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The wind proved powerful as Kadaj felt himself being pushed by it. He walked around the park smiling and looking around at the beauty of it. He was stuck in a trance it seemed bec. he did not blink an  his eyes weren't really focused on a specific target that just gazed into the nothingness of the area. He took it all in. By looking at him you would never know that he was making his way to an unknown area that a man he wanted to kill resided at this very moment. He chuckled as he saw the man and made his way over to him. "So will you succumb, and be come apart of the lifestream quietly or are you a screamer?" he flipped a few strand of his hair back and placed his left hand on his Souba. He then raised his right hand as he got into a fighting stance, "Cowards die many times before their deaths the valiant never taste death but once,are you a coward?"

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He stood there listening as his opponent spoke. He did not reply because, well he couldn’t speak. He grabbed his guns and held them ready. He clenched his hands around the guns cold steel. He kept his finger planted firmly on the trigger getting ready for phase one. He could feel the wind blowing against his gold face. Every since he had his skin burned, he had a coat of gold as skin. He was known in the streets as the super cop. He could sense that this opponent was much more powerful than he was. If he was going to win he would have to use tactics. Luckily he didn't bring his normal guns. He brought his customized laser guns. Able to melt down any metal within seconds. He looked at his opponent and glared deep in his eyes before teleporting directly behind him. With a fierce swiftness he lifted his foot in the air before attempting to smash it directly into his opponents face. He then flipped back twice. Once while on the ground, once while in the air. Sure it defied the laws of physics but what the hell he was just that good. He found himself flying through the air. In an instant he shot the laser at his opponents chest.
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He heard no response from his prey just an immediate attack, he thought to himself How rude. he felt the man behind him the man could teleport but his natural speed was miniscule compared to Kadaj's. He simply side strafed without even turning around as his opponent attempted to kick him in the head. He then turned around and saw his opponent  do two backflips and shoot an unfamiliar laser at  his chest he simply took a step with his left foot, placing it behind his right. THe beam streaked past him and hit the ground. Kadaj Chuckled "If your going to showcase this as your defense before you die i think you should just let me kill you instead of wasting all this energy. I'll give you one last chance before i end you... now show me something BETTER!!!!" Kadaj assumed his original stance this time he pulled the souba out just enough to see the twin blades connected to the hilt.