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"Okay boys, we are paid a hefty amount of money to hunt down a certain Albert Donner. From this picture he looks like a sissy ass f*****, I mean the guy looks so skinny..." A haul of laughter followed from the room as a unit of heavily armed men are arming their weapons before they arrive on the drop-off zone. Guns big enough that some of them would classify as handheld pieces of artillery, eight men seemingly out of an eighties action movie.

Deuce, Dagger, Diesel, Dollar, Black Dice, Cutler, Chrome and their own leader Acid. Unbeknownst to them the men had been set up by an unseen force, strings have been rearrange for their meeting with an unusual target. A man who had just recently finished two whole lineages of world war two superheroes. Both housed incinerated and the bones left resembled an animal mauling, the rest of the body were never found. All the locations on their maps leads to a secluded area in the woods.

Eight men arrived in the area, as their air vessel left they began to move. Like the reports a trail of bodies marked their destination, small shoes and a burnt teddy-bear made one of them vomit. Deuce had a daughter at home about the same size, his head felt sick when a flash of imagination struck his mind. A strong feeling that he may not return home at all, that he will leave his daughter to be orphaned.

A sweat fell down his brow as he gets deeper into the woods, birds of ill portent cawed as the men passed each stationary tree. The forest seemingly silent as the animals had moved out many hours ago, not even a single ant is present. The only noises that can be heard are chatter of a soldier line and a faint sound of burning emanating from one singular source. A house that lights itself like a Halloween pumpkin.

Deuce made the first step on the staircase but Acid tells him to wait, two men are sent to investigate. Chrome and Black Dice, armed with their pseudo-artillery they arrived outside to confirm that the area is clear. Arriving too late as there is a scatter of viscera everywhere. Deuce is hiding behind a tree, in critical condition and it appears that something is leaking out of his body. Only one arm can be seen.

Acid and Dollar are laying out suppressive fire into the black Forrest so the rest of them can regroup. Dagger, Cutler and Diesel are dead as their flesh had replaced the brown of the earth below their feet. Intestines are stretched out to cover the distance between the house and Deuce. Dollar is screaming as he fires wildly at the nature, trees explode with every second that the trigger is squeezed. The man hides behind his gun after he saw two of his friends spontaneously exploding into a rain of gore.

Acid tries to calm him down with no avail, giving him a punch before...

The leader dropped his gun on the notice that the man beside him is missing, Deuce is an amputee while Chrome and Black Dice are coming their way. He switches to secondary fire as he retreats back into the cabin, telling both of them to return. The door is shut, they are inside. Guns are pointed out, keeping it out.

Black Dice shuddered as he heard an inhuman growl and a wailing shriek of a mutilated being, the window next to chrome breaks in as an object hits the gunman square on the chest. A dismembered head with the eyes hollowed out, tongue ripped away, and the teeth removed one by one. As he drops the head the lights die. Three men isolated.

In the haven of logs, their sanity slipping away. Chrome cannot stand it anymore and opts for a suicide. In front of his friends he shoves his own sidearm into his mouth and fired. A light which is reflected on two sets of eyes outside a window, a glint which is immediately covered over by a curtain of high explosive bullets.

Black dice then aims the gun towards Acid, shocking the leader as he his own man decides to betray him. In reality Dice got the idea that the whole thing is a set up, facing towards his boss while his back is pointed at the window.

A hand gently touched his head as both eyes popped out of their sockets, shortly after his innards flew off his mouth. Acid fired at the entity behind Black Dice, the effort worked as the being is seemingly enveloped in napalm fire. Yet it did not stop...

It comes to eat..
It comes to eat..