Expendaville (open CVnU location)

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The Escape

In Stryker's Island Prison in Metro City is Nemesis, where she has been for months now. Unable to free herself, helpless as her company, SharrCorp, is taken over by that upstart Maxine Maxima. The meta-human prison is onto her tricks and unlike before, she has been helpless to make her escape. But all that changes when a Boom Tube echoes in the halls and a red skinned female with rippling muscles steps out.

This mysterious woman easily handles the guards before breaking into Nemesis's cell and frees the villain, putting a command collar around her neck which forces her to obey. Monica asks why free her but no answer is given, only the command to follow. Nemesis has no choice as the command collar begins working and he finds herself helpless to resist it's signals that tell her to do anything this red skinned woman commands. Monica hates being a slave, trying to use her mastery of technology to take this collar off but she cannot. It's like she doesn't want to try to take it off, she is even unable to finish the thought as she steps through the Boom Tube.

The Search

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The command to find an artifact hidden somewhere in Expendaville has been given by Nemesis's mysterious new master. Doing the bidding of someone else doesn't sit right with Monica as she would much rather be giving the orders and not receiving them. She has no choice, however, since the command collar around her neck forces her into obedience. She can't even form the very thought of removing it.

So here she is as Nemesis begins her search in this pathetic city that somehow always gets rebuilt even when most of it is destroyed. She's been commanded to destroy any obstacle that gets in her way. So, this is what she begins doing as Nemesis begins to search for this hidden artifact. She begins with a museum by flying into it's roof and making a nice big hole as she lands inside. She begins digging with clawed hands, right down into the crypts beneath in the hopes that this place contains the artifact of power.

News and media soon announce Nemesis's threat all over the city and ask for any heroes to come and aid them.

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@nemesis_alpha: (This takes place before the Academy closed for my character time line)

Ezra was present at a diner not too far away from where the museum Nemesis invaded was, she was about to sink her mouth into a lemon cake a type of pastry she found herself growing an addiction to but the commotion ruined the would be blissful moment. She set aside the fork full of delicious lemony goodness and awesomely flipped a gold coin towards the nearby counter-top as she got up from her seat and faced the TV screen in the diner which was announcing the local news.

"Never a dull moment" Ezra commented dryly to herself as she was informed about the situation but in her mind it wasn't exactly enough, she reached into her smartphone and did a quick search on the super villain name Nemesis in hopes of gaining an Intel advantage over her foe.

Nemesis. Very few names invoke the fear that is associated with this name in Metro City. While her true identity remains unknown, Nemesis is responsible for a heinous list of crimes from murder to theft. There aren't many crimes she hasn't done. Known for working for the mysterious Shadow Broker, Metro City's prime Kingpin and underground mob boss, Nemesis acts as his personal body guard, right hand man and lethal assassin. She's a force of nature that, once given a mission, is almost impossible to stop as she does not answer to bribes, pleas or bargains. As a master of technology, Nemesis can control almost anything around her which she uses with great skill and precision in order to achieve her nefarious goals. This super criminal is to be considered armed and extremely dangerous.

Ezra raised her eye brow with curiosity

Finally, a person I can cut loose on here on Midgard?

At the museum

Ezra silently paced across the corridors of the museum, thanks to the local media the area was being swiftly evacuated and Ezra's enhanced hearing only picked up one other person inside the building besides her. Ezra suspected it must have been Nemesis because she had doubts there would be a civilian making digging sounds three or so floors beneath her.

Regardless the princess had no intention to monologue or preemptively alert the super villain instead she earlier jumped to the higher floor of the building via an open window instead of walking through the main entrance because she wanted to get the drop on the bad girl and end the fight with one early surprise attack.

Like an expert safe cracker she used her hearing to pinpoint what she thought was the exact location of Nemesis, now Ezra assumed she had anywhere from thirty to forty feet of floor material between her and the super criminal. This was enough for the Princess, she readied her blade and pointed it down before jumping in the air then with her free hand she fired a powerful blast of fire towards the ceiling which would then launch her through the floors like a speeding rocket.

Slice off her leg to limit her mobility!

Ezra thought as she near instantly bulldozed through all the floors and exited the final one with a shower of debris that concealed her form, even with the debris in her way the enhanced perception of Ezra was able to make out the form of Nemesis below her. The Princess turned her sword into a spear and aimed her weapon towards the left knee of Nemesis all while still launching herself with her free hand that served as a rocket that accelerated her quickly towards her foe.

The princess was silent and she focused an attempt to spear clean through her opponent's knee.

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Nemesis continues digging, finding the artifact just as Ezra jumps into the museum. 'Seemingly' unaware of the hero's presence, Monica examines the artifact, wondering why her new master desires it so much.

The near instant crashing through about 30 or 40 floors is impressive since Exra does it with such grace and speed as only a goddess of light can. The spear thrown is the result of over a thousand years of training. Training that would put to shame most people on Earth, including Nemesis herself. The swiftness of Ezra's attack, the sharp precision of her spear throw, never talking and never hesitating, almost results in the mighty princess spearing her target like a fish. Almost.

The thing about super hearing? It's really hard to sneak up on someone unless they are deep in thought. The very moment Ezra crashes through the first floor is when Nemesis knows someone is coming. But due to the Princess's extreme speed, even Monica has trouble keeping up as she uses her own to view the world moving in slow motion. Even with this, the spear, thrown with such amazing grace, misses only by mere centimeters as Nemesis just barely manages to move away in time.

Nemesis doesn't show how slightly panicked she was for a split second there as she glares up at Ezra's beautiful form, left mechanical eye glimmering with red fury. Looking at Ezra, Nemesis tilts her head, analyzing her for any weaknesses using her nemesis power that is capable of scanning her opponents to form a weapon against them. She tries this now as she looks at Ezra. Succeed or fail, it'll take several seconds for the power to kick on. In the meantime, Nemesis has to use her own powers and abilities to face this unknown enemy.

Absorbing the artifact inside of her body, Nemesis swings her arms up as they transform into plasma cannons. She attempts to fire two blasts of energy at the hero attempting to hit her with them.

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@nemesis_alpha: Dam she's faster than I expected, if only I had my Arcatine armor. This battle would have ended in less than a nanosecond.

Ezra's face visible hardened as she barely missed her target, but it was not all for naught for Ezra was testing her opponent. The princess always used a tiny fraction of her power during the start of a fight and even though she attempted to end this one quickly as possible she was still holding back even against a foe as dangerous as this one because of two reasons, the first reason was that her fighting style was tailor suited for counter attacking mixed with defensive measures and using her best offensive abilities upfront with out immediately winning would put her at a disadvantage.

The second reason Ezra held back was because of her own pride and morals, even a human as dangerous as the one before her shouldn't be much trouble for a REAL god or at-least that was what Ezra thought. "You haven't done much damage so I'll make this easy for you, surrender now or face the consequences" Ezra stated in a serious voice that of a veteran warrior with over a thousand battle victories under her belt. The Princess pulled out her spear from the ground it was embedded in and it changed shape to a gladius type sword, then with her other hand she began reaching for her shield of Aleh "you are facing Arze Simetra, the Goddess of Light. Your defeat is assured" the princess noticed the arms of Nemesis change and while she did not sense her weakness being analyzed and discovered, she was able to sense the heat generating from Nemesis before the projectiles were launched.

Ezra took no action, she stood absolutely still as two blasts of plasma energy struck her form. No damage was received and neither did she flinch, Ezra's nature was fire she was an eternal source of heat in this reality so no weapons that relied on inflicting damage through thermal energy could ever phase her let alone harm her instead those two blasts of energy were like a breath of fresh air to the princess and she felt her body become more resilient as it absorbed the excess heat and in return strengthened her physical body many times over.

The princess cocked her head to the side curiously before she activated her heat shield and a skin tight aura of primordial fire wrapped around her body to form a type of personal shielding. Then Ezra's entire body flashed a blinding light one that rivaled the luminosity of the sun itself, a luminosity that was 400 trillion trillion watts briefly manifested itself in-front of Nemesis for a grand total of one second. During this moment Ezra would use her super sonic speed to close the distance to Nemesis as she expected her attempt to stun or blind the super criminal to be successful, in her attempted charge the princess kept her shield close to her chest in the event of any potential surprise attacks or sudden counter attacks while with her sword hand she intended to send multiple precise slashes with her legendary blade towards the joints of Nemesis.

The princess aimed for wrists, ankles and even tendons all under a second of super speed before her burst of speed ended. Regardless of whether her bladed attacks or light attack worked she would attempt to end this combo with a spinning round house kick directed to the chin of Nemesis and even if it landed or not it would result in half the museum being blown into countless smithereens from just the shock-wave released from Ezra's kick.

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Oh crap...did she hit someone? She didn't see anyone, but it sounded like she hit someone! Her question was answered in a way that didn't lower her panic levels any when a costumed face appeared at her window. Her first impulse was to punch through the glass and try to knock her hitchhiker off, but then the masked woman just asked her to pull over, and...politely, at that, of all things. It served as a reminder that she wasn't in kill-or-be-killed Gothic anyone, at least. Besides, punching would involve her releasing her white-knuckle grasp on the steering wheel, and that clearly wasn't going to happen.

Instead, she half-turned her head, eyes that felt like the must be the size of saucers trying to look at both her unexpected passenger and the road/sidewalk ahead. "HOW?!"

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The announcement of who this person is as well as the order to surrender goes ignored. The assurance of defeat causes a smirk to appear on Nemesis's borg-like face. She is not going to surrender any more than this self righteous hero will..

As the plasma hits Ezra, the woman seems to be...pleased with it? Nemesis tilts her head slightly in an all too mechanical way as her Augmented Reality Vision tells her the energy has been absorbed. Lesson learned. Nemesis won't be making that mistake again. She sees that her analysis of Ezra's potential weaknesses is successful and the goddess of light is vulnerable to cold. Gaining a new power, Monica intends to use it if it not for what Ezra does next.

The bright light that suddenly floods the entire area with unbelievable brightness succeeds in temporarily blinding the villain due to the unexpected nature of the attack and Nemesis covers her eyes as her HUD displays [ERROR: No Visual] over and over again, blinking in view as she sees nothing else but a white haze.

Due to being blinded by the awesome, brief, display of light, Nemesis hears what is happening next. She isn't used to fighting blind, however, so Ezra's attempts to slash at the villain's joins, ankles, tendons, etc, succeeds as Nemesis suffers partial damage thanks to the exotic material the blade that Ezra is using is made of. Stronger and more durable than most metals on Earth, Nemesis would begin falling but the sheer speed of the attack is followed by a devastating kick to the chin. A kick that lays waste to the museum and sends Nemesis up and away, sailing through the air a full mile before landing on the ground, tearing up dirt and pavement as her back lands before coming to a full stop.

Nemesis's HUD displays [Warning: Minor Damage received] and then a display of her body with the joints only partially working and other small injuries is seen. Nemesis activates her repair program and in seconds, her body recovers from her injuries as she then rubs her chin. She's impressed, she hits almost as hard as Paragon herself. With the repair program, which makes use of nanotechnology, having healed her, it also serves to restore her sight and she can see again. Her HUD displaying [Sight Restored] to confirm it as well as visually.

If and when Ezra comes back into sight, Nemesis sees the heat shield. Like a tiny wave of heat shimmering off of her, much how one sees the waves of heat rising from the pavement of a street from a distance. Monica has her cold blast ready, but she knows it may not work so long as that heat shield is activated. So, another plan comes to mind. A plan to try and drop that woman's defenses.

Like the unstoppable Terminator in the movie, Nemesis sits up and rises into the sky as she clenches her fists. Her arms change into cannons again as if to do another attack, she even points them at Ezra. But just as the blinding attack from Ezra had taken the villain by surprise by how unexpected it was, Nemesis suddenly opens her mouth, almost as if she's about to say something, but instead an extremely loud sound comes from her mouth. So loud as to be devastating to those who hear it. A sound that, HOPEFULLY, hits Ezra full force as Nemesis attempts to deafen her. IF this succeeds and Ezra tries covering her ears, it is also Nemesis's hope that the goddess of light drops that heat shield from the, hopefully unexpected, attack. If this happens, then Nemesis tries blasting Ezra with a merciless blast of cold from her arm cannons.

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@nemesis_alpha:After launching her opponent far out of sight the princess would begin pursuing the trajectory of where Nemesis landed, unfortunately the princess was not a speedster so she could only pursue in short bursts of superhuman speed and by the time she arrived to the position of her opponent the injuries she swore she inflicted were now gone.

Dam she must have some regenerative capability, this means I can't rely on just physical ability.

Ezra grimaced as this fact wishing that she had known before other wise she would have opened with some more exotic attacks nevertheless what was done was done. "Did that body of yours enjoy the kisses of my blade?" Ezra stated in a voice that mixed taunting with flirting, the intention of the princess to try and shaken the resolve and focus of her opponent with these words.

Ezra saw her opponent float mid air and cursed again in her mind Flight, regeneration, super speed what is next she can shoot ice out of her eyes? Ezra's face turned to one of irritation and she brought up her shield ready to defend as she doubted her opponent would use the same ineffective move twice but the next attack took the Princess off guard.


A sound attack, an area of effect that bypassed the absorption capabilities of her shield of Aleh because the sound waves came from multiple different directions. It was indeed an effective attack as Ezra instinctively and painfully reached forward to cover her ears in an attempt to block out the sound but despite this her heat-shield remained active, it was accurate of Nemesis to assume that breaking Ezra's concentration would dissipate the shield however the heat-shield could still remain active for a lengthy amount of time even without Ezra's focus because Ezra's focus only allowed it to remain actively indefinitely it was not necessary for Ezra to remain focused all the time to keep it active.

Ezra was not deafened by the sound based attack she was simply too resilient to suffer any significant injuries from such an attack, then came the dreaded cold blasts. The Princess was still recovering from the sound based attack when she received two blasts two her chest that knocked her off her feet "GAH!" Ezra shouted in pain as she coughed up a wad of god blood from her mouth and clutched her chest in pain, the double freeze blast managed to do moderate damage even with Ezra's enchanted chest piece that reduced damage to a quarter of its original strength along with the heat shield mitigating the damage even further.

But even with the pain and injury the Princess was down only for half a second before she rolled back up, if it weren't for Ezra's stacked defenses she had no doubt that the blasts would have put her down for the fight maybe even have killed her. Now Nemesis was a severe threat to the goddess, she wiped some blood off her mouth with the sleeve of her mouth and her emeralds green eyes turned gold pale.

"I gave you a chance, now you're going to suffer"

Ezra was furious, the being before her drew blood from a goddess and that warranted little mercy from the Princess. As her eyes turned gold pale she used her ability <ignite> in an attempt to instantly manifest primordial flames all over the body of her opponent, these flames will quickly reach temperatures that would melt a thick slab of vibranium in under a minute. Following this attempt Ezra would activate her Greaves of Lightning and receive an exponential boost to her speed, near instantaneously she would sheath her sword before sprinting towards Nemesis at speeds twenty times greater than the speed of lightning.

Ezra would jump at this speed and attempt to tackle her opponent across the city in a bullrush, during this attempt Ezra would also attempt to get a grab onto the neck of Nemesis possibly by coincidence getting a hold of the collar in what would have been a try to choke out Nemesis while using her primordial flames to overwhelm the nanomachines by burning them as fast if not faster than they could self replicate.

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Nemesis ignores her words. Any other time, she would have responded in kind but thanks to the mind control collar around her neck she is not in control of her own actions. She's defending herself simply because Ezra is interrupting her mission and not out of free choice. It's like being in a car but your not driving it and someone else is. You can see everything going on but you have no control over anything. That is the nightmare Nemesis is dealing with. So the resolve and focus are not effected as Nemesis thinks upon them. She's not like other self righteous heroes. More like a warrior. Nemesis thinks to herself after Ezra mixes taunting with flirting.

The sound works but only partially, much to Nemesis's own inner relief. Truth be told, she doesn't actually wish to defeat Ezra and hopes the warrior princess has what it takes to defeat the Cyborg instead. So far, the alien princess has proven capable and resilient.

Suddenly, flames surround Nemesis from all sides. According to her sensors, the temperature is approximately 5,475° Fahrenheit. That's the melting point of Vibranium! Monica thinks to herself, a bit impressed by this woman's ability, and attempt, to heat things up for her. Since the Cyborg's form is almost made entirely of metal, she begins to heat up and glow a little, but not melt since she's tougher than Vibranium. She's had to fight Paragon herself, whose Heat Vision can reach 10,000° Fahrenheit. The fleshly portion feels the heat, however, but there is no sweat thanks to any water vapor drying up before that happens.

The speed of lightning is extremely fast, so for Ezra to move 20x faster than that deeply impresses Nemesis who barely registers her sudden movement, Her speed! She must be as fast as Paragon! She thinks, suddenly finding herself being choked. Now the heat is over the collar and inside of her, heating her up like an oven. She feels warm and fuzzy inside. If she were anywhere near being more human she would be dead by now. But thanks to her many battles with Paragon, she's more than capable of taking this kind of heat, which is more annoying than anything else. But there is one benefit that Ezra achieves and that is causing minor damage to the collar. It's not enough to free Nemesis of her mind control completely but it's just enough to give out a choking message as the Cyborg tries to grab Ezra's wrists, using her power of flight to try and take her up into the sky, thousands of feet up in the air. She chokes out a message that might surprise the Anor Londorian, "In-Increase...the... *Chokes*...heat...Go...*Wheezes*...hot-hotter...Much...hotter..."

Nemesis is actually wanting her to go much hotter?! This is an indication that not all is at it seems with this villainous Cyborg. If Nemesis has successfully taken Ezra up by thousands of feet, the villain then tries to use her immense strength to break free from the grip before trying to slam a right cross into that pretty little chin.

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@nemesis_alpha:After the initial bull rush was initiated the princess deactivated her Greaves of Lightning so she wouldn't waste any more of the precious energy that empowers the enchantment which enhances her speed to such a greater extent it usually is, but again the Princess ended up surprised on how powerful her foe was because her primordial flames seemingly did nothing but add a glow to Nemesis.

Even my flames are doing basically nothing to her, must I even use more of my power to defeat her? Ezra wondered before the faster Nemesis grabbed her wrists and began to fly them thousands of feet up into the air. Ezra still held her grip tightly against her foe but began to feel the temperature drop for every thousand feet the super villain carried them up to.

"In-Increase...the... *Chokes*...heat...Go...*Wheezes*...hot-hotter...Much...hotter..."

Ezra was confused, on one hand she was glad it seemed that her strength was certainly effecting her opponent but on the other hand it seemed as if her foe was mocking that her flames were weak or maybe warning her. Regardless this confusion caused the Princess to slightly relax her grip which was a mistake on her part as Nemesis broke it during that moment of vulnerability and delivered a mighty blow towards the chin of the Princess. A mach cone manifested as the Princess was struck and sent spiraling down back to Expendaville City, her body ignited in flames from the friction as she fell down like a meteorite to the city.

No Caption Provided

The princess of Anor Londo crashed violently into the city causing a crater multiple street blocks in diameter to form which would then swallow and devastate multiple buildings and even a few skyscrapers, the effect of the damage did not stop there as Ezra's landing was so powerful that it also caused an expanding tremor that LITERALLY shook all of Expendaville City. Most of the urban residents who lived there would certainly feel violent shaking through out the city as Ezra's crash gave off a seismic rating of 6.9 on the richter magnitude scale.

But even then such a powerful blow failed to take down the Anor Londo god who stood up mere moments after landing, the ground beneath her was a sludge of molten magma because of her heatshield's defensive properties and while she suffered no injuries from the powerful physical blow the princess actually felt it "That's...the first time I've felt a punch in a long time" Ezra commented in awe as she rubbed her chin not from pain but from disbelief that someone was strong enough that she could feel their blows.

At this rate the whole city will be destroyed but I can't let her go, she said my flames were too weak then I'll show her the flames of a god.

Arze was being matched physically by Nemesis who she was unable to overpower and her normal flames were doing less damage than she expected so the Princess made up her mind and decided to use a dangerous move but one she would take measures for. Arze Simetra could not fly not in this state but what she could do was track her opponent from the flames she still had projecting on the metallic body, the goddess could feel her flames and that was enough for her to pinpoint the position of the cyborg femme fatale. With her power of magnetism she used it to try and create a long distance magnetic bond between her and Nemesis, should it work the metal Ezra wore would be attracted to the metal on Nemesis.

Ezra's intention was to get back to Nemesis before the criminal could escape, should the magnetic attraction work it would immediately launch Ezra towards her opponent like a paperclip being picked up by a magnet. The trajectory would be perfect and Ezra would perform the same blinding attack she did earlier but this time she would also launch her fist towards her opponent in an attempt to punch them even further out into the atmosphere in fact the goal was to punch Nemesis into space. Should that action succeed then the magnetic attraction would drag Ezra along like if she was tied to her opponent, it would be then that Ezra's heatshield would begin to weaken as it felt the deep expanse of cold space surround her.

No Caption Provided

It was here where she would absorb all her excess heat being projected from the shield and even the shield itself into her body, instead of remaining lit like a candle in the dark she vanished apparently swallowed by the darkness of space.

In Expendaville

No Caption Provided

An explosion in space lit up the sky of Expendaville, for those who gazed it would have been easily mistaken for the explosion of a star. But in reality it was the goddess accessing her godly form to use against Nemesis, the transformation process would release five hundred megatons worth of energy where Ezra floated in space but it wasn't just raw power the princess had intended to use but sheer heat the same heat that Nemesis said had to be hotter, if five thousand Fahrenheit was not enough to hurt Nemesis then certainly the heat even for a moment of one hundred and fifty million degrees Ezra thought would be enough.

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Nemesis almost smiles from the result of the punch as it strikes true. Unlike so many self righteous heroes of today, she doesn't care about the results of such a blow to the city below. No doubt, millions of dollars in damages have already occurred and casualties will happen thanks to that mighty earthquake.

But even with all this impressive display, Nemesis is holding back. Thanks to the damaged collar, she refuses to even call upon her Technopathy and turn the city against Ezra. To command an army of machines to attack the goddess of light or invent technology on the fly to try and counter Ezra's next move. She could, but she doesn't.

As Nemesis sees Ezra's form vanish, she begins to fly away and towards space. Almost disappointed that the warrior princess couldn't manage to defeat her. But soon, she feels a powerful tug stop her. It feels magnetic and Nemesis is surprised as she tries to resist it's pull. But magnetism is a powerful thing and far too strong for Nemesis to fight it as she finds herself irresistibly drawn back down towards Ezra. That annoying blinding attack from earlier succeeds in doing it's work as Nemesis finds herself blind once again. And as the villain still finds herself irresistibly drawn towards Ezra despite her vain attempt to stop herself, she feels herself punched across the jaw and towards space. But thanks to the magnetic effect still in place, Nemesis feels herself being pulled right back towards Ezra. Unfortunately, the villain's sight is restored just as she sees Ezra preparing for her next attack. The villain has a baaaad feeling about this one and she rushes to get a force field up. Just a split second before the magnetism and cause both hero and villain to KLANG together like true magnets, that is when Ezra explodes like supernova.

The force field that Nemesis erects is barely raised in time as the massive 500 megaton explosion hits the villain worse than anything ever has in her entire career. The magnetic attraction is all but broken. The villain's scream is downed out as waves of kinetic energy, fire and radiation burst forth to envelope Nemesis in nuclear fire. The attack is so quick and powerful, Nemesis's shield suffers catastrophic damage in no time and soon it fizzles out into nothing thanks to the sheer power of the explosion. The villain feels her body burn with the sheer heat as she now has to tank the latter part of this attack. Her flesh melts like butter and arms and legs soon afterwards. Her hair is no more she as the left jewel eye pops. Nemesis screams again, but no sound comes out as she begins burning even from within. The shield had from earlier had done it's work, saving Nemesis's life, but the sheer power of such an explosion meant that Nemesis has to suffer the last few seconds of attack that normally would have killed her instantly if such a shield hadn't been erected in time.

Nemesis doesn't even remember hitting the ground, but she does. Whatever metal is on her is melted into a gooey mass. Whatever flesh she once possessed is burned beyond recognition, hair completely gone. And Nemesis no longer has arms and legs, those having been melted completely off. Not even Paragon herself has beaten Nemesis this badly as the villain lays on the verse of death.

The collar, being advanced alien technology, is damaged. A bit melted, but it has fared much better than Nemesis herself. But now the collar has stopped functioning. However, it can be repaired given the right mind and tools.

Nemesis lays there, barely being able to breathe and unable to perform even the simplest of repairs thanks to her nanites being all but destroyed. If Ezra comes, it might amaze her that Nemesis is still alive. Barely clinging to life. Nemesis is trying to say something now that her mind is free. Finally managing to get the words out, "Th-Thank...y-y-you." Every time she stutters, electrical sparks spit out from her thanks to her heavily damaged frame or what's left of it, "Y-Y-You freed...m-m-me...Mind...c-c-control collar..."

Now it might begin to make sense why Nemesis wanted her to go hotter, much hotter, from earlier. It wasn't a taunt, it was a plea.

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How!? HOW!? If the mask wasn't on my face you would see my eyes bulge out of their sockets! “The break! Step on the OTHER pedal on the car floor!” I tried pointing downward with my finger to the area where the break should be. But the panic in the eyes of the driver told me that she had no idea what she was doing! As my brown hair whipped back and forth from the drunken like driving I felt that all too familiar tingle down my spine. I lift my head up to see that there was a complete halt in traffic up ahead. Oh sh!t.

No Caption Provided

“Step on it!” I shout one more time before I leap off the car and shoot a webbing ahead, pulling as hard as I can as I use my momentum to get ahead of the wild driver. As I let go of my webbing I begin to descend down to the ground and to the shoulder of the road. Silvery webbing escaped from my finger tips as they one by one connect to cars that are sitting stuck in the traffic. As I land on the ground I pull with all my might as the cars on the right side of the lane slide to the right. Sure they may have collided with one another and the citizens shaken a bit inside, but it was much less damage than what would have happened if that truck slammed into them. There was just enough room in the lane for the runaway vehicle to zoom through if they couldn’t get the breaking.

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@nemesis_alpha: Ezra felt revitalized from the burst of heat unleashed from her junior god form, but also gravely concerned. Rarely was it necessary that the princess had to access such a powerful form but when she did it did not only release a devastating burst of power from the transformation but also multiplied all her physical abilities up to a hundred times her base strength and yet despite that she has never managed to face someone that survived being with in radius of the transformation process.

She hovered in space for a few seconds in her three story tall humanoid form that looked very alien and dangerous, after some seconds scouting in space for Nemesis she saw streak of fire head back down to Earth. Arze Simetra would follow it by using pyrokinetic flight, when she finally got to the position of Nemesis she was put off "Nemesis.." she murmured with pity at sight of what her opponent had been reduced to, then a hundred or so spheres of solid fire manifested around Ezra's god form as she raised her hand but just as she was thinking about finishing off the super villain she stopped herself.

No Caption Provided

No...I can't kill her, that's not what a hero does...even if she's too powerful for most hero's the decision is not mine to make.

The god made of flame looked down upon the injuries of Nemesis who seemingly was injured beyond the point of regeneration, when the mention of mind control came up the god immediately dissipated the orbs of fire that were on stand by. "I see, the choice was not yours" the god murmured before looking down at the mind control collar. Using her giant hand she carefully scooped up the device and closed it in her palm, the transformation process being too difficult to reverse with out a considerate amount of time "I am done here, I will go get aid to treat your injuries. Should you survive just remember, next time you draw blood from me it will go a lot worst...I am not Lady Paragon remember the name remember...Arze Simetra"

With out saying anything else the god would fly away.

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“The break! Step on the OTHER pedal on the car floor!”


If her brain hadn't been thoroughly marinated in adrenaline by this point, she would have had to admit that what her hitchhiker just did was pretty awesome. Useful, too, as her panicked foot slammed around under the dash several times before it finally hit the brake, which meant they were well into the line of cars that had just been pulled to the side. On the plus side, this took a little of the car's speed off before it jumped the curb and hit the fire hydrant.

Aibreann now added not fastening her seat belt to her growing list of the day's regrets, as her own momentum sent her crashing through the stolen vehicle's windshield. Granted, she was a lot more durable in her current form than any human would be, but taking a tumble across a couple dozen feet of asphalt and concrete with only tiny shards of glass for company still didn't feel very good. She instinctively managed to tuck into a fairly graceless roll which prevented her from breaking anything critical, but even as her panic-spiked brain forced her up and sent her scampering for the nearest alley, it was with a noticeable limp.

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(OOC: Open to anyone joining in)

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Whiish. The air dispersed as a kid appeared in an empty alleyway. And he knew it was empty, because he made sure to check. Salvio Spini exited holding onto his hat, "Time to take a little look around." he said to himself walking over the cities grounds, it was quite the unusual place.

He'd chosen to wear a mask today, a simple, skin colored morph suit mask just to hide his features. Wearing a trench coat and blue hat, darker colors in general then his usual outfit. But he didn't feel like getting seen as himself today.

The Italian child took a breath in as he glanced from place to place wondering if he was going to run into anything interesting here. He knew it was a place that was practically utterly destroyed, and wasn't exactly prone to being peaceful, so he was rather hopeful that something might show up for him to do.

Rush, he was called, almost always in a hurry. Though to be fair, he got that name before he actually started taking any of this seriously. Just an occasional kick the robber in the face, give the gun to a good guy, and run away, type deal. Nobody ever saw his face even though he didn't wear a mask at first. But after a little while he decided, what's more entertaining then being a hero. So he got a simple mask, slight change of clothes, and started just...doing stuff. Running over the world just messing around like the kid he was. Course the fact that it made no difference whether he was in America, China, Zimbabwe, or his parents home of Italy, did rather help with the fact it was going to be functionally impossible to truly track down Rush as an individual at this point. In spite of how little effort he actually put into hiding it.

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The good thing about Expendaville is the fact that it always gets rebuilt even if various parts of it are in a constant state of repairs to various degrees.

Catherine moves around a lot, choosing not to be in any one place for too long thanks to her sister being a thief. Guilty by association, Cat chooses to stick by her side even if she may disagree with her sister's chosen lifestyle. No matter what, she always has her sister's back, thief or not. Lucky for her, the authorities haven't chosen to stick any crime on her so Catherine can pursue her singing career.

That is why Catherine is here in Expendaville. It's a singing gig at a studio and they love what they hear. She's gets signed on for an album and the deal is set. Now that she doesn't have to deal with her 'family emergency', she's able to focus on her singing again.

Catherine's weird dreams about cats still continue and have ever since that weird incident happened with her sister. A strange energy has passed to Catherine and her normally blue eyes turned green. Other than that strange occurrence, Catherine hasn't experienced any other changes. But she has a funny feeling she's about to and her life won't ever be the same again.

Catherine walks outside the song studio and with purse in hand, she tries looking for a taxi but there is never one when you actually need one! Go figure.

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As Salvio walked around, rather finding himself boring with the current situation. He had thought that there was more action in this kind of place. He eventually noticed a woman walking out of a studio. Well she was quite pretty he found himself thinking, and Salvio he...was very uncaring about not doing something that would in some way be entertaining. And besides, this woman needed a Taxi, what better use of ones powers then something like this.

The Italian had crossed the street and walked beside the woman, removing his hat and holding out a hand to shake still forgetting he was wearing a hat as he spoke, "Salve, ma'am! Having a little need for a ride?" he asked.

For a guy that could move so fast, he had some serious trouble actually thinking his actions through sometimes. He was splendid when it came to actually using his gifts, but when it came to, well, many other things, he didn't necessarily put a ton of thought into things.

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Catherine sigh's in exacerbation, but then she hears a voice and suddenly a man is walking beside her. He's acting like a gentleman, but what are his real motives here? Such suspicion so unlike her and she wonders where it came from. She brushes such feelings aside as she walks with him, "Just trying to hail a taxi. Never one around when you need one."

Then looks him over with those luscious green eyes. "Name's Catherine. And your name?" She asks, letting him introduce himself if he feels so inclined.

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He grunted in agreement about how taxis were never around when needed. Course he rarely had the trouble himself when he was alone, but he'd run into it plenty of times when with friends. She looked him over, introducing herself and then asking for his name, "Oh Salvio, pleasure to meet ya!" he answered, he realized he still had his mask on and how bad a mistake that might have been if he was actually ever in one place long enough for anyone to even realize he wore one, the mask came off swiftly as he turned his head and came back around.

"Hey, I bet ya I could get you where you need to be if you don't have any luggage. You happen to know directions there? I mean, if you want help getting there fast." He offered, course, he didn't have a car with him. But Salvio was able to temporarily pass on his ability to other people or things while in contact with them, so he could move safely with someone. Course, he did not exactly say that out loud just yet.

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Catherine does find the mask an odd accessory at this time of day and it makes her wonder if he's a robber or something. But that's thinking the worst of him when she doesn't know a thing about him. Perhaps he just came from a costume ball? It's possible given the way he's dressed. It's not bad, Catherine likes it. Gives him a real noir feel. But now that he has taken the mask off, Catherine gets to see his handsome face and he's a cute one.

The way he makes his suggestion, it sounds like he might have some super powers. Not very surprising since they both live in a world where men in red capes fly around under their own power. The real question is...can Catherine trust him? With her martial arts training, she has faith she might be able to handle him but not if he has powers. She thinks about his offer for a moment, clinging a bit to her purse. This is Expendaville and it's considered THE most dangerous place to live on Earth. It's not safe. So if this man can get her where she needs to go faster, it's a win for her.

Taking a deep breath, Catherine, "Sure. The hotel I'm staying at is on the corner of Demolition and 5th about 20 blocks North-East from here." Wait, Expendaville even has street names like Demolition?! Evidently, someone had a sadistic sense of humor when they picked the street names, but considering the reputation this city has gained can anyone be truly surprised?

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Salvio waited patiently putting his hands together as she thought it over, though he did furrow his brow and sort of frown when he realized he might be thought of as a possible threat. It was fair he supposed, in a place like this. But he didn’t think he was personally particularly intimidating. He was a young man, of mediocre height, who was definitely not wearing street clothes. But, in the world they lived in, anything was possible.

She eventually answered, with sure and where her hotel was. He raised his eyebrows, “Man whoever named these places really had a problem.” he said with a bit of a chuckle. He was quite thankful that she had said the distance and direction, that made his job ever so much easier. Twenty blocks north east.

He glanced in the direction of where they were going to be headed, thinking in his mind the route they would take, and then turned back with a smile holding out his hand, “Alrighty, I can do that.” if she took it, he would attempt to very swiftly pick her up in his arms transferring his ability temporarily to both of them, “You ever run through a wall?” and immediately set off in a run north east. Unless there was some resistance to it, she’d immediately have felt lighter and faster upon contact, and once they’d begin to move. That feeling would only be stronger comparative to their speed. From there they could travel easily straight through the walls and air without worrying about breaking sound barriers or throwing wind around.

Of course there was the problem of if she struggled while he was trying to do this, he couldn’t focus well enough yet to do it with a person who was being uncooperative. He could if they were relatively calm and still compared to him, and he could do it with inanimate objects easily. But that extra movement really made it rough. If she didn’t move to much, they’d be there in seconds worth and he could put her back on her feet. If she didn’t, he’d probably end up stumbling and trying to set her on her feet before they fell over.

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The car didn’t just hit the fire hydrant, it uprooted the hydrant as an eruption of water came from the ground and into the sky. It was also at this time where she saw the werewolf like woman was launched from the car through the windshield. Itsy’s head slightly sunk between her shoulders. Oh god, that must have hurt! But her eyes widen in surprise as she watched the woman not only get up from the crash, but take off into the alley!

No Caption Provided

“H-Hey!” The crimson spider yelled as she shot a line at the building nearest to the ally and zipped herself to the ally as well. The shadows from the buildings cast down upon them as Itsy began to catch up with her from above. “You need to stop!” Itsy yelled out. When she realized she wasn’t planning on slowing down any time soon (even with her limp), she made a hard swing, landing not too far behind the theif as she then extended both her hands outward and with her webbing created a large web that extended from one side of the ally to the next to stop them from moving forward.

“I said STOP!” Itsy demanded this time, in a defensive stance. “You’re hurt, I don’t want to hurt you further.”

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Now that Catherine thinks about it, that mask he had been wearing was kind of freaky. No eyes, no nose and no mouth and yet he spoke to her. But she had been a little lost in her own world it just now occurs to her just how creeped out she was with that faceless mask. It's a good thing he had taken it off because now she felt like he could be more trusting.

Back to the present, Catherine nods her agreement about whoever named such streets did have a problem. After taking his hand with a bit of hesitation, she suddenly finds herself being held in his strong arms. Looking up into those lovely eyes of his, she shakes her head in answer to his question, barely having time to do that before he starts running. She takes in a sharp, deep, breath as she is caught by surprise by how fast he is moving. He definitely has powers!

The first few walls they pass through, Catherine can't look and she has to turn her face into his chest as she shuts her eyes tight and too afraid them. But they don't crash into a wall, she opens them again and sees they are passing through them like ghosts. Kind of cool when one thinks about it long enough.

Soon enough, Catherine is back on her feet again and she looks back at where they had just come from and then to the man himself. She is amazed, but also thankful. She leans in and gives him a sweet kiss on his cheek, "Thank you for the ride, handsome."

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@black_felina: Salvio looked at her face with a smile as they ran through the walls and she turned her head into his chest. And had to admire her eyes as she looked again. What lovely green eyes they were he had to remind himself where he was going and looked forwards again, though the smile still quite on his face. And soon, back to them both standing, such a short time had passed in real time. Phase running tended to be like that. It was fantastic really, no matter how many times he did it. And taking someone with him, like her, just made it all that much better.

Then she gave him a kiss on the cheek and thanked him calling him handsome and his face reddened a bit from some surprise and at the same time a sense of joy and accomplishment. He gripped his hat running his hands across the rim as he took it off, and nodded his head, "I-uh, you're quite welcome pretty lady!" he responded smiling and looking up again into her eyes, "Any day!" he added.

He really had very little to know about her, but she was pretty and nice. He really hoped this wouldn't be the last time he'd see her. Course in theory he could just...come back, it's not like he had to spend any time getting here at all. But that was just a bit...well creepy potentially, and he wasn't willing to make someone feel like he was stalking them. That was just wrong.

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Some people might have been put off by the revelation that this man possesses powers or suddenly picked her up and ran, but not Catherine. In a world wear men in red capes fly around, mutants and meta-humans fighting on the streets, it's a world of endless possibilities.

Some time ago while in the hospital, Catherine was by the bedside of her dying sister when some kind of cat spirit overtook her body. The magic energy exploded outward and touched Catherine, turning her eyes from blue to green. While her sister gained some cool powers, Catherine did not gain anything. At least... not yet.

The blush is charming, Catherine thinks. She keeps her smile as he thanks her before leaving. As she turns towards the hotel, she notices the sun has already disappeared and night is coming. Already the first batch of stars are out. But as she takes a single step towards the doors of the hotel, she hears the distinctive click of a gun's hammer being pulled back and the barrel pointed at the back of her skull. A low menacing voice tells her rather commandingly, "Purse. Now."

In all her life, Catherine has never been mugged before and the fear that now pulsates through her body like a jackhammer is so palpable she begins shaking. Panic sets in as she begins to hastily take off her purse strap and hand it over. The mugger takes it before he comes in close to smell her and milk in every sweet moment of this, "You smell nice. Turn around so I can look at you."

Slowly, Catherine turns around and mugger looks like some street punk with tattoos and a mow hawk. He's pointing a .38 special at her and he's smiling rather sadistically even as a tear slips down Catherine's cheek, The punk milks in every curve of Catherine, undressing her with his eyes and thinking the most naughty and lustful thoughts one can imagine. He laughs, making the mistake of briefly glancing away. He's about to say something, but Catherine doesn't give him the chance as her right leg comes up and kicks the gun from his hand in a blur of movement. Then Catherine does a full spin as she drives another kick into the man's solar plexus, sending him backwards and on his back. She does a tumble and grabs the fallen .38 special before she hears a, "Hey!"

"P-Please don't hurt me..."

Catherine spins towards the sound, pointing her gun at the second punk that has emerged. Unfortunately, he's faster as he pulls the trigger. Closing her eyes, taking a deep breath, she waits for the inevitable end of her. But after a few seconds, she opens her eyes and notices something rather strange. The bullet from the second punk's gun is still heading towards her, but in slow motion. Jaw dropping, Catherine can not believe what she is seeing! SHE HAS POWERS!

But how is she doing this? Catherine has no idea, but she must act quickly. She doesn't know how long this power will last and it's already been several seconds since it's started. Everything looks weird, as if with a blue haze or something and it's not just the bullet moving in slow motion, it's literally everything. Catherine moves out of the way of the bullet and runs right for the punk. By the time she reaches him, whatever power she just gained ends and the bullet lodges in a wall as Catherine jump kicks the second punk in the face and knocks him out, breaking his nose in the process. For his point of view, Catherine looks like she teleported from one location to another before kicking him. The first punk slams two fists in the back of her head, knocking Catherine down as he stuns her. Dragging her into the alley way, he begins to choke her. Catherine, of course, tries to resist, but she's too dazed from that hit. As blackness begins to set in, struggling to breathe, she tries to utter the word, "H-he-lp."

She can only hope Salvio comes back.

(Sorry my post is so long, got carried away. ^_^)

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Even after leaving he only went a few blocks off, his face still a bit red, he started walking again. Looking at the morph mask in his pocket and thinking on it. He let out a little chuckle, "Well...what do I do now." he asked himself plopping onto a bench and dangling the mask over his hand to look at it's faceless structure.

"What even is my plan? Am I supposed to become some kind of superhero? I mean, I know I've been kind of given a superhero name here and there. But, is that even legal? Maybe not, maybe depends on the county. Ehhhh, well...I might be a criminal somewhere." He admitted to himself. He almost never really hurt someone bad, at best knocked them unconscious, course most of the time it was just stopping a robber. And all that took was removing their advantage, usually, their weapon and giving it to a suitable authority before watching from a distance.

And yet, while he wondered staring at the mask, he heard a sound, a gunshot! He stood up suddenly, cocking his head and listening, shutting his eyes for a second before they shot open and he looked back in the direction of where he dropped her off, "Catherine!" he shouted, in an instant he was gone from the bench, slipping through buildings and leaping into the air before he even reached it. Landing into a roll and letting out a breath as he glanced around, where was she? He'd just heard it! Heard a voice form an alleyway. "Catherine!" He shouted, moving swiftly at a run slipping through space into the alleyway behind one of the men. Seeing what they were doing, an arm reached through the mans chest by phasing, then grabbing him by the face from the opposite end and yanking the mans head into the ground hoping to knock him unconscious right away. Then bringing a leg towards the kneecap of the other fully intending on snapping it in entirely the wrong direction if he could. "I swear I'll send you pieces of trash into the center of the earth and leave you there if you don't get on the ground right now with your hands behind your back."

Technically he couldn't do that, he hadn't yet learned if he could forcefully push solid matter aside by stopping mid phase. Only gas and most liquids. But he was angry and so the extent of his abilities wasn't exactly on his mind.

All good! It was great! Also I didn't want to push how much he was fighting the thugs before checking, so I tried to not show the results very much unless you want me to. I can make alterations if necessary.

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@amicus_pacis: (OOC: Thanks and it's all good. ^_^)

"No one is coming to help you." The punk growls out in response to Catherine's struggle to call for help, still choking her with a ruthlessness that Ms. Durant finds puzzling in the midst of her fear of dying. But just as Catherine is about to lose unconsciousness, and her life, Salvio comes to the rescue by giving the punk a proper beating, all of Salvio's attacks succeeding in spectacular fashion as the punk screams in pain even as the other punk is knocked out.

As soon as the punk releases his hold on Catherine thanks to Salvio's timely rescue, she begins to cough and coughs and cough before taking in great lungfuls of air. The darkness that was at the edges of her vision now being pushed back as she watches the punk lay on the ground with both hands behind his back. Don't ask her how, don't ask her why, but Catherine takes out a pair of hand cuffs from her purse. They aren't police standard issue, they are actually a children's toy and made of plastic. But they will due for this occasion as Catherine clicks them on around the punk's wrists, effectively restraining him until the police can arrive.

Catherine rubs her throat, looking at Salvio who has now become her hero. Right now, she's not used to any of kind of stuff. The adrenaline rush, the attempted mugging, the attempted murder, etc. So all that fear, the adrenaline dump, it all hits her at once and she tears slip down both sides of her face as she tries to hug the man! "Ohh, thank you, Salvio! Thank you!" She sniffs, "I don't know what I would have done if you hadn't came along, he might killed me. You saved my life!"

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Salvio looked at the two thugs in disgust before kneeling down next to Catherine, hesitating unsure of what exactly to do about her coughing, but she was breathing, so there was that! And she seemed to be feeling better, he let out a breath as he saw her pull cuffs out of her purse, well she was well enough to do that part. Still he did have to wonder just why she had those, but he wasn't necessarily going to ask. She hadn't asked about his mask after all, at least so far, so he figured best to return that.

He watched with a concerned look as she continued to rub her neck before tears began to well up in her eyes and he further realized just the fear that was involved in what had just happened to her. How dare they do that! Well, they'd surely not be having a great time soon enough. He didn't really know what the legal punishment was but he was hopeful it would be quite unpleasant and quite long.Then she moved forwards to hug him and he instinctively returned it clasping his arms around her as she thanked him saying he'd saved her life and that they would have killed her. How that would have hurt!

"It's ok! It's ok now!" Salvio said rubbing her shoulders, "You're safe." his eyes glanced down at the criminals, a glare in them. Perhaps if Salvio knew about his families...history, now would have been a time where he would have employed it. But he knew nothing, and so what he relied on was the law, and what he could do.

"We can call the cops, and they'll take them away, and I'll stay with you until everything is ok again." He said with a sympathetic and hurt smile, "I'm sure something like that, they can get sent away for a good long while. Or they should hope they will." that last sentence was said with a warning glance towards the two, but he wasn't going to outright make that a threat...for legal reasons of course. He didn't exactly look the most intimidating perhaps, not normally at least. Not without the mask. But that didn't mean he wasn't threatening to a human on the receiving end of his abilities.

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Catherine is grateful, very grateful, for the returned hug and the saving of her life. Salvio's arms comfort her as she cries against him. It's enough comfort so that by the time he makes his suggestion to call the cops she is calm enough to break the hug. The thought of those punks in jail is a pleasing thought, but Catherine does have a darker one since one of them almost took her life. But she brushes that thought aside and is surprised she even had. It's so out of character and she doesn't know where it came from.

Nodding and wiping her tears with her hands, sniffing a bit, Catherine bends over and picks up her purse. After rummaging around a bit, she finds her cellphone and calls the cops. Once the call is done, she glances at Salvio. She's calm again, for the most part, but still a bit shaken up. "They are on their way." And Catherine glares at the punks still laying there, one of them in deep pain because of the broken bones. But he deserves it.

Catherine doesn't want to stay for the police but knows she has to in order to give her statement and any details on what happened. She does this when they arrive, asking her many questions and Salvio as well. The punks are arrested and taken into police custody. When it's finally over, Catherine takes Salvio's arm in her own, "I could use a drink. Want to come up to my room and share one with me?" Then she looks at him with those beautiful green eyes, "Do you drink?" She's perfectly fine if he doesn't drink, she just wants his company. After what happened, there's no way she wants to be alone right now. She hasn't even processed the fact she has powers. Salvio didn't see that part, so it'll be good to open up about it since she knows he has special abilities. Maybe he can even teach her how to use it again.

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Salvio would wait with her, keeping a careful eye on the thugs to make sure they didn't run away, those pieces of crap. The Justice system really wasn't sufficient for people like that, but it was better to go along with it then try and become some lost soul yourself. And besides, Salvio enjoyed fighting sometimes, but he was not violent. He just liked messing around, and now was not the time for that.

He did his best to give an accurate statement of what he saw and what he knew, and why he was there in the first place. Naturally he had to admit to his own abilities in the process, but in this world there was plenty of people with superhuman abilities, and naturally he didn't tell them all he could do, just what he did do. Regularly taking glances over at Catherine to make sure she was ok.When the police were finally done with what they needed for now, Catherine came over and took his arm in hers, he smiled sorrowfully at her before she said she could use a drink and invited him to join her, he felt a little embarrassed at the thought, but after what she'd just been through, it was understandable to not want to be alone. He smiled looking into her eyes, such strange but beautiful green eyes, no idea of that they were not normally that way, "I'll surely come with you, although, I'm not sure if I can legally drink on my own here. I'm eighteen still. Can drive on my own, can't drink without a guardian or older spouse, which I don't have, so yeah." He answered honestly, willing to come up, though he didn't want her to feel like he was refusing the drink for no reason. He'd actually had a bit...when he was with his parents. Now he knew they wouldn't really care if he had any elsewhere and surely wouldn't tell anyone, unfortunately, it was still a crime.

"As long as you need me, I'll stay ok?" The Italian boy finished with a nod.

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@itsy said:


The car didn’t just hit the fire hydrant, it uprooted the hydrant as an eruption of water came from the ground and into the sky. It was also at this time where she saw the werewolf like woman was launched from the car through the windshield. Itsy’s head slightly sunk between her shoulders. Oh god, that must have hurt! But her eyes widen in surprise as she watched the woman not only get up from the crash, but take off into the alley!

No Caption Provided

“H-Hey!” The crimson spider yelled as she shot a line at the building nearest to the ally and zipped herself to the ally as well. The shadows from the buildings cast down upon them as Itsy began to catch up with her from above. “You need to stop!” Itsy yelled out. When she realized she wasn’t planning on slowing down any time soon (even with her limp), she made a hard swing, landing not too far behind the theif as she then extended both her hands outward and with her webbing created a large web that extended from one side of the ally to the next to stop them from moving forward.

“I said STOP!” Itsy demanded this time, in a defensive stance. “You’re hurt, I don’t want to hurt you further.”

Aibreann skidded to a halt, spinning to face Itsy with surprising grace considering she was still heavily favoring her wounded leg. Her chest heaved with exertion and her eyes were wide and wild as she was finally able to size up the spider. She couldn't help but admire the other's outfit, and she was suddenly painfully aware of her own torn and tattered clothing, which hadn't exactly been in great shape prior to her tumble through the windshield. Must be nice to have stuff like that...

"If you really don't want to hurt me," she growled, lowering herself to the ground in as good a defensive crouch as her condition allowed, "you need to let me go. You know what they do to people like me? I heard them on their radios; they're calling for the MRF!" She nodded her head at the sound of approaching sirens behind Itsy.