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After a long day of busting down doors and stomping down thugs, Vic Mackey was in the mood for some real action. He went back to the station for the day and met up with his fellow Strike Team members. Apparently, something big was in the works. Shane and Lem were going to follow some weapons dealers down to a drop-off point. Meanwhile, Vic and Ronnie would keep an eye on the buyers and wait for it all to go down. The team had been tracking these weapons dealers for months. Now, they'd finally be locked up, the Strike Team would "take their cut", and more prosperity would come for everyone.

Later that night, everyone suited up and headed out. Each member took a kevlar vest, a 9mm, and a 12-guage. Shane and Lem left early to find the dealers. After waiting a few minutes, Vic and Ronnie left to find the buyers. Both detectives took their own vehicle and followed each other discretely. When they located the buyers of the good, the 5 buyers split up and went into two vehicles. After he noticed that, Vic called Ronnie on his cell.

"Look, three went in one car, two went in another." he said.

Ronnie replied by saying, "Well, let's follow the car with three members."

"No, there'd be a chance that we'd miss it altogether." Then he thought for a moment as the cars began to drive off. Suddenly, an idea entered his mind. "OK Ronnie, we're gonna split up. I'll follow the car with three and you follow the car with two. Either way, Shane and Lem will be there at the exchange point and we'll nail these guys. Don't worry, it'll be fine."

Vic and Ronnie then split up. Vic followed the car with three and Ronnie followed the car with two. As Vic tailed his group of suspects, he noticed that the suspect's car pulled up to an abandoned lot. Vic quietly pulled his car up near them. He then got out and slowly made his way to a gate that surrounded the lot. As he looked on, he saw the buyers go into one of the abandoned warehouses on the street. It would be too dangerous if he tried to go in alone and engage them.

In irritation, he turned and started back to his car. Just then, he heard something behind him. Now, someone was following him. Taking out his 12-guage, he pumped it and went behind a dumpster to see who it was that was coming after him.......
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There stood Midnight, An assassin who had been hired by the Weapons dealers to take down the worlds greatest Cop....He stood silently behind the dumpsters with his cowl pulled down, His eyes never leaving his target, Standing like the elusive enigma that he was. Not much was known about him, Other then the fact he was a Villain. A stone cold heartless Villain, A Criminal, exactly the type of guy that would attract attention from someone like Vic Mackey.

He continued to peer around the corner of the dumpster to see a tall bald man walking to his car strapped with guns and weapons of all kind.

He knew it would take more then his signature katana to take down Mackey, And so with little more then the snap of his fingers, he let a black ooze come over him. Starting at the front of his left shoulder and dripping down his whole body. Oozing over across his chest to the right shoulder, Letting A white spider symbol grabbed around his now Black Venomous chest.

With acid drooling from his mouth, A yellow toothy grin wrapped around his head, This was'nt Midnight in control....It was Venom.

A red fiery glaze blazed in his eyes like hell itself, A passion for killing ever present in his black shrivled heart.

With a quick movement, He jumped up onto the top of the dumpster. His tounge whipped out with drool falling from his teeth...

"Hello, Mr. Mackey. I've been expecting you."

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Mackey spun around and set eyes upon his assailant. It was Midnight Lantern who had now used the power of some kind of symbiote to transform himself into a hideous creature. As he ran backwards, he raised his shotgun and shot two consecutive blasts directly at Midnight. Mackey then turned and ran towards his car and dove over the top of the hood for cover. Hurriedly, he took out his phone and attempted to call for backup.

"What the hell is this $h!t?!" he exclaimed to himself. Raising the phone to his ear, he dialed Ronnie. Ronnie answered. Vic yelled into the phone, "Get the rest of the team down here, quick!"

"Where are you?" Ronnie said.

Vic didn't have time to explain it all. He had a monster to deal with.....

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Two bullets were fired and sliced through the air like a knife, The bullets whistled as they were fired at Midnight. Utilizing Spider-Sense he dodged one bullet but the other bullet pierced his shoulder, A line of Blood now trickled down his symbiotic body and chest going down to his left leg...but he was'nt down yet.

Mackey turned after firing his gun and slid over the top of his car for cover, Calling his good freind Ronnie.

"Get the rest of the team down here, quick" Yelled Vic into his phone.

With a concerned voice his freind replied "Where are you?"

But Vic did'nt have the time to explain, He was most likely at a loss of words for seeing a beast like Midnight for the first time.

With a devlish roar, Midnight cackled "Aw, You want to play hide and go seek? Come out, Come out, Wherever you are" He growled with his tounge still whipping around in the air..

He knew where he was, He heard the phone being dialed and Vic screaming for back-up into the speaker

Midnight's eyes darted around the street, and one of the weapons dealers cars honked and the lights flashed. The engine revved.

Midnight technopathy hard at work, The car now drove straight for Vic.

"Goodbye" ML whispered.

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As Vic was on the phone with Ronnie, bright lights flashed at the other end of the street and a vehicle drove straight for him. It was coming directly at him with incredible speed. With his heart racing, Vic looked around. As it turned out, he was parked near an abandoned building. Immediately, he grabbed the phone and ran over to the building. As he tried to open the door, he discovered that it was locked and that the windows were boarded up. Chains surrounded the door. He had to think of something fast. The car was coming faster and faster.

Finally, Vic pointed his 12-guage at the door handle and fired, blowing it off and sending the door flying open. MAckey then crawled through the chains and raced up a flight of stairs. Just then, the car plowed into the front of the building and crashed through, barely missing him. He then raced over to a window, laid his shotgun down, and drew his 9mm. The shotgun was extremely powerful, but the pistol had range.

Checking the magazine and hammering it, Vic looked out the window for the creature. There was Midnight. He was bleeding. That meant that Vic hadn't missed his mark. After all, he was an extremely accurate marksman. As he was there in the shadows, he carefully took aim with his pistol - aiming just below Midnight's left shoulder.


He fired off three shots towards him.....