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Chimera: Ophion Facility (Germany), 1 Year Ago

Sweat and blood drip from her chained forearms down to her bare waist in violent cascading streams of crimson and blue. Her eyes gently flutter open as her raw course-grained lips close once more. Her frame heavily releases each breath taken in with a heavy sigh as her broken ribs nudge against her quivering tattooed skin. Underneath her dangling bruised feet she can feel the cold icy grasp of the blood stained tiled floor gently calling from beneath her. Underneath her feet she can feel nothing but her past, present and future.

Instantly in a flash of blue light, the room becomes engulfed in a burning haze of life. Her purple eye lids crunch together as the light invades her retinas. The room that surrounds her is that of a lab, fitted with cutting edge computers, beakers, and other recognizable equipment used in high tech experimental facilities. The only odd feature in the room besides the mangled body hanging three feet off of the ground is a large chair fitted in the center of the room. The chair itself is sleek with black leather fabric and would somehow be calming if it weren't for the unsettling heavy machinery attached to the back of it, making it seem like a comfortable electric chair. Her head pops back violently in realization.

She had for a small instance forgotten where she was even though this is all she knows. When she is unconscious whether it be from blunt force trauma or the sound comfort of sleep, she dreams of places and people she has never before met or seen, events she has never experienced, feelings and serenity she has never felt. For when she dreams, she escapes her reality. A reality that has broken her but somehow continues to break her down more and more each second that she is still alive. She longs for death more than freedom because to her death is the only true freedom.

Distant laughing cuts through the walls of the room as does the sound of multiple pairs of feet quickly pacing through the outside corridors. Her arms begin to jolt and shiver in fear causing her entire body to tremble from the force. She opens her eyes and stares emptily at the large steel door in front of her. A single tear rips down her cheek, staining the trail with the mascara that outlined her burning amber eyes.

The door quickly flails open before two armed guards enter the room followed by a group of lab coat wearing scientists. The two guards close the large mechanical door with the flick of a few buttons on the inner panel as the group of scientists make their way to their desks and personal cubicles. "Did you catch the game on Sunday?", one of the scientists asks another as he boots up his computer and takes a large swig from his coffee mug. "No. I had to take the wife and kids to see Santa.", the other one responds, sniffling under his breath. "Jesus Christ Larry, are you sick again?" A female blonde scientist laughs from one of the far end cubicles. "Right?" He annoyingly responds, folding and creasing his lab coat before placing it on his desk. "Since ive been assigned here, I swear I have been getting sick almost every other week." Larry stands from his desk and continues towards the dangling prisoner. Her eyes are wide with anxiety and her body is now jerking violently causing her restraints to clank against one another. The blonde scientist rolls her eyes as she watches the prisoner. "Maybe its her. If I were you I would let someone else handle Subject #02873's treatments for a while."

"No, I don't mind and to tell you the truth I actually enjoy doing this. I like to think that somewhere in that beautiful bald head there is a woman, thanking me for helping her." Larry whispers as he lowers the prisoner down onto the cold floor. As the chains lower, she falls on all fours briefly coughing up blood. "Now, now. We have a big day ahead of us. Spare me the theatrics #02873. You are only embarrassing yourself." Larry taunts as he drags the bare woman across the tiled floor by her neck and towards the direction of the chair. "Before we start our treatments we have to make sure you are all out of juice. Don't want another mishap like last week, now do we?" Larry laughs as he places the woman onto the leather chair, forcefully closing the clamps against her wrists, head and ankles, her eyes never leaving his. "Now. This is going to hurt a lot, but something tells me you already knew that." Larry smiles as he makes his way back to his desk. "Systems on my go." Larry shouts, clicking and tapping against his keyboard. "November.", He yells. "Booting.", replies the blonde scientist. "Sierra.", he yells once more. "Booting.", another scientist replies. "Echo.", He finally yells, before clicking on his mouse.

The chair hums as it starts to come to life with vibrations and the glow of red neon light. Subject #02873 closes her eyes forcefully, preparing for the inevitable carnage that would soon jolt through her veins and suck everything that once made her human out of her. How she hated the red lights that spawned from the chair. She hated the painful jolt that drained her of her willpower and her actual power, seizing anything human out of her. She waiting for the electrical charge, but nothing spawned from the chair. She opened her eyes in bewilderment as did the scientists and armed guards before her. This had never happened before. In the hundreds.. no thousands of times used, the chair never once took this long to activate. It would charge and then release. After the draining session, her handler would ask her what she saw and she would simply reply with, "Nothing."

"What the hell.." Larry gasped as the chair released a blue electrical charge. The charge violently shocked and jolted the subject before she fell silent. "Oh God, no." Larry cried as the chair came to a halt. Subject #02873 remained lifeless as a grey steam of smoke released from her body. Before anyone could do anything, the subject gently raised her head and trapped Larry's eyes within her own. He quickly approached her as the other scientists stared in awe. "What do you see?" Larry asked as he placed his hands against her bruised face. Her eyes grew wide as her hands beckoned from underneath her restraints. "I see red."

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It was then that her hands emitted a blue streak of pure unconsecrated power. The beam shot from her fingertips and through the defined crevices of her shackles, instantly releasing her. She angrily stood from the chair as the two guards aimed their weapons in her direction. Before they or any of the scientists could react, she released a large wave of blue energy from her body which quickly engulfed the room and everyone it.

"What do you see doctor?" Subject #02873 whispered as she quietly placed her bare foot on Larry's throat while alarms and automatic distress calls emitted from outside of the laboratory.

"Death." , He choked before being drowned out by the sound of cracking and crunching.

Chimera: Thesis Facility (Russia), Now

"They destroyed me and through my ashes created a monster that wants nothing more than to cause pain, death and destruction. I am the devil and with me hell will follow."

A lone shadow draped figure sporting a black hoody, black pants and black boots truffles silently through the powdery white snow. Her pale skin is completely covered in variations of tattoos, scars, burns and fresh cuts as she quickly makes her way up a sloped hill. The icy wind caresses the woman, lowering her hood revealing her black hair and face in the moonlight. She is smiling.


An explosion in the distance behind the woman interrupts the gloomy mood. Debris and embers litter the sky, illuminating the entire mountain top in an orange and yellow cross fade. She hesitantly stops and turns behind her to get a glimpse of the burning building below.

"I will not rest until they feel my pain and I will show no mercy for I am the devil and with these brimstone blackened fists I will burn a hole right through the very world just to see Chimera fall. I'm not fighting for revenge.. i'm not fighting for justice.. I'm fighting because that's exactly what I was created to do."

She smiles once more before raising her hood back up and continuing up the long and grueling mountain slope.

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@Two_Times: Is this Mistress Redhead? I'm still reading through it but so far this sh!t is the sh!t, if I say so myself. I'll come finish it up after I get another hour of meditation done =]

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Oh snap

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There is only one lady of the vine with this style ;) amazing story. Well worth the read. Hope to see this character in some of the interaction threads.

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(Shivers) This was some scary stuff, but a great read!

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@Quintus_Knightfall said:

There is only one lady of the vine with this style ;) amazing story. Well worth the read. Hope to see this character in some of the interaction threads.

Ohhhh. It's Mercy =]

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@Super_C: Keep guessing this is fun

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@Quintus_Knightfall: Sha?

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@Quintus_Knightfall said:

@Super_C: Keep guessing this is fun


Sorry guys but you don't know me.

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@Two_Times: Ahhh shiet. In any case ...

amazing story. Well worth the read.

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@Super_C: @Quintus_Knightfall: @Referee: @_Sojourn_:

Thanks btw :)

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This is amazing O_O

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@Mercy_: Thanks. :)

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Love it :)

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Very nice!

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It's Naamah isn't it? I'm sure it's Naamah.