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Hi ReEnforcer here, Izaiah, Andferne and Myself have been working hard on the Vine Cards for a long time. As you all have probably noticed the old info gathering thread has been lock and requests are no longer being taken for the 2010 Comic Vine Cards. Well now you find out why. We've been working on new cards for 2011 for a little while now, and they are finally ready. The first Viners to receive these new cards are the current Hall of Fame members from Classes 2 and 3.

Class 1: Andferne, Final Arrow, Gambler, Kurrent

Class 2: Darkchild, Feral Nova, Sha, The Hunter

In order to get one of these new cards, you need to follow the instructions below (and yes, ALL instructions). Please do not fill out the form unless you would like a card.

1) Fill out the form below, do so carefully, and post the filled out form here. Make sure not to make any mistakes when doing so (for instance, do not confuse the "Identity" and "Real Name" fields. If you do, we'll just guess whether your identity should be listed as "Public" or "Secret"). When it comes to images, post the images you'd like to be used, or links to them. Just in case the card maker would be unable to make the images look decent on the card, post links to where other acceptable images can be found. It happens occasionally that Person #B requests to use certain images of a character on a card, that have already been used on Person #A's card. If you are Person #B, you need to either 1) pick another image/character or 2) make sure with Person #A that it's okay to use the image or character in question. (Yes, we will be checking that.)

2) Be patient. This should come as no surprise, but it never hurts to stress this point. The ones on the job have, surprisingly enough, lives outside the Vine, and can't always finish your cards within the expected time span.

Also, as a general rule, we only make cards for people's main accounts or characters that they use in RPGs on an at least semi-regular basis. Don't just post here and request that we make a card for a random character you made up one day that you're likely to discard within less than a month.

3) For repeat clients, if you've previously gotten a card and now want it updated, it saves quite a bit of work for us if you only post the information you'd like to be changed or updated, not the complete form. Note that anything except changing the main image (or, though it's more rarely, secondary images, character logos or team logos) can be done pretty much at once, requiring very little effort.

Read Everything Below.

Somethings have changed on the cards one of the main things being changes to what the Power Grid numbers mean. Another new feature are green markers on the power grid. What they represent is if any your abilities are enhanced by clothing, armor, a weapon or some other accessory. For example Andferne would normally have a durability of 4 but when he's wearing his vibranium suit his durability goes up to a 6 so the 5 and 6 markers are displayed as green. The characters next to each ability are examples of what a top tier would be.

Power Grid - What the numbers mean:

Agility – Spider-Man/ Nightcrawler: Rank 6

1) Below normal or clumsy

2) Normal; Average

3) Athlete; Above average

4) Peak human; Significantly above average reflexes

5) Enhanced human

6) Superhuman; Beyond the natural limits (Spider-man level)

7) Metahuman; Extraordinarily beyond the natural limits

Durability – Galactus/ Superman: Rank 7

1) Weak

2) Normal

3) Enhanced or Willpower

4) Regenerative

5) Bullet proof

6) Super human

7) Virtually Indestructible

Energy Projection – Phoenix: Rank 7

1) None

2) Ability to discharge energy on contact

3) Short range, short duration, single energy/element type

4) Long range, long duration, single energy/element type

5) Complete mastery of one energy/element type

6) Able to discharge multiple forms of energy/elements

7) Virtually unlimited command over all forms of energy/elements

Fighting Ability – Karate Kid: Rank 7, Batman/ Captain America: Rank 6

1) Poor

2) Normal

3) Street Fighting or some formal training

4) Experienced Fighter

5) Master of a single form

6) Master of a dozen forms

7) Master of every martial practice

Intelligence – Galactus: Rank 7, Mr. Fantastic/ Brainiac: Rank 6

1) Slow or impaired

2) Normal

3) Learned

4) Gifted

5) Genius

6) Super-Genius

7) Omniscient

Mental Power – Professor Xavier/ Martian Manhunter: Rank 6

1) None

2) Latent or untrained

3) Rudimentary training or experience

4) Trained in mystical arts

5) Master of a single mystic or mental art

6) Master in multiple mystical or mental arts

7) True mastery of all mystical arts

Speed – Silver Surfer/ The Flash: Rank 7

1) Below normal

2) Normal

3) Peak or Enhanced

4) Subsonic Superhuman-Peak velocity below Mach-1 (approx. 760 mph)

5) Speed of Sound-Peak velocity between Mach-1 and Mach-2

6) Supersonic-Peak velocity between Mach-2 and Orbital Velocity (approx. 17,000mph

7) Speed of Light-Peak / Warp Speed-Transcending light speed

Stamina – Hercules/ Superman: Rank 7

1) Below normal; Unable to sustain peak exertion for 1 minute

2) Normal; Able to sustain for 1 minute

3) Above average; Able to sustain for 1 hour

4) Enhanced; Able to sustain for several hours

5) Superhuman; Able to sustain for a day

6) Metahuman; Able to sustain for many days

7) Immeasurable; Never tires due to self-generating energy

Strength – Thor/ Superman: Rank 7

1) Weak-Cannot lift own body weight

2) Normal-Able to lift up to twice own body weight

3) Peak-Able to lift up to 800 pounds

4) Superhuman-Includes "enhanced human-800lbs-4tons

5) Superhuman-Above 5 tons up to 75 tons

6) Superhuman-Above 75 tons up to 100 tons

7) Incalculable-Able to lift in far excess of 100 tons

The Form:

Universe: CVnU (red-blue theme), or Vine Prime (yellow-green theme). If your character is from an parallel universe, list the one they're parallel to (as CVnU and VP are part of different multiverses). If you're a non-RPGer, just pick whichever of the above two whose colors you prefer.

Faction: Hero (blue), Neutral (gray) or Villain (red).

Title / Code Name: This is the name to be displayed on the top of the card, and next to the main image. Use your character's code/super name if they have one, if not then use whatever name you feel identifies them best. This is an obligatory field, do not put 'N/A', 'Unknown', or otherwise.

Real Name: Your character's real name when not in costume. Use their legal name (if applicable) when their given name is not known.

Base of Operations: Where your character works or dwells.

Gender: Male or Female.

Hair Color: Your character's hair color.

Weight: Your character's weight in pound.

Age: Your character's age.

Eye Color: Your character's eye color.

Height: Your character's height in feet.

Super Power Origin: How did your character get their powers, Science, Demon, Metahuman, Human, Alien, Mutant, Lycan, etc.

Identity: Whether your character's identity is publicly known, secret or regarded as myth/legend.

Place of Birth: Where your character was born.

Known Aliases: Names or nicknames your character is known by besides your Code Name, we'll fit as many as we can.

Group Affiliation & Rank: If your character is associated with a group/team/organization on the Vine, name it, and state your character's rank (member, leader, ally, etc.) in the group. Only one group please, and if your team has a logo then please provide it.

Status: Alive/Active, Missing/M.I.A, Deceased or Retired. If one of the latter three, it will ordinarily be listed on top of the secondary image.

Avatar Appearance: Name a few characters who you base your characters appearance on, links are appreciated. Linking or posting specific images you'd like to be used is fine, but must be done in addition to the former (since there is no guarantee your preferred images will be actually workable).

Mini Biography: Please write a short paragraph summarizing either your characters back story, powers or both. Maximum bio length is as following (using Obi Wan Kenobi's mini bio as example):

When Jacob Alvarez was granted the power of The Force, he joined

We Are Legend and began his superhero career. Taking up the

codename Obi Wan Kenobi! the brave hero fearlessly defended his

city until he was displaced in space and lost for over two years.

During this time, Obi fought new enemies, refined his skills, and

joined the Legion of Light. Upon his return to Earth, Obi felt

lost in a world that had changed dramatically and guilty for many

of the wrongs that had happened during his time away. Profoundly

changed by his time abroad, Obi Wan Kenobi is now more focused

than ever, intent on bringing his special brand of Force-powered

justice back to the home he so sorely missed.

Grid Points: Please select the number 1-7 which best fits your character (grid information above.)

Did You Know?: Tell us a fun fact about your character. “Gambler is the adopted son of Mighty Magneto.”

Battle Cry: What your character says when going into battle. “ICE Dragons Assemble”

Character Logo: If your character has a logo that represents them, post it here. Please do not post requests for logos to be made in this thread, that's not what it's for. See Character's Symbol Thread instead.

For all places where you don't have an answer please put N/A, Classified or Unknown

Here is an empty template for your to use, thank you.



Title / Code Name:

Real Name:

Base of Operations:


Hair Color:



Eye Color:


Super Power Origin:


Place of Birth:

Known Aliases:

Group Affiliation & Rank:


Avatar Appearance:

Mini Biography:

Grid Points:

  • Agility
  • Durability
  • Energy Projection
  • Fighting Ability
  • Intelligence
  • Mental Power
  • Speed
  • Stamina
  • Strength

Did You Know?:

Battle Cry:

Character Logo:

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Cards '10

Acer Akira Overdrive Akwa Andferne Angelique LeBeau Animal Kid Apparition Araneae Arcana Arthur James Windsor Audrey Aztek the Lost Batfan Battalion Bigheart711 Black Snake Blackhorn Bugs Bunny Captain Cockblock Cassie Strong Cat Burglar CDviper • Cellphone Girl ( 1 2 ) • Chad Dylan Chameleone Chaos Agent • Charge Up ( 1 2 ) • Charmix Cherry Bomb Chosen One Clara Mass Closure • Cly ( 1 2 ) • Clutch ( 1 2 ) • Combysses Comment Police Constantine Crazed H3ro Crazy Eights Crimson Death Crysta • Darkchild ( 1 2 ) • Day Hunter • Desiderina Redhead ( 1 2 ) • Despair Doctor Edwards Dollface Dottie Dreadmaster Dupe • Eclipse ( 1 2 3 ) • Edit Pro Editman Eganthevile1 Empathy Esmeralda Evarista Fable Feral Nova Ferro Vida Figaro • Final Arrow ( 1 2 ) • Fortanono Fractal Gambler G'bandit George Silver Geraldthesloth HarleyQuinn12 Hawk Homicide Human Flame IcarusMach9 InferiorEgo Isaac Smith JackAs Jake Malcom JCJQLB Joe Riccadonna Jubilation Kado Kastiel Kiara Sullivan Knox • Kurrent ( 1 2 ) • Lady Loveless Lady Nightmare Lady Tlieso Lance Uppercut LazyStudent Light Longshot Lost Rellik LstPaladin Magick Marauder • Mercy / The Dark Huntress ( 1 2 ) • Methos • Michael the Fly ( 1 2 ) • Midnightist ( 1 2 ) • Miss Menace Miss Monday • Mistress Redhead ( 1 2 3 4 ) • Moonglow Mr. Mercury Ms. Vespa Nahero Nerx Nightwolf3 • Nobody ( 1 2 ) • Octagon Freak Pandorax PantherFan12 Paragon Percy Jackson Platinumwarrior Portrait Power Surge Precise Primav3ra Pulsar Puzzle Master Quality Red Ronin ReEnforcer Refuel Rokuakai Rubix Risky Sarah Morgan • Seraphima ( 1 2 ) • Shadowstep Shawn the Devil Shift • Simon Williams ( 1 2 ) • Slight ( 1 2 3 ) • Slinger Smiles (Logan Wilson) Solar Orchid Soldier-Boy Solor Sovereign Son Sparda Speedblast Spiderpigbart Starheart • Starkin ( 1 2 ) • Strafe Prower ( 1 2 ) • Sunman Superboy12 Surreal SaDiablo • Talon/X23 ( 1 2 3 4 ) • The Drifter The Genesis The Hottness The Hunter The Lone Wanderer The Vica • The Wanderer ( 1 2 3 ) • The Warlord / Love Thegreatfour TheSavageAssassin • Uchiha NeVann ( 1 2 ) • Ultimate Ronin Urban Spaceman • War Killer ( 1 2 ) • Warrior Guyver X • Warsman ( 1 2 3 4 5 ) • Wildcat Y Intercept • Ziccarra Liafador / Sha ( 1 2 3 ) • Zora Arrow
Andferne vs. Gambler: What Happens In Vegas

Cards '11

Acer Amc26 • Angeni ( 1 2 ) • Andras Annabelle Anybody Asok Azrael Bibisi888 Bigheart711 Blindshot Bloodshot Boom Boom Brooklyn MacAskill Captain Zippy Cat Burglar • CDviper ( 1 2 ) • Cellphone Girl Cellular Dog Charge Up Charmix • Chevie Lockheart ( 1 2 ) • Child of Darkness Circe Clara Mass Cleansing Wren Clutch Cly Constantine Crimson Eagle DaggerKlutz Dark Magik Darkchild • Daywing ( 1 2 ) • Decoy Elite Desiderina Redhead Despair DeviousDavey Donara • Donnieman v5.1 ( 1 2 ) • Eclipse Editman Eleemos Emma Grace • Feral Nova ( 1 2 ) • Fable Fibra Fortanono Full Spectrum • Gambler ( 1 2 3 ) • Gannon Nereid Gearo Grand Master GTG12 Hawk Herbert West Hesperus Honor Girl Icarusflies IcarusMach9 Injustice Io Isaac Smith Jakeeboi James Montgomery JCJQLB King Cobalt Krait Mamba Kuchiku Kurator Lady Death Lady Redhead Lagoon Boy Lance Uppercut Laura Montgomery LazyStudent • Lethal Weapon ( 1 2 ) • LightBright ( 1 2 ) • Longshot Malice Wonderland MantoidX Marvel Jackass 433 MechaHero / Simon • Mercy / The Dark Huntress ( 1 2 3 4 ) • Methos Midnight Orchid Mighty Magneto Mikepool Miss Lopez • Mistress Redhead ( 1 2 ) • Mr. Mercury Ms. Vespa Morning Dew / Solace Naamah Obyzouth Nerx • Nobody ( 1 2 3 ) • Obi Wan Kenobi! Olympian Champion Ostrichard Overkill Paragon PikminMania Portrait Power Surge • Precise ( 1 2 ) • Premonition Puzzle Master • Queen Frost ( 1 2 ) • Queen's Halo • ReEnforcer ( 1 2 ) • Remy LeBeau Riddick Risky Ruby Sapphire Spectre Sarah Morgan Scion of Light • Selena Stone ( 1 2 ) • Slight Speedstress • Starkin ( 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 ) • Strafe Prower Superior Talon/X23 The Boss The Cramoisi Fleur The Drifter • The Umbra Sorcerer ( 1 2 3 ) • The Warlord / Love ( 1 2 ) • Uchiha NeVann ( 1 2 ) • Upheaval Vitality War Killer Warlock360 Warsman Whisper Wildcat Y Intercept • Ziccarra Liafador / Sha ( 1 2 3 )

Cards '12

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Waits for the hundreds of applications for new cards in two days time.
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Faction: Neutrals
Super Name: The Dark Huntress
Real Name: Cassidy O'Rourke
Base of Operations: Champion City
Age: 17
Gender: Female 
Height: 5' 1" 
Weight: 107
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Red
Identity: Unknown
Registration: Not Registered
Super Power Origin: Mutant
Place of Birth: Boston, Massachusetts
Known Aliases: Dark Huntress
Group Affiliations: CoP
Avatar Appearance: Mara Jade
Mini Biography:    Cass was adopted into a police family in Boston, Massachusetts. Her father was a cop, as were all of her four uncles, two of her aunts and five of her older cousins. A select few of them, along with other officers, were on a special task force that her father was running, tasked with taking down the Irish mob. They nearly succeeded in their goal and were so close to breaking Patrick Monaghan's rule on the city when an informant on the task force leaked pertinent details of the investigation to Patrick. The mob came to her house during a family dinner and massacred everybody in front of her, except for her brother, Aidan. He managed to save her and get her to the panic room that their parents had set up.  
Grid Points:  A:5, D:4, E:5 (if tk counts, 1 if it doesn't), F:4, I:5, MP:3, SP:3, STA:6, STR: 3 (6/7 if she uses her TK to enhance her strength)    
Did Your Know?: Cass is the birth daughter of a well known neutral/hero. Who that is is anybody else's guess.       
I will add in the CoP logo later, getting booted off right now. :P

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Finally i can upload mine! thanks!

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Dude all the cards came out great! Thank you so much for them! ^_^
and... good luck making the hundreds that will be requested soon! lol xD

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Me personally i wouldn't give them bastards nothing. They still have their 2010 cards it isnt 2011 yet lol

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LMFAO! This is why your not in charge of CV Cards xP

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@Feral Nova said:
" LMFAO! This is why your not in charge of CV Cards xP "
Do i seem bitchy to you?
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@Sha: You mean right now? Or overall? xP lol jk jk jk o_o'
Uhhhhhhh idk about b!tchy... maybe.... irritated? xD
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Ok I'll stop lol

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@The Dark Huntress: Don't everyone except to get a card this fast, I think its a record ;)  I don't have the specialty logos for cops but I have their main logo, Also I had to remove The from the first card it was squishy and I hope you like the logo. I will have to check with the grid master about the TK stuff I believe its under Metal Power though.

No Caption Provided
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I can take care of the COP logo, hold on a sec.
Edit, here.

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 This can be used for the character logo
 This can be used for the character logo
 This is for the grid -right side
 This is for the grid -right side


 This is for the left side
 This is for the left side

Base of Operations: Vine Syndicate HQ, Marshwood, The World
Faction: Villain 
Super Name: Nerx
3000 [counted on a leap year in this realm]
Gender: Male
Height:    6'2
Weight:  1000 lbs
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Blood Red
Identity: Secret
Registration: Unregistered
Super Power Origin: Magical Anomaly
Place of Birth: The Far Side
Known Aliases:     Stomaco Di Ferro, Gohr, Monster under the bed, Monster in the closet, Boogieman, Cryptid X
Real  Name: Nerx
Group Affiliations: Vine Syndicate
First Appearance:   Aug. 27, 2008 
Avatar Appearance: Violator,   Pitt, Judge Death, Darkness & Evil Ernie
Mini Biography:   When a child says they can't go to sleep because of the Boogieman their parent will probably say the Boogieman does not exist. The parents are right. Nerx has already ate him years before the myth was even born. Nerx is effectively eater of all eaters, a monster with the constant craving of human flesh and is on a quest to be the one on the pinnacle of the food chain.He will happily to tell anyone how funny that clown tasted, how babies taste like and the time he cooked a buffalo angel wing. Even if you are a friend you still better watch your back, because Nerx is always hungry.    
Grid Points: A:7, D:4, E:6, F:5, I:3, M:4, SP:6, STA:7, STR:6   
  Did Your Know?:   
Nerx is humanitarian. If a vegetarians eats vegetables you can pretty much guess what a humanitarian eats. 

Battle Cry: 
Blood for me! I am the red rain of pain!
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Faction:  Villian
Super Name: NeVann Uchiha
Real Name: NeVann Uchiha
Base of Operations: None
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Height: 6'0
Weight: 186
Eye Color: Light Brown/ Redw/ Sharingan
Hair Color: Balck
Identity: Public
Registration: Not Registered
Super Power Origin: Human
Place of Birth: Kirigakure 
Known Aliases: Mr Annoyingly Unkillable 
Group Affiliations: none
Avatar Appearance: Sasuke Uchiha
Mini Biography:  NeVann was born of Yakamoshi, Kei of the hidden mist village and Uchiha, Shazumi of the hidden leaf. Growing up in the mist village, NeVann was made into a killing a machine. Though was taught to still have a level of compassion by his late sensei Joukyuu. He left the mist village seek out his fellow clansmen of the Uchiha in the leaf village, only to return to the mist were he killed the Mizukage and was force to head to the starts where he would become a member of WAL and eventually be one of its co leaders. Though that changed after he was found to be the living carnation of Amatsu-Mikaboshi, thus leading him to follow a path to plunge the world into darkness and blood.  
Grid Points:  A:5 D:3 E:6 F:7 I:4 M:5 (I guess creating a mental dream world with the sharingan would make it that high right?) SP:4 ST:4 STR: 2      
Did Your Know?: NeVann hates training and is actually very lazy.  

Images used: 



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Faction: Villain
Super Name: Doctor V 
Real Name: Isaac Noah Smith 
Base of Operations: Global
Age: Unknown
Gender: Male
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 176 lbs
Eye Color: Red
Hair Color: Grey
Identity: Secret
Super Power Origin: Magic/Science
Place of Birth: London, England
Known Aliases: The Devil's Researcher, Doctor Disaster
Group Affiliations: Vine Syndicate
Avatar Appearance: Hugo Strange, other obviously evil-looking bald old men
Mini Biography: 
One of the most devious and merciless man on the planet. While he often introduces himself as a mere researcher Isaac Smith is actually one of the cruelest sorcerers known. His inhumane experiments know no limits since Isaac himself has no respect for human life. All he cares about to advance his own science to the very extreme regardless of how it affects his environment. He's using an exquisite form of magic known as Ars Vectorica(Vector Magic) that could rearrange physical vectors to his liking. In combat he prefers to have his various Drones do the fighting and cause "accidents" with his Vector Magic.
Grid Points:  A:2 D:6 E:4 F:1 I:6 M:5  SP:3 ST:3 STR: 2
Did You Know?:  TBA
Battle Cry: TBA
Character Logo: 
No Caption Provided

Huh...I dozed off. Sorry. I fixed it now!
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Cards look great

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 These new cards are sick. Props to the awesome dude is doing them :)]
Faction: Villain
Super Name: Krait Mamba
Real Name: Ryu Yamato Kenshiki
Base of Operations: Travelling
Age: 30
Gender: Male
Height: 6"2
Weight: 210lbs
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Black
Identity: Public
Registration: Not Registered
Super Power Origin: Human/Chi
Place of Birth: Aomori Japan
Known Aliases: The Crimson Basilisk, Apex Predator
Group Affiliations: None
Avatar Appearance: Shen Kuei (The Cat), Shang Chi, Kazuya Mishima
Mini Biography: A man who has been forced into the tightest of corners, his entire world collapsing around him in one single heart beat is often the most dangerous predator on the planet, like a coiled viper waiting to strike anyone who comes close. That is what Krait Mamba is, a deadly and silent predator with almost nothing left to lose. After the death of his clan by the hands of the blood spider clan under orders of the heads of the underworld, Ryu Kenshiki seeked revenge and changed his name. Gathering a team of assassin and thieves as well as outcasts from the underworld Ryu began to build a new clan.
Grid Points: Ag: 5 Dur: 3 EP: 5 FA: 6 Int: 3 MP: 4 Spd: 3 Stm: 4 Str: 4
Did Your Know?: Krait Mamba chose his name after two of the worlds most deadliest snakes.
Battle Cry: Death can strike in a single second

No Caption Provided
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@Nerx: Would you mind shortening your bio by a line or two?
@Isaac Smith: Are there any specific images you want?  I can't really find any Hugo Strange pics that would fit the layout.
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@~The Wanderer~: 
I thought so:
I did some search:
 Not exactly fiting but fine for now.
 Not exactly fiting but fine for now.

You don't need to hurry though. I can wait.
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These are  amazing 
@~The Wanderer~: Question- For energy Projection, the seven classification - virtually all forms of energy/element type...Would it count if you have controlled the elements on different planets, and or you can created them? 

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#22 Posted by ~The Wanderer~ (34199 posts) - - Show Bio
@Slight: I'm not really sure.
Andy wrote the grid guidelines IIRC, so he might be a better person to ask.
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Faction: Good
Super Name: Wave Light 
Age: 16
Base Of Operations: Champions City
Gender: Female
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 110 lbs
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Blond
Identity: Secret
Registration: Unregistered
Super Power Origin: Mutant
Place of Birth:  Wisconsin
Known Aliases: JCJQLB, Jess; Joan; J.J.; Burning Sun
Name: Jessica Joan Carter
Group Affiliations:  COP's
First Appearance: February 15, 2010
Avatar Appearance: Magma
Mini Biography:  After her parents’ death when she was 8, she was adopted by a very rich family. Jessica grown up with everything she wanted but in her 11th birthday her adopted mother died. Jessica and her father went live to LA, the poor innocent little girl became a cold and mean person. When she was 15 she went to a Mediterranean cruise and when she was on an unknown island she discovered a statue. A few weeks later she discovered that statue gave her powers; she could create and manipulate the fire. She recently discovered her true origins and she developed telepathic powers.
Grid Points: 
Agility: 5
Durability: 4
Energy Projection: 7
Fighting Ability: 5
Intelligence. 3 
Mental Power: 6
Speed:  4
Stamina: 4
Strength: 3
Did you know: Jessica is always cheerful! 
Batte Cry: The Sun is all mine! 

 Wave Light Logo
 Wave Light Logo
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I wonder how many people are gonna pick 7's for fighting skills this time lol

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@Krait_Mamba: LOL. Acer?
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#26 Posted by Krait_Mamba (36 posts) - - Show Bio
@~The Wanderer~:  Yeah. Cant log into my Acer account, so thought i'd give him a new badass name :)
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@Krait_Mamba: Oooh. lol I take it you're gonna use Krait for some time then?  Or else I'm gonna have to stress rule #2 on the OP :P
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@~The Wanderer~:  Of course, im gonna kill you ^^ You should call it the Acer rule xP
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I'm just gonna copy and paste my original request from the first thread and edit it a bit. Feel free to use any images you want, i merely provided a few suggestions. i was unsure on the green gridpoints so I put Spectrums maximum potential in parentheses.
Faction: Villian
Super Name: Spectrum
Real Name: Jackson Anthony Miller
Base of Operations: Vine Syndicate Headquarters, TK Industries New York
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Height: 6'4''
Weight: 425
Eye Color:
Hair Color: Silver
Identity: Private
Registration: Not Registered
Super Power Origin: God/Eternal
Place of Birth:
Phoenix, Arizona
Known Aliases: Firebrand, Avatar of Light, Rogue Angel of Destruction
Group Affiliations: Vine Syndicate, Mercenary Corps
Avatar Appearance:

 Main Image
 Main Image
 Small Image
 Small Image


Mini Biography: 
Spectrum recieved almost infinite control over all forms of light as a result of an explosion planned by Inti, the god of light. By absorbing light, Jack can vastly increase his strength, durability, or speed, depending on how he focuses his power. After a distinguished career as a mercenary, Spectrum went insane at the death of his girlfriend resulting in a month long vigilante rampage through New York ending in his death. After his reanimation by Inti, Jack has fallen into villainy, but is destined to one day redeem himself, and become one of the universes greatest heroes.
Grid Points: A:2(4), D:5(6), E:5, F:4, I:3, M:3, SP:6(7), STA:5(6), STR:5(7)
Did You Know?: Jack is actually an incredibly good chef.
Battle Cry: None, simply grins menacingly in anticipation.

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Dang, Reen and Wando! The new ones look awesome!
Faction: Hero
Super Name: Paragon
Real Name: Brendan Wayne MacAskill
Base of Operations: Washington, D.C.
Age: 36
Gender: Male
Height: 6'0" (184cm)
Weight: 95kg (210 lbs)
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Brown
Identity: Secret
Registration: Previously ICE Registered - Currently Unregistered
Super Power Origin: Meta-Human
Place of Birth: Whistler, BC, Canada
Known Aliases: Green Lantern 2814.1
Group Affiliations: Champions of Peace (Guardians), ICE
Avatar Appearance: Azrael, Malcolm Reynolds (Nathan Fillion)

Mini Biography: Brendan gained his powers after touching a strange meteor while out camping. It contained the essence of a god-like alien, which granted him access to the Speed Force, enhanced strength, a regenerative healing factor, and sixth sense allowing him to sense everything around him. He spent years as a hero, training under both Final Arrow and Sovereign Son (Then known as Last Arrow), honing his skills and jumping around hero teams, until finding a home with the ICE Dragons. He was later recruited by the Green Lantern Corps before the Light Wars, and still holds on to the ring, in case he might need it. 
Battle Cry: (None)


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@Krait_Mamba said:

" I wonder how many people are gonna pick 7's for fighting skills this time lol "

Fighting Ability: A rank of 7 in this area should be extremely! rare. I wouldn't even place Batman or Captain America as a 7, but as 6's. In order to receive a 7 one must of Mastered every known fighting style. That be with and without weapons. Now let's take another look as to what being a Master in a style consists of. Because achieving the rank of Black Belt is hardly a Masters level, in truth that is just the beginning. To achieve a Master rank is usually consistent with a 5th degree Black Belt. Which means spending in real world time at least 20 years studying and practicing that art. 
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@~The Wanderer~: Only full body I found
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@Andferne said:
" @Krait_Mamba said:

" I wonder how many people are gonna pick 7's for fighting skills this time lol "

Fighting Ability: A rank of 7 in this area should be extremely! rare. I wouldn't even place Batman or Captain America as a 7, but as 6's. In order to receive a 7 one must of Mastered every known fighting style. That be with and without weapons. Now let's take another look as to what being a Master in a style consists of. Because achieving the rank of Black Belt is hardly a Masters level, in truth that is just the beginning. To achieve a Master rank is usually consistent with a 5th degree Black Belt. Which means spending in real world time at least 20 years studying and practicing that art.  "
Personally I dont think anyone should be a 7 unless they have lived for a very long time and have dedicated their lives to nothing but the martial arts. If I recall even the likes of Daredevil and Black Panther only have a 5 in the marvel cards.
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I second this, There should be close to no 7s in fighting ability
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@ReEnforcer: Hm, is it for Isaac?
It's already underway. Just schehulde my card for later. I have a feeling that might be forced to change my avatar appearance to a new character anyways.:)
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@Krait_Mamba:  Your battle cry is waaaaaaaaaay too long.
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@614azrael:  I think these new cards are more detailed in the information they give, it was hard to break down just what a 7 was in the last cards. I think a few characters are a high 6 though.
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@Krait_Mamba:  You also forgot to list mental power in the grid points.
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@ReEnforcer:  For my card?
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these ones are looking prety sick no denying that. 
O should have my info up soon i want one of these XD
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@Isaac Smith: Your card (with Sivana as main image) is already done if you wanna see it. [ link]  Though I don't think I'd mind changing your pics later if that's what you want.
As an example, what about the likes of Karate Kid?  Do you think he should he have a 7 in Fighting Ability?
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@Uchiha NeVann: 
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@Reen: Edited
@~The Wanderer~: From the scans ive seen yes, because he has shown martial arts skills that allow him to fight superhumans and he has done things no normal martial artist could do. Though at the same time somene like Kenshiro (Anime) would possibly only be a 5 due to mastering just one fighting style, yet he is a character that could defeat Karate Kid. Even alot of fighting game characters would only be a 5. I personaly dont think the difference between a 5 and a 6 is that great and a level 5 could easily defeat a level 6, but level 7 is on a whole new level.

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Faction: Neutral
Super Name: Constantine   
Real Name: Constantine
Base of Operations: N/A

Age: Older Than Time
Gender: Male
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 210 lbs
Eye Color: Variable
Hair Color: Variable
Identity: Public
Super Power Origin: Entity
Place of Birth: Scotland, Earth
Known Aliases: Con, Scott, Connie, Mister Amazing, The Immortal
Group Affiliations: C.O.P.s
Mini Biography: Constantine is one of fourteen great entities reborn to the corners of the universe, Con was born to Earth raised a normal child with abnormal powers, making him vastly known. But his destiny lead him away from his home planet, after he watched those he loved pass into nothing, and into an immortal duty throughout the omniverse. Which took him back to the beginning. Con is a great power, a step above gods, his only continuous family is the Genesis Fourteen and the first love he seems incapable to escape. Con has seen many things, learned much, fought in every great war and conquered the greatest of challenges. His one peace is the end he looks forward to once his duty is complete.    
Grid Points: A: 4 D: 4 E: 7 F: 7 I: 7 M: 6 S: 4 S: 6 S: 3 
Did You Know?: Con is omnilingual, speaks to God, likes chocolate, is a phenomenal singer and can sense when he is in the presence of his own offspring.
Battle Cry: If you wish it.
 Left Image.
 Left Image.
 Right Image.
 Right Image.
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@Krait_Mamba: Agree. :P
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@~The Wanderer~: I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was also most definitely not expecting it that fast. Thank you soooo much!!!!!!!!!!!
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@cly:  Of course you do :p
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We shouldn't go strictly by definition. Fighting skill means the overall fighting ability, I think. It doesn't matter much how many styles you mastered if you have experience against others. Also Kenshiro knows more than one martial arts, though he only mastered one.
Though I agree. Level 7 from about anything should be a grand milestone. 
One of the reasons why I gave Isaac low stats. I have to revisit them for the new cards to match the reality.
@~The Wanderer~:
Much better than I have hoped for. Well, I don't think I change it though added trivia and battlrecry may be added. Though by copy-pasting from others, I might attempt to do it myself. Thank you for your efforts.:)
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@The Dark Huntress: Thank Reen :) 
@Isaac Smith: n/p. :)
Was not expecting an essay, but ok :P
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@ReEnforcer: Thank you! ^__^