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He was the brightest and warmest of school teachers, everyone in the elementary where he world loved him as their mentor or as their colleague. He has a bond thicker than blood and a kindness more accessible than family. The forty something year old man was one simply known by others as mister Milton, of mister M by his students as a fourth grade homeroom teacher. Outside of work he functions as helper of people, donating whatever he can to charity at a teacher's pay and volunteering on soup kitchens to prepare food for the needy. Besides the big heart inside his chest his life was no different than an average one, routinely driving back from work to heat up his microwave dinner when nothing is on the table. Switching on his non plasma or LCD television set to skim on the news for worldly affairs, adding bits and bobs of the globe to add to his open view. Extending his eyes from the confines of his living room, feet on fuzzy carpet and left hand on plastic television remote. He felt bad when they show children stricken with poverty contemplating on concepts such as equality, whether God really does love his people . His spork was scooping pieces of mixed greens and mash with preservatives, it appears that this package has less chicken that usual. Ignoring he lack of meat as Milton starts chewing slowly while visions of war shown on left-wing news channel haunt his mind.

Nothing in his life was out of the ordinary, he pays his taxes, he collects DVD sets of Game of Thrones, the man even owns a dog named Fido. Back in his teenage years he was an avid smoker, until he decides to quit when his mother died of lung cancer. Current life was not as glamorous compared to those people on television, one wife and one child which took longer to make because of 'problems' in his body. No life, just regularity and plain monotony without much excitement. On the outside people see him as a saint but within him he has a yearning desire to hurt others. Whenever he sees his child he contemplates on killing him, same goes with his wife. There were moments when 'accidents' are actually his doing kept in good secrets, he is a man imprisoned by freedom. Invisible bars of unfulfilled expectations of the world around him, It was no secret that he had several attempts at homicide. Wasted potential as his conscience was holding him back. His dual personalities just simply cannot coexist under the same body, at times he would bring sick animals to the veterinarians yet at others he would steal animals from his students and kill them discreetly. Mutilating them beyond recognition as he tapes their death throes before sending the records to their homes. His face is a mask to hide from others, yet his fidgeting hands tells other stories in lonely nights. Stories of murder, stories of broken homes and stories of harrowing tragedies in general.

Then ball lightning falls upon him. Everything changed...

He was struck by a white ball of lighting inside the comfort of his home while watching Game of Thrones on television during an electrical storm. the 42 year old suffered burns as he was flipped off his seat to slam against the ceiling, by the same phenomenon which also scramble all electronic appliances within that room. He was alone eating his dinner when the ball of plasma entered through the open window and and went through his chest. Medical bills are covered by government healthcare insurance the damages suffered from that incident gave some irreversible injuries that affected his personality. The lightning damaged his brain, as much as a stroke would have. He had to relearn how to walk again, how to swallow solid food again, and how to live again. Weeks after the strike has suffered odd symptoms of post-electrocution syndrome. Irregular heartbeats plague his conscience, he cannot live peacefully because of heightened startle response, Insomnia from numerous sleep disturbances and domestic violence in his own home because of panic attacks. Besides that he is afflicted with memory problems, seizures, and chronic, debilitating pain in his arms and legs, from damage to the peripheral nerves.

That and several internal burns, he was a victim of a phenomenon so rare it has never been photographed and its very existence is doubted. The list of damages goes from; Neurocognitive deficits including short-term memory loss, difficulty accessing or processing new information, attention deficit, personality change, distractibility, or loss of ability to multitask, Isolation or depression, Dizziness, Symptoms similar to postconcussion syndrome (eg, headaches, nausea, confusion) to damage on the central nervous system. Neurologic complications include the following: Immediate loss of consciousness; Amnesia and confusion, Retrograde amnesia, aphasia, Intraventricular hemorrhage, Keraunoparalysis. Yet from this curse, something emerges. Within the imprisonment of his own body his mind began to extrapolate, as the old Milton die a new persona emerges from the ashes of the old.

"Rise" as chanted by a cacophony of voices, a hymn which sent tingles of red static coursing to his body."Emeth" his eyes opened under the cover of bandages and gypsum, an electric mummy emerges from the medical tombs of clinical death. A month has passed after the area was shaken by a single-man massacre of an entire hospital.

Let there be.. me!
Let there be.. me!
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@Lady_Liberty: Thank thee

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Major props for the story and even more props for the Blade Runner pic. Badass

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@Gambler: thanks, I love roy batty

One of the best lines said by artificial beings

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@RumbleMan_Exe: hahaha makes me wanna watch it now. Rutger is beast mode before there was beast mode

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@Gambler: sunnuvab!tch provided inspiration for my favorite Tekken character

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@Gambler said:

@RumbleMan_Exe: hahaha makes me wanna watch it now. Rutger is beast mode before there was beast mode