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@daughter_of_nordok: (Going to reply here for Cat)


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Mari perked up at the sound of someone screaming in Spanish, of course it was Catalina.

I just told that woman I don't speak Spanish

But the Alien's spear parted Mari and Fahad hitting him in the ribcage, as he struggled to rise back to his feet, the misplaced Liafador immediately rush to his side, he wasn't in the right state to actually fight back, nor was he in the condition to continue to put down the fires; or even save anyone.

"We have to---" she started, before her attention was shifted to the staff streaking across the battlefield on it's own. "Mom!" Mari yelled, but it was too late. As the Prize Fighter turned to heed her daughter's call, Baerda's spear penetrate Cat's "Goddess Armor" causing the Prize Fighter to tumble backwards and eventually to the ground. Rushing to her mother's side, Maricela assessed the damage, while thrown with a considerable amount of force, it manage to miss anything vital--though from the visible pain dispersing through Cat's face, and the guttural moans; she could tell it hurt a lot.

"M-Mari..." Cat called out pulling her only child in close, trying to formulate a sentence. "I-I..." For the first time in their estranged relationship the 16 year old child felt something for this woman. "I-m not going to leave you..." Mari murmured tears swelling at her eyes.

"Fk...that...heal me..." Cat gasp. And just like that the moment was gone.

No Caption Provided

"Alright but let me deal with her." Mari screamed, jumping between her mother and the alien. Mari's powers were just starting to come to life; they were undefined, but she knew she could heal...and teleport.

Extending one hand forward, with the other behind her; she sought to open a portal on all sides of Baerda, which would temporarily take her out of the fight, while using her other hand to send a heal pulse over her mother and Fahad.

With Baerda dealt with for now, she rushed back to her mother's side with Fahad to try and develop a plan.

"That's not going to hold her for long...."

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I kinda feel bad for Bearda now lol

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Ok I need to work on my post!

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@daughter_of_nordok: @shanana:

No Caption Provided

Fahad felt a warm vibration course through his veins and he was renewed. A power, he thought flexing his magically rejuvenated muscles that were previously in an uncomfortable stasis. "Thank you...I'm Eclipso" It had to be the teenager that just charged into the chaos that healed him new. His gym soreness had even faded.

"You know who that blood and brimstone lady is? She looks...alien?"He scanned the scene for her, taking a defensive stance. "Where did she go?"

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@eclipso: @shanana: @catalina_liafador:

Her mood had been becoming dangerously close to improving.

Two foes wounded, the civilian populace in panicked disarray, and her objective within reach: this was actually becoming an enjoyable mission for a simple retrieval. The universe swiftly righted itself, however, and a scowl spread across her azure features as portal materialized around her in suspiciously coincidental timing with the arrival of a new party. After an all-too-familiar feeling of weightless disorientation, she found herself deposited elsewhere, and gazed around to get her bearings, her scowl deepening into a twisted expression of dark fury.

The corners of her grimace twisted upwards, however, when she recognized what had occurred. She was only on the other side of the human settlement she had been ravaging; the rising smoke from her initial burst of carnage was still visible in the distance. Her new foe had simply bought her enemies some time, not secured a victory, no doubt intending to deal with the others' wounds while Baerda wasted time in returning to the field of battle.

Well then, let's subvert some expectations. If this was the heroes' world, they would be motivated to protect it and its inhabitants, giving her the freedom to control the narrative of the conflict. As she rose to her feet, a car screeched to a halt mere feet in front of her, its driver no doubt intending to flee the city and not counting on the very thing he was fleeing from appearing directly in his path. With her spear lost to her for now, the Daughter of Nordok employed other tools, ending the poor fool's life with a single bolt of negative energy and then flinging his vehicle end-over-end into a nearby service station, creating a massive explosion and pillar of burning fuel.

That should attract some attention, she thought with a twinge of malevolent glee.

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Ahhh had i known it was my turn i wouldn’t have taken so long with that Chance post. Okies got one on the way

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@shanana: Never any rush on my account. ^_^

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@daughter_of_nordok: @eclipso:

No Caption Provided

Cat quickly healed and converge on her daughter and Fahad's location. Her eyes quickly surveyed Mari's body to see the teen unharmed, it brought a sense of relief to her bosom. "I've never seen her before in my life, but I know what she wants." Cat answered for Mari nodding to the stone the mother-daughter duo knew rest at the bottom of the bay.

'Where'd she go' it was actually a good concern, not even Mari knew the answer to that. Her powers were so unpredictable in terms of range; any one of those portals could've teleported Baerda across town or across the cosmos.

Through the cascading ripples through the ground Cat's eyes turned inward, she was still on Fareeha, just further inland. "Well..she's still here. Good because, I wasn't done fighting."

She could see a mushroom cloud polluting the air from afar, flames could be seen dispersing through whole city blocks before waning here, on the ocean front. "She's using her power to draw us in."

"What are you going to do."

"Wouldn't want to keep her waiting."

Cat replied psionically, each blink of her eyes expose a deep red hue instead of her normal eyelids.

Mari, I need you to find that stone and get it out of here. You. Man. Come with me provide assistance to the civilians and if need be back-up. The Alien is mine"

No Caption Provided

It didn't take long for the Prize Fighter Goddess to jump back into action. Flames consumed the Daytonville streets, but they were not her concern. People overran the corners in panic, but they weren't her concern; The Prize Fighter only fought when there was something to be gained from a conflict.

Even Catalina resting within her body didn't know what exactly that prize was. She could feel the wind brushing against her previously exposed wound, but other than a bit of soreness she was as good as new.

Look no further you found me

She yelled hurling herself through the flames shield first looking to psionically charge the woman in the chest.

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I haven’t been able to get to my computer and type, but I’m here!!!

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@catalina_liafador: @daughter_of_nordok:

"Yeah, let's go"

Hesitation to continue the fight lingered in his mind. The pain of the alien's attack ended physically, but grate at his confidence. All his crime fighting consisted of fighting normal people that bench pressed 130. The girl in Ziccarra's costume could probably bench over 1500 pounds. He never had any type of training on how to be a proper hero, he just winged it for one year. They seemed comfortable in these Michael Bay fX type fights.

"....You man. Come with me provide assistance to the civilians and if need be back-up. The Alien is mine" "

Fahad snapped out of his mental downward spiral and adjusted his spaced-out expression. "Yeah, let's go." Catalina had already took off into a sprint. Fahad followed behind. She was fast, physically disciplined like an acolyte loyal to the religion of athleticism. Up above, al-Saba sighted two drones hovering over the fire cataclysm. Damn, they're live streaming a terrorist attack, Fahad thought. Rocketing water past Catalina and he began smothering a section of the fire roaring through the gas station. He kept his distance to gather himself. The new smell of the raw burning flesh was nauseating. If he was going to vomit he wanted to do so off somebody's livestream.

"Let me know if...."Fahad trailed off as he witnessed Catalina let out a battle cry and charge into the hellish fire. He looked up at the drone cameras showing a glimpse of his state of awe."When do I learn to do that ****?"

To the drone livestream viewers Fahad was an unknown hero, fan comments poured into Mousa Saeed's livestream wondering exactly who he was and where he was from. Only a small portion, maybe ten out of the 43K counted viewers claimed al-Saba was a vigilante of Fareeha Island.

The second drone was recording the scene on a private channel, their was no traceable public footage to be found. It moved past Fahad and onto Catalina as she championed through the fire. Moving at a stalking pace, slow and deliberate like it was preying on the two heroes.

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@eclipso: @catalina_liafador:

Against the backdrop of a city consumed in chaos, the battle raged...

Deprived of her primary weapon, Baerda had few options for defending against Catalina's charging attack, and took it full center-of-mass. She grinned in spite of herself as the crushing blow knocked the wind from her lungs and drove her backwards with the force of a freight train. For all that she sought to finish battles quickly and fulful her duties to her master, she could not deny that she reveled in fighting an opponent whose strength and skill made her a genuine challenge.

Even disarmed of her weapons, however, the Ancient's Daughter was not bereft of offense. Her left hand snapped up, seeking to lock on the rim of the shield, her intention being to prevent Cat from disengaging. Her right sought to slide around the defensive item and ensnare the wrist behind it in an durasteel-like grip, whereupon she would release a surge of negative energy in the hopes of sapping her foe's very life force.

"Give...me...the...stone!" She hissed through gritted teeth, still not sufficiently recovered from the impact to achieve full speech capability.

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@daughter_of_nordok: @eclipso:

No Caption Provided

The Up-Start Fahad moved in tow systematically dowsing fires with his water bending abilities. Had Catalina been in control she would've applauded his efforts, but the "Genius of the Sky" known as the Prize Fighter didn't exude such emotions.

She was here simply to fight the otherworldly being known as Baerda. Unbeknownst to The Prize Fighter, she was being filmed already worldly accounts already herald the return of the War Goddess, Ziccarra Liafador.

How wrong they were, "The Virtuoso" was not here to save, rather test her might.

The Arrogant Goddess sought to lunge backward, however the battle focused mind of Baerda knew that from this close she could damage the Prize Fighter more. Trying to fall back, the aliens Iron-Clad grip stalled Cat's movement allowing the extra-terrestrial siren to sap The Goddess' life force.

It was unlike anything she'd faced before, she could feel the rift between herself and Catalina. This Alien was sucking the cohesions from her body. In a desperate attempt to dispel the alien overlord, The Prize Fighter unleash a devestating dome of TK agent in an attempt to finish her game foe.

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@daughter_of_nordok: you can get a post in before i post if you want

And are we waiting on a post from Mari?

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@catalina_liafador: @mr__mercury: Not sure about Mari, but I'll go ahead and respond to Cat's attack, since you're willing. ^_^

Rage was a fickle ally. It could give one a necessary boost, elevating strength and speed while allowing for a near-total disregard of pain, elements that could mean the difference before victory and defeat. It could just as easily be used by one's foe, however, for an educated warrior would know means by which the force of an opponent's rage could be turned against them.

This was one of the latter times. The Goddess' massive and desperate TK attack caught the alien assassin off-guard, and her grip on her enemy's arm was broken as the force of it smashed into her like a meteor and hurled her several hundred yards away. She toppled end-over-end like a rag doll for another considerable distance, before coming to a full stop, face-down and unmoving.

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@daughter_of_nordok: @mr__mercury:

Heart of the Ocean

Despite having been blessed with them all her life, no one ever showed Mari how to properly harness them. Because of it, she rarely used them, but this situation called for it. Her mother chucked the stone in the bottom of the ocean, she could physically feel it's energy, but she didn't know if she'd be able to pluck a single necklace out of an entire body of water.

No Caption Provided

"I hope this works" She said levitating about the ocean with an azure wave blanket the bay. She could feel the energy of the bay, from the sharks to the algae she could feel it all interacting with her. Unknown to her at the present moment, this wasn't her, this was the stone using some sort of mind trick. It knew she was looking for it.

Mari closed her eyes and begin focusing on the "voice" tugging at her mind, surely it was the stone. As she hovered, eyes closed focusing, below, the bay opened giving back the necklace with the stone her mother ignorantly chucked just a couple hours prior.

It hovered in her face, until she worked up the courage to take it. "I got it..." She said not truly understanding the power that rest within her hands.

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Out the higher-dimensional halls of Augusta's 'Hypercube' and into the skies of Daytonville, Leonel'd emerged from thin air. White cape flowing behind him as his armor caught the warm glow of the pre-morning sky, the Prince of Power glided towards the building housing Catalina's apartment - and their comatose father. Arms folded before his chest, his eyes raking the building up and down like a Roman general with a city to be conquered, Leonel peered through the building's walls and followed the thermal whispers of his father's body heat till he saw where Thee Champion lay resting; the basement. The Prince of Power wasted no time, using his headgear's exotic technology to disengage his father's mass from normal space-time, dump him out into the larger hyper-spatial bulk and reengage his mass elsewhere - inside Augusta. All in the blink of an eye.

"Return him to the apartment"

With minutes left till sunrise, Leonel vanished like the wind, set his father on an operating table and directed otherworldly nanomachines to do the good deed; heal him. 'Tassi did well with her energy to keep him alive', Leonel thought, gliding around the operating table as he watched his nanomachines reengage to body and brain the quantum information that made up his father's consciousness. They worked dutifully - flawlessly - as they strengthened Alexis' primary sites of quantum processing; the microtubes of his brain cells. They re-energized him, replenished him, and brought him back from the woes of his comatose prison. His father wouldn't wake yet, he needed time. Sweeping his eyes through the alabaster halls of Augusta's med-bay, the Prince of Power locked eyes with a luminous hexeract, Hex, the space station's primary A.I., and gave his command. "Return him to the apartment", Leonel said, calm and certain. ||-You have no desire to speak to your father when he wakes? To spend time with him?-||, Hex asked, curiosity rising above the robotic monotone of it's voice.

"Right now my desire's to save Trinity from the Ancient One, and kill Shayla. My father's no longer comatose, and he'll need to see his daughters as much as they need to see him", Leonel countered, his eyes strong and commanding. ||-Very well-||, Hex complied, and Alexis was gone, returned to Catalina's apartment the same way he was plucked from it. Only now, with two seconds before sunrise, Alexis would awaken from his coma low on power but alive and well - and with Maya right next to him.

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@shanana: @daughter_of_nordok:

With crowd control taken care of and the blazing fires suppressed, Fahad focused on the deathmatch between Catalina and Baerda. The Goddess managed to distance herself from the Alien Woman with a powerful force of energy. It sent the terrorist tumbling across the pavement. The water manipulator jumped to action dousing the woman in a sudden wave of water. Wet, Fahad manipulated the water at a calculated speed and microscopic level. The water flowed in an oscillating pattern across her skin until the water pressure was strong enough to cut through her flesh. He was aware of the possibility the alien skin was more formidable than humans. He made sure the pressure flowing across her body was strong enough to cut through titanium steel. He stacked his attack with a sudden drop in the water temperature. Water drenched the alien invader with severe frostbite. The ice would stack upon itself in thickness as time built, increasing the difficulty of mobility and burning embrace of a freezing temperature. He enjoyed the freedom he had to stretch his powers out on a super being. As long as he kept his distance he had control over how effective he was in the fight.

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I suppose it's my turn again lol

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@daughter_of_nordok: @eclipso: (I'm Assuming we're finished?)

If seemed as if for the time being they were finished, The Prize Fighter's final gambit left the alien chick Baerda blasted a considerable distance away, Fahad moved to ensure she wouldn't be getting up anytime soon, but her incapacitation brought forth a new challenge.

The Goddess released Catalina to deal with the rest of the situation, however no sooner than she did; the Daytonville Police Department surrounded them demanding they gave themselves up.

No more running.
No more running.

The Divine Being inside told her to fight, to live to fight another day. However she was tired, tired of running. They'd been running ever since the Spain Incident, moving house to house; continent to continent everything in their power to avoid facing the past.

Cat however was in a unique position, she'd face crimes for the crimes her mother committed in Spain, unless she were some how able to prove she was Catalina. For which she'd then face trials for terrorism as herself.

Cat through her hands in the air, she could hear Mari in her mind telling her to run. "No more running" She whispered softly.

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@catalina_liafador @erinys_draconis: Fahad is not done with y’all, until next time!

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Good work on this, Shanana.

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al-Nergali Prison

No Caption Provided

The prison sentry lead the prisoner with a glowing leash, bound tight around his wrist to his prison cell. "You got the wrong guy." the salt n pepper haired prisoner pleaded. "I had nothing to do with that man's death. " Pleading his case fell on unresponsive ears. The prison mecha quietly droned forward. The prisoner rolled his eyes and huffed out impatience. He swatted at the air with his bound fist. "That video footage is botched." He knew the warden and their state-sanctioned minions listened to the audio feed the robots picked up.

The mecha stopped it's hover at an empty cell. It moved forward, pulling the criminal into the cell. He resisted, planting his feet stoically in the metallic ground. "Is...all...this...necessary?" he questioned, pulling at his leash. The mecha broke his resistance and pulled him forward. His shoe soles slid across the ground. "Alright, alright." He caught his balance and walked into the cell at a faster pace.

There was nothing in the cell. It was simply three cold walls. "Where do I sleep?" The mecha gave no response. It flew away from the cell and this prompted the prisoner to keep pace. He followed the mecha. "Aughwhoa!" A sudden cyan wall of hardlight smacked the prisoner and pushed him back on his butt into his cell.

"Hey. I'm Sin." he said to the woman in the cell across from him , waving his unshackled hands. His light concussive daze caused him to space out. His gaze went to the ceiling in the woman's cell. "And I know who you are. Ca-ta-lina." He scrunched his face at the sting felt on his face. Sin rubbed the bridge of his nose to hypothetically help distribute the stinging pain. Blood ran from his nose. He wiped it with his thumb and stood on his feet, sniffling.

He rubbed the blood between his index and thumb fingers then plopped his index on his tongue. He rubbed his clean fingers together again revealing a tiny metallic pin. He silently tapped the tiny pin in a careful rhythmic pattern against one of the three walls.

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No Caption Provided

Following the conflict with the envoy from the Imperium, Cat victory in Daytonville was cut short by the local authorities; under other circumstances she would've run, but she felt it was time for the world to see that the Liafador's hadn't vanished they simply slipped into hiding.

Inside the cell one by one reporters from Daytonville Island approach the Ziccarra doppleganger in order to extract some sort of interview but she refused to answer any of their questions. They were all geared toward Spain, an event she actually played no part in.

For the time being she was forced to sit in a cell until due process played out. She could hear the distinctive steps from the mecha moving about the cells; her run in with the society cause extreme paranoia to seep in. Fortunately the mechs were just placing another prisoner in a cell right across from hers.

Initially she paid him no attention, that is, until his voice broke the silence with an introduction. Her head came up for a moment to acknowledge him, but stayed up once her name was released from his mouth.

"H-how do you know who I am, who are you?" She asked knowing it was improbable that anyone could decipher her from her mother with a simple look.

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This thread is awesome.

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No Caption Provided

“They don’t throw normal people in a place as...divine as al-Nergali,” Sin said tapping the platinum streak of hair covering his temple “I'm a mutant, that’s how I know who you are.” he pointed his finger and placed it over his lips.”Shh.”

He maneuvered the minuscule metal pin between his fingers. It began recording their conversation, but their was no visible indication it held the technology to do such a task. To anybody else it looked like a sewing pin. “And I saw that Minhaj live stream of you fighting one of those terrorist aliens.” he grinned a bit at the fight coverage. “The other two vigilante’s you were with were a liability, but came through in the end.”

“I didn’t think you would turn yourself in like that. So easily. ”The reputation the Liafador Ladies held seemed far from compliant to authority. There was always an end to the means. He would evade her questions unless she asked again. "Why did you give yourself up?"

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Good job on this location, Shanana.

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No Caption Provided

Cat's eyes scanned the prison, it did seem structurally different from any one she'd been in before, the presence of the mechs? Androids? were new too. The battle with the alien over the Mind Lavaliere obstructed her families ability to hide, Mari and Tassi could be in danger; as for the other hero. She currently had no way to contact him.

"That's a great job, but I already know who I am. The question was who are you, and how do you know who I am?" She said, her astute eyes taking note to what appeared to be a sewing pin. Though was right, Cat specifically allowed herself to get caught, she needed to take all the evidence the Daytonville police had on her, so she could continue living in isolation--with the help of the Mind Lavaliere she could also make anyone else forget she was there.

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No Caption Provided

"Depending on the day. The time, the era, my whim--the mission. I'm a soldier. An agent. A serial killer. A cat burglar. To the police of Daytonville, a mutant insurgent named Zia Fahim. " Sin pulled at his pencil stache and detached it from his face like tape before he secured it back onto his skin. Teasing the illusion of his true identity. Closer observation revealed his lips and cheeks were modestly stung with collagen and still recovering from post-op. "Being locked up served its purpose and I'm here to break you out without the pomp and circumstance. Which could be tough with somebody holding your stature, but not impossible for somebody of mine. "

The power dampener's electromagnetic power level reached zero percent in his cell and he was notified of this with a blip notification in his supercomputer mind. The tiny pin he spat from blood in his mouth was a cybernetic micro extension of himself, spared the genetic handicap of al-Negrali's power nullification. He planned to tamper with Catalina's cell as well, but he needed more time to read her. She could rampage to scorn the prison that captured her or strategically escape. The fact remained that she willingly handed herself over when she could have easily escaped their juris clutch.


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No Caption Provided

A "jack of all trades" that's what he was, a man that didn't follow a specific discipline, but harbored various skills to complete different tasks. She knew the Islands of Daytonville each had their own specific prison system, each one following different protocols.

"I'm here for the evidence" Catalina said her eyes still down at the floor, hands across her chest. "My family, or what's left of it was seen on some of the CCTV footage in Daytonville, I want to get it and erase it. Then I'll use the severe thunderstorm alert system to alter the people's memories."

It was only a temporary fix, she knew it was only a matter of time before the secret was out; but she needed that time. She hadn't thought of what she'd actually say when the time came.

The man was mysterious, apparently his incarceration was fabricated too. Based off what he described he didn't seem like a man that wouldn't have a contingency for being thrown in prison.

"Why are you really here?"

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Sin did quick research on the maximum security prison, prior to being incarcerated. Prison escapes were usually capitalized on by human error above anything else. This prison was heavy on the mechanical labor. Roughly 90% mechanical labor depending on the fiscal year's budget. A budget that steadily increased to proxy the disintegration of mutant presence and power in the region. Mechanical error was something Sin could make happen with a thought.

Catalina wanted to scrub the files in the al-Nergali database. The catch to that was that information was already being fed outside of the local database to government national security entities outside of al-Nergali's jurisdiction. He could see in his mind's eye the data being fed to the city-state's counter-intelligence sector. "I'm here to find Kane Liafador. The information I pulled lead me to you. Do you know where he is?"A sober expression dissolved the Zia Fahim character he played for a split second before his resolve restored his methodical visage. "You want to hide your family as much as I want to hide my true identity in pursuit of him. I can help you clear your family's cyber trail." His offer seemed laced with a precondition weighing on the Escarlat di Liafador's response.

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Awesome will put a post up momentarily

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Kane Liafador?
Kane Liafador?

Breaking out wasn't a problem, she'd escaped from prison planets on the far side of the nebula. Escaping here would take a little more thought but it was doable. Unfolding her arms the Prize Fighter move from the back wall of the cell to the bars, refraining from actually making contact. The name out his mouth was an unexpected one, a name she hadn't heard in a long time. "Kane Liafador?"

Cat's expression told the story with anger and confusion, Kane was her "father" part of his DNA was the basis for her creation. He was a man that manipulated her for years, but Catalina hadn't laid eyes on him since she destroyed Malaga years ago.

"I haven't seen him in years" She said clearing her throat feeling a bit uncomfortable. Then again she hadn't saw him because she wasn't actively looking for him, with the Mind Lavaliere Cat could pluck his mind out of everyone on the globe.

"Knowing my father, he's not too far. Despite him being a disgusting human being he happens to keep a close look out on his daughters. From a distance that is. What do you want with him?" She didn't need to know if he was going to kill him, she didn't care Alexis Pettis that's who she chose as her father, but anyone looking for Kane was looking for trouble.

"I don't meet many people looking for him."

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“Years?” That was new information to him. He was well aware of Catalina’s estranged relationship with her father, but was also aware of Kane’s shrouded and constant surveillance over his family, specifically his daughters. Had they not interacted since Marcos’ daughter took the helm of the White Cardinals? Admittedly merging into the Italian operated clan fell sour once Zeon gained her infamous demonic bloodlust and enacted the Decree against the Knightfalls. Something illuminating had turned into an abject blindspot.

“And yes. That Kane Liafador, the Beta-Wave Baron, I have some analog data I have to transfer to him.”Catalina’s father was half a personal pit stop and half the warning shot to his prime targets. Kane had a dual praxis to Sin’s intel. The Third Society & his mother's self-destructive allegiance to him.

“They have their eyes everywhere and seem to think people can’t get things done under their nose the old fashioned way.” Sin was occupied with cracking open a hardlight security puzzle of his remote XTRNT at his safehouse in Bari, Italy. To the human and digital eye, the Cardinal Chameleon was staring at an empty space on the ground. The external AI system was an extension of himself taking many forms akin to it's kaleidoscopic inventor. "Mousa Saeed's publicist & manager, along with every press outlet with a local correspondent, are going to be here in the next two hours via helicopter. They're our escape out of here. " He had slipped into the Saeed communication system well aware of the sensationalized content following the technocrat blueblood. Catalina's livestreamed appearance and subsequent seizure to authorities created a press storm. "They're going to come to speak with you. I need you to agree speak to them, Saeed's team. They have no knowledge they're helping us escape."

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I can find him.
I can find him.

She honestly didn't know why she still hated him, he left her in Colombia as a child which lead to her harsh upbringing as a child sex slave. The transition from sex slave to drug overload was seamless, yet she understood her mother played a huge part in that entire fiasco as well. Yet, she still found someway to tolerate her mother but Kane? Her hatred for him still burned to this day. Perhaps it was the fact that she had no real identity, on the outside she "was" Ziccarra, but on the inside it was almost like she was three different beings. Had it not been for Alexis, she probably wouldn't have learned how to deal with it.

At heart she was a "daddies girl" Kane wasn't worth sh!t, but it was probably the reason she instinctively latched on to Alexis, despite being fundamentally different.

"Heh, beta wave baron" She scoffed at the nickname. Kane's ability to indoctrinate was a technique taught to him by the 3rd Society, Cat knew their methods well; as she was once a pawn under their control. She hated them, almost as much as she hated Y-Intercept.

"I don't know where he is but, I can find him" She said reluctantly knowing finding him might do more harm than good. "Despite how I feel about him he loves me, he'll come if I ask him to" this process had to be quick. At home Mari, So-So and Tassi where probably getting worried or hungry and she didn't want them to settle for anything Maya cooked...she wouldn't risk that on anyone.

The thought of speaking to the press seem counter-productive, but if it'd allow them to escape then she'd do it. "Alright got it, but this data. What is it? and why does it have to go to Kane...?

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Sin understood how important Catalina's campaign to remain discreet was and clarified the details of his plan to assure her. "You won't have to answer their questions. Just get in the same room as them. And take this with you." The Cardinal Chameleone pricked his finger behind his ear, revealing a surgical incision. Bloody and paper thin, Sin pulled a crimson plate from under his flesh. "With this, I can siphon data from an employee's holographic chip that stores their personal identity as well as their prisons security clearance" The halls of the prison were filled with objective mecha, ready to shoot, maim, suppress and detain indiscriminately. Doctors and scientist were apart of the 10 percent of the prison's employed population. Without a doubt, a doctor and/or scientist would be nearby watching Catalina's exchange taking doctors notes and psychoanalyzing her behavior.

Even though he prepared for the moment he confronted Kane Liafador his entire life, a jolt of excitement radiated his nerves at Catalina's cooperation. "Thank you. This is very important to me. Kane is the key to my mother's murder. It all traces back him. He killed her--him and his minions."Anger anchored on face, his eyes narrowed and his jawline twitched repeatedly. He broke away from Catalina's eye contact and cooled to his mild visage.


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Cat watched with disgust as the other inmate removed a metallic plate from behind his ear. She took a prolonged glance at the steel object before her eyes rolled back in his direction. "That's...really gross." She murmured flicking the object a bit to relieve it of some of the blood.

"I got it" she said once again giving him a snide look before shaking more blood of the object. At the present moment the Prize Fighter wasn't able to diagnose exactly what he was; possibly some sort of cyborg, or maybe even some advanced form of a utility android nothing they could discuss right now. The only thing that mattered to her was erasing evidence of her families involvement in the Fareeha Island fiasco. She was fine with people believing Ziccarra was still alive, but she didn't want anyone to ping Maricela and trace her back to Tassi.

"I'm so sorry" She chimed at the mention of his murdered mother, it was something she'd learned along time ago, both Ziccarra and Kane were murderers; regardless of how much they'd change over the years, the ripple effects of their murderous past were felt even to this day--though she was sure Kane was still killing people.

"I will get you Kane's location as soon as we get out of here"

Through Alexis' mentoring she'd changed considerably; though the thought of sparring someone like Kane never crossed her mind. He deserved to die, and she was going to ensure it happened.

"Sounds like everything's right on cue" She said before nodding in the direction of the mechs moving toward the cells. As they opened the cell doors they goaded Catalina to the outside where she was escorted off into some sort of interrogation room with multiple reporters sitting and standing around. They wanted answers, answers she didn't have because they thought she was Ziccarra.

The prison was pretty secure, it's top notch detection protocol prevent use of abilities, but the cosmic properties of the Lavaliere allowed the Goddess to bypass protocol to speak via the mind with her caged cohort. "Alright, now what?"

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Soaring through the sky, Thee Champion watched the clouds bow to the scarlet strobe of his cape, and cast his eyes to the city below. There, the people of Daytonville buzzed with hope at his sight, as though he were the Sun they hadn't seen rise in so long. Yet as the high rose in their voices, his ears tuned them out to catch the only sound in Daytonville that mattered; Catalina's heartbeat. Gliding low as he descended from the clouds, the Miracle Man felt his mind pull back to thoughts of Catalina. She was his most troubled daughter. And life had dealt her a cruel hand long before he'd walked into her life. He remembered her eyes when all the rage she felt for Ziccarra pulled at her heart... they were smoldering pits of fire lit by a daughter hurt by her mother.

Though as his ears lingered on the drum of Catalina's heart, Alexis heard a calmness that his daughter was never known to have. Eyes open once more, Alexis saw nanoseconds fold around him and bore witness to quantum events popping in and out of existence. Yet Catalina's newfound spirit remained the most amazing thing he'd seen. There, he thought, eyeing the distant entrance to the building she lived in. And like a wind, he rushed in, sweeping through the streets in a gale that whistled loud and sharp. Red boots touching the ground as he landed, and the steel muscles in his face softening at his daughter's sight, Alexis smiled, calm. Yet something distant lay in his eyes, as though his humanity died with Ziccarra, and only the god - the Miracle Man - remained. Though it was quickly shrouded in a father's warmth for his daughter.

"Cat. We need to catch up".

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She'd taken up a rather weird occupation to keep food on the table-- restoring old relics. Turns out once she actually took the time to learn she was good at it.

With the money she saved up the young Goddess was able to afford to enroll Tassi, Maricela, and Lil So-So into schools. She went to school for a few months as a little girl when she was living with Cherish, however she didn't get the full experience once Ashley Mooreland found her.

These last couple of months were hard, but she found a rhythm that allowed her to be more hands on with her family; to be there when they needed her--a protector. She was a single mother, an older sister; the guardian aunt and a Goddess all wrapped into one extraordinary woman.

She felt him enter before she heard him speak, turning atop the high ladder Cat's eyes turn to see her father for the first time since he woke from his coma. She was aware he was woke, but they kept missing each other.

"Daddy?" She called out a bit overwhelmed. She wasn't sure if someone had told her about her "final transformation" into her mother, and it was probably something he needed to be eased into; but Cat couldn't contain herself. It seemed like an eternity, the last time she remembered laying eyes on him she was about to commit suicide. But she wasn't aware that she saw him many times after her resurrection her memory loss prevented her knowledge of it.

Dropping her paint brush the young goddess jump from the ladder and damn near sprint into the arms of her father. She wasn't the sentimental type usually, but he was a man that helped change the course of her life. "I'm so glad you're back old man" She teased pressing her head against his pectorals.

"Y-yes we do. When did you get up?"