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Nova is almost supernaturally good with character voices. Tassi, Ashley, Zeon, Zoe and Itsy all feel so distinct. It's a really difficult thing to do with dialogue.

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@grimmwald: You're too kind lol thank you Impero <3

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@shanana said:
@beremud said:

@shanana: Oh, just one. We're a very modest shady PMC. ;)

I think it depends on which island you're planning on setting up on. I can actually create one just for you. There are 50 of them lol

Want to discuss once the Grimm RP is all wrapped up?

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Could be a good place to set up a safehouse.

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I really like the flag. There is something about a lobed pommel that is AESTHETIC りぁゑ

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@shanana: @tassiana_pettis:

It had been months. Perhaps even a year since Alexis had last walked the world of man. Instead, his body lay still on a bed with pale fingers of sunlight stroking his face. It was strange. For years he'd been the god-hero people gazed at the clouds to see. To See Thee Champion, We Must Look Up, a title once read on a newspaper. The same way we look up at the sun, the article's author wrote. Grandfathers told their grandchildren stories of the familiar red and blue blur that trailed after space shuttles leaving Earth's hold. What stories tell they if they knew where their hero was now? Looking every bit the human they said he was beyond? In the deep recess of his mind, Alexis was alone. Standing in a world of marble white with no boundaries in the sky or the horizon, he was alone and restless.

No Caption Provided

Strong arms folded over the 'S' on his chest, red cape fluttering in the cold air, his blue eyes shot to the sky, looking at it the same way people often looked at him - for an answer. And his question? "How are my babies?", his voice echoed, his eyes humid and his brow scowling at the silence that reached his ears. "How is my family?", he asked, the lump thickening in his throat, the blood boiling in his veins and the pain and anger swelling in his chest. "Did she get to them too?", his voice rose, cursing himself for having failed to defeat Shayla. "I could've beaten her", Alexis murmured, "I should have. Maybe if I'd been with Z...", his voice trailed off, thoughts pulling back to memories of the wife he'd yet to learn had died. Sighing, he stepped forward, and the sounds of his boots scuffing on the ground were all that echoed, the only stimulus to his senses save for his own voice.

"I have to get out of here. I have to wake up", he said, heart sinking to the pit of his stomach at the thought of his family without him. His children without their father. There, Thee Champion stood hopeless. But as his eyes wandered over his palms, questioning how all the power he held in his fingertips could not protect his family - he felt something. A surge of energy, and the air crackling with it. Was he awakening? No... it was a presence, someone. A red light flared across the empty sky, and at it's heart he saw a silhouette. "Maya?", he said, voice floating just above a whisper as his eyes widened like saucers. Boots lifting off the ground, Alexis began climbing the air, his cape flowing behind him as his face caught the red glow of Maya's light.

"Maya", he repeated, the urgency rising in his voice, eyes searching for the first familiar thing he'd see in what felt like an eternity.

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"H-Here lay down" Mari picked up Tassi and laid her down on a couch Running her hands across Tassi's forehead Delgado's eyes dart to Star, the pup released a reassuring bark that shows how she knew Tassi would be ok.

"You did great Tassi" Mari whispered taking a squat next to her little aunt. It was weird, she'd never spent any time with this girl; and yet she felt compelled to sit and monitor her progress.

"How'd you know she could do it?" Mari asked, having sensed her mother's presence at the threshold.

"I didn't, but Tassi is different from the rest of us. She the one person who believes she can do it. Then does it. Ironically it was Maya who figured that out." Cat replied showing concern for her sister the only way she knew how.

"How do you plan on protecting her, when your powers are gone?" Mari was right, Cat's powers were gone sacrificed to save Maya.

"I was kind of hoping, you'd fill that role. I could train you, and you could spend more time with Tassi. You clearly have taken a liking to her." Cat said pointing in their direction.

"I-I got to think about it, but she's pretty cool"

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Where was she? There were no noticeable land features, no way to tell where the Earth and Heavens meet.

She'd only just got here, but nothing made sense. Blasting through the heavens surrounded by ornate red energy, Maya could be seen flying with her hands out in front of her in an erratic pattern as if she were somehow looking for something or someone. What was often loss even amongst her family was her exact age, Maya was born just a year before Tassi was; The 3rd Society kidnapped Maya's consciousness as an unborn baby and placed it in pre-made body they developed, Maya's Ngod/Cardinal Goddess abilities allowed her consciousness to mature to the level of her body; however here, in this pure place she wasn't an icon or a fashion model; she wasn't a reality TV personality--she was 6.

Turning as if she'd been startled, Maya's ears jerked at the sound of the familiar voice. 'Papa!' She thought before exploding in raw untamed flight before plowing directly into him with her hands wrapped as far as they could go around his stomach. She'd lost the control over her powers, the little control she had.

"Papa, I missed you!" She screamed with her face buried in his chest.

There was extreme confusion in their lives from the day that she was born, to now; however, the Power Princess always appreciated daddy time.

"Papa, where have you been?" She said wincing with astute focus trying to keep herself levitating in the air. Maya knew how to fly, but she didn't know how to stay upright when in conversation. The result saw her spin around clockwise in the air whilst she tried to speak with him.

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T_T little Maya

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With great power comes an equally great risk of disaster. Like nuclear weapons such individuals must be.. controlled.

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With great power comes an equally great risk of disaster. Like nuclear weapons such individuals must be.. controlled.

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Soaring higher, his cape fluttering wilder the farther he flew from the ground, Alexis' heart skipped a beat from the familiar warmth of Maya's energy. The red glow of her energy flared, the air rushed past him in a howling storm, and Maya crashed into him like a meteor. "Maya?", he paused, brow wrinkled with confusion at the sight of a young child clinging to his midsection. Though as his hand came to rest on the girl's head, his fingertips felt it - the hum of the energy crackling in her veins - this was Maya. "It is you", he smiled, mouth pulling back with a father's love. "I've missed you too", he added, a soft chuckle escaping him as he watched her struggling to hover in the air.

"Come here, baby", he said, plucking her from the cold air and carrying her in his arms. "There's a lot we must talk about". Descending till he'd left the white of the sky to land on the marble ground, Alexis set Maya back down and sighed. "I've been here", he lamented, sweeping his eyes through the boundless white of their surroundings, his left hand waving to the everything that was nothing around them - the infinite white. "I've been in a coma for... I don't even know anymore. But I can tell.. feel that it's been long", he began, locking eyes with his firstborn. "Last thing I remember, I was fighting an alternate version of your mother", he said, his mind going back to thoughts of his battle with Shayla. "She's powerful. Like me. But unlike me, she's willing to use her power to take things farther than I am".

"I've not met many people I consider to be truly evil, Maya", Alexis confessed, the concern sitting deep in the blue of his eyes, "I always do my best to look past the monster within to find some shred of humanity in those I battle. It might be my greatest flaw. I want to save and protect instead of fight and avenge. To create peace instead of deal justice. Creating peace can only be done through negotiation, through compromise", he paused, his hand on her shoulder, his smile returning smaller and softer but no less warmer as he took a knee. "And you can't negotiate, you can't compromise with real evil. You have to answer evil with justice. You have to take action and be decisive and eliminate it. I rarely did. Learn from my mistake. You're my child, you have to be better than I ever was. And you will be", he assured.

"I shouldn't have wasted time. I should have ended things the moment I first learned what she was. A tyrant who uses irredeemable means for irredeemable ends. But I didn't. And she grew in power over time. And I almost paid the price with my life. She beat me. Not to death but into a coma. I'm just glad she didn't get to you", he smiled, hands cupping Maya's cheeks in relief. "How's the family? And what happened to you?".

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No Caption Provided

As the father-daughter duo begin their descent towards what she could only assume was the surface of this infinite white space, Maya propped up with her hands resting on her father's arms trying to figure out how he manages to keep himself upright.

"I've been here"

He said, prompting the Power Princess to scan the vast nothingness before turning back in her dad's direction to get his account on what happened to him.

"Papa..." She said taking his hand into her own. The size difference was noticeable when she was an adult, but now his palms nearly swallowed hers. "People aren't born evil. There are circumstances that make them that way" She responded trying to recollect different instances from her life.

"We have to fight to do what's right papa, because um, Justice means something different for everyone," She said using her free hand.

"Mami isn't a bad person; but um she's done bad things. We still forgive her. Every time. This Shayla person, she couldn't have always been a bad person...or someone would've dealt justice a long time ago. Right?" Maya asked trying to decipher the inherent parallels between her mother; and the woman that tried to kill her father.

"I will...do what's right papa. Even if that means I have too..." She seemed conflicted, almost as if she didn't want to say it; but she whispered a substitute word. "Eliminate it. But I won't call it Justice."

His hands caressed her cheek causing her serious face to brighten, but just as quick as she lit up; her tone changed again.

"Not so good." She said holding on to her stomach. She internalized so many of her feelings that the thought gave her a "stomachache".

"Mami's dead again." She started trying to overcome the lumps of guilt building in her chest. "Zeon kidnapped Catalina to lure her out. Mommy saved Cat but both Mommy and Zeon died." She recalled, trying to speak as clearly as she could.

"Our island got attacked, and I used my powers to seal it in stone. Tassi and Catalina escaped; and then Tassi somehow brought me here. With you." She explained to the best of her knowledge, but there was one thing burning inside that she had to say. She didn't want to be disrespectful, but she didn't know the best way to say it.

"Papa, why do you leave?"

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My heart hurts. Is this how it feels when I write Tassi? Cause goddamn I can’t even

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A knee on the floor, his hands on her shoulders, Alexis held his daughter's gaze and the truth sank deep in his mind. She'd absorbed his ideals. He saw it in her eyes as much as he heard it in her voice. Pride swelled in his chest and he felt his heart grow twice it's size as the smile warmed on his face. "All the lessons I taught you, you remembered the important ones", he began, eyes softening, cape fluttering over the sound of his voice. "But I have to teach you a new lesson. Because I don't want you to be like me. I want you to be better", Alexis paused, his brow and gaze catching something solemn. He dreaded having to tell his own daughter this, to unwrap the layer of innocence from her mind with the harsh reality of the world.

"Most people aren't born evil. But some are", he lamented, "Some people inherit blue eyes from a grandparents, others... inherit evil", he said, struggling to explain to a five year old the role of genetics and epigenetics in the behavior of man. "The Brahma Bulls and Alpha Dogs of this world were never going to be good. But maybe you're right about your mother's counterpart", Alexis conceded, eyes dropping to the marble floor for a second, "Maybe she's just... sick. Like how your mother was when she did all those bad things. Maybe she's not in her right mind. But I don't think we can take that chance. She's willing to commit genocide, to wipe out the life from planets to get what she wants. There's no coming back from that. But maybe you're right. She might just need help. But we must be careful in situations like this. We need to.. control our feelings better. Because our feelings should never supersede the fate of the world".

"You don't have to call it, justice", his smile softened, "Because maybe it isn't justice. It's something else. It's necessary". Resting a hand over Maya's as she held her stomach, Alexis pulled his daughter in for a soft kiss on the forehead. "Don't worry it'll-", he froze. For a split-second, his eyes were wide and his heart clamored in his chest. Ziccarra had died? Again? His face paled at the thought of his children with no parent to raise them. Of Tassi with no mother or father. The knot in his stomach was thick and tight the longer his mind pulled back to his wife's death, and the fate of their children. "I've failed this family", Alexis scowled, eyes shut as he thought of Zeon, Ziccarra - everyone. "I have to return soon. I need to heal soon. I need to take all of you, Cat, Tassi, everyone to a safe place. A new home while I build a better one for us".

But then came the question that felt like a knife shoved into the depths of his heart.

"Papa, why do you leave?"

His world almost turned to grey as he caught the anguish in his daughter's voice. For a moment, the silence hung thick between them till finally, Alexis met eyes with his daughter. "I've lived all my life as a hero. Or at the very least tried to. Not many people can drag a planet into a newer orbit. Not many people can move close to the speed of light, and even trick the laws of nature to surpass it. Not many people can dive into the heart of stars. I can do all those things, I can go out into space and discover things that want to hurt us. And as a hero, I always thought it better to prevent a problem before it happens, instead of waiting for it to happen and then trying to do something. And once I started a family, that instinct grew. I suddenly had people I cared about. People who needed me. People I had to protect".

"I'd leave when I'd sense something out there. Coming to hurt us. But it's also why I'm here, in a coma. Because the last time I did that, I found something so dangerous it almost took me away. Maybe... maybe I need to change. Maybe the family doesn't need me to be it's hero. Maybe it just needs me to start being a father".

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No Caption Provided

While Alexis seemingly processed the question, the Power Princess revert back to his previous lecture, about how they needed to control their feelings. Whether she knew it or not Maya was an emotional being, and unknown to her, the lack of control over her powers even as an "adult" could be contributed to the fact that her emotions weren't in check.

She listened to his explanation it fell in line with what he'd told them their whole life, but maybe he was wrong. Just because they had the power to save millions did they have to sacrifice everything to ensure that it happened?

Or should they allow nature to run its course? At what point did trying to prevent disasters turn obsessive? These were questions she would've asked but instead didn't.

Her heads fell to her hands, not wanting to look her role model in the face after she challenged his allegiance to them. She felt bad, but she hated when he left. Sure Cat was a strong big sister, but she wasn't her parent.

"Y-you're here because you went alone" Maya murmured almost inaudible out of shame, but she meant it. She could feel his dominating presence questioning her statement so she clarified.

"Mami's dead because she fought alone. We beat every challenge together, The 3rd Society, The Outlaw Queen. Y-Intercept. We beat those challenges together. When we fight on our own...we lose our true strength papa."

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As he stood there, eyes locked with his daughter's in an infinite expanse of white, Alexis fell silent as Maya's words filled his mind. And the truth dawned on him. Glancing down at his hands, at fingertips that crackled loud and sharp with the power of a god, the New God closed his hands into fists, shut his eyes - and felt the power course through his veins. His cape fluttered, and his skin seemed to glow like a soft candlelight. It was beautiful, and he was weak. "You're right", he sighed, eyes opening to meet Maya's with regret. He was weak. Not as strong as he'd once been. Not as strong as he was with his family by his side. Ziccarra lost her life to her warrior's way. She plunged into battle on her own. She lived by the sword, and died by it. And Alexis had almost paid the same price.

"When I learn about these things, these threats that I fly off into space to keep from reaching Earth, I do them knowing that I'm doing so on my own", he began, standing from the knee he'd taken, "Before I met your mother, before I had a family of my own, I was on my own. This, being a hero, it was everything I had. The only thing distracting me from old war friends who I'd outlived". Casting his gaze skyward, Alexis shut his eyes a second time. Shaking his head, he again found Maya's gaze, "But when your mother and I started this family, I had a fear. That I'd lose one of you to the threats I try to protect this world from. So I'd still face them on my own, thinking I was protecting my family from them. But it was the opposite. Whenever we were separate, we were at our weakest. I can't say if I've ever lost a fight with your mother by my side", he smiled, short but genuine. "I'm sorry, baby. For leaving. And for everything".

"It won't undo the things that have happened, but I'm sorry. I'll set things right", he promised with a hand on her head, "I just need... something to wake me from this coma. Because I know what I have to do now. I've been a hero for a long time. I've worn a cape since before man first landed on the moon. I love the world but I love my family more. My cape belongs with someone else now so I can be a better father, and do what fathers do; protect their families. It's time I name my successor so that I can be to this family what I never was".

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Added Miftah Aljana to the list of islands

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So far behind on post lol

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It had been months since she obtained the items from The Pit. Ziccarra's sword and shield, Zeon's bow and arrow, the Matriarch necklace with the still undiscovered stone in the center. She fled her master, The Raysh Al Shaytan, shortly after her trails in The Pit, after she began developing visions, well... a single vision, every night, for several months that became longer every night. Every time she closed her eyes to sleep, she saw it, flashes of fire and brimstone, the flames so hot, she swore her skin blistered. Then a man, with a serpent like lower body, sitting on a throne and kneeling before him, a woman, with crimson eyes and ash like colored skin. It was the former Matriarch, Zeon Liafador, alive, or... alive as she could be. The Liafador/Knightfall hybrid would stand in the background, just observing, but then, the two figures would turn to look directly her. She would be frozen in place, unable to move as the woman began making her way towards her. She couldn't fight, she couldn't move, she was just... stuck, helpless. But unlike the other nights, this time the former Matriarch would now tower over the girl and then reached downward at her, grasping the necklace, the Matriarch necklace, that was she was somehow wearing around her neck. The feel of Zeon's grasp upon the necklace was firm as the touch of Zeon's skin caused the Lost Liafador skin to sizzle. She screamed in pain as Zeon grin. "You will suffer like the rest."

It would be then she would wake up, gasping for air, her hand wrapped around her neck as the necklace wasn't even there. But this time... blister burns were seen upon her chest. It was then she knew, she needed to find a Liafador and warn them of her vision. Zeon was not dead, and was coming back for them... all of them. For weeks she followed leads, using her training to seek out a pair of Liafador's who she felt could stand against the flames. Catalian and Tassiana. Her hunt lead her to an island, or rather, several Islands, Daytonville. Whispers were spoken that Ziccarra Liafador was seen here, though it was a known fact to the Perdida Cardinal that she was in fact deceased after finding her corps in The Pit. She knew of the history of Catalina, The Raysh made sure she knew all Liafador history, and knew that she would take up the looks of Ziccarra upon her death. It was there she found her, walking through the crowded streets. People didn't pay too much attention, aside from occasional glances as she would pass by the men, and some women. She needed to get her attention, and warn her.

So she found where she was staying, and one day, while she was out, left her a note upon her bed. It was simple, "Meet me at the Harbor. 2am."

Knowing Catalina's abilities with shadows, she knew she would be at a disadvantage, but she wasn't here to fight her. She was here to warn her... and hopefully give her the tools to succeed. For hell was coming to Earth, and someone needed to stand in it's way.


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Life in Daytonville slowly became manageable, between the beach trips and various other events sponsored by the Faria Island Commission it became easy to forget the oldest child of Ziccarra Liafador struggled to keep what was left of her once prolific family together.

Joined by her misplaced child Maricela and her youngest sister Tassiania, they took a beating, but like an ember, they continued to flicker.

She'd taken a job at a nearby market selling jewelry to tourist off the shopping strip, Catalina herself became more of a tourist attraction given her natural beauty, the spitting image of her mother. She became so popular amongst the locals that the lines often overflowed into the busy streets.

Despite the ”larger than life.” allure Fareeha gave off it was an island overshadowed by it's increasing crime rate, there were whispers of a human trafficking ring expanding the number of brothels across the islands. Police were stretched thin trying to prosecute suspects that ”island hopped” out of their jurisdiction. She saw it, but with her small family finally having some sort of a healthy life, she couldn't embark on a crusade that'd endanger her new found relationship with Maricela or put further strain on Tassiania.

Today was no different police sirens wail on the background as she closed the door into their small apartment, it was late both Maricela and Tassi had been sleeping for a while, she could tell by how unbothered Maricela was that Tassi’s foot was in her mouth. Oh, how she didn't miss those days.

Sliding into her room Cat freefell down to her bed only to land on a note.

”damn, the rent due already?” she complained before examining the letter in its entirety.

Wasn't a note, it was an invitation, but from who? The note didn't say only to meet down at the harbor at 2 am. Her eyebrows instinctively pursed together, aside from the fact that she was an exact clone of Z, who could've found out where they lived??

Her mind immediately defaulted to a few nights ago Her, and Maricela got pissy drunk and almost came to blows over monopoly, nasty business the police got involved.

Checking in on her daughter and sister once more; Catalan Countess moved from their room downstairs to the basement where her father, The Champion was resting peacefully. If he were conscious, he would've opted to go in her place, but she was the sole protector now--not him, not Ziccarra, not Leo.

Underneath his bed, she retrieved a 9mm pistol with a couple of rounds to defend herself; never did she think she'd ever use a gun but after losing her powers to recover Maya's consciousness, this was the only way.

Like all good Liafadors, she arrived late with her hands across her breast eying the waves crashing against the shoreline.

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The young trained assassin stood in the shadows, a hood casted a shadow over her eyes as a mask was pulled up along the bridge of her nose, covering the lower portion of her face to make it difficult to identify her. Not that Catalina knew her... but she had to be careful. To her back, a rather large bag that was too big for her own smaller frame was strapped on. What was inside it? It was too difficult to tell in the darkness of night. It was late, later than she had told Catalina to meet her. But she was trained in patience. So she continued to sit and wait as the salty air lingered around her. It was then she saw a figure, a woman, tall, warrior like built. It was her, it was Catalina Liafador, unknown to her, her aunt. She began to check the perimeters, using the shadows she was born into the cover over her. No one else was here, no one else she could see. She was alone... good.

The young girl stepped out of the shadows, directly before the daughter of Ziccarra. Her hands were held up, her palms facing the Liafador to show no hostility and to show she had no weapon. She was much smaller than Catalina, having to tilt her head up to look upon the legend of a woman. "Thank you for coming." she spoke with an accent that wasn't identifiable, for people brought up in the Order of Sancta Camisia were taught to speak in an old dead language so others outside of the order wouldn't know what they were speaking about. Her voice was a higher pitch than that of a woman, another indication that she was, in fact, a young girl. "There something coming, something horrible and I'm araid it won't cease until everything is dead." she began to explain her reason for coming. "I've been having visions, visions that were triggered by this." She reached into her pocket, very carefully as a necklace that was all too familiar to Catalina, was pulled out, the necklace of the Matriarch. "A serpent like man sitting upon a throne of fire and brimstone with a woman with ash like skin and crimson eyes, walking through a fire, seeking out the necklace. She is coming to bring Hell upon the Earth." The blue eyes, blue like her grandmother and like her aunt, looked up to her. "That woman, it is Zeon Liafador." She revealed before stretching out her arm and holding the necklace out to Catalina for her to grasp. "I know of your power, I know of what you can do. You can stop her. If not for Earth, then for your sisters... and your daughter."


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I...will avenge my mother
I...will avenge my mother

Not far off, the waves broke at the shoreline littering the beach with various aquatic lifeforms that often plagued beachgoers; with it, the wind came; cool and calm as ever blowing her raven tassels wildly in whichever direction it saw fit.

Cat's eyes never left the young woman, though with the distance between them distinguishing the exact physical nature of her hostess was hard, she allowed herself to believe this woman was genuinely a child.

Cat wasn't the battle-hardened warrior her mother was, she didn't have the ability to diagnose a newcomer's skill based on auditory noises, but she could tell this child was trained, more than likely some sort of residual faction of the league of shadows---but that was an assumption.

The normally hostile Cardinal of Darkness relaxed however upon gazing upon the famed "Jewel of the Matriarch" first worn and crafted by her mother which eventually found it's way to Zeon. Now, this child was here warning her about Zeon's return holding the very necklace she hoped she'd one day be able to wear.

"I don't know who you are, but you've come to the wrong Liafador. I don't have any powers. I gave them up to protect my family...but if Zeon is coming back to hurt us. I will fill that role until the true heir is old enough. I will protect my family. I will Avenge my mother." She said taking a step closer to retrieve the necklace. "Who are you?"

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Her eyes broke away from Catalina when she learned of her lacking the powers she hoped would be enough to slay the former Matriarch. “He was right.” she whispered to herself. The Raysh Al Shaytan spoke of the Liafador lacking the power they once held. But she only assumed it was because of both Ziccarra and Zeon’s death. It was far more than that. Once powerful Liafadors, no longer had the power of the Cardinal Gods. But her sapphire eyes looked up at Catalina once more when she was asked a question. One she never had asked before. No one had ever asked who she was, it was a strange questions, because not even she knew the answer “I do not have a name.” she began, the name not phasing her as she pulled down her hood that was once covering the upper portion of her face, but kept the lower portion of her mask on. “But…” She hesitated, telling her of where she came from, but she knew, in order to build any form of trust… she needed to give information, no matter how dangerous it was for her. “I am a member of the Order of Sancta Camisia. I was sent to The Pit by my Master to retrieve items that are of importance to your family. I do not know his reasoning for it. But I’ve been having these visions, and I couldn’t ignore them anymore. So I left my Master to find you.” She knew if her master found her here, he would undoubtedly kill her. But the woman in her vision scared her more than he did.

The moment she took the Necklace from her hand, she then began to take off the sack that was strapped to her back, laying it upon the ground. “An Avenger of your status is going to need a weapon worthy of such a feat.” she knelt down before the bag and carefully unzipped it. She pulled out an item that was wrapped in a cloth, a weapon, a sword by the look of it. She dared not unwrap it as she held it up to Catalina. “I think your mother would want you to have this.”

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The Matriarch's necklace, when Ziccarra overthrew the Patriarchy this became a symbol of the power Liafador woman carried, it since been the source of constant struggle within the family. Her mother abdicated the power to Zeon, but what was supposed to be a prosperous rule under the watchful eyes of the White Cardinals turned into a reality TV show. One that unofficially ended with the Spanish Revolution, and officially with Zeon's "death".

"I-I never thought I'd ever get a chance to hold this in my hands" Her brow furrowed at the site of the necklace, it was masterfully crafted. Laced with real diamonds and pearls, any regular person would immediately see the value, but to Cat, this thing was as evil as Zeon herself.

Without hesitation, the De facto leader of the Liafador Family reared back and chucked the heirloom into the Daytonville bay. "No more Matriarchs, just a family...living our lives." She said turning to finally make eye contact with the youth.

"Did you just say you got this from the pit?" Her jaw nearly unhinges, The Goddess-to be knew nothing of the OSC, but she did know what it was like to complete the pit, just who was this child?

The shock hadn't worn off until the child presented 'Medusa's head' the blade Ziccarra used as a Goddess, however, it didn't quite shine like it once did. The power of Shira was gone, Cat would have to harness the power of Shira's sister.

"The power that once surged through these weapons is gone. I will have to awaken my Goddess to use them the right way. But you, you should stay with us. Trust me I know a few things about a broken home and not having a name is a pretty good indicator."

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I don't want to bring harm to your family
I don't want to bring harm to your family

Her eyes widen in shock as they followed the necklace into the bay. “As you wish” She spoke softly, unsure of what this meant for the Liafador family. Question was then her trials in The Pit, she could see the look of almost shock at the news. The Pit was a difficult process for the young lost cardinal, but her lifetime of training as well as going in with equipment gave her the advantage she would need to win.

She simply gave a nod of her head as Catalina took the blade but then the unthinkable happened. Her head jerked back a bit at Catalina’s proposal. Stay with the Liafadors? Or what was left of them anyways. “I…” she was taken back, why would she want her to stay with them? Why would she trust her? She didn’t know her, she didn’t know the things she had done. But could she really go ‘home’? Back to the Raysh Al Shaytan? No. She couldn’t. Her plan was just to travel in shadows around the world and hope she could avoid The Order of Sancta Camisia for the rest of her life, which she knew was an unrealistic plan. “I don't want to bring harm to your family, I don't want The Raysh Al Shaytan to hurt you, because of me."

She began pulling other items from the bag. A mask, a shield and a bow, and began to lay them carefully upon the ground. “I found these around your mother’s body as well.” They were weapons of a warrior and in the right hands, could slay even Gods. But she couldn't help but wonder... did Catalina have the soul of a warrior to use these weapons to their fullest potential? "You said the true heir was too young to rule..." she began to ask with curiosity. "Who do you believe is the true heir to the family?"

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"My family has always been ruled by the most ambitious people, My Great Grandfather, My Grandfather, My mother; and my cousin Zeon." Cat explained dropping her hands down to her waist.

"But I think we need a new establishment, a new order. One that isn't built on espionage and murder, and maybe one built on...uh...truth...justice and the way of the quail, I don't fricken know, but sh!t needs to change. The only way to promote change is to have Tassi be the leader of this family. And she will if it's the last thing I do."

Cat's eyes returned to the sword, it was beautiful like her mother; but the usual energy it emitted had long since diminished. "I gotta get this baby shinning again," she said only half listening to the young ward's warning of Raysh Al Shaytan's wrath.

"Listen, sweetie, judging from your get up I'm assuming this Raysh guy is some sort of assassin type deal. I've fought aliens, gods, monsters and my own family for crying out loud. I'm not at all worried about a guy with a shinobi complex." The name did sound oddly familiar, but Cat was busy tending to Tassi when her very own sister Maya was running with the league. She wasn't aware of the dangers she easily dismissed.

"I'm not going to get on my knees and beg you to stay, but there's power in numbers. Should you decide you want a moderately decent meal. You know where we are." She said, bending to scan the rest of Ziccarra's weapons.

"Now, if you'll excuse me. I have a Goddess to awaken."

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The five year old? That was to be the next family leader? She would be the next generation of power and the way the Liafador’s affected the world, the world was going to be held in her hands one day. She was going to want to be on good terms with a family of power. Even if it was a ways away.

She looked away from Catalina for a moment as she began walking away. Weighing the pros and cons of living with the Liafadors. Right now they were anything but a family of power. Catalina was the sole Liafador in charge with no allies at the moment. There was no family wealth, there was no family political power or even public fame like what Maya used to bring in for them. It was just the eldest of the family in charge.

But if she was with them, she could eventually become close to the family and gain trust and possibly favor from them. If she survived Zeon, if she survived her master. This was a matter of survival and her best survival would be making allies, starting with Catalina.

She took a deep breath and quickly made her way to Catalina’s side. She didn’t say a word and kept a watchful eye and ear to their surroundings. This was the beginning of either a new life or the end of it.

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Fareeha Island

More Cardio
More Cardio


The legend of the "Prize Fighter" was lost in the common era, back before the evolution of man, the Goddess Faore would only assist in conflict if there were some sort of reward for herself, many of the early humans would offer tithes for Faore's services to which they eventually dubbed her "The Prize Fighter".

Much like Shira was synced to her mother, Faore's actions were dictated by Catalina; right now she fought her the ultimate the reward the well being of her daughter.

Leaving Tassi and No Name wasn't ideal, but she held on to the merit that the assassin was trained enough to handle anything that could potentially mean them harm. Maricela was Cat's primary concern, the Lavaliere was somehow broadcasting its location, and placing the unsuspecting Liafador directly in harm's way.

There was no doubt in Cat's mind that Mari could handle herself, but at that moment she felt weird it was as if; something compelled her to protect her only child.

Sprinting to the bridge, Catalina caught Mari just before she was about to leap into the ocean. "Mari! No! Stop!" she screamed starling the young woman.

"Jesus mom you scared me, I was about to go all Queen of the South on your ass" she quickly snapped.

"You can't go into the water, somethings coming..." She said pointing toward the nervous sky. Huge streaks of what looked like electricity penetrate the clouds above.

"What's coming...and...what the eff have you always had muscles?" Mari asked squeezing Cat's biceps.

"Adios Mio, just go home! Tassi and No Name will need you there to protect them."

Mari nodded before disappearing in a crimson glow. The winds around Cat begin to pick up, the hurricane-like winds nearly pushed her to the ground, but she held firm to maintain her balance.

Down below the violent waves crash against the pier, the unsettled ocean would make finding the mind lavaliere arduous however for the time being it was the safest place for it.

In the distance she could make out a shriek followed by an explosion that illuminate the darkness. The wind carried a fuel truck into a nearby gas station sending tendrils of fire across the avenue.

Sprinting again, Cat dashed toward the scene with the intent on saving as many people as she could.

"All this running...need...more...cardio..." she gasped breaking for a few seconds to catch her breathe.

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She made no effort to disguise her approach.

To her mind, there was no point in doing so. By all accounts, the goddess who had challenged and defeated both the Ancient One and his Destructor had not been heard from for some time, and the rogue Destructor herself now housed the mind of Nordok. This had left the planet of Sol-3, known more colloquially as "Earth," stripped bare of its greatest defenses. A certain degree of arrogance was the hallmark of the upper echelons of the Abyssal Imperium, and Baerda, current bearer of the title of "Daughter of Nordok," wore this arrogance like a mantle of office.

And it called to her. The lavaliere called to her from this world, and she would not be denied, not when the first of her objectives had made itself such an easy target. A storm of negative energy raged about her as her form broke through the atmosphere, announcing her horrendous presence as the fatal bolts began to touch down upon the ground, claiming their first casualties.

She landed on the ground, creating a minor shockwave that only added to the chaos and destruction that had already engulfed her chosen landing zone. The object she sought was close, she could feel its intense energy, tantalizingly within reach. "Humans," her authoritative voice boomed, carried by her minor psychic abilities to the minds of the panicked mob, ensuring that it was heard over the cacophony, "do not pretend you do not know what I seek; there is only one thing on your sad planet worth my time. I know it is close. Bring it to me immediately so that I do not need to waste any further time exterminating you."

Her duranium-alloy spear traced a furrow in the ground in front of her as she swept a dismissive and malevolent gaze over her surrounding. Idly, she wondered why the Imperium bothered with as many covert operations here; the natives were clearly of no consequence on the greater cosmic stage, and once the lavaliere had been claimed, it truly would be no different than other other chunk of worthless rock floating through the void.

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Like a Rope Tumbler, Catalina twirled the conquistador bull-whip above her head before using it to lasso civilians from the suffocating fires. "I can get the hang of this," She thought, rescuing the last of the stranded civilians. "All of you get out of here, it's not safe outside!" She screamed, but her words fell on death ears as the extra-terrestrial ship split the atmosphere momentarily snagging the attention of the survivors.

"Hey! I said go! yall act like the planet hasn't been invaded before!" Cat screamed once again working the group into a panic. Despite her best efforts to save everyone, the murderous bolts of electricity crash into the streets ending the lives of many. "Damn..." She gasps before holding her head something was transmitting a message telepathically; it hurt only because Cat wasn't used to having telepathic immunity. Despite her mental security, the news came through albeit with static.

"This is a hell of a first day on the job," she thought before moving to intercept the source. As she moved her mind instantly thought back to Mari and Tassi, they'd built a quiet life here in Daytonville, but now it seemed as if that was coming to an end. She wore the face, the armor and the stature of her mother it was only a matter of time before she was prosecuted for crimes she didn't commit.

Lightning zigzag across the wary sky before releasing The Prize Fighter from its grip. Cat stood Raxius shield in hand, her mother's legendary medusa's head in the other looking like "The Goddess" of old.

"I'm sorry, lady you missed out on our travel package, now get back in your trash compactor and get the hell off my planet." Cat threatened, shifting from her usual humorous nature to that of a more serious one. If this woman were able to continue these devastating bolts of electricity Cat would need help, she couldn't fight and save lives at the same time.

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Baerda turned with a sadistic smirk as Cat addressed her. "Your planet, is it? Your world seems to go through deities at a very fast rate. It seems that what I've heard about humans was correct: they prefer quantity over quality."

Eschewing any further banter, she launched herself at Cat, crackling negative energy gathering about the point of her spear as she leveled it at the other woman's heart and telekinetically threw herself forward like a living missile.The "Daughter" of the Ancient One was given to neither patience or negotiation; she simply sought to complete her mission as quickly and destructively as possible.

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Fahad al-Saba
Fahad al-Saba

There was an explosion northwest of his perch on the Adonis gym rooftop. He had just ended a call with his mother about arriving to her client dinner. He promised to show with an hour and a half to kill before it started. Nothing this alarming had popped in Fareeha for a minute. Petty crimes and the usual firestarter, but nothing as explosive as this.

Fahad al-Saba flung his arm creating a swath of water from thin air. It snaked towards the explosion, reaching the gas station roughly a mile away picking up in volume and pressure. The sound of cascading water rose in temperature as the young man leaped on the current of water. Surfing on the water through the air at 80 miles Fahad prepared a technique to start diffusing the fire. Cyan lights snaked across his arms like a neon tattoo.

Before he broke into the fire he culled the steam created from his collide with the raging fire. Focusing the liquid he carved a bubble strong enough to barrier the fire. He slipped through the bubble and expanded it's circumference, spreading his arms wide. Past his bubble and through the fire, Fahad could hear the thunder and boom of a super battle taking place.

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@mr__mercury: @daughter_of_nordok:

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"It's not really..." Before the Prize Fighter could finish her sentence the woman fired herself like a missile toward the Liafador Legacy, acting on pure instinct Catalina pulled her Raxius shield in front allowing it to take the full blunt of the impact.

The force along with the power of the negative energy sent the raven-haired Goddess plowing through the Daytonville Streets her body dug a trench along the sidewalk before coming to a stop with pain shocks of negative energy surging through her body.

"Fu..." she grunted rising to her feet, in her peripheral view she made out a man working diligently to put out the flames. She wasn't alone, which was good she believed herself to be the only hero on Fareeha Island. "Alright, let's body this b!tch" Taking hold of her shield the Catalan Countess sheathed her blade before crafting to circular disk of psionic energy, not as focused as her mother used to craft but potent enough to get the job down.

Catalina tossed both of the disk toward the alien, but then quickly followed suit behind them with her shield leaping in the air the Sister of Isis sought to finish her combo by chucking her shield at the alien while airborne, all the while using her psionic energy to enhance herself so she could attempt an aerial drop kick.

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"Mari go?" Tassi screamed sitting on the couch with No Name. She was ordered to stay and watch the two girls, but as panic and chaos reach a fever pitch on the outside she actually feared for the safety of Catalina--her mother.

"I have to Tassi, mom, uh Cat just woke the Goddess, she doesn't know how to fully use those powers yet. I have to get to her. No Name, take care of Tassi if you two get in trouble. I give you my permission to..." Mari glance over at Tassi then back to No Name.

"Just make sure you guys stay together. No matter the cost" She said drawing a line across her neck. Mari's body digitally teleported away, and soon she joined her mother and the other unnamed hero on Fareeha Island.

The sound of her mother plowing into the pavement cause her to flinch, but just as soon as the Prize Fighter was knocked down she was back up and on the attack. "Focus" she whispered to herself before making a move on water powered hero dowsing the fires with water.

"Hey, there's a stone at the bottom of the sea. It's what they're here for. We have to get and take it out of the city!"

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@catalina_liafador: @eclipso:


It was not often a foe survived her opening attack, much less managed to mount a defense against it. That was, after all, why she generally used it as an opening attack. This one, however, had managed to not only get her shield into place in time to absorb the bone-jarring impact, but also managed to respond with a multi-tiered counterattack. Perhaps the humans had higher standards for their gods than she gave them credit for.

Any further musings would have to wait, however, as she was now forced onto the defensive, herself. Her negatively charged polearm twirled like a baton as she swept aside the first psychic disc, and then the second. As she deflected the shield using her weapon's shaft, however, she over-committed and took the force of Cat's drop-kick center-of-mass. An undignified grunt was driven from her lungs as she toppled backwards, managing to hold onto her weapon with one hand and dig the fingers of the other into the asphalt as though it were loose soil, checking her momentum.

As she pushed herself to her feet, her narrowed eyes glimpsed the other hero who had arrived on scene, and was diligently working to undo her own handiwork while she was otherwise occupied. That simply would not do. Baerda once again erupted into a flurry of action, flinging her spear with all her superhuman strength towards Fahad while once agin launching herself at Catalina, this time attempting to drop her primary opponent with a flurry of haymaker punches.

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Clearing space to breathe and move in the explosion, Fahad listened through the roar of the fire for life. The two super powered beings fighting would cause more destruction and he had to move the innocent people from the skirmish. A man burst into Fahad's sight, screaming. The water manipulator smothered the man's in cooling water making steam effuse from his visibly charred body. The macabre image sent a jolt through Fahad's heart. "We need an!--" He knew he was the best help that man would have at the moment, but not the most qualified. Kneeling to the man's side he watched as the man examined his charred hand. His eyes rolled to the back of his head. The pain. The shock. Both. Whatever it was caused him to faint. He slipped water down the man's throat to keep him hydrated and level his fluid. He needed professional medical attention. First he had to clear the fire.

The Fareeha native turned into a sentient fire extinguisher launching water from his palms at a powerful 600 pounds per square inch. Blasting fire into steam and pushing forward towards the fuel tank. He pushed the water pressure into the tank until it was full and leaking water. Dousing the vehicle completely with water until only smoke and steam rose into the sky. The two super fighters were clear in sight with the fire partially cleared and it put a target on his back. "Is that Ziccarra Liafador?" It was her costume, but something looked different about the infamous woman to Fahad. He snapped out of his startruck moment and ran back into action blasting the remaining fire with water pressure.

"Hey, there's a stone at the bottom of the sea. It's what they're here for. We have to get and take it out of the city!"

"What?" Fahad saw a dark-haired girl appear into view. "Get out of he--" A powerful object slammed into Fahad's ribs and spiked his body to the ground. Broken ice shattered all around him as dark energy sparks surged his impact point. It was a paralyzing pain that put his entire left side into an uncomfortable stasis. Fahad struggled to move his body to get on his feet and defend himself from another attack. Using the push of water, Fahad got on his feet with his left side limp. His left arm looked asleep hanging at his side.


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@eclipso: @daughter_of_nordok:

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Cat's drop kick landed perfectly, she execute an aerial recovery which allowed her to land cleanly on the balls of her feet. "Slowly, getting the hang of this" She mentally applauded, before realizing the other hero had been joined by.

"MARICELA!!!" Cat wailed her voice defaulting to her Iberian Inflection, her boisterous voice alone sending ripples through the Fareeha Island roads.

"Pense que te habia dicho que te quedaras en la casa con las chicas!" She screamed in her native tongue; though she completely forgot Mari didn't understand a lick of Spanish. Before the Prize Fighter could move to collect her daughter, the alien's spear smashed into the water manipulators rib causing him to collapse to the ground.

"Oh sh!" She nearly finished, but the alien was quick as ever; strong focused strikes met with Cat's olive toned jaw, each strike more punishing than the last. Blood erupt from the mouth of the Prize-Fighter spilling across the battle scarred pavements, she took 5 of Baerda's strikes, before stumbling backward. Catching her footing the Prize Fighter dropped to a knee before placing her now swollen eyes back on Baerda.

"I'm going to beat your ass.." she spat visibly perturbed at Baerda's previous assaults. Channeling her mental energy, Catalina sought to freeze Baerda with her telepathy for just a moment, long enough for The Prize Fighter's Raxius shield to close the distance between them and make contact with Baerda's jaw.

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@catalina_liafador: @eclipso:

Contrary to what the title might lead one to surmise, the "Daughter" of Nordok was simply a title; it did not denote a direct descendency from the Ancient One. They were, however, hand-picked by the cosmic demon-god for their ruthless and sadistic nature, beings willing to sacrifice anything resembling positive emotion for the power to indulge in their most vicious desires. Baerda enjoyed this indulgence to the fullest, as her psychic abilities picked up the waves of pain emanating from Fahad as her spear struck home.

Her focus was soon absorbed by her battle with Cat, however, as a surge of malevolent satisfaction permeated her body with each connecting hit. Her brow arched in a twisted sense of respect when her opponent not only took all her hits, but regained her footing and went on a counterattack. She grinned at the other woman's taunt and moved to dodge the shield aimed at her jaw...only to have her body refuse to obey.

What is- was all she had time to think before the titanic blow connected with her mandible. Even with her considerable durability, pain raced through her system as her head snapped back and her body followed, launching her head-over-heels to land some distance away, where she collided with terra firms in a bone-jarring impact. Even as her head still swam from the blow, her hands pressed the the ground, attempting to push her into at least a semi-upright position.

"That was a mistake, Earth goddess," she grunted, spitting dirt. Even as she fought to regain her physical equilibrium, she reached out with her own telekinesis and sought to grip the spear that had wounded Fahad, and send it streaking towards Catalina. "Two can play at that game!"

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