the master's face and as he cheered so to did his gaurds.

"Well done my boy tonight for a job well done you will sleep in a luxoury room and eat the finest meals" the master spoke with the upmost joy and respect for his new champion he was now treating him more like one of his own people rather than his own pesrsonal slave. Acer and his master began to walk back to the master's place the gaurds followed closely behind the people looked at Acer with fear yet a slight admiration for his skills the sun shone down upon the planet its touch was searing to the skin yet quite soothing and relaxing children were playing gladiator pretending to be some of the gladiators in which they had just seen, he even heard his own name being mentioned by a few of the kids it seemed he had become a hero to these kids and a type of role model did they not know what was really going on was the innocent of youth blinding them from the truth he smiled a little at the kids but his mind was still on making it out of this place.

They continued to walk for 15 minutes before they arrived back to the headquarters Acer as a reward was allowed to bath in the luxourious bath that was usually only used by the highest ranked people on the planet the water was soft and soothing to the skin washing away the blood that was on his body and relaxing his muscles it felt nice he wanted to stay there forever but in a short amount of time he was taking out where his wounds were healed, his body massaged and his wound where his eye once was checked on. Acer had finished his check up and got dressed his clothing all though not fancy to the royalty of this place they were a huge step up from the rags he was wearing. That night he ate the finest foods and drunk the best whine before heading to a new room he looked out of a window and surveyed the area the time to escape was soon.



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Demetrius looked up as the hooded figure was brought into his room.  When the figure revealed herself, Demetrius could tell that it was Lya.  "Spartan......" she said quietly.  Her face was slightly healed up, her body was not nearly as broken, but something remained the same about her.  It was her eyes and the expression upon her face.  The look, that was once full of heated passion for life, was now dark and defeated.  The Spartan knew why she was there.  The look on her face was begging Demetrius to end her life right then and there.  To Lya, death was a way of escape.  The rapes, beatings, and the taking of her will had crushed the young woman's spirit.

The quick snapping of her neck would probably be the most humane thing to do.  If Demetrius placed his hands in the correct position, then delivered just the right amount of force, Lya's neck would be quickly broken and she would not feel much pain in the process.  Rising up from his bed, Demetrius went over to Lya.  He moved behind her and then reached up with his right arm.  Placing his forearm against the soft skin of her neck, he gently placed his left hand upon the back of Lya's head.  Then, he slowly slid his right forearm across her tender throat....and locked it in place.

As his massive chest was pressed up against Lya's back, Demetrius' heart was pounding.  There, in his grasp, was the life of someone who he cared for deeply.  Throughout the ages, Lillya WildChild had always been a friend.  In Martial Society, she was one of the first to join.  Ever since then, she had been a loyal Senator.  Through many trials, troubles, and tribulations, Lya had been there like an anchor for Demetrius.  He owed her so much.  Now, her life was in the grasp of his arms......

Looking down with his eyes closed, Demetrius slowly shook his head.  "I........I can't, Lya." he said.  Turning Lya around to face him, he placed his hands upon her arms and looked her straight in the eye.  He said, "Lya, the only way any of us are going to be alright is if we keep fighting.....No matter what, we have to stay alive.  We're fighters, you and I.  It's what we do.  Tomorrow, in the arena, I'm going to show you what I mean."  With that, he placed his rugged hands upon her soft face and gently kissed the top of her head.  In doing this, Demetrius gave Lya his blessing, and furthermore, a promise - a promise that he would rescue her from the hell which she endured.

The very next day, Demetrius awoke and was taken to the arena.  Upon leaving his chambers, he looked over at Lya and nodded his head.  After being gotten ready, the prized student of the Heroditus Gladiatorial School was loaded onto the transport and taken to The Koromachase for another day of bloodshed.  The gladiators were marched in, however Demetrius was taken to a different section seperated from the other gladiators - the Champion's own personal center.

This time, there were not bars.  His chambers overlooked the rest of the arena.  Walking over to the large window, the view was incredible.  The arena was about fifteen feet below him and he could see the action firsthand.  Demetrius then left the window and strolled over to a large wardrobe.  He opened it up to reveal a piece of gladiatorial armor, which had been custom made just for him.  Made of the finest Crassian metals, it was a deep crimson in color and had several ornate gold markings upon it.  Meant to partially cover the right portion of his chest and the entire portion of his arm, it was truly a fine work of craftsmanship.  A spike was set upon the shoulder and other spikes were placed upon the knuckles of the gauntlets.  Below were other pieces of armor, to protect his groin and shins, and a shield - all of which matched the crimson and gold patterns on his other armor.

After strapping it all on, Demetrius reached up and felt the restrictive collar which was around his neck.  That little piece of hell is what kept him in-check for the Crassians.  But then, his attention was drawn to the arena.  Demetrius could not believe his eyes.  His beloved Erika was sent out into the arena to battle a huge monstrous creature.  Towards the end of the incredible battle, it looked as if the heroine, Mantoid, had won.  However, nothing could prepare The Spartan's eyes for what he saw next.......

In horror, Demetrius watched as the creature sprang back to life and struck its tail through Erika's body.  Demetrius could see the tears in her eyes.  It was so gruesome for him to watch...so painful for him to bear....  Beating his door repeatedly, Demetrius was denied access to leave.  The guards only sneered as they chose to ignore him.  Rushing back to the window, Demetrius watched as the beast began to hack and tear through Erika's body.  He had to do something.

Just then, he siezed a large sword and raced towards the window.  Thinking nothing of his own safety, Demetrius powefully lept out of the window and dove straight for the arena.  Hitting the arena's invisible barrier, his collar was deactivated and he hit the ground and rolled to his feet.  Immediately, at his arrival in the arena, the crowd went wild.  Racing towars the beast with rage in his eyes, Demetrius' adenaline was off the charts.  His strength instantly throttled up as he raced towards the beast and siezed it by the tail.

Digging his hands into it, he whipped the beast around and slammed it on the ground repeatedly.  Letting out a mighty roar, The Spartan then snapped the creature's tail completely off.  Taking out his mighty sword, The Spartan then spun around rapidly and struck the beast's head off in one smooth motion.  Diving underneath its decapitated body, the Master of War sliced open the stomach reached inside, and ripped out the creature's heart.  At the grissly display, the audience gapsed as the Champion of the Arena began to rip the body of the beast apart with his bare hands.

That was it, enough was enough.  Digging his hands into the sides of his collar, Demetrius fell to his knees and began pulling it away with all his strength.  In the arena, his abilities were endowed.  Right now, his rage had increased his strenght beyond measure.  At once, the Crassian guards saw what the mighty Greek was doing.  They raced out and began to shock Demetrius' body with their devices, but to no avail.  The Spartan was in such a rage that nothing could stop him now.  The mighty Crassians lept upon him and began to wrestle his hands away from his collar.  By now, there was a pile of ten Crassians covering The Spartan.  Then, a low, deep roar came from the center of the arena.  It turned out to be more of a growl.  It grew so loud that the walls of The Koromachase began shaking massively.  Underneath the pile of Crassian guards, a red aura began to show vibrantly.

Then, a deafening ROAR sounded and, like a massive explosion, the Crassians were all blasted back.  There, in the center of the arena stood The Spartan.....with a broken collar in his hands.  The rage in his eyes made him extremely imposing.  However, instead of immediately killing, the enraged Greek walked over to the remains of his beloved.  Reaching down upon the remains, a red aura came from The Spartan's chest and down into the remains.  Suddenly, it appeared as if the remains had turned into water as they slowly came back together.  When the water solidified, Erika's body was formed again......She was alive.

Looking down into her eyes, Demetrius gave her a long, passionate kiss.  By now, the crowd, for some reason, had risen to their feet and were cheering loudly.  Grabbing onto Erika's collar, Demetrius powerfully snapped it off.  More guards were coming now and were rushing to the arena.  Demetrius growled, then quickly looked back at Erika and said, "We need to get out of here, fast!"  With that, the Master of War rose to his feet with Mantoid in his arms, waiting for her to make the next move........

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"please...Kill me spartan...Please..." She whispered to the man that sat before her. Her eyes felled iwth tears that rolled down her tender cheeks. He was looking at her, studding how..Then he got up. She felt the warmth of his arm against her neck. She leaned back so she could feel his body against hers. She was ready, even though tears melted from her eyes. She felt him push against her, the air stopped flowing. She tried to gasp, but no sound came but the beg of air, She felt slightly dizzy as she touched his arm with her hand, begging him to keep going. But then he spun her around. Looking dazed and confused, SHe looked to him With once again another beg in her eyes. "please.." THen he said he couldnt... we are fighters he said. She was so tired of fighting..so tired of killing others just to breath...He wont kill her...Then she felt his lips on her forhead. WIth a sad smile she kissed the corner of his lips, so close to his lips. SHe new he belonged in heart to another. She belonged to none but the winds. how lucky she was, how lucky he was to feel the true love of another... The more this touched her thoughts, the more lonly she got. Her fingers touched his cheek softly. for a moment she thought of kissing him fully..but she wouldnt..she couldnt do that to him...and to her.

"I...im sorry..Spartan..." She whispered before she turned from him. siting on the floor, she let hte sleep take her to another place and time, a place that now only held a part of her heart by way of dreams. alone. She was always alone, Alone in the woods, in her room, in her bed... at her windows. no shadow to walk next to her own. no hand to hold hers. Just the cold air of lonelyness. so cruel how it loves her so much..so jelously.

As the gaurds came, She looked up to him as she got up, again she kissed his cheek, so close to his lips before turning towards the door and walking out, Then she looked back to him. "I love you...spartan, but as of what..i dont know, my brother...Good bye." she bid her fairwells and headed back to her masters home, before being taken to the arenas. There she was placed in a part next to the opening. ready for her turn, She didnt care much watch the other fights, Then she heard a scream, from within the crowds. She saw as the spartan himself leaped though the air into the arena. Only one thing could make him do that, "ERICA!" She screamed as she saw the body covered in blood that was being hacked away. She darted forward, but was held back by two foolish men. She faught with anewed spirit. "Get off me!! let me go you son of a bi!!NO!!" She watched, slightly as spartan made quick work of the beast, By this time, she was breaking away, with a fight of her own, then as she ran into the arena, A green blaze shot though her body as her powers was turned back on, She ran right to The fallen body and tried her best to heal the girl, but she was low on energy.

"I cant heal her!" she cried out to spartan before she saw the men from all over running to stop him, as she watched, he was trying to tear the collar away, She prayed it would work, but at the time, she was rushing to the other side to stop the men from ever reaching her friend. One touch, the body fell, another touch, the body fell, she was feasting on their energies. She could feel the shocks tear though her body, And soon she was being dragged, half out and half awake, watching The Spartan. Then She was tossed to the side as they ran to him, The power of his body shot forward as his collar fell to the dirt. Then her eyes closed. Every sound every thought, every dream faded into the shadows.

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A war torn planet?The perfect place for a killer to make a living.Backstabbers,Cheaters,Liars,that was all there was here and one such as Akira Overdrive fit right in with such ruthless people.He had been taken in as one of the first and brought to the Gladiator arena to fight for his freedom,eventually he won and killed the best these creatures had,some say thats why the Crassians had left to find more people and then there it was.Massive fleets of warriors from across the universe  had landed here and some became slaves others became Gladiators,while Akira just sat and watched from his newly appointed position as the head bounty hunter.

Then thats when he realized that the he would never be able to leave this place,unless it went burning to hell.So he assembled all of his resources and faithful followers for a final strike that would burn this city and all of those who so gluttonously lived here.Yet there was a few pieces missing to his grand puzzle,fighters who had nothing to lose and everything to gain,people who had the only a slight whim of hope but the great courage and formidable skills.He waited and waited until the day came when the troop of fighters had appeared;he heard rumors of these people and there names,Akira Overdrive knew these people,and knew of their reputation..and thats when the grand scheme all fell into place.


They called him Spartan,and his band of troops were highly talked about among the poor and hopless.The Crassians spat when they heard his name,and Akira smiled when he saw the man fight.For so long Akira waited for his ticket out and he had found it in the heart of the warrior,so he was going to make sure that these men and women became free,even if it meant his death.Usually a man like Akira would only think about his self in these times,but it was just so inspiring to see all that had happened.

Spartan had just caused the stadium to uproar,and the people to scream an cheer,and that was the time to strike.Akira had set up his men in various positions around the arena and they awaited his signal as he crouched down and watched from above on a stone gargoyle.He held his fist up and beacon blinked on and off,at that point his men revealed there weapons and began to fire randomly,chaos ensued and the guards rushed around frantically to find the shooters,but they had no luck,for the trained killers had already faded into the crowd.Akira lept from his postion and free fell from the high arena landing in the sandy and blood stained ground next to the new champion known as Spartan.As the dust that was brought up cleared the crowd began to quiet back down as Akira rose and threw his hood from over his ninja garb and mask.

Everyone just stopped and awaited what was coming from their previous champion.Akira removed the mask to reveal his black hair and white streaks that ran down the middle,then he spoke.

"Crassians!Behold....today is the day you all die.Today is the day that will surely be written as a heroes tale in the years to come,and all of your children will wish they were like me....like me...and these here warriors.You will sit in your rocking chairs and reminisce about the day you fought against the truest fighters and loss...or you will simply mourn your dead comrade and hate us for all eternity,but you will never...ever get to have your revenge,yet we.....we...our free men."

Awkward silence,then cheers and screams,followed by generals yelling out orders to "stop them" or "kill them".Though everything fell to def ears,and Akira turned to face Spartan and the others.He simply smiled,then turned back around to launch explosives at the gate that lead them out.


"Follow me!"

Akira dashed towards the new hole that he had caused and motioned for the fighters to follow.Outside was an armored convoy waiting,but it wasn't Akira's band of mercs.They were part of the Crassian elite and they waited with guns  and the most high powered rifles and weapons they had.There was no escape after all,well....at least not for Spartan and his friends.Akira had ran ahead and met with the commanding officer,and smirked as he shifted his body and awaited the band of warriors.It was all a trick,a trick for freedom,and not only was it a trick,it was double cross.

The Commanding Officer had his men cuff him and the beat him down to his knees.

"You didn't think we would actually set you free did you?"

Akira laughed and spit blood from his mouth.

"Of course not pig."

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Prima watched as the small girl emerged from her room with a brush in hand.  A soft smile crept itself slowly across Prima’s face and a glowing warmth settled on her heart.  The girl sat the bottom of her small body onto the vanity seat, placing her brush on the counter of the vanity.  Prima walked over behind the girl and retrieved the brush.  Never taking her eyes of the small girl, she began to gently pull the paddle brush through the girl’s hair.  Her beautiful black tresses easily subdued by the brush.  “Mum at training today I got gold marks in my sword wielding,” said the girl as she rummaged through her jelwrey box.  “Primrose, that’s wonderful darling Im so proud of you.  And how did you do at element control practice,” Prima responded.  “Well mommy, Today we focused on Fire, but my flame isn’t reaching its full po……po…uhhh,” said Prima’s daughter Primrose as she struggled with the word. “Potential honey, it’s fine,” Prima reassured.  Bending down to give her daughter a hug she whispered in her ear,” Don’t tell anyone but Fire was my hardest element to master too,” she whispered to her daughter.  As she hugged her little girl, Prima took her right hand and tickled her little stomach. Primrose began to giggle loudly as she squirmed in her mother’s arms. 

“Now you silly girl go put your pajamas on and pop your little but into the bed.  Using that moment to jump away from the tickling Primrose ran to her dresser and began to pull out her nightgown.   Prima watched with love flowing through her eyes.  As of lately, Prima hadn’t had much time to spend with her daughter.  Making little moments like this even more special to her heart.  The little girl was only 12, but she showed so much potential in her training.  Prima was happy to finally have some time to spend with her little girl.  Being on two teams caused her to spend lots of time away from her daughter.   “ Mommy I have my pajamas on, but Im not sleepy I promise,” Primrose whined as she looked up at her mother.  Picking her daughter up into her arms, Prima took the girl to the kitchen of their small apartment.  The apartment was small and humble, but it was taken care of and away from people who meant harm.  It was also conveniently near Primrose’s caretaker for when Prima was away.  Placing her daughter on a stool at the island, Prima walked to the refrigerator.  Home was one of the few places Prima allowed her self to put her guard down.  It was the least she could do for her daughter.  Prima never knew her mother, and she wasn’t going to let that happen to her daughter. Pulling out a carton of milk Prima filled two tall glasses to the brim.  “Prim come get these two glasses and place them on the island please,” Prima said as she reached into the pantry taking out a package of oreos.  She than sat down on a stool across the island opposite of Primrose.  Opening the package she took out six oreos.  “Now let’s see if you can beat your mama at the classic oreo challenge.  Twist dip lick my dear,” said Prima as she laughed at her daughter.  “Mom you know your going to loose at this,” the girl said through a burst of giggles.   “On your mark, get set……….. but before Prima could finish she heard a large crash outside.

 Her guard automatically became active as she rushed to the window.  The feeling of danger began to seep all over her body. “Damn, I should have never let my guard down how did I not notice this feeling,” she grumbled.  “Mommy I feel scared.  I don’t know what it is, but it’s weird,” spoke Primrose in a small voice.  Primrose could only sense strong and obvious things since she was so young.  This was serious.  Grabbing her daughter, Prima ran to the back of the apartment into Primrose’s room.  Setting her daughter onto the ground she took her nail and cut a whole into the carpet.  Pulling it up effortlessly she revealed a small door.  Opening it she took out the bag that was in there.  Not looking up Prima ordered to her daughter, “Get some pants on and grab your sword now,” she commanded.  Primrose wasted no time and moved with quick efficiency.  Prima ran to her room retrieving her sword.  Running back to her daughter she placed the sword on her back.   Picking up the bag she just retrieved out of the ground she put it on Primrose’s back.  Prima had been hunted before and she was not going to let anything happen to her daughter.  Picking up her daughter, Prima opened the window and jumped out of it.  Landing on the ground with a soft thud.  Putting her daughter down she told her to stay put and if anything happened to mommy to go to Aunty Lisa’s house, her caretaker.  Running around the side of the house Prima went to the front yard.  A ship of some sort was sitting on the grass.  Out of the shadows emerged a circle of alien like forms.    They looked like humans in a way but at the same time they didn’t.  They were all tall carbon copies of each other.  Prima unsheathed her sword getting into a defensive stance.  She was set on nothing taking her away from her daughter.  Running towards them Prima jumped onto the head of one of them swiping her sword across the humanoids head decapitating him with one swift blow.  Flipping down she felt a hard blow be delivered to her back as she came crashing onto the earth.  Quickly she jumped up pushing her foot into one of the humanoids standing nearby.  The blow seemed to bounce straight off of him.  Taking the back of sword she rammed it into the gut of one them, flipping her sword around blade side facing her opponent she rammed it into his stomach sliding it up and through his head.  

Looking around it seemed as if she had a good 5 or so more.  Out of the corner of her eye a humanoid took out some sort of gun, but before Prima could react she saw it aim the gun at her sword.  A beam shot out of it turning her sword into rubble.  Prima looked in disbelief at the humanoids weapon.  It looked like something straight out of the movies.  While she was frozen in time one of her humanoids took his fist and pushed it into her mouth.  Sending Prima to the ground.  She fell onto the ground with a hard force.  It was obvious they didn’t think too much of her for they didn’t rush to attack her while she was down.  “Mommy!,” screamed a shrill voice in terror.  IT was Primrose.  The humanoids looked up spotting the little girl quickly.  “ NO!,” shouted Prima as rage and fear fell over her.  One of the humanoids came at her daughter quickly grabbing her and putting her under his arms.  Prima jumped up only to have the 4 other humanoids grab at her.  She watched as her daughter fought the man and to no avail got loose.  Bending down low to the ground Prima popped up throwing all of the humanoids of her and charging full force at the one holding her daughter.  Never once taking her eyes off the girl.  Grabbing her daughters sword of her back she pushed the blade straight into the humanoids face.  Primrose began to scream as she watched her mother.  Before Prima could pick up her daughter and run, the remaining humanoids pounced on her throwing Prima to the ground.  Prima struggled as one of them held her hands behind her back.  Tears began to stream down her face as she looked at her daughter.  “ GO NOW.  GO TO LISA.  DON’T WORRY IM COMING.  I WONT LEAVE YOU!” yelled Prima as they put something around her neck.  She watched as her daughter ran down the sidewalk never looking back.  Prima felt the energy leaving her as the collar like device settled around hr neck.  One of the humanoids took their fist and hit on her head.  It wasn’t a deadly blow but it knocked her out.  Prima’s world went black.  The humanoids then took her body and carried it onto the ship.  Placing her into a cage. 


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marisol looked around the room, there was adult toys whips and leather, marisol couldnt believe her eyes, later that night the boss had every girl down stares for dinner, she didnt eat she just looked around at all the females , who were skantilly dressed they were at the mercy of a man, marisol hated him already, she was a ninjan a women wwarrior race and her she was being humbled by a man, she started to grab her knife,jump across the table and kill him, but she had a shock collar on her that would shocked. after dinner marisol and veronica were washing dishes, SO HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN IN HERE marisol asked veronica,she replied with a southern accent I'VE BEEN IN HERE SINCE I WAS 12 AND I'M 36 NOW marisol looked down she didnt want to be here that long, she hated her life already being so far from ninjeta, she was getting homesick,she retruned to her room and faded to sleep, when she awoke in the morning there was a knock at her door....it was her first client, making an appointment he told her he would be there tomorrow, shortly afterwards she was visited by veronica, who seemed to be happy , YOU GOT YOUR FIRST CLIENT!!!! marisol was less enthusiastic. she didnt want to have sex with a man she didnt know, she had to think of a plan, she couldnt leave herself vulverenable to being, she went downstairs and got premission to go into the back yard, there she took her knife she had hidden under her skirt and began to cut a peice of tree branch in the form of a arch or bow,she then took the piece of rope in her hair that she had kept from a previous bow and stuck it into to slit she had cut on the bark....she had made a homemade bow,she strapped it to her back and made her way back into the house. now it was time to take care of the shock collar, she went into her room and removed the covering on the outlet, she had one one rubber glove and a metal peice in her hand, she put her hand with the rubber glove on at the back of her shock collar, while sticking the metal peice in the outlet, a huge electrical current ran through her body and into the shock collar but it was stopped by her rubber glov, soon the collar shut down from being over heated, she left it own and went downstairs and got a few knives for her bow. she quickly ran back up stairs and got in the bed. she was 17 years old on her greatest mission ever, she had been a member of sigma six and of the 13 assasins, so she knew pressure....she slowly faded to sleep. when she awoke in the morning, her client was at her door asoon as she opened it not giving her time to think,

he picked her up and dropped her on her bed and tore her blouse esposing her breast he then licked her neck, which is supposed to make a ninjan extremly weak, but she didnt have her powers so she was fine, she had enough she bit his lip, and watched him scream in pain, she then rolled over her bed to the other side if the floor out of sight, she soon saw that her boss had came into the room, she drew back on her bow and let the knife fly under the bed and in to his foot he hopped on one foot and began to scream, marisol got up and jumped on the wall and did a spinning kick at her boss she was grabbed by her client, and the boss after recovring from his kick delivered a series of punches in the gut she was able to bring her legs on his neck and then twist the boss and the client both around, she ran down stairs, and out the door stealing his car by shoving her knife in the ignition and turning, the key, she sped off, a local police man seeing this went in pursuit, she was bobbing and weaving in traffic evtually , crashing near the pier, she got out the car  she suddenlt felt stronger  she knew at least her flight had come back to her, she ran on the pier away from the gun shots, and jumped turning around and firing her bow the kfive sped through the air, and boucned handle first on the pier popped up and killed the police man, marisol's luck was back, she was also flying, she decided to head for space to deliver a blow to the bastards that did this to her.