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@shanana: (so are you available for an interaction)

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“ARE… YOU… CRAZY!!!” The Salad Goddess unleashed a verbal assault on Laughlyn. Aw how cute, Salad Goddess had a little wrinkle in between her eyebrows when she got mad!

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“Crazy!? No! I mean… there was that one time that one doctor said something about psychosis. But who listens to doctors now a days? And for your information, I would have never ever hurt Mistah Broccoli!” She turned to see Mr. Broccoli who’s vines were already wrapping around her nimble body. But even as her body was held upside down for a moment as he held, she looked over at him with a wide smile. “He’s my BFFL, I would never hurt him or any of his brothers and sisters!”

"You. IDIOT!. Now they're coming in bulk. Tell me you have a plan for escaping.!"

Her blue eyes looked over at the upside down Queen of Green, “Well, Plan A was the moped, but that was taken out when Plan B, blow up the Police happened because the moped is across the parking lot… which is now in the sewers. And now Plan C is gone because it was the sewers and now the sewers have dead cops in them, oh and cause they’re blown up. BUT Plan D might get us outta here!” She looked over at Mr. Broccoli who was beginning to slowly give a nice warm hug to Laughlyn, how sweet! “Mistah Broccoli, change of plans! Bring the bag over here!”

Now from all the way to the front door, the bag was slowly being dragged back towards the indecisive clown. Being released from the vines Laughlyn still managed to land on her feet, how she did this, she didn’t even know! Might have been all the yoga she was doing! Before she killed her yoga instructor anyways… "I just gotta check on something real quick..." She pulled out her phone, scrolling on her phone for a moment as the dim light of the screen reflected on her pale face. Blowing a pink bubble from still chewing her gum, her big smile never left her face. “OK! We got three minutes to get outta here before my guy Kevin comes to grab us! Come on, follow meeeee.” Doing a cartwheel to kick off the escape she ran towards the back of the bank, grasping Splinter in her hand as she waited at the door for a moment. She could hear the officers on the other side. "Ok, stay right besides the door, don't let em see you!" With a forcefully kick, the door bust open only to find three officers already with their gun drawn. "Wait here for a second and when I say now, you do your weird anime tentacle thing, ok?"


Laughlyn quickly threw her hands in the air, ignoring anything the Garden Salad was saying. "STOP! DON'T SHOOT! I SURRENDER!" She yelled out, dropping Splinter on the ground.


"Sure thing Officer!" The pale faced villain walked forward, her steps slow as she began counting the officers that began to slowly trickle into the area.


No Caption Provided

But it was too late, Laughlyn had gotten close enough as she sprinted forward in a zig zag motion. The office in front struggled to aim his gun at the nimble moving target. BAM! BAM! Two shots, one right after another as the whizzed past Laughlyn before she tumbled forward, using her momentum to kick the gun out of the officers hand. "NOW!" she screamed as she knocked the officer to the ground before grasping his gun and firing back at the others. It was in that moment, a small SUV car screeched to a hault next to them with a teenager, probably no more than 16 year old, sitting behind the wheel.

"Hey, you guys called for an uber?"


Hey, you guys called for an Uber?
Hey, you guys called for an Uber?

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"Follow Them."

@laughlyn: @xxbelladonnaxx While the Mistress of Mayhem and Mistress Nature bickered back and forth, Ama was caught up in more important issues, like struggling to breathe. It was like a trap each time she would breathe out to breathe in the next breath the vines would constrict more and closer to her body if this kept up her spine would end up being snapped. While the others carried on speaking back and forth as if taking for granted the use of air in their lungs, Ama had lost her ability to speak. Her magic was somewhat limited by this, but she wasn't completely lost without it. 'A' had performed numerous magic tricks and spells without vocally announcing them, but there were some setbacks. Vocally announcing magic for any magic user strengthened the spell the user cast. It was like the difference between an archer using a bow or a crossbow. They both get the job done, but one is more accurate and the other freer.

As the mere chance of an alliance between the unusual villains began to form, Ama was attempting to bind the vines that constricted her movement. She tried a couple times to stop the great plantlike limbs from moving, but to no prevail. She was weakened and could not match the force of the limbs to bind them in place. Sirens were blaring out, and the hero debut of the Great Performer was looking more like a bust than a beauty. Everything was chaotic, and the villains were already escaping out the door. Ama couldn't let them get away. They couldn't get escape to freedom, they had caused enough chaos individually, and with their possible alliance forming there was no way this would be the worst to come from their cooperation. Ama knew if she didn't get free soon, then she would fall and the two of them would continue to cause destruction. She had to give everything she had to get free, she looked around. The Clown's parking lot explosion had affected the building, it seemed to be on the verge of collapsing with chunks of the stone wall crumbling. Ama looked at the largest piece, it would be a hassle to move in this state, but she had no choice. It was the only piece capable of breaking the vise grip the Botanical Beauty's creature had on her. She struggled with every inch pulling it towards, stars began to form in her vision. It would soon be now or never. She had it right over the plant limb and not only allowed it to fall but forcefully threw it down on the creature's limb. Severing it from the rest of it, and for a second it continued to grip her, but then reality must have set in for it.

Ama was free. She thankfully welcomed air back into her lungs and in that small moment, she was proud of herself. That was her first test a hero and although it was the best performance she passed it. She didn't give up. She wouldn't give up. She rose to her feet and ran out the door to see the getaway car fleeing away. The loud music blaring from it. Ama stumbled to the street and instinctively went back to her elemental magic. Creating her own creature, primarily earth to hold her, but in certain spots made of air, allowing it's 9 ft tall size to carry her, but it's holes of air allowed it's size not to slow it down. The creature wasn't the biggest, a side effect of still regaining her strength, but Ama believed it to be capable to both carry her and tail the criminals before they completely escaped. Still gasping for air, she commanded the creature, "Follow them."

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"You're kidding me, right? Is he even old enough to drive?" Bella questioned realizing this clown-mime-girl was in fact insane. There was no time for anymore Q &A at the very least this was a ride as soon as the two got to a more secure location she'd kill the clown and the boy for hardship.

The car sped off down the street with Lyn riding shotgun, Bell in the back seat keeping an eye out for taling police. While they made their getaway, Bella begin to augment her cells so that her unnatural green hue would throw off anyone looking to pin a robbery on her--of course this was Expendavile so the chances of anyone actually caring were slim.

It didn't take long for the cops to track them, they were moving pretty slow through the streets. "This. is what happens. When you hire an uber...instead OF AN ACTUAL GETAWAY DRIVER!" She snapped, just a bit angered that Kevin kept stopping at red lights and stop signs.

Lowering the back windows, Bell dropped a couple of seeds on the road as they drove, They'd eventually bloom into vines with thick thorns strong enough to penetrate the tires of the police vehicles slowing them down in the process.

"Uh...Clown. That little magician is following us. Tell your little friend he better lose it. Or I'll leave you both to be captured"

She hiss realizing if they got caught, she'd have to be in a prison with this clown.


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@xxbelladonnaxx: @ama:

"-and Stacy told me that she didn't date losers like me and she even made a instagram video of her laughing at the video I made for her!" Kevin finished his story of how badly it went for him when he asked his crush, Stacy, to the fall dance.

"Aw Kevin, you know what you need? A MAKEOVER!" Lyn clapped her hands, laughing as she heard the Salad Goddess raising her voice in the back.

No Caption Provided

"I-I'm sorry." Kevin spoke up, his head sinking in between his shoulders. "This is only a rental that my mom got while out car's in the shop, so I'm trying not to get in damaged while I earn some cash, you know?"

"Don't listen to Miss Its-Not-Easy-Being-Green back there, you're doing a great-"

"Uh...Clown. That little magician is following us. Tell your little friend he better lose it. Or I'll leave you both to be captured"

"What do you mean she's followi-" All of a sudden, you could hear it. The THOOMP over and over again, becoming louder with every second. She rolled down the window, sticking half her body out of it as the wind hit her pigtailed hair. Her eyes quickly focused on the GIANT HUMANOID ROCK MAN RUNNING AFTER THEM! "HOLY SCHIST!" She yelled out, laughing at her own rock joke before pulling herself back in the car. "Don't worry Green Queen, I, have a plan." She slowly reached over Kevin, unbuckling his seat belt, giving him a playful wink and a smile as she did so.

"Woah, what are you doing!?" Kevin shouted, trying to keep his hands on the steering wheel, his face turning red.

Before she could answer, she quickly pulled on the door handle and pushing the door open. "Sorry Kevin, but it just ain't workin out! BUT STACY IS A BISH AND YOU DESERVE BETTER!" And with all her strength, she shoved Kevin out of the slowish moving car and jumped in his seat as forcefully closed the door and slammed her foot on the gas. "LETS ROCK AND ROLL SALAD GODDESS!" The car sped up suddenly, causing her body to slam back into the seat as she let out a roaring laugh as she began making sharp, whiplashing turns and nauseating weaving in between cars. "I THINK WE'RE LOOSING EM!"

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@laughlyn: @xxbelladonnaxx: Kevin's legal driving while helping the villains on their getaway was the best thing to happen for Ama to regain her strength. His 35 mph cruise gave Amaterasu the much-needed rest that moments ago she so desperately craved. Although the Ground Goliath was able to cover the ground between the incident and the perps shortly, it was slowed by the Police Officers who also desperately wanted to capture the Dynamic Divas from escaping to freedom. Since this was Ama's debut as a Hero, the public as a whole didn't know on which side of the line she stood, so out of precaution some of the officers from the vehicles separating the Performer of the Phenomenal from the Mistresses of Mayhem began to shoot at the Rock Goliath and its creator, Amaterasu. The Creature shielded her out of instinct protecting her from any damage that would fall upon her, allowing her to further regain her strength to perform.

Just as it looked like the Cops were going to be able to complete the task of capturing them. Disaster once again hit. The two leading patrol cars were launched into the air by vines that by the second grew in size. Two other cars tires were merely punctured by the thorns on the sides of the botanical barricade, one was able to skid to a stop, while the other was flipped by the inability to control the wheel. The last patrol cars slammed into the barricade much like a test simulation for why you should always wear a seatbelt and why mankind created airbags. An unwavering, immovable barricade stood tall protecting their master and separating Ama from delivering justice to the two of them.

Her eyes looked around trying to think of a possible detour to their capture, but the Ground Goliath was as unwavering as the obstacle that stood in its way. The Unstoppable Force let out a grunt and then a thunderous roar as it covered Ama once again, and collided with the Botanical Blockade. And for moments the Goliath kept up its steady pace, but halfway through it began to slow down. As though the vines would not be outdone by the clunk of rock that challenged it. Ama feared the Creature would give in at any moment, but it did not. The creature continued to move its feet, slowly, yes, but the movement was movement. Before she knew it, Ama was out of the Barricade. The Goliath grabbed her in its hand and launched her up through the air at the vehicle. Ama looked back at the creature wondering why the creature would have thrown her.

That's when she saw it. The vines tied all around the Goliath, only its head able to freely move. For a moment they stared at each other until one Vine wrapped around its head and snapped the whole Goliath completely into its grasp. Ama faced away closing her eyes as the Vines began to snap and rip the creature piece by piece until it swallowed it. With tears running down her face, she flew through the air. Wiping them away just in time to see their high school aged getaway driver being thrown out of his own vehicle. Ama concentrated as she got closer and closer to the ground, and smoothly changed her free fall into a levitation through the strength she had regained restfully following them. The Damage that the two of them had caused in the bank, in the city, and lastly the damage the vines had done to her own creature had changed how she would handle the situation. IF she were going to be a hero, this wasn't just going to be for show. This was a job. A duty to solve problems like this quickly and effectively before they spun out of control like Emerald City had.

Kevin's absence had changed the travel speed of their getaway car, A's levitation would lose sight of them eventually, and she could not allow that to happen. Her thought process was simple, stop the vehicle stop them from getting away. She thought for a moment to give them a taste of their own medicine and totaling the car with them in it, but most likely at the speed at which they were going, casualties would soil her after party hero debut celebration, so instead she planned on immobilizing it. She calculated the right spot and the lifted a small piece of earth below the car. If she did it perfectly, the back two tires would hit the concrete ground and immediately stop the vehicle possibly by the rear axle being completely separated from the vehicle. Would the Divas be damaged? Yes, Heavily, but would they die? No. "Here goes nothing." She said as once again she relied on her elemental magic to help her.

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Circling the sun, Ra skirted through it's chromosphere, the charged remnants of vaporized matter crackling around him. Peering into the sun, his eyes gazed past layers of solar wind plasma until catching sight of storms of gamma rays and X-rays wrapping round it's core. Drifting through folds of charged particles and stellar fire, his chin high as his eyes searched for rumblings of a dangerous solar flare, the 8th Wonder found none - and disappeared into empty space, stepping into the higher dimensions of the nCube where the folded fabric of space-time caused anywhere and everywhere to be a mere step away, as was the City of Expendaville. Emerging from thin air, his white cape fluttering with every gust of wind, Ra cast his eyes across the city, glancing past buildings and pedestrians alike before pausing at the one thing his senses had zeroed in on from as far as the sun; Trinity.

No Caption Provided

Soaring above the city, the 8th Wonder was fast, shattering the windows of skyscrapers and tearing the air asunder as he flew. Slowing and descending, the 8th Wonder landed with a thud, the ground quaking before he rose to his feet as the first and only Omega Deus in existence. "Trinity", he began, calm, bold, and fearless as his voice floated to her ears. "Leo's told me much about you", he paused, his eyes - blue like Leo's and Thee Champion's - meeting hers. Folding both arms behind his back, his cape draped over his shoulders, and his posture strong and global, Ra oozed Leo's cool self-assurance, and Ziccarra's dauntless regality. "And the Imperium", Ra continued, "Like you, I want to destroy it", for different reasons however. Trinity's was vengeance, Ra's was to eliminate a variable that could very well threaten to one day interfere with the order of justice he intends to impose and enforce on Earth, the solar system, and eventually, the Milky Way galaxy.

"I want to work with you to destroy the Imperium". Perhaps he may even have a positive impact on her should she choose to join forces with him. "My name is Ra".

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For the past...it was hard to tell; Earthlings and every other species in the universe seemed to favour arbitrary measures of the moments of their lives - time - and for Trinity none of these were ever really clear...She'd spent her recent time meeting with those of the designated classes, "managers" and "agents" - hunting them down in order to force conversation - that she might find something to help with Leo's "supermodel super hero" idea. Her most recent associate, a Donald, seemed taken aback at first, but he'd eased into his role more and more as they spent more time at the restaurant.

"So I guess what I'm saying is, I think we can go really far with this no matter what. Believe me, there are a ton of directions we can take it." He held up his index finger. One."Just be you. I can see it!" Suddenly he was holding his hands high and spread them, near to far, as though in so doing he might conjure a movie for her to see. "Watch out villains! Baaaad bitch comin' through, and she just doesn't give a...Yeah, I love it! Very...feminist. People love that sorta thing. Lorde. Ronda Rousey. Hillary Clinton."

Then he gasped and his star-gazing eyes widened considerably, taken aback. "And then we can write a book! Don't worry if you're not the writing type-" She did not seem the writing type. "We'll just do a bit of lampshading in the beginning and get a good editor. But the real charm is in you. Yeah? Yeah, maybe you wanna turn over a new leaf, be a good girl. They'll love that too. Let the people in a bit. Tell us about yourself, where you come from...Abusive dad who liked to hurt you, jealous mother, or any overly demanding figure who made ya cry. A play for pathos, garner sympathy. Mike Tyson! Trust me sweetie, we'll make a great team. Nobody better."



He was extremely enamoured with his own ideas, Don, but the whole time he could never really tell if Ms. Blue was even half listening because she never made eye contact. The entire time she spent ravaging the many plates laid out in front of her, and hadn't even looked at him once. It'd been quite the show for many onlookers. Her plates as she finished them were so thoroughly cleaned that if they hadn't seen her eating like a ravenous beast, or seen the evidence in specks and smudges on her mouth, cheeks, and nose, it would've been hard to know she hadn't been simply stacking empty dishes.

When she had finally glanced up, it was not at the prospective associate, but at the various waiters and waitresses, searching for the one who'd been assigned to them. Don began to wonder why she even dragged him out there. Probably for a free meal, he scoffed. He had half a mind to stand up and leave then but the memory of the flight over, of dangling God knows how many miles above ground with nothing but her careless grip on his jacket, was still far too fresh in his mind.

"You!" Trinity called sharply, spotting the servant she sought. The girl was carrying a number of trays but wasn't paying her any attention. She grumbled. "Hey!" And then she was on the other side of the room, blocking the woman's path. Everything would've clattered to the floor but Trinity held it aloft with her mind and set everything harshly on the nearest table. "Stop ignoring me. I want more."

"M-ma'am if you'll wait j-just a moment, I have other tables but I'll get to you when I can, okay?" Her heartbeat was erratic, her chemical scent a familiar mix. She was either scared or getting ready to attack.

Not good enough. Trinity's arm shot up and she gripped the waitress by her bicep. The girl screeched, a shrill cry that rattled her sensitive ears so she pushed her down and mounted her, clamping her hand down over the waitress' mouth. "Stop that, and do your job or I will have you punished. How do you think Denny would respond to insubordination among his servants?"

"Trinuh, Miss Blue!" Don successfully made his way to her, struggling with whether or not to risk touching. His hand hovered inches away from her shoulder. "This isn't that type of establishment!" Geez, what the $&#% is with this chick!? Where do you even come from to be this $&#%ing clueless?

Hearing his thought, she fixed her glare on him, but if faded just as soon as it came. Her expression went blank and she stood (though she kept the servant girl planted under her foot). The sound was familiar - something moving rapidly through atmosphere—and before she had time to react or even predict its path he was standing in front of her. She was already prepared for aggression, though the mood subsided, somewhat disappointedly, when she heard him speak.

Scanned through many different visual spectra, he was determined a biological being; though like her, unlike any other she'd ever come across. In time, she thought, she might collect a sample of his makeup for herself. But that was not her central focus then. He was, apparently, an ally.

"Okay." Accepting his offer with a shrug, Trinity finally freed the careless servant girl, but not without first pointing down at her and warning, "Denny will hear about this. I'll have you punished." And to Don, "Leave us. I'll make a decision about you later."

Once clearing her business, the wayward Destructor granted Ra her full attention. "What do you do? Did they make you too?"

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"No they didn't make me"

It was odd how little the entire scene seemed to register to the Glorious One. Though as he hovered above the ground, his gleaming blue eyes on Trinity, his brain - running more thoughts in milliseconds than the human brain did in years - had already decided the scene, the disheveled waitress, the modeling agent, didn't matter. No one was truly harmed, nor going to be. "No, they didn't make me", he answered, his voice floating a coolness, a gravitas that lent to the regal mystique hanging in the air around him. "They're just in my way", he continued, the corners of his mouth almost curling into a gentle smirk. "And while I'm confident in my abilities, in my ability to confront the Imperium - and destroy them, I'd rather not leave anything to chance", Ra reasoned, feeling zero shame in doing what was necessary to ensure that success was certain.

With Trinity by his side, a being fueled by a primal might matched only by an exploding star, the 8th Wonder was indeed certain in their success. "And you have good reason to want the Imperium burned to ashes", Ra pointed out, hovering closer, his white cape brushing against Trinity's agent, as though doing so would grant the man some of his divinity. Folding both arms before his chest, the Omega Deus floated to Trinity's front, as though carried there by the sheer force of his presence, his magnetism. "Shall we go?", he asked, "Or would you like to talk over any points? The Imperium's weaknesses, tendencies, and whatnot". He believed she wouldn't. Leo'd told him before that Trinity was hardly the talkative type. That she experienced instead of planned. Did instead of talked. A force of nature indeed. And though a part of him did wish Leo was here with them to further their chances against the Imperium, the Glorious One was certain that Leo was far too distraught over his mother's recent death.

A shame. And an occasion for another time. For another threat.

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From where she stood, Trinity rose slightly and then sunk into a sitting position on the air itself. Crossing one leg over the other, resting her chin on her knuckle, complete with a virtually impassive demeanour, the Ancient's Daughter poised herself much like noblewoman seated upon an invisible throne. At first she didn't say anything.

He was an intriguing specimen. Impressive, even, from what she could tell. Enough for her to, at an immediate glance, entertain the idea that he would definitely be worth cataloguing. Minus Leo and the goddess, she thought, he might be what I'm looking for.

And yet, despite the obvious pedigree of the man in the air before her, Trinity Blue appeared to regard him little more than she had anyone else in Denny's restaurant. The purpose he would serve, she presume, had little or nothing to do with the Imperium. This Ra was not the first intriguing, impressive-looking specimen she'd come across, nor the first to offer his hand in destroying one of her enemies. But there was only one constant in her struggles.

Me. It's always been me.

No matter who swore themselves to her side, against Nordok and his minions, against the false gods, against those on Earth who despised her, experience always showed her something else entirely. She could only fully rely on herself; nobody else could be around her for that long. Not even Leo.

"You don't need to hear about that." She remained in place. But thereafter her face became somewhat more expressive, reticent but legitimately curious, head resting at an angle. "Go where? To see Leo?"

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"Leo is occupied"

It was odd. In many ways she mirrored him. Where she sat in midair, floating as though on an imagined throne, the Glorious One always hovered above the ground, making it a point that his feet never touch the ground - to never walk upon the sullied ground of man. He was a god. An Omega Deus. A one-of-a-kind being. And he would not mortify himself by lowering himself to the standards of men. They walked on solid ground, he walked on the surface of stars. Though at Trinity's question, Ra's mouth couldn't help but pull back into a smirk of subtle intrigue. Leonel it seemed, had managed to make a relative impression on the former Destructor. It stood to reason. While Ra had adopted his grandfather's symbol and cape, it was Leo's methods he found more effective.

Perhaps, Trinity thought the same. "No", Ra answered simply, his strong and kingly demeanor rolled into his every word, "Leo is occupied", he paused, opting against telling her of his uncle's emotional upheaval lest she decide to help him and derail his plans. "We'll go to Infernus, to the seat of the Imperium's power. If the Ancient One is not there to be destroyed, then his planet - at the very least - will be". And if they so happen to fail, then the 8th Wonder would benefit from the experience, from the lesson learned to better prepare himself for a future assault on the Imperium.

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"Oh." Her eyes fell. Everything about her stature sunk then. Less regal, more like a pensive, passive pouting. But she couldn't dwell on her disappointment or curiosity. The instant "Infernus" reached her ears—"NO!"—Trinity bolted upright, flying herself then, her face only inches from his.

The other patrons, who had previously gone quiet when Ra entered, now fell silent. She felt every set of eyes in the restaurant on her, and not in the good way. This was more like when others aboard the Demon's Fist would watch her former master punish her disobedience or failures. Her face balled up in anger and she growled low, hardly audible. A second later every unshielded mind went inactive. Heads slammed on tables, bodies fell on the floor. Dishes crashed, causing an acutely irritating commotion.

Anxiety only partly abated, Trinity pressed further into Ra's space, a heightened sense of urgency in her voice. "You didn't answer me. What can you do?"

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"Calm down"

It was fast. Abrupt. And wild how the air - once frozen in time - as though it'd been waiting for this meeting between a god and a force of nature to subside, grew frantic. Airborne particles scattered about, fleeing the scene as dishware shattered loud and sharp, and civilians collapsed in an unconscious heap. It was quite a scene. The Glorious One however, was unmoved - as were his eyes from Trinity's. Chin high, his eyes shimmering like polished sapphires, Ra hovered an inch or two higher than Trinity, unconsciously asserting his own brand of social dominance. Poised even as Trinity hung mere inches from his face, close enough that he felt the heat radiating from her body, Ra raised a brow at the stress echoing from her voice.

What could he do? "Calm down", he replied, dipping into a pool of electromagnetism to ease Trinity of her stress. Microwave frequencies, subtle and harmless, floated to her brain to stimulate, massage, the pleasure centers in Trinity's brain - to make their conversation a pleasurable and euphoric experience. Pulses of electromagnetic fields glided through the little air between them, slow and serene as they sought specific parts of Trinity's brain, to calm and ease her of her anxiety. It was miraculous. Glorious. But would it work? The 8th Wonder couldn't be sure. But as he waited, ready for either serenity or hostility from the former Destructor, the corners of his mouth curled and he entertained her question. "As for what I can do", he paused, "I can see reality for what it truly is. Every single dimension is mine to gaze into". He could peer into the 10 dimensions of superstring theory. A power unique to an Omega Deus. And he was the first.

"Now you answer me. Why the violent aversion to Infernus?". Hopefully, with her brain calmed and charmed by his electromagnetic sorcery, she would be able to speak about what Ra imagined was a traumatic place for her. Now, more than ever, he needed to learn more of the Imperium. And of her relationship with them. "What did they do to you?".

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She heard him, and her eyes widened. Then her face scrunched up and her nostrils flared, eyes burning the color of a red sun. Fault found. It didn't surprise her that he might be a bit stupid. He seemed kinda simple. At least Leo was admirable. That was his first chance blown. There would not be a third.

"Y-you're not..." Not the boss of me, she thought, but the protest died on her lips. Trinity reeled and fell back into a standing position on solid ground, struggling with a foreign confusion. Fists clenched tightly enough to draw the ichorous fluid even from beneath her skin. His power was calming, and jarring and frustrating--infuriating, all at once. She couldn't sense that the feelings were an influence from an external force, but though it seemed to come naturally to her--though there was some part of her that wanted to smile in acknowledgement that this was some great piece of life that'd been missing since the very beginning--everything about it felt...wrong.

But it was everything she'd wanted. "You're not thinking smart," she said, relinquishing her indignation. A warm flush suffused her face and she looked away, combing her hair behind her ear. "To think you can beat Nordok because you can seethings is just..." She jabbed her finger into her cranium a few times and shook her head disapprovingly.

"I was always stronger than he was. I still am. But you can't just blow him up. He does...this thing, I don't know. The goddess, she destroyed him, and then I did. That doesn't work. We need Leo. He had an idea. I...don't remember it," she admitted somewhat shamefully, "but he can tell me. And I can do it, or he can.

"Also, I'd like a planet."

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Galactic Game of Thrones

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Hahaha, okay I can see that...But I assure you there's a perfectly reasonable reason for it.

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@trinity-blue said:


some part of her that wanted to smile in acknowledgement that this was some great piece of life that'd been missing since the very beginning

This part was funny to me. Just because the thought of that happening to Trinity, of seeing Trinity like that, it's so unlike her that it's funny. Like if you one day just saw GSP go on an expletive-filled Diaz style rant about Conor taking everything he's worked for.

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@8th_wonder: It was a clever move! Capitalizing on her vulnerability to radiation in that way (and whilst not metagaming, no less!). I "rolled for it" and it just hit the mark!

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The anger seemed to fade from her eyes, and the anxiety and stress from her mind and voice. He'd succeeded. Hovering an inch or so from her as he reestablished the borders of his personal space, Ra folded both arms before his chest - and listened. It was surreal. To hear Trinity speak and conduct herself in such a manner was strange. Ra's brain worked in nanoseconds, he lived in and saw shades of the universe, frames of reality, exotic particles and quantum moments whose time was too short for most minds to perceive. And thus, the first few minutes of his encounter with Trinity were not unlike years worth of information for him to understand the ins and outs of her character, her personality. So this behavior, the behavior that he had so subtly induced in her, was strange to witness.

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And as Trinity spoke, the Glorious One began to wonder. Just how powerful was the Ancient One? Why has Nordok proven so difficult for beings of even Trinity's level of power to defeat? He wondered, would using hyper-dimensional expertise to fold the fabric of space in and around his torso not work? To stretch him from here to the sun and sphaghettify his torso, to do what black holes did without needing one. The nCube would suffice, and he would be willing to sacrifice his greatest creation to lay waste to the ultimate cosmic evil. But as Trinity spoke and her words drifted to his ears with shame and frustration, Ra finally understood, her words sinking deeply into his mind. "He cannot be destroyed physically. He can't be killed conventionally... I see", he noted, resting a chin on his knuckles as his eyes glanced down at hers, his mind working and finally relenting to Trinity's desire to see Leo. Though as he held her gaze and she made mention of wanting a planet, the Glorious One could not help but smirk.

Amused and interested, Ra agreed, "Very well", he paused, "We'll get you a planet. And we shall go see Leo. Though I should inform you, he's suffering from an emotional upheaval", as was natural, he had just lost his mother. Beckoning the nCube from the heavens, the hyper-dimensional structure - made invisible to the naked eye - descended upon the world of man and swallowed the restaurant whole. With the nCube around him, Ra peered past the three spatial dimensions of height, width, and depth, past the 4th dimension of time, and beyond the 5th dimension where time twisted, turned, and broke into different possible routes or timelines. And once he'd found the point in space-time that Leo held, Ra commanded the nCube to fold the fabric of space-time and tear open a hole for he and Trinity to step through. "Follow me. Leo is on the other side", indeed he was.

Atop the frozen summit of Mount Terra Nova in Antarctica, Leo stood, his cape fluttering in the cold air, his gaze cast over the endless sheet of ice before him until he felt Trinity and his nephew's presence. "Ra?", he called out, "Trinity?", he continued, his brow furrowing in confusion.

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"Leo!" Trinity called over the Antarctic winds as she floated toward him. Her voice was scarcely louder than normal, but she projected it so that it carried just the same as if they were right next to one another. She scanned the area briefly for Grunt, unsurprised when she didn't see him. Those pets apparently didn't take very well to the cold.

"What are you doing? That guy"—she jabbed her finger in Ra's direction—"told me you were occupied. And that you might be sick? But it looks like you're just standing here. What are you doing? You told me last time that you would not return to Earth. But...this is good. We need you, because I don't remember how to kill Nordok and stop him from coming back." She swallowed hard and blew a cloudy sigh into the frigid air. "I need you to teach me."

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"Yes, a pleasant surprise I'm sure", Ra smiled, meeting Leo's eyes and hovering about the cold air with noble flair of a god-king. "Trinity insisted we come see you. She claims you have a solution to defeating the Ancient One and I'd like to hear it". Floating closer to Leo whose solemn eyes looked him up and down with a measure of emptiness, the Glorious One felt his smile fade and a rare moment of empathy fall upon them. "I truly am sorry for your loss", Ra said, his voice low for only Leo to hear, his palm resting atop his uncle's cape shoulder in a gesture of genuine sympathy and empathy. Leo was a fellow god, a being Ra gave great credence to. He was the first of his family to cross paths with him during his arrival in the past - the present, to others. And more than that, Leo was his family. And in Ra's future, he was the one who'd trained him, taught him how to wield his powers with any measure of control.

"Thanks", Leo nodded, a weak smile seeping across his face before he turned his attention to Trinity. She was different. Close to him but not emotionally mature enough to understand the depth of his pain at the moment, or so Leo believed. So as he held her gaze and found his face softening at the sight of his friend, wondering just how to word the thoughts in his mind, he too climbed into the air, hovering off the icy peak he stood upon to float a foot or so from Trinity. "He's my family", Leo answered, doing his best to mask the anguish on his face with a smile even a god struggled to force. "And he's right, I was occupied. And in a way, I am sick", sick of the tragedy that strikes his family time and time again. So as the 8th Wonder watched on in silence, allowing the two friends their moment, Leo continued. "I was... thinking. About things. I had to return to Earth. Something happened that I needed to return here for. And it's caused me to come here", he paused, sweeping his eyes across the frozen wasteland, "To think. To sort out my thoughts. But it doesn't matter".

Shaking his head, too his mind and heart to distracted, too hurt for him to accompany them, he answered, "I can't teach you right now. I'm sorry. My mind's not in the right place. Ra can teach you. I just have to tell him what to teach you". Hovering closer, curiosity claiming his features as he met Leo's gaze, Ra waited until his uncle spoke, and speak he did. "Nordok is either a psychic being or someone whose consciousness can exist even if his physical body is destroyed. I don't know the mechanics of his nature but my idea was this". "If he's a psychic being, destroy his physical body again but right after, absorb the psychic energy that keeps him alive. Without it, he'll truly die. Or, isolate him to a region that you two have absorbed all of the heat energy from. Enough so that there's no energy for information processing to take place, no energy for the quantum information making up his consciousness to exist", Leo explained.

"Glorious", Ra smiled, pleased with Leo's answer. "And you have my DNA", Leo reminded, meeting Trinity's gaze a second time. "If I have the powers to do that, you have them as well".

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"I truly am sorry for your loss", Ra said, his voice low for only Leo to hear

Super hearing, baby.

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I lol.

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Trinity watched as from outside the reality- and time-displaced men interacting, uncertain exactly what to feel. She could recognize something clearly wrong with Leo - Antonia's microsurgery saw to that, even if the boost in empathy wasn't exactly what she and Liberty had hoped. But he still seemed...different. More than anything else, she felt a sense of otherness in the presence of both at once. Not her usual superiority, nor the occasional insecurity that'd plagued her at times. It felt as though Trinity were watching Leo and Ra through a mired window that even she couldn't breach. She wondered briefly if it might have been because of their last encounter on Ephemera, until she heard the Eighth Wonder's whisper. A tinge of annoyance ticked across her face, shown by a not-so-subtle scowl. They were doing it on purpose. He didn't want her to hear. That, their body language, Leo's silence toward her all along...Like they were phasing her out, trying to exclude her. Instinct told her to lash out, remind them who was in charge. But, still feeling relatively restrained from the earlier dose of subtle radiation, she said nothing. Maybe there is more to hear, her mind rationalized.

So he's lost a fight or something, she thought. Or maybe he lost Grunt. It would explain why the beast was not around. If so then he was more attached than initially seemed. Trinity recalled his problem with not "having anyone," deciding either that or a lack of confidence following a loss in battle was plaguing him. Heedless of the ongoing exchange between them, she forcefully inserted herself into the space between the men, her back facing Ra, flying so her chest was in direct contact with Leo's.

"Leo." She was firm but only mildly aggressive. "Nothing is wrong. You are okay. Because you still have me. Like a wolf has its pack." The language was still somewhat lost on her, but it stood out as something important to him in the past and she had agreed. "However far you go. If you are in that much trouble, you should call me. I can solve your problems when you're too weak or clueless by yourself." A smirk. "Like I am now. Now I give you purpose. Come with us and after we defeat Nordok you can do whatever you want, with or without my help."

As the warrior-monarch explained, however, Trinity heard but didn't listen beyond his refusal. "Tch! What a waste," she scoffed. "You said wewould destroy Nordok, and now you refuse. Who has hurt you to damage your confidence like this? Your own strategy and you don't even want to see it through." Now she bent slightly forward and levelled herself in the air so that her forehead was directly opposite his, pressing against his in direct contact unless he would back down. Now she was becoming aggressive. "What's wrong? Have you become weak too? Are you even sure of this idea, or are you scared so you're sending another in your place? Leo, I don't even like him," she said matter-of-factly.

Then she sighed and removed herself just slightly from him. Looked him up and down, scanning him for physical changes. Mentally prodding him for anything inside his mind. Reframed him in as many ways as she knew how inside her own mind.

"You still need a purpose. Do this with me. Then we can handle your Earth thing when we have succeeded and you feel better about yourself."

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From a distance, Ra watched, taking in the sight of the strangest friendship he'd ever seen. And while the Glorious One was silent, subtly drifting through the air while his cape fluttered wildly, Leo found his emotional distress too great to overcome - even for Trinity. She won't understand, he told himself, his eyes never breaking from hers until her chest and forehead grazed his. Shutting his eyes as his chest rose, the Prince of Power seized as much of his emotional faculties as he could before meeting Trinity's gaze once more and floating a foot or so away from her. In the frozen skies of Antarctica, with Ra hovering several feet above them, Leo held Trinity's gaze, staring into her eyes, past her bravado, aggression, and into the part that held whatever emotional attachment she had for him.

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But Leo didn't smile. Instead, he fell silent. Silent as Ra wore his amusement - a smug smile - at Trinity's voice dislike of him. Finally however, with a heavy sigh, Leo spoke. "You don't understand", he began, a quiet intensity climbing out his pores to hang heavy in the cold air. "I don't feel weak. I don't feel scared or purposeless. I feel sad. I feel guilty. I feel angry", Leo growled through gritted teeth, his heart clamoring and his chest heaving. And as the memory of the day he'd learned of his mother's death floated to the forefront of his mind, Leo's breathing grew erratic, and the cold air around them burned hot. "I'm so angry....", he continued, his gloved hands clutching desperately at his face, as though digging his fingers through his skin would unearth the key to raising his mother from the dead. "And I'm so sad.. but I'm so angry!", he roared, eyes glowing, burning so hot that his tears hissed as they turned to steam. "My mother's life was taken", he paused, the words like a hot blade being driven into his heart.

"And the woman who killed her is dead so I can't even avenge her!", Leo roared again, the mountain's summit trembling from his voice, trembling as his body did with anguish and the emotional clutter of rage and grief. "Leo", Ra's voice called out, firm but calming... as calming as the subtle microwaves, the electromagnetic fields draping over parts of his uncle's mind to soothe his pain and ease him out of the emotions that had contorted and twisted his face with heartache. And as Leo grew calmer, the mountain no longer shaking, and the air cooling, Trinity's efforts to peer into his mind were rewarded in full. She would see it. Everything. All the hurt. The depth of his pain. That his mother's death struck far deeper than the simple loss of a loved one. It was the loss of the woman who had helped him overcome his internal struggles. That his obsession, his myopic and almost psychopathic desire for outright mastery of his powers had not amounted to absolute control of his circumstances as he had convinced himself it would.

Because he'd failed to save his mother, a circumstance beyond his control. He had failed to save the woman whose importance eclipsed anyone and everyone else's in his life. Leonel was an escape of Reality M. He'd arrived in the nU with a troubled mind and heart. Raised by tyrants who forced torture and agony upon him much like Trinity had suffered under Nordok, Leo was hotheaded and unable to process a constantly changing environment. The first in the nU to understand him were not his sisters nor his father, it was Ziccarra. And among the emotional turmoil that defined his years between the war for Reality M and his escape into the nU, it was Ziccarra who first embraced him. It was Ziccarra who made room for the great resolution Leo now carried in his heart - that his heavy sacrifice of escaping his universe would one day reap due reward.

That if his new life in this universe meant relinquishing the securities of his old life, without which he would utterly fail to find peace, then he would settle for nothing less than protecting his family. And yet... he'd failed. His mother was dead. And his guilt, his sadness, and anger, the depth of his emotional distress... it was there for Trinity's mind to see in it's absolute totality. "I'm sorry", Leo exhaled, emotionally exhausted, his words meant for Trinity more than Ra. "I just need time", he confessed, calmed by the 8th Wonder's miraculous power. "Trinity, you don't need me for this. You and Ra can do this. You can do anything. I believe you can, and we both know you believe you can. But I can't be there with you. Not while I'm like this. I need time".

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Okay, I was wrong. I was like half-certain he was gonna punch me when you said what you said.

I don't even wanna follow that one up!

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@cutthroatbitch: I almost did have him punch her but that would've been too simple a direction.

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@8th_wonder: HEY! Simple is good! Too complex and I get lost on what to do next!

Hehee, no but really, I liked it. I honestly have no idea how she's supposed to process this.

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@cutthroatbitch: That's exactly what I was thinking at the end of it. That I have no idea how Trinity'll process all of that.

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As Leo spoke and as she prodded his mind, Trinity read his feelings – feelings she could already feel from him, and she read them like a book. There was rage, hurt, sadness, all familiar. But different with him at that moment. Until then she was certain it was impossible for any being in the universe to feel any measure of anger and sadness akin to her own. Somehow, in that moment, his was deeper and more intense than anything Trinity had felt since being released by her final master, the “businesswoman.” And yet, his experience was unique. She could only read from it like a book. She tried to reframe it, put it all into a perspective she could personally understand and relate to. Perhaps then she might figure…What would I do?

But there was no such thing. No experience in her life that could equate with what she’d just read within him. Her mind recognised – even if not fully consciously – some attachment to the goddess for having shown her the truth of her origin, for training her, and for aiding with the identity crises of her own; but Trinity Blue never knew loss. Even if she could lose someone the way he had, there was no certainty it would register the same. It was a part of her conditioning as Nordok’s “ultimate weapon” and something that had never faded from her person. Lives were fleeting, inconsequential. Things died or were destroyed and more things took their places just as easily. Even regarding himself Nordok lacked any sense of biological self-preservation, and he had instilled this same callous approach within the Destructor from the very first day. In truth Trinity rarely gave any thought to the dead once they were out of her way.

She thought, again, back to their prior trip to Ephemera, and then she said “I understand,” and turned her back to him. “I understand now what you felt then. I understand that…I don’t understand you at all. I suppose I’m disappointed, like you were.”

Trinity rose slowly at first, and before departing she stopped and looked back over her shoulder. I know I don’t need anybody.” Scoffing again. “But I thought you needed this. And I wanted you, and you put me down,” she said, appropriating a phrase (as best as she could recall it) she’d heard the Earthlings use when someone failed or disappointed them, hoping in some small way that it would sting that much more.

Her glare, squinting, fell on Ra. “We go.”

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Hovering several feet above them, the Glorious One was in a world of his own, a bubble kept separate from the cold - and Trinity and Leo's friendship. He watched them, passed his sapphire gaze over the former Destructor to the Prince of Power, and observed a subtle crack in their storied bond. Friendships... Ra often thought himself above such a construct. He had no need for it. Undressing the universe to see it bare, to see all ten of the superstring dimensions, that was his lover. And imposing moral order in the world was his friend. Still, as frost and shards of ice spiraled around him, kept from touching his face or garments by the will of his electromagnetic aura, Ra's left brow raised in intrigue and curiosity at Trinity's disappointment and resentment for Leo's refusal of her offer.

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Holding her in his line of sight, Ra wondered... it must have hurt. For one as important as Leo was to her to say no. To imply that there were matters - emotionally selfish ones such as grieving - more important than being by her side when she wanted him with her. It must have hurt indeed. Perhaps, Ra deduced, it was why Trinity made sure her final words stung. To make Leo feel even a fraction of the hurt she'd felt. After all, he had just told her - shown her - that a dead woman was more important than her. That Trinity hadn't lashed out and attacked his uncle for it was either a testament to the after-effects of his calming power, or her affection for Leo. Or perhaps, Ra was simply wrong, allowing his hyper-mind to lose itself in rounds of speculation with no rational credence. Though while he hovered silently, Leo matched Trinity's glare then broke his gaze from her.

Descending from the air and returning to Mount Terra Nova, Leo sighed and clenched his fists. He clenched them so hard he would've turned coal into diamond had any been in his palm. Lowering his head, his chest heaving as the thought of disappointing Trinity after disappointing his own family weighed heavily on his mind. "I care more about you than anyone else!", Leo blurted out, his eyes wide, his blood boiling at the subtle accusation of Trinity's words, that he didn't care enough to be by her side in slaying Nordok. His glare was on her now, "But Ineed this!". Those were his final words, floating clear in the air as he sat, the wind wrapping his cape around him as he meditated, as if doing so would bring him the emotional healing he needed after losing his mother.

Casting a final glance Leo's way, Ra beckoned the nCube to them, for it to pull him and Trinity into it's hyper-dimensional depths and spit them out in a place with no night or day. A place with a reflective floor, a bright iridescent white aurora stretched across the sky, and whose boundaries seemed to stretch over the horizon for eternity. There, Ra, hovering an inch above the ground, turned to meet Trinity's gaze. "Nothing would give me greater pleasure than heading to Infernus and laying waste to Nordok. However", he continued, arms folded before his chest, "It appears that I have to teach you how to mimic Leo's absorption powers. But I'd much rather relay the knowledge to your mind. It's simpler and faster. Teaching is antiquated".

"Lay down your mind's defenses so that you may receive this knowledge", Ra instructed, his knowledge of the theory and application of Leo's powers ready to float into Trinity's mind.

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it must have hurt.

When I fell from Heaven? Yes.

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Leonel’s final words fell on deaf ears. Trinity did not turn, she did not retort, did not seem to acknowledge him any further. In her mind his problem was simple, and it was just as she’d stated it. This behavior was ridiculous even for him. That’s what I get for helping, she thought. Maybe it was simply…not the Will of the Cosmos. The Destructor did not build or fortify, and she didn’t make people feel better.

Still seething, for her the nCube couldn’t arrive fast enough. She freely entered and waited for it to do whatever its design was, get the whole thing over with quickly. And as impressive as the extradimensional instrument was, Trinity hadn’t wasted a single thought on its admiration, on curiosity about it or the thought of its implications for the universe itself. Not then. Leo had effectively ruined her (relatively) good mood and any sense of potential wonder fell to the wayside as she became utterly, reflexively consumed by herself.

Not my master. The words repeated in her mind. She glared, wordlessly, for several long moments. Truthfully she knew not how to lower her defenses or whether it even could be done. Never quite the expert on the workings and function of her psionic gifts, Trinity understood one thing well: how to use them as a tool, a weapon. But these gifts were not innate. Hers were implanted by Nordok's Shadow Brethren and designed to keep even the cosmic tyrant himself from assailing her mind. And, save for some overlapping theoretical research pertaining to that which she referred to as "The Cosmos," her scholarly pursuits and exploration of the power were nil.

Finally she said “I do this. But if I you try to hurt me the way he did, try to control me, cross me even a little bit, you will die here, now.” Trinity closed her eyes, thinking about his request, attempting to visualize it, feeling it, as if it were so. And holding faith the Cosmos would do the real work.

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Her? Kill him? The Glorious One found her words absurd, blasphemous even. To think that, in his mind, a lesser being believed in such abhorrence... it drew not anger - but amusement. Amusement and arrogant dismissal wrapped in the echoes of smug laughter. "Oh you needn't worry", worry... the distress, the anxiety felt by those who felt fear. She feared him, Ra believed, convinced by his exaggerated delusion. The delusion that if he truly wanted her harmed or controlled, they wouldn't be having conversation, that she'd be kneeling before him. "I won't give you any boo-boos to kiss", Ra smirked, treating her as an adult would a child. Arms folded before his chest, and eyes glowing as knowledge, streams of quantum of information, floated from the lit pit of his sapphire gaze, Ra held an earnest stare.

Information that would enter Trinity's mind, weave into the deepest reaches of her mind and bind itself to her memory. She would not forget this. She would remember, every facet of Leo's theory behind this method of psychic absorption, and every step she needed to be conscious of in application. It was short, sweet, and effective. And in the aftermath of it all, the Glorious One was pleased, smiling as he hovered above the floor, "Excellent. Now", Ra paused, the nCube seizing thick sheets of space-time and folding them, turning them over until a gap - a hole - was torn open. One whose starry hallway led to the smoldering skies of Infernus. "We confront the Ancient One". And as the 8th Wonder hovered forward, walking on air as he stepped inside the space-time rift, he would walk out and find his cape fluttering in the skies of a dead planet.

This was the testing phase. Ra was no fool. He would not expect their joint efforts to truly bring about Nordok's death. This was an experiment. To test and evaluate the capabilities of this cosmic menace.

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