Eve (Character intro) Apacalypse Now! Rise of the machines

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Queen Andromeda was furthering her children towards a new level of evolution by using synthetic flesh like compounds but using nano-bots to simulate regeneration. Andromeda decides to create the first of this line using Xomega & her own Data Numerical Algebraic algorithms. Utilizing a field generator around the artificial embryo to simulate the human experience for the child and Andromeda whom strives for perfection.

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The child is synthetic by components but everything is grown within the field, and will continue to progress into an adult form over time. The offspring would be kept secret and the development would be ongoing prolonging the tissue as to produce more connections between nerves and the synthetic organic synapses. A heartbeat has also been resonating inside, as the heart works exactly like a humans in all aspects. A.I. for this model is unique as well, capable of self learning by experiences rather then embedded logic.

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Andromeda would name her Eve, as the eve of her mecha children to be forever born in the image of their creators. Eve was found to learn extremely quickly, using her natural Wifi capabilities to communicate as well learning from hands on. She befriended the lesser models and found it easy to control them with a mere thought, and often went out of the perimeter to explore and perhaps interact with a Human. Eve was often curious about the ones her mother despises and wonders why the war ever began.

One day Eve's companion senses a human family holding out in an abandoned building and his protocol says to bring them in, but Eve decides to interact instead leaving the mecha dormant. Eve enters the building and the children are playing hide n seek, while the father is hunting rats to eat. Eve walks up to the lil girl and introduces herself "Hi, I'm Eve . it's lovely to meet you". she says as the brother comes out of nowhere screaming "I caught you, I caught you" seeing Eve and looking nervous then shouting "Pops!, we have company" at the top of his lungs. The father came running, wearing thermal shades for hunting the rats. "Hey what's going on? oh... who's this? " flipping down on the infrared and seeing three heat signatures. "I am Eve, and this is a bad place for you to live. I see your organs have radiation sickness, and if you do not leave soon, you'll all die." she says concerning toned. "You see!, oh christ!, how can you see that? your a freaking Mecha aren't you? GET OUT, BEFORE I USE THIS GUN ON YOU! " the father said aiming his rifle in her direction.

Eve was confused and listened to the mans commands even though the projectile weapon would not of done much damage, as she would've easily dodged the shot. Eve rebooted her companion and returned towards the Mecha compound, replaying the event that took place,. She came the conclusion that fear made the father abandon sensibility, and seen the ugly hostility that humans react with before logic. The children shown a more acceptance quality, except for the boy whom apparently wished his fathers approval. Obviously the weaker sex, was her conclusion and befriending a female would be an interesting next interaction.