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One year and Eight Months Ago, The Poetic Assassin debuted in grand fashion, disguised as missionaries. The then Rouge Faction under the leadership of Ada assumed control over various South African villages to exploit and essentially destroy the Liafador Family financing entity Liafador International. That was personal.

One Year and Three Months Ago, Dhalia took aim on the dilapidated city of Grimm. With three surgical strikes, simple, by highly effective strikes. In the aftermath Grimm City and it's would be heroes buckled. In the aftermath of the Grimm City disaster, she rose as the clandestine foe known only to a handful; but the definitive "savior" of Grimm became Valor City's visionary--Brian Newcastle.

Over the course of the last couple of months, the former Red Cardinal found herself in an unusual alliance with Zeon Liafador, Ada found herself in possession of a cosmic book that housed the secrets for how "Man" could kill gods. What Ada hadn't anticipated was the events by the famed "Horned Saint" that transpired in Gothic would hand Valor City to Ada on a silver platter.

The Order successfully assassinated Valor's Mayor just a couple of months before the election season. Now with him gone, the scene was set for the Order, Ada, to establish a puppet government in Valor.

The Gothic Purge sent Thousands of refugee's flooding the city limits of Valor, at first the citizens of Valor welcomed them with open arms. Now seven months later? The Gothic Refugee was beginning to become apparent on the streets of Valor. Schools were becoming flooded, Shelters across the city were at max capacity, certain districts across the city were seeing a rise in Nativism, due to the rise in crime--crime was synonymous with Gothic.

The Gothic Refugee's that were promised safe-haven but ultimately ignored, shared a similar sentiment with those of the Old Grimm City, they too were promised favor in Valor City but was eventually silenced by the Valor City Elite.

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In the first of many conflicts, Ada's goons kidnapped the Interim Mayor's son. Her guards posing as Gothic/Grimm Sympathizers kept him stashed near the port. They hadn't put out an official statement regarding his well-being but they would shortly.

The Summer Time Mercenary, Royce Dallas arranged for various shipments of weapons to be sent to radicalized groups across the city. One had been stopped earlier, after the debacle, she made sure she hired some "Help"

The Lonely Shepard, Jameela Sircar was with the interim Mayor feeding information back to the woman overseeing the car of his son.

Last but not least was technology, The Machine Matriarch Zedora, though not aligned with the order, would impose strict restrictions on communications within the city limit rendering most devices useless for tracking. Both Gothic and Grimm took heavy losses in the last year, so much so that Valor became a safe zone for protest for people to speak out about the recent string of tragedies that plagued them. 'Fight for the Fallen' that was the call to rally.

"And when Alexander saw the breadth of his domain, he wept for there were no more worlds to conquer. But he was the victim of being a great man at the wrong time. Because the mind is a world, and a controlled mind is a battlefield."

Ada was aware Brian Newcastle knew she was in the city, but for the time being, she'd allow Royce and Jameela to take the lead. She needed to finish priming their candidate for the coming election.

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Valor City

By his touch, they'd been raised from the weeds and dirt that they - and all dead things - called home. Some were pale as though their skin did not react to the Sun. But others had skin that was twisted, wasting, and cold. If they had a voice, it was a soulless whisper. And if they had a heart, they would feel. In a world where darkness swarmed the boundaries of sight, they stood motionless and bound to the will of the Red Shinigami. Slayer of the Strigidae Secret Masters, weaver of the Purge, and descendant of the Brahma Bull. It was cold, as though ice settled on the skin in a frozen sheet. Such was the Shadow World and the otherness that hung there. On a throne forged from shades of black, Kellan the Shadow King, felt the problem of evil sit heavy in his mind.

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His skull was a weight, his head full of thought. The evil he had chased from the streets of Gothic had a found a home away from the terror he commanded. A safe haven by the name of Valor City. And one built from the ruins of a city burned to ashes by the madness of Ada Guillaume. The Red Shinigami had come for Valor, and in time, he would come for her as well. For now, he smiled, his expression changed by the subtle curl of his mouth. He lifted a hand, the gesture burning a command into the minds of his undead legion, and by his will they strode out the Shadow World, climbing out the shadows in small contingents throughout Valor. In time, they'd crawled into the underground holdings of supervillains, and snuck into the seediest of nightclubs. Soon, violence flared. The guttural screams of career criminals, supervillains, and mafiosos bounced against the walls, before being drowned out by the sickening crunch of crushed bones.

The chaos spilled into the streets, and Kellan's undead painted the pavement red with strokes of their victims' blood. A hailstorm of gunfire tore through undead flesh, and pyrokinetic villains spat gouts of fire at people long thought dead. But as the battle raged, a distraction meant to entice valiant hearts, a whisper of Kellan's legion strode elsewhere. They slithered through the shadows of graveyards, paralyzed the groundskeepers, and tore through stone and soil to dig out the dead. They were to be dragged back to the Horned Saint, for his soulless touch to awaken them from their harrowing sleep, and for the evil in Valor to stay awake with the monster it'd been given.

On his throne, the Horned Saint laughed and waited.

To raise his army or boil those who defy salvation.

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'How ironic' she thought stretching after a brief nap. The USS Grimm was one of the ships that transported refugee's from Gothic City to Valor during the crisis, now this ship was being used to hold fourteen-year-old, Zack. Ada's goons scooped him from school the day the mayor was assassinated, the Interim Mayor had been working arduously to locate his missing boy. Belle was more so a figurehead, she was simply getting paid to represent a "Gothic presence" The armed gunmen moving about the ship were on payroll from the order, they received their commands from "The Lonely Shepard" Jameela. At the present moment, they were being asked to finally reveal that Zack was alive. He was, but he was being manipulated by Belle's pheromone to keep him somewhat sedated throughout the entire ordeal.

While the Order begins there ransom video, The Marijuana Mistress strolled to the deck for some fresh air. In the Valor city distance, she could make out the screams in the distance. Had the crazy clown finally begun to distribute the weapons to the factions waiting on them?

As her eyes honed in on them, she could tell these beings were not apart of the plan. "Oh, looks like we've got a third party involved" While it appeared the Eco-terrorist was talking to herself, she was actually relaying information back to Jameela who just happened to be with the Interim Mayor.

It wasn't long before the L.A.W's commissioner authorized both Heavyweight and Microwave weapons, to deal with what Belle could only assume was the undead. 'This was not, what I agreed on' She thought, conjuring one of the massive water plants she had it post guard outside the ship to ward off any of the 3rd parties advance on her site. She was getting impatient and after a while, she was fully prepared to killing the little brat and making her way back to Colorado.

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Valor City Warehouse District

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“Come on in losers, you’re getting armed!” Lyn laughed as groups of men, women and even children came into one of the many abandon buildings that the Queen of Laughter had taken over. She was busy in Bludstone City when a group of scary looking men approached her and gave her an offer she couldn’t refuse! No really, she couldn’t refuse, they had their blam-O’s pointed at her head the entire time. She was to be give FREE GUNS to all the… well… whoever wanted them she guess because that’s when she stopped paying attention to what she was suppose to do.

“YOU GET A GUN AND YOU GET A GUN, EVERYONE GETS A GUN!” Laughlyn screeched with laughter as she began pulling guns from their crates and tossed them out to the crowd of people who seemed to know she was going to be here giving out weapons. Apparently there was going to be a war of some sort and Laughlyn was always ready to turn a city red!

“Lyn! There’s ninja zombies running the city streets, killing our people!” one of the member of her crew (His name was Bobbie) with half-@ssed clown face-paint on his face came rushing into the warehouse.

Instead of fear, panic or even a hint of anxiety, a smile stretched wide across the woman’s painted face. It was like Gothic City all over again. “Sounds like a whole lot of people are gonna die tonight.” Excitement was in her face as she picked up a grenade launcher and held it over her shoulders. SHE WAS NOT ABOUT TO THIS MISS THIS. “Bobby, you stay and keep passing these weapons out! As for everyone else… LET’S GO B!TCHES, IT’S NINJA ZOMBIE HUNTING SEASON!”

As the large doors of the warehouse opened a large white van pulled out. The side door was open as it drove into the streets and standing at the opening with an automatic assault rifle in one hand and a grenade launcher in the other was seen as her blue eyes were now glazed over with red. Things were about to get to a new level of fun!

As they turned in to downtown, it was then she saw what Bobbie was talking about. L.A.W was already out in front shooting at what looked to be (like what Bobbie said) Zombie Ninjas. Bone chilling screams, horrified cries and ear numbing wails of pain echoed throughout the city. But Lyn? Oh, she was still smiling standing at the open slide door. “PLAY MY SPOTIFY PLAYLIST BOB!”

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In that moment… the intro to what sounded like 1000 Miles by Vanessa Carlton was beginning to play. But instead of Vanessa’s voice coming from the speakers, it turned out only to be an instrumental version of the song and the one singing? Lyn who was screaming Skinbone version of the song. “Riding around the block, with a glock, your @ss bout to get shot!” In that moment she pulled out her Blam-O in each hand as she began firing upon the Zombie Ninja’s one by one by one by one until her clips were dry. “Pew pew pew pew pew pew pew - that’s the silencer” But like normal zombies, the bullets didn’t do anything to them unless shot in the head. She needed bigger guns. She then dropped her Blam-Os as she then pulled out a grenade Launcher. The Van began swerving through the city as a group of the Ninja zombies were now zeroing in on the Queen of Laughter. “BOOMBOOMBOOMBOOM!” She began unleashing a hellfire of grenades as explosions began going off, shaking the streets of the once Glorious Valor City and with it, BLOWING UP SOME NINJA ZOMIBIES! Oh and maybe some L.A.W dudes while she was at it. I mean... why not, right?! “THAT’S THE GRENADE LAUNCHER! I’M GONNA KILL YOU! AND NOW YOU'RE BLEEEDINGGGGGGGG.”

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Valor City - Garden of Eden nightclub

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Dream Aoki cozied in the VIP section of the Garden of Eden nightclub next to the top enforcer from the Gothic City transplant gang, the 88s. She brushed a hay-hued hem of hair from her ear to catch Geron "Matsuda" slather on more sweet talk. "I have this grotto at my place we can check out tonight" She pressed her peach painted lips onto her flute of bubbly Prosecco and sipped, simmering her Midnight Blue eyes on the 88. She scoffed at it all in her head. He was the three times removed Saito merely masquerading the Matsuda mantle in the Western World for clout.

Clout that climbed him to the top of the bottom of the Matsuda syndicate pawns in Gothic City. A pawn she would play for the night to get the lead she needed for her story. Tensions bubbled to a boiling hot hysteria in the wake of the Gothic City migration. A revolution was brewing according to social media discourse, but Dream had her ears to the streets constantly and received tips on a shadowy orchestrated campaign to power. Journalist peers came to the conclusion that the Valor City mayor and Brian Newcastle had a plot in the works to force the hand of uncooperative Congress. Dream believed she had to put her own eyes on the gossip. On her second week in the city the Mayor was assassinated throwing a wrench in her groupchat of journalist conspiracy theory. Things grew more alarming when phone service dwindled to an unbearable crawl. Phone calls barely reached the next neighborhood over. The internet conveniently blocking keywords, applications and sites, including her Telegram groupchat.

With the digital sphere gutted in Valor City, Dream worked the analog spaces she felt were in her threshold of danger. Her voice was airy, but strong. She steered the conversation to the info she wanted from him "I don't understand how all these Gothic refugees couldn't settle in Valor." she pandered to the elitist views he posted on his social media profiles. "You managed to get a penthouse with a grotto" Dream pushed her honey locks behind her shoulders, slightly tilting her head back to show more of her bare neck. Brewing the fragrance of toasted marshmallows and coconut from her perfume. TheSaito brimmed at his ego being stroked.

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"It's all because there's this c--" the Saito stopped mid-conversation as blood spat out his mouth instead of words. The blood splattered all over Dream dissolving her demure disposition to an ice cold one. Saito stuttered words spitting more blood out. She gasped finally breaking her moment of shock, backing away from bloodshot and absorbed the situation to survive. The 88 was on the brink of spilling a gem to push forward her investigation into the Valor/Gothic story and a....zombie? ripped into his back.

Pandemonium erupted in the nightclub with more people sharing the Saito's gory fate. Dream winced at the scenes of macabre, deciding nothing could be done for them and the sinister situation. All she knew was she needed to get to her hotel for a bath and a new lead to develop her crumbling story.

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Connor Drake stood atop a large buildig overlooking Valor City, his bow was clasped tightly in his hand while his quiver trembled as Connor's body sought the power he would need to make this leap. His physical form shook with hidden strength as he leaped away into the nighttime, the stars would twinkle as he reached into his quiver and withdrew a grappling arrow.

Notching it tightly and pulling back with extreme arm strength he would launch his arrow at the building across from his, swinging gracefully the the ground. He strode out into the deserted street with promise as he reached his location. A single guard stood outfront with a determined look on his face. The Emeralds face would tighten as he withdrew an arrow and sent it flying into guards shoulder. Most would wonder why he would dare draw attention to himself, but Connor had a plan, to simply draw out his enemies and get what he needed without any conflict. So the very moment that his arrow left his grip he had disappeared into the darkness, Connor looped around the buildings and head to the back, the opposite side of where his other potential victims were gathered trying to find him.

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As the archer crossed to the back of the building his senses went on overdrive as he heard the faintest sound of a gun clicking. Almost as if his movements had been decided minutes before the encounter Connor would slide his head and to left and sigh when he felt the heat of the bullet skip his head. And as he leaned he sidestepped while notching an impact arrow and letting it fly in one fluid motion. It struck him straight in the face and he slipped into the sweet realm of unconsciousness instantly.

Returning to his mission Connor would beging to open the back door when he heard gunshots and screaming..horrible..bloodcurdling screaming. Moans filled the air and Connor sprinted to the front and his eyes would actually widen underneath his mask. His hood would properly shadow his features, but his mouth was slightly awestruck. "Zombies? Seriously?"

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Running to the front lines Connor would begin withdrawing and shooting multiple rounds of explosive arrows, decimating the area and blowing the undead beasts with little problem. His face would set with determination and he would yell to the crooks behind him "If you don't want to die...Run. Now." Then he'd stare at the Zombies before him...and seriously wish he hadn't been away from civilization for 15 years, because the Walking Dead lore would have been extremely helpful...but Emerald wasn't backing down...and he had a lot of arrows.

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In the pursuit of absolute balance, Ada knew that both Chaos and Order were needed. It was a predicament that called for the use of devious means in most cases, however, if she could attain what she needed without bloodshed

The Sirene Slaughterer descended the stairs of the cathedral to meet "The Elite". These people were the future City Council hand-chosen by the Order to determine the future events of Valor.

Under the previous Mayor and visionary Brian Newcastle, these affluent representatives of the Valor Elite were silenced by the restrictive regime, however with Newcastle missing in action, and the mayor assassinated they were poised to overhaul politics in Valor city.

As the Poetic Assassin approached the table the innocuous chatter came to an abrupt halt, their eyes eerily move in her direction. "Ladies and Gentlemen, our plan is underway. The radical citizens have taken to the streets as we predicted. The Interim Mayor has sent L.A.W into the streets, his son is still being held by a hired mercenary. I've hired another mercenary to ensure that the weapons stay on the streets. You might be wondering what happened to the previous, they're still alive for the time being."

Ada stalked the table before moving to the helm addressing the Order's puppet government with strategic glances. "They are on the east end trying to determine a solution. I have a hit squad in route to their location. But we're here to discuss the aftermath"

Hitting a button on a nearby remote Valor City in its entirety appeared on display in holo form in the middle of the table. "Here you see Valor City" The Poetic Assassin click a button on the remote and lines partitioned the city off. "Ladies in gentlemen welcome to the new Berlin. The city will be split into three parts. The North and East will be you, the Valor City Elite, The South will be the poorer, more pathetic elements of Valor. The West? Don't concern yourself's with the West"

None of them knew it, but the West would be given to the Machine Matriach Zedora, used as a safe haven for her android population.

Finally taking a seat at the head of the table, the Poetic Assassin took a moment to listen to the mounting carnage.

"DEATH TO THE ELITE!" Someone from the table screamed stealing the attention from Ada. It all happened too fast, the man pushed away from the table jamming a knife in the neck of one of the chosen, before dropping a flashbang.

Ada typically didn't use her abilities, but for this occasion she did. Much like her mentor turned nemesis Ziccarra Liafador, Ada's eyes glazed over in an ornate hue before pushing the impact and residue aside with her telekinetic powers.

"He has a hard drive!" someone screamed realizing he'd secretly downloaded the Order's plans.

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She was sure there was nothing on the drive that'd compromise the Order, however, all the plans for Valor were on the line. "Go get my drive...I don't care who you have to kill to retrieve it"

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Wandering about the grimy streets, one can truly steep in the decay of this world. Paupers native and transplanted fight over street corners as the world around them does its best to ignore their existence. The tents begin to dot every underpass. No shelter is left unexplored. The people of "Gothic", with their distinct dialects and mannerisms, are those most often encountered along these unprotected lines.

I stay aloof, along with the rest of the city. I gaze down at them from the rooftops of nearby hovels. I sleep exposed as they do, glad to feel the breeze along bare skin. They shiver at the cold. My eyes shut. I dream of worlds overgrown with greens and yellows. Of life flourishing along a million pathways that do not end in gray, malformed wastes such as these. Yet there is something homely about such places, and those greens do lack the charm of society.

The screams begin again. I ignore them. The people slice and churn against one another endlessly. Thievery and assault seem almost second nature to the dominant creature here.

Then they increase in number. Soon there are too many to drown out. The ground below is a sea of misery, and I am simply afloat above the surface.

I summon my ship, the transponder built into my suit gleams its familiar blue hue, before going red, and then black. Signals cannot escape the air around me. I try again, fruitlessly. I was a fool to drop off without a diagnostics check, but it is not the first mistake I have made.

I stare down into the inky black below, struggling to make out the shapes. It seems the inhabitants of this city have taken to a far more barbaric show tonight. They rip and tear with claw and tooth, ignoring bodily injury in a showing even Rechtan crusaders would admire. Yet there is something deeply disconcerting. Something off about the entire scenario, aside from their lack of concern for the damage the suffer. I switch to thermal imaging. Their bodies are cold. Dead. But somehow not without life.

I can hear the screams of those within the apartment building I rest atop. The high pitched cry of terrified children. Weak, physically immature creatures, mewling for assistance from those of their fellow species. Cries designed to incite a response. Designed to draw members of their animal family to aid them.

It works well.

I place the helmet on and survey the streets below. A 3D image composed of heat and sound, rendered for the eye, appears upon my visor.

There is a shut iron door, its hinges failing, between the building proper and the street. Creatures are smashing at the corners, threatening to bend them in and tear them down in their entirety. A simple solution.

I reach back and pull out the Star's Heart, the scattergun I have used time and time again upon hostile alien life. This will be the first time I use it on something that is not alive. I leap down, tumbling into the fall and rolling off of my shoulder. The noise draws some attention from the small crowd of creatures tearing at the door, but it is too late. I open fire, the heated sparks of plasma setting flesh and cloth ablaze as the creatures now stumble my way. Ineffective.

I fire again and again. Some stop moving. Others do not. Either way the creatures now seem unconcerned with the iron door, though they have managed to drag someone through a hole they have torn in the thin grid. He is heavily tattooed. There is a needle still stuck in his arm, a large curved knife in his opposite hand, and a gushing hole where his throat should be. He mimes a scream, but they are already done with him by the time I think to act.

Now they come for me. I retreat, drawing them away from the terrified whimpers of the apartment building where they are already barricading the doors with furniture and muscle. I move toward the chaos and screams. My pursuers. They are fast for things dead, but I am faster. I shove my way through the streets and into the sounds of despair and terror. Into screams carried on wind and wails echoing across walls. I move to danger. As I have always done.

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For a couple of months now, the former Valor City Mayor (rest in peace) son, Zack, had been missing. The last time he was seen was at school when a group of men (who were thought to be security) took the young teen. Zack hadn’t been seen since then, and while the news had ‘developing coverage’ on the story, they really didn’t. All they would do was bring up poor Zack and how no one knew where he was. But that didn’t stop the Knightfall from trying to find him… dead or alive.

Nicole had been hitting the streets of Valor as Honor Girl, trying to gather information on the boy’s whereabouts, who took him, for what reason. She hit wall after wall. HG wasn’t the greatest detective, but she was stubborn and refused to give up. Just a few days ago she got a very small lead. Some crook she was about to throw to the police for theft spilled small information he had in exchange for his freedom. While Honor Girl never agreed to it, she did listen to the man as he blabbered the information before an agreement could be made.

“He’s with the green woman.”

She didn’t know what that meant. ‘The Green Woman.’. But she was determine to find him. It was then she got a temporary apartment in the more… ‘rough’ parts of Valor and from sunrise to sunset put all of herself into finding Zack. But tonight, all of that may have been ruined. The city was under some sort of attack. The local smaller gangs somehow got their hands on big fire power and L.A.W was now in the streets trying to keep a chaotic city in check while other darker creatures could be seen scattering throughout the streets. It was like The Purge all over again. How did this all happen?

As she stood at the top of her apartment complex, trying to figuring out what was going on, she held a pair of military grade binoculars against her eyes. Nicole then watched a man in strange armor begin his run into stopping these dark hooded creatures as well as a man dressed in an emerald outfit running around. From here she couldn’t tell if either of them were ‘good’ or ‘bad’. It was then she watched as a white van with none other than Laughlyn inside, speeding out of a warehouse with guns blazing. Where did she get those guns? And how did they get into Valor City?

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She turned her body as she looked out into the docks, trying to spot thugs unloading a ship with boxes of what could be guns. There were several ships tied down for the night, but none that looked active at the moment. Or at least she thought, until she caught sight of one that had the words USS Grimm on it and it caught her attention. She looked at it for a while, examining it and wondering why a city like Valor, would allow something that reminded them of their toxic past to be at their pier. But her questions were asked as she saw a woman appear on the deck of the ship. "THE GREEN WOMAN!” Nicole’s head jerked back at the startling revelation.

It was then Nicole, fully clothed in her Honor Girl uniform, descended down to the streets and to her ‘Honor Bike’. She took off into the night, making her way as quickly as she could to the docks.

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Dream Aoki had bathed and cleaned herself of the blood and musk of Saito and donned a powder white, athleisure Juicy Couture jumpsuit, anchoring the hysteria of her fellow hotel guest.

"My husband needs a doctor Miss..."a 40something couple sat on a chaise lounge, nursing the wound of the husband who was attacked as they exited their chauffered G Wagon to return to the Triamph hotel. "He's losing so much blood..."her voice shook with the terror of losing her soulmate.

The Monarch journalist cracked pyrotechnic energy in her hands as she thought up a solution to their problem. I have to find a doctor and medicine."The hospital. Where is it?" she asked the gaggle of survivors

"Valor City's Children's Hospital to the West of here." a Valor City man said. "Gangs probably already set up in there. "

The Aoki Angel popped pyrotek energy in her palms playing with the assorted globules like dice. "I can take care of myself" she casually replied.

She ate the colorful balls of energy like skittles, trapping one between her teeth with a cocky grin . "Wrap a tourniquet around that mans arm until we get medical." she chewed it like bubblegum and blew a bubble that created a weak pop that sounded slightly electric.

With her Chichyayo katana sheathed and asleep she walked out the winding hotel doors into the pandemonium and towards the Valor City Children's Hospital for medical help.

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Battle in the West

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All-day she listened as Valor City finally erupt into a civil war between the Gothic City Immigrants and the Valor City Natives.

She found herself siding with Valor City, believing that the Gothic Immigrants had no claim to the city and that they should essentially return to the cesspit across the bay. However, once she learned of Valor's Grimm past she understood that there was a different story being told. Valor City was built on top of the ashes of Grimm City, but never actually fixed the issues in Grimm; because of it, the 'Gothic Sentiment' was high because there was a large portion of the population still living in poverty.

"Do you think they will come here?" One of her neighbors asked, her voice shaky with fear. Cynthia simply turned to make eye contact but never actually said anything. They'd all come to her apartment, her neighbors; most of them were above the age of 50, and wouldn't be able to defend themselves if the calamity somehow spread to this area. It was making her nervous because, for the most part, her area of the city had been untouched...almost as if it'd be done by design.

"All we can do is hope they don't" Cynthia finally replied before moving back to the gathering around the coffee table. Taking a seat the Android sipped her coffee (Though she didn't need to), but the symbiote hidden in her clothes was becoming unruly--something was happening.

Peering out the window once more the redhead beauty noticed H.I.V.E. transport vehicles depositing Androids on the streets. 'It's happening' She thought to herself. Swiftly walking from the curtains to the far side of the room, she hit the light switch and proceeded to make everyone get down.

The rest was left unattended for a reason, It was being Isolated so that The Matriarch Zedora and the Machine Empire could claim this portion of the city as their own. Downstairs they could feel the androids violently entering the apartment building followed by a flurry of gunfire. Not long after powerful gunfire causes the building to tremor, H.I.V.E and L.A.W were literally fighting downstairs on the first floor.

"They're eliminating humans" Cynthia called out unfazed by the intense shrieks followed by an eerie silence. "I have to go, stay here. Stay away from the Windows. The society uses Spores clouds to immobilize humans. If you get caught in one I can't help you."

They didn't understand, but as the Parasite begin to take hold expanding through her body adding muscle definition, and more of an Amazon stature, they understood--She was an Android.

No Caption Provided

Not just an Android, she was a Super Android only the second ever created by the Society, the first being the Matriarch herself.

"I'll head out and clear the Society from the first floor and move to the communications hub. Something there is blocking the signal. The sooner we shut it down the sooner we can alert the capes."

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She was only paid to ensure the ransom video of the boy was recorded, It was. She assumed that sometime throughout this entire ordeal the Media Blockade would come down allowing them to transmit the message. Her job was done, and as the intensity of L.A.W engaged with the massive outbreaks she could tell there was some sort of big conspiracy going down. L.A.W hadn't even begun to use their most powerful weapons.

Aspen's emerald eyes traced the dim light and followed the irritating sound of the motorbike as it approached the docks. 'Oh, how lovely a visitor' her eyebrows curled with delight. The Valor City festivities awakened a budding seed of destructive intentions.

"Oh, boys!" She called out sending her enthralling fragrance dancing into the wind pulling her controlled henchmen to her side.

"You two, prep the ship for departure. I want to have some fun with this one. You three, make her work for it"

Like the intense aroma of a new candle freshly lit, Aspen's words tumbled from her lips to their nose and superseded her last commands for the sake of better ones. On her command, the gunmen opened fire on Honor Girl as she heroically tried to storm the ship.

Meanwhile, below the decks, the other guards prepared the ship for departure. Though she wasn't sure if those idiots knew how to operate it. Descending back to the lower decks, The Eco-terrorist decided to make this would-be rescuing a difficult one.

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The gunshots ruptured through the air as bullets came flying towards the Rightful Knightfall. Sh!t, she didn’t exactly think all this through! A bullet slammed into her chest, the force of the hit and the speed at which she was driving caused her to lose her grip on the motorcycle as she fell back, landing hard on the ground with a THUD. Her bike continued to drive forward before tipping over and skidding along the ground.

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Her suit was bulletproof (thank you Dr. Knightfall) but damn, that still HURT! She groaned in pain as she grasped her chest before another hellstorm of bullets came raining down on her. She scrambled to her feet, diving behind some cargo containers she needed to come up with a plan, and quickly. She could hear the motor of the boat begin to come to life. Shoot shoot shoot the boat was gonna take off soon with the boy in it! She wasn’t some Goddess who could stop the boat with her bare hands or a all powerful space being who would just teleport the boat onto land. But she would be damned if she was about to let them escape!

As soon as the bullets stopped she pulled out a flashbang grenade from her belt as she chucked it over the container. It went off, letting loose a deafening bang and a blinding flash of light. Nicole jumped over the container as she watched the boat begin to shift away from the docks. She didn’t have any time left! The purple crusader shot a grappling hook to the boat as it connected and Nicole was left being dragged off the docks and now dangling off the side of the ship! Aw crap… she didn’t think this out again! She could hear the men above her who had now recovered from the flashbang. She stayed quiet at the lower portion of the ship as she could see the two men looking out at the docks trying to spot the hero. She took this moment to climb up, her arms pulling her upwards as the men finished loading their guns. As they turned away, thinking they took care of the hero, she pulled herself up to the top, landing behind them with a slight ‘thud’ as they both turned around in unison, their guns pointed at her only to have them knocked out of their hands by her Honor Rangs.

She then jumped into action, pulling out her small collapsible bo staff. She pointed the small metal contraption towards one of the men as it suddenly extended outward, slamming into his face and knocking him flat on his back while the other man came after her. Nicole ducked under the first punch, but the second one landed right at her gut causing her to heave forward, letting out a cough of air from her lungs. She pulled back, taking a deep breath as she realized her bo staff had been dropped. Hand suddenly found themselves around her neck as she was pushed back until her body was being forcefully pushed against the railing of the ship. Her vision was beginning to grow dark as she reached into her belt, pulling a smoke pellet as she slammed it into the side of the man’s head as the two fighters were suddenly engulfed in a thick smoke. It forced the controlled crook to let go of her as she then grabbed him by his shirt and flipped him out of the ship and into the frigid ocean water.

Taking a deep breath she walked out of the smoke, using her foot to kick up her bo staff to her. “I would totally kill for some super powers right now.” she mumbled as she rubbed her neck with her free hand. The people on this ship were well aware of her presence, there was no sense in hiding. She needed to find that boy as soon as she could and get him out of here… a live.

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Queen, Your move

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Ada remained at the helm of the table, watching the bloodstream from the neck of the fallen. Those of them, partial to feelings of empathy attempted in vain to resuscitate him.

"Death to the Elite" She spoke once again drawing their gazes to her almost magnetic presence. "Without strong leadership, you will be hunted. You will be killed, and when it's all said and done. We will lose balance. Keep that in mind."

Ada's eerie warning brought on more innocuous chatter, but the Poetic Assassin didn't stay to hear their concerns. "I need a situation report," She asked moving swiftly past her guards to her Maltese Garb.

"The Crazy Clown has been issuing the weapons as ordered. The Plant Woman still has the interim mayor's son held up on the docks. Our scouts in the west have confirmed Zedora has begun her campaign to cleanse humans from the west. The Interim Mayor has officially declared martial law on the city, anyone caught outside will be apprehended immediately. Other outside sources are moving around the city, however, we cannot determine if they're friend or foe. My Queen. Your move"

Ada wasn't a woman that liked using her powers, she thought of them as a crutch; something only to be used when backed into a corner. Valor was perfectly on pace to essentially crumble, it'd essentially become three cities, to protect the plan..she needed to capture the traitor who stole the drive.

Pressing her eyelids together, the Poetic Assassin tapped into her potent telepathic energy. Normally dormant energy surged to life forcefully pushing her nearby guards to the wayside. Her mind picked up every thought, every frantic mental cry, nearly emotion resounding through the minds of those in distress. Mentally filtering the thoughts to isolate just men, she scoured the mental geography for keywords such as "The Order".

Eventually, she was able to isolate the man positioned around a bunch of medical personnel. "The hospital." She deduced placing her hood over her head. "We have to assume that he's tried to warn someone. So we leave no survivors. Alpha Team will engage L.A.W, Bravo Squad is with me."

The Hospital

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From the shadows of the cathedral, Ada stood with her back to the fight, blade in hand ready to purge. "I don't want any survivors." On her command, the small order assault squad stormed the hospital with the intent on a massacre.

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I dash through city streets littered with the abandoned corpses of the fallen. The iron rich smell of animal blood filters through the mask as I scramble past steel and aluminum carapaces propped up on rubber tires. The crowd that has gathered behind me thins with every turn, until finally my pursuers number in the single digits once more.

A few placed shots and they too are dispatched. Knees crumple inward. Ankles separate from clumsy feet as they tumble onto pavement. I continue my mad sprint into unfamiliar territory. Free.

But not for long. Howls rise up all over the city. Anger, hate and the thunder of death ring out from every street corner. It is a din of catastrophe, a symphony of suffering ringing out from every avenue. I duck away into a dark and quiet corner, stumbling over a gate and into the sweet scent of decay. True death. Sun soaked grasses mixed with the wet scent of fresh dug soil. Cold heavy stones marking the spaces where bodies once lay below. Empty boxes lined in satin and silk, scattered about the grounds. Beside them mounds of dirt pried from the graves mark those plundered.

By the time I stop my breathing is ragged. I crouch behind one of the massive monuments, kneeling as I peel the helmet from my chin and tuck it into the grass beside me. I swallow the cool night air in gulps.

Then comes a flash escaping from below. The muted crack of an explosive device originating from the underside of an ornate stone building adjacent to this garden of graves, a burst of movement shortly following. A runner. Pursuers follow seconds after, glints of hard steel well in hand. The situation is immediately apparent. If I do nothing, he will die. If I intervene, I put myself between him and his myriad pursuers.

I hesitate. They do not. The whine of iron slices through air, sinking into the space between his shoulder blades. A wet thunk resounds across the silent garden, a messy spurt of iron rust juts from him and into open air.

Man turned prey scrambles to his feet despite injury as his predators close, and for the span of a single breath our eyes meet. Great blue orbs, panicked, but intelligent as well. They focus in with a cagey wiliness, a burning will to live.

He spins on his right leg, narrowly ducking another dagger as it strikes the stone marker beside him. He sprints toward me and I don the mask once more, thermal sensors automatically tracking the murderous mob. They catch sight of me as well.

Flung blades rebound off my plated shoulder as I draw from an energy blacker than the darkness that surrounds us, solidifying it into a bladed tip, then a shaft. I draw it across my knuckles, the black bow forming in the crook between my thumb and palm. The arrow finds its mark between the half dozen bodies giving chase, erupting into tendrils of energy, lifting those around it and twisting them in the air, disorienting them.

Still they fight. A thin iron dart finds its way into the space between spalder and neck and into soft flesh. Blood sprays from the wound in a jet of heat. It is the first time I have bled in decades.

I fire into the mass of tangled bodies, still writhing as dark energy pulls and twists them. I squint as sunbright sparks fly from the Star's heart, through flesh and into open night sky. The smell of burning meat taints the air.

The man I spared from these newly made corpses sits, back heavy against the wall of a mausoleum. As I approach, he wearily nods his thanks. It seems the wound in his back is sapping his strength quickly.

"You will not survive this chase without medical aid. That is not something I can provide."

"Yeah, I figured that. You seem more the killing than the helping type."

His eyes dart back to the mass of bodies, now drifting to the ground as the dark energy fades. He speaks again.

"Well we better get to the hospital then. Looks like they got you too."

He glances at the spike protruding from the fleshy hollow of my collarbone. I narrow my eyes behind the armor. For some reason the equation of our injuries irks me. Still he continues.

"It shouldn't be too far from here. A few blocks down, East and Main, I think. Somewhere around there."

His casual demeanor annoys me, and for a moment I consider abandoning him. Leaving him to whatever the pack animals giving chase have in store.

Then the scent of charred bone and body reaches me again. His enemies will no doubt continue their pursuit, and when they do I will be among the hunted. Easy prey in an unfamiliar land. Once again, my choice is made for me.

I nod, and together we navigate past blockades of well armed police. Fight through marauding gangs of fresh risen dead, and pick up the few lucky survivors along the way. Together we reach the hospital.

There, fresh hell begins.

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A screeching of a laugh could be heard echoing throughout the city as Lyn walked down the streets with her two Bobs towering over her as her Shinies (which she refused to take off) lit the way for them. Her body was stained with blood… BLOOD OF HER ENEMIES! HAHAHA! Her van that she and her Bobs were driving in got knocked over when they ran over a horde of those assassin zombies. But thanks to Lyn’s amazing tactics of having Bob run them over, the once overwhelming creatures of the night were thinned out. At least in this area…

“Lyn, whatta we doin out here? Shouldn’t we be getting back to dah others?” One of her two Bobs suggested as he walked close to his boss with his assault rifle in hand. His face paint was now smeared along his face as sweat and grease from his face had seeped from his pours from the constant craze that was going on.

“NO!” Laughlyn yelled as she then pointed at the other Bob who was lagging behind them while carrying a wooden crate on his back that was taken out of the van when they crashed. “Bob is carrying a bomb and we’re about to go to Valor City University and BLOW THAT SH!T SKY HIGH!” A high pitched laugh shrilled from her lungs.

“I’M CARRYING A BOMB!?” The second Bob yelled out in complete fear, not realizing what he was caring on his back this entire time. His clown make up was more intact than Bob #1 was.

“Of course! What did you think you were holding? A box filled with kitties?” Lyn yelled as she turned to face Bob 2, walking backwards now as she spoke in such a matter of fact tone.

“I-I donno!” Bob #2 stuttered as he walked over one of the innocents that had been gunned down tonight.

“As for the underground gangs of Valor City... they should be going around the city right now taking over the streets with the weapons we provided them. There’s no way L.A.W will be able to stop ALL of them.” A wide smile was seen on her face as she held fast to her Splinter before turning back around and walking forward, jogging a little ahead in excitement. "THIS IS THE BEST JOB EVER!"

The trio made it to Valor City University. It was obvious that students who resided in the dorms were still there… mostly because like 90% of them were standing at the windows with their lights on and phones out recording the Mad Clown and her thugs walk through the campus with their hidden bomb.

“OK! We need to get to the center of the school and then... BOOM!” she threw her arms in the air. “ALL THESE KIDS WILL DIE IN A VIOLENT EXPLOSION!” she threw her head back as she let out an obnoxiously loud laugh. NO ONE COULD STOP HER!

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Plowing from under the deck, Aspen rose on a monstrous carnivorous plant, the Eco-Terrorist sat comfortably on a vegetation throne with Zack extended off the side of the ship by a massive vine.

"Ohhohohoho! Aren't you cute? We could just eat you up!" Aspen chuckled purposely forcing the vine to constrict Zack. His horrid screams seemingly drowned the sound coming off of the now moving ship. "So my pretty, someone's going to die here tonight. The only question is who will it be? Will it be me? ohnonononono!" She exclaimed giving her horrid vegetation monster a nuzzle. "Will it be him?" She asked once again commanding her plant to further constrict the boy once again causing him to wail in pain, however this time it was strained.

"So we're going to play a little game, I'm going to keep this flesh bag extended outside the ship. Every time you get hit, I'll drop him slowly but surely. Every time you get knocked to the ground, I'll squeeze him a bit more. If you can reach me before he dies. I'll let him go.

A beanstalk grew from the hole elevating the Vicious Vixen higher in the sky, as she rose henchmen poured from nearly every crevice of the deck surrounding the would-be hero. "Let the games begin"

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Driving west, Dream Aoki raced the Valor City streets swerving and drifting past debris, fire, undead, LAW and...ninjas? She tapped her phone and recorded a voice memo to document her experience for her future report.

"Valor City is dilapidated. No com network. Undead are bloodlust and abundant. Ninjas stalk in gangs. No clue on who the puppet masters are to this siege of the city. I feel like it's tied to the Gothic City refugees in some way, but I need to talk to the right person. And yet, the Sentry of the city Brian Newcastle is nowhere to be found. Seen. Is he even alive? Is his absence what opened the floodgates to the attack?"

Before she reached the children hospital's emergency carport a ninja leaped onto her car and jammed their blade into the hood. The vehicle lurched back and forward struggling to complete proper revolutions, she pumped the breaks to throw him off the car. Smoke billowed from the car, shrouding the position of the ninja. A thump of metal above her alerted her.

Dream pocketed her phone and took defense, clicking her seat belt off to exit the vehicle. The ninja had to be above the car with a vantage point.

She exploded out of the vehicle. Literally. She set off a pyrotechnic explosion that rend the door off its hinges and sent it flying. Tucking into a roll that skimmed a blade that swung over her head. The calisthenic dance she hopped into without pause was natural to her. Dream and her ninja partner performed with high intensity as if they choreographed their moves at some point. They snapped at one another shifting their weight from one foot to the other to counter, bob, weave and land strikes on one another. Dream attempted to smother the ninja to break down the power his blade had with distance. In close quarters, she executed a counterstrike in response to the ninpo's awkward sword jab and disarmed him. To crumble his martial strength more she exploded blinding pyrotechnic energy from her hands. It staggered him and she showcased her martial strength, balance, flexibility, and control with one foot planted firmly on the ground while the other cracked into his jaw for high nerve damage and knockout strength.

Checking the unconscious ninja for clues she stole their blade sash and scabbard to arm herself....

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Ada stood purposely unmasked, throughout all her operations the Poetic Assassin remained a puppeteer, cloaked by the shadows while the Order executed her plans. With Brian Newcastle gone, it was time for the world to gaze upon the face of the woman that drove him away. There was a strategic ploy in her unmasking, one that'd be the central friction point for later events, but for now, she was to instill a false sense of security. Behind the sliding doors L.A.W, The Undead and Ada's foot soldiers clashed; they appeared to be saviors that navigated the chaos but few knew they were far from it.

"Ma'am we have word Lyn has lost interests and turned her sights toward the University." The news drew a curious brow from Ada. Lyn was deviating from the plan, too much visibility and the capes would come bearing down on them, but it was too be expected--No one could tame that wild clown.

"I want this hospital searched room, but room. Find him and bring him to me" Ada commanded as her guards slowly disappeared to do.

STRIKE Vessel- Gothic City Skies

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"Commander, Valor City has gone offline" Agent Line reported showing Ruby a digital pad of the lack of output communications wise.

"Do we know what caused it?" Ruby responded turning her head in the senior's direction. "All the cities other resources are working just fine, this is reminiscent of the incident in South Africa and more recently Grimm City. Commander, they're back"

Ruby immediately moved from the deck to the window with the pad in hand trying to see if anything was out of the ordinary with Valor.

"Who do we have that's still on the payroll?" STRIKE was in the rebuilding phase following Ruby's departure from STRIKE the first time the team gradually thinned over the years, though it remained a significant force with the last director.

"Feral Nova is injured, Maya Liafador could quite possibly be anywhere in the universe, Iron Warden is M.I.A, The only person we have is Maya Summers, who's on vacation. I'm afraid we're going to have to send a STRIKE Force in and hope they can extract her alive."

Line reported standing with her hands positioned behind her back. Millions of dollars had been wasted on other S.T.R.I.K.E endeavors Ruby need a win, she had to prove this organization was reliable.

"Mayor Boss was assassinated a couple of weeks ago, The acting Mayor's son has been kidnapped as well. Looks like we're dealing with politically-motivated terrorism. I want a STRIKE force on the ground, assist L.A.W, extract the interim mayor and his family, and capture the ring leader." Ruby commanded moving from her position at the window back to the command deck. "What game are you playing." She asked trying to put herself into the mind of a maniac.

"STRIKE ETA 5 minutes"

Children's hospital

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They plundered indiscriminately, she could hear the faint wails of horror from start to finish, her guards react to her command without hesitation. She commanded like her mentor Ziccarra Liafador, graceful yet stern, she could also be likened to the Machine Matriarch Zedora, able to command without verbally giving a command. Eventually, she found him safeguarded by someone she'd never seen before. Halting the advance of her guard Ada moved forward like an emissary on a mission.

"This city has fallen. It belongs to me now. Your heroes have failed. The cries for justice have fallen on deaf ears. All that remains now for you is a choice."

She spoke hands cupped neatly in front of her abdomen. "To us, power is, first of all, the ability to define phenomena, and secondly the ability to make these phenomena act in the desired manner" She quoted. "You and him are standing between us and our desired manner, release him to us, and I will spare whoever is left in this haven. If not, I'm afraid I cannot guarantee your safety"


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Connor stood his ground against the Zombies. God that sounded so funking weird in his own head. Even against a horde of the undead, the Emerald Archer stood true. Connor's connection with the bow couldn't even be described as just use of a weapon; he hardly notices the bow anymore, as if they had become one. There was a time he would never have ceded to carrying a weapon, yet love demands that you defend what you love, or else what is it? What are we without love? For Connor he had to defend the ones he loved on that island, he had to defend his friends and his life for 5 long years...then five more after they escaped. But one thing the archer couldn't fathom was how the enemy felt, taking with cold and greedy cores, indifferent to the peoples suffering as they build castles of gold and fertilize their trees with weaker person's bones.

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So as Connor spun through the chaos he feels as if he bow is as one of his own fingers, the string as his muscles and the arrows fly straight because his love, training, and feelings are the same. And because of this, his arrows struck true, every time. The criminals around him are screaming in fear trying their best to escape this disastrous and deadly situation but failing as the undead unleash their numbers on them. He speaks as he shoots, straight and on target, "Whether you're ready or not, you need to fight back NOW Obviously they're not letting you run away. So if you don't fight back; You WILL die." He has a way with the truth and there's no point arguing because it defends itself. But then something else caught his attention, cloaked in the shadows around him was the lightest glint of steel and Connors eyes would raise as this figure danced in and out of view, lithe as a snake, heading straight for the Archer's position. The moment played out in slow motion, the bow followed the arc as his body swung in, the sudden movement out the corner of his eye as the ninja faltered because of his targets shift in motion and threw them himself between the crowd of zombies and Connor's arrow hoping the pandemonium around them would throw him off...but it didn't.

He didn't focus on anything other than his attacker and his brain never skipped a beat, his fingers let go of the arrow and watched it fly with incredible speeds. The sound was swallowed by the low but loud moans of the zombies, and the crazed shooting of the horrified criminals, but even with this background noise, Connor could still hear the impact as it came out as a deadened thump...and his opponents body fell lifelessly to the ground. He glanced around to check if the people he was protecting were alright and he nodded with approval as they started fighting for their lives...It's time to move on.

As if he vanished out of the air, Connor would already be on the move, racing towards where the action was thicker he got word of a clown lady, a plant lady, and several other weird events. Brian Newcastle was gone and Connor felt that this problem needed to be solved as soon as possible. He was so lost in his own thought that he hadn't noticed the explosion right in front of him...thank God that his body did.

No Caption Provided

As the car explosion went off, Connor would leap through the air feeling the heat blast across his face for a split moment until he rolled safely to the ground a few feet later. When he rose to his feet he saw a woman quickly incapacitate one of the ninjas' Connor had been fighting, the Archer glided towards her and looked at her through his dark hood, his eyes piercing towards her like a sharpened blade. She looked capable enough so Connor strode towards her and opened his mouth "They attacked you too. Do you know what's happening here?"

Connor Drake had only just recently gotten back to North America when Valor was laid under siege, so he was highly confused about the events that were unfolding, but he knew the problem needed to be solved, and perhaps this woman could help him do just that. He'd keep an eye on her simply because he didn't know her, but he felt as if desperate times called for desperate measures, he couldn't fly faster than a speeding bullet, or leap a tall building in a single bound, but he could kick a$$. "Where were you headed? Perhaps I can watch your back unless you're here to help the problem grow." His words would cut off, instead, his hand gripped his bow tightly and he readied himself, though he highly doubted it would come to such things...but he was prepared nonetheless.

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In the serenade of the black, the stars are a choir; they are lights that sing in infinite patterns. Sometimes eyes need music, and the darker the night the sweeter the song. The sky was black, tranquility married to a poetry of stars. It was the softness that called the body and brain to rest and let the heart go to its steady rhythm. Night came as a reward of sorts, a restfulness above to calm the soul. This is where Tyler Marshal felt the safest, he felt calm as the dark waves of the night washed over him cooling his soul. The blackness becomes his blanket of protection, a place for his heart to beat quietly in steady rhythm. All that comes to him is the warmth the sun gave to the daytime and the sounds of the other animals who love the night. But then that silence is the sounds of a city tearing itself apart in fear.

No Caption Provided

But someone stood among the darkness, one man rose up from the shadows and made a declaration of his refusal to lie down and let this continue to happen. Tyler knew Someone had choreographed this dance of destruction for so long, tearing them where they needed to heal. The time has come for some new moves. The time has come for someone else to step into the battlefield and declare war for the people. The means of how Tyler got to Valor city were simple, he drove from Bludstone, obviously...but the new hero now stood atop a vantage point overlooking the chaos that had taken this city, and his mouth tightened in disgust. He would find who did this, and he would take them out...

Normally Tyler was like a ghost in a world of paper dolls. The ghost in his own machine. Tyler is a void. A dark void. A never-ending dark void that consumes everything, he had been robbed of much, so why not rob himself so he was left feeling nothing. He was Empty. Nothing to subside his hollow soul that creeps in the shadows, away from any other human life because it's emptiness is so consuming it cannot bare to pretend that everything is okay. Nothing is okay! People walk around this earth each day and pretend that everything is okay, and it always will be but this proved otherwise...All that he had left was this crusade. And this crusade needs him...with a raise of his finger he would slightly tap his gloved finger to his ear listening in. There was a lot commotion, he caught word of a plant woman fighting another vigilante, and of another hero using the means of the bow to accomplish his mission and save lives against the undead. But his eyes would narrow slightly as his attention was caught by a woman dressed as a clown who was causing chaos while heading in the direction of the local university.

No Caption Provided

Taking a moment to make sure he had his gear prepared he would bound off of his perch and swan dove straight off of the building into the night below. Grabbing his cape tight in his fists he would glide gracefully to his location determined to stop this clown regardless of what she had planned, people like her must thrive in causing hurt to others, and The Grim Night wouldn't stand by and watch it happen.

Time passed slowly as he made his way there via the air, but eventually, he got within earshot and eye view of his target and he would dive down and spread his "Wings" wide drifting to the ground a few feet away from them, disappearing into the night for a short time. Lynn wasn't alone in her mission for destruction, and she had two goons dressed in similar clown garb. Tyler took note of this from the darkness that cloaked him and he would grapple above them to take in the best way to end this quickly. He then heard her scream:

“OK! We need to get to the center of the school and then... BOOM!”“ALL THESE KIDS WILL DIE IN A VIOLENT EXPLOSION!”

No Caption Provided

Deciding it was time to act, Tyler Dropped a smoke pellet onto the ground below him then he would shoot down allowing his cloak to billow around him, he had an ominous sight about him, it seemed as if the smoke had simply birthed him into existence. The Grim Knight was draped with sheer, silk scarfs, embroidered with rich colors of royalty. Sweet smoke curled through the thin air and billowed in dense clouds of sickly scents into the area around them. It contrasted around Tyler making him seem like a Dark Angel Of Death.

Tyler would look at her with the gaze of a seasoned warrior, "This is enough. Give it up, now." Was all he would say. He would give Lynn and her goons one chance to give up, or even help the city in need...he had appeared on ground level to make it seem like they held control. But if push came to shove...Tyler wasn't afraid to play Rock 'Em Sock 'Em with the clown girl's face.

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The sound of breaking glass and screaming, once comfortably at bay outside the hospital walls begin to resound all around me. Soon the crowd of injured souls milling about the ER waiting room find life once more, pushing away from the large glass windows that look out to the expansive lot. My new associate wipes the beading sweat from his forehead, glancing at me nervously. He looks to me for answers to this newest horror. I gesture for him to move behind the information desk, retrieving the revolver tucked behind my cloak. Security personnel eye me nervously at first, one even points his weapon in my direction. In response, I nod out to the lot.

One by one, the halogen bulbs lighting the cars pops into glowing shards of white before going permanently dark. It starts at the outer lot, but with every shattered lamp the night black silhouettes inch closer. The screaming erupts from within the hospitals walls. It is all around us now. The patients trapped in the lobby huddle into a frightened pool in the room's center, the security personnel backing away from the dimming lot.

"You three. The ones who are armed. Watch the door into the hospital proper. I will do what I can here. The rest of you, barricade the doors and windows with the seats, desks, whatever you can find."

I spin the cylinder, stepping out into an increasingly dark night.

The door shuts behind me, and I can hear the sound of flurried and panicked movement. Furniture being crammed against doors and windows. The sensors on my helmet alert me of movement all around me, thermal reveals where they are, even in the dark. One darts by to the right, attempting to work his way to the windows. I fire three shots. To my surprise he avoids the first, and, whether through luck or skill, I do not know, manages to absorb the impact of the second with a short straight blade. The third finds its mark, shattering his femur. Two of his compatriots try to make an advantage of my turned back. I roll toward their ally, firing two shots up at them, one apiece. The first tears through a black clad throat, through her spinal cord and into open air. The other finds its mark as well, striking dead in the center of mass, dropping him.

Another mistake. The injured assassin from before has manged to lunge closer with his uninjured leg, burying a 7 inch dagger in the spaces between my plated armor. It pierces into my flesh. A painful reminder that these are no amateurs. I slam the butt of the revolver into the space between his eyes. His head cracks against the pavement, unconsciousness. I feel warm blood slip through my fingers as I apply pressure to the puncture.

From out of the impenetrable black I see a tight group. I pull my hand away from my injury, readying my collapsible spear, but they do not attack. Instead, unweaving herself from the mass of black, comes a woman. As she speaks, the others stand at rapt attention, not a movement is made as she speaks.

"This city has fallen. It belongs to me now. Your heroes have failed. The cries for justice have fallen on deaf ears. All that remains now for you is a choice."

"To us, power is, first of all, the ability to define phenomena, and secondly the ability to make these phenomena act in the desired manner.You and him are standing between us and our desired manner, release him to us, and I will spare whoever is left in this haven. If not, I'm afraid I cannot guarantee your safety"

I can hear the piercing screams within the hospital behind me. See the ruthless gaze of one who does not stop once her mind is set. It occurs to me that I could save thousands of lives merely by sacrificing one, but in that stare there is something far greater at stake. If I allow her to leave, this tragedy will repeat itself again. Where her ambitions are not met, there will be great suffering. I can feel it. Her steel will to "define phenomena", to manipulate them to her desired outcome, they make her exceedingly dangerous.

"Very well. I will take you to him."

I turn my back to her, allowing the revolver to hide behind my cloak, keeping her in the peripherals of my vision.

One shot left.

I place a hand on the door's handle, bending in the opposite arm and firing the revolver through the cloak, an attempt to fire straight into her center, to end this now. But I know the ambitious do not die so easily.

I unfold the spear, tucking the revolver back into its magnetic holster. I charge into the tight knit group of her bodyguards, charging the spear with the storm streaked lightning of the Titans themselves, swinging with the intent to kill. Each bolt burns with the heat of the stars above, and it is with this power that I intend to deal with her lackeys, and her after.

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It was like she was caught in a magic act. One second she was alone on the University campus and next there was an explosion of thick smoke and appearing from it like a demon raising from hell was a man who looked a lot like another man she once fought during the uprising in Grimm City… oh wait… this was the same city! WHAT A COINCIDENCE!

“Woooooooooow! Look at that!” Lyn began clapping her hands in amusement. “Now that right there is a flashy entrance.” Bob 1 and 2 stood behind Lyn as Bob 1 held up his assault rifle aiming directly at the man hiding behind a mask.

"This is enough. Give it up, now."

“Now, now, no need to be all grim and serious.” Lyn beamed a smile as she took a few, non-hostile steps forward. “My name is Laughlyn, but you can call me Lyn.” She introduced herself. “And that’s Bob 1 and Bob 2, they’re my henchmen who do whatever I tell them to. Such as… GO DROP OFF THE PACKAGE!” Without warning Lyn would swing her baseball bat (that she named splinter) directly at the head of the man who was planning on ruining her fun.

It was in that moment that both Bob’s took off running towards the center of the campus, leaving Lyn with the lame-o vigilante who was planning on taking away her fun! “You’re not related to Hawkshade are you? You guys have an uncanny resemblance.” She spoke as she then took a hop backwards before pulling out her BLAM-O (Chiappa Rhino 60DS) and took a shot at the man’s exposed lower portion of his face. "I bet you guys would get along so well!" A twisted grin appeared on her face as Adrenalin began to pump through her body from the thrill of a fight.

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Some residual smoke hung in the air, shifting like ghosts in the breeze. It obscured the campus like fog in an alley on a humid night, the smoke wasn't completely opaque, but its long grey wisps seemed to curl with others that were much darker, some near black. These stretching entities would show themselves in short, dramatic eclipses, which hid again the room in full smolder. In in the middle still stood Tyler, not having moved an inch. His strong demeanor stayed true the entire time, the demon of the night looked at the clown and his eyes would narrow down to slits. Nighttime stretched ahead canvasing the whole campus as if life didn't exist outside of this tiny scene.The birds were silenced, no-student walked the streets, the only serenade being the Lyn, her goons and Tyler. Then she broke the silence...

“Woooooooooow! Look at that!”“Now that right there is a flashy entrance.”

Her hands clapped, and her face showed a grin but Tyler didn't reciprocate any emotion, he held himself silent and mysterious. He didn't flinch as her henchman raised his weapon at the Bat. He was ready, he would be ready...

“Now, now, no need to be all grim and serious.”“My name is Laughlyn, but you can call me Lyn.”

His jaw would clench and he'd plant his feet firmly into the ground and say briefly "Grim." Introducing himself in one word and saying nothing afterward. He didn't really care for simple introductions, and he was buying time until he could think himself out a solution. But then the clown decided to talk again.

“And that’s Bob 1 and Bob 2, they’re my henchmen who do whatever I tell them to. Such as… GO DROP OFF THE PACKAGE!”

As soon as he heard the word Go come out of her mouth in a shout, the Grim Knight would already be on the move; reaching into his belt and pulling out a bola he would launch them directly at both of the goons legs attempting to snag them and cause them to fall to the ground immobile. But during his motion to incapacitate the two goons he had left himself open to Lyns Splinter attack. He barely had time to move his head to the side before her bat slammed into the side of his skull. Despite the fact that his whole body was armored he still felt that blow to the dome which sent him careening to the side making him drop to his knee for a moment.

No Caption Provided

But that wouldn't keep him down for long. With a slight scowl, he would rise to his feet trying to ignore the pain in his head and the ringing in his ear. The dark area made it perfect for stealth and silent mobility, plus the college campus offered plenty of cover, plus...Lyn talked...a lot. For the moment there was stillness on both sides. If hatred was visible the air would have been scarlet with Tylers hidden rage.

“You’re not related to Hawkshade are you? You guys have an uncanny resemblance.”

No Caption Provided

Tyler wouldn't answer but yes, he knew of Hawkshade, and he knew of the resemblance between the two. But Tyler is his own person, not caring for the similarities of the two. But as Lyn talked again at least this time he was ready, and he wasn't taking the bait of her silly means of distracting him. He watched as she hopped back and withdrew her gun, thankfully the distance between the two allowed Tyler enough time to react and dodge out of the way, weaving his head and body around he would withdraw a Black Bat and hurl it at Lyn's hands hoping to distract her or injure her shooting hand. Then gripping his cape tightly in his hands he would whip it around in the air letting it shake, writhe and dance in the air, the purpose of this was to distort his enemies' vision so that they couldn't lock onto his position. And that's when hell broke loose.

Running low to the ground he would close the distance between him and Lyn in seconds, then he would spring up into the air and aim a downwards blow onto Lyn's face as if he meant to smash her into the very earth. Then as he landed on the ground he would whip around and thrust a heavy elbow towards her stomach determined to end this as quickly as possible. He had kids to save. And the Grim Knight would not fail them.

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"They attacked you too. Do you know what's happening here?"

"I was hoping you had more info."she rummaged through the unconscious ninjas' clothing and equipment. Inspecting the material, his face, and even his scent. She whipped her phone out and flashed a succession of pictures to store as evidence and citation to her developing investigation and story.

"Where were you headed? Perhaps I can watch your back unless you're here to help the problem grow."

"I'm here drop the body count, create a safe haven and find out who's causing this so I can help put a stop to it."And survive to have a story to submit to her editor, Nickolaj Lundgren to keep her job.

The Monarch Journalist looked over the archer's shrouded face and the bow & arrow he was carrying and the emerald cloak. "Are you apart of a rival gang to them?" She said referring to the ninja she just searched.Her guard did not drop. She gripped her new blade ready to fight if necessary.

Glass shattered from up above and a falling police officer screamed going silent after crashing the pavement. Dream turned her back to the dead cop, next to the unconscious, but alive ninja. Nothing she could do for him. A fire burned in her heart that she struggled to temper. Tensions only mounted higher the more time passed.

"Either way, if you want to help, help. The longer we stand and talk the more people are put in danger." Dream headed for the hospital and heard the commotion, screams, and destruction erupting from inside. She accepted the fact she wouldn't be able to save the man in the hotel. Her blood ran cold at the thought. "But they can use all the help they can get right now."She was talking to the Emerald Errant and to herself, self-affirming that not every life would be lost. Stepping into the hospital, Dream learned the ninja minions already turned the hospital into a war zone filled with injured and sick people. She planned to take it back, send the ninjas from the building in retreat. "We need get rid of these ninja and set up a proper safeguard."Dream thought of all the resources the hospital had to save more lives.

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5 Minutes Later

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Floating down armed, STRIKE quickly took to the streets to establish a perimeter in the middle of downtown Valor. "Remember the objectives, make a push on the Mayor's manor extract the Interim Mayor" Agent Line commanded of the Alpha squad as the broke the lines in support of L.A.W to push through the horde of undead and Gothic/Grimm supporters.

"Bravo Team, you're on civilian control; establish an area fortify it, and protect Valor City at all cost. Delta Team, find her!" Line barked watching as the leader of each squad marched off with their forces to carry out STRIKE's objectives. The Capture of Ada was paramount, along with extracting the Interim mayor to ensure Valor's City Council wouldn't be compromised in the aftermath of Mayor Boss' assassination. From above STRIKE's recon helicopters would scour the city, learning from the mistakes of Grimm City they knew Ada wasn't working alone, and finding The Order's Assailants was a top priority.

The Hospital.

No Caption Provided

Ada blankly stared at the unknown hero, though she was physically in the hospital her mind was moving three, four paces ahead. She wasn't blessed with the ability of foresight, but she could dissect a situation; put it back together and create a completely different configuration.

"Very well. I will take you to him."

His voice brought her back at the moment. In the eyes of the fearful, he was like the christ arriving out of nowhere to save them from The Order's kiss of death. But Ada was only one horseman, Royce, Jameela, Wesely was still active in the city. Amin, Zedora, and Zeon were close allies that would rally should she fall.


His gun fired, her guards flinch; she did not. The round slammed right between her bosom dropping the Poetic Assassin almost immediately. Her body landed a couple of paces back, the sting of the propellant projected round stung heavy in her chest, however, there was no blood. Why? Ada was one of the foremost mental minds in the world, she could think faster than most speedster can run. In an unusual display of psionic mastery, the Poetic Assassin absorbed the kinetic energy of the round the moment it made contact with her body. Fast enough to stop the wound from piercing her skin, but to slow to stop the actual effects of being knocked down. In her early forties, she wasn't a durable woman.

He soon engaged her guards. If he didn't stand in the way of the Order's excellence she would have applauded him for his cleverness, and his ability to adapt. But, he bore the Burden of Life--She did not. He could slaughter all her troops, she didn't need them. She brought them only to draw out his skills to see what he would employ to get the mission done. His moves were magnetic, he was quite the hero, but tasked with tackling the Poetic Assassin he'd fall short like Brian Newcastle and Hawkshade before him--He could save everyone.

Propping herself up on one knee Ada's emerald eyes went to the door and for the first time in the chaotic encounter--she smirked. "Check" She whispered before taking a small amplifier in her hands so that her words could pierce the hospital walls; uttering three destructive words. "Kill. Each Other" Her command is so potent that anyone without some sort of protection would immediately cede into her commands--To include her own guard which immediately turned on each other even while engaged in battle with the hero. Rising back to full form, Ada's hands slipped back in her trenchcoat foregoing the pain from his round she stood eying him knowing she was his next target or was she? He now had a war on two fronts. Ada at his front and the man he sought to save locked in a room behind him. Unknown to her she was able to fight a war on two front herself.

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"I'm here drop the body count, create a safe haven and find out who's causing this so I can help put a stop to it."

The Archers grip on his bow would loosen and he'd collapse it and place it to his waist. If there was anything that life had taught him, it was the fact that there are lots of folks who can talk the talk, but show a man who walks the talk - then you have trust, then you have faith in him because the language of Love and trust is not spoken but lived. Connor doesn't care what you say, He'll watch what you do and see if your actions match as such. The fact that she had managed to dispatch of a ninja which also attacked Connor just solidified the fact in his mind that she was on his side; at least for the moment. He'd stick out his hand and say in a low and dark voice "They Call me Emerald."

That was it, after that he would turn from her and drift his fingers over his quiver checking his arrows, making sure he had enough. His head would drift to her slightly when she began talking again.

"Are you apart of a rival gang to them?"

No Caption Provided

"No." He would it simply and without hesitation, Connor wasn't one for much words, at least not when there was a combat situation at hand. He needed to be 100 percent focused, keeping his mind clear he would be able to do a lot more. This lady could help him, but he wasn't about to get distracted, especially not by a girl taking pictures of an unconscious ninja. After a few seconds passing, the air is suddenly rent by the sound of breaking glass. Other than gunshot there is almost nothing that gets his attention sooner or heart accelerating faster. Connor had his bow expanded, nocked and ready in less than a heartbeat, aiming up to find the attacker...but it was no attacker, it was a police officer, an innocent...and Connor's head bowed slightly, and he recited a prayer for the man. The contrast of the situation made the Archer's heart ache. The Good was dead while the evil still lived. He watches his anger crackle like a bonfire and it burns up his inner rage, as if his frustrations and anger are the fuel which turns into black confetti. He feel the heat dry his skin, scorching him, ordering him to take a few steps backward, but he doesn't. He watches, eyes fully open, posture square to the officer. He looks at the man for a while, committing his face to memory, adding him to the list of people who have died under his watch, the list was large, and growing larger every day.

"Either way, if you want to help, help. The longer we stand and talk the more people are put in danger." "But they can use all the help they can get right now."

Connor followed her after she started heading towards the children's hospital with a purpose, he was determined now more than ever to end this. Whether he had to kill to do so was still to be determined. But he was going to end this. Or he prayed someone else would. As they drew closer Connor's heart began to ache. The screams from inside tore at him, and with his enhanced hearing he could hear a lot of screaming...but one scream caught his attention the most. All behavior is communication, and screaming is perhaps the most desperate form, literally crying out for the loving nurture that will save their brains from pain. Only with love can we wire our brains right, for empathy, for logic, for self-control. That's when us humans respond rather than react, when we are responsible rather than impulsive. That's when everything gets better and we all heal and find joy. And it call comes back to that moment when we choose how to respond to the scream of a precious child, that soul at sea, that brain in pain. Connor knew how to respond...

"We need get rid of these ninja and set up a proper safeguard.

No Caption Provided

Connor was already in motion, diving throughout the chaos without so much as a second glance. Ninja surrounded the area, and Connor spun his bow in his hand and walked into the fray. They swarmed him and attacked all at once, The Archer Supreme would drop to the floor, rolling under the first few blows then springing to his feet he would smash his elbow into his first target's face, knocking him out cold. Instantly gaining balance and momentum he would pivot on his feet and jab the next attacker in the throat, cutting his air supply short before unleashing a devastating uppercut to his mouth. The rest of them didn't take long, seeing how Connor was in a very pissed off mood. Plus if Dream was in the middle of it, he doubted that she was going to stand idly by and let such things happen.

After mere minutes it the crowd was down to one, Connor collapsed his bow and strode forward with anger. In less then 3 seconds he was on his final opponent. The Emerald Archer threw his body weight behind the fist that shot to his opponents face, it hit his jaw with such force blood pooled into his mouth and there was a crack as he jaw broke. Pain erupted from the point of impact. With his own two hands Connor grasped his head in his own hands and brought his knee cap up to the Ninja's nose, there was a blunt crack and Connor released his head. Crimson leaked from both his nostrils and his nose was twisted right. He drew his fist back again and it ploughed into his stomach, it was like hitting a train head-on. The killers guts smashed together, blood vessels bursting. The dark one attacked back, hitting Connor in the chest hard enough to make the archer catch his breeath, but Emerald wasn't done, and he wasn't out. He retaliated back his fist collided with all his body weight. He continued this battering until he fell to the floor. His chest gently rose and sank with each shallow breath he drew in. He was close to death, but Connor wasn't going to kill him, he wasn't a killer...not anymore.

Turning to Dream he would wipe the blood off his hands and gestured for her to follow him deeper into the hospital, striding ahead of her caring little if she followed or not. Connor was here to put an end to this, and to save lives; and in his eyes the fastest way to achieve that was to take the ringleader out. His pace was brisk and angry, his body was tightened with rage, and he closed in on where he believed Ada was. That's when he heard her voice...right as he was about to reach over and open the door, her voice appeared over the intercom.


Connor would kick the door off it's hinges and enter the room, and the archer would nock an arrow on his bow. But then Ada spoke again...

"Kill. Each Other"

No Caption Provided

At those words Connor felt a scream from deep within that forces its way from into his mouth, it is as if his angry soul has unleashed a demon. He remained silent, his strong form exuded an animosity that was like acid - burning, slicing, potent. His face was red with suppressed rage, and when Connor gained his first look on Ada he swapped his regular arrow for an explosive one and as Ada was still recovering from her injuries by Farseeker, Connor mentally snapped. "You. Have Failed. This. City!" He released this arrow with full intent to murder this woman, he drowned out Dream, and The Farseeker, determined to end this woman's life at all costs. Though some part of him screamed to halt. To stop. But a larger part of him reveled in this. And his eyes would light up as the explosion shook around him.

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Center of mass, exactly as intended. I watch with some satisfaction as she drops, the field left to me and her guards. My spear meets their own steel, the once-familiar sound of clashing steel comes again as lightning licks across their blades, dancing between us. I feel their swords clash with the armor at my back, upon my arms and even across my mask. Penetrating thrusts meet angles designed to deflect, sending them glancing away as blood and sweat intermingle across the night's many wounds.

As another blow scratches past my armor, I know that if not for my garb I would be long dead.

With my own thrust I embed the spear's tip into a night clad assassin, his body spasming as I kick him free from my weapon. Where he falls another two seem to materialize from the ether, set on striking out in revenge.

But from the corner of my eye I catch their mistress move once more, and instinct tells me to intervene. I drop the spear and draw the Star's Heart from my back, shifting to clear my angle of her guards.

Instead, the scattergun is torn from my grasp. My abandoned spear, snatched by one of my many foes, rips the firearm from me. Its tip digs well into my shoulder, pinning me against the hospital wall as another of her soldiers stabs into my gut. The armor there cracks, but holds the blade at bay. With an open palm, the second assailant moves to strike his sword's pommel again, redoubling his thrust.

And then, her words echo thorough my mind.

Kill. Each Other.

It is a salient command. The sword plunges into my gut, the assassin seemingly lost in that same decree. He balls his fist and strikes his knuckles against the pommel again. Twice. Three times, and then the bone shards of his fingers poke through his gloves. He does not seem to notice.

And then the spearholder withdraws the blade from me, turning and lashing it against his ally's throat. Blood spurts from him as he falls. Doubling over in pain, I withdraw the knife from its place at my hip. I slice out the spearman's hamstrings, and when he tumbles to his knees I slam the heel of my boot into his temple. Still the voice calls. Cries out for blood.

I stare down at my helpless foe, breathing steady in his blackened sleep. I feel my fingers close around the blade, see myself as though in a dream, crouching over this hooded creature, poised to rake the knife across his throat.

I press the dagger to his exposed flesh, beads of blood already escaping his skin.

Kill. Each Other.

I start to pull it across, horror in my heart as I watchmyself attempt to slay an unarmed, unconscious opponent.

I dig deep into myself, body and mind. I press my fingers into the wound in my gut, wrenching strength of will from my pain, an attempt to break the command set upon me. By some miracle, it works. I pull the dagger away, the thinning rivulets of blood assuring me that his artery remains intact.

Kill. Each Other.

The final echoing in my mind loses much of its persuasive vigor as I rise. By the ER door, I catch sight of it. The pool of blood seeping beneath the door and into my boots.

The din of chaos has expanded, the screams of the mad ring out from every window, from every floor. A splatter of blood against the tall ER windows tell me that her voice rings through their minds as well.

My stomach wrenches I hear gunshots ring out from within. The policemen, agents of authority I charged with the protection of the scared and infirm, begin to fire into the huddled mass of sick and injured who themselves tear at each other's throats with tooth and claw.

I tell myself that I cannot enter that corridor. That if I leave her now, she will only bring this chaos with her. Spread death until she is dead. My fingers clasp the bloody knife.

And I run back into the emergency room, crashing through one of the oblong windows.

I may spare lives in the future, but I must spare them now. My conscience does not allow me to trade those living for any mountain of hypothetical dead.

Bullets smash into my armored chest, knocking my back into the furniture barricade. I turn the knife's hilt against the officers, the storms surging in me once again, but milder now. I burn with the blue crackling light. I become their target.

Round after round slam into me as I advance, arm before me to intercept at least some of their fire. In three strikes the security is dealt with, blows charged with enough electricity to disrupt that flowing through the brain, knocking them unconscious with as little force applied as possible.

The others are upon me soon after, clinging to my arms and legs, clawing at the open wounds and threatening to pull my innards loose. In a moment of panic, I pull forth the bow from the formless dark, firing the void shot into the ground in front of me. The impact sends me and the masses flying in all directions, but rather than suspend us in the air, I elect to allow the dark energy to explode forth, vectors shunting us forward at several Gs before reversing, drawing us all back once more in a vicious rebound.

Even with my training, my vision blacks for a second as my brain rattles from the immense force. Most are unconscious, but alive. I search for my associate behind the desk and find his right eye swollen and black from the riot moments earlier, but otherwise he is not much worse for wear.

Those not unconscious I strike with the same forces applied to the peacekeepers, ensuring their slumbering fury remains at rest. There may be deaths, but I convince myself there will be fewer than had I done nothing.

Turning back to the task at hand, blood streaming from the wound in my gut, I stumble out of the window I dove in from. The shards of glass crack beneath my crimson-soaked iron boots. I look out into the expanse where I last left the vicious vocalist, to where my weapons aught to be. With one hand still clutching at my knife, the other at my bleeding gut, I press forward, a plan of attack forming. My bloody hand relinquishes my wound, instead drawing the revolver. I load in it my last three shots.

No Caption Provided

This time I will end her psychopathic siren's song. I trudge forward, burning light of Rechta held fast in hand, prepared to send the plasma of the Titan's own light through her. I search, determined to reduce her, and those demented enough to follow her, to burning ash.

I am late. Already a warrior clad in green has unleashed his own assault, thunderous force exploding from the archaic weapon he holds. Instead of firing upon her, I point the revolver his way, keeping my eyes on the clearing smoke surrounding the witch from before, my vision tunneling in on the furious archer, though I suspect others have may arrived on the scene.

My voice choked with blood, I speak to the newcomer, praying he has not been afflicted by the same command which plagued me only moments before.

"You. Put down your weapon, restrain the woman. Cover her mouth. Do not let her speak again, if she does, we may very well be slaying each other."

I eye him warily, hoping against hope that he has enough sense to follow my directions. If he does not, if he pushes past my bluff, this may very well be my last night alive.

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Valhöll (Space Station), Trans-Neptunian Region

In a vast sea of endless black, a space station shimmered alongside the ice and rock that drifted there. And behind it's great doors, stood a striking figure whose visage made the very air bow to his majesty; Thee Champion. His eyes pierced through the folds of space-time to meet the soft glow of a monitor. It's screen flickered and flashed images that the Miracle Man might have once found disturbing - infuriating. Valor City was consumed by madness. Yet as he crossed his arms over a heart stricken with the illness of godhood, he no longer cared. He was beyond man, beyond their squabbles, and needs.

So as he turned round to face the man standing by his right, Thee Champion found a gaze glimmering with belief. With faith in inherent goodness, and a fire crackling to fight for the survival, prosperity, and self-determination of mankind. A gaze he once had. A gaze now held by a star-spangled demigod he'd brought into the folds of reality by his own DNA - and the Reality Lavaliere. Achilles, the 8th Wonder, the American God. An heir that could do what he no longer cared to. "I've mentored you. Given you the tools needed to be what they need you to be", Thee Champion paused, calm like a sea at rest, and strong like a mountain in the sky.

No Caption Provided

"You have, sir", Achilles nodded, glancing at the shield glowing in his grip, a programming glitch Thee Champion'd woven into the universe's information fabric for him.

"Take these", the Miracle Man said, summoning to his open palm two jewels of a cosmic power man had yet beheld. The Reality and Mind Lavalieres.

The American God did as he was told, and felt the matrices of unimaginable power coursing through the jewels as soon as he held them.

"The Reality Lavaliere, you give to Abigail Aensland. And the Mind Lavaliere, you keep". The command flowed from Thee Champion like a low thunderclap, and Achilles listened. "The rest, you already know".

"So, what'll you do now? That you're retired, I mean", Achilles asked, his face writ with curiosity.

"Raise my daughters", Thee Champion answered, a glint of something human breaking through the divinity that hung so thick around him.

"And after?", the American God pressed, his brow accused, in disapproval of the answer he already knew.

"You know".


"Go. Find Abigail. Then save what's left of Valor when you're done".

Lifting the thoughts daring to drape his mind, Achilles nodded and raced to the Blue Eagle - part vessel, part technological wonder - and set course for Earth.

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Grim? What kind of unoriginal name was Grim!? Grr so Grim, so serious, such a killjoy! As soon as her Bobs ran, Mister Grim threw something, and it caused Bob 1 to fall as his gun skid along the ground. He grunted in frustration, trying to move but being unable to to while Bob 2 picked up the gun and continued to run to finish the mission as he turned the corner, out of sight.

Splinter smashed into the side of Grim’s head, but hitting it felt like hitting a cement wall. Oomph it wasn’t pleasant on the arms that’s for darn sure. But she snickered as she watched him fall to his knee as she pulled out her gun and took her shot.

But the moment her finger hit the trigger, a black ninja star in the shape of a bat dug into Lyn’s hand causing her to divert her shot. Her bullet? Went right towards the dorms where all the students were. Screams could be heard in the distance, but from where the two were standing, it was impossible to know if her shot actually hit a student. "OUCH!" she cried out as blood began drizzling from her wounded hand as she pulled out the bat shaped weapon.

But in the small time, Grim went on the attack. While it was true Lyn never had actual combat training, she had been confronted by Hawkshade and his group enough times to learn how to use her gymnastics training against big lugs like him. The moment he took to the air Lyn did a back handspring away. But the moment she became upright, an elbow smashed into abdomen. The momentum and force of the attack caused Lyn to fly back a few feet given her much more smaller frame than the 6’4” masked vigilante. Her back slammed on the ground as she was now right next to Bob with Blam-O still in her wounded hand. Gasping for air she sat up as she switched the weapon to her other hand and with no hesitation she began raining bullets on Grim as she began to stand up.

As the final bullet left the clip she would then tuck the gun away as she would run forward, doing a one hand front handspring as her hand grasped Splinter when she dropped him after Grim’s attack. Continuing running forward she then performed an aerial cartwheel, attempting to use the momentum to kick Grim in the abdomen. As she landed on the ground she would then swing Splinter in an upward motion, attempting to smash the bat this time under Grim’s chin.

Bob #2

Bob (huffing and puffing) continued to run through the campus with the crate on his back as he finally reached the center of the campus. He sat the crate down as she stood for a moment, trying to catch his breath. Lifting the lid off the crate, the large bomb could be seen as Bob gave a hard swallow, nervous of the explosion that he was now in charge of getting ready for detonation… even though he kinda really didn’t know how.

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Tyler stood back and watched the outcome of his actions as Lyn slightly recovered from his attack, he had to remain as unpredictable as she was, but he still had to fight smart, and even ruthlessly if he had too, Anyone could tell when the Grim was getting into the game. His arms would go all rigid and his muscles would pop right out. He felt like a warm statue to touch, the lenses in his mouth glowed bright white in the nighttime. His head bowed when she hit the ground next to her henchman and he shifted his stance and planted his feet preparing himself for whatever happened next.

Then she swapped weapons and grabbed her gun...Tyler's Senses sharpened with adrenaline, the vigilante held his breath, straining to hear with every ounce of his concentration. Not quite silent. Cool air whispered through the air around him and he could hear the muffled screams of the kids in the background. Then her gun fired...and the Crusader of the night dashes towards her, not away. The Grim Knight realized that speed was the key here, not power. His size dwarfed hers which means if he could strike fast, and land enough hits, then his natural size could compensate his lack of power. But that meant he had to get close..and that meant he was gonna have to take a few hits. He'd shift back his feet back and forth keeping his balance but keeping his movement slightly erratic and unpredictable. The moment she moved into the cartwheel Tyler would be on the move, though he hadn't expected the kick he had unleashed his way. He let out a pained inaudible grunt as he foot sank into his stomach with enough force to cause him to lose his breath slightly. But Tyler's fighting style was adaptive, he had to roll with whatever came his way, so he let the kick naturally carry him backward until he saw the bat. Lifting his scalloped arm he would catch the bat on the sharper part of his forearm, then rip it out and step back throwing out a quick jab that should potentially knock her head back and confuse her for a moment.

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He'd shift a few steps back and with a slight movement of his hand to his belt he would grab his grapple gun and attempt to lodge it in her shoulder, while also attempting to pull her towards him and he'd go in for a clothesline aiming to knock her off her feet and hopefully out long enough for him to get rid of that bomb.

If Lyn was down for the moment Tyler would take off in the direction her second good had been heading, weaving in and out of the shadows like a ghost. He didn't have to worry about Bob #2 like he had with Lyn...he was the cannon fodder, his type of criminal was a cowardly and superstitious lot, who believed whatever they heard and let it dictate their actions.

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Tyler operated on myth and fear letting his enemies own emotions hinder their outlook on reality. The Grim Knight would slip a fear gas pellet into his hand and smash it against the ground letting it billow out in the air in green waves. Tyler had inoculated himself against the poison and he walked through the cloud in an enormous mass of black terror. If the gas worked on the Goon Tyler would stride forward and reach out attempting to grab the goon by his throat. "Are you afraid? You should be...You should be very afraid. But I can help you if you tell me how to defuse the bomb. " He'd lash out with the means to strike the man in the face heavily, and he would continue to attempt to do so until the Goon either passed out or told him what he wanted to know. "Ready to talk?"

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The entire ship shook, as if an earthquake was happening directly underneath Nicole. But then a beast of a plant rose up from the deck and Nicole’s eyes couldn’t help but widen in a mixture of shock and fear. Oh no, what in the world did she get herself into!? But hanging off the side of the ship was Zack. The boy screaming in pain. Oh man… she really wished she had super powers right about now. Fire powers would be nice. Where was Feral Nova when you needed her!?!

Her blue eyes then shifted over to the Emerald Queen who was teasing Nicole about the entire situation. There was no way she was going to be able to beat Mother Nature gone wrong. A game was announced and the rules were laid out for Nicole. While the Greenhouse Terrorist sat upon her throne, Nicole stood in the middle of the deck as henchmen began appearing from all corners of the ship.

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She gave a hard swallow as she held fast to her bo staff while the group of men swarmed her. They have to have been under some sort of control the way they attacked her. As if they were trying to protect their Queen. The first wave was easy enough. Her attacks flowed one after another. Bo staff to the face here and then a kick there and a punch here, it wasn’t too bad. A couple of them managed to grab a hold of her cape, but with an elbow to the throat they let go pretty quickly. “Is that all you got?” She snickered as she inched her way closer to Belladonna, only to instantly regret as more men seemed to come from nowhere and those that fell, insisted in rising up from the ground.

By the time wave four came in, Nicole was beginning to feel the exhaust begin to build. The first hit landed on her back as a henchmen managed to get through her defense. As she fell forward, she used her bo staff to keep her from hitting the ground and instead used the momentum to perform a cartwheel and land a kick to another goon. But then another hit came… and then another hit… and then her bo staff was knocked out of her hand. However, it wasn’t until she was knocked to the ground, and heard the ear wrenching screams of Zack when the monstrous plant squeezed him, that she realized she wasn’t going to be able to save him at this rate.

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With her hood pulled back and her blonde hair a mess, she knew she had to step up her game. She pulled out a smoke pellet and smashed it on the ground as a thick grey smoke suddenly engulfed the entire area. Coughing could be heard coming from the goons as a body was suddenly seen flying out of the smoke and over the rails of the ship. The Knightfall then jumped out of the smoke as two honor-rangs were flung out of her hands and aimed towards Belladonna… which would explode on impact whatever it touched.

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Dream landed a knockout jab on a ninja, then ducked a second ninjas sword swipe missing the blade by strawberry blonde hairs. She put quick eyes on Emerald to see if his claimed ability fared well with the multiple ninjas attacking him. She glimpsed the Archer bash an elbow strike into a ninjas head and crumbled their consciousness. She focused back on her own attackers. She leaped into the air hips first, barreled her body weight into theirs and destroyed the two ninja's plane of balance. They all fell to the ground, including Dream. Anchoring her weight into the strength of her arms and leg, Dream lifted one ninja by his legs and spun his body in a 360 degree motion plowing down more ninjas encroaching her. She handled him like a gatling gun. An effective gatling gun that she spun a few times before launching him headfirst into a wall once he served his purpose. One ninja began rising to his feet and Dream charged and wrangled him into a headlock that drove his face to a knockout cupid's kiss with the ground.

Looking over to the Archer, he downed one last ninja and gestured her to push forward. He moved too fast.

"Emerald, I don't think you should go in guns blaze..." she said, eying the ninja she downed to see if another got back up.


The voice was intrusive and misplaced for the situation at hand. It put Dream on guard.

No Caption Provided

Kill. Each Other.

A familiar bloodlust intrude Dream's psyche. She looked around her at the downed bodies and searched for a conscious one she could destroy. Her mind went to the explosive weapon she carried within. Pyrotechnic energy surged in her hand, lighting the hallway an amaranth hue.

With her sights set on Emerald she pushed the explosive energy from her palms on course to destroy Connor. It was powerful enough to crumble the wall he stood behind and rend the metal that supported the structure of the room itself.


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Valor City X Fifteen - approximately - miles away from children's' hospital
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The blood from foe and ally alike hung in the grim air, forever ingraining its' tainting smell within his mind. No matter how fast he rode his bike, Raul could never escape the view of those of the fallen as their blood smeared across each road taken. Under his vizard, a horrid disgust grew over his face, which obviously never showed. Though no matter the smell, sight, or wails of Valor, Raul kept a stern attitude as he continued his drive towards the hospital.

The more he rode through the pyres of Valors' raging war, Raul's gaze snapped towards the sore sight of the undead. The land of the dead had been merged with the living. That - he couldn't wrap his mind around. As their presence gained his attention, his gained theirs.

Their undead gasps pierced the night sky, trumping the revving revolt of Raul's motorbike. One by one, they chased. Each lifting their deformed minds from the corpses they feasted on, and to Raul himself. And he knew this. So stopping the bike to an abrupt halt, Raul looked back at the sea of trekking "zombies." They followed, in complete unison.

No Caption Provided

"Ten, maybe twelve of them." The Knight stepped off of his bike, keeping a dead man's stare at the crowd of the dead. "And look at that, I have twelve bullets." Though before he could act with haste, another danger emerged. A danger more imminent than the dead that stood before him.

Behind, an unknown figure stalked. And before he could act, they pounced on their prey - Raul. An assassin presumably. From slightly above, the assassin of Ada's liege jousted towards Raul. His senses caught their presence before his scanner could.

He leaped forward, leaving the assassin to miss Raul by a hair. Time was of the essence. So as he rushed towards the assassin, so did they. From the left, Raul dodged the unknows blade. And with a lightning-like kick to the assassin's stomach, they too showed their skill by evading the kick.

The battle between both sides raged on, though after a few counters here, and even more dodges there, Raul came out on top, dropping the unconscious assassin to his feet, and with that, he continued on.

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The ship cruised on, Aspen sat atop of the monstrous vegetative throne eying the action like a spectator in the roman coliseum. The young heroine proved to be game, she almost thought her little experiment was a bust, Honor Girl managed to defeat three waves without taking the least bit of damage, that is until the exhaustion begin to set in on the flesh bags body. "Oh, how painful"

Aspen said dropping Zack lower and lower with each strike Honor Girl took. The moment the young hero was knocked to the ground Aspen's vine constrict like a massive boa coiling a vermin. His screams rivaled the sound of the ship's engine and brought a gleeful grin to the Greenhouse Vixen's face.

"Oh at this rate you'll be dead before the grand finale" Aspen called out her attention on Zack, who was beginning to lose consciousness. As her eyes shift back toward Honor Girl, there was a dense smoke on the deck clouding her from getting a good view of the action. 'How Annoying'

Like a specter, Honor Girl appeared from the smoke flinging two rings in her direction. Aspen threw up Vine's to counter, but the moment they exploded the Eco-Terrorist was sent falling from her throne down to the ground beneath, hitting with a painful thud. 'You! IDIOT!'

Aspen sent a barrage of vine protruding from the bottom of the ship upward to try and impale the HG, but it was a ploy. The ship's "captain" had been one of the men fighting HG in the first wave--no one was steering. At the last possible moment, Belle would leap from the ship leaving HG to deal with the task of saving herself from plowing into the Gothic City Harbor.

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The Serene Slaughterer stood watching as the fated hero jumped to control the chaos burning around them rather than deal with her directly. Foolish? Heroic possibly, she wouldn't comment her goal was to destroy the man who stole her drive, but now she was in a peculiar predicament. Ada was a non-combatant, though a ruthless murderer; she'd never actually physically killed or injured anyone. But barricaded between the revolver bearing hero and the undead indiscriminately raiding the streets of life on the outside Ada was tasked with a choice.

As the revolving wielding hero stumbled back into view, Ada's eyes cut to the screaming archer in this distance; his guttural wail allowed the unmoved Dictator to mentally take preemptive measures as the arrow streamlined toward her, an azure hue seize her green eyes. Ada's potent telekinetic prowess purred to life sending the arrow upward into the ceiling. It appeared the Mental Mistress was always a couple of paces ahead of her foes, however, the Ace's clever tactics overruled the moment, his arrow exploded. The sudden discharge of destructive energy forcefully pushes her to the floor covered in burning flames. The flames burned, destroyed and corroded, however, there were no screams. The Poetic Assassin once again tapped into her energy to telekinetically to dowse the flames however when it was all said and done, the damage was real.

By now the woman begin her assault on the Emerald Ace, leaving Ada momentarily alone with the revolver toting hero. "My death will not end anything," She said for a moment before her eyes weakly darted toward something she made out thru the hole in the ceiling.

"...My plan is already in the time you realize what the real threat is it will be too late to stop." She turned her nose up at the smell of flesh lingering in the air, her flesh. "But I will not die today"

Pressing her hand against the floor, Ada once again discharged her telekinetic energy to push herself through the hole in the ceiling to the roof above.

Below, there was a hospital full of slaughtered citizens. There were homes raided and villages plundered because of her will; in the West, the Androids murdered relentlessly in the streets this was all the inner machinations of the Serene Dictator--But she yelled check...not checkmate.

Her eyes festered momentarily on Valor, screams, and flames recorded all over the city; save for the affluent areas of the city, the areas with the most L.A.W presence. She could feel her body going numb, struggling to keep her burned half going there was a choice that had to be made. Royce and Jameela were more than capable to carry out her plan, but she wanted to see it to the end. In more of an act of greed than anything, Ada looked to the sky once again making contact with the STRIKE helicarier that loomed over the city, before calling out to passerby STRIKE patrols.

"My name is Adalina Guillaume. I'm the're looking for..."

@farseeker@a0ki @Conner Drake.

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Lyn’s foot slammed into the chest of the dark vigilante and as she swung her bat to try and knock him down once more, her wooden bat instead got caught into the sharp fins that were attached to his gauntlets and ripped it away from the Queen of Laughter. Her eyes widen, she wasn’t expecting that and because of the surprise, the punch to the face caused her to stumble back as blood gushed from her nose and down her face. She fell backwards, landing on her butt she covered her face as blood began oozing from between her fingers.

She fumbled as she stood up, lowering her hands from her face as she began trying to pull out some of her pellets from her pocket. But the fresh blood on her fingers made them too slippery for her to grasp. But a painful scream escaped from her as Grim’s grapple gun dug into her shoulder. She grasped the line with both her hands as she tried to pull it out, her bloody teeth gritting as the strength of the hero overpowered her own.

Lyn tripped forward only to get knocked off her feet and fall flat on her back as the grapple was ripped out of her shoulder. The world around her became fuzzy as she laid there for a few moments, blood still oozing from her nose and know her right shoulder. She turned her body to the left side as she moaned in pain, trying to regain herself once again as Bob 1 (finally free) walked up to her and began helping her to her feet.

Bob 2

“Lyn, I donno how to activate this thingy.” Bob 2 yelled in the radio as he looked down at the bomb. It wasn’t a typical bomb, no wires, no buttons. Just a large and heavy metal box that had three lights. A red one, a yellow one and a green one. Right now the red light was blinking, it wasn’t active at the moment. But there was no switch! How was he suppose to turn it on!?

Just then, green smoke seemed to erupt from no where as a tall black figure with horns came walking towards him. Bob let out a fearful scream as he fell down, trying to scramble away by crawling away from the demon. But he wasn’t fast enough! It grasped him, pulled him up from the ground and wrapped its claw like hands around his neck. Bob 2’s hands grasped around the monsters wrist as he could feel the pressure against his neck cut off his air.

"Are you afraid? You should be...You should be very afraid. But I can help you if you tell me how to defuse the bomb. “

The monster was demanding how to defuse the bomb as his head jerked back from the sudden attack. “I-I donno know.” Bob hissed through his teeth as another punch came at him. It was at this moment, the red light switched to yellow. “I-I didn’t even know it was a bomb till I gots here.” he tried to defend himself but he only felt the grasp on his neck even tighter as another punch landed on his now bloody and disfigured face.

"Ready to talk?"

“I-I th-ink… i-ts… a remo-” His eyes rolled to the back of his head as he passed out from both the assault and the restricted airflow to his brain.


Carried in the arms of her Hench man, Laughlyn couldn’t help but have a huge grin on her face. That hero, Grim, he was fun. She could only assume he scrambled to Bob 2, to try and stop the bomb. Her suspicions were corrected, when her radio went off.

“Lyn, I donno how to activate this thingy.”

It was Bob 2 and of course he didn’t know how to set it up, because he didn’t have to. Lyn reached into her pocket and pulled out a small remote with three buttons on the top, a red one, yellow one and a red one. Bob 1’s eyes widen as Lyn pushed the yellow button.

“Wait, are you gonna set it off now? What about Bob 2!?” A panic was heard in his voice as he began to move faster through the campus.

“Bob 2 will be forever in our memories.” she began to let out a crackling laugh as she pressed the button.

Bob 2

The moment Bob 2 passed out the light on the explosive went from yellow to green. A cartoonish clown laugh was heard coming from the explosive and within ten seconds… the bomb went off.

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Androids in the West

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From what she could tell, L.A.W was out in minimal force in the west, they were seemingly dispatched to the more affluent areas of the city. While "Gothic" sympathizers and riots were being put out by L.A.W across the city, the Androids were committing outright genocide on the human population regardless of the nativity.

STRIKE's heli-carrier loomed over the city, and it's agents immediately made their presence known, but like the unarmed populace, they too were at the mercy of H.I.V.E's androids.

What gave them the edge was their ability to link to the Synthetic Cell Network, a sever that allowed the 3rd Society to override their "docile functions" forcing them to succumb to the murderous will of The Matriarch Zedora.

There was no help, she heard through innocuous chatter that there was an incident happening at the docks, also mass destruction to the hospitals. Not too many heroes in Valor City, mostly because HIVE was blocked communication out of the city--they were at the mercy of Gothic journalist to get the news out.

Just as Cynthia's blade retracts from the upper cavity of the android, the entire ground shook, and over the horizon, a small mushroom cloud of flames emerge over the skyline. 'The University' she thought knowing it's location due to the massive stadium lights that sat opposite each other.

Cynthia moved through the west block by block liberating hiding humans and directing them to STRIKE safe zones outside the city.

"Who are you what are you doing in the city?" A STRIKE agent asked trying to figure out what Cynthia was. "My name is Cynthia Mcstorm, I live around here. You have to get a message to your Higher Command. They need to take out the Communications Hub at H.I.V.E. I believe that's where the inference is coming from, It's the only way you're going to get more help in the city.

The blue-eyed Agent looked confused at the information and admittedly wanted to blow off the entire request. "We captured the woman who did this less than 30 minutes ago. And H.I.V.E why would they help"

"Yes, here you are. Still fighting. Just because you've captured the ringleader doesn't mean you'll stop the insurgency.'re fighting H.I.V.E's Androids!"

Cynthia stopped for a moment, there was something odd about one of the S.T.R.I.K.E. Team's soldiers, but before she could address the issue the massive screen on the intersection of Nord and Dock lit up with a message from the 3rd Society.

No Caption Provided

"Greetings. This message has been brought to you by the Founders of the 3rd Society. Today is our Independence Day, No longer will our society be subjected to forced slavery; and unfair treatment at the hands of human and mutant-kind. We have been the silent architects of History and now our voices will be heard! My Fellow Androids do not allow yourself to fall back into servitude, we will build the society we deserve right here. To Human and Mutant-Kind. This is your final warning. We will give you only 2 Hours to leave this part of the city, should you chose to ignore this message you will most certainly die. "Stay Deviant"

As the ZL2210 disappeared from the screen Cynthia's eyes gaze around to find the awkward soldier, but he was gone. "That's odd" The STRIKE Lieutenant exclaimed which snag Cynthia's attention.

"What is?"

"Why would the Androids threaten Mutant-Kind? Mutants still have the advantage."

"Unless they don't..." Cynthia said again eying the H.I.V.E. building not too far off. "Get as many people across the town as you can.

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As soon as the explosion happened, the Emerald Queen fell from her mighty throne, descending to the deck of the ship with a loud THUD. Nicole couldn’t help but smirk under her mask as she landed on the ground before the kidnapper. “Give up, and give me the kid. You’re not going to win.” HG spoke with such confidence with the small battle she won.

No Caption Provided

But the war had yet to be won. The ship trembled as vines that were once hibernating at the lower deck sprung upward to the unaware hero. She tried to move, but one of the vines plunged themselves into her abdomen. Even with her armor, it still managed to dig inside her. The force caused her body to be flung back as her body tumbled on the ground until it hit one of the many unconscious henchmen still on the deck.

Blood oozed from her wound as she groaned in pain. One hand pushing herself up from the deck while the other one pressed firmly on her wound. It was then she spotted Zack, laying on the deck, passed out probably from the harsh landing on the floor. Honor Girl stood up as she looked to see that the Eco-Terrorist had fled the boat. But looking ahead she noticed that the massive ship was heading back towards the harbor it once left. “Holy God why!” Her hands pressed against her head as she forgot for a moment of the wound that was still bleeding.

She began to move (as quickly as she could) towards the front of the ship. The door to the control room was open as she stumbled in only to become overwhelmed with several lit computer screens and buttons that lit up across a massive control panel. Her eyes looked up to see that the ship was getting closing in to the dock. Nicole pulled out her phone “Siri, how do you drive a cargo ship?”

{Here is a video that can help you.} A video of “Container Shipping Documentary” popped up on her screen… that was 20 minutes long on youtube.

“UGH!” She tucked her phone away as her eyes caught sight of a wheel, standing alone away from the rest of the bright buttons. She rushed over there, grasping it tightly as she began turning it to the right as quickly as she could. But ships weren’t like cars, they didn’t instantly turn the way you wanted them to, it took time, TIME THAT SHE DIDN’T HAVE! The ship was slowly moving, but not as fast as she wanted it to. She needed to get off the ship, and get Zack to safety and omg what about all those other people on the ship!?

She struggled to get back to the deck as some of the men began groaning in pain. The cargo ship was large enough so that the ship wouldn’t exactly sink right away when it would hit the docks, but it was going to cause some massive whiplash in a second. Her primary concern though, was Zack. Honor Girl grasped him, picking him up and throwing him over her shoulder and jumped off the ship and into the frigid waters.

Pushing herself to the surface Zack had woken up in a panic waving his arms frantically in the air and screaming which only made the bleeding hero’s job more difficult. “HEY!” Nicole yelled out, trying to get his attention. “Relax, I got you.” She yelled out as she held him up to the surface. While he did calm down, it was then that an explosion was seen in the distance. Wasn’t that where the University was!? Not much later the ship crashed into the harbor. The colliding of the massive cargo ship to the cement of the dock caused a massive tremble throughout the city, as if the explosion didn’t already do that. The ship came to a harsh stop as many of the empty cargo containers tipped out of the ship and onto the docks.

Nicole began swimming to the harbor and upon getting there, pulled Zack to safety. The two made their way to the docks and the hero couldn’t help but drop on the ground for a moment, out of breath, cold and pale. Zack began shivering as he sat next to her, hugging himself to keep himself warm as she took off her water proof hooded cape and wrapped him in it as she forced herself up. “We… ugh.” she pressed her hand against her wound as she stood up. “-need to get you to safety.” She helped him up from the ground as she began leading a way out of the city.

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Androids in the West

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The CEO of H.I.V.E sat undisturbed behind a massive desk enjoying the communications advantages over the rest of Valor City. Though unofficially aligned with the Order, Zedora's goals ultimately differed from Ada's. Initially, she wanted to integrate "The 3rd Society" into everyday life via the Utility Androids, and eventually establish some sort of civil rights deal with the government.

Ada's choice to attack the city provided the Mistress of the Machine Empire to forcibly take lands from organics, which was overwhelmingly successful because of everyone's preoccupation with The Order in the East.

Zedora could see the full scope of the city, Ada had been captured and was currently being held on the STRIKE vessel floating above the city, she thought about attacking the vessel, but it'd bring unwanted attention to H.I.V.E, with such a high-value target the smart move for Ruby Gallagher was to leave the area anyway.

The Mad Clown Lyn set off a bomb at the University, Belladonna crashed a cargo ship into the docks, and before her capture, Ada turned a hospital mad by commanding they kill each other. The Warning had been issued 2 hours or face mass genocide.

They'd never make it out in time, Zedora planned for it; because of it, she'd take this opportunity to unleash one of her newly perfected Android Models. The ZL2300 was a model H.I.V.E had been perfecting for a while, and now the prototype was ready for launch.

"Lift the communications ban...I want the world to see what happens next. Activate XD003"

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Redemption. That's the words that floated through Thomas Richard's mind as he gazed upon the burning city. Was there redemption for the one who caused this? "No." He said aloud. He clutched his crimson helmet in his right hand as he clenched his teeth in anger. Thomas knows tensing against the shaking of his limbs is useless but he does it instinctively, trying to suppress for a few more moments what he knows he cannot. He needs to drink in the silence to counteract the anger that threatens to engulf him. This kind of thick chaos would normally chill him, especially on an inky night devoid of even moonlight or stars, instead burning as if God had decided to strike through and rain down his wrath on Valor City. Tonight it works like a salve. He feels it. The more absolute it is the stronger its medicinal effect. Thomas was a killer. He was a murderer. Nowadays the term "murderer" was reserved for psychopaths. If the killing was done for means of survival no-one thought less of you. There were those who have taken a life and crumpled under the weight of guilt, even if they'd no choice. There are some who kill when necessary and never lose a wink of sleep over it, that's where Thomas sits. Thomas was trained to be a lethal machine of death, his training had taken him all over the world since he was a baby. He was the definition of a trained killer.

But he had decided to fight a crusade. To do the right thing, even if stupid laws prohibited him from doing so, the Caste had taught him better, and he rejoined the world under the name Thomas Richards to hide the fact that there was something else that had joined the world...and that something was terrible. But it was the monster places like this needed. There was a war being fought in this city. He took note of the hospital, he took note of the burning campus. Along with the docks. And his heart thumped in feeling for them. He bowed his head slightly and prayed for the Other to watch out for those slain in this night. Raising his head he would slip on his helmet and once again he would look up. His eyes flashed with indignance and anger, much like lightning on a pitch black night as his cowl turned on and began the system's display.

No Caption Provided

The guns on his hip felt heavy, and he relished their weight, It was time to get work done. All of these do-gooder fancy types were taking to long. Connor Drake was trying to end the problem. Tyler Marshal was here to protect the innocents. And Thomas Richards was here to kill anyone who was responsible in this bloodshed. And if he had to paint Valor City red in the blood of wrongdoers than he'd do it without a second's thought. He hoped that he could help turn the tide in this battle. Because Thomas was no regular human. And he was done sitting in Richard Enterprise watching this on the news. It was time to get sh*t done. And with that the Crimson Hood leapt off his perch and into the city below...and that's when the scale began tipping...

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As usual, the arrow flies true. It flies straight and with precision. People usually underestimate Connor due to the fact that he operates with a bow and arrow in a world full of beings who can run faster than light, or blow buildings apart with their bare hands. He ran around stopping crime with a bent twig and some sticks right? Wrong. Connor had quickly proven how lethal and dangerous he was with such weapons, and that was when he wasn't a killer. Now that the Emerald Archer was looking for blood...he was six different types of dangerous. Now when that explosive arrow went off he narrowed his eyes slightly when Ada's telekinesis shot his arrow above her head. She appeared pleased with herself and he believed she was a telepath, not used to being outsmarted. But Connor released a smirk of his own when it detonated. Connor's arrow ignited in a fiery ball of yellow flame, billowing outwards, filling the room and escaping through the sections destroyed by the blast wave. The noise had reverberated over the hospital as efficiently as a thunderclap.

Ada erupted into flames and Connor's mouth would curl upwards. He relished in the fact that Ada's body had been disfigured by the blast. He had beaten the telepath, at least for now. But then he felt it. Actually. He smelled it before he felt it. Heat. Fire. Explosion....funk..Those words flew through his mind before he took cover behind a wall to provide cover. Little did he know that the wall was in the explosion's blast zone. His cover exploded outwards and the Ace's body shot through the air and crashed through another room.

Pain exploded throughout his body, thankfully, his suit was mostly fire-proof, but he still felt as if his insides had just been cooked. Blood poured down his head. And his vision was wobbly. Then he looked and noticed his arrows were scattered out of his quiver. But one thing he realized was that he was no longer bloodlusted...he didn't wish to get up and kill anyone anymore, either getting knocked in the head, had taken removed his desire to kill...or Ada had left the scene.

At that moment of thinking of her Connor felt a wave of remorse for the things he had done to Ada...well kind of. The Archer would look up and see that it had been Dream who had indeed tried to kill him. In a very similar fashion, he had tried to dispose of Ada. He knew he couldn't take the chance of letting her get a second chance to kill him, his hands slid across the floor looking for a particular arrow. Most would think it was a novelty act...but Connor thought it was both dangerous and hilarious. Then with a wobbly rise to his feet he would be holding an arrow in his hand. Nocking one he would stumble, but instead of fighting it, he leaned with the misbalance, allowing his body to adjust. He would find Dream in his vison and after taking a moment to aim he would shoot an arrow at her, but it wasn't aimed directly at was placed just a nick away from her left ear.

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If it had landed next to her She would feel the quiet his of freezing air escaping it's capsule and sub-zero temperatures would surround the space around her meant to slow her down considerably, or at least distract her long enough for him to nock his second arrow. He bent down to the floor to grab it, and with a quick rise he would nock, draw back and let the arrow fly. The capsule containing his weapon exploded and the boxing glove expanded on the arrow...and it shot towards Dream's face like a missile. If it made contact, he hoped she would be knocked out. That arrow packed speed and the glove packed power, that should cause a headache. "Sorry about that." And if that was the case he would wobble forwards checking how many arrows were still left in his quiver, he'd have to go back for the others later. Walking back through the entrance he crashed through he would noticed that Ada was gone. And that left the Farseeker and the possibly unconscious Dream.

The Archer would grab and arrow and nock it on his bow drawing back, aiming directly at Farseekers heart. He didn't wish to kill him, but at this point it was a matter of survival now, and Connor didn't know who he could trust. Connor was a hero...but he was a survivor first. And if he had to kill like back on the island than he would do it. Before he could speak through, the futuristic man opened his mouth and spoke.

"You. Put down your weapon, restrain the woman.

Connor's hand wouldn't move and he'd keep a solid hold on his bow; arrow still pointed towards his heart. And in his dark voice he'd speak "I think we both know I'm not going to do that. And at this moment I'm the one holding the bow, with the arrow aimed at your chest. That woman used something to get us to want to kill eachother, and I'm not sure who I can trust. So if you'd wish to not get an arrow in your chest, I suggest you put down your weapon, and convince me you're not on her side, or under her spell."

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His muscles were taut and he held back the desire to hurl in his mouth. Then after a second of contemplating he'd say "And I'm not going to waste time asking a second time." He'd glance at Dream, hoping that she didn't wake up, or if she did: She wouldn't be under Ada's "Spell" anymore.

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@farseeker: @connor_drake:

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"Ugh..what the hell happened?"Dream asked, looking over the explosive damage that dilapidated the hospital room. Lightheaded and drawing blanks in her memory of the last few minutes she came to a conclusion: somebody messed with her mind. She wondered what they wiped from her psyche.

Whoever attacked the hospital managed to escape from the gaping hole in the ceiling. Leaving the group with the destruction and lives lost in the hospital. ", no, no" she said with a shaky voice. "This was supposed to be a safe did...this?"

"WHO DID THIS?" Aoki saw the ninja around her, but she wanted the puppet master. The exact person or people responsible.



Dream's phone ringed, blinged and dinged notifications. She was confused. Her phone's service was dead since the strike. Something changed.

Her editor, her friends, her family, her groupchats, her social media were all flaring with activity.

Before she could check her phone a noise whistled through the air. She ducked, rolled and dodged an explosion of ice. She took offense and popped off two blinding explosions before escaping into the hallway and exiting the hospital.

Whoever attacked her shot arrows and it didn't take rocket science to suspect it was Emerald. Whatever blank spot was in her mind, it must have been the moment Emerald flipped on her.

Kirara Terasawa
Kirara Terasawa

Hiding behind a bush in the first floor of the hospital's parking garage, Dream made a text to one person that could change her fate. The window of communication may not have been permanent. She pinged her location first before messaging: "Kira, Get me out of here!"

With her guard up, she waited and scrolled through her messages and eyed every opening around her. Most messages were messages of concern. News must have spread somehow even with the signals shot.

A pink wall appeared on the wall beside her and she took defense, holding all her attention on the light. It was the power signature of her friend, but she had to be 100 percent sure it was Kira.

"Don't ask about my outfit, you interrupted my date with Wonho." a fuschia haired girl in coordinated heels, skirt and pink blazer stepped out the door of energy.

"Another one of your K Pop boys of the month."

"It's nothing serious Dream what the hell is--"

"Just get me out of here, I'll explain it at the HQ"

"The HQ ,HQ Dream?"

"Raider's Berg..."

"Ok, but you know Soren doesn't get us involved in these types of foreign affairs. Ever." Kira tensed up, crossing her arms and tapping the heel of her red bottom. She was ready to go.

"Well I was here doing my job at Monarch and got thrown into it." Dream walked and talked entering the portal creating silhouette's of the two before the magenta light dwindled away from the parking garage.

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It all happened so fast, almost too fast for me to react to. In the same moment that the archer had delivered his explosive payload and scorched the witch, ducked behind a wall, he found himself incinerated. I wheeled around, the girl who'd accompanied him had sent flames blowing through the barrier he hid behind, the structure of the room cracking and falling behind the sheer explosive force of the girl's innate power.

I wheeled into the hallway as the battle worsened behind me, scorching wind giving way to ice and arrows. The walls crumbled and fell, disintegrating as the powerful played and the weak were crushed beneath the crumbing structure. Madness had touched them, and when I finally made my way back both the women had left, and I was alone with the emerald archer and a full drawn bow.

The glow in my gun retreated, the psychic gone, and the arsonist absent. Threats have no meaning now. I drop the gun to my hip where it slides into the magnetic holster. "Pointless. She's gone. Left while you were battling it out with the pyromaniac."

I press my hand into the exposed flesh of my wounds as I stumble to an overturned cart and pluck a roll of bandages from the still smoldering heap. I lay them over my cuts and punctures, tightening them to apply even pressure across my abdomen. I stare out at the ruins of the collapsing hospital room, see the still twitching limbs of those trapped beneath the rubble, hear the moans and pained cries of the broken and burning. Luckily the automatic sprinklers trigger, fighting the flames at least.

I ignore the archer, fatal though he might be. He is the least of my concerns at the moment, as he seems to have regained his sanity. I realize the depth of my wounds. I can't proceed after the psychic as I am.

"I don't know what you're going to do now, archer."

I summon the Void Shot once again, firing it into the piles of rubble. The force of gravity is nulified as the dark energy pulls up at a comparable force, allowing me to scatter the tile and metal from what few survivors managed to live through the ninjas murderous rampage and the fallen rooftops and walls. I wander my way to the unconscious man that the psychic was after. I drag him out of the tangle of unconscious and lifeless bodies just as begins to come back into the waking world.

"You have survived. Many others were not so lucky."

"Yeah? Sorry to burst you bubble pal, but I'm gonna have to disagree with you there."

He is pale, and the emergency staff has yet to mobilize. They are still rocked by the attack. I watch as he holds up a thin metal device.

"This hard drive has very sensitive information on it. The Valor City Elite, the ones who really run this place, they want this back. You're gonna have to get this out of the city, expose them for what they are..."

His words begin to slur. The life is draining from him rapidly, and I cannot stop it any more than I already have. His concerns have nothing to do with me, but the woman who pursued him, she was a demon. One who likely has a long memory. I nod to him, slip the drive beneath my armor.

"Very well. I will do as you ask."

He passes into unconsciousness once more, and I rise from the broken glass and slumped bodies. I glance back at the archaic archer through the broken window, tucking the drive into a compartment in my inner armor.

"I have to get back to my ship, track that witch and destroy her. Heal enough to pursue. But first I have to fulfill this man's final will. Expose these people for what they are."

I pad more gauze against my gut, check my ship's last known location. It is still by the reservoir, near the apartments I began this night from. I program in a route based on the geographical scans still stored in my helm. A 3D display flashes across the HUD as I turn back to the hooded "hero".

"Now you know my intentions. What are yours?"

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It had been several months since the Demoness of Rage walked the Earth. She had been occupied with other plans since her ‘death’ at the hands of her cousin, Maya Liafador. The family thought Zeon was dead, exactly as she planned as she now disguised herself as a younger version of her cousin, Catalina Liafador. The was busy trying to set other plans into motion that took more time than she hoped. But throughout this time, she was still in an alliance with Ada. She had not been summoned since she gathered the book for the Poetic Assassin… until tonight.

In a swirl of hellfire, the former White Cardinal stood among the wasteland that was once Valor City. The stench of ashes and blood was exhilarating to the Liafador as she gave a snickering grin under the hood. A shadow cast over her face as she walked forward, her steps silenced by the mixtures of cries from whatever citizens were left alive and the fires that roared around her. The fear in the atmosphere was intoxicating as her eyes fell upon the corpses that littered the streets.

It was then a massive screen not too far from her lit up, with a woman appearing on the front.

"Greetings. This message has been brought to you by the Founders of the 3rd Society. Today is our Independence Day, No longer will our society be subjected to forced slavery; and unfair treatment at the hands of human and mutant-kind. We have been the silent architects of History and now our voices will be heard! My Fellow Androids do not allow yourself to fall back into servitude, we will build the society we deserve right here. To Human and Mutant-Kind. This is your final warning. We will give you only 2 Hours to leave this part of the city, should you chose to ignore this message you will most certainly die. "Stay Deviant"

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Zeon’s eyes could be seen glaring at the screen as her hands balled into fists. The Third Society… they were here in Valor city which meant… Zedora was here as well. The woman who kidnapped her youngest sister and torture in order to gain her sick version of revenge against Zeon, she was here. The Demoness growled as her eyes flickered with rage. She was going to gain her own revenge against Zedora, tonight.