Darkest Of Friends

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Normal rules apply, This is for DC and Arrow Only.

The wind blew between the two warriors the night seemed to scream like a thousand souls tearing themselves free from hell to take a seat as the two beast met, The man with his top hat had his back to the giant of a man, ”I hoped you would come old friend” His gaze looked down the cliff in front of him as a fresh wave continued it’s never ending battle with the rock face an air of tension danced along the air between them, then it broke as a single tear ran down the face of the most monstrous man to grace the planet, Turning his black eyes where gone replaced with the blood red of his old self, ” I wish for you to end me Dark Child” walking closer he was mere inches away ”My brother controls me I do not know what I do, This world has lost it’s joys and I no longer am the brother I use to be, I do not wish to carry on as this puppet I want to have my honour back”

It was almost begging as he fell to his knees, Even the skies heard the his question and answered the only way it knew how, It cried each drop seem to hit the ground and shatter as if answering to the mans soul, He took of his jacket and threw it to the ground and began to stand, ”I use to be a Warrior and a King now I am a puppet A PAWN IN A GAME BETWEEN TO MEN WHO ARE NOT EVEN NEAR MY LEVEL” a dark blast shot forth from his hand in a display of power he had not shown in a long time cleared a path across the fighting ocean so the world could see what lay beneath the depths of the murky blue.

His tears hidden by the rain he turned to the Dark Man ”I no longer know my true self old friend”

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It has been many days and months since Darkchild has stepped foot in front of his old friend and in many ways brother. ”I hoped you would come old friend” But this time it is not who has the bigger ego and who can break who first. This time it was a mans last tribute, the man and merciless soul know as Final Arrow had finally been pushed over the edge. Someone with less power than him has been able to use him as his pawn and control his moves. Then Final Arrow approached DC coming inches from his face and told him he wants his honor back.

Final Arrow moved to his knees almost begging for it”I use to be a Warrior and a King now I am a puppet A PAWN IN A GAME BETWEEN TO MEN WHO ARE NOT EVEN NEAR MY LEVEL” something within Darkchild churned as if disgusted that such a man as Final could be reduced to this. He wasnt disgusted with Final Arrow but with the persons that did this to him.

Darkchilds hand turned into a fist and his emotions once again taking control of him, he wanted to tell Arrow that they will both make them pay but that was not what his brother wanted.

Then Darkchild saw for the first time the man he has both hated and keep close cry " no longer know my true self old friend." Darkchild knew what he wanted.

Darkchild took in a deep breath and finally after Arrow had finished spoke to him "You have been the worlds largest thorn and its own controller at times. The man who many feared no matter how big they think their ego is, i fear you but now i pity you." Taking an even deeper breath he knew what the next words would do to Arrow "You are pathetic." Stepping up to Arrow closing the distance between the two he towered over Arrow as if talking down to him "You sniveling pathetic fool, where the hell is the man that I feared. The man who's own offspring made satan take another day off of taking over this god forsaken rock." DC turn his back pulled his arm up to his chest.

"You want your honor back?" turning back and facing Arrow his arm drops and he forms a long sword as it falls to his side "I will end you if you wish, but only when you die in battle will you ever be seen as honorable and ever be respected by anyone other than me." Darkchild stood their in the rain watching Arrow hoping that his words would strike a nerve. Darkchild knew that if Arrow was to fall in battle and his life taken, that Darkchild was the only one to do that.