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John Wallace stood within a the government headquarters in Langley, Virginia.  With his heart racing and mind ready, he looked down at the device which was attached to his ankle.  Dozens of government agents ran back and forth monitoring conditions and gathering data.  They were gearing up for a clash of catastrophic levels.  A tournament had been arranged by a greater force.  Unless all individuals cooperated, this being would attempt to conquer the Earth and enslave the inhabitants thereof.  Now, forces of two individuals would compete on a massive level in order to attain the prize, save the world, and survive to tell about it.

The place of this conflict would be New York City of all places.  The device attached to Wallace's ankle was a teleportation device.  Many times, experts had tried to dissemble the equipment in order to analyze it.  However, they found it to be made of something out of this world.  When an individual placed their hand upon it, it would summon their partner and thus allow them to teleport back to their original position.  For this epic series of events, John Wallace had been paired with the legendary Nighthunter.  This hero's reputation preceded him, and Wallace was honored to fight by his side.

In preparation, John suited up in a durable suit of body armor.  It protected the essentials and allowed a nice freedom-of-motion.  Afterwards, he gathered his bladed weapons.  John's first selection was a pair of hunting knives.  Each knife had a hardened rubber handle with a wide grip.  The blades were each nearly twelve inches long, with a smooth edge and a serrated back.  These were made for encounters with large, dangerous animals such as bears, wolves, and mountain lions.  Wallace figured they'd serve well in an encounter with predators of a more intelligent nature as well.  As an added benefit from government funding, each blade was made out of adamantium.  Unknown to many, each of those knives would fetch around $50,000 on the open market.

After hanging the blades at his sides, he gathered several throwing knives as well.  At times when guns were not practical, these nasty little things would serve quite well.  Each knife was made entirely of high-carbon steel, and measured approximately seven inches in length.  Wallace strapped four blades to his right thigh and four more to his left upper arm.  As an added measure, one more hunting knife was fastened to his right boot.  Next came the firearms.

First and foremost was the main weapon.  Wallace chose to go with a 5.56mm M16 assault rifle.  It shot 700 rounds per minute and was reliable.  When the bullet entered a person's body, it turned sideways and tore through several inches of flesh.  In addition, he packed two .50 cal pistols.  The two Israeli-made death dealers required a firm grip.  One shot usually took care of its target.  John packed the pistols close to his person on his torso.  After that, he put on his long riding coat.  The long coat had the Blazing Saints insignia stitched to the back.  That long leather coat had been through so many encounters, as did the next weapon which Wallace insisted on taking with him.  Among his personal effects was a long chain.  Many people considered it to be obselete, but in the hands of John Wallace, it was extremely deadly.  It also happened to be a favored weapon of John's.... "other" personality.

With the large chain wrapped around his torso, John Wallace made his way out towards the main area.  As he looked on, he saw Nighthunter standing by and calmly observing the situation at hand.  It was already predetermined that Wallace would be sent into combat first.  Wallace walked up to Nighthunter and placed his hand on the legend's shoulder.  Then, in a calm and collected voice he said, "We can do this."  In essense, these two combatants were indeed a force to be reckoned with.  Both men knew how to think on their feet and strategize properly.  Wallace then raised his fist and the two men bumped knuckles as Wallace headed over to the "jump site."

As he stepped upon the platform, Wallace took in a deep breath.  This was it.  Taking one last look at the busy federal agents around him and at Nighthunter, Wallace gave a nod.  With that, he knelt down and touched the device around his ankle and closed his eyes.  Immediately, he felt as if his body was being dematerialized.  At the same time, it felt as if he was crossing into something new, yet somewhat familiar.  It almost felt as if he was crossing another dimension.  Although it only lasted for a brief moment, Wallace took in all of the feelings thereof.  There was something dark and evil about that place.

Before Wallace had time to analyze it, he was already at his destination.  When he opened his eyes, he was in the middle of Times Square.  The city lights were up, but for some reason there were no people around.  It was slightly unnerving.  There was however a presense that could be felt.  It was one of an evil nature.  Wallace was not alone in the big city.  Something else was out there - something serious.  Now, he was about to engage it in combat of epic proportions.  Deep within his heart, the spirit of Vengeance was yearning to get out.  However, he was able to suppress it.  With his assault rifle raised, Wallace kept to the shadows as best he could.  Slowly, he began to make his way through the many structures and towards the presence.  It grew stronger and stronger.  Whoever it was, he was getting close to them....

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Something clung to his right ankle like a helpless child, somesort of being wanted war and this device was the gate to Tenjin's colisuem. He felt annoyed by its presence and even more annoyed he had to participate in some tournament not of his own choosing. Whatever this thing wanted was a mystery, it wanted bloodshed of some of the finest warriors Earth had ever seen or it would simply so its true self and rain hell on humanity. Something Tenjin wasn't looking forward to seeing anytime soon. On the brighter side of these dark times was that Katsuro was paired with a long time friend and rival Platinum Warrior, he fought by his side many times over so Sebastian could be trusted. The two were however opposites, Tenjin being shackled by a strong moral code and honor while his teammate was more bloodlusted and 

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John raised the assault rifle and placed the butt of the weapon firmly against his shoulder.  His heart raced as he made his way through the city.  It was so strange to see New York City in such a lifeless state.  The finely-tuned senses of the soldier came into play now.  Every brush that a piece of paper made as it was blown across the pavement could be heard.  At that moment, there was a drop in the temperature and John could feel each degree as it fell.  The enhanced human's eyes began scanning everything as he walked, looking for his opponent.  Suddenly, his heart began to quicken.

The presence could be felt on a deeper level now.  Deep within Wallace's soul, he could sense the evil coming nearer and nearer.  He quickly made his way towards his opponent, as if his opponent's soul was a beacon calling out to him.   At that moment, two forces were at work inside Wallace.  On one side, his enhanced reasoning and logic was fighting to maintain control.  On the other side, the raging passion of the Rider was begging to get out and let itself be made known.  The closer he came to his opponent, the more difficult it became to control the spirit of Vengeance.  With the rules at hand, Wallace would need to hold back and use his reasoning to win this battle.  Only towards the end would it be profitable to unleash the Rider upon his foes.

The inner struggle was suddenly interrupted.  A loud crashing sound was heard to Wallace's immediate right.  He spun around with his weapon raised.  There, he feasted his eyes upon his opponent, the murderous Tenjin.  This legendary assassin had taken so many lives.  The blood of the innocent stained his soul greatly.  Wallace's eyes flashed a bright red color.  Vengeance was now dying to come out.  However, Wallace took in a deep breath and was able to suppress the flaming desire.  Amidst the inner struggle, Tenjin had unleashed two massive shuriken and had sent them spinning directly towards Wallace.

It was at that moment the enhanced reflexes of Wallace came into play.  In the blink of an eye, the soldier arched his back and bent over backwards.  His arms were wide open as he made a mid-air horizontal plane consisting of his arms, chest, neck, and face.  John closed his eyes tightly and grit his teeth as the blades spun dangerously over his face.  One of the blades slashed across Wallace's cheek and cut it open.  Grimacing in pain, he let out a growl.  When the blade cut into his skin, John's body collapsed and he landed on his back.  Then he said, ".....My turn."

With that, the President of the Blazing Saints performed an impressive kip-up.  As soon as his feet hit the ground, John already had the assault rifle raised and pointed towards the armored torso of Tenjin.  Squeezing the trigger, he let out a burst of shots from the weapon.  Wallace then took the weapon, threw it down to the ground, and sprinted directly towards Tenjin.  In the palm of his hand, he created an orb of Hellfire.  As he was running with incredible speed, Wallace cast the orb to the ground directly in front of Tenjin - not as an attack, but rather as a distraction.  When the orb hit the ground, an eight-foot wall of Hellfire shot up all around Tenjin in a quick burst, lasting for only a few seconds.

Meanwhile, John had run up the brick wall of the building and had managed to unsheath both of his large adamantium knives.  With a knife in each hand, Wallace planted his feet and launched himself off of the brick wall.  Like a speeding bullet, his body shot through the air directly towards the mighty Tenjin.  In doing so, Wallace attempted to deliver a lethal lunge to the side of Tenjin's ribcage.  John hit the ground rolling.  When he snapped up to his feet, Wallace engaged the assassin in deadly hand-to-hand combat.  While John Wallace's attacks were fierce, they were always controlled.  He then attempted to slash the side of Tenjin's right leg, and then deliver a devastating spin kick to the back of the assassin's skull.  Things were now beginning to heat up....

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Blanketed in darkness, the city of New York was silent, not a single noise, not even a murmur or whisper broke the seemingly tranquil except, the sound of grinding of stone. It was ear racking and was coming from a shadow swelled alleyway were two men fought over nothing or so assumed. The man being hounded by two gargauntan projectiles was John Wallace, he fought for the human race, his very life and against himself. The other was Katsuro Yamamoto,a man of many names most noteably Tenjin. He fought for honor, glory and the thrill of battle. His hair draped nearly to the floor as he crouched ina standard ninja position and scoped his adversary watching every twitch of his muscles secretly praying that he doesn't die with such a simple attack. Fortunately for both of them, Wallace wasn't your regular human, Tenjin had heard stories more compared to legends of his Rider form. As John leaned backwards, his body fluid and in tandem letting the blades pass him with only a minimal flesh wound, a simple slice on the cheek. Slowly rising upwards, he took hold of a slouching stature letting his void like locks hang in front of his face before a dull forboding chuckle turned into a easy laughter. Suddenly several bullets began to strike his chest causing Femetsu to take a large step backwards letting one strike the flesh of his right shoulder. The remainder slammed into his chestplate and fell to the floor in a series of light rattles that made the sound of a quick windchime. His tore open flesh once covered in a black body suit was now torn open slightly revealing the muscle and a small piece of bone which quickly was engulfed in blood. It would seem his arm would be useless but something dark and horrid was a foot. Almost as quickly as the blood could muster it was stopped and his pale bare tissue began to squirm like worms before latching onto the opposite side of the gash like serpents before reforming back like it previously was. Slowly rotating his muscluar shoulder before pulling his hair from his eyes to gaze at a now misplaced opponent.

He looked to both sides in all directions before latching his eyes onto a sphere of infernal flame which struck the ground in front of him in a uproar searing fire. It spiraled around him in a whirlwind like formation masking his nemesis true motives. As the flames fluttered upwards and disappeared his foe was now at a harsh angle, soaring at him like a kamikaze pilot for slamming a large knife blade into Kenpachi's ribcage, letting it glide through bone like wax before tearing it from Tenjin's flesh. Even a man that has been inflicted with ungodly amounts of pain from all forms of weaponry couldn't hold back a loud scream. His voice muffled by the half mask that clamped to his face. He buckled slightly and instantly grabbed his side with his left hand. His pupils dilated to such an extent it was frightening even to see. he stumbled around to face his enemy only to have the still bloody blade tear into his right thigh, it was merely a flesh wound and didn't compare to the pain he felt in his ribs. Blood still found its way out of the gaping wound even with all the pressure he had placed on it. He was dizzy and eyes were hazing, begining to see double and to pile on that a strong heel met the back of his head sending him staggering three paces before losing his balance and striking the edge of the dumpster head first, burying the corner into his skull slightly resulting in a slender tear across his face stretching from his forehead to cheek letting blood to pour over his eye. Normally any man should have died that moment but all that trauma at once couldn't bring down Katsuro, he was a warrior to the very bones. Hie regenerative powers instantly healed the thigh wound and the gash that ran across his face already configuring back to normal. His side laceration had begun to as well, the blood flow was regulated and brung back to its normal levels and the shattered bones found themselves nearly back in place. Still gripping his side he rose again apparently resembling a undead by the look of John's face. Lifting his left hand from the blood riden mess, still cupping a puddle of crimson before letting it slowly leak through his glove covered fingers. He rose is hand lift offering the the seaping liquid before forming a tightly clenched fist letting the rest flow from his palm and splash on the ground.

"Isn't that a shame? If I was your average human that would of killed me.....alas what do you say we get started, John?"

Suddenly the shinobi leaped forward, but as he was in mid air dipped down into a handspring letting him leap to the side in a single handed cartwheel to the left. As he planted on the concrete he preformed a elegant sweeping kick aimed for the Rider's knee and as Tenjin rose he prepared his leg for the same knee to be used as a platform to kick off of and preform a backflip kick aimed for the Saints' leader's chin. As Katsuro backflipped he torqued his body into a corkscrew before landing with a now battle ready kusari-gama, letting the long coiling chain crash to the ground and swinging it quickly at his side to get enough momenteum to send in a wide downward sweeping arch in hopes to wrap Rider in his barbed grasp before biting down on a mouthpiece inside his mask triggering the miasma to be unleashed in a green smoke. The smoke bellowed from the demon's mouth straight ahead and Kenpachi rotated his skull to follow John's movements letting the emerald death become airbourne. This weapon had many purposes but first and foremost to kill but also to cover and conceal Kenpachi's movement's. Stealthfully he unseathed his sword, he didn't call out its name this time, he would wait for the precise moment to do so, making it a simple katana for now. Fumetsu's tabi boots made his steps quite until he shot out through the smog in a frenzy with his sword held high. He became a mere silhouette in the bone colored full moon as he called out the swords name "Naraku!" (Hell in japanese) and surrounded the blade in negetive energy creating a forcefield around the polished sword and sent out a swift slash for John's midsection as he fell before rotating his body to kick of the nearby brick wall and in spiraling grace sent another flawless sword strike for Rider's left arm. As Tenjin landed in a standard ninja pose he vaulted backwards in a single leap and announced to John

"Having fun yet?" the northbound wind caught his air and his grim laughter echoed throughout the alley as he stared at his foe with the eyes of a predator.

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Wallace's attacks were nothing short of brutal.  The enhanced human slashed and hacked away at his opponent ruthlessly.  Each movement maintained a disciplined balance, yet unleashed a raw fury like none other.  His blades sliced into the flesh of Tenjin's ribcage.  Then, more brutal knife attacks connected.  Finally, John unleashed a powerful spin kick.  It connected as his heel bashed into the back of his opponent's skull.  As he spun back around, Wallace watched as Tenjin's body flew forward and his skull bashed upon a nearby dumpster.  With his teeth grit, John was breathing had quickened.  Like a lion before the kill, he gripped his knives tightly and began to walk toward his opponent.  Every aggressive move and every hit taken encouraged the Rider within to break free.

Suddenly, Tenjin rose to his feet as if he were undead.  Wallace knew of Kenpachi by his fierce reputation which preceded him; but had never observed firsthand the physical enigma behind the killer.  "Isn't that a shame?" the assassin taunted.  "If I was your average human, that would have killed me.... Alas, what do you say we get started, John?"  At that moment, John gripped his blades tightly and began to charge once more at his opponent.  While running, Tenjin leaped forward in a powerful handspring.  Then, he pulled off a one-handed cartwheel.  At that moment, Wallace lept through the air, brandishing his knives.  If his attack connected, he would try to literally take the head off of Tenjin when the assassin came up.

However, before Wallace could strike, Tenjin had pulled out a new acrobatic movement.  His cartwheel had turned into a roundoff, followed by a powerful back handspring.  Without warning, a powerful kick came up from the movement aimed for Wallace.  John's body was already airborne.  Little could be done to avoid the blow.  His body was now beginning to soar over Tenjin's.  It was then that the two forces collided mid-air, and Tenjin's kick connected with Wallace's midsection.  The blow sent the leader of the Blazing Saints flying out of the alley and slamming into a parked car.  As his body hit, his back smashed through the windshield of the vehicle.  Wallace let out an agonizing cry of pain.  When he opened his eyes, they flashed a bright red color once again.

He was not out of danger yet.  His enhanced intuition was telling him something else was coming.  And indeed, something else was definitely coming for him.  Just then, a barbed chain wrapped itself around John's leg and jerked his body violently back into the alley.  Luckily, the barbed chain did not pierce the hardened protection of Wallace's boots.  However, the pressure which it gave caused severe pain.  John's back slammed again onto the hard pavement as he was jerked like a rag doll back into the alleyway.  Struggling to get to his feet, Wallace was met by a sharp green mist.  Sensing that it was a harmful substance, Wallace held his breath in an attempt to not breathe it in.  Suddenly, an enchanted blade came out of nowhere, headed for John's midsection.  Gripping tightly onto his hunting knives, Wallace immediately engulfed them in the powers of Hellfire, then struck out with both blades.  The result was simply awe-inspiring as the two forces of enchanted weaponry clashed.

The toxicity of the smoke was taking affect on Wallace.  He loomed slightly, trying to maintain his balance.  Just then, the blade of Tenjin came about and across his left arm.  Crying out, Wallace fell to his knees.  The rage that burned within him was about to let itself show as John let out a deep, nearly inhuman growl and rose to his feet, sheathing his large knives.  He suddenly spun around and extended his right palm towards Tenjin.  At that moment, a massive eruption of Hellfire shot out towards the deadly assassin.  With his other hand, Wallace discharged another blast of Helfire which created a massive wall of Hellfire that would remain in-tact for up to two or three minutes easily.  In his human form, the weilding of Hellfire took so much energy out of Wallace.  He suddenly collapsed and crawled a few feet away.  The wall of Hellfire was maintaining its power.  Temporarily drained of his strength, John reached down to his ankle and activated the jumping device.  It was time to bring in Nighthunter......

The fight had been observed by Nighthunter from the distance, his power suit recording every single move, attack and skill that Tenjin had displayed during his impressive fight against the Rider, every single thing that he showed, either emotional or physical were clues that would help Nighthunter come up with a strategy as he looked for flaws in the combat style of Tenjin, information is power and with it one man can change the course of battle evven in the worst moments in a matter of seconds.

As Nighthunter was teleported to the battlefield, he appeared just infront of the wall of hellfire that his partner had created as a defense before teleporting out of the place, knowing that he wouldn't be able to cross the wall and that he had to wait for it to fade away, Nighthunter decided to don't waste any time and start preparing himself for when the battle really starts.

Nighthunter closed his eyes and started to work analyse the combat style that Tenjin had shown and inmediately started to think of ways to cancel it, in just a matter of seconds, thousands of well detailed scenarios went through his mind as he started to eliminate every single one that wouldn't work against Tenjin, there are almost an unlimited number of possibilities of attacks that can come from him, that's why Nighthunter has to come with one that could cancel most of them which is both based in the skills of the opponent and how he acts and thinks.

In order to come with the perfect strategy, one must think like the opponent without turning into him, is only then thagt someone can really expect to predict what the other one will do while still remaining with the upperhand in the battle. Nighthunter opened his eyes, the hellfire was about to fade away and according to his calculations, 2 minutes had already passed, he didn't have any time to lose.

Grabbing his sword and one flash granade Nighthunter waited patiently for the hellfire to extinguish and the battle to start. One minute after that, the wall finally ceased to exist and Nighthunter could finally put his plan in motion, as soon as the wall started to fade away, he jumped high showing a great display of acrobatics to pass without touching the hellfire, he found on the other side of the wall the always lethal Tenjin, as Nighthunter started to fall close to Tenjin, he sent a vertical slash directed to Tenjin's head; as soon as he did this, Nighhtunter left his flash granade fall next to Tenjin's feet and closed his eyes, as soon as the granade touched the ground a blinding ray of light appeared in all of the area.

As the flash started to fade away, Nighthunter was revealed to now be a few meters away from Tenjin, he had gained distance by doing a group of backward jumps as soon as he landed after the flash granade and after he had left a little present for his opponent. With an arrogant smile that could be noticed even when his face was being covered by his power suit, Nighthunter revealed a little remote that he now had in his hand,; it was a remote that activated an explosive device which Nighthunter had left  next to Tenjin's feet when the flash took place, after that he pushed the button, activating the device and causing a great explosion just were Tenjin was standing.

Knowing that wouldn't be enough, Nighthunter grabbed his two guns and started to throw to where the explosion can taken place, dozens of bullets were shot to the same area in case that Tenjin had survived the attack or if Platinumwarrior had been teleported to the same place.

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Tenjin's maniacly laughter echoed throughout the back alleyways of the enormous city, his demonic chortle mimiced that of one who had lost his mind but yet he stayed in full control of his every fiber mind, body and spirit. His mask slightly deadened his sin filled voice before it cam to a sudden stop, his eyebrows raised in question and eye slanted further as he slightly turned his head. He peered at John with much inquire as he sensed a even stronger presence with Wallace, something far darker, beneath his oni mask is lips mouthed a quick swear exactly at the moment John rose up and roared. His bellow was far more sinister than any human could muster, much more, for a split second Katsuro questioned this man and wether or not to continue this fight not out of fear but out of something less moral. Pupils dialated in unsion as John launched a powerful stream of hellfire from his palm, the mass travel at great speeds and spiraled and contorted as it soared but still it could have been avoided. But in Katsuro's mind he was stuck, ensnared in fear for that second before being struck hard in the chest with the blazing whirlwind of flames sending him backwards in a searing coffin before it dematerialized letting a flicker of embers dance from his body as he spun in mid air. The concussive force was so great it sent him back almost fifteen feet and in the deafness of the mild night a turbulent crash erupted as Kenpachi slammed into the large grren dumpster. His body molded into it, embraced by wrinkled metal, and still the large disposal unit slide across the cement cover ground letting of a shrill shriek. Sparks arced from under the bin as it grinded a meter or two. Tenjin was semi-unconcious but yet is dizzy and hazey view caught a glimpse of a towering spire of hellfire, born from the hands of the Rider.

He eyes closed and pain pressed him, every fragment of his body laid in agony, stings of limitless ache filled his chest area but yet he did not cry out, his body had went into shock soon after. He began to fell numb, his breathing became harder as he struggled to inhale even the slightest amount of air until he blanked out. He awoke less than two minutes later still in intense pain all over and his now half reactive eyes spyed the fire beginning to die and summoned up the strength to pull himself from his circa grave and pulled his back to a standing position. He could move but not in a way he could before and as fate would have it, a new combatant leaped over a sea of flames in a vault and landed with emmense grace several feet infront of Fumetsu. Somehow Tenjin still clutched his sword, in his left hand while his right arm was broken in several places at the shoulder, the joint and several fractures along the forearm. His left arm was almost completely healed except for still minor bruising and a possible sprain. His ribs on his right were shattered except for three and most of the right side of his body damaged as well, the way he struck the dumpster had much of his right side abosorbed. As trickle of blood rolled over his eye from a large gash across his face which the optic was already swollen from the trauma. Tenjin stabbed his sword in the cement and unbuckled his chestplate slowly still eyeballing his enemy by which he had no recolection of meeting before. Fumetsu let the armor slide of his upper body and launched it to the side, he had decreased the wieght so that he may move at higher speeds and enable his reflexes to be nearly 65% intact.

The man he now faced was clad in a mysterious armor, he was quite skillful in acrobatics even with a metallic suit around him, Katsuro, even under these stressful conditions managed to pull the mask from his face and toss it into the shadows as well. Taking in a deep gulp of air as his opponent rushed at him. Tenjin grinned as the man came, attempting to show his work in swordplay against Kenpachi by sending a vertical slash, held high and aimed for Tenjin's cranium and sent it down with much speed. Katsuro seen the polished weapon shine in the moonlight before it came down to meet Katsuro's sword as he arched his back in a awkward but yet controlled angle and preformed a backflip as the blades collided letting a spray of sparks jet from the friction onto his shoulder's. Tenjin as he flipped spun in another dexterous spin over both blades so that his opponent was now under him. In all the ruckus his foe tried for a skillful and calculating manuever dropping a flash grenade on the ground and while Tenjin's back faced the ground and his eyes caught the star lite sky a wild explosion of white light shot under him and by mere chance he was uneffected by the blinding flare. As Katsuro descended he could only wonder how this man was, then it it him, Sebastian and spoke of this warrior before, he was Night Hunter.

His opponent vaulted backwards in a shower of gymnastics to reveal in his metal clad fist a detonator and even from under the helm, the soldier of peace bore a smile that Tenjin knew all to well. Genshokage's whole being came into play this time, his balance, percison, intellect and reflexes all sparked at once and he sent a sudden involuntary slash in the bomb's direction. As the slash was sent he envoloped the blade in negetive energy which force a make shift forcefield of sorts and at exactly the bomb exploded the blade slashed into the side sending it at a small angle before discharge. The device was indeed powerful but the blade cut through much of the force, splitting the fracture in twine so only the aftershock struck him. He was consumed in dust, light, flames and debris as he spiralled into the air while a familiar noise sounded as his adversary unleashed a hellish volley of bullets in his direction. He was pushed out of the way by the explosion which had rebroke his just healing ribs and arm but still several rounds struck his body as he slide after his mid air cycle and skipped across the cement like a rock now wounded in his stomach because of his ungaurded chest. Blood pooled under him as he reached under his torso to put pressure of the wound when he noticed several more bullet wounds across his arms he did not feel before. In the mist of the explosion he was still hidden and even his pride and honor wouldn't let him rise. Tenjin let out another quick swear before he spoke from the dense aftermath.

"Your trechery knows no bounds hero......I like that. I must say you are quite the tactian but as he can surely see i am alive. However my body has underwent immense levels of stress in these few moments and it seems I cannot move." His crazed deep voice echoed laughter once more before being interrupted by several weezing coughs as he threw up blood and let it trickle of of his chin. "I wish to continue this but your ally did a number on me already. My stubborness gets the best of me sometimes Hunter, and normally I would rush from this blasted hell you have unleashed on me and charge at you in a bloodlusted rage. Again that is now impossible, but fate smiles upon you today because I am about to unite you with a old friend. Hopefully our pathes will cross again comrade, one day soon I will return the favor and bless you with a beautiful death at the hands of Katsuro Yamamoto.......remember this name."

He reached for his ankle and pressed the teleportation device, summoning his battlehardened brother in arms, Platinum Warrior.

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The two had been fighting for a long time and Sebastian was growing somewhat impatient, the two had fought a bloody battle for they were two of the most deadly man on earth: Tenjin and The Rider, Katsuro Kempachi and John Wallace... Although in reality Wallace barley had control over the spirit of the Rider a deadly being with powers beyond the dreams of mortal imagination and would only spawn it when pushed to the edge something Tenjin was doing quicker and quicker as the fight passed by. Sebastian had watched the whole fight from the beginning nervous, not because he thought that Tenjin could hold his own which he knew he could but also on if The Rider spirit would be released during the fight. The fight begun with Katsuro proving himself a ninja to the end with two shuriken finding their way to Wallace’s head and neck, In the moment following Wallace proved himself to be more then just the normal human Sebastian had expected him to be in a simple blink of the eye dodging both shuriken with some ease. With that beginning attack one thing led to another as the two began too clash Wallace’s first attacks alone consisting of a display of immense power even in human form, Sebastian quickly took mental notes and hoped his photographic memory would do its part if he ever came face to face with the Rider such as the ability to create walls of fire and the admantium knives being no laughing matter as even they could pose a threat to Sebastian's armor.

But Sebastian in all honesty was looking forward to fighting Wallace’s partner: Nighthunter rumors had it he was a clone of the first although it didn’t matter as long as Sebastian fought him it would be truly the test of fighting prowess as the two were trained by some of the same men and women and were both some of the greatest martial artists of their time. Sebastian's thought was abruptly interrupted by a loud scream echoing from the large screen Sebastian was watching the fight from as the admentium knife tore through Tenjin. Dear god how much more of this can he take Sebastian thought to himself as he watched Tenjin pollute the streets with crimson liquid but Sebastian's partner was a warrior and would not be stopped so soon as he quickly hand-sprung over too rider without any hesitation and sent a sweep at his legs followed by a back flip kick, But in the end Wallace had tagged in his partner: Nighthunter who a tactician to the end had already seemed to be calculating situations he was smart hopefully Sebastian could be smarter. Within a few second Night hunter sprang into action against Platinum's partner with a series of acrobatics the human eye could barley believe, with great speed Nighthunter landed with a vertical slash aimed at Tenjin and letting a flash grenade roll out of his hand jumping away right before the blinding flash took place causing Sebastian to cover his eyes with his arm such as one does when attempting to block the sun from their eyes. But it wasn’t enough for the deadly hero as a massive explosion took place where Tenjin was standing as soon as Sebastian lowered his arm away from his eyes causing debris to be hurled everywhere and Nighthunter to draw to guns and proceed to unload them on the spot where he estimated Tenjin to be.Sebastain saw from observation that Tenjin had avoided the sword attacks and was lucky enough with the explosion that only the aftershock of debris from the explosion caught him, Sebastian then watched as numerous of the fired bullets ripped through Tenjin without mercy or remorse, this was a hero not afraid to kill. Sebastian watched in horror get up dam nit get up Sebastian thought to himself as he watched Tenjin struggle to get up. Sebastian could not hear Tenjins muffled words which formed a rather long speech as he reached for the device on his ankle that would tag Sebastian in switching places. Sebastian felt a vibrating movement come from the ankle device that seemed to be effecting only him causing his heart to beat faster and thoughts to race in his head. For one half a second everything went black as though Sebastian was dead, he then felt himself rebuild so to speak as he was teleported to his location. Times Square, New York the streets polluted with black char from the hellfire, crimson liquid known as blood and bullets. Sebastian quickly observed the area then turned to Nighthunter knowing that the worst thing to do to a tactician is giving him time Sebastian drew his blades in an attempt to stop Nighthunters train of thought and make him aware. It was a stupid tactic but Sebastian's prized blades would finish this fight. His dual Katanas were made of an unbreakable form of Platinum coated with admantium and numerous other metal to ensure they would cut through anything within reason. The blades hilt were just as majestic coated with furs from numerous beasts covering the sleek cherry wood underlay just one sign of the assassins skills.

Moving without remorse or mercy Sebastian charged slightly left of Nighthunter sticking his blades out left so that they would ram into the great hero. Then running up a wall quickly and propelling off of the wall with a corkscrew landing with a rugged backwards roll blades still in hands Sebastian stood up and took a breath of the night air. It felt odd to see Times Square so empty it was New York City after all, but it felt much better then knowing that security was watching his every move and could decide they want him dead at any moment. But here was true freedom just two men and one helluva battleground, the adrenalin pumped through Sebastian as plans zoomed through his head and he again prepared for a second attack as he leapt in the air and came down with an axe kick directed at Nighthunter's shoulder and then landing crouched in front of him would attempt a slash with both blades that would start at the middle of Nighthunter's chest and then run outwards into the air each blade on their respective sides. Taking a deep breath Sebastian quickly created a small force field wall around Night hunter not too high about waist length, then quickly threw a total of three grenades in. One stun grenade which would go off rather quickly and two standard frag grenades. The small wall would provide projection for Sebastian from shrapnel and the explosion of each grenade but also make it harder for Nighthunter to maneuver out of the area before the stun grenade went off. Sebastian couldn’t even finish processing the thoughts before the grenades went off having no effect on Sebastian but leaving a bright flash and smoke from the explosion lingering in the air. Stopping the force field projection to get rid of the wall Sebastian then grabbed two automatic pistols and let bullets ravage the area he believed Nighthunter to be in BRATA-TATA-TATA rung through the soundless air as the bullets flew and the automatic reloading clips supplied by Sebastian's suit kept on coming. After awhile of non-stop firing Sebastian finally let up keeping his guns trained on the area ready for anything.

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Nighthunter patiently awaited for Tenjin's response to the attack he had done against him, in just a few minutes Nighthunter had unleashed against his opponent a series of attacks that should have been able to kill various opponents, however for some reason Tenjin had been able to survive, even when he had already received quite a beating by the Rider before, however it would seem that the attack of Nighthunter had been good enough to make him leave the battlefield because of great injuries.

As Tenjin left though, Platinumwarrior took his place in the battlefield infront of Nighthunter and without losing any time he charged against the proud hero with a series of attacks that were pretty dangerous on their own, but that together made a combination that would put everyone on serious problems. Using his good reflexes and his agility, Nighthunter started to avoid the slashes that Platinumwarrior did with his dual katanas trying to kill Nighthunter.

Knowing that the slash of these katanas could cut him in half without much problem if they made contact, Nighthunter put all of his energy and concentration in avoiding the attacks of the katanas, had he put more atention though, he would have been able to notice that Platinumwarrior was froming a small force field around him and that he had thrown three granades to Nighthunter's feet fast enough to stop them.

Without much time left before the granades touched the ground, Nighthunter started to run backwards in order to avoid the explosion of the granades, however he was still caught by a considerable part of the explosion making him get launched a few meters ahead. Nighthunter stood there lying for a few moments there and then started to slowly get up, as he did this he touched his back and noticed that it was quite burned and that part of his power suit was completely destroyed on that area.

Seconds later, dozens of bullets started to go on Nighthunter's connection, without losing any time, Nighthunter jumped to a car that was next to him and used it as a shield that would protect him from any incoming bullets, Nighthunter then realized that this was pretty much the attack he usually used against opponents, it had variety and varied in some ways, but the basics were the same. A small arrogant smile could be seen under Nighthunter's mask as he slowly got up. "So that's how it feels like" said Nighthunter to himself in a joking tone, he then slowly started to get up, a great pain could be felt on his back and would keep him from moving as much or as fast as before, meaning that he had to make each one of his attacks more dangerous than normally to end the fight quickly.

Nighthunter quickly grabbed his gauntlet and used it to gain height and then use it to gain momentum and close the distance between the two opponents, as Nighthunter got closer he grabbed his sword from out of his power szuit and sent a slash directly to Platinumwarrior's head, soon after that he left his gauntlet in order to fall to the ground, while he was still on the air he grabbed one of his guns and shot at a really close distance to the backside of Platinumwarrior, the first two shots went to the backhead of Platinumwarrior while the others were aimed directly to the spine of Platinumwarrior.

As Nighthunter landed, he sent a low kick to the ankles of Platinumwarrior and a tried to stab him just under his ribs. "To keep on the game you have to keep reinventing your battlestyle every chance you get, no matter how good it already is" said Nighthunter as his attacks came closer to make contact.