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I can save you a bit of reading, and basically just say this is a page where you post your character's tropes and the tropes of others. You can also discuss tropes pertaining to her in general.

So, I'm sure I'm not the only one who likes to occasionally (or well, sometimes frequently) scroll through TV Tropes right?


If your already pretty familiar next part is more for people who don't understand it below the dotted line.


For those who are unfamiliar with tropes, what the are, are a sort of broad archetypes used to describe something in fiction. At least in the TV tropes way. TV tropes is a wiki with buttloads of information on tropes in a variety of media. Including comics. And there are different names for different tropes. Anime, Comics, Western TV shows, reality shows movies, tabletop games, real life....

The wiki can be....addictive. I used to read it for fun when on the road or just bored and need of a distraction. Tropes aren't cliches naturally, but some tropes can become cliches.

It's also not something you deliberately make. There is simply a trope for almost everything.

I'll put a few examples of some tropes

Flying Brick- Common super hero trope used to describe a flying superhero with super strength and toughness. Examples: The first person who probably comes to mind is superman. Another would be iron man.

Absurdly sharp blade- Exactly what it sounds like. You have a blade so sharp it can cut through seemingly anything. Good example of this is wolverine. The most obvious example would be almost any katana in any anime ever.

Acrofatic- A fat person who happens to be very agile. Someone like the kingpin or the blob.

No sell- When a character is functionally immune to your attack and shrugs it off or stops it easily or without any trouble. Usually without flinching at all. This trope is even in the RPG rules.

Examples: Old non-canon DC crossover with superman+hulk.

No Caption Provided

Many characters do have trope pages. Particularly famous ones with a lot of media tend to have trope pages.

Characters like Batman, Iron Man, Superman and Captain America all have their own trope pages dedicated to them and things related to them.


Now, here. you can put your character's tropes and the other tropes. You don't have to write your own page, but as you come across or think of more tropes to add to your character you can post it.

You can describe how the quote fits your character. You can also just describe the trope itself. You can also make a quote by your character that fits the trope.

You can also tag people with tropes that you believe apply to their characters.

You can also play tropes straight.....also avert tropes, subvert them, invert. deconstruct, reconstruct, justify, imply, enforce, Zig-Zag, played for laughs and so and so forth.

I'll start with my character Armory. AKA Elliot Robbins.


  • Badass Normal- Describes a character who has no superpowers but fights the supernatural or people with superhuman abilities. Armory regularly encounters and combats other superhumans (various), demons (@the_puzzler), aliens and other mysterious entities (@awesomekill15)
  • Charles Atlas Superpower- Elliot trained to do things most humans can't do and can accomplish some superhuman feats (All based on things bodybuilders, powerlifters and very strong humans have done). Such as Squatting or holding supporting half a ton, bending iron with his bare hands, being able to stop bikes from driving off with sheer strength, easily lift grown men over his head.
  • Made of iron- Armory is very durable for a human, able to generally be able to shrug off being hit with bats and pipes, combined with his Armor, he survives things that would severely injure or outright kill normal humans. Things like (so far) being dropkicked through a second story window by a superhuman running at him at full sprint and walking it off moments later(@cutthroatbitch),getting hit by a car and walking it off, being blasted through several walls (albeit with serious criticial damage) (@hunterzillas) and detonating explosives near himself simply to get other enemies off him.
  • The Gunslinger- Type B and D. The vaporizer and the quickdraw. Elliot often takes to beating his enemies with overwhelming firepower. He is capable of drawing a handgun with speeds so fast often times the human eye is incapable of processing it.
  • Kill it with fire- "Bullets don't always work. But you would be surprised how much fire works."
  • Hellfire- The non-mystical variety. In the forms of White Phosphorus, Thermobaric explosives, Chlorine Trifluoride grenades and a large parade of other chemical fires, Elliot has a wide variety of ways to make fires, some of which cannot be put out through conventional means.
  • BFG- Elliot frequently uses very large guns against heavy or numerous opponents. Things like rocket launchers, heavy machine guns, anti-material/anti-tank rifles, grenade launchers, and traditionally mounted weapons like small mini guns and the M2 Browning.


Other CVnU characters

Besides myself. I'm gonna tag a few people and use them as an example. No links and will explain further when necessary.

Now enough of me feeling myself. I'll try and kick this off with other character's tropes. Who I will tag.

Frank Scaletta (@frank_scaletta): Sociopathic hero- He's a hero. Most of the time. But he is crazy and won't show his opponents mercy.

Dark Vengeance (@dark_vengeance_): Dark is not evil- Though crazy and morally ambiguous is another story.

Darkwing (@_darkwing_) Thou shall not kill- Averted. Darkwing has shown if the situation calls for it, he is very willing to kill.

Honor Avenger (@honor_avenger)- Social Darwnist- "Survival of the fittest" is the basis of her entire philosophy.

Thee Champion (@thee_champion)- Flying Brick- He is inspired by superman after all. Has flight, nigh-invulnerability, strength and energy projection.

Niht (@vivide)- Pint sized powerhouse- Small, but powerful and very strong.

Encriptor/Xomega (@encriptor)- Nanomachines- "Nanomachines, son."

Sheng (@superstay)- Bruce lee clone- He heavily resembles and is indeed inspired in part by Bruce Lee expy, Fei long. And is in turn, inspired by bruce lee.

Braveheart (@_braveheart_)- Super Soldier- Basically a natural super soldier,

Jacob (@last_guardian): Laser Blade- Covers plasma swords too.

Voidhawk (@shadowswordmaster): Energy weapons

Drake (@_drake): Nigh invulnerable- Specifically the regeneration/regrowth variation as well as the ressurective immortality one.

Kurt (@pyrogram): Archer Archetype- Who else?

Darksider (@darksider95) Anti-Hero- He fits the mold of an unscrupulous hero solidly. Dark character with a dark backstory who will use extreme methods and often get rid the scum of the earth who had it comin'.

Al (@_outcastal_)

  • Mad Oracle- Implied. He speaks very cryptically and often in metaphors or riddles about the future and events to come.
  • Schizophrenia conspiracy

Gen Esis (@darkchild) Demon Lords and Archdevils- Holds a lot of power in hell.

Naamah (@naamah_obyzouth) Deal with the devil- With Gen Esis

MerIin (@meriin): AI is a crapshoot- He views humanity as a "virus" and seeks to eradicate it.

M-174 (@m-174): Benevolent AI- Good intentions but a weird moral compass.

Leena (@circumstance_imp): Reality Warper- In her own realm.

Snowbell (@sweetsnowbell): Afraid of their own strength- Often holds back her full strength due to morals.

Sorry if I missed anyone. Can't get everyone. Again, I could be wrong. But I'm just tagging some people now.


Welp. That was to start you off.

What are your character's tropes?

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@just_an_average_man: Awesome list, Cool topic. I'll do mine when I get a chance.

@izaiah would absolutely love this. He has an insane ability to instantly recognize and call out tropes.

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super cool

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@izaiah: sorry man. Had no idea. I tried googling to see if there was another thread but it never brought me to one. I stopped after 2 pages lol.

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Hahahahaha, I love DV's description lol. Nice job with this.

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HAHA love this man. Cant express the holy crap this is awesome reaction I had earlier when I read this lol

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Nice work in this man.

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Awesome work man, great job.

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This is fun.

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Nicely done, mano.

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Imperator Imperatorum: wanted to rule humanity to save it.

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I can see this getting quite a bit of use.

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Securing this place on the first page for later edit to make it my tropes page ;)

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Badass Army- Maverick's entire army. Even if they don't always beat their opponents, they generally are much more competent than the average police officer or soldier.

Badass normal- Most of Maverick is this, though higher ups tend to have enhancements or technology of some kind that puts them above ordinary humans.

Blood Night- Nemaz. He enjoys fighting and killing. He often craves a challenge, and isn't afraid to go up against those who outclass him if he has to

Cape Killer- Maverick very often is sent to combat superhumans since very strict regiments.

Demon Slaying- Maverick has a supernatural division dedicated.

Determinator- Eric Bradshaw. Nothing seems to ever steer away his focus and he doesn't show any signs of intimidation no matter what he faces.

Five rounds rapid- Averted. Maverick soldiers generally do not fire on extremely large enemies who are invulnerable to bullets. They do fire on smaller enemies in an attempt to blind them however.

Genre Savvy- Know how to deal with a variety of superhumans. They usually fire into the eyes of superhumans whom are immune to their gunfire.

Guns are useless- Averted. When ordinary weapons aren't effective. Maverick takes to using unconventional rounds.

Immune to Bullets- Many times, soldiers encounter enemies who are this. Though they are used to it. Many Soldiers have body armor that make them all but immune to anything short of anti-tank round.

Mage Killer- Maverick often comes into conflict with mages as well. Not just mutants and metahumans. Anyone with any type of extra-normal powers is seen as the same in the eyes of Maverick. The anti-paranormal division specializes in combating them.

More Dakka- Maverick troopers tend do tend to

Psychic Block Defense- Maverick soldiers all mostly have training and technology against this.

Super Soldier- Nemaz. Bradshaw. M.S.C in general. Anyone with a F.F.S suit. Anyone with Gene modifications.

Training from Hell- M.S.C have to go through a training regimen that is comprised of exercises and tasks of both the navy seals AND Spetsnaz.

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Got a mention!

Tvtropes is up there with Forbes and Buzzfeed and those other things I approach with extreme caution (i.e. try to avoid at all costs!) because once I start I'll get stuck there for hours with a ton of different "I have to look at this" tabs.

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@vivide: Oh yeah. Couldn't mention all the tropes but that one's are pretty important.

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Oh nooooooooooooooooo I'll be here all daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay

I guess I'll just start with the account I'm on


  • Afraid of Their Own Strength as already pointed out
  • Idiot Hero - by far my least intelligent character
  • Most Common Superpower - it's literally listed as that in her bio
  • Ascended Fangirl - of Thundercats, magical girls, and superheroes in general
  • Absolute Cleavage - her outfit
  • White-Haired Pretty Girl
  • Anti-Hero - Type I
  • Thou Shall Not Kill
  • Dark is not Evil - Wears all black. Couldn't be more pure of heart.
  • Acrofatic - Sort of. While she isn't fat, her curves should hinder her way more than they do.
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Harlequin Twins: (get ready for twin tropes everyone)

  • Always Identical Twins - obv
  • Coordinated Clothes
  • Creepy Twins
  • Finishing Each Other's Sentences
  • Twin Telepathy
  • Theme Naming - Kim and Kate
  • Single-Minded Twins
  • Synchronization
  • Tag Team Twins
  • Trickster Twins
  • Twincest
  • Twin Banter
  • Sexy Jester(s)
  • Hammerspace
  • Non-Ironic Clown(s) - played with. While the girls do have powers, can kick ass, are both horrible perverts, and are by no means "good," they are actual clowns who do work in actual carnivals for a living.
  • The Jester(s)
  • Fighting Clown(s)
  • Confusion Fu
  • Cute Bruiser(s)
  • Beware the Silly Ones
  • Genki Girl(s)
  • Improbable Weapon User(s)
  • Humanoid Abomination(s) - While it's not exactly known where the twins come from or what they are, they're not human, mutant, or magical in nature. Been strongly implied that they are conceptual in nature.
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Circumstance Imp:

  • Reality Warper - in the midnight realm.
  • Older Than They Look - by a longshot
  • The Fair Folk - just because she's a fairy doesn't mean she's nice
  • Badass Adorable - as the imp
  • Cool Helmet - the Harness Crown, though it binds her powers and makes her small
  • Cute Monster Girl
  • Dimension Lord - of the Midnight Realm
  • Full Frontal Assault - clothes? what clothes?
  • Hartman Hips
  • The Imp - duh
  • Prehensile Hair
  • She Cleans Up Nicely - her elf form
  • Super Deformed
  • Binding Ancient Treaty - if she ever leaves the Midnight Realm, she is forced to wear the Harness Crown, which binds her powers.
  • Power Limiter - the Harness Crown
  • Weaksauce Weakness - she's an unstoppable reality warper, unless you have some iron handy.
  • Superpower Lottery - possibly the most powerful of the fae
  • The Trickster
  • Eldritch Location - The Midnight Realm
  • Red Right Hand
  • Cute Little Fangs - in imp form
  • Mirror Reveals Your True Self - Her reflection always shows her elven form.
  • Red Eyes Take Warning
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Snapping Dragonfly:

  • Blood Knight - lives to fight
  • Dark Action Girl
  • Slasher Smile - in combat
  • Spirited Competitor - strives to prove herself against everyone and anyone else
  • Worthy Opponent
  • Wandering Martial Artist
  • Fantastic Fighting Style - averted. While Sue's stances are made up, her moves are based on real martial arts styles
  • Badass Abnormal - has minor cybernetic enhancements. Doesn't really need them.
  • Slide Attack - Serpent Stance is all about these. She also uses them to switch stances.
  • Lightning Bruiser - street-level variant. To most normal or peak humans, she's both amazingly fast and deceptively powerful.
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I wanna see one for @veraza

Ooh that'll take forever but challenge accepted. Though I have a post or two to make first.

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Veraza T'zere:

  • Blind Obedience - to Celebuir
  • Lady of War
  • Conservation of Ninjutsu
  • Highly Visible Ninja - averted
  • Instant Awesome, Just Add Ninja
  • Demythification - the whole Veiled Forest
  • Living Shadow - most of her powers
  • Flash Step - her shadow jaunt
  • Dark is not Evil - in this case, it's Lawful Neutral
  • Dark Action Girl
  • Day Hurts Dark-Adjusted Eyes - naturally
  • Emerging from the Shadows - basically always
  • Lights Off, Somebody Dies
  • Shadow Walker
  • Our Elves are Better
  • The Sacred Darkness - none of her dark- or shadow-oriented abilities are inherently evil
  • Badass
  • Fantastic Racism - with drow, comes....
  • Red Eyes Take Warning
  • Easy Sex Change - despite not having access to modern medicine and hormonal replacement, she apparently managed to fully transition. Subverted in that she could have used magic and had a long time to work things out.
  • Trans Equals Gay - averted
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@aelia_of_nemedia: Honestly I was expecting there to be more Ninja tropes to sift through.

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@circumstance_imp: That is kind of strange. You would think after decades of ninja stuff there would be a lot more tropes for ninjas.

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@circumstance_imp: Maybe lol. I thought about doing Ivana and LL earlier. However looking back over TVtropes it seems I am -far- out of date. I stopped troping long ago and I've forgotten a bunch of stuff.

Just off the top of my head I think Ivana would have 'Absurdly Sharp Blade' and LL would have 'Lightning Bruiser'. LL might also have 'Determinator'.

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@aelia_of_nemedia: I've found that an easy way is to bring up the trope hubs, like with Veraza I went to "Darkness/Shadow Tropes" and just browsed. Then of course once you click on one you see several related ones....

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  • Insane equals violent
  • Ax-crazy
  • Hiss before fleeing
  • The man makes the weapon
  • Neck snap
  • God hater
  • Our demons are different: Made a demon in one of the billions of Hells created on CV.
  • Bloodbath villain origin: He killed his entire family...After killing everyone on the way there.
  • Dead guy on display: All of his massacre scenes.
  • Evil within/Evil without
  • Flaying alive
  • Hope crusher
  • Made of evil: Literally in his blood.
  • Put the laughter in slaughter
  • Spikes of villainy: His go-to tendril attack.
  • Token evil team mate
  • Captured by cannibals
  • Crazy taxi
  • With great power comes great insanity
  • Why won't you die?: What alot of people ask when seeing how quickly Dennis heals.
  • Boom, headshot: @just_an_average_man
  • Slasher smile
  • Slashers prefer blonds
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I'll throw something in here.

  • Fun Personified- Although she's not entirely meant to be a joke character, she still falls into the realm of lighthearted tomfoolery like Spider Man does.
  • Plucky Girl/Action Girl- Depending on the situation she can be either one of these, or sometimes even both.
  • Extraordinarily Empowered Girl- She doesn't have much in the way of superpowers, just enough to convince her that she does possess the power to be a true hero. This will likely lead to her becoming a Damsel in Distress at some point, but let's just ignore that for now :p
  • Idiot Hero- Not to a too extreme degree to the point she's completely useless, but she probably will fall easily into a villain's schemes do to being impatient and note quite as smart and resourceful as she might think she is.
  • Dork Knight- Although this seems to be mainly targeted at male characters, the trope fits Carrie rather well (especially when pairing the trope to the Knight in Shining Armor or some other fantasy role). Adorkable is probably gonna be one of her main traits.
  • Badass Adorable- As the above^ trait states, she's an adorkable hero, but just because she's a little bit dorky doesn't mean she still can't be a badass!... hopefully.

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Wait, did he really die by a bullet?

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@_darkwing_: Die? I don't think he died. But Armory blew his head into chunks with a shotgun blast.

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That's what I was thinking since I threw explosive shuriken at his head.

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@honor_avenger @just_an_average_man

Explosive ninja weapons>Bullets.

Plus bullets killed Batman's parents.

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High Caliber weapons+explosive bullets>explosive ninja weapons

That only proves my point further. Mugger wouldn't use no gawdam ninja weapons, would he?

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Oh man. M has a buttload of tropes I know. And he is going to need an entire section for nightmare fuel.

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Will be updated, lets see what there is so far.

  • CastingAShadow: her bread and butter
    • ShadowWalker: not in Gothic
    • LivingShadow: It comes with the powers
      • ShapeshifterWeapon: by far one of her most favourite applications of the power, and why melee is generally a bad idea against her.
    • PowersDoTheFighting: more like 'do the special effects' or the mooks while she does ...
    • FightsLikeANormal: to multitask better
  • SuperheroPackingHeat: that little girl jogging down the street might look harmless, but she's always packing a piece
    • GirlsWithGuns: goes back to that Gothic upbringing
    • SmallGirlBigGun: only on 'missions' from the D.E.O.
      • GirlWithPsychoWeapon: ther Autocannons tend to look like this
  • BlackMagicianGirl: certain aspects applies
  • EmpoweredBadassNormal: the city makes you strong,
    • CuteBruiser: before she taught herself how to fire a gun she fought like a boy, or a hockey goon to those who ended up getting beaten

Update #1

  • SlimeGirl: Gothic exclusive
  • WillfullyWeak: Part of the rules in the D.E.O. she is not 'allowed' to go the distance except in certain contexts.
    • PowerLimiter: Her necklace
    • BroughtDownToBadass: on her civilian alter ego
  • MookHorrorShow: one of her specialties
    • BodyOfBodies: takes cues from Stan Winston
  • ThoughtControlledPower: Sometimes when she wanted to make weapons, other times it comes automatically
    • MagicalGesture: Theatrics, my friend.
    • CoconutSuperpowers: sometimes they look like telekinesis in the dark
  • AdorableAbomination
  • BadPowersGoodPeople/DarkIsNotEvil
  • LeadTheTarget: one of her many strategies
  • SpecialPersonNormalName
  • CuttingTheKnot
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  • Pokemon Master
Haters gonna hate.
Haters gonna hate.