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"Why the change of thought all of a sudden?" the voice of a gray haired man spoke, his voice husky and deep, that of a longtime smoker. Though aged his physique was quite in check, his age could estimated approximately about 56 years old. "I have my reasons, Berkin." a woman responded, standing across from him. The stares and heat emitted from the two, tension was building. A mission of unsuccessful brought forth disappointment and failure before her, as well as the price that the female would soon have to pay.

Flash Back: Secret War

With the fall of the Three Kingdoms began the mark of the dark ages of the 300 years of chaos. Sweepings across China like the deadly plague, engulfing many of it's population for the war over power and land. During this event two clan who were China's top prestigious coven, both specializing in the dangerous form of magic known as Blood Magic. Magic in which was in it's purest form, long before spoken incantations. Engaged in their eternal struggle for power and dominance. Though the group were at constant war, legend said that the twin sisters who were the birth of the two clans were bless by Nuwa with the gifts over their celestial name, Yue Li Zhang, the maiden of the moon was bless with the power of Changxi while Yang Ji Zhang, the maiden of sun was blessed by Xihe. When the prophet who was really the fox spirit Daichi in disguised saw the coming of a powerful birth from the unison of both powers, she spoke a false vision that when the legendary Fusang rose up from the oceans, it would lay down the foundation for even greater magic and prosperity To enter this sacred land, both girls had to be pit against one another, the first blood spilled would determine the loser and victor was to be able to transcend towards the holy land.

After a long and tedious battle Yang came on top and Yue was cast to remain in the main land where her hatred build just as the fox spirit had hoped. The two sisters separated their family ties and formed their own exclusive clan: Yue formed the Umbra clan while Yang formed the Lumen clan, thus bringing forth the eternal rivalry. The magic between the two clan were used for different purposes, the blood of the Umbra clan was more ill-intent while the Lumen clan was more passive and focused on healing, the dual opposition of both forces represented the Ying-Yang aspect of Taoist nature. The clan would meet again in one of the many historic battles, the first was during the Sino-War. By that time the Umbra clan had changed their surname to Song and were now distant relatives to the Lumen clan by ancestry. Witches from both side secretly engaged one another and helped their founding nation with the Lumen clan securing victory. Many years after the events of Second Sino-War, the princess of the Umbra clan fell in a forbidden romance with the prince of the Lumen clan and soon she was pregnant with a child that would be the start a new era between both clans.

A major uprising came about on whether the child should be blessed by either the moon or sun maiden, to signify which clan was superior. Normally the father side was prevalent but the Umbra clan said other-wise leading into what was known as, the Witch War. The war had lasted for several months and both sides faced many casualties, with only the Umbra clan coming on top this time. The Lumen prince guided his wife to safety as the conflict between both clan had cause a fear into the population resulting into a witch hunt which would be the two clans down fall in the end. The prince used this to his advantage and masked himself into one of the civilians and help executed the witches. His actions were not evil but it was his only solution to finally ending the curse between the two clan and give his daughter a safe life. Just as the fox spirit had feared and predicted centuries ago but on the wrong date, a child was conceived near the final ending of the war.

The birth of this child was suppose to cement and seal the two clans and bring peace for both parties. But instead it brought more blood shed and fight over jurisdiction and power. As the princess was still in pursuit of an escape and find a safe haven for herself and her unborn child, an arrow shot her towards the back from a Lumen witch. Using her own blood she hurled a malevolent spell towards her attacker something that she had hoped she would never do in her life. She managed to conceive her child while bearing the pain from her wounds, as she then called forth the blessings of Changxi to bestow the powers of the moon to her baby. The moon goddess rejected the child, attempting to please the moon spirit the witch had failed and tried to summon the sun goddess but also failed. Crying with her dying breathe she regretted the life she gave to her newborn child and slowly died. Hoping that someone in the new land would find solace and raise the child as their own.

Present: An Hour Ago

Sakura was approached by Berkin, a virologist who was in hopes of testing various organisms to try and perfect a serum lacing that to meet super-human means. Her mission was to assassinate a particular Japanese woman by the name of Arisu, for specific reasons unknown. His tricks of manipulation worked his way into catching her in the acts of practicing her craft which then resulted in Sakura being blackmailed, ever since she was bound to play by his rules. He was shielded by an unknown artifact that hung around his neck dancing as he move to mock her, effectively countering any sort of spell against him. From the beginning he had study her, and when she display her magic capabilities she was the perfect little slave to do his bidding Lucky for him she thought, as he gave off the specifics of her mission she leaves his office with certainty that she will soon liberate herself from his grasp. Hours later from the rooftops, Sakura lay forth her cleaned rifle given to her and saw through it's lenses, she was sure not to use any magic as she risked exposure to the population and death by bullet meant it was a "normal thing". From the looks of the girl she was just like Sakura herself both young and naive in this world and as well as beautiful, enough to captivate the eyes of others. Followed by a series of pauses from pulling the trigger, Sakura was in deep thought, as she continue to wander in her mind she felt something strange emitting from her target, something that pushed her for the first time to go out and reached for the girl hands. But it was strange like a voice telling her to spot and recognize the girl as if she had seen her before. Doubting her inner self she regain her conscious and aimed straight ahead at the girl, who was wandering in the streets of Chengdu shopping for own pleasure.

Aiming her focus to lock onto her target she begins to move forward and push down on the trigger.... but she stops, "GOD DAMMIT!!!" she said to herself with building frustration second attempt after she decided to go through with the mission, biting her bottom lips and squinting her eyes before the shot could be made, in doing so she wouldn't see the death of the poor woman and the horrors it would bring. Once again she stops, "I can't do this! I don't care what that man does! I rather die in his witch hunt then murder an innocent!" she thought about her words carefully before making a final decision, should she take a life only to do so again and again repeatedly or use this one chance to finally end it all. Leaving the scene she gives the young girl another chance to live life while heading back towards the man who assigned her to hopefully escape from his clutches.

Present: Current

"Why the change of thought all of a sudden?" Berkin asked, unmoved by her failure or at least shown no sign of it, "I have my reasons, Berkin." she responded staring into the eyes of a devil who could end her since her gifts were useless "He's going to crack soon right?... He's too calm..." she said in her mind. "Failure isn't an option, those who fail me must be disposed of, there are more like you out there, finding a replacement isn't going to be hard." ending his response he charged towards her with great speed unexpectantly unsheathing a blade from his left hand and swinging it with the right. With mere seconds she managed to dodge his assault by telekinetically guiding her body from harm, giving space between the two in this life or death fight. "This wouldn't have gone this way if you had just comply and go through with the mission, but like a hard headed girl, you chose the hard way out. Too bad too sad little butterfly." ignoring his comments, the only thing brewing inside her gifted mind was to remove the amulet that was wrapped around his neck, with that she would show him the true force and dangers of dabbling into magic. She begins to study the many scenario envisioned in her mind, knowing of his skills and prowess, trying to tactically remove him without death involve. Killing never crossed her mind before and the thought of so shook her hard, though if she continued to allow him to live, he would continue haunting her until she was perfectly tamed and obedient like a dog.

But murder was the only option and every flower had to be stained once in their life time, knowing that she couldn't affect him directly she called forth the winds of nature to brush him away sending an impact towards his body as it hits the wall behind him. His body fell to the ground from there she saw his struggling in trying to regain his stance, "You little b!tch, once I'm done with you I'll make sure to deflower your petals until it burns into ashes!!!" having heard enough of his insults she reached into her pocket revealing a folded pocket knife, she began unfolding the blade, to slit her right index finger. The cut was deep enough where the pain had sent a stinging sensation and allowed blood to gush outward like a miniature flood. Letting her own fluids touch the ground and drip, she sends her blade towards Berkin's neck, reinforcing it with her telekinesis she manages to stab the pendant resulting in it's disenchantment. "Time to end this...." the drip of her blood was the powerful catalyst for her spell and she was going to use the darker tones of magic to stop him, by slowing the rate of his heart from beating, killing him slowly but surely.

"You wanna know why I chose not to kill her?" she questioned, Berkin responded but not in the way she wanted him to "You wanna know why I chose you to take her out, Sakura. Hmmm? Did you think you were the only one I kept under my fingers and toyed around with? She was like you once, a stupid little girl, who thought she could influence the world with small little acts, trying to be a big star, only to be the dirt under my foot!". Anger fueled her spell and she pulled the trigger like a loaded gun, at that moment his heart beat began to instantly drop, slowly and slowly, grasping for air as the pain was unbearable with coughs of blood. She didn't care, she had no patience and mercy left to give out, as he was near death he could only whisper something so faint that she thought of as no importance "Ssssssss....." with that the spell took in full effect killing him, during that spell's transition the pulsating veins that were shown from her hands grew dark and traveled to her face, ending when the spell was in completion. She felt the powerful sensation and the ecstasy it gave off but she also feared it, it felt too good and dangerous, she wanted more. Resuming to answer her unanswered question, she stood before him, now freed and liberated from his manipulations, looking down upon him with disgust she begins to give him the answers "She reminded me of something I envied, something I used to have before meeting you. She was....." turning away from his dead corpse and proceeded walking away she stops once more to glance at the sight of shattered mirror pieces, while gazing in it she saw many fragments of herself thus coming with her final response "Reflection, a reflection of who I used to be.".

An hour later

After Sakura's disappearance a flying cherry blossom petal manages to touch the stains of blood belonging to Berkin before flying back into the air, guided by the winds of nature. Only later to find it's way to a nearby river where it sits on top of something pure enough to cleanse it, washing away the pain it had long endure in this life time and following the flows of the river to an unknown future.

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