CVnU: New York City

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@zachary_rayner: @acrimony: @kalius_hawthron: @jadyn_barlow:

Guys, you might want to read what I've already established. Of course, Alduin was defeated so it's entirely possible a new leader was picked and you guys can work things out to do what you want to do with the Reds. Either way, they've been around a while, just inactive.

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Oh cool, thanks for this I didn't know they were already established.

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Jessica wants to correct him since it's not Green Lantern, it's Green Sentinel. And the reds aren't fueled by hate, they are fueled by rage. And if the Reds are back then that does not bode well for anyone. Hal has messed with them in the past, but Jessica hasn't since that was before she got her own ring.

Jessica is not the main Green Sentinel of Earth, that's her partner Hal and she is his back-up. But she is here and he is not, so she shakes Zach's hand firmly, "Sure, I'll help. But just so we're clear, this isn't a date. I don't even know you."

Last time around it was Alduin, but now she's gotta wonder if the Reds have a new leader and why return now after all this time? The probability of death or injury doesn't scare Jessica since she's been down this road before. It's part of the reason she was chosen to wear the ring.

"I'm going to have to report in with the Guardians, though. Let them know I'm going to help you." She does this, opening a channel directly to Mogu and a Guardian answers. After explaining the situation, the Guardian gives Jessica leave to help Zach with a full report given once the mission is done.

After that, Jessica goes into full scientist mode, "So! Do you think the Reds vomit is actually blood or is it red plasma? Is it true their life force is sustained by their ring since their hearts stop? Can a red ring be removed or would it kill them? What's your not name by the way, I never got it?"

Jessica suddenly looks almost ashamed, giggling nervously, "Sorry for the million questions, I'm a scientist so I'm curious."

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She had come to expect the preternatural and downright spooky way he moved, with not so much as a shuffle or a whisper as he cut through the night with deadly silence. She swore there was something part leopard in him - all stalking predator and deadly grace. Tightly coiled muscles, just waiting for prey to run through his line of sight, at which point he would uncoil and the chase would be on. And what a chase it would be. He was pure deadly grace.

"Hmmm." Her lips twitched as her brows drove downwards into a furrow and she stood stick-straight, glowering at him. She held her pointer fingers up behind her head simulating ears, and positioned herself in front of the moonlight in such a way that Kellan would see the frame of her body silhouetted by the moonlight. "I am the night," she growled, her voice pitched low and rough.

Her heart stopped in her chest. She shouldn't have doubted him, but a part of her had lived in fear since the moment he had revealed his plan to her. She at first had insisted accompanying, but logic had won out. They both knew that she did not have the capability to prevail against one, let alone all, of the Secret Masters. The fact that Kellan had done so... was enlightening. And concerning. He was beyond what she had thought.

Her eyes lingered on his smile for just a moment, taking it in. For the first time in recent memory it actually radiated up to his eyes. He was feeling joy in this moment, an emotion she hadn't seen him display since she had awoken. Grimness, that was his driving force now. "You've always protected me, even when I haven't wanted it," she said, stepping out of the backdrop of moonlight and moving away from the ledge.

Tessa drew her shoulders up around her ears, giving in to a momentary shudder at the mention of Alpha Dog. Deep in her psyche - where she would never admit to - a frisson of pure fear ran through her being. She was capable, cunning, deadly, and she had almost died that day. She still had the scars as a memento. "I hate it when you're overbearing," she muttered. "Even moreso when you're beating me to the punch on something."

She tilted her head to the side and pursed her lips. "That's why I sought you out. I need you to teach me. Tell me what to do."

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Men were clay, shaped by experiences, their environment. Tessa's skin seemed to pale as memories of Alpha Dog rose to the front of her mind. Kellan however, hardly blinked. Now, he could slay Alpha Dog with the skill in his thumb. And yet, even before arts forbidden and twisted were known to him, he'd face the villain with nay a moment of hesitation in his movements. Tessa was molded to be a killer, but Kellan was raised to watch the life fade from a victim's eyes with no vestige of humanity in his face. No fear, no hesitation. He was a monster, and he gave the smallest of smiles that monsters - devils - so often did. But it was genuine, as was the good - however different - in his heart, and the care he had for her.

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With a soundless stride, the Red Shinigami came to stand by Tessa's right. A shadow moved over the white of her face, and his hand cupped her cheek, his silent stare beckoning her to turn at the heel and face his body with hers. Kellan held her gaze, and his thumb stroked her skin as she swallowed her pride and became his pupil. The corners of his lips curled ever so slightly, and his expression, however subtle, changed in it's entirety.

"By the end of this, Alpha Dog will be nothing to you. Less than nothing".

The red in his eyes deepened, his fingers slid down to her throat, and his touch grew bruising and possessive. "And together, we'll solve the problem of evil in this stinking shithole of a world".

Running a thumb over her throat, the Horned Saint drew her towards him. "We'll start your training now".

In the Shadow World. Darkness would swarm the edges of her sight, and in the tick of a second, the two'd be in a realm of shadows, where all that was seen was the vague impression of movement. There, Kellan'd hold her hand and guide her to meditation. Where sight meant nothing, she'd awaken senses she never thought possible.

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She'd known him for years, fought beside him through thick and thin, and still she didn't anticipate his movement. The deep darkness of his eyes held hers rapt with attention; she couldn't break her gaze even if she wanted to. If she had, she probably wouldn't have caught the slight smirk, the mischievous curl of his lips. For a moment he looked more like the man she used to know, and not the visage of death he had become.

"I would expect nothing less," she said quietly, before her breath was stolen as his fingers scraped along the soft skin of her throat. Tessa tried to focus on his next words, but she could feel her heartbeat in her throat, the sound of blood rushing in his ears as he applied pressure to the graceful column of her neck. He could snap it with no effort, and she felt like a wolf baring its neck to an alpha in the moment, even as thoughts of something far more scandalous raced through her mind, completely unbidden.

Tessa tilted her head to the side, moving closer to him, shivering as she allowed his him skin privileges she never had before. This was the danger of knowing Kellan would never intentionally hurt her - she let her guard down in his presence more often than she should. "Training, yes. Training," she said, snapping herself out of a touch-soaked reverie, even as the toes of her boots stumbled against his.

Every instinct was on edge as her vision was obscured by a hazy darkness, the hairs on the back of her neck standing straight up as goosebumps pebbled across her arms. Suddenly the casual outfit she was wearing did not seem like the smarest of choices she made. But then again, nothing about this felt like the smartest decision.

As her sight went dark, her other senses began to kick into overdrive. She could smell a deep woodsy musk scent in the air, almost like somebody was burning sandalwood. She caught a whiff of sweat and an indescribable scent that was always just Kellan. If he was almost anybody else, she would have been able to hear the air move around him as he moved his hands, but as it was, it was just a knowing that let her anticipate him grabbing her hands in his own.

She always forgot how much larger than her she was until her was in close proximity. His hands enveloped hers, his rough calloused palms scraping against her similarly situated ones as his larger frame dwarfed her own minute stature.

Tessa could practically hear him in her thoughts as she tried to calm the racing thoughts in her always-busy mind, constantly leaping from one topic to the next. "Kellan," she whispered into the darkness. "What do I need to do?"

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While the Blue Ghost is a wanted woman, Morrigan Darkholme is not. In her human alter ego, she's a Mercenary and she works for money. It's a nice change of pace from being a hired assassin, especially since she can't kill anymore. Not after what the Blaze Rider did to her.

Now Morrigan seeks redemption, but she is puzzled as to how to go about it. She's spent so long killing and being generally a bad person and now she finds she literally cannot pull the trigger anymore. So does one become a hero? How does one redeem a life time of wrongs?

Morrigan is in New York City, it's late at night and it's raining. She doesn't seem to mind the rain. It's a good mood setter. It's how she feels inside. Crying...broken...

So, what brings Morrigan here to the big apple? A job. But not just any job. She's hunting down a man is rumored to be in a similar situation as her. Nothing concrete, unfortunately, just rumors. The only thing she knows for certainty is his name: Cassius Knightfall. Morrigan likes the last name. It conveys the image of a knight in shining coming, perhaps coming to her rescue. But a knight is not perfect and a lot of them have fallen in battle. Considering the rumors said about Cassius, the name of Knightfall seems rather fitting.

Morrigan is on the rooftops, looking for the rumored last known position of her target. She hates rumors because she doesn't know if they are true or not. Will she meet this Cassius? What will happen if they do meet and expectations are not met? Honestly, it's a good thing Morrigan doesn't expect much. Just a man who is just as broken as she is. But perhaps they can help each other. That is her hope.

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The hero regains consciousness in one of the black holes of NYC

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The interrogator starts in a hush, "You know who I am, yes?"

Barking through blood soaked lips, the hogtied hero responds, "Yeah, Classique. The son of a bitch who just made the biggest mistake of his life."

Classique laughs. Licks his lips flamboyantly and motions for his assistant in black to hand over the machete. Between Class and his prey, lies around seven feet of bloodtrail on the wooden floor. A preview of the savage artist's sadistic methods. A taunt breaks heavy air, "H'okay then... This is the biggest mistake of my life? Can't wait to see how much better things get from here..."

Next Classique starts to peel away at his three piece suit. The hero shouts throughout. Classique knows full well that his stripping was in order to persevere the pristineness of the suit for the Gala he has to appear at later this evening, but the hero assumes much worse.

No Caption Provided

The hero assumes this demon has no barriers.

He assumes Classique is a monster of the most heinous fashions.

The hero assumes there has to be some way out, so eventually he begins to bargain. Facing Classique from below his machete and nearly nude glee, the first offer, "Is it money you want?"

Then, the first swing of the blade. Ripping through the hero's right bicep. There was screaming, and then, another offer, "Is it f*cking information then?!?"

The next swing, a left shoulder splitter, "It's not about WHAT ya know, It's about who ya know" Classique clarifies.

Fighting blood loss with feint words, the hero cries, "You want me to send a message? Sh*t! What is it?"

Classique elbow nudges his assistant and she grins. He grins. He tells her," I knew he'd get it." and turns back to the hero, wiping some of the blood off their cheek while announcing, "There's gonna be a gala tonight. You know; models, paparazzi, art and all that. And I just want you to... Ya'know... Invite your super-friends. I mean people might need protection... people might like to see the real stars there... Can you do that for me?"

"Yes! F*ck. Just untie me... I'll invite the whole damned Hall of Justice!"

"Oh, now that's the spirit!" Classique shouts before pecking the hero on the cheek and knocking them out again. Class cuts his messenger loose and the assistant patches them up. Then the avant garde assassin's disappears.

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"We are cutting you off."

Cassius tapped his glass on the bar once again, staring at the barkeep dead in the eye. Wordless he tapped the glass another time. His eyes flashing yellow for the briefest of seconds before fading back to their natural brown.

“Get this fool outta here”

Cassius smirked as he gingerly stood up. His equilibrium clearly off center. Swaying a little as he stood waiting for the bouncers to get close. Part of him wanted to fight, wanted to hurt to feel alive again. But in his heart, he knew he shouldn't fight. These people where just doing their job. But he couldn’t, no he wouldn’t act out. He already had enough guilt and regrets clouding his every thought.

Two men grabbed hold of him and started to pull him towards the door. The unsolicited momentum made him really dizzy. The dizziness giving way to a rush of cold air and the

Violent and heavy embrace of the concrete.


Laying in the street as the fringes of the world pulsed and faded into a deep all-consuming black as he passed out.

The last thing he saw was a shadow on the roof top.

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It had been approximately a year since the unexpected arrival of Cadmus, the Knightfall from the future. It had been a long year, a year filled with desperate attempts to stay hidden. It seemed that in this time, the name of Knightfall was rather infamous. It drew unneeded attention. This had made things more challenging than needed. It also had not helped that a space ship had seemingly appeared out of nowhere which carried a crew of people whose great grandparents hadn't even been born yet.

For the most part, staying hidden had been mildly successful - though it had come at a cost. Cadmus' entire crew was close to extinction. First, only a handful had died defending themselves against over-curious humans and their respective governments. However, the biggest hit had come from disease and sickness. The world and time which Cadmus and his comrades came from had never been exposed to the majority of the bacteria and pathogens present on Earth.

Cadmus was exceptionally intrigued by Earth, its humans and just its civilization in general. The biggest cities such as the one he was now visiting, New York, were still minuscule compared to the cities on his home world. In his time, culture was seen as something different between the galaxies many species and humans had seemingly undergone a collectivization of their culture. In this time they still retained their many, distinct and unique cultures.

However, this trip to New York was not to taste the local culture. It had the distinct purpose of finding one of the last components they needed to manufacture a makeshift part to get their ship back to functioning order. That was the plan anyways.

To blend in more, Cadmus wore his specially designed contact lenses. They were sufficient to hold back the force of his ability, but, unlike his visor they could not quickly allow use or modification of the beams. Though, he still kept the visor inside his coat pocket...just in case.

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Morrigan arrives just as a man is being thrown out a bar. Frustrated again at apparently nothing, she makes her way down the fire escape, intent on going inside the bar. It's a rumored location where Cassius possibly hangs out. She almost ignores the drunk, but then as she gets nearer she does a double glance at him.

Morrigan tilts her head as she walks over to his side, looking down at him. It's him. Seems to be out cold. Smirking, Morrigan bends over and tries picking him up, provided he's still out cold and not awake to protest or struggle. Provided she succeeds without him waking up and protesting, she swings him over her shoulder as if he weighed no more than a child. She carries him to the back of the bar and into the alley way before she sets him down gently, his back against the brick wall.

Morrigan then stares at him for a few seconds wondering if someday this will be her. It's amazing she hasn't already started drinking herself to death based on what she's been through as of late. She takes a deep breath, wondering if this man can actually help her now. But no harm in trying...right? She has to explore every avenue.

Morrigan gets to her feet, walks to the other side of the alley and with her back to the wall, crosses her arms and leans on the wall as she waits for him to wake up. As she does, she watches him but she also makes sure he remains safe from those who lurk in the darkness.

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Jai stared from the street watching the city around him, everyone was in their homes living their lives - or at least believing they were. They'd get up, look in the mirror, get back into bed and do it all over again, cycling rapidly between night and day. Completely unaware of how the world around them was changing, the future Speedster leaned across a wall and continued to watch the world of New York 2019. It was so much more different than his time, much more chaotic and free. Jai's time was very neat, orderly, and when the villains attacked there was always a hero (Mostly his father) who dispatched the evil rather quickly.

The Speedsters thoughts were interrupted by the sudden and painful twitching in his leg, and in an less then an instant Jai's leg crumpled underneath him and he would slide down his perch with a wince. "Damn it." He'd rise to his feet once again and breathe deeply. The ALS attacking his system had a nasty habit of kicking Jai in the a$$ when he used his powers to extensively. And a trip from Key City to New York City definitely fell under that category of dumb ideas for a kid with ALS and superpowers. But Jai would simpy dust himself off and limp forward waiting for the twitching in numbness in his hands to cease.

Jai couldn't help but compare the night with his own state of mind and body. Just like that night, his insides were in chaos. A mess. Something was bothering him. Something was hurting him. Something ached inside him. Everything felt so wrong, He tried to reason this unbearable burning but didn't find any. Everything felt so confused, just like a jumbled set of a puzzle. This ALS was a puzzle. That's all it was. Uncurable or not Jai was going to find a way to rid himself of this. It was a puzzle.

A puzzle that Jai didn't know how to solve. But he would find out. He would find a way. The young man was so lost in his own thoughts that he didn't even notice the man in front of him. He would accidentally collide, and that collision would possibly knock the Visor out of his pocket. If that was the case, Jairus West would bend down to pick it up and his brain would fire with speeds faster then a supercomputer, this doesn't look good? What the hell is this thing?

No Caption Provided

"Uh sorry about t-that sir. That was an accident. Here you go," He'd hand the visor back to the strange man and look him up and down with curious eyes, and Jai would try to keep his twitching hands in his pockets hoping he would phase through his pants and blow something up...again."So uh that things' cool. Where'd you get it? B-B-Best Buy? Walmart? E-E-E--Bay?" He'd joke, but there was a hint of seriousness in his tone. The Time traveler swore that if this was some rogue meta, or mutant he was gonna jump off a cliff. But I mean in a city of 8.623 million people...his chances weren't that high. Right?

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Coming back to his sences alittle, awakening to the pulse at the back of his head and the sticky yet crusty headwound it centered from Cassius's vision began to clear. His first thoughts where of the form in front of him, shapely defiently female looking down at him. Who was she and? what did she want ?. If she was another viligante or somebody after his almost long forgotten bouty he would be dead already, shot or whatever in his sleep. An easy cash in. But now he found himself in alley water , his body throbbing and his head somewhere in the midst of internal thunderstorm.

With little tact or real cohession he stumbled a fractured sentance in the womans direction.

"Who.., whadda u want"

Placing his weight on his heels and pushing his shoulders into the wall, he slid up to his feet. The buildings firm footing rooting him and supporting the obviously unstable form. His eyes almost entirely adjusted but his brain still cloudy he looked upon the woman staring right back at him. Without breaking gaze he started to wipe himself down trying to smarten himself up before letting out a somewhat awkward smile. Before waving his hands at his ears as if trying to shoo away the flies.

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Idiot her, Morrigan didn't check for wounds. She should have. Thoughtless. Not like she could do anything about patching him up, though. She doesn't carry a first aid kit on her since she doesn't need one. She can touch him, maybe change him into another form if he allows it. But healing him? That is...actually possible. She should have thought of it before. Thanks to her powers she can give one, maybe two, powers to technology. A dermal regenerator, like what you see on Star Trek, might come in handy right now. Just give a healing power to her cellphone and heal him with it. Perhaps in a bit...

Morrigan tilts her head as she watches him slide up the wall with his back against it, deciding not to answer his question just yet. The way he puts his hands up makes it seem he might already have a hangover. He might not trust her to go near him, not yet. She has to establish that she's not going to hurt him first. "You, but I'm not here to hurt you or kill you. I just want to talk. My name is Morrigan."

Morrigan hasn't moved at all, just watches him. She moves, she might make him nervous even in his drunken state. Unfortunately for her, he doesn't look like he's in much condition to talk. He needs to sober up and she knew more about her Meta-Tech power, she might be able to help him with that. But she's still learning how to use it since it's a power she just gained recently. After a moment, she speaks again, "Would you mind if I take you somewhere else? A place we can talk privately? I'll even let you choose the place." She adds a bit of a smile to that last part.

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Cassius was still very much out of it, much to his design. The voices in his head he hoped to silence begging him to dip into the shadows and let the very real demons out to play. His head still throbbed from the combination of collision and intoxication, his stomach starting to turn. Something needed to be done. Gesturing with one finger to beg for a minute of time Cassius ducked his head behind a nearby dumpster. The sound was unmistakable, his stomach violently expelling mostly liquid onto the alley floor. Pausing for a second in his slightly tucked away location an odd sensation flushed over him. The embrace of the shadows swept through him, nothing new but his head began to rapidly clear, his skin tightened and sealed leaving only a small dry patch of blood on the back of his head.

Cassius hated to use his powers but now he may have found a use for them that wouldn’t cause anyone any harm. Pulling his torso back from behind the frankly disgusting and now vomit splatted dumpster his eyes flashed yellow before returning to their natural colour as he caught Morrigans eye once again.

“Ok then, follow me.”

Leading Morrigan at a leisurely pace the two walked for a few minutes chatting idly until they reached a building with an old blockbusters sign. Producing a set of keys Cassius opened the door and gestured to let the lady in first. Entering the building himself thereafter the two walked into what best can be described as some sort of lunatic's hovel filled with maps, empty packets and open bottles.

Pulling a seat out from under what must have been a table, but now resembled a mountain of trash he wiped his sleeve and offered it to Morrigan. Before leaning back against another wall. His hands a few inches away from a little custom fail safe he afforded himself. Should the location needed to be burned.

“So what do you want?, you don’t want to kill me. So are you a power groupie? after some knightfall money? Or you going to try talk me into joining some crusade. Either of the first two I am going to have to disappoint you”

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As Morrigan sees the finger that gestures to give him some time, she decides to honor his need for it and stays silent. Pursing her lips, she looks away as he throws up behind the dumpster. She's experienced that a few times herself. Okay, maybe more than a few since she's been alive for so long. By the time he finishes and she looks back at him, Cassius already looks better. The man has a resilience that is both impressive and beyond human.

Was that a bit of yellow eye shine she glances at before it vanishes? When Morrigan is in her other form with blue skin, she has yellow eyes. But in this one she looks like a normal human as she would look if she had been born as one.

Morrigan follows him, listening to his chatter and gives a few nods to indicate she's listening but she doesn't say much in response but prefers letting him do the talking. The more she listens to him, the more she learns about him. She studies him, the way he walks, carries himself and the sound of his voice. His speech pattern, his accent if he has one and the way he moves his body, even in subtle ways. Some might consider this creepy, but as a shape-shifter, Morrigan has fallen into the habit of studying every facet of others she encounters just in case she needs to assume their form and pose as them. The more she knows about a person, the more accurately she assume their identity without anyone being the wiser.

Ah, an old Blockbuster Video store. A big thing once upon a time, especially in the late '80's and throughout the '90's. The store reached the height of it's power and popularity in 2004 before it began it's decline and it went bankrupt thanks to poor management, Netflix, Redbox and other more up to date video services. When Cassius gestures for her to go first, Morrigan smirks and nods before going inside. Inside is what the shape-shifter expects. A mess.

Morrigan grabs the chair that is offered before swinging it around so the back end is facing Cassius and she sits on it with her arms over the back and her hands dangling over the back of the chair. Cassius's questions don't surprise her, but she shakes her head and answers, "None of that. I'm more interested in your past. I hear rumors, I want to know if certain things are true. I'll try not to probe too much and if it gets too personal, just say so and I'll stop."

Taking a deep breath, Morrigan asks her first question, provided he doesn't stop here there and decides to let her, "Rumor is you were bad once. A man surrounded by some kind of...Vibranium metal. Someone who could command the shadows. But then...mysteriously, you turn your back on that. That's where the rumors get kind of sketchy. I'd like to know why you decided to take a different path. What made you walk away from that?"

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"Ok strap in this is going to take a while.

When i was two/two and half i was kidnapped from parents by a rival family, this family had a blood feud dating back to the knights templar. They decided to weaken their rivals they would steal an heir. In their hurry they took and raised me. Believing me to be my older Brother Andres for a time. After about 12 years of been raised in England at a school for Vatican assassins i was set lose on my first run of missions. Until the age of 19 i was traveling around the world completing hits on various targets for the church. At 20 i learned of the abduction and went to find my birth family by locating my siblings here.

For a while i worked under a team and studied them from afar even having to pull punches when we eventually clashed. Then we worked together for a time. Then we sort of drifted apart. One of my brothers went crazy and started doing some kind of mutant messiah thing. My sister shot off into space and Andres is a family man.

After that i moved to Tokyo for before being shanghaied into some sort of government sanctioned team. They put a bomb in my head. After that i attacked the white house to prove a point. Then I ended up losing an arm when i died fighting some duke thing in hell. Found myself back here not long after with a new arm and doing some covert ops. A little after that I was brainwashed and killed three U.S diplomats and was put on Americas most wanted list. A little after that I decided I would finally use a serum my brother gave me to activate my mutant gene. This gave me the shadow related powers you mentioned. Though these came with unexpected side effects so i try to keep a handle on that. And finally, I spent a year learning to use a bow and running around as a masked low tier hero. Decided that i was living a lie and i couldn't take it anymore. So, I started drinking and haven't really stopped."

Realizing he just dropped a bomb shell on the poor woman Cassius laughed.

"That give you what you need?"

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Upstate New York, Woods

"I'll search up ahead"

A star-spangled shield of indestructible quality was strapped to his back, and a flock of thermographic nanites glided above the trees. So while his eyes glimpsed at footprints here and there, the nanites sought the thermal glow of an emerald titan. Legend and rumor whispered of a kind monster roaming the woods. It's arms were like cords of steel bundled into herculean muscle. It's shoulders were boulders sitting atop a mountain of inhuman mass. It's chest was as wide as the sea, and it's legs as thick as trees. It's raw power was incredible, eclipsed only by the gold in it's heart.

Such were the descriptions the American God had heard from hikers either helpful or hyperbolic. Passing his gaze over the creaking trees and dried leaves, Achilles' steps slowed to a stop. "Search this area", he paused, his command echoing to the Virtual Intelligence manning his airborne nano-probes, "I'll search up ahead". And with nay a moment spared, Achilles leaped into the sky with boundless strength. Gliding as his eyes glanced at corners of the woodlands here and there, he sighed - seeing nothing. Yet as he landed with a thud that rocked the trees and shook the ground, the American God was met by a glimmer of hope.

A footprint, many times larger than any man's. It was fresh, and if the rumors held true, it was Apex's. The emerald titan, then, could not be too far.

"Apex", Achilles called out, voice calm and strong, "I come in peace". Hoping his words were indeed heard by the man deemed monster, he continued, "If you hear me, can we talk?".

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What little the 8th Wonder knows about Apex is only half the story. The other side to it is he's hunted by a secret branch of the military because they want him back. And if that's not bad enough, he's hunted by other people who see him, daring to be brave enough enough to raise a weapon against him. To Apex's credit, he sends them running without ever hurting any of the sorry idiots. He just wants to be left alone and survive. He'd love to a way to be human again, but he has no resources at his disposable to accomplish such a task.

Apex, legendary Green Man of the woods, roams the remotest regions of the United States. Regulated to both monster and myth, Samson lives off the land not because he wants to but because he has no other choice. Still, being what he once was, he has to help those who cannot help themselves. Mostly hikers who get lost or hurt. And so it is, some of those reports reach the ears of the American God.

Apex never stays in any one place for too long, it throws people off his trail and the project he was once a part of. Plus, roaming freely from region to region means the food source replenishes in other areas and he can he hunt there for food again when he comes back at a later time. Winter is the hardest, though, since food is harder to come by. But thankfully, it's still at the latter end of summer where food is still abundant. However, it's not the time for food.

Apex has been fighting a foe for the better part of 15 minutes. A bald meta-human with a ball and chain who can absorb the powers of those beings he touches. But the bald man is unused to such power that Apex has wielded for several years now. Using that to his advantage, he Green Goliath claps his opponent over his ears to stun him before delivering such a powerful uppercut, the sound is heard for miles around as the trees shake from the kinetic shock wave from such a powerful blow. And if 8th Wonder is anywhere near, he might hear it from about 3 miles north east of his current position.

With his foe beaten, Apex turns his head towards the sound of the 8th Wonder's voice that has carried over to him, even from miles out. The man knows his name and immediately the gentle giant is suspicious. But the one thing that makes him curious is the fact that the Blue Wonder has said he comes in comes. He's literally the first one ever to say that. No one else has, not one. That alone deserves a bit of a curiosity.

Apex cannot tie up his fallen opponent, so he just leaves him and hopes the man will take it upon himself to learn the lesson to leave Jade Giant alone. Apex sigh's, knowing that this guy isn't the first one with powers seeking him out for a fight and he won't be the last.

Apex has learned to be pretty stealthy despite his size. He had to learn to be silent as he walks through the woods since he's constantly hunted or hikers spotting him before running in fear. Plus, having to hunt for food has taught him how to be silent. With one such as his strength and speed, he should have no problem catching a meal. This is true. However, Apex was once a soldier and prefers to use skill whenever he can.

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Apex doesn't call back, he simply walks towards the sound of the 8th Wonder's voice and especially if The Dreamer deigns to call out again. It's not long before Apex sees the 8th Wonder through the trees, his distinct and bright colored costume making him stick out like a sore thumb among the green of the forest. For several seconds, the Green Giant observes him before he comes into view. He brushes off his pants with both hands even as he briefly tilts his head to the left, right side of his lip curling upward for a brief second as a sound escapes it, "Hnn."

Apex knows a warrior when he sees one since soldiers are basically the same thing. By his estimate, the 8th Wonder stands around the same height as Samson once possessed as a human, maybe an inch shorter. Built too, he can see the muscles even under that uniform that is reminiscent of the American flag. The face is looks determined, at least to Apex, but also kind. The man conveys power and a hidden strength even Apex can appreciate and it's just by being in the man's presence.

There is no threat detected here, the Jade Giant knows because he'd sense it if the 8th Wonder posed a threat on his life. No, this man seems to come in peace just as he said. Still, Apex prefers not to get too close anyway, just in case this is not what it looks like. Apex looks the 8th Wonder over with emerald eyes before he finally speaks in a deep voice is almost inhuman. "Talk about what? And who are you?"

(OOC: I didn't want to say anything about the probes since they are yours, but feel free to have them detect Apex long before he approaches 8th Wonder if you like. Makes sense if they would. ^_^)

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Out the sea of trees walked a titan. Yet for all the power and strength coursing through his veins, there was apprehension - uncertainty - in Apex's posture. Achilles needed nay a second longer to determine what seemed clearer than soot on snow. That for all his might, the emerald titan was a man surrendered to a life wherein his freedom was tested to no end.

"Talk about what? And who are you?"

"My name is Achilles"

"My name is Achilles", the American God answered, armored arms crossing over his chest, and his eyes meeting Apex's. "I don't know too much about you, Apex. But helping hikers and saving people tells me one thing, you have a hero's soul. After all, not many use their talents to help others and expect nothing in return", he paused. "And your guarded body language, as well as living here in isolation, tells me another thing. You either don't like people or you're being pursued by someone or something. And considering you actually help people, I'd bet on the latter".

"I'm assembling a team. Of likeminded people with the goal of managing threats to the world, and preventing disasters. None of us can be everywhere at once, but with a team we'd be fairly close. But", Achilles scowled, aware of the one obstacle still in need of toppling, "You're being hunted. And until that's put to bed, it'll be dangerous for you to be in public eye. So tell me, if you're willing. Who is hunting you?".

"Because I believe I can help".