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The Goddess Survives Battle With; Green Titan and, Masked Terrorist; in an attack that leaves 3 Island Leveled.

Solace City AP

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Floating Island appears in NYC over Kamelot. Bystander interviewed - "Getta fck outtadaheya"

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Scientist extraordinaire opens finished laboratory in Canada.

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Estate titan Evan Tucket declared missing by GCPD

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Nobody: Hero or Menace?

The Webbed Wonder has returned from the dead, albeit our beloved hero is back, he was seen brutally harming the assailants and awkwardly quiet. Read more on Pg. 12.

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Knightfall Killer's day are numbered promises Killer Knightfall

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Constantine Confounds all Constitution once again; details are cloudy

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As of 2013, Superstar Actor: James Dead von Wolf earned an estimated $150 million for endorsing ‘Coca-Cola’ and ‘Sprite’. Added alongside his endorsement of ‘Old Spice’ for $50 million, and Johnnie Walker for $100 million, von Wolf is strolling on a golden road of millions.


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Man pops baby into microwave, explains, "I just wanted the gamma rays to turn him into Hulk."

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"Who is John Q. Public? More on Pg:7"

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Swordsman donates large amount to sexual assault survivors charity. Says, "It's a cause very close to my heart."