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Mark was saddling up. He was puting a machine gun on the side of his horse. After strapping the two end strips he put the middle one on lightly  that way when he needed it(he would need it) he would be ready for his job. Settling his swords on his back and straping his long silver black handle pistol's.He grabbed his piece of mail and opened it (like all his other mission he never new who it was sent from) It contained a picture and a name. Dead Lock."Must of pissed someone off really bad." The message said he would be in a forest in the Bahamas near where Mark was.Mark jumped on his black horse that had a long hushed white mane.

He rode his horse pasted a old village with happy peoples. As he passed he gave half of the 300 dollars he had to the peoples and went through. He read the rest of the mail. To just teach this guy a lesson not killing him but a serious whooping was in line.When he reached the forest he had trouble unstrapping his machine gun. he finally just pulled out his knife and sliced them. He flew onto the top of the trees walking straight with a view of have of the forest. He stopped for a minute.

"Where did i put that silencer and those very special bullets." After digging around his pockets he found them and moved the silencer around until it was all the way connetected.After clicking his bullet's in he checked his binocular and also clicked it on his gun.

Telepathicly trying to freak out Dead Lock he said" your not going to like what's going to come in your direction." Then he checked around."your move"

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Death threats, black mail, assassination attempts, Christian had been through it all.Christian had arrived in the Bahamas for a summer retreat.As he flew over the tropical waters in his private jet, he gazed out of the oval window observing the cerulean ocean.Its sparkled like a sea of crystals, glistening from the suns gaze.He sipped on his expensive bottle of champagne, which had cost him a good grand as they neared the airport.As the plane began to lose altitude, Christian felt that weird sensation take over his gut, it was the same feeling you'd get when coming to a stop in an elevator.His seat bumped up and down as the plane skidded to a halt landing in the clear runway.As he made his way down the down the latter steps onto to the concrete port, he pulled out a pair of Gucci shades from the pocket in his white Lacoste polo.His white khaki's and shirt shone brightly throughout the strip, making him look like an angel that had just walked out of heaven.His face freshly shaven and his haircut in check.Christian Rivera seemed like the typical average young bachelor to the public but little did they know, the things he did for his community in secret.

In his home city of New York, Christian had made lots of enemies as his alter ego Dead Lock.He had put away countless petty criminals and even some high up mob bosses.Most of the prisoners up state and in Rikers wanted him dead.Aside from being a luxurious entrepreneur, Christian was also a very intelligent intellectual.He made sure to keep his identity a secret, after all how hard could that be when your a billionaire? In need of a serious vacation, Christian had made his way to a Bahama resort in hopes of attaining a sort of sanctuary, away from all the vigilante acts he performed on a daily basis.When he arrived in the airport a well polished silver convertible carrera GT Ferrari awaited him in front of his plane.After his flight attendant escorted his bags into the backseat of the exotic sports car, Christian twisted his key in the ignition and made heavy on the gas, speeding off into the distance.As his the wind caressed his slick back dark brown hair, he popped in a CD of his favorite Reggaeton artists, Wisin y Yandel.As he zoomed through the freeway's the reggae styled beat in his car bumped with a heavy bass which could be felt from afar.After making it to his five star resort, he was quickly met by a valet employee.After he tossed the keys to his five-hundred thousand dollar vehicle to the young man, he walked to the front desk asking for his usual penthouse suite.

Once he made it to his room, he dropped his bags beside the already made kings size bed, and flopped in a lethargic manner onto the soft mattress.After an hour nap, Christian decided to into a nearby wilderness to brush up on his archery skills.He packed up his gear into a medium sized Gucci travel bag and made his way to the forest.Before his departure, he left a message for a false alibi at the front desk, in case some one should come looking for him.As he drove towards the ideal training grounds, he parked his Hayabusa turbo motorbike near a cascading waterfall which had a roar that echoed throughout the small forest .Reaching into his bag, he pulled out his trademark Dead Lock gear and slipped it on quickly.After strapping his quiver to his back he went into the lush green wilderness and began training his accuracy by firing some of his normal blunt arrows at a tree that rested four hundred yards away.Tropical birds flocked away as the arrow hit its target, causing a loud thud noise as it crashed into the tree trunk.

After he fired a good several arrows, he thought he heard a feint voice call out to him and echo in his head."Your not going to like what's going to come in your direction.Your move."Dead Lock shook his head in disappointment as he replied with his normal witty remark."Ah S#!t and here I thought I had some sanctuary in my own god damned head.I better ease up on the patron.Seems like the stuff is finally catchin up with me."Looking into the far distance he could see what appeared to be the silhouette of a shinobi like figure amongst the tree tops."Hmph, guess I'm not losin it afterall, at least not yet."
Reaching into the back of his quiver he grabbed an arrow specially designed with an explosive arrowhead which was attached it to one of his customarily designed rocket stem to increase it's velocity.After he slinked the arrow back tightly he let loose with his sights focused on the enigmatic figure.Sucking his teeth in a cocky manner he whispered his trademark slogan"Target Dead-Locked!"
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Mark had heard the strange thud in wood. He only saw a unkown man firing arrow's at tree's so he over looked the man. When he had finished looking around Mark went back to observing the man.But what he got was a shock the man had fired a arrow a him. He used his super speed to dodge it but barely"damn that was close " he said as the arrow blew up a tree behind him throwing burnt bark into Mark's back like a flick one skin. He turned around to see that also three other tree's were on fire. He quickly ran around at 34 times the speed of sound around the tree's on fire taking oxygen from the fire stopping it from spreading.

Turning around he quickly read the mind of this threat. This man was his target and he hadn't even read his mind before over looking him. Mark turned around. Looking at his target he pulled his machine gun to his shoulder. Marked the target and set up for automatic shot's firing 20 in a row. He dropped his weapons and put 3 automatic moving turrets in front of him.

Moving towards his target at 10 times the spead of sound he slowly stopped behind his enemy took un sheathed his sword's and attempted to cut his enemy's quiver off. Finally using his weapons he sheathed them back as fast as he had taken them. Moving at normal speed still faster than a normal man Mark attempted a kick at both of his enemy's tendon's behind his knee caps. Taking a swoop Mark moves in front of his target and gives another hard attempt at a punch to the face and a hard blow of the knee into his enemy's apendix. Jumping back about both arm's length Mark started his attempt at a straight kick to the chest near the lungs.  Moving a moc again Mark turn's on his turret's that have motion sensors and stands in a boxing position shifting from leg to leg. " Your Move."