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Magneto Would you destroy all just to kill me?

Gambler Of course I would.

And with those finally words Gambler set in motion events he could have never foreseen. The explosion caused a rift in reality that affected thee entire Comicvine and those around it.

This rpg takes place in an alternate timeline set in the future. One in which Magneto and Gambler are both dead and many question are left unanswered.

The VV are no longer the ultimate power, the N.A.O. have established peace and justice, the LoD are nothing more then a small band of villains led by D-Man.

No Auto-Hits

No God-Moding

Non Controlled Characters can be made but also killed.

Normal Rules Apply


This is a story rpg. Create a world in which the heroes have peace and the villains are scattered. Switch it up a bit, have your powers grown? Or maybe you've lost a couple, its up to you. Describe how you are in this new timeline. And so begins:

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Post Deleted.

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A lovely woman walks down a long stone path lined with roses, her red shaw blowing in the wind behind her, her crown sparkling in the moon. She kneels down in front of a large tombstone, it is the finally resting place of the man known as Magneto, her father.

Tears begin to form in her eyes as her head hangs low.

"We need you father. The VV are lost and without a leader, please come back.....please."

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Constantine stood on a high cliff top his hair and coat blowing in the wind he was listening to the Gorrilaz and playing wit his lighter.

he spat his ciggerette out and trod on it taking in a breath of fresh air, he turned away from the edge but when he was in the little cottage he could still hear and smell the sea.

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Mantid's ran through the forest at his full speed. He was quick, making no sound. He leaped up and his feet touched down on a branch. Mantid strated to climb up. He was at the top of the tree. The forest was beautiful. He could see miles and miles of green. A lake was near. Mantid leaped down on the ground and went to sit on a nearby rock.

"I think that's about enough excersise for today"

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naruto was training like usual he finished his jutsu training and kunai training and then he was just running in a forest thinking back what happened in the past the death of magento and gambler. he remember that day like it happened 5 mintues ago gambler killed magento and him self now naruto is wondering who has control over the vine villains. then naruto continues running
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Constantine light another cigerette and turned off his ipod he looked up from the table and for a brief second thought.

who the hells house is this ?

but then his cousin bashed through the door holding cups of tea on a tray.

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Zaraki sat with his head hanging from the weight of all the chains and locks around his neck and body. He breathed heavily, his spirit powers weakened over time. A dim beam of light broke through the bars of his prison cell. The door swung back and Zaraki raised his eyes.

"We have kept you down here for a long time. I can sense that your powers have slowly faded." The plesant voice seemed more a purr than a growl. "Has the darkness faded yet? Are you back to your old self?"

"If you what you are trying to ask is, 'Have you gotten control over your inner Holllow?', then my answer is step closer and find out for yourself."

She stepped forward, her face just short of the beams of light that burned into his masked face. A hand reached out and rubbed against his cheek. He felt the familar touch and sighed. His smile was like a wolf looking at another from it's pack.

"Maybe soon I will get to see you again."

"Not if I have anything to say about it." Only one voice spoke through the mask's mouth, and it wasn't Zaraki's.

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WeatherMan sat on a rooftop, flipping his scythe around in his hands. This reality was much different from his own, but at least he was still the same in every plane of the universe. The good had ruled and the Vine Villains were completely torn apart. He looked around the busy metropolis once more. Streets full of people running, phones kept ringing, horns beeping, traffic jams...

"I want to destroy..."

"We must not interfere. We are Death, we only carry the dead souls to their judgement." - mortal and immortal souls were once again in a struggle.

"You know I will win again. I have emotions, you don't." - mortal side was right, the things he felt allowed him to conquer the rest of himself. As he stood up, he pointed his hand to the sky and a thunderbolt, more powerful than any before it, ripped the skies apart, and struck in the middle of the street, making a huge explosion. The skyscraper that WeatherMan was on began to crackle and slowly fall apart, like a house of cards, burying thousands within itself.

"Looks like we shall have a busy day today. Let's get to it."


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Mantid took a look around. Trees were the only thing that surrounded him. Him lifted his arms to the sides, and started to levitate. All of a sudden he was gone. In the sky. Mantid went at almost the speed of light. He stopped in the air, and looked down on the city. It was too calm. He started to go down and landed on a building to have a better look.

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Scott took a cup of tea and rank it slowly, he felt sorry for his cousin her husband died, her son has died now it was just her it had only happened a few months before, they both died in a brutal attack, and now his cousin had to put up with him. she should visit her other cousin and his family he had alot of children now, and that would cheer her up. He finished his cup of tea and stood up.

"thanks for having me cissy, hope to see you soon, and i'm sorry" he picked up his coat and went outside, when he closed the door he could hear the muffled sounds of her sobs. He picked up his shovel, took one last breath in from the sea and set off into he forest.

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Power crackled down her arms, flickering on each digit of her hands. With just her will she could shape that power into a glowing scimitar that could slice through flesh, bone and anything else in its way. She could twist the world around her into a swirling, writhing wormhole. She could see the future and manipulate the world around her. So why couldn't she find him? With a frustrated huff, she snapped her hand closed, shutting off the plasma she'd been playing with.

Lifting eyes like liquid sapphires, Nancy stared around the tiny bedroom she had on campus and arranged her features to be those of the English teacher, rather than the VisionScape. Her itchy tweed suit hugged her hips and shoulders as she marched out and down to her first class where the girls would all be waiting.

"So," she said as she swung the door open, "who thinks MacBeth is a villain?"

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I don't know where they are please......I haven't been a member in years.

The silver of the blade gleamed in the light and a sisnister grin came over Wild Cards face.

"Then what good are you."

Wait NOo.........

His voice was cut off as the blade plunged into his neck.

Pulling a piece of paper out from his pocket Wild Card checked off another name.

Jesse James: deceased

Killgrave: deceased

Dark Alpha: deceased

Wild Card placed a folder on the kitchen table, he wanted them to know he was coming for them. And death followed with him.

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Liverwurst sits alone, drawing something, in the ruins of Magneto's mansion, he has been starving himself and is only kept alive by his immortality. His powers have grown and he is now strong enough to fight back against the NAO. He is now invulnerable and his strength has grown to amazing levels, he now also has the ability to re-channel energy.

"All this power and it's still too late to save them. I wonder, would Gambler still have done it if he knew what would happen, what the NAO would become? The VV have been annihalated, The NAO are in charge now and the villains are un-organized and unable to create the anarchy we need to seize control. But, if this works, the NAO will fall."

His drawing is done and he holds it up, it's an emblem that says New Vine Villains.

"If the NVV is going to challenge the NAO, we need members."

He flies off into the sky.
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She stood outside the prison cells area and looked at the guard's monitor. Zaraki tried to stand in his cell and the restriction coils blazed with life as they shocked him back to his knees. The zap lasted several seconds and caused the power for the prison to kick to the generators. The ceiling lights dimmed and flickered as it struggled not to let the prison go dark.

"Please Z, fight this, for us both." The woman covered her mouth watched the monitor in silence.

As Zaraki fell to his knees the mouth on his mask opened and a cloud of smoke poured from mouth. His breathing was ragged and raspy as he leaned back.

"Mind mender, body broken and heart's shattered. Healing Kidou 20." Zaraki grunted as parts of his mask began to crumble.

A pale light surrounded Zaraki and his wounds seemed to fill and mend. THe mask slowly began to gain it's old form, but not completely. The kidou ran out of power as the mask's cheeks began to heal. From the point where the mask's nose was and down was no longer covered. The white bone mask hung losely around his eyes and shook weakly.

"Guh...." The room went dark around Zaraki as he fainted, the small beam of light burning weakly into his back.

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The room was dark. It contained a single large dark window, sitting directly in front if the throne. A loyal servant stood over the shoulder of D-Man, patiently awaiting his command.

D-Man sat in the darkness on a throne that had seen better days. D-Man was not who he had used to be, his appearance was different, always wrapped in the darkness of his spirit. D-Man had reached his peak, he had become much more powerful than before. He and his spirit had become one, no longer able to be separated, sharing a single mind. He was clad in robes and wore a large hood, taking on the with the appearance of a sort of holy man.

D-Ma looked out of the window onto his domain, the LOD did not have much anymore, not after the death of Gambler. Anger flared in the back of D-Man's mind, BOOM!! he banged his fist against the chair startling the servant. He and his legion had been reduced to this, a small fortress on a desecrated plot of land.

D-Man had a revelation, today would be the start of a new beginning.

Servant, bring me a glass of wine, I must toast to the occasion D-Man said.

Yes my excellency
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As Wanda wept rain started to fall and thunder cracked in the distance. As she rose to her feet energy started to swirl around her hands and her eyes turned black like a shark.


The voice came from behind her, it was deep and stern.

This is not the way. Its to unstable and you know it.

She turned to see her brother, the once and mighty Quicksilver, now only a shell of what he used to be. Crippled in a battle against would be leaders after the death of his father he was now confined to a wheel chair.

Wanda walked over and set her head in his lap.

"What are we going to do Pietro?"

I don't know Wanda.......I don't know.
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His heart beat softly in his ears.


Now he could feel the lead like limbs and the smells of his singed clothes and skin.


His mind echoed the words around, his breath fighting to get to his lungs.


His eyes tore open and he was staring at the ceiling of his cell. The heavy chains and yoke pressing down against him, the sun beating against his face.

Against my face?

A hand rubbed against his cheek, and a warm salty tear landed on his forehead.

"The mask."

"Gone Z." The voice sounded surprised at first to have heard his voice.

"The voice?"

"You tell me Z."

"Lucy, your voice is the only one I can hear."

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Constantine walked through the forest thinking about his family, his father dead, but that was ages ago, his cousins husband dead and her son, then there was a crack of a branch. Scott looked around.

"whos theyow woah" Constantine was sliding down a tunnel he put his hands out trying to get up "hey my shovel" but his hands burnt and anything he tried to do tto stop himself hurt to much then he felt leaves pat his legs and he was plunged into darkness.

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Spectrums chateu lay west of Marsailles in France. His deal was done with death or atleast most of it, he had wreaped the rewards of killing of Gambler. It had not been fun. He had learned the when Death kills he does not get the same va-va-voom as sticking the sword thorugh the heart of causeing the heart attack, he cleans up the mess gathers the pieces of soul, if theres any left, and transports them to, well somethings Spectrum hadnt been able to squeez out of death.

The 16th century Chateu was gorgeus. Blood coloured carpets rant rhough the hallways of the vast expanse of the building. Portraits of those poeples Spectrum had taken hung on the grey brick walls. Alein suits of armour adorned the corners aswell as exotic plants and ancient vases.

Spectrum stalked down the hallway. His footsteps muffled by the lush carpets. His silver left hand reflected the light from the candles mounted on the walls. The two stones set in it flicker purple and blue. He loved his life. He loved the fact he had out smarted death, but knew not to count his chickens before they hatch, the plan was not yet complete. The players were in place, only afew adjustments needed to be made.

He arrived at a massive mahogany door bolted by iron cast bars and locks. With a flick of his wrist they began to unravel and the door clicked opened with a small click. Spectrum walked through and the door. It closed behind him with the same small clickand then the licks slithered back into place, lock and secure.

Spectrums footsteps now clatered of the walls. There was no carpet on this spiral staircase it was as cold as the black stone wall adjecent to it. Reaching the end of the steps a Spectrum arrived to a small room. Spectrum continued down the the hallway. It was longer then it was wide. As Spectrum walked down the cold stone floor the candles flickered into life as he past revealing cold iron bars and cells. There were three either side of the room, six in total their prisoners soundless. Spectrum stopped at the end of the room. Standing at the wall he stood loking at the cold stone. Their was a sound of metal rubbing off metal and slithering chains and in a moment the wall receeded into a small alcove.

The light of the cnadles barley reached this part of the dungeon. There he lay in his golden chains.

"Golden chains" Spectrum smirked "Only the best for the Man of Steel."

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The wind blew gently through the air, and tossed around Cryo-Wolf's fur lightly. Cryo walked gently on marble floors, light reflecting his image in the carved stone. Everything was bright, there seemed to be no shadow anywhere. He stopped at a balcony and turned, facing the sky around him. Cryo didn't know how high up he was, he had lost track over the last few years. It seemed like he could see the whole world, right beneath his feet. A young woman came walking up to him. She placed her hand on his arm. "Brother, we are meeting soon."

Cryo looke up into the girl's eyes. She looked no more than 12, but Cryo knew she was one of the oldest in this place. He smiled slightly, revealing his canines,"Of course, Artemis. I'll be there in a moment." She smiled and ran off for the Council room. Cryo breathed in the air and stood up, walking down one of the many winding halls of Olympus.

It had been many years since Magneto had fallen, and the NAO had establishe peace in the world. However, Close to that time, Cryo's Father, Poseidon, had to step down as God of the Sea. He chose Cryo to take his place, and Cryo accepted. He now had all of his father's powers, as well as having FrostBite imbue with the power's of his Father's Trident. In adition to becoming the God of the Sea, he had become the patron God of Animals, along with Artemis.

Cryo walked into the giant room, filled with seats in the shape of a U around a pool of water. Cryo sat down in his seat, as the others sat in their's. Cryo leaned to his right, his head on his hand. How he found these meetings boring.

"Welcome, Brothers and Sisters," Zeus began, like he did every meeting,"There are some issues we need to discuss." Cryo could almost mouth out the words as Zeus said them. He turned to Cryo and said,"Scott, would you please." He gestured to the pool in the middle of them all. Cryo leaned forward and tapped the water, causing it to ripple and form an image on its glassy surface. It was of some crisis in the world, and Zeus began discussing it with some of the Gods it would concern.

Then, a feeling rose in Cryo's stomach. He read the feeling as if it was a book. It was about the NAO, and something was going to happen, he could feel it. He looked over at Apollo, the God of prophecy, and knew he alreay knew what it would be. Cryo got up and walked out of the council room, hearing the words of shock coming from the other Gods.

In Cryo's quarters, he was gathering the things he had needed. His Trident, FrostBite, which he diguised as a necklace around his neck, and a few pieces of ambrosia disguised as candy bars and a bottle of nectar disguised as soda. He ha put on normal clothes, since he could not walk around on earth wearing God-like Robes. He began walking out in jeans, sneakers, and a blue t-shirt, holding his bag over his shoulder. A small hand grabbed his arm. Cryo closed his eyes and turned, knowing who it was.

"Don't do this." Artemis said,"Whatever is happening with the NAO, they can handle it. You'll be mortal again." Cryo stare back into her silver eyes, oh how they looked like the full moon in a clear night sky. "I have to. They're my team. My son is in that team, I can't let him get hurt." Cryo pulled his arm from Artemis. "I'm sorry. This is something I have to do."

Cryo turned and walked toward a balcony, where he jumped off the side of Olympus, plummeting toward the World below.

Cryo touched down in his human form, kneeling on the sand of a beach. He could feel his immortality leaving him, and felt the same as he did in the NAO. He appearing as a 34 year old, the right age he should've been on Earth. He had left the NAO when he was 20 to become the God of the Sea. During those 14 years, he had watched over his son, Lunick, as he grew under the tutelage of his mother and Cryo's wife, Moonchild. He was on a Beach in Cape Cod, Massachusetts. His old house was near here. He had always wanted to live near the ocean. He began walking, the sand shifting with each step, along the beach toward his house.

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Constantine felt terrible pain all over his body. And whewn he opened his eyes there was pitch blck apart from a beam of light coming in from were he fell in. He heard a sliding of something and then he saw Mr.shovel then there was more terrible pain, the shovel had landed on his leg.

"arrrggh" scott tried to muffle his cries by putting his fist in his mouth. He pushed off his shovel and stood up where was he ? he put his palm out and a ball of light shpot out getting bigger and bigger as it went to the middle of the room. As Scott looked around he could see the rooms were all gold with strange markings on as he got closer he realised the writing on it was Deasend but the style of the room was definately not made from Deasendians, he brushed some dust off the writing and read aloud.

"the seekers of here are ridden for this place is forbidden" his voiced echoed round the room except it sounded more sickly and death like. there was a sound of rushing and opening then there was about ten feelings of fleshbeing pierced and he hit the wall oppossite the last sight he saw was two arrows in his chest, one in his arm, three in his leg and one in his stomach. from the feeling there was an arrow in his head and another two in his back.

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WeatherMan was long gone from the place where his thunder brought an untimely demise to thousands of people. It was all over the news, and that was exactly how WeatherMan wanted it to be. People were in panic, shock, distress and most notably fear.

"Feels good doesn't it? Haven't had a day like this since the NAO was fighting the VV back in the other universe." - WeatherMan asked himself. Death was indeed busy this day. Suddenly a new mortal presence alerted their ever vigilant mind. They felt this almost every second, a new child being born, but this wasn't a new child. A God walked off of his post. Cryo stepped away from Olympus. After throwing the last souls into the judgment chamber, WeatherMan appeared on the Olympus.

"Knock, knock" - the sun had vanished, in exchange dark clouds and high winds came to disturb the Gods, the music stopped playing almost simultaneously. Someone's glass fell out of their hands and broke, everyone's eyes widened on the dark and shadowy image that stood at the gates of Olympus. His hands were nothing but bone, covered with grisly colors and deathly hues. Chilly winds tickled everyones spine as Death floated over the line of the gates. Everyone trembled, as his skinny and pointy finger stretched, pointing at all of them. Death now became a giant ghost that hovered above them all in it's ragged coat.

"Get out of here, or I swear I will..." a powerful voice of a woman tried to break through, she unsheathed her sword.

"You will what?" - not letting her finish the sentence, a black and ghostly scythe appeared out of thin air in front of her, cutting the sword in half. The scythe then slashed at Apollo as she screamed, flying backwards with a huge cut in her arm.

"Deeeeeaaaaath!" - with a high pitched and vile scream, WeaherMan unleashed his power on all of the inhabitants of Olympus in a life consuming shock wave. As he began vanishing, nobody managed to stand up and fight back. Evil broke the door off the hinges and whirled into the place of good, sending a clear message in two black, flaming letters that hung in the middle of the atrocious picture.



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The weatherbeaten blue house that stood in front of Cryo looked like the perfect house to raise a family in. It was, even though Cryo had missed all of it. He walked up the wooden staircase to the small back yard about 8 feet above the beach, and walked along a stone pathway to the back door. He breathe in deeply and breathed out, trying to work up enough courage to do what he was about to do. He raised his hand up against the door, and held it there for a moment, closing his eyes. He finally knocked on the door. The thought of running away crossed his mind, but he quickly dismissed it as the door opened a crack. A familiar voice that Cryo had longed to hear for almost 14 years said,"Hello? Who is it?"

"And old dog." Cryo said amusingly. The woman seemed to recognize the voice, as the door opened slightly at the sound of it. The door opened fully, showing a native amrican woman in her 30's, with blue streaks flowing through her raven dark hair. She still looked as beautiful as she did 14 years ago. Her light green eyes gleamed at the sight of Cryo as they began to water. "Scott!" She ran and hugged him, ever so tightly. Cryo hugged her back savoring her warmth and affection. He had missed it all these years. "What are you doing here? Shouldn't you be back on Olympus?" She whispered, her head lost on his shoulder. Cryo moved his lips to her ear, whispering back,"I left by choice. Something's about to happen with the NAO, Moonchild, I can feel it."

Moonchild pulle away, both in shock and fear. "But what about Lunick? He's in the NAO, now." Cryo looked down,"I know. That's why I'm here. I couldn't let him get hurt." Moonchild walked into the house. It was set up so the back door lead into the kitchen, and the kitchen connected to the living room to the left. The living room led into a hallway to the bathroom,and then to the entrance hall. In the entrance hall was a staricase leading to the second floor, and to all the bedrooms and the second bathroom.

"Come in." Cryo walked in. It had been awhile since he had seen the inside of the house. Photos hung on the wall, photos he hadn't seen before. He saw one of Lunick with a soccer ball, at his first soccer game. Moonchild saw Cryo looking at the picture and said,"He's alot like you, y'know." She was pouring some iced tea into two glasses. Cryo looked back at Moonchild. She ws by a window over the kitchen sink. The sun shone over her dark hair. It was beautiful. Cryo walked to the table in the kitchen and sat down, laying his bag on the floor. Moonchild brought over the two glasses, and set one by Cryo. "How do you figure?" He asked. Moonchild smiled, trying not to laugh. "Well, for one thing, his powers. He's just like you. I tried to touch him once when he was angry and my hand nearly became an ice cube. And the same with the wolf powers. He's learning to control it." She looked down at the placemat. "He doesn't know who you are."

Cryo was confused,"What do you mean?" Moonchild kept her eyes on the placemat, not wanting to look at Cryo. "He doesn't know you're his father. I've told the team not to tell him what happened to you. He thinks you died before he was born." This was big news to Cryo. "But, hasn't anyone talked about me?" Moonchild nodded, finally looking up at him. "But he doesn't ralize they're talking about his father. He thinks you're just some member of the team that died in battle. He doesn't know that his father is Cryo-Wolf, God of the Sea." Cryo tried to take this all in.

"Where is he now?" He finally managed to get out. "He's in Boston. He goes to the Boston Arts Academy. For his music. His howl is different than yours. It doesn't just howl , it gives him supernatural voice. He can hit a high note better than anyone in the industry. You won't believe how many things he tricked me into buying with his voice. He can tell people what to do."

"What kind of music?" Cryo said, ignoeing the bit about his voice. Moonchild looked at him strangely,"He's a punk rock type of boy. Why does that even matter?" Cryo sighed. "I...just didn't want him to be one of those pop singers, that's all." Moonchild laughed and said,"You're the same as you were 14 years ago."

"Well, you haven't changed a bit. You still remind me of a full moonlit night." Moonchild blushed. She stirred around her iced tea and said, more solemnly,"Promise me you'll take care of him." Cryo looked back into her eyes. "Like you'd even have to ask." Moonchild got up an led Cryo to the adjoining garage, flicking on the light switch. She hand some keys to him and said,"I kept it all these years." In front of them was Cryo's old Camaro, white with blue racing stipes. Cryo smiled an gave Moonchild one last kiss on the cheek. "I'll stay in touch."

He jumped in the car and sped off in the direction of Boston. But, as he was entering the highway, He felt a lump in the back of his throat. He could hear screams of Gos and Goddesses alike, and he felt their pain. The words danced in front of his eyes as if he was in Olympus right then: "VV"

Cryo shook off the vision and kept his eyes on the road. He needed to hurry.
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Wanda had left her brother and now made her way up the long twisting stairs of the VV. Pictures of past members hung on the walls, a reminder of the glory days. Entering one of the many rooms on the upper level Wanda looked around. She took a knife and cut deep into her hand and with the blood drew a circle and sat in the middle of it. Lightning crashed threw the window striking Wanda's palm as she absorbed it.

She began to chant in an accent tongue, words that had not been spoken for many years.

Quicksilver was still outside when the wind began to pick up and the sky began to swirl.

Oh god....WANDA NOOOOOO!!!

The ground began to shake and then for what seemed like an eternity the world went dark.

Wanda collapsed on the floor. When she opened her eyes a shadow of a man stood in the door way.

Father? Is that you? she asked with hope and joy.

"HAHAHAHAHAHA......father........no my dear...."

The shadow stepped forward into the light.

"Not even close."

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Arrow had been on the killers trail since Jesse James, Each death had been more brutal then the next, Arrow ran his hand over the face of killgrave , His pale hand was covered in his old friends blood, Who was doing this and why.

It was true the NAO had made themselfs a target, after the fall of Magneto , taking down the VV where they could some had gone into hiding others had showen themselves and where taken down, It was a long way from the days of old, Killgrave was no longer a member, It made no sense, Arrow ran a hand in his white hair , Each of his red eyes looked over the room for a clue, But nothing, He just kept picking up the same sent as before, "GOD DAMN".

Standing his tunic slid down stoping just above the ground, slowly he walked to the window, The sent had an air of Gambler, but that could not be possible could it, Gentle he looked over at the police placing the body into the bag, "Please treat him as you would your own , He is a good friend" With that Arrow opended the window and climbed onto the roof, Looking out over the city, He considered his options!

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"So who do we think was the vi..." The pulse of dark magic was like a punch to her stomach and Nancy had to grab the corner of her desk to stop from falling over. All colour draining from her cheeks and she panted heavily for several moments as the wave of nausea swept through her.

"Miss?" a chorus of voices called out. "Miss, are you okay?"

"Y... yes..." One hand over her eyes and the other still holding her up, Nancy felt a shiver run through her. "Cl.. class dismissed. Homework on my desk tomorrow morning..."

The girls seemed more than happy to dash out, leaving their teacher to shake violently in their wake. Once she was sure she was alone, she collapsed onto her knees and gagged. Dark magic, she thought. The echoes of the powerful spell tingled against all of her senses. "Who... what have they done?"

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Scott opened his eyes.

im dead he thought and he looked over to the side to see his uncle death itself.

"Sorry Scott but today you come with me" constantine was confused then out of the dark something bright and white appeared his mother venus appeared before him, she ran straight up to her brother and pushed him back.

"my son is not your today" and she held out a hand for scott he took it and stood up he looked at his uncle who growled and dissappeared.

Scott looked down and saw his own dead body and as he thought an arrow was sticking out his head, venus waved her hand and Scott watched as he saw his hand go from ghostly and transparent to human flesh. He felt younger and newer and had no doubt he looked better.

"you were not supposed to be here" and with another wave scott was in Scotland outside his brothers house.

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An alram ran out over his com link, It was Cryo , some one had attacked the gods, Arrow smiled only one person was left with balls that big weather man, The gods could handle him, there was enough of them if you count the new age gods and the old ones and Hades had always wanted to go toe to toe with him, If things got bad the NAO would help out if they where needed.

The sent flew across the air like a womens perfume, Arrows head tilted as he looked left, He had gone to main street, Fliping of the roof he landed on the street and took chase, the man could look like anything but he would have killgraves sent as well, It was hunting time, As he ran the wind pushed on his tunic, His bow was heavy on his back and the hilt of his sword bashed into his hip bone.

But nothing would stop him from catching his man, he was the leader of the Nao and would not watch his men die around him, not like this they deserve better, They where his boys, A tear filled the great mans eye, But he did not wipe it , it would be his fuel, His only desrie was to take this killer down no matter what.

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Zaraki sat on the edge of his hospital bed. He flexed his hand around a tennis ball, watching as it squeezed and relaxed in his hand. He had eatten several large bowls of orange chicken and vegitable fried rice, consumed two baskets of pork buns, and drank six pots of coffee.

"So your spirit power is back?"

Zaraki turned his head and smiled at Lucy comfortably.

"Yes." He set the ball down and held his hand out. "Unlike my inner Hollow I regain my power from just eatting regular foods. Not souls. If I were to eat a soul he would begin to get his power back."

"So we keep you out of the Soul Reaper business then?" Lucy took his hand and sat next to him.

A vision flashed before Zaraki's eyes of himself covered in blood, chains wrapped around his wrist, Lucy staring at him in terror.

He blinked and smiled.

"I guess so, as long as I keep from consuming a soul we can be together again." He leaned back against the wall and felt Lucy rest her head on his shoulder. "We can be happy again."

"I was hoping that you would say that." Lucy sighed and reached up to his face, she was glad to not have to touch that mask again.

You can't keep me out forever. I am the second sword you wield, Shadow of Man. You need me as much as I need you. I will be called for again when you can't do it without my power.

Shut Up.

Zaraki smiled and closed his eyes, this was the first day in the rest of his life.

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High in the mountains of Japan a fierce and deadly battle was being waged. Kalesniko was one of the founding members of the NAO and one of its deadliest.

I knew you would come. he said as he spit up blood. I could feel your rage. But try as you might I will never tell you the location of the NAO headquarters.

Kalesniko's com-link had been open the whole time. He knew the NAO would never reach him in time but he also knew with what the NAO heard they could track and stop this mad man.

"Your a fool old man. One by one everything you know and love will be cut down."

Wild Card pulled the severed head of Dark Alpha from behind his back. Kalesniko shook his head and balled up his fist.


"Ohhhh you like that? I got a whole collection. I'm just missing a couple for the complete set."

The two warriors drew the weapons, Kalesniko and his katannas and Wild Card and his platinum staff. The charge both with one thought on there mind....death. Wild Card cast an illusion just before the point of impact, Kalesniko not knowing who to strike choose wrong. The real Wild Card kicked out the back of his knee dropping him to the ground.

Taking out two silver daggers he plunged them into Kalesniko's head, one on each side.

The com link fell into the snow covered in blood.

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Spectrum was looking out of the window in the study. A massive black cat lay gracefully on the massive oak desk. The weather was pleasent. Sunshine pooring into the study through the massive window.

The jaguar on the desk reared her head high, ears peaked.

"You felt it too?" She pured softly. Her voice was soft but with a subtle undertone of deadly power.

"You know i did." Spectrums voice was dry and cracked.

"So then your going to do something about it" She yawned and stood up. Stretching her body she leaped off the desk and landed gracefully on the lush carpet. She slinked her way up to Spectrum and stood beside him. Her fine fur sparkled in the sunlight.

"I always do dont I?" Spectrum vanished from beside his companoin. All that remanied was a whisp of purple smoke. Her green eyes scanned the room, shimmering like pools of liquid emerald in the sunlight.

Spectrum had changed with the time. Death had taught him much. That Evil and good were nothing in the grand balence of things that death and all gods like him strove for balence and order that no single mortal or imortal could change this, this was the univereses ever present struggle to nutrolize itslelf. Spectrum now lived by this philophesy. He had become detached from the world in his age. The only thing that ever brought him joy now were the tropheys he kept in the dungeon and now another opurtunity had granted itself. Death had hung onto two sould the night of Photons death. Death had chsen to carry Weatherman on or so it seemed to him. He knew that this was only one of many realities with him in it. It had pained him to see Death strip him of his powers in one of them, but he was Spectrum he had the hunger againn, the hunger to touch powers beyond his wildest comprehension.

She walked out of the room with her tail in mid air swaggering along after her sleek body. She had everything she needed in the castle. Shed owed Spectrum her life, literally.It was a condiction that he had given death, he wanted a companion to live with, he had created her from his own thought.

She pranced down stairs and around the back of the main hall outside to where their was a pond with fish swimming aimlessly in its waters. She looked at the rippleing water and comteplated when to strike. Her paw was poised.

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Its been Years since the Scene Kid has been active in action,locked in battle with the heroes,he staid in the shadows ever since training for a day of Future past,it was evident that his time was now.He lived in the slums avoiding any trouble.Today he was going to be back in action.

He was sitting in his chair when the phone rang,he looked for a minute and thought how someone could have gotten it,he picked it up,the voice was scrambled so Ronny couldnt make out who it was.

The voice spoke"The Legion of Doom needs you"

With that the phone was hung up.

Scene kid said nothing and put on his Mask that was gathering dust from all his inactive years,surprisingly he was still in perfect shape,but hes attidue grew alot he became mature and his powers were in perfect condition.

He grabed his Jacket and dressed it with his Trademark throwing disk,he was back in business

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Darkchild is kneeling praying to his god.

"Mighty god of chaos and destruction give me the power to go on with this"

DC holds a gun to his temple. " Please let this be the time" BANG DC flops to the floor blood pooling around him.

The hole in his skull begins to heal and close. He rises and sulks for again life is cruel and will not let him go on, with his family.

" How can a god do this to a person." *looks down at his hands and body. His features have changed drasticly and he no longer has the baby face of old times. The face he used to his advantage to act on his evil desires. Now all is left is a dying body that will not die.


A voice that hasnt been heard in years speaks.

" You wish to be the man you were in your prime?"


" Then let go and let me take control."

Who are you?

Your son?

But Shawn has been gone for years and Ginju killed him.

" Sinister lied to you. Ginju could not take my life so he brought me to Essex."

What will you do with me?

" End it all let you have the peace you have been longing for these many years. Take my hand"

DC takes his sons hand. And a light engulfs both of them and DC sees his sons face, its smiling.

" Its time for you to go dad, and I to take over in your place as the new Darkchild."

DC is engulfed in a green flame and all that is left are his ashes.

The son looks back into the corner of the room, to glowing red eyes.

" My son you have done well, now for you to take his place."

Yes father Essex.

" Son..or may i call you Goki are you ready."

Goki raises his hand and it turns into darkness and fire.

" Yes and i will use his powers to their full potential"

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in this reality iceman is younger and pretty much the same as the iceman in the other reality.

Iceman was doing the usual toda he traing trying to get better control of his powers but he took a break and hade fun with them instead. So yea today was pretty much the usual. He wasn't there though for the death of gambler and magento but a bunch of the nao members told him about that day.

Post" />http://image.comicvine.com/uploads/user/8000/2048d4501a8ee60d3d586159d163dbeb/91577_400.jpg
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As he hread his friend fall, so did Arrow , dropping to his knees , he grapped at his chest, the world seemed to be spinning faster and faster, the inside of his mouth had dried , It was like a bubble in his chest trying to escape,But notning no breathe nothing, Hearing one of the founders dying like that had ripped Arrows soul.

Raising a hand he tried to pull himself up, But Arrows knees where like jelly, He was hot boling , Pushing past poeple as an instinct to run set in, finally the world stopped and he slowed down, Threwing up, The stench filled the street quickly, Then the gates opened tears filled Arrows eyes , Kalesniko and Arrow joined the Nao at the same time, there friendship had gorwen, Until they had gone to lead there own lifes.

This was not the way he thought, Kalensniko did this for a reason, he wanted me to know who his killer was, What did the killer call him, Standing Arrow whiped the sick from his mouth, with the edge of his crimson tunic, Pulling up the hood he walked into the street and let the nosie remind him of where he was, Taking him from that dark place he had just been, Old man, That was it Old man.

Then he recalled the sound of the twin katana hitting something, there was no break in between it was not another sword or even two it sounded like a bow staff, Maybe it was him Could Gambler still be alive and doing this, Only one way to find out.

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WitchBlade lives a life of royalty in The Other Realm. Possessing Great Magic abilities. It has been quite some time since WitchBlade has had to fight her own battles, but now she is ready.

She was practicing her ballet when she was teleported to a rural area, with very little alive. Out of nowhere, a giant snake attacked her. She quickly cast a spell that sends the snake back to his home crying like an orphaned child.

A man stepped out of a shadow, and applauded her. She wondered who he was, out stepped Maximus Meridian, her mentor in magic. She asked him what he was doing there. He replied "you'll see in the days of future past"

From then on WitchBlade re-honed her magic abilities.

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As soon as Scene Kid steped out on to the streets he could smell the air,it was so peaceful,the cold wind hit his face.All he could do now was cause havok,and thats what he planned on doing.His costume wasnt in the right for some odd reason it semmed so...Back then.

He looked around,and jumped onto a city building roof and looked,he had no idea where he was heading,he hoped someone would spot him and see that he was on the prowl,perhaps a Hero would try to stop him,he was determined to find another reason to be back out besides the Legion of Doom.

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Liverwurst was having no luck in locating his fellow villains. It seemed impossible to find them without some kind of tracker. Then he remembered that Magneto had always kept a tracer with the DNA of every VV member back at the mansion. Cursing himself for being so stupid, he flew back to the mansion and ripped open Magneto's former bedroom door. Under the bed was a small tracer that showed the location of every VV member and every NAO beacon.

"It seemed Wild Card is near a beacon, he will be my first stop. "

Flying to the mountains of Japan at top speeds, he arrives just in time to see Wild Card kill Kalesniko.

"It's been too long Wild Card, and now I see you've attracted the attention of the NAO, you'll never get away by yourself, so how'd you like to be a member of the New VV?

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Witchblade Returns to the normal world. And spots scene kid and cast a spell she is now invisible she watxhes him as he reeks havok.

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Iceman decided that he should stop playing and decides to go into the city and see if he can find any nao guys so he goes out in his normal clothes

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The VV living room looked like a bond fire.

What have I summoned? thought Wanda. The man was dressed from head to toe in black with a silver bullseye in the center of his mask. Quicksilver hung from the ceiling half beatin to death and barley conscious.

She sat next to her father's throne, the mad man shuffling cards in one hand while holding onto the chain that led to the shackle around her neck in the other.

"This is what your going to do. Your going to send a telepathic message to all the VV members still alive and tell them to meet here."

Whh....why w....why would I do that?

"BECAUSE!" yelled the mad man as he stood up and yanked the chain. "If you don't I'll bury your brother next to your old man thats why. And believe me it wont be quick."

So Wanda did as she was told, using her telepathic ability she sent a message to any surviving member of the VV to return home.
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As Scene Kid began to terror the streets he realized he was being watched a sense he picked up from being under Gamblers wing,he knew all to well to let things like that slip away,he unlatched the holster for his silver dagger for quicker accecs in cas the person wathcing was planning on making a move.

The police that arrived were no contest,he fought bigger dogs like Spectrum,and Buteka,and came close enough to beating him.One of his many weaknessesmgetting close enough was good enough for him.

The police shoot at him but he dodged the bullets with ease,his throwing disk were less effective nowadays but they still worked.

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Scene Kid hesitated and stood there he placed his hand ready to pull his dagger,he looked as if he knew the women,but he didnt.

"What makes it Unique Beutiful?"

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You have a pure yet, br..brave spirit. It's like i've met you before. But i can't remember

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Zaraki felt a voice push at his mind. It wasn't Shadow of Man's.

'Leave me alone, I have finally gained the happiness I wanted for so long.'

Zaraki hugged onto Lucy, his mind again flashed to the picture of him in blood.

You know you can't protect her without me, you're weak.

Shut your stinking mouth. I will find power in having my happiness, and you can't take it from me.

I may not have to, you know them, they won't let you be happy.

I said shut up!

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"Hold that thought,ive got mail"

A telepathic message hit Scene Kid at full speed,it was for him to come home,back to the VV.

"You know what Beutiful,i gotta go,nice talking to hone"

With that Scene Kid threw one of his Flash Disk to the ground and he was gone.

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WitchBlade felt a presence she turned around and it was a demon she began to spell out mystical letters in mid air. the letters combined together and shot the demon with an energy burst. this drained her and she laid there on the ground, unconcious.

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Wild Card stopped upon hearing the voice.

"And who are you to try and put the VV back togther?" He gripped his staff tightly.

Wild Card had never even seen the VV up close. He was only a child when last he wondered its halls.

"I dont need your help. I don't need anyone's help. Now I must go, I have a plane to catch."