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Area 51 1:00 AM Lab 614

Dr. Halsye entered the lab, Jacob Halsye was always knwon as the nerd in school always dedicated to studies over life. He only ever had one girl friend and she dumped him for being more in love with his chemistry set then her. Jacob didn't mind, he couldn't commit to her the work for the Pentagon demanded his attention. He was very proud of all his work. At the age of twenty five he was a College Graduate of IMT and had so many scholarships and options he was mind blown. Ultimantly though he decide, when he was just ten years old he was hearing all sorts of news about the Roswell crash. Area 51 was his calling and they would put him there, as long as he agreed to sevral oaths of secrecy of course. Now he was seventy five years old and had seen more then most in the world published so much work his name was almost a pop culture icon. With him was the newest addition to the Area, young Nicole Ashcliff.

Nicole Ashcliff liked Jacob, he had that salt and pepper haired, grandfather feel to him. It was a confort to what was her first day in the most promissing yet taxing job she could ever commit to. Nicole was the kind of doctor nobody seamed to ever get but everyone wanted. The type who could hear symptoms and single out a disease to a handful. Give her a moment to do some tests and Nicole would narrow disease or problem down to but one. Her hands were better at surgery then even some veterans. She was a blond at birth, pretty blue eyes and faring alot more luxurious in life then Jacob ever did. Blond stereotype bimbo however did not apeal however to the medical prodigy. She died it a light brown, a blue streak added for style.Though her dad sarcasticaly remarked how she would pay for such transgression nobody else cared. Given the demands of the staff things like hair dye didn't mean all that much to the upper heads. "What are we doing today."

"Nicole I hate to put you in these shoes so suddenly, your going to have to perform heart surgery." the Dr shrugged before pulling out a tape recorder and walking Nicole down the many cold colored coridors of the medical wing. "In nineteen forty seven a ship crashed in Roswell New Mexio and was soon covered up with clever lies to hide the secrets discovered. We know the truth though, we are not alone. Before we reach the labs let me recap what we have learned to this date." Nicole's jaw dropped in disbelief, it was like a anvil forged of stress and expectation dropped on her head.

"The species seems to use mental abilities which likely suggest they would speak our language if they ever make contact. They refer to themselves as the Teres Morba. Studies on their aircraft suggests they preffer speed and energy weapons that can scythe through most vehicles with perpetual ease. At this time most the worlds military doesn't feel likely to stand a chance atleast not what is publicly presented." A hint that other projects might change that statment. "Fortunately an invasion seams far from likely aparent biology obtained from skin sample suggests their home world is very very far away. They seem likely to be all female in appearence and very fit favoring melee combat. Locical hypothises being range is the best way to aproach them the more bullets likely the better. What we do not know however is their biology, the technology and mind hasn't really been available as of late. Now however we have Nicole Ashcliff and with her we will begin to make some of the greatest discoveries of the world." Nicole glared, anvil? Screw that a planet was droped on her back as if she was Atlas or something.

"Subject is roughly five foot nine, she weighs about forty pounds. We believe this is so the species can flow with the currents of their harsh worlds winds. Her skin has shown to be both blue and red, its suggested by our psychologists that these are suggestions of mood. Blue being good, red bad in the most simple summary. Her body seams laced with tribal tattoos of intricate design. As to their actual meaning it is imposible to say. Her eyes are yellow in color and have an almost cat like quality to them. We've taken skin before and seen its imune to almost every toxin concoctid and every disease given. If we can find out how this works I believe we could cure amost any medical problem to plague our planet. We will be begining the surgery now" a scalpel gently handed to Nicole. She was going to take a piece of a crimson aliens heart on her first day this was more exciting then anything imaginable she concluded.

Scalpel in hand Nicole began the surgery, the cold steels aplication light and careful. The blades edge was laced with a variety of chemical mixtures that promoted a quicker white blood cell count which in turn trigered a much hastier recovery of the opened skin. Flesh parted and a dark violet poors free, and a crimson colored finger twitches. "Did you see that Dr I think shes waking up we need to stop."

"Nicole it's just reflexes don't get to riled up." Nicole made a humph noice but continued. She was positive that wasn't the case, this job paid alot though and was already leting her do what nobody had ever goten to. Complaining wasn't an option. So the scalpel continued down parting skin and muscle carefuly untill it reached the xenomorphs nape. It was Dr Halsye who decided to label them as a xenomorphic species as they'de adapted to their world and likely could do so again if it was needed. Nicole's thought process was disturbed however as yelow eyes snapped open and a cold hand grabbed her.

"Sixty five years ago I crashed you're people took me in." Dark eyes turned to Halsye "you commited alot of tests. Got nothing. I turned a hundred yesterday and my...birthday pressent is to be treated like a game of........Operation." The aliens voice was serene yet edgy as if though calm and calculating any moment she might snap. Her mind was picking apart those of the two surgeons in the room to learn what had happend and the language necesary to comunicate. Halsye dumbstruck simply looked on at her in wonder, neither he nor Nicole saw that the alien took the scalpel. Or the lightning fast motion that buried the blade into Halsye's eye. Both scream one in terror and one in agony as the blade is pulled free. Another motion brought the blade down for a low blow Halsye almost colapsing from the pain that was marked by the yells from his raspy throat. Then to finish the job the scalpel found its way to the heart, and rotated to sever the spine at the seventh vertebra. Halsye i a pool of his own blood slumped to the ground removed of this world. The killer simply kneeling down to Nicole. "Your very good with a blade, please if you dont mind I would like your access pass?"

Nicole was not going to argue with this thing before her, and with no reluctance and self preservation handed over the ID card. The bare skined crimson figure went to the laptop ignoring the panicing individual and the dead. A complex mind learning what was needed to get back to her home world later and where to get them. More so though she learned where her belongings were being held in these walls that sparked so many conspiracy theories. One of which was obviously true, no questioning it now Nicole knew for sure. And with that the ruby skined alien walked away from the lab. Despite seeming to only have a scalpel as a weapon in hand. Nicole swore the woman looked capable of taking on the world, or perhaps it was more apropriate to say a world.

Eric Vonhoinim was the Security Chief running everything on the defense end of things of the top secret base. He was a war veteran who had been apart of more black ops missions then he could count. Eventually his work got him located here. He was known as the best in hand to hand on the base and one of the best marksman. Currently he was in a rebel against dad phase, he'd said Eric would never be apart of anything big. And so Eric had sacrificed his health by being the tester or test subject of new weapons. Behind the door was the weapons used by an alien that had crashed years ago. There was also Project Pin Point all the studying of the weapons allowed for the construction of a high tech rifle that fired solidified plasma. Upon impact the energies would soon explode violently. Eric had test fired it sevral years now and was a victem of the lethal weapon. It was painful effective and perfect, now if it could only be mass produced.

Maintaining usual security was nothing special, that was untill he spoted someone seriously out of place. Her blood colored skin was in radiant contrast to the pale white and gray walls of the structure. Her black tattoos almost made her skin more alight and her eyes stood out in an undiscribable way to Eric. Perhaps it was his love for sci fi, or just the fact she was indecently exposed but he fealt attracted to this alien. Regardless he had to do his job a pistol drawn and leveled at the ruby colored aliens head. "I would rather not take your life but I am authorized to do so if required." Potential threat to the facility showed much to Eric's dismay no sign of retreating.

"Your mind suggests you're decent in hand to hand. I would like you to prove it." And be it by attraction or hounor Eric found he couldn't say no, a pair of electric batons were quickly drawn. Three attacks were sent the aliens way, two dodges and a block made it useless. Another five came the aliens way three blocks with the scalpel and two dodge moves left her unharmed still. Eric switched then for a faster style, less power but a greater number of attacks. Even then the alien was unharmed her finess with a blade unrivalable, five dodges and five blocks one buton was no more then a centimeter from her face. Still she was untouched and in a single motion she was behind him and burried the scalpel just abover his tail bone. "Your paralysed from the waist down, I expect you to get better learn more and prove yourself later. Failure equals put simply your end." WIth that she ventured into the room to claim her own things her leather atire as well as her weapons. Last the vixen picked up a prototype weapon it looked familiar to her in a way. The security camera got a fealing that the woman identified the design as similar to the blade hilts she picked up.

From then on what few guards stumbled along the extra terestrials way were put down with a poetic grace. At the gate leading away the head tails seemed to warp permiting them to look more like hair. Society would mistake her a mutant. The body seamed to explode reduced to a cloud of crimson colored mist, the alien vanishing with purpose unknown.

Authors Note: Not my best kinda lost momentum near the end, wanted to take a more mysterious aproach though as her bio suggests a bit more who she is. So I wanted to get more a feal to how shes seen by others hopefully.

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4 posts, seriously how do you do it? Lol. In all honesty, this was awesome! ^_^

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I love your work.

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@Vicious13: @Crimson Eagle: Two blog posts, and four posts actually to be precise lol. And thank ya

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@Ult_Azrael: O_O

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Beautiful and wonderful post <3

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Authors Note: Not my best kinda lost momentum near the end, wanted to take a more mysterious aproach though as her bio suggests a bit more who she is. So I wanted to get more a feal to how shes seen by others hopefully.

This was awesome, idk how you keep pushing them out like you do. I'm a fan of how you went for the Rosewell story as a base, perfect way to bring aliens into the new U

What I got from it is she's cold and calculating, lethal but with morals, always calm but never still.

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CE also did bios for ult Az n this alt lol. Charm thanks love <3, Surk thats what I hoped was delivered ^_^ and Roswell just worked for how I wanted her persona to be shaped. As for how I do it, cuz im a boss lol
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@Apex_: It works in a few ways.

No doubt! xD

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Nice work!

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Surk, alota spare time helps lol. LL thank ya ^_^
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@Vicious13 said:

I love your work.
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Thanks ^_^
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I think this is the perfect time to say - Chyeah.