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The Fallen Son

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"I don't understand any of this." Much of the last hour was a whirlwind scenario for Brian. He couldn't contact any of his Dominus colleagues. Instead he was surrounded by a number of S.T.R.I.K.E. operatives like there was some sort of collusion on his end. Skepticism of his motives weren't lost on the Newcastle legacy. However, the commotion did feel foreign to him. Where was this kind of urgency when his city was just another hood?

"She disrupts the infrastructure of the city. Projects meant to heal the community have either gone up in flames or choked on their own blood. That's personal. Like a slap in the face." She's creating division among his people. Old wounds reopened means exploitation by the pacified criminal element. She's awakened the beasts Brian tried to slay. Now L.A.W. appears useless and his tech proven ineffective. Everything's deliberate. The kind of coupe...he pulled himself nearly two years ago. He would be angry if he wasn't disturbingly impressed.

"She's following orders, but for who? Can anyone tell me that!!? Has anyone figured that out?" The last time he came in contact with the Poetic Assassin, he lost himself in her mind. A labyrinth of emptiness that he filled with waves of emotions he absorbed from his crying city. The interaction troubled his soul for months on end. Absence of humanity. It's all he could muster from their clash. Despite his powers, he couldn't decipher the why behind it all. In spite of her disappearance, Brian knew she would return for his city. He just thought....he'd have more time.

"Sir, we're gonna need you to relax." Agent Norfleet was assigned with keeping Brian distracted on the S.T.R.I.K.E. vessel. He'd been given his old Force uniform once more. Its scorched marks were a testament to the grim beginning of Valor City.

"Don't tell me to relax, okay!!? I have friends that I need to find. Family, too. Dammit, these are my people! They're dying, they're dying and I can't help them. For the love of Christ, I want you to tell Ruby...tell whoever's in charge that I want a minute with Ada Guillaume." Brian knew his demands came across privileged. He was in over his head, but he knew he had to try. As he shouted, however, there was a striking pain on the side of his face as the A.I. or "The Grid" connected to his nervous system glitched. A static hologram presenting a woman (@catalina_liafador) played in a loop as he pressed his palms against his forehead.

"Please, I just need a moment. I need closure."

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Dream Aoki was observing video feeds on Raider’s Berg holographic display while scrolling her twitter for livetweets addressing the Valor City terror attack. “That clown girl….” she typed away at her phone siphoning the details twitter correlated from the history of the spotted players involved.

"Not happening."

The viral video a user recorded moments before the University exploded was played in slow motion to capture a freeze frame and face recognition on the cloaked defender and the jesterpunk. She was the only familiar player for the previous attack on Valor City, before it was Valor City. Back when it was Grimm City. That video was the only true and telling footage she could pull to gain clues to the method to the madness. The Hospital attack’s footage was corrupted from the explosions set off including hers. “Kira, I think I can get this clown girl and get more info. We can get Shin to dig around her---”

“Not happening.” a calm bass voice as smooth as whiskey cut her scheme short.

She wheeled around to face the familiar voice, “Soren.” she grinned unnaturally. “Heeyy” Searching the briefing room for Kira, she realized how involved she got into cracking the conspiracy she felt playing out in Valor City. “Where did Kira go?”

“Haven’t seen her. ”Soren Nyerere crossed his arms, scanning over her makeshift workspace. His scan settled on the video blazoned on the hardlight screen. “What is this?” a lighthearted grin traced his bearded face. It was freeze-framed on one of Laughlyn’s minions being launched mid-explosion.

"A story I'm working on for Monarch." she replied. It wasn't a lie. Just not the whole truth. "I needed some high tech equipment for this story as you can see."

"Okay, so what does Shin and Kirara have to do with...Vaylure City?"

"Val-lorr" she corrected him. "Valor. And I was getting help. I needed some help to get what I wanted to get done."

"Ok sorry, but as citizens of --" he said, enforcing some rule. Some law.

"Soren. I know what you're gonna say and I'm NOT a citizen, but I have a place here. I was here just as long as you. I was--" she checked herself and stopped realizing the trauma welling up in her throat. "We can do a lot of help, YOU can do a lot of help outside this country. " she glanced the room, confirming their confidentiality.

"I protect this country. My focus is what fortifies THIS country. We do our part here. We can't save everyone and everything in the world."

"I get it." she said tersely. She understood. She was done talking to him. She was texting Kira to meet her in her quarters to return back to Valor. "I have to go grab some gear in my room before I go back."

Soren let her walk away, it was a fight they had for ages, but Soren never sensed any emotional edge to there back and forths. Something was changing with her. He scanned over the hardlight display of Valor City before leaving to resume his personal task.

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The front doors of the H.I.V.E facility blew in with a thunderous BOOM. The heavy metallic doors being slammed into nearby front desk while the other implanted itself into a wall. She walked in, her head held high as her crimson eyes glowed under the shadow cast by her hood over her face. She wasn’t trying to sneak her way in, oh no, she wanted Zedora to know she was coming for her as her heavy boots could be heard echoing through the numerous halls as they walked along the cold tile flooring. She took a deep breath, the stale air told her no one else was here at the moment, meaning that the two would be able to settle this uninterrupted.

She replayed the memories in her mind. The fight between the two in Kansas, Zedora had mentally controlled Zeon, forcing her to attack her own army of White Cardinals, she made a fool of, at the time, Matriarch. Rage could be felt growing inside her chest with every step she took. She made her kill her own, she tried to kill her, she took her sister and caused harm to her. She had been waiting years for this moment, to spill the blood of that counterfeit Liafador and make her regret the day she was created. Zeon was not going to allow her to escape her, not again. She would pay for the sins against the family... against her blood. This was personal.

“Zedora!” Zeon raged, her Italian accent heavy from anger as it echoed throughout the facility as she began kicking over anything she could. “I’m here to collect your soul!” She pulled out the hilt of her light blade. “Vieni fuori e affrontami!” <Come out and face me!> the walls of H.I.V.E trembled under the roar of the Demoness as she activated her blade, a ruby light humming from the hilt as it lit the area around her. She took in a deep breath to refocus herself. She couldn’t allow herself to become distracted by her own anger, she needed to stay focused, she needed to keep her objective in mind. To drag Zedora to Cardinal Hell. Zeon dragged the blade along the walls of the facility. With every step she took, she closed the distance between the two.

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The archery master stood with his bow drawn tight like a wire, his arms flexed with power that would make even the most powerful humans jealous, though he was just a regular mortal, he stood with the stance and posture of a god, his fearless aura flared around the room, the hooded figure stared fiercely at the high-tech shooter with a gaze that would rival even Medusa's infamous stare. But then the man spoke and holstered his gun, and Connor eased slightly.

"Pointless. She's gone. Left while you were battling it out with the pyromaniac."

The Emerald Archer would lower his arm slowly and un-nock his arrow placing it back in the quiver. The alien seemed to be in pain, this was proven correct when he began bandaging his wounds. But that was all that Connor took note of, he would turn his back from the gunslinger and head in the direction that he had been thrown in by Dreams pyroblast. Stepping through the rubble the Archer would bend down and retrieve the remaining arrows that had been knocked out of his quiver, as he knee touched the floor he heard a throat-shattering scream that shook Connor to his core.

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The Archer would spring to his feet with his arrow's in hand, he would vault over rubble and smoke and glance around with the gaze of an eagle. The scream returned and Connor would swivel around to notice a man who lay on the ground security most likely, his face closed in a grimace, his skin pale and clammy. Every few seconds he would scream, not like a man in some Tarantino movie being tortured, but worse. It had a raw quality, the realness of a person consumed by a pain that knew no end or limit. Then he would go quiet, just panting. Connor felt a pang of pain in his heart I should have been here earlier, at least then he wouldn't have been alone in his torture. Connor would squat down and kneel next to the dying man; lifting him up gingerly and propping him against a wall. The man was broken, one of his arms was crushed and his legs and torso were shattered with a degree of seriousness that made even Connor wince in pain.

With a grip that no man who was whispering with Death should have, the man clasped Connor's arm with the strength of a dying python, blood shined through his once handsome features and he looked desperate and scared. With a voice spoken like the rasp of dry corn stalks in the wind, he would cry to the Archer who kneel down beside him. "My *Cough* *Cough* My family! My little g-girl. My boy. Can you find them for me? Make sure they're alright?"

He would reach a shuddering hand into his pocket and withdraw his phone and a picture showing his wife, son, and daughter, a beautiful family, it showed something that Connor had never gotten the chance to know, he hadn't seen his parents in over 15 years, he didn't know where they lived, or if they were still alive. The Bow Wielder would take the picture within his leather-clad hands and look down at it once again. Despite the circumstances, the man seemed hopeful, even at peace, such a difference then the screaming, pain riddled man he had discovered only minutes before.

I'll find them.
I'll find them.

The Master of Archery would stare at the man and nod once, pulling down his hood and revealing his face to the dying man. Connor felt no need to try and convince this man that he was going to live...because he wasn't. He was going to die. The Archer's dirty blonde hair would reveal itself and the mask would leave his face as Connor decided to face this man with honor, face to face, man to man. "I'll find them for you. I'll tell them of your bravery and fearlessness."

A weight had been visibly lifted from the man's shoulders and he sighed with pain and relief, and tears sprang from his eyes, the relief overtook his features and the salty and wet release of peace crossed over him overpowering the pain. Connor gripped his hand and prayed for him, asking for his guidance and wellbeing as he passed from this world to the next. With a whisper as faint as a soft breeze the unknown man would smile slightly and loosen his grip on the Archer's arm. "Take that b*tch out."Then his arm fell slack, and he breathed no more. The father lies in the half-light, utterly still, eyes open as if admiring the heavens. His lips turning blue, skin transitioning to grey, eyes dull with exploded pupils. He is as lifeless as the fall leaves, but Connor notices that the look of peace the man carried never left him...he had died without fear, and he had passed with no more pain.

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The archer would slide his hand down his face, shutting his eyes slowly. Rising to his feet Connor would put back on his mask and hood and slide the rest of the arrows into his quiver while exiting the room where he saw the Farseeker tucking something into his body armor before he spoke to the Emerald Archer.

"I have to get back to my ship, track that witch and destroy her. Heal enough to pursue. But first I have to fulfill this man's final will. Expose these people for what they are."

With a grip that could snap steel Connor would hold his bow and turn to the Farseeker, the man's final words still ringing through his mind. "No. She doesn't die. Not after tonight. She's going to pay for everything she's done. I'll need your help." Connor's mind raced to a location-based on the Northern China Sea. The tone in his voice left nothing to debate, no question.

"Now you know my intentions. What are yours?"

"You're injured. I'll watch your back, and then we're going to hunt her down and make her pay for everything she's done. Together."

The Hooded Bowman would reach out his hand for a firm shake, and if the Farseeker did so Connor would nod and step out the window. "Lead the way."

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If she could, she'd chuckle in amusement at the irony of Ruby's medical support--they were keeping her alive just long enough to be executed.

Ada lay across the med-bed handcuffed to a nearby wall, STRIKE was taking extra measures to ensure Ada did not escape.

"You're lucky to be alive. The Arrow nearly killed you" the nurse called out preparing an ointment that alleviates the pain--they didn't know she was resistant to pain. "The arrow did what the archer intended it to do. But I was never in any real danger. For the Archer did wha..." Ada halted for several reasons mainly because Director Ruby and Agent Norfleet returned with Brian Newcastle in tow.

Ada's green eyes fix to his frame, standing about 6 feet, stringy brown hair; and emerald eyes that mirror her own, he was a sight to behold. Though the beard was a bit much.

"Brian." She said beyond the glass eying him with angst. She couldn't hear what Ruby was saying to him, but she deduced Ruby was granting him an audience with her. As the door opened and he moved in Ada's eyes look past him to Norfleet and then Ruby, they wouldn't be exiting any time soon.

"Oh, Brian. This world has not been so great to you. Pretty soon it will be hard to distinguish you from me. What did I always tell you? No one stays blue for long. How can I help you?"

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Smouldering, fire licked the the city of Valor like a hungry kitten with a saucer of milk, crackling, playful, gentle at first, fire flickered, flared, leapt, spat, shower of sparks like a fountain, plumes of black grey smoke, wound itself around the city like a great hungry serpent, devoured everything in it's path, choking clouds of noxious smoke, inferno, blazing, out of control, ash floating to the ground like great dirty flakes of snow, showering onto everything, sprinkling onto the ground.

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Thomas Richards stood behind a pillar using the cover as he made his way closer to the western part of Valor. The Outlaw's body shined with fresh blood that wasn't his own as he eliminated all the resistance he came across ninja AND Zombies alike. The last survivor of the Caste wasted no time slaughtering all his enemies.

Slipping one of his pistols into his hand he vaults out of his cover and let loose fire. The moment played out in slow motion, the pistol followed the arc his body swung in, the sudden movement out the corner of his eye caused someone to panic and

He didn't even think to shoot, but his body thought for him, his trigger finger squeezed in and a single shot fired.

The sound was swallowed by the screams and fire, so the dead body came out as a deadened thump. After several long minutes of navigating Valor City Thomas finally came to a STRIKE barricade. The Outlaw had no time to tell them to hold their fire, because at that moment Thomas felt and invisible force of energy shove him backward.

The Crimson Slaughterhouse flew backwards and crashed into a wall groaning out in slight pain he'd bow his head and rise to his feet. Narrowing his eyes under his helmet he'd get a good look at the attacker...or attackers?: A female, powerful build. Resembled several other beings that Thomas has been studying.

The Crimson Hood would cough slightly and sprint forward as the Android unleashed her attack, several psionic daggers would scream through the air towards Thomas and the STRIKE forces. The Outlaw would weave in and out of the daggers, letting his body become a leaf in the wind, feeling the air carry out his movements. An explosion of air would blast the Sanctuary apart...but Thomas managed to grapple away from the blast and make it to safety.

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Stepping out of the shadows Thomas would walk up to the woman with his pistol in hand and he'd point it at her. "It would be a lot easier if we don't fight and you just surrendered or talked, don't you agree?"

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He holds out his hand. A gesture of trust. I grasp it in mine, turning to him as he demands his own variety of vigilantism, volunteers as an escort to my ship. "You want to 'make her pay'? Very well. I do not see a way this does not end in her blood, but so be it. This time I will yield to your custom. Your definition of what is just." I pause, and the silence that hangs between us speaks for me.

But do not expect me to spare her, should you fail.

A light flashes against my eye. The tactical display on my HUD informs me that signal has been restored between myself and my ship, that remote access has been restored.

"Sanngetal, initiate takeoff procedures. Confirm."

Confirmed. Takeoff procedures initiated successfully.

"Sanngetal, extraction required at current coordinates. Confirm."

Confirmed. Sanngetal en route to current coordinates. Approximate time of arrival, four minutes.

I stagger to the parking lot, looking back at the carnage I have wrought by inaction. Had I delivered the dead man to her, I could have prevented this devastation. Had I been faster, stronger, I could have slain her before she uttered her damning command. I reflect on this in silence, part of me regarding those within as slaughtered animals, another mourning the death of creatures so clearly sentient, so clearly being. They too had dreams and hopes. I am reminded of this as the metal drive presses against the mesh between myself and my armor.

"We don't need to go anywhere. My ship will arrive soon. Then we can pursue."

Even as I say it, I note the billowing clouds of smoke against the orange red sky. Somewhere more are burning. More dreams dashed by early death. The night is punctuated with their screams, and I am reminded once more of the cunning possessed by the demonness I pursue. Even now she presents me and the archer with the same dilemma. Chaos infects the streets as surely as it did this place. People suffer and burn as she flees, and with this suffering she diverts those that might give her chase. I glance above at the sky fortress she disappeared into, wondering if it belongs to her, or perhaps represents a third party. Foe or friend, I remain unsure. But I will find out.

I nod over to the archer as the ship begins to touch down, indicating he should board as I begin to as well. I retrieve the bio-gel from the medical area and spray down my wounds, stitching them together with sloppily conjured scar tissue, maneuvering all the while to the front of the ship. I guide it toward the skybound battleship, applying the shiftmatter shielding, adjusting its color to match the mild orange glow of the burning sky.

As I speed forward, I relay a message to the imposing aerial superfortress.

"You have sheltered the terrorist, Ada Guillame, who is responsible for the deaths of hundreds of people in the city of Valor. For what purpose have you hidden her from those that would demand justice?"

As I speak I prepare the Sanngetal's auto-guidance systems, indicating that my new ally should prepare to bail as my own ship makes its way to the helicarrier's surface. The Sanngetal has no weapons, so our insertion will rely solely on speed.

We will capture the monster that began this slaughter and drag her and her cohorts into the light. Her current captors, or saviors, can not stop us.

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@thomas_richards: @ziccarra_liafador

"You need to evacuate this area the androids are two blocks from blasting through here." Dream demanded. "Is there anybody else you know still here?"

The Valor resident spoke under his breath. Something indistinguishable to Dream.

The sound of battle screamed through the air. The androids were approaching. Time was crucial. "Kira get him ported. I'm checking for more people."

The Japanese jumper created a pink portal to safety as Dream pushed into the man's house. It smelled sterile. The furniture placement was eerily static.

"HELP ME!--" a preteen black boy ran to Dream from the living room for help.

Before she could register, concussive energy blasted her off the ground and into the adjacent wall, knocking framed photos down with her. Catching her bearing she could hear the rapid sound signature of Kira's portal emerging and reemerging. Kira was fighting, trading blows and buffers with the man.

"Kira don't let--!"

On the floor, Dream glanced the teen huddled in the corner of the living room between the wall and a couch. Up above she saw Kira's pink heel slam out a portal into the man's cheekbone before disappearing back into the portal. The journalist assisted her attack with a powerful and blinding blast of pyrotechnic energy. The man barreled through the wall and onto the street where androids marched forward.

On the street, the man transformed into a feminine figure with blue skin and tangelo orange hair before Dream's eyes. "Kira don't let--!" The Ziccarra androids overtook the streets and the shapeshifter disappeared within their march.

Dream sprint off onto the sidewalk blasting at the Ziccarra androids formation attempting to break the invader's disguise once again. "Kira, get that boy ported to safety!"

Up ahead Dream saw a red-helmeted man in a biker jacket armed with two pistols. What does he think he's gonna do against an army of androids besides waste his mags? she thought. Either he had a trick up his sleeve she overlooked or he was deadset on dying in some personal blaze of glory with West Valor.

Simultaneously tapping her pyrotechnic ability she summoned a white-hot explosion of flashfire rated at 1300 degrees Celcius at the center of the androids formation; Dream flanked the red helmet speaking: "You're outmatched. My friend can port us out of here."

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Everything was going according to plan, those naturally suited for survival would go on, the weaker elements would be washed away like Grimm. It was an elaborate distraction, one the heroes committed to without hesitation; but the real battle has yet to come. Destruction on a level twice the size.

Zedora eyed the development of her Ziccarra android assault on the S.T.R.I.K.E. sanctuaries; everything was going according to plan, at least until she felt the doors of H.I.V.E.'s inner sanctum blast open and the familiar stench of Liafador blood saturated the facility. "Zeon..." It was a woman she was all too familiar with. Zedora was essentially created by the Liafador family the day she turned on them was the day the Society and the House of Liafador have been engaged in a battle that spans universes.

"Foolish Organic" her voice boomed through the walls of the facility. She was connected to every piece of Society tech even the androids.

"You Liafadors are putrid worms, but you Zeon. You're a maggot"

Pushing away from her desk the fabricated Liafador activated the Fusion Symbiote, the small metallic bug begin to trail across Zedora's frame enhancing her durability, and reaction times. Rising from an elevator in the floor Zedora confronted Zeon her steely blue eyes locked on the unholy Liafador.

Zedora could update her mental files on anyone she came into contact with through the satellite, but for some reason, she had no files on Zeon after her fight with Ziccarra. "You've somehow managed slip the capabilities of my satellite, but your sister hasn't. Do you know she's in this city? I think after I've finished with you. I'll pay her another visit."

Pushing her hands outward, Zedora fired a singularity to crush Zeon with pulverizing gravitons. Zedora has been waiting for this moment since Asgard.


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[Scanning for threats] The Ziccarra Android's processor begins a thermal scan of the area picking up several signatures, but honing in on an immediate flash of fire that nearly overloaded her senses.

An organic standing about 6 feet with a red helmet intercepted her position with a pistol pointed in her direction. [Analyzing Threat. Pistols inconsequential ] "Your resistance is futile organic"

[Analyzing offensive strategy... executing offensive manuevers] Throwing her shield hand out horizontally, Ziccarra's shield bounces off a nearby pillar before ricocheting across the sanctuary, while the whizzing shield bounce back and forth The Great Goddess teleported immediately closing the distance between herself the masked gunmen, and the flame wielding woman that'd just arrived.

In line with the attack mastery of the late Ziccarra Liafador, the Android low kicked with her left leg toward the gunmen aiming to knock him off balance, however, she'd pivot on her right foot allowing her to spring back towards the woman's direction just in time to catch her shield with her right hand, in an attempt to send the hull of her extraterrestrial shield slamming into the woman's face.

[Incoming orders...downloading]

[New Target Acquired. Create a break point, assassinate interim mayor]

[Applying orders]


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Time to fight.
Time to fight.

The Crimson Outlaw stood still like a warrior from Rome awaiting battle. In a normal situation, Thomas would be bubbly with energy, perhaps even loud and excited, screaming with pent up energy that refused to be tamed. But now. In this scene of battle and death Thomas' heart rang with anger, uncharted and unfiltered anger. But when the woman showed up...That was the breaking point of his patience. At that moment, Thomas was blinded by an extreme wave of fire and a five-course serving of rage that tasted bitter, yet surprisingly satisfying. With a painful clench of his jaw Thomas would lift his pistol instinctively and point it at the unknown woman in less than a moment; only lowering his hand when she suggested help.

"You're outmatched. My friend can port us out of here."

Without even looking at her the Outlaw would shake his head, still staring ahead at the Ziccarra android. His gaze, even through the helmet was withering, the white glare of the lenses of his helmet were intended to throw off. But no one needed the helmet to know Thomas was pissed. "No. Do you see anyone else on the front lines to stop this thing as she destroys every living thing in sight? No. So I'll stand, and I'll fight. Help, or get out of my way."

Then without a second glance to Dream Thomas would stride forward and at the same time he would holster one of his guns while cocking back the other. In his hand he held a M1911 pistol with .950 caliber Adamantium hollow point armor piercing shells.

The Red Hooded man would shift slightly on his feet to prepare for when the Android struck, and as predicted she did so. But not before announcing her intent to do so.

Your resistance is futile organic"

Even the stoic Outlaw couldn't keep from letting loose a quick chuckle before finally turning to Dream and taking full notice of her presence. "She actually just said that. Get ready, she's about to do something."Then at that moment he heard the cruel hiss in the air as the Android launched her shield seemingly nowhere. While Thomas wanted to follow the shield he knew something so obvious could only be a distraction, and so he kept his eyes forward...but the Android was gone. "Oh f-" There was a poof in the air as the space in front of him was suddenly filled with the Android. Though the sight was sudden...and frightening...Thomas didn't flinch, nor did he move at all. The Ziccarra fake would snap her left leg out to Thomas trying to destroy his balance, and while her blow connected, and knocked Thomas back several didn't destroy him. The Helmeted Outlaw would get knocked several inches into the air and pain would flash through his body with heat as white as paint; but his balance was never compromised. Instead he would twist his body in the air while subtly tilting backwards until he had performed a full backflip and had landed back on his feet in the same position as before. But with slightly more bruised ribs.

Thomas watched as the Android twisted and flung to Dream in a quick attempt to completely annihilate her. Outlaw didn't jump in for two simple reasons.

  1. Dream Low-Key deserved it.
  2. Thomas was observing the Android and how she moved and operated.

After Android Z finished her assault on Dream Thomas would nod to himself quickly preparing his own. Thomas suspected that this Android was advanced. Probably on a god level. But that didn't mean that Thomas was out for the count. The adoptive son of Raysh Al Shaytan readied himself and...began to perform martial art tricks?...

No Caption Provided

The Crimson assassin would suddenly leap away from the fake Liafador and begin performing several quick tricks. While at first it may seem embarrassing and kind of stupid, Thomas would unveil his reasoning for doing so, because on his third and final trick, a magical Blade Of All would appear in the air...and Thomas would corkscrew kick it straight towards Ziccarra's fake face.

Despite not being able to teleport like the Android, Thomas was able to cover the distance between them almost as quickly, the Transhuman just needed a distraction, and the sword had provided that, if he managed to strike her, the sword would dissipate into the air leaving a strong scent of magic and copper. But if she caught the blade or touched it, she would find herself potentially severely burned due to the fact that only Thomas could wield the Blades Of All. If the blade had missed completely it would simply vanish.

Now that his distraction had been initiated Thomas Richard sprung forward with inhuman speed closing the distance between them in less than a second, but instead of stopping and attacking Thomas kept moving, a Blade Of All appeared in his free hand and he gripped his pistol tightly in his other. Sprinting forward Thomas would hold his arm out horizontally; hoping to drag his sword against the Androids arm socket, and after running past her he would skid to a stop and attempt to let loose two Ada-Vibranium bullets to the backs of her legs towards her kneecaps.

Thomas would glance towards Dream to check on her wellbeing, and if she was ok enough Thomas would gesture to her. "Can you do an explosion?"

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The Revival

His adrenaline spiked. It's like a high whenever he sees her. Brian feels the kind of excitement a man experiences when he's in love, but it's not Ada Guillaume his heart flutters for. It's the opportunities her devastation leaves behind. As he approached, the Newcastle legacy grinned like he was greeting an old friend.

"Y'know if I had my way I'd punt your head straight into the Honor Valley River. Right where your little friends destroyed the bridge between Valor and Gothic." Her actions would eventually lead into an actual disconnect between the cities. It was difficult keeping up with the displaced citizens in his city and the protests that came about.

"Keeping peace ever since hasn't been easy and I'm sick. No, no, no, I'm sick AND tired of being blamed for your attacks." His gloved fingertips pressed into the palms of his hands. Despite his best efforts to finesse bad situations into profitable outcomes, the son of valor was mentally tapped out. She took everything away from him once again. His return home was traumatizing. He couldn't fathom the work it would take to rehabilitate his community once again.

"I really don't get it. I'm the hero. I'm the one trying to teach this city how to rise above. I'm the role model and I'm still compared to someone as low as you." It doesn't make any sense to Brian. He spent a few weeks away from the city and somehow they'd gone amiss without his guidance. Why was he expected to play god's watchful eye? Moreover, why was he placed on this pedestal if all that he received in return was ridicule?

"I'm starting to realize something important. That my sense of responsibility shouldn't be for this city. Maybe it should be for me...for us." As the Grid suddenly came back online. Social media feeds were running rampant with hashtags criticizing his inaction. It agitated him. The constant pushing around. He wasn't their puppet. He wouldn't be her pawn. He wanted more. He deserved more.

"So, what do you say?" He offered an olive branch. It was a chance to start anew. If she declined, however, Brian would do the unthinkable. He'd take his hands and attempt to wrap his hands around her throat. How that ended was solely dependent on how fast STRIKE could separate himself from Ada. As much as he was enthralled by the possibility of reviving his reputation...the adrenaline pumping through his veins with his short temper would only incite the worst of him.

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The Revelation

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" Brian, I gave you a chance." Her reply was brief, but she was not permitted to say anything else as his hands press around her neck cutting off the oxygen to her brain. Ever alert, Ruby Gallagher and Agent Norfleet, stormed the room guns drawn forcibly removing Brian off Ada.

As the two S.T.R.I.K.E agents tried to push the passionate savior out of the room, Ada overcame her affixation momentarily to halt them.

"M-My Great Grand Father was a Pianist living in France back in 1939, He like everyone in my family were Jewish. He recalled the anti-Semitic speeches of Adolph Hitler, and he warned his community that if they did nothing great horrors settle upon our community. So you know what he did? Instead of saving them, he began to kidnap their children. When the Nazi's took France in 1940, the parents of these children were all shipped off to death camps; my grandfather shipped their children to America. My Grandfather was a proactive figure, Brian. You? You're reactive--and the worst kind. You're emotionally reactive. Ada's eyes dart directly in Ruby's direction, Ruby's past as an Anti-Semitic wasn't lost on the French-born Jew; but it appeared life brought on changes.

Ruby Gallagher stepped in between Ada and Brian to regain order. "Alright that's enough, Agent Norfleet take Brian to my office. I'll send a team in to escort her to the cells." Norfleet grabbed Brian by the arm to escort him out, but of course, the Poetic Assassin had one last thing to say.

"Every time I've infiltrated a city I've completely neutralized communications, you know why? Because the ability to communicate is a seam to be exploited. For example, Commander Gallagher do you know how many of the Agents that returned from Valor are your Agents?"

Ruby pulled back a bit before everything went black, a jolting round from the pistol of Agent Norfleet deposited her body on the ground.

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Norfleet kept her weapon pressed against Brian, As Ada strolled over Commander Ruby's body. "Under different circumstances, I would've jumped at the chance to oppose you, Ruby, but for now. Go in peace. Agent Norfleet, get everything in order, I want Ruby Loyalist jettisoned and I want this vessel out of Valor City skies.

"As for you Brian. I'm offering you a choice. Join MY ranks. Or burn with your city."


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The autopilot weaves us into the silent fortress' airspace as an incoming transmission crackles to life. At first there is speech. Demands for identification, clearance of their sovereign airspace, but then the voice moves further away. Becomes small and distant. Then the loud, snapping crack of gunshots erupt from the speakers, and the radio operator falls silent.

The next thing I see is a flash of yellow white light from the airship's starboard side, followed by ten thousand more. Without warning, a hail of anti-aircraft fire erupts from the ship. The Sanngetal bobs and weaves through the dense cloud of death, evading most of the projectiles, occasionally jerking from the impact of those that it cannot avoid. I watch as the status indicators for the ship steadily move from optimal to functional, functional to damaged, damaged to critical. The bluish tint decays into green, yellow and finally red as the Sanngetal is continuously hammered by the dense wall of fire.

I take manual control, attempting to evade the hail just as a new warning screeches onto my HUD. The airship's power draw has become overwhelmingly channeled into a single object. Before I have time to predict what object might be, it fires.

The projectile is too fast to react to, the warning comes too late. Magnetic forces propel the dense metal projectile directly into the Sanngetal's cockpit, the dart then exploding within its confines. The cockpit's display dies as I feel shrapnel dig into my chest, arms, legs, and throat. The lights within the ship lay ruined and destroyed, and the controls become unresponsive as blackness wells around me. The ship begins its rapid, unplanned descent, careening into the ground below.

I glance back over to my newfound ally. The seat he is strapped to remains relatively untouched. Through the blood dripping from my shattered horn, I can see him attempting to free himself from the safety restraints. Instead I pull the switch to eject him from the Sanngetal altogether. A protective foam shell forms around the seat he is in is before it is summarily ejected through the ship's bottom. Through the cracks in my helmet and the multiple warnings flashing across the broken display, I do not see where he lands, or if he was even in the seat at all.

I pull a particularly long shard of steel from my throat, choking on the stream of blood that seeps down my windpipe before I apply the bio-gel to it. I follow the same procedure with other slivers as the ground approaches at frightening speed. There is little I can do.

I toss the empty gel canister aside, securing myself in the pilot's seat as the ship slips past a burning building. I shut my eyes, brace for impact, and pray that this is not my last crash landing.

I feel the impact, and then nothing.


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@thomas_richards: @ziccarra_liafador:

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Dream transmuted the kinetic energy from Catalina’s android shield into explosive pressurized gas, like an airbag, that launched her into the air and landed her back onto the sidewalk. This decreased the physical impact. The android had the strength to crack her ribcage with a punch. Championing the residual pain of the androids buffered attacked, she stood back onto her feet. The journalist saw that Kira had ported the boy to safety and would return any second. The red-helmet was a daredevil, but Aoki thought his steadfast on fighting the android was foolish. She learned at a young age the sanctimonious heroes died brutally. Battles had to be chosen wisely to survive.

“Can you do an explosion?”

Protective pyrotechnik energy crackled around her to ward off the android’s seemingly light speed strikes. She decided on creating a pyrotechnic chain within the Android to set off an explosion within it’s internal components. She made eye contact with it’s azure blue glare. The light in the android’s eyes was enough energy to set off the internal and explosive chemical reaction. An electronic stroke. Exactly what exploded internally was up for speculation. Optics. Motor functions. Processor. Telecommunications. Falling on the good side of the spectrum Dream was precise and careful with her power. As a Daughter of Mi'Bith she would have nuked the robot; although, decades of the environmental impact of nuclear fallout wasn't something she wanted weighing on her conscience leaving the remains of Valor.

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"Foolish Organic You Liafadors are putrid worms, but you Zeon. You're a maggot"

Zedora’s boomed throughout the facility as Zeon continued to march through. She was the one who was responsible for the start of the downfall of Zeon and her reign as Matriarch. Everything after her encounter with Zedora spiraled out of control. Marcus, Ziccarra, Jessica, her father… it all fell out of her control and Zeon felt irrationally, at this moment, it was all Zedora’s fault.

All the words did was give her strength and reassurance that she was meant to be here in this moment. Rage coursed through her body as if it was life giving blood that kept her alive. When she breathed, you could see faint heat waves radiating from her mouth from the hellfire. As her eyes laid upon the metallic frame that now hugged around Zedora and her crimson eyes glared back at the opposing sapphire eyes.

"You've somehow managed slip the capabilities of my satellite, but your sister hasn't. Do you know she's in this city? I think after I've finished with you. I'll pay her another visit."

It was the all she needed to hear. She dared to threaten the life of her sister. A godless roar escaped from Zeon’s lips as a golden glow was seen pulsating from her chest that radiated up to her neck. The hellfire of Cardinal Hell itself was her blood. She was the Queen of Cardinal Hell. She wasn’t about to allow a petty tube experiment speak to her like this. As Zedora threw her hands forward, she felt a crushing force come over her as it forced Zeon to drop down to a knee.

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She grit her teeth as she pressed her free hand to the ground as a Hell Portal opened up underneath her. The Cardinal Hell Queen dropped into it as she suddenly appeared above the False Liafador, bringing down her crimson energy blade forcefully with a ‘Vrummmummmmm’ as the blade cut through the air and towards Zedora.

As she landed on the ground she would then forcefully throw her free hand forward as she attempted to slam her palm into Zedora’s sternum point in her chest with her inhuman strength. This was to try and compress the heart between the sternum and her spine to attempt to cause injury to the heart.