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Ethusalia, CA, was largely indistinguishable from any number of sleepy, out-of-the-way midsize towns that dotted the West Coast. The population remained fairly stable at plus or minus 20,000 permanent residents, plus a brief influx of tourism during the surfing season, and it boasted a local high school that maintained a modestly successful athletic tradition, plus a nearby community college that offered a few associates degrees and an array of technical certifications to any who did not opt to seek higher education elsewhere. All in all, the permanent citizens considered themselves to be thoroughly settled down to life largely bereft of excitement.

All of that was swept away in moments when the fleet of Zedracus the Inevitable, Betrayer of Delos, Ruler of Battleworld, and Supreme Commander of the Abyssal Imperium arrived. A massive portal was torn open directly above the unprepared town at dawn, and four light cruisers, two heavy cruisers, and the Inevitable One’s personal flagship, the Severed Claw, simply materialized directly above the awakening populace.

No Caption Provided

The light cruisers, flying a mere several hundred feet above the surface, unleashed a torrent of concentrated plasma fire with surgical precision, reducing the city’s small airport, harbor, communications hubs, and all roadways connecting it the outside world to smoldering craters. Drop ships deployed an overwhelming number of the automated infantry that form the rank-and-file of the Imperium’s military, and Striker drones swarmed from the ships like angry hornets, taking out smaller targets of tactical importance and annihilating anyone or anything spotted attempting to flee the blockaded settlement.

In less than an hour, the entire city had been conquered and cut off from the outside world. Strikers began patrol maneuvers, and the orbiting capital ships remained on full alert, ready to open fire on any vehicle or other perceived threat that might approach from land, sea, or air. The limited and panicked resistance was quickly snuffed out; even had the town not been caught unaware, there were few weapons at hand that would have been much use against the steel legions that began dragging the citizens from their homes and assembling them in the park at the town square. Those who fought back were not killed, but merely subdued using stun blasts or simple overwhelming strength by the uncaring automatons.

No Caption Provided

Though his flagship orbited miles above the city, where its power arrays, per standard operating procedure, began to soak up the energy emanating from the star around which the Earth revolved, the Inevitable One himself stood on a raised dais before the assembled population. He knew that the cowed humans were of no threat to him, and was fully confident that his fleet could easily destroy any military attacks their government could throw at them, until well after they were finished. Towering head and shoulders above even the tallest humans present, and clad in his signature armor, Zedracus fit the image of a cosmic conqueror. Raising his thick arms with the cultured theatricality of the true aristocrat, he addressed his conquest, his booming voice projecting out across the square.

“You have been conquered.”
“You have been conquered.”

He paused for the barest of moment, allowing his words to sink into the terrified silence of those before him. “Your simple minds are no doubt wondering exactly what has happened, who I am, and what my intentions are. These matters are of no concern to you, and it is in your own best interests to not dwell on them. I am not here to rule over your primitive little civilization, nor I am here to annihilate it, as easily as I could do so. Some of you are about to be selected for an honor far beyond what your dismal world could ever offer you. The rest of you will be left here to rebuild your insipid lives, provided that you do not make an undue annoyance of yourselves. Those of you who consider yourselves to be healthy specimens can make yourselves known to my servants. This will expedite the process and lead to your weaker kin’s freedom much more quickly.”

With that, he turned and addressed his Grizzlon bodyguards, elite members of a species bred from strength and savagery. “Begin.” With that, the hulking creatures spread out into the crowd, sizing up each human with the experienced eyes of seasoned warriors, and selecting those from among the crowd who looked like they might make acceptable fodder for the arenas of Battleworld. The attending legionaries dutifully collected each unfortunate so indicated and began to herd them into the waiting shuttles like cattle, to be placed in cryo-stasis for the return to Imperium space.


  • This is an open RP. Any CVnU character with an adequate IC reason to participate is welcome to do so.
  • Sell the difficulty of getting to/into the town; it is currently under blockade and, while slipping (or fighting) past the Imperium forces is by no means impossible, it should not be easy.
  • As the fleet simply appeared above the town, cut it off from the surrounding world, and subdued it so quickly, the military is still scrambling to determine exactly what happened and craft a response. It will not be too much longer before that response comes, however, which may further complicate things.
  • Standard RPG and CVnU rules apply.
  • PM me with any questions.
  • Have fun!
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So it begins...tight op too

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You already know I'm in.

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Location and Time Period: Undetermined.


"My Queen, The Imperium has made its move toward Earth" one of her Ninjan slaves reported. It was happening according to plan. Nordok sped up the timeline, just a bit but she was ready.

"Send word to Fleet, I want a blockade around the Planet Earth, no one is to come out. No one is to go in"

The servant nodding and proceeded to follow her orders, that when Ziccarra felt it. The eerie presence that sent chills through the spines of men, a being that fed on the nightmares of children.

"You..." She hissed slowly turning to see Y-intercept manifesting in God Forme in her unholy bastille.

No Caption Provided

"Oh, Ziccarra." Y moaned seductively before turning her attention to this Dark World the Calamity Queen managed to craft.

"You won't win, you know that right?" Y advised standing far enough with her staff on hand to prevent an attack from Sha.

"I mean allying yourself with Nordok was a bit of an unexpected move, but your plan will not work." Across the distance, a smirk slithered across Sha's lips. She was unsure if Y's warning was a premonition or if it was rooted in some sort of cosmic fear. Whatever the case, the Calamity Queen remained for the most part unmoved.

"Surely you didn't span the cosmos just to critique my plan. I'm sure an email would've sufficed." She jested whilst taking a seat on her unholy altar.

"You've absorbed Thee Champion, and that's made you unbelievably powerful; but both you and I know. You don't know how to truly use this power." Y continued dismissing Ziccarra's inquiry.

"You lack what all Ziccarra's seem to have, and that's the ability to foresee where a plan can go wrong. Lord Nordok? well, his plan is simple. He comes, he steals and he leaves. But you? you want too much."

Ziccarra's fist crashed down on her throne in apparent irritation. "What. Do. You. Want." Z wasn't stupid; Y wouldn't come to her unless she wanted something.

"I have my own people living on that Earth, I only ask that they remained unharmed by the events transpiring. If you could muster up enough trust to honor this agreement. I will show you where the cosmic cube is being held."

"Hmm..." Z groaned leaning back on her throne with her fingers massaging her chin. "All I have to do is leave them alone, and you will show me where the cube is? What's stopping me from agreeing now; and going back on my word later."

Y chuckled expectantly, the Calamity Queen was not one to be trusted. "Because if you do, then I will make sure the one person capable of stopping you with little effort, Does. At least this way if she were to get involved I could run distraction. Now, Deal or No Deal?


No Caption Provided

Z sped through a portal enroute to Earth, for now it was just her. She didn't want to tip off various world governments with the Ninjan Fleet.

Though her goal was on the East Coast, she moved through the town conquered by the Imperium with the sole purpose of support. Like Thee Champion, Alexa and Ra; she was the equivalent to a scorching the Earth even in flight.

Her encounters with the Champion Deities provided her with a sample of how to use her newfound powers. She was here as a deterrent. The could not fight her here on Earth the risk was too high.

Stopping abruptly the 'town bent' like tree's in the windstorm from her power. She knew her presence here would draw them; and that's exactly what she wanted.

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5:45 am Ethusalia, California


No Caption Provided

There was no telling how long he had been up staring blankly at the dark screen of the living room television. He may not have been a big talker, but he was a deep and reflective thinker. But who has time for thoughts when the days chores were calling? Who has time to mourn when there's a child to raise?

His stern but giving jawline subtly arched into a smile of deep appreciation as he cracked the door to his son Gregory's room. Rolling his flannel sleeves above the elbow before firmly shaking the sleeping youth. "Its time, get dressed. Grab some toast off the table and meet me by the barn."

The dawn had barely broke before the sleepy eye'd Gregory emerged in the doorway, making his way down the two-track drive just past the rusted tractor his grandfather had ruined a decade earlier. Past the giant oak tree and his mother's beautiful headstone placed at its trunk.

Neither father or son spoke as the day's routine took automatic shape. But as the silent sense of hardworking pride built and inflated, the down home duo's energetic motivation eventually charged the social discord, and before long they had shed the anchored weight of the prior night's sleep, organic conversation breeding words of experienced wisdom and fatherly advise. Gregory listened of course, the simple life was all he knew, discipline and family values were paramount to his developing code. Every man should have a code his father would often say.But its easy to say you have a code when its never truly been tested.

Astonishment washed over father and son as the budding sun was unexpectedly eclipsed by an overwhelming shadow...nightmarish vessels of extraterrestrial origins filled the sky above the unremarkable town. Immediately taking out communications, the airport, and tactically subverting transportation and the harbor.

No Caption Provided

"Get inside." The father's voice partially drowned out by the familiar yet unorthodox sounds of pulsating engines. As smaller compact vessels broke off from the larger class ships and began their ground level round up of the sparsely segregated farmers and towns people. By the time the father had made his way back inside his home, dead-bolting the door behind him, Gregory had already peeled back the nondescript kitchen rug exposing a hatch opening up to a small cache of basic weapons.

Again neither spoke as mental and physical repetition kicked in; select, load, station, repeat. Bracing weapons against the wall, lining them up for easy snatch and use. As the sound of descending engines echoed off their front lawn the father quickly grabbed Gregory behind the neck, pulling him in close and kissing his head before bracing his forehead against his sons. With a deep breath he nodded with tears in his eyes. Seconds later the door gave way and father and son made their last, but ultimately futile, stand. With no one to be inspired by their heroic stoicism in the face of overwhelming despair, no one to witness the courageous act of two unsung heroes, their act would be lost to ashes of yet another invasion. Just another family lost in a war the Earth didnt even know it was in.


But the Ghostshell knew. He had been forewarned and forged an alliance in hopes that the combined industrialized efforts of both Avalon and Halo could produce a suitable deterrent....in time, with lots of research perhaps they might have. However the unexpected invasion had been covertly executed. Catching every hero and military resource apparently off guard. Even Ishmael's technological marvel, the S3, had failed to preemptively warn him of impending starborn attacks until it was too late.

"Talk to me Crix." Ishmael thought as he flew towards the - as of yet - isolated California incident in the cockpit of his Aethrium Talon. The teenage technopath Sequitur Crix reading his thoughts through his electronic helmet.

"Whatever they are they've established air supremacy. I'm pinging multiple vessels. Sending you what little schematic information I can jack. Looks like the lighter cruises utilize some form of aerial drone-swarms...could be some form of tech hive mind...I might be able to *(& with their communications, get inside the blockaide."

"Keep the line open, I want real time updates. If these things are even close to the level of the nCube they're gonna know I'm here before I'm there." As he speed towards the extraterrestrial incursion. One outlaw vs a galactic threat.

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Aww, the feels are strong with that one.

I'm in.

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Just as always the former model was out at dusk, just as the Mazoi concluded their battle regimens; and the Kwazulu partook cease harvesting; and trade commerce. This island reality was fabricated; produced after the mental deterioration following Y-Intercept's ability to poison her own mind.

For the Kwazulu, however, this island belongs to them; The Liafadors nor the Mazoi could never dispute it. But the refugee's from a toppled regime; victims of domestic violence and other heinous crimes lived here in harmony.

They'd seen their fair share of tragedy; the Death of the Mazoi Princess cast a sullen mood across the entire landscape. Most recently the status of Alexis Pettis, Maya's father, dealt another harsh blow. How they yearned for a happy ending, but the Crimson Sorceress knew those were just fairy-tales. What she wanted was hope...the feeling that they were somehow living a happy ending.

"Yaya?" Tassi called out, drawing her attention away from the crashing waves, back to the 5-year-old child who'd just joined her at her side. "What are you doing out so late? and where are your shoes?" She spat making eye contact with Tassi's muddy toes. "I told you, no more getting dirty right before dinner" She scowled. Only to have Tassi's right-hand dog drop a pair slippers before the both of them.

"I wish I had someone to bail me out of trouble at your age" She jested. The comment drew an awkward gaze from Tassi. It was widely known that Maya didn't have childhood years. They were stripped from her by the 3rd Society; in all actuality, she was probably only a year older than Tassi at the most. Another dark chapter in her families storied history.

"Tassi go get washed up for dinner, and make sure you go see Dad." She commanded. Just as Tassi walked off one of the Mazoi guards approached. "Lady Liafador, Queen Sabella has requested your presence," She said bowing. Truthfully Maya hated these formalities, but their Grand-Mother enforced them. "Right away." She replied, disappearing into a cloud of smoke.

Reappearing in the conference room flanked by Kwazulu and Mazoi Liaisons; as well as Catalina in Goddess form, Maya could tell something was wrong. It was written on their faces, mostly Cat's.

"What's going on?" She asked. Still, there was a continued silence; as if no one knew what exactly to say.

"Liafador International has fallen, and with it our location," Catalina reported, though she was in God Form; she seemed shaken as if she'd seen a ghost.

"How could Liafador International fall? I thought it was hidden by some sort of spell." Maya replied confused.

"We're still getting updates, but apparently someone attacked it. And stole the Liafador Replication Equation. It's the equation we used to create Catalina." Sabella added.

"So you mean to tell me, there's someone out there...with the ability to create another me?" Cat asked realizing just how...evil she was in her early years.

"Yes. Not just you; they can essentially replicate anyone. But unless they've discovered a way to speed up the process of birth, it'll take years for this plan to come to fruition."

Once again Maya's eyes dart toward Cat, she seemed distressed; constant quick glances. Almost as if her mind were trying to piece together some sort of endstate,

"No..." She whispered, probably louder than she expected; because everyone's eyes darted their way.

"The first person you used this process on was our mother, but that just matured her fast. We're her offspring, anyone of us would be a viable candidate. We all grow at an accelerated rate...especially..."

It was almost as if the two sisters thought of it at the same time. "Oh...fork..." Maya blurted. "They're coming for me?"

'..I would love too...
'..I would love too...

A portal opened at the far end of the conference room, and the Cocaine Goddess in Goddess form emerged surrounded by a hellish wave.

"Cumming? Oh I would love too; sadly I'm already here" Y said wafting her hands immediately rendering the guards useless. "Who are you, and what do you want?" Sabella screamed, but the attention of the High Cardinal Goddess didn't draw the attention of Y. With another swipe of her hand, Sabella was out cold.

"Maya and Catalina, It's about time we finally met. I mean face to face of course. Don't be alarmed. I'm just holding up my end of the deal."

Cat moved in front of Maya shield draw sword ready. "I...Know you...you're Y-intercept, Maya go get Tassi and Dad to safety. I can handle this."

From across the room, Y chuckled, amused at how much Catalina had grown up since their last time together. "I've cast my curse, they aren't going anywhere. Attack when ready." She commanded speaking aloud. It was then Cat heard it; the sound of gunfire and screaming amongst the cape.

"Leave...Maya Liafador to me. Or...as a matter of fact" Again wafting her hand Y's "corruption" based powers took hold of Catalina. "You see, once I've corrupted someone. I can always corrupt them. Too bad for me, your sister dispelled me with the Phoenix...so you'll have to do."

The Cocaine Goddess disappeared in the same fashion she arrived; leaving Catalina staring at a dark version of herself.

Sound the Alarm
Sound the Alarm

"What is this, some sick form of masturbation. Because I totally dig the traditional way" Lunging shield first, the Dark Cat sent a Dark Orb smashing into Cat's shield, depositing her to the other side of the room.

Thanks to her mother's first shield, she was fine; but recoil damage could be felt surging through her back.

"Maya...sound the alarm" She commanded via their personal quantum state. If they were here to take someone from the island... then the island would defend,

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@the_ghostshell: @maya_liafador: @the_championess: @hand_of_nordok:

No Caption Provided

Paragon had been forewarned of an incoming attack by the Imperium. In turn, she informed the Justice League Alliance to monitor any and all activity on Earth and in the solar system. She also informed the DSA so they would be prepared. Even with all these precautions, the attack still caught them all off guard.

By the time Paragon learns of the attack by the Imperium, she immediately knows two things: One; Ra and his team failed to prevent the attack from ever coming in the first place. Two; the Imperium needs to be dealt with. Unfortunately, the JLA is busy on their own mission somewhere in the future.

Paragon, who is monitoring the activity on Earth inside a base on the Moon, inputs the coordinates for the attacked town into the computer. She steps inside a transporter tube and gets beamed down just outside the town. She takes off in flight, using her super senses to gauge the situation first. Some tall man with an intimidating look addresses the survivors. Then there is a woman who looks like she is the evil version of Paragon herself, patrolling the small town. Even from this distance, miles and miles apart, Paragon sees the very trees bow away from the woman as if trying to get away but cannot because they are rooted where they are. Using deductive reasoning, Paragon guesses this woman is the Championess that Ra spoke of. Keira has no idea if she is able to go toe to toe with the Championess, but even if she can it is not her fight because Ra said he would take care of her. Speaking of which, there is no sign of that benevolent being. No nCube in sight. Where are you, Ra? Paragon thinks to herself.

Ten miles outside the city, Paragon continues to observe things. Then she spots a potential ally and with her super hearing, she hears everything he says. Taking off in the Ghostshell's direction, she easily catches up to him and flies alongside him. She touches her left forearm, activating her communications with a holographic interface, trying to establish contact with Ghostshell, "Glad to see an ally here, I'm Paragon. What do you say we kick some alien butt, huh? I've got your back."

Once she hears his reply, she leads the way. Then she immediately begins trying to disable the ships that are attempting to take the humans they captured with blasts of heat vision as she joins Ghostshell in his attempt to save them.

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No Caption Provided

Cool! A possible unexpected team-up

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@hand_of_nordok: @the_championess: @paragonxxx: @the_ghostshell:

Alpha Centauri A, α Centauri

Alpha Centauri A
Alpha Centauri A

Larger and brighter than Earth's sun, the star which formed one half of a binary system - Alpha Centauri AB - glowed light years away from the Solar System. And deep in it's core, wrapped in the raging folds of stellar plasma and radiation, the Glorious One meditated. The heat was unimaginable, the pressure unbelievable, and the gravity unthinkable. But Ra survived - nay - he prospered. For as storm after storm of gamma rays, X-rays, ultraviolet rays and the like swallowed him whole and spilled out into empty space, the Glorious One grew stronger and his cells swelled with power from drinking every last drop of stellar radiation that came his way. Left hand atop his right, legs crossed under him as his cape burned white with the star he sat in, Ra was preparing - meditating.

He was raising his powers to their absolute peak, guzzling down the heart of a star until his cells could take no more. Anything less against the combined forces of Shayla and the Imperium would lead to nothing but failure. But they'd outsmarted him, declared war on Earth just as it's heroes and protectors were arming themselves and drafting plans to protect it. There was no time to prepare. The Siege of Earth had begun. And a voice, floating to his ears in a deep and robotic monotone, had warned him of it. (--Earth is under siege--). It was the nDroid, a synthetic titan made in the likeness of his grandfather. Speaking to him through a hyper-dimensional window in the nCube, the nDroid was stern and to the point. (--The Imperium is there--), the nDroid stressed. "And Shayla?", Ra asked, his eyes yet to open, his mind and body yet to break away from cosmic meditation. (--A hostile fitting her description is present on Earth--), the nDroid answered, devoid of humanity and warmth and filled with something entirely alien.

"Seems I've little choice but to end my meditation prematurely", Ra scowled, eyes opening as he swam through a dense sea of charged particles smashing into one another, bursts of apocalyptic energy screaming into existence from every collision. Inside the nCube, a hyper-dimensional window was opened, and in the heart of Alpha Centauri A, the space around Ra was folded and a shortcut opened. He stepped in and hovered into the topsy-turvy halls of his greatest creation, the nCube. Though he'd absorbed enough energy and his power had skyrocketed close to his peak - a level beyond Thee Champion's and even Leonel's, Ra was no fool. He alone was nothing before the combined might of the Ancient Oneand Shayla. He needed not only Paragon and Ishmael but every other force on Earth willing to lay their lives on the line. He needed to bestow the power of the Hexahedron upon someone. One of his allies.

Ethusalia, California

Slowly, as if simply appearing from thin air like an apparition, the nCube emerged near the outskirts of Ethusalia, it's hyper-dimensional cube-like structure shifting in and out, at angles thought impossible, emitting light in new colors, shades that mankind may never evolve to conceive or understand. And inside, Ra hovered, quietly as the nDroid strode by his right. "Let it be known that I am the only god in this world's history to answer it's people's prayers", he smiled, his smug regality different from the nDroid's emotionless and steely confidence. (--Affirmative--), the nDroid answered, entirely serious and not yet familiar with the concept of joking. Holding the Hexahedron in his right hand, Ra eyed it for a moment.

If not for the nCube, it'd be his greatest ever creation. A mysterious space-time barrier in cubic form, it appeared completely hollow and empty but allowed the universe's Zero Point Field to roll off it's sides, leading to unfathomable phenomena with quantum fluctuations. In short, energy and information could be manipulate inside the Hexahedron in ways that violate physical laws. Handing it to the nDroid, Ra made clear his command, "Give this to Ishmael. It's our last resort against the enemy. For him to use". Paragon was already powerful, among the Earth's most powerful metahumans. And Ra was wholly confident in his own power. But of the allies he'd gathered, Ra was most impressed with the Last Son of Gothic, the first human to set foot in the nCube, to survive bombardment from higher superstring dimensions through sheer force of will alone. If there was ever a mortal who'd earned the right to wield the massive energy and matter manipulation powers of the Hexahedron, to temporarily feel what it was like to be a god, it was him.

"So who's first?"

"And if I somehow perish here today, you already know the plan", Ra reminded. (--Affirmative--), the nDroid nodded, leaping out the nCube and gliding towards the Aethrium Talon. Soaring by the Talon's left, the Hexahedron tucked firmly in it's arm, the nDroid spoke, it's words floating through a closed channel for only the Talon to receive, and Ishmael to hear. From there, he would relay everything. The Hexahedron's power, it's role as their last resort, and Ishmael's part as the temporary wielder of it's power. If the Ghostshell accepted, the nDroid would hand him the item of power. But if he refused, it'd relay the change of plans to Ra. Aboard the nCube, Ra examined the Imperium's fleet and it's forces crawling through Ethusalia's streets.

Like the nDroid before him, Ra leaped into the sky but then dove straight through the air, his muscle tissues swelling with stellar radiation and his gravitational field daring to tear apart any of the Imperium's ships and redirect any energy blasts en route to the streets of Ethusalia where he sought to land and stare down both Shayla and the Inevitable One. "So who's first?".

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I was gonna try and throw a post down but holidays are always a horrible time to RPG for me. Plus I don't have a computer and I can't even keep up with interactions, soooooo I won't be joining this :((( Good luck!

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@feral_nova: Sorry to hear that. I always like reading your posts and RPing with you. I hope things get better for you. ^_^

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@paragonxxx: @the_championess: @8th_wonder: @hand_of_nordok:

Ethusalia, California

The Metro City Icon was easily recognizable by her trademark attire as she astonishingly appeared in a subsonic burst off the Talon's port-side. Her name had been mentioned in more then one of the Ghostshell's prior conversations. The nGod himself divulging her expected participation. Seemingly the first of the aforementioned allegiance of accredited heroes as pre-selected by the self-proclaimed God Among Mortal Men.

At first, conspicuous by his absence. However with the emergence of his technological masterpiece, an artificially birthed curator slash paragon of protective authority and sub-servitude; wielding an object of immeasurable comprehension, Ishmael arrogantly smirked - "This guy and his entrances " - thinking to himself before rolling the Talon on its side exposing its underbelly to the droid. A small hatch sliding open to receive the mysterious asset, before once again rolling, only this time in the opposite direction and completely in a 360 spin. With returned focus towards Paragon, his chin tilted and his neck angled with involuntary micro - expressions. But he withheld any immediate judgments or sarcasm instead simply smirking with a devilish grin. "Lead the way hero."

Using the aerial wake vortex of the Heroin of Tomorrow's speed to mask his own insertion beyond the invading force's militarized blockade. "They're gathering the towns people, rounding them up." he remarked on his initial fly over. Alarms and radar whistles ringing in the innovative cockpit as the Talon's specialized stealth sheathing was no match for the sophisticated galactic systems of the Abyssal Imperium's fleet. Evasive and deathdefying theatrics cinematically propelled the Ghostshell's covert jet through, around, over and spinning under overpasses, industrial sized natural wind-turbines, and the devastating horde of hornet like Striker drones which acted in parasitic symbiosis with the larger cruiser vessels.

No Caption Provided

With the digital and technological brilliance in the Ghostshell's lenses he was able to continuously obverse the unfolding scene on the ground while piloting his craft out of danger...for now. "The f..., they're being...taken..."Lips curled in concealed anger, the Last Son of Gothic's decisive fortitude ignited an inauguration of immediate action. "Autopilot." he spoke. Pulling the latch on his side and blowing the canape of the Talon open. "We gotta disable those ships. Not letting one person get taken off World."

Stylishly, Ishmael let himself be dumped out into the whipping atmospheric frenzy of a free fall, diving head first towards the town's square and the unimaginable catastrophe. Firing his aethrium wrist wire in a mirrored copycat of a standard grapnel, vine swinging to and sticking on the side of a Whole Foods store. Slightly camouflaged by the confusion of the over-ruling commotion as the invaders continued their round up. Waiting for the exact moment in which Paragon's, as well as the 8th Wonder's arrival to be noticed. Hopefully drawing enough attention as to allow the subversive outlaw unimpeded entry into the nearest harvester ship and free those inside.

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@hand_of_nordok: Rather than write an extremely short post as my preliminary move, I just added a little additional info to my post I already made. So, I'm good to go. ^_^

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@hand_of_nordok: Little something to get us on the board. And past that awkward introductory phase.

When Ishmael first approached Valencia, she gave little credence to his claims about an impending threat from a space-faring warlord. He'd been suspicious of her from the moment she entered the HALO building to visit her cousin. And suddenly all that's forgotten because some cosmic whatever told him we need to unite? Sounds like a bad trip on acid. Or, sounds like he's hiding intent. Someone like him could easily get too close, and if he found out her secrets it could be the end of everything in her grasp. God knows what else. Although, truth be told, the idea was somewhat thrilling.

Even after learning the truth (courtesy of Aeon's files, based on Trinity's limited descriptive abilities, during her time in service to Antonia) she still didn't trust him completely. The Imperium existed, and they presented an ace opportunity if someone cared to take advantage. Cards close to the chest, as always.

In light of the larger issue, she was all too happy to receive the call about Ethusalia, conveniently pulling her out of a meeting and having everyone sent home.

She sat in Tonia's darkened observation room, surrounded by screens streaming Zedracus' broadcast, the best coverage newscasters could thus far manage of the event, variable logistic information and open communication channels. Ishmael had been open on one, his eyes more than capable of serving where she presently had none. He moves fast for a human, she noted, admiration in no small measure. I love the initiative."I appreciate your cooperation, Señor Strix. I have a contact, or several, who owe me favours and who shall be en route to the location. And a team of workers and scientists on standby, ready to analyze the aftermath of your handiwork."

No Caption Provided

Immediately, she sent only one communication. Even if they were all busy on some other job, Ananke would at least have bees to spare. Then, while "Valencia" spent the day in her secret safety box, Anastasia the Noir Rose would play.

Although it wouldn't mask the roar of the bike's engine, on approach she rendered herself and all equipment intangible to light particles. All but certain this basic camouflage would not bypass the advanced tech of the Imperium, her design was primarily to test the extent of their detection - how close could she get before means other than light-based visual registered her presence; and determining what the response would be - how would they attack?

Ideas fanned out in her mind like a river delta. Come what may, they were adaptable, and she was more than certain they'd manage to spin whatever transpired to their advantage. Most importantly, the more work Nastya did near the Imperium's border, the easier it'd be for Avalon's clean-up crew to gather remnants for study and get out quickly.

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@the_ghostshell: I haaaaaaaaaaaaate when you do this shit to me

"As the sound of descending engines echoed off their front lawn the father quickly grabbed Gregory behind the neck, pulling him in close and kissing his head before bracing his forehead against his sons. With a deep breath he nodded with tears in his eyes..."

Every post you tug at the heartstrings and you do it with such ease - it's not anything close to fair.

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I was so tempted to stumble upon the family home, just to allow them some sort of post-mortem acknowledgement...but there'd be no point besides that.

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@zauberin: Good to see you joining this RP. ^_^

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No Caption Provided

Godly, Supernatural almost Ethereal; those were the words the could almost describe the Calamity Queen's presence on Earth. In all her glory, the Queen of all Ninjans hovered idly surveying the scene as it broke down before her very eyes.

The exact details of the Imperium's invasion were lost in translation, however just as loud as her iconic "S" burned in the first morning light on the backdrop of the morning sun, Sha's eyes burned in hatred for the flesh bearing beings that called themselves earthlings.

"Ha! that's it!? Please" She spat with flickering embers burning through her cowl. From her point of view, the cosmic duo was opposed by less than the satisfactory opposition. Their focus, however, was not on Sha or Inevitable One, rather the hasty rescue of the civilian populace.

"Tell me, BOY." She started, even though She, Ra and Nordok were beings above the rudimentary understanding of humans, she still used a common racial remark--a remark she was sure he was familiar with.

"Does your influence extend pass this one town? Because if not, you're going to have a really, really, long day."

In a jolt of wind and light, The Calamity Queen moved across the pavement charring its components en route to Ra.

Pulling her fist back, an azure beam of light engulfed her fist as she pushed it forward. However, it was almost as if time itself skipped or delayed, as she sought to crush his beautifully sculpted jaw with the might of her fist.

Though physically present in this conflict, she would not stay too long. She had her own agenda to see to. But at least for now, Nordok and Sha could wear them down with their own form of cosmic attrition.

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Ahhhh shit, the bigguns is all here

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@nordok: This person's post better be flames is all I know :P

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@nordok: This person's post better be flames is all I know :P

If I'm not satisfied, this person is getting banned.

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@paragonxxx: @8th_wonder: @the_ghostshell: @cutthroatbitch: @maya_liafador: @the_championess:

The Inevitable One was pleasantly surprised when the first response to raid came not from an opposing military force or one of the metahuman vigilantes that reports indicated infested this backwards planet, but an ally. Though Zedracus had never laid eyes on the Championess before, it became immediately apparent that she was part of the powerful new alliance that the Ancient One recently entered into. The speed and force of her arrival made her own power evident; his master was quite adroit when it came to selecting friends.

The Imperium commander had little time for more than perfunctory nod of greeting, however, before a holographic image of his major domo, ensconced on his flagship above, where she could better monitor the situation on the ground, materialized to inform him that the expected resistance had begun to materialize. Good, he thought, as his assistant projected a map of the area upon which points of noted enemy contact began to spring up, this would have been a disappoint venture if all I was able to claim was this herd of bipedal sheep.

"Some of these energy signatures are alarmingly high, sir," the feminine, digital voice of his advisor droned, empty of emotion in the way that only purely technological beings could be. "The strongest matches that of one that was detected above Infernus before we lost contact. If it was able to survive an attack on the Ancient One's seat of power, our forces are not statistically likely to be capable of-"

"Yes, yes..." the battle-hunger of the Betrayer of Delos only fueled his infamous impatience. "That is what we have allies for. My dear, would you mind terribly..." he trailed off in momentary confusion, as the Championess had already moved to confront Ra. Well, that should sort itself out quite nicely, then. I do hope she keeps him alive; power such as his should be properly weaponized...by us."What else?"

"Our Strikers are attempting to engage some manner of fighter craft. It's technological level seems well above the median for this planet, and it has so far evaded our attacks. Ground forces are also attempting to use audio receptors to triangulate the location of what is likely some manner of ground vehicle, employing a stealth technology that our visual scanners have not yet developed an adaptive algorithm for. There is also the matter of an airborne humanoid that appears to be attempting to disable our transports with optic projectiles."

This buffet had quite the variety of delectables, then. Had Zedracus been aware of how spirited the defense would be, he would have attacked the Earth long ago. "Take control of the Striker wings personally," he barked, his hands already flexing in anticipation of dealing murderous blows, "their pre-programmed tactics are obviously not up to the challenge. Bring the vessel down, but do not obliterate it, if possible. Have the ground forces stand down and target the stealth unit from one of the capital ships. We need to make a clear example."

"Turbolasers, sir?" the adamantine aide de camp queried.

"We don't need to level this entire shantytown just to make an example of token resistance. Yet."

"Acknowledged, sir. And the airborne humanoid?"

"Mine." As one of the light cruisers began raining bolts of plasma on the vicinity in which the roar of the Noir Rose's bike could be heard, and the swarming Strikers suddenly switched tactics and became much more responsive to the evasive maneuvers of Ishmael's craft (not yet catching on that this was just as Ishmael intended as he used the distraction to cover his own movements), Zedracus strode towards the waiting transports, his armored fists now gripping his massive sword and battle-axe. It did not take him long to spot @paragonxxx as she strafed his crafts, and with a grin that dripped sadism like serpentine venom, he launched an optic attack of his own, as twin beams containing the concentrated power of a red dwarf star erupted from his eyes and and streaked towards the flying heroine.

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Been awhile since I've had to respond to multiple posts at once; let me know if I missed something and need to make corrections.

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"Up, up!" Little Phoebe Allen tugged at Tessa's t-shirt, her angelic blonde curls bobbing up and down as she held her chubby little arms up. Tessa scooped her up and held Phoebe perched on her hip as the three year old tucked her head against Tessa's neck. She smelled like baby powder and honey, the best scent in the world as far as Tessa was concerned, and she took a moment to nuzzle her nose against the soft crook of Phoebe's neck

"Are you ready for nap-time?" She asked as she bounced Phoebe up and down against her hip as she walked through the house. She'd been living with Phoebe and her parents as a live-in nanny for the past year or so - a major change in venue from New York City, where she'd graduated from Columbia University. The adjustment period had been hard, and she'd been running away from plenty, but it finally felt like she was starting to settle here and maybe even make a home for herself away from the dangers that were inherent in cities.

"We go sleepies now?"

"Well, one of us..." Tessa laid her hand over Phoebe's soft curls as something slowly moved into position and began blocking out the sun. With her back flat against the wall, she had a view through the three-pane window that dominated part of the front of the house. It looked like spaceships? But that couldn't be right. This was a nothing town. Hell, one of the features was that it was away from major metropolitan areas and less likely to be the target of 'super' activity. That had been another draw for Tessa in relocating here.

The hairs on her arms stood up as Phoebe's eyes widened and she did her best to crane her little head around and look out the window. There was a panic room situated beneath the sweeping McMansion, one that had been developed by Phoebe's parents as "Super" activity ramped up around the world.

Tessa ran for it now, cradling Phoebe's squirming form close to her chest as her reflexes kicked in and she moved faster than a normal human would have been able to. The soles of her shoes skidded along the marble floor as she took a corner just a little too fast, but she regained her equilibrium and settled Phoebe into the panic room. Unlike the usual sparse concrete and steel situation that would normally come to mind, it looked just like any other room in the house, and had even been outfitted with windows that spilled convincing fake sunlight into the room.

"I love you, Phoebs," Tessa whispered into the toddler's curls, right before she put her hand against the pad and inputted a code. Then she pulled something from her pocket - a beacon that she had for emergency situations, left over from her days in New York City and her less-than-legal activities there, and she activated it. The panic room would keep Phoebe safe until somebody could come for her - and somebody, whoever among her contacts who received the specialized beacon - would be there.

Her heart beat in her chest, as nervous and quick as a hummingbird's wings. Phoebe cried for her as she left the room, and Tessa swiped away the tears that were building in the corner of her eyes. She loved that little girl with her whole damn heart, and if anything happened to her, heads would roll."I'll be back soon, I promise baby."

The door swooshed shut behind her as she booked it to her own bedroom. It was as sparsely furnished as the Allens had allowed her; not many personal touches at all. She threw open the door to her walk-in closet and shoved aside clothes until she pulled out the long, carbon-grey box that she had buried beneath a mound of shoes. The metal was cool against her palms as she laid them flat and waited for the whoosh of the hermetically sealed box to release. She flipped it open and pulled out the suit that she had such a love-hate relationship with. Given to her by Sequitur Crix after working with the young woman briefly, it conformed to her body as soon as she pulled it on. Tessa stretched her fingers, marveling at how much it felt like a second skin.


The ships had darkened the sky, blotting out the sun as if it were a naturally occurring eclipse. People gathered all through the center of town - the naive, the distrusting, the inhuman. There was no boundary that separated them, no difference that couldn't be scaled by this... promise. This threat. Tessa assessed the situation, even as the hairs on her arms stood up, rubbing against the weird alloy of her suit. She was still getting used to it, but it felt as natural to her as breathing. And what was going on here was certianly not natural at all.

She lurked at the edge of the crowd, a hood over her head, and her crimson red mask over her mouth, hiding her features while simultaneously filtering any toxins from the air that she was breathing. She wouldn't have put it past them to riddle the air with hypnotics, or other mind-alterers. It wouldn't be the first time, nor would it be the last. She shook her head as she pulled Molly Sullivan by the arm and whispered in her ear that there was a line to safety, all she had to do was follow the farms and she would be there. Their very own escape system. It was funny how these small little towns (well... small compared to NYC, even though 20k citizens was nothing to shake your head at) had managed to account for situations such as this. Resourcefulness and the will to live were universal, it would appear.

The world was going to hell, and they were all being sent along in a handbasket, it seemed. A small group fell to their knees, offering themselves as supple supplicants, ripe for the picking. They would stave off the invaders, maybe, but was that their end goal? Or were they tired, forlorn, ready to give in? God, this was already turning into such a complete and utter mess.

And the sun was starting to burn down, to make people tired and achy. Little kids were starting to get restless, even as the Imperium begain sweet-talking. It was such a crock of bullshit, it almost made her sick to her stomach. There was no salvation here, only oppresssion. And some people were walking into it willfully? It hade no sense to her, none at all. Buffoons, each and every one of them. How couldn't they see it? That they would all be used and abused in the end if somebody didn't do something to stop it.

She edged back to the frayed edges of the crowd. There had to be something here, somebody here, other than her who could help. Shit, shit shit. She wasn't a damn hero, this wasn't supposed to be her job. She had "retired" to CA to avoid all of this bullshit. Her mama had taught her many things, but chief among them was the life-lesson that heroics got you dead, and she wasn't quite ready for that.

Slow and steady, slow and steady, was how she worked, but with an underpinning of frantic need as she darted through alleyways, pulling people where she could, sending them off to safety. It was a thankless task, and she muttered something under her breath as others began arriving. Was the cavalry finally here? She'd never put much stock in the help or skills of others. Heroes tended to be a showboaty lot, as far as she was concerned. But they needed help, or their little city was going to be overrun in no time.

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@hand_of_nordok: That was worth the wait. Not only was it entertainingly written, it was a master class in how to progress the story.

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@the_ghostshell: Thanks! I figured I'd better bring my A-game with this crew. I see a few grammatical fixes I need to go back and iron out, but there's a (likely masochistic) part of me that's been missing big events.

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@the_ghostshell: @maya_liafador: @paragonxxx: @the_championess: @hand_of_nordok:

The Glorious One was not like the gods worshiped by man. He did not sit on a throne atop a sea of clouds in brutal judgement of a lesser species while he ignored their prayers. His throne sat inside a cube of shifting sides and higher superstring dimensions where he weaved days longer than years and answered the call of man as he had today. Rising to his full height, his posture as noble as it was arrogant, Ra's feet left the ground and his body climbed into the air. He would not walk on ground sullied by a lesser species. He was their savior - not their equal. Though as his eyes swept the Imperium into a gaze glowing with the promise of punishment, it was another voice and not his that rang firm and clear through the streets of Ethusalia.

No Caption Provided

It was Shayla. The so-called Championess. The butcher of worlds and killer of gods. Her words were biting, and her tone clipped. But as the wind whistled through Ethusalian streets and Ra's cape fluttered to it's tune, his mouth pulled back into a smirk. "A pity", he said of her remark, "That your words are the closest you'll come to tasting victory". Chuckling calmly in the wake of his mockery, he no longer answered her. His influence, manifest as the nCube and the nDroid, would do it's part in protecting the rest of the world wherever it was needed. Shayla and the Imperium fleet in the sky above were his greatest concerns. He and Shayla had done battle before. In different timelines, in his past, and in the Omega Nebula. He knew of her power. She'd murdered his grandfather in his timeline, his grandmother as well, and brought the Liafador bloodline to the brink of extinction. The danger she posed, and the cosmic scale of her power simply could not be understated. But he knew her well. Better than this version of her knew him.

And he knew she'd be aggressive and charge forward chomping at the bit to lay claim to his murder. Ra was prepared, and he was at the absolute peak of his powers. So as she came forward, tearing the air asunder as her fist crackled with a world-breaking power, Ra's eyes glowed like stars and hurled a dense stream of radio waves to c (the speed of light), commanding it to intercept his foe, to blitz her before she reached him, to strangle and shake her ions and electrons into submission, superheat her bodily fluids till they spilled out her pores - and boil her, cooking her alive from the inside out. Shayla would survive, that much he was certain. But his counter might have just played it's role in buying him some time. The Imperium fleet still loomed in the clouds above, drowning the city in it's shadow and a shower of plasma bolts.

Quickly, the air around Ra crackled as arcs of electrical energy surged all about him. Extending his bio-electric field and gathering an army of stray particles he left charged and energized, the Glorious One cast an electromagnetic storm, a violent whirlwind of charged particles that'd cling to the hulls of as many Imperium ships as they could, seep into their systems and scrambled them down to the smallest bits of their circuitry. Their weapons would fail and the bulk of their defenses would collapse for the Ghostshell to slip past and rescue the human captives being held behind their walls.

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@tessa_chung: @maya_liafador: @cutthroatbitch: @the_championess: @hand_of_nordok: @nordok: @the_ghostshell: @8th_wonder:

Paragon realizes her efforts to disable to ships carrying their human prisoners was pretty meager compared to the 8th Wonder. With such an awesome display of power to disable multiple ships, she sets her eyes on a different target. The woman, Tessa, is helping people escape the Imperium, Ra is busy fighting the Championess, Ghostshell is determined to free more human prisoners trapped in ships and so that left Paragon with something else to do. But before she can decide what that something is, a wave of red solar radiation sweeps over her. Crying out in pain, she falls to the ground. Immediately getting up to her feet, red hot steam evaporating off of her, she looks to see who hit her. It's not long before she spots him. The man looks more like the mythical Ares than anything else. A quick scan of her super senses and she knows that armor he is wearing is mixed with Adamantium. Lovely, Paragon thinks to herself, It's never easy, is it?

No Caption Provided

Paragon considers herself lucky that she has not met a foe wielding Adamantium thus far in her career. So, she has no idea how effective, or ineffective, she will be against it. But she does smile at one thing, however. With the Hand of Nordok, she has no reason to hold back. Usually she does, much like her brother Superion. So, it's not often she gets to cut loose.

Paragon launches herself at the general like a cannonball being fired from an archaic weapon, except...much, much faster. So fast, in fact, that she creates an after image of herself from her starting point. So, by the time she reaches the Hand of Nordok, she appears to be in two places at once, but only for a split second. The weakness of this tactic is not lost on Keira, for she knows that it leaves her wide open for an attack by the general's weapon. Which is why it's a feint. If the Hand of the Nordok swings his weapon at Paragon in the hopes of scoring a predictable hit, his weapon would simply pass through her and then a split second later, her after image disappears.

Paragon is actually behind him and if her tactic works, she then proceeds to try slamming both her fists onto either side his head with all her might. He might be protected by Adamantium armor, but his ears are not. She hopes the sound that resonates from her blows is enough to cause him extreme pain, as well as temporary deafness and disorientation. Should she connect, the kinetic energy shatters every window in a five mile radius and causes the very Earth to shudder under a mild earthquake, causing the entire town to shake too and fro. Thankfullly, it only causes minor damage and no loss of life.

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No Caption Provided

Too fast to stop on a dime, Shayla plowed into Ra's perfectly timed radio waves, the result, left her perfectly tanned skin boiling. The Calamity Queen's body crashes into the ground sending a terrifying tremor through the streets of Ethusalia. Screaming at a pitch higher than most beings could hear, She released several premature optic energy blasts reducing nearby structures into dust within moments.

"I told you..." She heard echoing through the farthest parts of her consciousness. "You don't understand how to dissect a God" The wisdom of Y angered her more than the clever attack from Ra, but she did have a plan.

Pushing her knee's forward, Sha rolled on her shoulder using it to prop herself back into somewhat of a crouch. Finally regaining the vertical base she spared a moment to address the situation.

Just a soon as Ra made it apparent Zedracus would not harvest so easily, she realized Ra wasn't the problem. His allies were. Swishing her own blood around in her mouth, she began to bless the pavement with her own blood.

No Caption Provided

The spit blobs soon began to accept the humanoid form, eventually culminating in the creation of 5 identical beings. Each representing a specific point and time from Sha's time in prime. "I told you...you will not win..." She murmured eying Ra with a refined sense of hatred.

She wasn't sure if he was aware of Y-intercept's attack on Liafador Island, but with the six of them here...on top of Zedracus, she'd strip him of everything he loved.

"1..." She called out prompting an identical woman with long blue hair, a red and blue uniform to come forward. This was her, right before she was snatched from the Prime Universe and deposited here. This was the woman that sought to forge a Dark Utopia on Earth, before trying to erase it from existence with her All out Ninjan Assualt.

"He belongs to you...." She said nodding in Ra's direction.

"2." She called, prompting another one to step forward, this one bore a white uniform with the telltale "S" in the middle. This was her when she first arrived on Earth, joined WAL and fought both Angelic Reaper and Feral Nova (Stephanie Ardor).

"She's yours..." She nodded, pointing in Paragon's direction.

"3" Another woman, a different uniform; but she bore no "S" This was her when she created the Trinity. Only there was a slight error in the actual creation of this one when Shayla created the Trinity she was actually good. She had to augment the memories of that time to keep this one under control. "You know what your purpose is"

"4 and 5" A woman with Black Hair and a Black Uniform bearing a Red "S" stepped forward as well as a woman that looked exactly like number 1. 4 represented Sha as "The Black Cardinal" a precursor to the "Red Cardinal" this universe Ziccarra eventually adopted.

5 was the youngest and probably the weakest, this was her back when she lived on Ninjeta. "The other humans belong to you...4. 5 stay out of the way." With a simple nod of her head, the 5 clones took off to achieve their objective; whilst she faded into darkness.

@8th_wonder Plowing through the skies Sha ascended; all the while channeling the Earth's magnetic poles. Lightning Arcs lash from her body as she reproduced the energy in beam form. Opening a dark portal on several sides of Ra, The Utopian Queen unleashed the devastating power of Earth. She was sure he'd survive, but this allowed her to judge the lengths of his abilities.

@paragonxxx "D'aww, you actually think you did something" #2 Antagonized, arriving just after Paragon finished her assault on Zedracus. "Think Fast!" 2 screamed, before throwing a light and darkness energy beams at Paragon, which was a ruse to essentially open the Power Paragon up for Zedracus' next attack.

Instead of actually engaging anyone, 3 took too the skies and disappeared into areas of space beyond Earth.


No Caption Provided

On first glance 4 believed her eyes deceived her, that is until she realized; the Ninjan Keen EyeSight is never wrong. "Let's make this interesting shall we. You run...and I'll see how far you can get before I kill you."

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OOC: Well...things seemed to have gotten a lot more interesting. *LOL*

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No Caption Provided

Like her mother, Catalina used the grace of the Goddess to navigate the quick staccato of gunfire frequently resounding through the Temple's halls.

The safety of the entire Island now fell on the responsibility of Catalina. She needed to ensure Tassi was safe, tucked away in a Forbidden Forest; as of now, it was the safest place for her to be.

Next was the welfare of her father, The Champion; Alexis Pettis. His bout with The Championess left him clinging to the pendulum of life. She'd already lost her mother, she couldn't lose her father too. Lastly was ensuring the safety of the Kwazulu, their numbers had dwindled after their own King went mad; they'd be on the very verge of extinction should a considerable amount of them died in this skirmish.

Dodge Rolling across the hallway, Cat sent her shield flying at the last gunmen. Taking him off his feet; however, his last breath was taken by her blade as she jammed it into his chest cavity. "Captain, Status report." She called out savoring the moment of peace for now.

"Captain?" Turning around she saw the Mazoi Captain's body in the hands of one of the Kwazulu she swore to protect--and she did. Gave her life for it. The Mazoi that stayed, understood that they could possibly be killed in service to the family. But this, this one hurt. This particular Captain of the Mazoi just happened to be Maya's girlfriend, personally Catalina never cared for her; but she could never wish harm on someone that held her sister's heart.

"Atene, leave her. She will get the burial she deserves but for right now we have to clear the Market Place."


Liafador Palace

No Caption Provided

Here in the halls of the replica Palace, the fighting was more severe, Y's force seemed hellbent on cornering the Princess of Power. Maya, the second of this dynamic Liafador duo defended the remaining Kwazulu in the very halls where Tassi was born. She knew they'd come for her; but unlike Catalina, Maya was a hybrid Goddess. Birthed of the Defunct Cardinal Theology and nGods.

While her fall into darkness shattered the confidence she carried in her abilities. Here, Here was different. She was a mother back into a corner taking care of a child that was actually her younger sister. She was a friend and lover; fighting for those she'd bonded with over time. Zeon and Ziccarra were dead, Selene and Isis were gone; Tassi was a baby, Maya and Catalina were the last line of defense for this family.

Huge orbs of her mystic energies swam down the hall making contact with would-be murderers. On contact, their skin exploded. "Go now! her voice filled the helpless with a hope in a manner that only her father could. Dashing out from behind her the helpless civilians both Mazoi and Kwazulu moved into the protective custody of the famed Mazoi Army, leaving Maya to deal with the shadow stalking the crimson-clad corridor.

No Caption Provided

Halfway between the exit and Maya, the ghostly shadow became tangible manifesting into a woman with eyes of red, and pale flesh. She bore Catalina's aura, however she struts in symbols that reeked of Y-Intercept.

"Release...me..." She shrieked attacking the Power Princess with howling darkness energy orbs.

Extending her hands forward, Maya unleashed her Mystic Energies essentially freezing the ball in the middle of the air.

"W-what are you?" Maya asked, removing her headpiece in preparation for a fight.

"I've been conceived in the mad minds of yourself, your sister and your mother. I've been there living for years. Feeding on your fears, drinking your misery."

Maya's eyes squint in confusion. "I am the vessel for the return of the Flower of Carnage." Closing in on the orb now locked in Maya's mystic stasis. Cupping her hands around the stasis, the Herald of Havok negate the effects of Maya's Mystic energies.

"Like you, I too have the ability to negate powers. Go." She commanded, sending the howling orb of darkness back at Maya. Initially the Power Princess was poised to push back the energy, however, the massive orb of concentrated dark energy exploded before Maya could get proper positioning.

The Liafador Palace erupt into flames, thick soot and ash filled the area. Illuminating the already Dark Island. Through the flames, Havok continued her strut.

Maya's body lay amongst the dilapidated palace, steam hissing from her body. The Crimson Cardinal's blood drape the stones, burns littered her once pristine flesh; but she was still very much alive.

"The Greatest lie ever told, was that this family were Gods. Zehkra Nold" Her voice crafted a rift, a portal of darkness. And from it...and amulet shaped like a Y. "Goodbye Liafador" Before Havok could actually activate the dark artifact. A boom followed by a bark knocked the creature down.

"T-..assi...run..." The older sister gasp, doing her best to reach out to the Darling Little Pettis. Tassi and Star rushed to Maya's side, but Havok's power negation prevented Maya's natural healing factor; Tassi didn't have enough time to do it either.

"The pure one" Havok hiss levitating back to a vertical base; summoning a spear. "Get away from my sister!"

Get Away From My SISTER!
Get Away From My SISTER!

Using the veil of Darkness The Goddess Catalina blitzed in shield first tackling Havok. The force so powerful it caused a gale like the wind to blow over the area. For now, Catalina managed to clear Havok of the immediate area, having knocked her some hundred feet away.

"Maya!" She screamed, dropping to her knee's beside The Power Princess. "Cat. We have to go...we can't beat her. She can negate our powers. She's been created by us, everyone that has had some influence by Y-intercept." Cat's eyes turned North, the direction she'd knocked Havok in.

"Well, I'm your older sister. It's my job to protect you both" She said her eyes darting back and forth between Maya and Tassi.

"Cat no! Let's get Yaya and Go!" Tassi pleaded still trying to recharge Maya enough to get her back on her feet. Her shoulder's dropped a bit, it pained her to see Tassi crying again, especially because she specifically swore to protect her.

"Look, I don't know what this thing is. But It wants Maya, So I have to do what I can to make sure you guys can get away. Tassi teleport everyone out of here, Promise me, Tassi. Promise me you'll take care of Maya and Stubbs" Star barked in protest. "Right, Star"

"I Promise..." She said. Tilting her head up as Cat placed a kiss on her forehead. "Maya, take care of yourself" She could tell Maya wanted to say something, but just trying to cause her pain. Whatever she'd been hit with was powerful enough to reduce the Reality Warper to useless.

"Alright, Go!" Cat commanded as she took off in the direction of Havok.


"Wait, Tassi, I have something to say..." Maya strained finally managing to sit up in the rubble of the Palace. "I know you used your energy to replenish a bit of mine, but Cat can't win. Y-Intercept messed her up the most. And if it's me they want...then it's me they should get. I love you."

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Channeling the energy Tassi provided, Maya tapped into her Personal Energy Storage, the very same one her father often used. With one last impressive display of Mystic Energy, Maya isolated the Kwazulu, The Mazoi, Tassi, and Catalina and dispelled them from the Island. The Crimson Mystical Energies did more than just relocate, burrowing deep within the surface of the island. The Grass, The Tree's and all lifeforms to include Maya were encased in a spell. A Blood Spell, One that could only be broken by Hybrid Blood. Maya's modern-day Pompeii would stand until her little sister eventually broke the curse.

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@maya_liafador:What the fork are you doing to my heart?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!!!

Hybrid blood you say? >:)

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Ishmael briefly touched his finger to his covered ear as he received the Noir Rose's transmission. Avalon had spared little expense in its immediate response to the humanitarian crisis, deploying aid and resources. Establishing a temporary medical and refugee center on the outskirts of town, behind a newly formed line of defense. Courtesy of the National Guard. The makeshift squad of unlikely saviors had succeeded in containing the bulk of devastating chaos to within the city limits, which in turn had allowed for a delayed reaction by the United States as they scrambled to respond with appropriate measure.

Military drones and local news choppers bravely sought to capture the vivid imagery, inching closer and closer to the point of no return. But they were immediately cut in half by the swarming Striker drones of the Imperium. Ishmael tried to visually digest the overwhelming siege but the sheer magnitude of power on display was simply too much for any normal man to compartmentalize.

All he could manage were momentary snapshots. His Talon performing every aerial trick in the book as he raced across the skyline with a full compliment of Striker's on its Six. The scores of herded humans being loaded up like livestock. Beams of energy being fired in every direction. Robotic soldiers armed with weapons beyond the scope of human imagination.

If one were to stop and think about it too deeply they would have become paralyzed with anchoring fear. "Act and react." the Ghostshell thought with motivating intuition. Subtly shifting his attention as the 8th Wonder launched an electrical surge which had hopefully opened up the window of opportunity he had been waiting for. Others had already begun the deadly mission of rescuing the human hostages in line, and thus far, with stealth based success. But as the spring loaded muscles in Ishmael's legs readied to fire, he hesitated and looked up as a voice rained down on his position.

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Exploding away from the wall with a dazzling leap the Ghostshell contorted his body in mid-air. Turning while falling down and away, his left hand sidearmed a grenade towards the wall and the femme fatale who had taken him by surprised. Simultaneously the Last Son of Gothic quick-drew his Taran Tactical customized Glock 34 and fired a single shot towards the bridge of the bitches nose. Before violently landing flat on his back on the roof of a run down Chevy Silverado.

Instantly knocking the wind out of his lungs causing him to grossly gasp. Pure survival instincts promoting him to immediately roll of its crushed roof and fall further to the ground. The impact kicking up a subtle gust of dirt before he slipped under the truck in an effort to capture his lost breath and composure.

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The Imperium response was impeccable—as expected—in both its timing and tactic. It was nothing overly complex, but in this opening engagement with the limited information available to either side, it didn't need to be. Once gauging velocity and rate of acceleration, determining an approximate location based on the sound her bike emitted, Imperium forces began raining fire from a source she couldn't have possibly seen coming.

The first few blasts, while not direct hits, caused more than enough damage to the surrounding area that a direct path into the city by her current means was out of the question. Shockwaves rocked the ground. The bike zagged and twisted, nearly out of her control but Nastya rode the chaos, managing to avoid the orbital bombardment through what amounted primarily to luck, aided by her improvised stealth. But her stealth was imperfect, and her luck could only hold out so much for so long.

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Her mind "felt" it before the effects reached her body. The world seemed to slow. The impact in the street immediately behind, closer than the rest. An almost complete loss of feeling as one instant she swerved along the ground and the next, the ground wasn't even there. She was flying. Her body went one way, bike in a totally different direction. The Rose's armor did little to abate the scorching of the plasma bursts and flame.

Yet even as powerful shockwaves continually rocked her frame, stray bits of shrapnel found its way beneath her armour, and plasma evaporated leaving blood sizzling, crusted bits of meat and fat, Anastasia remained fully aware of her surroundings at all times. From the moment she was (rapidly and forcefully) matured enough to walk, Avalon worked at perfecting within her a combination of an enhanced visual system, vestibular system, and kinesthesia enabling her to function, in motion, near perfectly on par with a fully developed adomopath. Movement was the first language she learned, and she understood it better than spoken or written word. Running split-second calculations even she was only semiconscious of, the self-proclaimed new Noir Rose reoriented herself in the air with pantherlike grace.


A hard thud. The cracking of bones. A corresponding crack in the pavement. These were the only indications she'd been there, aside from the motorcycle then dozens of feet away. Nastya hit the ground and immediately rolled to her feet, breaking into a sprint for the Imperium's provisional border patrol. But she didn't break stealth; the light never touched her body.

From there it was her mission to cause as much chaos as possible before moving inward. Her pistols barked and flashed several times sending explosive round projectiles whizzing through the air. By the time she became visible several seconds later her position and path had completely changed. The pistols, Marshall and Holton, rested in their holsters and Avalon's Amazon brandished a shield and sword, one woman bringing war upon her enemies. The Sword of Legacies, its blade comprised of anti-metal vibranium, would cleave through even the strongest metals, and in her possession a shield was as good for offence as it was for defence. But this, for her, was still mostly testing the waters. Learning their defences, tactics, adaptability...For she, like Ishmael and the others recruited by the Omega Deus, knew that this was only the beginning of the Imperium's new endeavours on Earth.

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@8th_wonder: @paragonxxx: @the_championess: @maya_liafador: @the_ghostshell: @cutthroatbitch: @tessa_chung:

"Graaah!" The blow that Paragon struck came at a speed that could not even be perceived, much less defended against. While the adamantium/duranium alloy that his armor was composed of protected him from both the impact and the shockwave of the blow, it did nothing to protect his ears from the soundwaves the impact produced, which served to scramble his hearing and disrupted his balance. His heavy frame dropped to one knee, the hand bearing his battleaxe slamming into the ground to brace him and arrest his momentum before he fell fully prone.

His eyes glowed with a fury that outshone the stellar radiation his body contained as he glared back over his shoulder at his enemy. Before he could react beyond this, however, one of the Championess' alter egos arrived and launched her own attack on Paragon. The Supreme Commander of the Imperium pushed himself back to his feet, the world still swimming unsteadily, and his own voice sounding strange to his damaged hearing as he raised his sword at the woman who had struck him such a blow. "I want this one alive," he roared, "so don't have too much fun with her." Deciding that Paragon's speed would make attacking her with his physical weapons all but futile, he added another blast of concentrated radiation from his eyes to 2's attack.

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Far above the battle, above the space in which the Championess and Ra unleashed their full divine fury upon one another, Zedracus' major domo was working to attend to other parts of the battlefield. The Ghostshell's Talon continued to evade her wings of Strikers, regardless of the tactical algorithms she employed. Were she capable of emotion, she might have begun to felt pangs of frustration, or perhaps even a hint of admiration for whoever or whatever designed and controlled this craft. It was certainly going to require a rethinking of the level of technological threat that the Earth presented. Her efforts were further stymied as she was forced to divide her attention between pursuing this craft and pushing back against tentative incursions by other defensive forces that were beginning to gather beyond the perimeter. It appeared that the Earthlings were beginning to recover from the initial shock of their arrival. A shift in tactics may soon be called for.

Speaking of which...a change of tactics was very obviously now required to address the as-yet unidentified Noir Rose. The most recent barrage of fire from the hovering fleet had reported a likely impact, but if they had successfully hindered the undetectable attacker's mobility, it was only for it to unleash its offensive capability. Infantry units were being bisected as though they were composed of rotted wood, rather than tempered steel, and the robotic soldiers' optics were unable to fixate on whatever was attacking them, despite rapidly cycling through variants of the visual spectrum. "Gunnery units, focus bombardment upon the infantry regiment that is currently under assault. Fifty-meter radius." The rank-and-file robots were, after all, considered to be entirely expendable. As soon as her order was received, the nearest light cruiser responded and began scorching the identified portion of ground with a deluge of superheated plasma from on high.

Elsewhere, other infantry units had begun to fan back out from the center of town, sweeping for fugitives and rescuers. One hovering Striker had picked up movement in a sector of town, body-heat signatures that indicated survivors fleeing, and fleeing in too coordinated a manner to be random. A five-unit squadron of the relentless automatons was dispatched to the area where Tessa strove to get those civilians who had hidden well enough or simply were lucky enough to have been missed by the initial sweeps clear of danger. Their programming immediately identified Tessa as the individual most likely responsible for the escapes, as she moved with a speed and agility far beyond that of the registered human peaks. Attempting to predict where her swift, stealthy moves would take her, the robots began blanketing the area with suppressive fire, hoping to pin her down so that she could be neutralized.

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Since editing posts is apparently bugged again, and Paragon reminded me that Ra was attacking the shuttles, here's an addendum to the above post:

The mechanical advisor then began to initiate takeoff sequences for the shuttles. They were not yet fully loaded, but given the unanticipated caliber of resistance, she calculated that removing those already secured would be the most prudent course of action. Her plans were somewhat undercut, however, by the fact that the shuttles refused to respond. An attempt to run a diagnostic was likewise unsuccessful; it was as though something had taken the shuttles completely offline. A quick review of surveillance from the capital ships confirmed what she was beginning to expect; that one of the energy attacks emitted by Ra had the same effect as a direct hit from an ion cannon or an EMP bomb: every electronic facet of the landed craft had been completely disabled; they may as well be carved from stone, for all the functionality they would have. "Maneuver one of the heavy cruisers over the drop zone," she intoned. "If the shuttles are not brought back online before we are forced to withdraw, destroy them."

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@the_championess: @the_ghostshell: @hand_of_nordok: @cutthroatbitch:

Floating several inches above the ground, the Glorious One swept the open sky with his eyes, following every charged particle as they seeped into the hulls of ships and left the Imperium's fleet in disarray. And as surges of electricity crackled from ship to ship, Ra smiled - pleased. He'd done his part to stifle the Imperium's harvesting. Now the responsibility of saving those captured rested solely on the shoulders of mankind, as his responsibilities were far greater. Before him stood the so-called Championess. Shayla. He eyed her with contempt and answered her taunts with a deafening silence - as though he were God scoffing at a man who cursed but didn't know any better. He watched her as she spat her own blood at the cratered ground, painting it with uneven strokes of red. He watched as her blood puddled together, bubbled and brought to life abominable copies of herself.

Chin held high, his cape fluttering and swirling as the wind howled through Ethusalia, the Omega Deus scowled and folded both arms behind his back while Shayla rocketed into the air, climbing higher and higher till she reached the clouds. Then... he felt it. A world-shattering energy screaming at his senses before a portal - as dark as night - tore open no more than an inch from him. And from it poured out all the energy hummed by the Earth's magnetic field. It flared bright, brighter than the sun as it swallowed the Glorious One whole. And as the energy picked away at his flesh, peeling what it could of it's dense layers, Ra felt the pain swarm through his body like a lightning bolt in his bones. It was incredible. He was being cooked alive. The raw magnetic power tore away at his electrons and ions. He could see now why his grandfather was felled by her. By the Championess who dirtied his grandfather's name. But Ra endured. He was greater than his grandfather. Than Alexis, than Leonel, than his family. He was one-of-a-kind. And he's walked in the heart of stars millions of times the sun's superior.


So as the dust settled and the light faded from the sky, Ra remained. One knee and one hand on the ground, his body trembling and his skin hissing from the heat of Shayla's attack. Panting, his skin red and tender from being cooked, the pain burning and stinging his nervous system with every breath, Ra slowly rose to his full height and a smirk graced his wincing face. As smug as ever, he sighed. Oh Shayla was powerful. As powerful as he is, perhaps more-so. But he was smarter, he felt he could dupe and lure her into a loss by toying with what she - a warrior - held closest to her heart; pride. And a desire to a dominate. So he smirked and eyed all five of her clones. "Look", he winced, his skin still burning, still tender at the touch. "It's clear to me that you're simply no match for me", Ra declared, a bluff hidden behind the commanding confidence of his smirk. "So before I end this - you, in other words - why don't you amuse me a little bit? All of you", he called out, passing his gaze to all five of Shayla's clones.

"I'll stand here. Completely still. And all of you come at me with absolutely everything you have. Hit me with as much power as you can muster. I won't move", he taunted, arms spread out in supreme arrogance. But Ra was no fool. He was luring them. Hoping to dupe them into giving in to their reckless impulse and charge at him. He'd beckon the nCube to him, invoke it's power and fold the fabric of space-time to his liking till the space around him was bent and riddled with invisible gaps. Gaps that - should his foes charge after him - would suck them in and spit them out in the sizable tear in the sky. At the heart of where the Cosmic Cube lay. But oh should his foes attack from afar, flinging energy and magic at him, he'd instead warp the space around their attacks - redirect them - and then suck and deposit his weakened foes inside the sky tear. He would follow them and do true battle with them there, away from civilian life. And in his stead, the nDroid would remain to lend it's hand to mankind's protectors against the Imperium.

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Should I wait for Paragon?

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Will toss up a post soonish. I need to prepare my mind for the things I have to respond to lol

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Heinrich's mind was racing ,after he heard the screams from the civilians,He disappeared from the line at Walmart, the customer behind him looked up from her Phone,bewildered swearing she saw a man in front of her.A few minutes later Heinrich arrived at the Scene of the incident,he looks at the large number of soidiers and, the gigantic fleet of ships. He sighs of relief after seeing some heros at the scene,but he becomes alarmed seeing a small number of soldiers intimidating some civilians. He zips in front of the family,carefully trying not to knock them over. The soidiers aim their weapons at him,firing smoksmoke rises from the the bombardment of projectiles. His eyes flare up with anger,he bolts at one and strikes it creating a shockwave,vaporizing his opponent. He places a hand on another solider's neck joint, vaporizing it with out effort.

He travels to a fleet ship,busting through the inside,he his surrounded by soidiers, he causes a quick heatwave incinerating the ship. He hover in the air examing the work of the comrades around him. He daydreams of being a part of a team, and how would it be like,,,then reality hits him in the form of a plasma cannon, burying him a few miles into the ground.

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"Fear Has Many Forms"

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The God's commanding voice immediately snatched the attention of all her dupes. Including the one that'd been pelleted by Ghostshell's almost surgical gunfire.

"Heh...fine..." The real Sha grunted, displacing the fabrics of reality with a portal of pure darkness before reabsorbing her detached portions--save for numbers 3 and 5 . Making a fist, The Calamity Queen's power stirred manifesting in devastating bolts of electricity, followed by hundreds of tendrils randomly lashing out. "WAIT!" A voice called out, causing Sha's attention to divert to the far side of the road; there she spotted the earliest incarnation of herself--The Scientist.

"What do you want?" She hissed irritated by the interruption.

"It's a clearly a trap" She advised, only to have her concern fall on deaf ears. The Calamity Queen knew it was a trap, but what rose her curiosity was the trap itself. To this point in their brief conflict, Sha had been using a combination of her own power, or the skills she'd stolen from Alexis, but never both together.

"You see my darling, fear has many forms, what tall dark and handsome is exhibiting now, is called a bluff. He cannot beat me, he can only stand to outwit me, but I've already implemented measures to ensure that doesn't happen. So I have no problem...indulging in his bluff" She spat whilst methodically turning her head back in the direction of Ra.

He was powerful that much was certain; his origins were still a mystery to her, but the Calamity Queen had years of experience surging through her cells; thanks to Thee Champion, she now had that tenfold. She was going to let loose.

A powerful gust of concussive wind knocked Number 5 to the ground, in that moment the Calamity Queen was gone. As The Championess converged on Ra, the local setting; moved lethargically past her being; as if she were moving faster than she ever had before. This was it...this was what she could accomplish when combining her powers with Alexis Pettis. "I'll Beat you through history!" She screamed, the moment of impact however never came; Ra's resourcefulness sent Sha flailing into seemingly another dimension--the trap had been sprung.

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There was a certain familiarity with this world, it was almost like she'd been here before. The skies were a deathly grey, gaseous discharges bellowed through the surface from the core.

Recomposing herself, Sha floated with her hands folded and a brilliant smirk on her face. She found it here, at the heart of the world--The Cosmic Cube.

Extending her hands to the skies A Dark Portal opened, showing the outside world. This was the famed "Liafador Island" now completely encased in stone following an attack from Y-intercept.

"Y-You're from the future..." She finally said, managing to place two and two together. His energy signature didn't resound from her initial entry to this universe; it'd also explain how he knew things about her, despite only meeting once--now twice.

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