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  • Arrogant Kung-Fu Guy
  • Black Cloak
  • Dark Lord on Life Support
  • Filler Villain (lol)
  • Obviously Evil
  • Shadow Archetype
  • Sliding Scale of Villain Effectiveness


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  • Badass Normal: He has no powers of his own. His kinetic gear however makes him one of the most devastating street level villains out there.
  • The Bad Guy Wins: He's never actually captured or imprisoned before.
  • Because I'm Good At It: His soul purpose of being POW for a living. He doesn't have a life outside being a career criminal, because he's annoyingly great at it.
  • Berserk Button: If you harm his daughter Becky in any way, POW will destroy you in every meaning of the term.Also when his plans fall through, usually because his gear doesn't work on foes.
  • Blood Knight: Again, the only reason he's a professional criminal is because of the thrill involved in the work.
  • Book Dumb: Unlike his imposter, Lincoln never finished high school. He makes up for this in being an engineering genius in vibro-kinetics however.
  • Card Carrying villain: His response to being asked why he does what he does? "Because, I'm the fucking bad guy..."
  • Cold Ham: He's very monotone and blunt. The way he speaks however is very dramatic and showy.
  • Dangerously genre savvy: It's almost as if he knows he's in a comic book story. POW knows who will save the innocent, who works for money and who's just an outright psychopath almost instantly.
  • Deadpan Snarker: His usual form of dialogue towards his enemies.
  • Determinator: There's a reason why he's a well paid crook.
  • Even Evil Has Loved Ones: Lincoln is a father to his eight year old daughter Becky. Loves her like there is no tomorrow and treats her like a jewel.
  • Even Evil Has Standards: POW is a career criminal in every meaning of the term. He wont make unnecessary casualties during a job, even finding meaningless murder disgusting.
  • Evil is Hammy.
  • Evil Sounds Deep: Lincoln has a deep voice as it is. When he's POW though? He vibrates his voice to be even deeper with bass.
  • Exact Words: Usually how his employment is played out. Unless an employer is to the letter, POW will often find a loophole for his own advantage.
  • From Nobody To Nightmare: Lincoln was just a thug before inventing his gear and suit. Now he's one of the most lethal street levellers out there...
  • Gadgeteer Genius: Never went to high school, but god does he know his gear like the back of his hand.
  • Graceful Loser: POW will usually chuckle after a defeat (Seeing how he's just a hired criminal)
  • Hidden Depths: Not many people expect a Kinetic bombarding villain to be a loving father.


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OMG, I love TV Trope...I get lost in inceptions of their content...LOL

Sheng (@superstay)- Bruce lee clone- He heavily resembles and is indeed inspired in part by Bruce Lee expy, Fei long. And is in turn, inspired by bruce lee.

What are your character's tropes?

LOL, am I the only on (well, I'm sure I'm the only one) spazzing out over here, because I was mentioned?

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  • Absurdly Sharp Blade: Comes with having blades comprised of vibranum.
  • Affably Evil: Morally ambiguous, but is actually quite charming and nice.
  • Awesome McCool Name: Jason Perseus McGrath
  • Anti Hero/Anti-Villain/Wildcard/Heel Face Revolving Door: Sways between hero and villain, but is ultimately a wildcard.
  • The Atoner: For his betrayal of STRIKE
  • BadMJ/Boss: Comes with being Deadpool and then becoming Taskmaster.
  • Character Development: Starts off what you'd expect of a Deadpool archetype, gradually becomes saner and saner, until he abandons the guise of Dreadpool altogether and becomes Asad.
  • Cold Sniper: During Ivana's attack on the savages, attempted to snipe Eric Bradshaw.
  • Dark and Troubled Past: His origin story
  • Deadpan Snarker: Has his moments.
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Awesome McCoolname:Farim Doraku

Absurdly Sharp Blade: Jackal's Resonance blade.

Anti-Hero: Questionable intentions.

  • Nominal Anti-Hero: There are times in which Jackal is arguably worse than the person he's fighting. He takes sadistic pleasure in butchering metahumans when given opportunity and Maverick gives him the oppertunity to do this frequently, because a majority of recent worldly catastrophes are attributed to metahumans
  • Unscrupulous Hero: Will sometimes regain some semblance of humanity amidst combat when he actually sees people being hurt and humans being exploited. He stopped to reason with the Liafador regime upon realization that they were normal soldiers. Mercy killed numerous undead brought back by final arrow.

Badass Normal: Jackal used to be this. Many of his acquired skills, such as the ability to cleave bullets out of the air are things

Bullying a Dragon: Prone to provoking entities far more powerful than he is, such as Solarius and the Aptly named Erynis Draconius.

  • People are prone to doing this to Jackal. Most people have a Befof Maverick being a group of normal humans.

Blood Knight: To an extent, Jackal often fights for mostly his own joy and amusement, particularly when there is no one to save. Such missions are often left to others, giving him oppertunity to tear through the battlefield guilt free.

Cape Buster: Frequently hunts down superhumans.

  • Averted completely in march of a million mutants. Jackal is forced to defend a group of mutants from a band of human terrorists.

Charles Atlas Superpower: Despite his numerous augmentations, Jackal has trained to obtain numerous powers, such as his enhanced sense of touch and sadomachoism. In actuality, most people who would be given Jackal's body wouldn't be able to deal with the vast sensory input he takes in through feeling things with his skin. His inhuman pleasure in pain allows him to thrive from it, rather than be hindered from it. This can work to both his advantage and disadvantages.

Child Soldier

Cluster F Bomb: Prone to this.

Crater Power: Jackal's weight, strength and speed leads to him causing small dents simply by sprinting and craters when he lands from sufficient heights.

Curb-Stomp Battle: Most of his encounters and fights.

Cyborg: The only "human" part of Jackal is his brain and spinal cord.

Deadpan Snarker: Jackal is prone to taunting and debating with his enemies as he fights, due to him having oxygen to spare. There are very few metahumans who he interacts

Dodge The Bullet: Does this when he encounters a bullet that can actually harm him.

  • Subverted: Jackal was shot numerous times by Bradshaw in their spar. While he could dodge numerous bullets, attempting to deflect Bradshaw's bullets proved hazardous, and often, he found that though Bradshaw had difficulty seeing him, he saw enough to predict what Jackal was doing. This display showed that Jackal can be tagged by any marksman with sufficient skill and harmed with sufficient weaponry. While run of the mill strike troopers had trouble landing a single shot.

Empowered Badass Normal: Before his upgrades, Jackal had demonstrated the ability to cut single bullets in half, go hand to hand with metahumans with only knives and body armor and claimed his first extra-normal kill when he was a child. Now, he has a cybernetic body that enables him to deflect fully automatic gunfire when necessary and take on armies of metahumans at a time with a blade that cuts practically anything short of your run of the mill indestructium.

Fantastic Racism: Views the mutant race in general a group of ticking time bombs, ready for some tragedy to set them on the wrong path. That they didn't "earn" their power, and that they were born with it. Jackal shoots down comparisons between himself and other metahumans, because Maverick has him on a "leash" and can shut him down whenever they like. Where as, one cannot do this with other extra-normals. Hence, he looks upon New Gods, Metahumans and Mutants in the same manner.

He who hunts Monsters: While not a metahuman, Jackal is an augmented being who frequently preys on metahumans who are weaker than himself, bearing striking simularity to the Darwinist and mutant supremacists he despises.

  • Went on to taunt Orpheus when he had done as he did, and forgone his humanity in order to actually be strong enough to fight Jackal.

Ground Shattering Landing: Has no problem doing this in his first visit to Venezuela.

Human Weapon: In essence. His body is exclusively designed for combat, to the point of forgoing genitals in favor of additional fuel cells to enhance his performance. He would have difficulty living a normal life if he could, and if he wanted to.

Jerkass has a point: His verbal confrontation and scorning of Solarius.

Made of Indestructium: Averted. None of Jackal weapons or Jackal himself is indestructible. They are however, capable of parrying Adamantium, Vibranium and other things of seemingly infinite sharpness and withstand metahuman hits.

No Hold's Barred Beatdown: Jackal was the one who first "killed" Orpheus, before Orpheus immediately revived himself as a swarm of nanomachines.

New Technology is expensive: The cost of his body is astronomical. It took nearly a billion to create, and continously requires millions in order to maintain. Maverick cannot field any kind of substantial army of cyborg's with the same physical capabilities Jackal has because it would simply be too expensive.

Power Creep, Power Seep: Some might be prone to questioning why, with Jackal's presence, are other soldiers really necessary. In actuality, particularly in the presence of ranged weapons capable of harming him, he needs covering fire. Not only this, but he lacks airel maneuverability, and can require assistance with and nimble targets, as Jackal has no way to change his direction once he jumps. Anti-Air missiles can tackle enemies high in the sky better than he does. No only this, but a trained marksman can take out a group of people quicker than he can and from a longer distance.There is also the fact that fighting some enemies close up is simply a bad idea.

  • Has lampshaded this. The presence of timesiphon in a small conflict, a confirmed buster of Galaxies and one who regularly swallows cities and giant monsters with no real collaterial damage to the environment, leads to Jackal pointing out that his presence is pointless and that his efforts are better spent elsewhere.

Super Strength: Has demonstrated strength beyond the regular metahuman frequently. Often, it seems only the strongest metahumans are capable of overpowering him

  • Threw a spider tank at Orpheus, and broke his neck through his powered armor.
  • Ripped off a tank turret and threw it at Percival.
  • Jackal's strikes are measurable in megajoules. He strikes hard enough to cause blast waves and harm tanks. His strikes send metahumans flying away and through multiple walls at a time.

Super Speed: In both movement and combat. After Jackal threw a tank turret at the flying Percival, he jumped up to it and caught up to it after he threw it. Then jumped off the turret and tackled Percival out of the air. Dodges bullets, deflects gunfire and overwhelms groups of people.

Speed Blitz: Does this to final arrow's forces and Icelandic Soldiers. Attempted on Percival.

Vibroweapon: The resonance blade is a blade made of highly durable material that vibrates at various frequencies, emitting harmful sound waves into whatever it cuts or strikes.

Would hurt a child: With sufficient reason.

You're already dead: Prone to this. There are numerous instances in which Jackal will slash someone and cut them so cleanly that they fall apart after the fact.

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Terrance "Terry" Higgins. A.K.A POW

  • Affably Evil: POW tends to throw friendly taunts at his enemies. This makes sense considering his lack of evil motives in his crimes.
  • Badass Bookworm: Is a certified engineer and technician, it's what got him accepted into the M.H.A. Then went on to make his own suit and gauntlets from scratch.
  • Blow You Away: His entire motif. POW's suit and gauntlets charge up and release kinetic energy in many different ways. Ranging from beams, volleys, waves and explosions. Regardless, the receiving end of this is usually obliterated and sent flying.
  • Clothes Make The Superman: As mentioned above, POW's suit/gauntlets are essential to his life of crime. Without it, he's just an ordinary man.
  • Consummate Professional: One of (if not) his most defining traits. Among crazed super powered lunatics who want to take over entire nations, and criminals who want to do nothing but senseless murder. POW's behavior is that of a professional career crook. This is taken to extremes when he won't even go after Kurt Pendragon (The man who shot POW in the eye with an arrow, almost killing him) Without being paid to do it.
  • Genius Bruiser: A skilled inventor and technician. Also happens to be one of the most successful street level criminals in Gothic city, having gone toe to toe with multiple heroes and held his own.
  • Heel-Face Turn: Was an agent of the Meta Human Affairs division before his villainy years. He was was assigned an undercover operation, Terry creating the POW persona to get intel among real villains. It didn't take long before he realized being a villain and criminal was his true calling. He cut all ties to the M.H.A and went completely rogue.
  • Lethal Joke Character: In-Universe example. When someone he hasn't met before encounters him, they tend to look at his outfit first. The vibrant red and yellow, mattress patterned suit and laugh at the admittedly odd attire. Little do they know, the person wearing it has technology capable of ripping their flesh off and liquefy their organs with kinetic blasts.
  • Nice Guy: Outside of the suit and when he's not on a job, Terry's just an average guy. While he's pretty snarky, he's also really friendly and a great conversationalist.
  • Punch Clock Villain: Another heavy part of his character. Being POW, a mercenary, hired villain and bank robber, is just how job and source of income.
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Now I'm on the OP.

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@_drake: You'ce always been on the OP you dingus! I haven't updated it in two years.

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@maverick_6: Don't lie. I received a notification early in the morning.

You sneaked me in there.

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Ohhh, what a neat thread!

As a shape-shifter, I have many tropes. Too many to name! ^_^

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