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The prince of power dwells once more in his office the lack of activity within the champions life eating at him. The best bits of his job seem distant memories having been months since the COP's where doing anything remotely heroic ,. Since V-day ( The day remembered as the end of the vampire invasion) all the champions have been either busy elsewhere or stuck in the never ending loop or rebuilding and improving the city and it defences. Edward had to sit through boring business meeting after the next listening to each new so and so tell him that he needed something from their company on his island and then came the paperwork, Edwards desk looked more like a news stand than a desk now days piled high with catalogue's, flayers and paperwork in monstrously high proportions. The sombre mood of the champion reflected in the all to brief chance meetings with his team mates who still gathered once a week for a briefing the only time the full roster had been together since the ceremony in Blairs honour post V-day. So this pattern went for week after week each further repetition a further nail in Edwards will to carry on.

The twilight calm of the night filled Edwards office , the cool breeze blowing in from the shore as the champion looked out across the city its quiet calm both a reward and a curse. The reward of knowing his people where safe did warm his heart but the curse of having nothing but the paperwork to deal with dragged at his body like a giant rusted anchor the age old dilemma of what does a hero/warrior do in peace time filled his mind. As the ideas started to fill his mind a bright light appeared in the sky tearing across the sky leaving a bright trail in its wake standing awe struck it suddenly dawned on Eddy the star was coming down and coming down fast and it looked like it could hit the island. Grabbing his commutator from his hip his hands a blur he hammered down the transmit button and barked out to his team mates " Possible incoming astral collision- suit up and start preparing EVAC of civilians this is not a drill. I need any flyers to get as close to it as you can and see what this is and try and divert it if that hits the island it could sink us and the whole population with it. If it lands just off shore we could have a tsunami on our hands. Brainiac's start doing the maths, all non flyers and computer wizz's start gathering Civilians at extraction points. I want constant communication, i want projections of impact and i want a speedy and safe EVAC of the civi's asap. Now get busy "

Pulling his armour on rapidly the champion then taps at his desk looking for the islands speaker system " where is it dammit!" with a sweep of his hand the room is suddenly filled with a flurry of falling paper as the champions clears his desk and locates the button " People of Champions Island , remain calm and please gather at your nearest extraction point this is not a drill, i repeat nearest extraction point and not a drill." tapping at his desk rapidly the prince of power programs the message to loop for the next 5 minutes citywide and frantically searches the database for any contingency plans for such an event hoping that the previous leaders of the COP's may have had some idea what to do. The database slowly comes up empty and with that the prince of power hits the street. moving towards the shoreline an the extraction point alpha.

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Abba had been working the parks undercover for awhile on the Island, as a relative unknown on the world stage of espionage he fit the role of spy perfectly. The other members of the higher echelons of TI for the most part were just too famous. Some were far two busy with their own plans, others too strange & impatient. No Abba like the porridge was just right for this gig, Abba could act the part. It was into his third show of the evening that the alarm systems suddenly sounded out the evacuation signal, every body in the park families young lovers or old reacted like it was the end of the world and ran for cover. Abba's phone vibrated 6 times letting him know that the time had come, to cut loose & run but not before making one hell of a distraction "Guess it's true what they say about this Island it is just a disaster waiting to happen heh" Abba violently kicked over the punch & Judy stand he was in ripping off the puppets he was wearing on both hands throwing them to the ground disgustedly before him he stepped over them. Dropping his telepathic shields Abattoir let loose the full force of his power in a absolutely massive breathtakingly complex psychic attack that completely & irrevocably destroyed ever unshielded psyche on the Island permanently putting the ID of the human mind in the control seat & whipping it into a blood thirsty frenzy.

No doubt the Champions of peace having their entire civilian population trying to kill them & each other would be distraction enough for his masters in T.I. Now it was time to leave quickly before he was caught. Abba returning his shields to their previous levels disappeared off into the screaming mob confidently ignoring the raging crowd & being ignored by them in-turn

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Final War was its title to the world a mark of change and calamity that so many knew and others shunned to believe. Who could believe them the moment of apocalyptic world shuttering events wasn't a memmorable lovely thing. For the house of Roxom this and a war not much later had greatly changed things. Alezra was now an Empress of the Keresh people, soon she would go to conquor the mighty Roman god Pluto. Wherever Azra went a crow followed what few knew was that crow was also a mighty dragon of old resurected to serve. Hex had grown fast in the training of Kayle. Nobody compared to her but the witch was growing fast to be a strong equivalent. Today though was a new objective a target long deserving to feal her wrath again. During the apocalyptic events Azra showed up with Bloodstone and killed the monster Phorcys. Destiny Salvat Ion had given her life to spare the city and ultimantly show the world had worth. Bloodstone and Azrael showed the gods they were going to fail their attacks upon the world.

On this day however Azrael was no hero no savior no martyr. No she was the scorn and reckoning she was known for being. Resurfacing on the islands belonging to the Champions of Peace the red head queen of hell hoped to pummel every hero to death or atleast play her part to things. Hounestly their was only one person that could get her to not to go on a killing frenzy. If the young Sorcorer Michael aproached her on the fields of war then maybe a grim fate could be avoided. Twice she had bested him, he was runing out of strikes for her generosity of a warior spirit. Yet that sown rivalry also ment she would dial in and avoid being a hurricane of ruin to a group of heroes she thought dead.

Azrael landed in the streets heading for the school, the usual black and red leather accenting her build. In wake of every step was flames scorching the earth and from her back the flames like large feathery wings. A bit of theatrics added to her sport.They were lured here by what had seamed to be a shooting star of unorthodox variables. What could come from it though mattered little to the daughter of Death. Because hounestly why should she care by now if destruction befell this world. Infact Alezra wanted it to be so, she would paint chaos so this star would be born in it. Hopefully this ment she would also be a harbinger of chaos just leveling whatever confronted her. Along with Azra was Hex her motive even more grim.

Salem dropped onto one of the boats of escapes, they wished to evacuate and they knew it was a hollow wish now. Before them was a girl thin and pretty in the f off kind of way. A simple black dress worn along with the harness that held her weapons. Eyes were red as blood hair hanging before them giving the look of a killer. Soft black nailed hand touched the metal in a low crouch and from it Hex called upon alchemy. Metal from the floor shot up in a hailstorm of reverse expectation. Skin was flayed bodies riddled with holes the inside of the boat soaked with blood. Salem hated humanity every soul she wished to end and that was what she was in persuit of.

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The original Requiem had given her life to have this island sparred from being ravaged by a ocean titan of old. Dahlia took that angels place, now it was odd enough being a dead person cyborg hero. Being made into a dead Angelic cyborg Leader, that seamed like a hack. A cheated thing that shouldn't of happend to her. To be hounest the only thing the cyborg was one hundred percent happy about was that she learned about the old her. That she was Amber and had lived a good life. That resorted to the name change Amber, her old self, Destiny, in honor of the angel that was her bestfriend. Her last name Nightingale remained the same.

Over the month or so sense that moment the mechanical angel sought to rebuild everything that she could. The angel also worked to help get in touch with her abilities as she was drasticaly diffrent from her original self. Amber also tried to make Net feal better, he seamed close to Destiny and it made the cyborg sad. Often Amber would wair half her hair white and hang around his place, a sort of reminder that Requiem was still here just another vessel. Nightingale also worked on keeping in anger in check becuase hounestlly she was a pretty wild person who now had to be all rolemodel like. Wasn't fair but the angel did her best, currently she wore the usual zip up sleeveless black and blue vest, skirt knee high boots and fishnet stockings and gloves. A second pair of fingerless gloves over her hands acompanied with studs on the knuckles. The studs were inscribed with a passage of the bible small and hard to read yet somehow beautiful. Great for clocking undead, she knew.

Currently she was pounding on a punching bag in the loft of the other angels home. A hard rock techno melody being matched beet by beet as a variety of punches, jabs, knee strikes and kicks were sent its way. The music of course was in Amber's head she tried to keep it that way the angels one being her the other being Net, had a very diffrent taste in music choices and she would hate to disturb him. The windows gave a cool breeze, always open in case things called for imediate attention. Thats when a flash of light was spotted from corner of her eye. Amber catching the oddities signature same time as Edward had, after all she was always in the islands security grid. In a flash of enchanting blue light wings sprouted from her back. A mix of metal and feather a perfect harmony of patheon and sci fi, mythic beauty and mechanised tapestry.

"On it" the cyborg going through all the steps to try and get systems to act acordingly. Wings carried the teen forwards to try and be there when the crash landing came. "Picking up some mental readings, cant alter them not my thing. Certainly there though, I don't think this is as simple as the glowing thing." Amber was still geting used to things her abilities failed to notice the full effects of the psychic attack. Her mind was set on the one falling towards the earth.

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The darkest of night had fallen upon the bright city on Champions Island. People were filled with content as they were minding their own business and doing whatever they pleased.

"Mmph!" A young woman tried to shout as she was pinned against the wall, a man covered her mouth with his hand as he tried to unbuckle her with the other. SMACK! He hits her in an attempt to make her stop squirming as he presses his body against hers. She soon stops moving as her eyes widen. The oblivious man smiled as he continued to take off her clothes only to be dragged into the shadows behind him.

"Ahhhhhhh!" SNAP

Red eyes suddenly appeared in the dark. The woman stood like a deer to light, afraid at what happened. She stood horrified as the figure emerged from the shadows with the moon the only source of light. A tall young man appeared with a black armored suit, his red eagle spread across the chest illuminated in the light. His red eyes further hid identity under the small mask.

"Put on your clothes and leave. He won't bother you again."

She nodded silently as the figure left in the dark with the sound of a zip line. She put on her clothes as she curiously looked at where the man was. With every minute the light moved toward the dark space. As the light touched upon the blackness, she ran. His body was that of a contortionist.


Night is a sanctuary to some, to the Crimson Eagle, it was now his life. He rarely appeared in public doing his heroic duties and the public seemed to forget he existed. Sitting atop a building, he observes the city.

It's better like that. Yeah. I still can't believe you let him live.Guilt is a far greater punishment than death.Do you really believe that? No. Good, but in the end you’re right, cause crippling is just as fun. Now what? Gonna go sleep?You know when I sleep. Of course of course. Just curious.

Possible incoming astral collision- suit up and start preparing EVAC of civilians this is not a drill.

You still have that thing?I'm still on the team.

- if that hits the island it could sink us and the whole population with it. If it lands just off shore we could have a tsunami on our hands. Brainiac's start doing the maths, all non flyers and computer wizz's start gathering Civilians at extraction points. I want constant communication, i want projections of impact and i want a speedy and safe EVAC of the civi's asap. Now get busy

So much for staying in the shadows. I know.

The Irascible hero stood up and looked to the sky, the meteor was shining bright in the sky. The light illuminated his back, revealing a pair of escrima sticks

What are you gonna do?Follow it.

The Young hero ran from rooftop to rooftop, looking upon the meteor with his grey eyes, his vision was capable of looking at either vast distances or microscopic objects. He traced the meteor with his vision as his 'conscious' told him when to jump.

People of Champions Island , remain calm and please gather at your nearest extraction point this is not a drill, I repeat nearest extraction point and not a drill.

The faces of the citizens rapidly changed from astonishment to fearful. They ran about in different directions, oblivious to the figure jumping from building to building.

So what was your plan again?Save the city.

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This is madness

It was pure unfiltered chaos all over the island as Abbas victims driven insane by his power, tore the place apart. Civilians rioting like rabies infected animals tortured beyond repair or hope, just continued lashing out at everything except Abba . Almost every one all the way to the docks from the city proper were smashing up the place, cars plowed into sidewalks & shop fronts the drivers beating against the glass having forgotten how to work a simple lock . A buss overturned down the street as the occupants raging withing the confines unaware the vehicle had caught fire as the flames grew & engulfed them.

Blending in with the crowd Abba pretended to be one of his little puppets, screamed when they screamed attacked what they attacked all the while making his way to the docks to steal a boat. "Something not to ostentatious" he sated to a nearby corpse propped up against a wall clutching what remained of a torn out throat "No you're right, I have been working hard i deserve a treat! something big with torpedoes" Making his was along sidewalk taking care to ovoid cameras while watching for fliers above Abba wondered why now, then immediately thought why not. Yet the thought that something big was going on & he wasn't invited to play bugged him like an un-scratchable itch.

Why should the big guns get all the fun while I'm stuck here fighting the urge to yawn, so what if there were going to be hell god's alien armada's powerful supers clashing with one another destroying everything for miles around. Abba wanted to watch the world burn he wanted desperately to be there as the heavies clashed. Mostly so he could play with the body's, but the possibility of torturing one of those high and mighty heroes would be like ten thousand birthdays rolled into one.

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2B was lounging on the edge of the pilots chair her feet on the consul, watching a 21st century talent show sipping a banana strawberry smoothy through a crazy straw when the C_O_Ps alert came through the command com.

Possible incoming astral collision- suit up and start preparing EVAC of civilians this is not a drill. I need any flyers to get as close to it as you can and see what this is and try and divert it if that hits the island it could sink us and the whole population with it. If it lands just off shore we could have a tsunami on our hands. Brainiac's start doing the maths, all non flyers and computer wizz's start gathering Civilians at extraction points. I want constant communication, i want projections of impact and i want a speedy and safe EVAC of the civi's asap. Now get busy "

Throwing the smoothy over her shoulder 2B slid into the command seat & started bringing up her displays. The consul itself looked like it had been ripped open & gutted, alien organic components trailed like cables all over he place while 2B worked on what was obviously a human design interface physically hooked up to the ship

"Ship Status ?"she commanded already her fingers were a blur on a touch key pad that looked a lot like the one used on most bank machines.

"STATUS! maintaining synchronized orbital altitude over the island of 410 km (255 mi). Completing 15.7 orbits per day current power levels are at minimum safety levels "the ships computer announced in a monotone voice. "External Status then!" she yelled

Ship "Status .. abnormality detected collision imminent with home base,meteor classification Ungrouped, conclusion not a meteoriteHumanoid" Throwing her hands up in the air exasperated she yelled to the ceiling "TELL ME SOMETHING I DON'T KNOW!" flicking a switch 2B quickly copied the data from her research in her phone sending off several detailed reports to her superior on estimated arrival of the humanoid missile to the island as well as it's basic structure & a close up picture of a burning face distorted by the atmosphere of earth during reentry . "SHIP! i want live feeds of the island projected on all the monitors east west north & south" opening a channel to the crew quarters 2B filled in who ever wasn't on shift at the bar what was happening, then instructed them to prepare & await further information at the teleporter.

Once that was completed she started activating all the anti personnel weapons on board including the weapon she brought back to the twentieth century from on hundred thousand years in the future. "oh boy I hope i don't have to use you" she said showing signs of fear for the first time

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For an endless amount of time life trudges on for the lethargic devil now known as Netzach. Now the faithless angel sat idly in the window, the breeze flowing gently through his hair, staring at a picture once painted in his own blood of one of the only beings he would consider a friend, the only friend he knew, even in his own miniature squad within this "team," if that's what you could call it. As it was, they all seemed completely fragmented, scattered, and not just into three groups. Every "champion" mostly standing alone, not really champions of anything. For Netzach, this may have even been preferable. Everyone else miserable as well as he. Only an hour ago he visited the church Destiny was depicted standing atop in the painting, to do a bit of work, and to linger, wondering on his purpose, here, and in life. Between staying atop that church and lying about his own room, there wasn't really much else he did anymore. The first he had barely known, but now two had died for these people in this city. Worse, since last it had taken the one closest to him, his best friend.

And now, as everyone found themselves trying to pick up the pieces, he wondered if he even belonged, if he even wanted to be there. With this loss of purpose, the future was no longer clear, projections remained brittle, weak. There was of course the cyborg girl meant as a replacement pounding on the bag, and there was a part of him that genuinely wanted to help her fulfill her duties, but his heart as a whole was not in it. Even still, he tried, let her linger around his place to let off some steam, or just to be. It wasn't bothering him so long as he made sure he showed no emotion in her presence.

From just on the brink of the periphery of his vision, a bright light came into display, with a magnificence that had not been witnessed in a long time. For an instant, a glimmer of hope, excitement shone in his eyes. Then came the call that said the entire island was to be on alert, and with it, a somewhat familiar luminescence from the other in the room, not unlike Destiny herself, but still different; yet another reminder that things remained unchanged for his situation. He watched her wings sprout with an all-too-familiar envy, which actually brought a smirk upon his face momentarily, before he quickly put it off. In contrast with Amber's quick mobilization, he moved languidly at first, trying to muster the will for a construct, a single one of his Yin-Yang blades materializing in his hand, then fading away. Still in no condition to create.

Following suit with the girl, an aura of darkness emanated off of his body and a single black wing stretched out of his back and through the window, and he slowly picked up the pace until he was just behind the mechanical angel (oh how he dreaded to think of her so) to the location the trajectory of the object should predict as its point of impact.

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The demonic teen watched from his apartment window everyone was happy on Champion Island how easily they forgot the vampire invasion, things changed since then. It was calm right now, and that meant something bad was going to happen. Less than a minute later his pointed ears picked up a voice being sent across the island, the voice belonged to one of the leaders of the champions of peace, Edward. He was ordering the evacuation of the island a metor was on course it could sink the island. Secretly he smiled it was about time. His body twisted and grew leaving behind the red skined half demon form replacing it with the large full grown warrior demon. Another look out the window showed civilians standing in place confused. “ What part of go to the nearest extraction didn't they understand?” he thought already angry, Warren jumped out of his window screaming “ Get your ugly asses to the extraction point or I'll bite your f*ck legs off!” And they ran fueled by their fear and adrenaline. “Herding of civilians to extraction points in progress in progress, eddy.”

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Dacnomania a very tall long dark haired man in simple plain cloths frayed at the edges, stood on the prow of the ship staring at the island before him with hooded eyes like a lover. He leaned back Inhaling deeply his eyes shut tight, his hands grasping the railing so tight the metal squealed as it twisted beneath the force of Dacnomania's fingers "BATTLE!" he yelled in ancient Greek his eyes opening wide with excitement Dacs jumped the railing propelling himself out & over the water by pushing against the now destroyed railings the force of the leap capsized the boat itself.

He landed in the middle of a bistro on the beech. with a thunderous crash crushing an empty table. With out bothering to walk around the bar he proceeded to walk through it, the wood & brass fracturing beneath his steps, Dacs swatted apart the wall of glass bottles in front of him with a flick, then open palmed the concrete wall to the ground he walked onward stepping over rubble as the bistro's roof collapsed behind him.

Stepping out onto the first street on the suburbs, he saw that something was wrong with the humans. They were butchering each other like hungry wolves with no thought to their own lives. "Ahh This Takes Me Back" Dac's just stood there lost in foggy thoughts of war thousands of years in the past, he almost disappeared into his Dark Realm to sleep the sleep of ancient Dragons for who knows how long again. "NO! I Will Not!" shaking his head back and forth to wake him self "I Must" then one thing the only thing he lived for that could possibly excite him any more was the risking of his immortal life. "I Must" stepping onto the street "Find Battle".

He punched a stationary garbage truck his arm going through the radiator & yanked out the whole engine spinning around searching for the largest most expensive looking building he threw the engine with enough force for what ever was left of it to pass out the other side of the building. Then with an after thought he casualy kicked the garbage truck with enough force to send it tumbling into a gass station where it ripped every gass pump off from its block spewing the flammable liquid every where. Breathing in Dacnomania let loose a blast of dragons breath that set the place ablaze. The fireball lit up the darkening sky more so the last rays of sunlight over the ocean.

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All around me is white.

Not a single breeze shifts around my body. As I look around I don't see anything except just a blank world. Looking down at my feet I notice I'm just floating in an abyss. I begin to wonder if this possibly Heaven, but I doubt it since they usually mention big gold gates. Maybe Purgatory, but shouldn't there be other people?


There is a voice that echos in the void. I spin around and there is nothing.


A more higher voice ripples through my head.

"Hurry now!"

An aggressive voice now takes over my mind.

I feel a different emotion as each of these voices courses through my ears. It feels like it is myself talking, but it for sure isn't me at all. I hope it is not.


"This can't be happening"

"Fuck off"

A huge pounding ricochets in my skull. Rolling up into a ball as I wait for them to stop.

I hear a voice in the distant. Opening my eyes I see a shadowy figure. I don't know how but I feel like I know him.. Him. I'm not sure how but I know she is a boy. Someone I love. His voice blocks all of them out. It's so peaceful. So friendly. So warming. Extending my right wrist I reach for him. As she gets closer I take notice of his Pink hair. Holy Shit.

Before we touch I find my body falling back. She fades back into the white space. I close my eyes again as I fall through nothing.

Opening them again I now see streaks of blue pouring into the white above me. The colors force themselves to blend into a overall deep blue. Swirls of white push back through the overwhelming blue. They form into clouds.

I can now feel a rush of wind rushing against my back. My pink hair crawls around my neck and face as the gusts of air push it with an unrelenting force. My body begins to glow into an illuminating mulitcolor ball of fire. Aurora flames dance around my body. I can tell that my body is increasing in a unimaginable speed as the sky grows farther from my reach. As I turn my body my heart begins to pound as I see myself racing closely to the ground. I can't stop.

I fall.

Opening my eyes I am in shock to be alive. I see myself encased into a sphere of light. I guess my body must have reacted quickly and made the flames swarm around me. A crack in the sphere opens up in front of me. Breaking in half the sphere reveals to be giant wings on my back.

Pushing myself off the ground I immediately fall. "THIS IS GOING TO BE FUN!"

"Shut up child" the voices.

"I miss them" are back.

I really need them to stop. I can feel my body pushing itself off the ground without my control. The wings of light disperse into the air.

"Help me!" Pleas-

As I said. This is going to be fun!

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““Get into the boat please mam, this is not a safe place to be”

“My Gerald, where’s my Gerald , MIAOW. Gerald! don’t you scare me like that again now get into my bag you silly old puss.”

“Now Gerald is here, please get on the boat mam it’s an emergency evac…”


The prince of power pulls himself up of the ground and shakes his head, a cascade of dust falls from the champion’s still buzzing head the air thick with a dark and all consuming smoke. Chocking the champion clamps a hand over his mouth and focuses his mind his keen telepathic senses probing out in all directions searching for the tell tail pulse of an active brain.

A faint trace appears several feet to his left now another, human's possibly unconscious raising his free arm in front of his face the champion advancing through the fire as the flame licked at his armour and already starting to burn at the champions flesh on his hands and chin. Reaching out through the smoke a sudden burst of light breaks through the opaque gloom of the smoke and sends the champion reeling once again his eyes bombarded by dust and the radiating light.

Stumbling the champions mind suddenly feels something familiar a voice without the words someone was thinking, and they where near the voice … Blair.

The timbers of the roof begin to crack as the fire starts to take full hold the docks now firmly in its fiery grasp, Edward grimaces as his flesh catches the flames one more the centre of the building nearly white hot unnaturally hot for a wood fire. Bursting forward in search of clean air the champion smashes through a flaming wall and spots ground zero a flaming crater a few feet to his left. An empty crater the voice now silent.

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"Hey! Hey, kid, wake up! We're evacuating!"

The figure stood towering over Alphonse, he was garbed in the outfit of a firefighter but in his current state Tellumo couldn't recognise this. Rubbing his temples, the teen took survey on his surroundings, he realised that he had fell unconscious on a park bench after what he described as 'a gentlemens' evening of debauchery'.

"Get going or you're gonna be blown up or something."

"Thanks for the warning but I'm a superhero, Tellumo y'know the awesome C.O.P."

"Well right now you look more like a tramp."

"Philistine! I'm obviously doing some kinda super, training, super... Yeah super training."

"I'm going now."

Finally removing himself from his makeshift bed the 'tramp' walked over to a nearby puddle of sick to which he added to. After the indecent act was over he reached into the puddle, looking away as he did so, to pull out his communicator that had been beeping close enough for Alphonse to hear but too far to pick up & throw. Walking to the lake,the parks' centerpiece, he throws the device into the water, he then raises his arms as a ball of water holding the communicator returns back to him. Fiddling with the machine Tellumo tries to ring his team but settles for leaving a message.

"I was asleep for the big thing, again, leave that out when you tell the story how I saved the island. What am I doing & do I have to punch anything..? This is Tellumo by the way... *Quietly* I'm a little hung over..."

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Ryan ran across the buildings as havoc and chaos wreaked the streets. Everyone was afraid of the impact the meteor would bring upon the island. Ryan ran with his grey eyes fixated on the meteor, remembering the devastation the massive wave had done to the city, no one wanted to live through that feeling once more.

As the Crimson Eagle looked upon the meteor, only words echoed in his head.

Jump. Jump. Left. Right. Jump.

He regarded them as his instincts.

You've noticed it, jump.Yeah. What do you think it is? Left, jump.I don't know, but it looks familiar. It-Jump.It feels familiar.Interesting, but we're not gonna make it. Jump. I know. Heh, jump. What?Let's see if you pull anything back this time. Right, jump.

The young hero ran and ran, listening to his instincts. BOOM! Eagle stopped in his tracks, the sound rippled throughout the island. Ryan tried adjusting his eyes to the location of impact. Too many buildings. The Champion ran and ran, now aware of his surroundings. He took notice of the increased volume of the screams on the island.

A soft glow began to emerge in the distance. "What is that?" Building across building, the sounds of the people began to tune out of Ryan's head. He stopped in his tracks, his face stern as he recognized the feeling. "Blair."

Last he heard, she turned on the Champions through some something. He wasn't sure, he wasn't there. How she came back, he didn't know. She was a champion and a hero, was.

Tell me what you're thinking. She turned on the team.Butshe's your teammate. Yeah...

Her angelic-like wings spread from her back and she took flight. She was going his way and he wasn't going to let her get away.

He turned to his left and ran towards the edge of the wide building. Eagle's eyes shifted to blue, he calculated this perfectly. His right foot left the edge as he leapt to the air only for his foot to step on a small blue circular construct. Ryan pushed himself up as the construct disappeared only to re-appear below his left foot. The continuous pattern of 'construct stepping' allowed him to be up in the air to meet up with Blair.

He stepped up until he met with her at the same elevation, he then launched himself from the construct as he grabbed his escrima sticks from his back. Activating the function, grappling hooks unfolded as they launched towards his teammate. The goal was to wrap her with the cords and let his body weight bring her down to the ground.

There were multiple factors that could go wrong, the hero knew it. The aim could have been off and results in him falling from the air. Blair possibly being hostile. Having the disadvantage as his original power-set was gone. Eagle considered all the factors. He just smiled.

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The evacuees were being herded towards a boat. Slowly, the ramp whirred down. Standing just beyond the ramp, armed to the teeth, was a man. His silvery hair hung around his shoulders. He reached up and pushed the sunglasses a little further up his nose. "I'm sorry, did you want to use this boat?" He pulled an assault rifle, a Beretta CX4 Storm and sprayed into the crowd with an evil smirk. After a short while, the weapon locked back empty. He discarded it and pulled his swords. They hummed gently as the plasma beam generator enhanced the cutting edge. With a small smile, he flung himself at the bleeding crowd, his blades swiping through the air. "This is Mercer. I've reached land. Distraction beginning." He said in his accented voice, before he lost himself completely in the bloody slaughter. He was aware of a black flicker of movement. Some distant part of his mind registered it as Kovak, and he saw the cybernetic ninja flying through the air, so fast that any normal human wouldn't even see it.


Kovak dodged through and over the crowd, quickly managing to locate and gain the rooftops. Following an almost practiced path, he began moving towards the position that he had just registered a large impact. His mind, which functioned much like a computer, relayed the data to his superiors. <<Impact detected a short distance away. This unit will scout the location.>> The "voice" was devoid of emotion, it was simply efficiency. Moving as fast as he could, he approached the crater. There was fire. His eyes picked out a couple of figures whose files he had studied. Files made following the first confrontation between the Champions of Peace and the Tenebrasque In. <<Two subjects identified. Request permission to eliminate.>> He "spoke".

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Dead or Dying

Getting past the pile of corpses & burning wreckage to the docks was proving impossible. The streets were littered with bodies, the result of Abba's horrific mental assault playing on peoples minds, almost as bad as the originals bands first album. His insidious telepathic attacks, continued to wreak havoc amongst the civilian population. Spreading outwards from the city's central park, almost every unshielded mind from the city center was now dead or dying.

A card phone right next to where Abba was standing Rang three times unexpectedly. Shrugging not really caring what an antique like that was doing there, or who was watching him he lifted the receiver of the phone placing it against his ear & spoke happily into the mouth piece.

Abba: "Hi you've reached the end of the world! I'm sorry theres no one here to take your call right now, as super villains have invaded the island & are currently in the process of murdering every one please leave a message at the scream ahhhhhhhhrrrrg!" he said mockingly.

TI communications center: "Mr Abattoir it has been brought to the lords attention, that you have not yet left the Island could you clarify the reasoning behind this please"

Aba : his expression darkening at the realization, that some one was trying to cut short his fun did not impress Aba" Yes Mommy I know Ive been ever so naughty, I promise not to do it again"slamming the phone back on the hook violently, Aba continued to beat on the payphone with the reviver until it broke.

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20 mins later

synchronized orbital altitude over the island of 410 km (255 mi).

2Bs command deck, was in chaos, as automatons welded wired & repaired, what systems they could. 2B herself, was patched in, to every news channel, private & public on the planet. Her goal, to stem & contain the flow, of information. "Gah! Billions of people, want to know, what the hells going on, Chief including the newly, elected super villain, I mean president of America" A consul, to 2Bs right exploded, in a hail of sparks & smoke. A automaton immediately set to repairing it " I'm stretched thin up here, trying to maintain, the security black out, but somethings got to give soon" she stated worriedly, as a second monitor, showed a growing red, mass of energy readings spreading outward, from the islands center.

"You've got intruders topside, don't ask me how, they got past the defenses, but you've got them." Slamming a fist down, on the consul in frustration, at the life signs monitor, as it quickly started to drop " Ah hellThe civilian population that's CHIEFChief! they've already begun, I'm reading a heavy death toll" scrambling around, the pilots chair, 2B hooked a large green cable, into one of the monitors, while a automaton assisted, with the final connections, then returned to the communication consul.

"Definite Meta-Human incursion, I'm transmitting live, picture & audio feeds" 2B took a sip, from a cold cup of coffee, then made a disgusted face, at the bitterness of it's taste. Wishing she could help. "Multiple fires, civilian emergency services are non-responsive, i repeat non-responsive"

"Ive just sent everything, on the identities & power types, of every foreign hostile to the teams coms. I had to hack almost every governmental & private database on the planet to get it but you've got it" stunned, she looked at the name, of who was behindhand, the attack on the island.

"Chief it'sTenebrasque In their invading"

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Kneeling beside the crater the prince of power asscessed the damage at the impact zone. The hole sat in front of him like a gapping wound in the tarmac the pipers and wires sparking and leaking like the islands very own veins had been torn open. The water whilst rising wasnt rising fast leading the champion to belive the plates had held, it was just a water main that been severed ooking for something to cover the crater with the champion looked for anything he could nearby. Grabbing a nearby family sudan the champion placed it above the hole and stepped back. With a hammer blow of telkentic force the champion tapped the hole at least for now. Turning his back on the crater the champions mind sparked alive again a thought from someone nearby he wasnt in the perosn ehad so he couldn tsence the nature of the thouht but hes years of telepathic training gave him a rough feel of the nature of the thinker. It wasnt a friendly thought and it was somewhere nearby.

"How about you just come out and say hello whom ever you. are as you can no dount see this is not the day to play games with me." the champion pointing back at the destruction behind him another. Another pulse the person had clearly heard his words but they delayed taking action. Was it through fear? where they under orders of some kind on was it just some meta human voyeur. Edward stood perfectly still waiting for another pulse or movement. A sudden sea breeze capturing the burnt skin on the back of his hand sends a jolt of pain up to the champions brain. glancing at his hand the champion watches as it the swelling starts to deflate as his healing factor starts to kick in " About bloody time" he says to himself as he waits standing his ground.

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He listened to the Champion, then registered with his superiors his intentions before he leaped from the rooftop and landed lightly on the ground, approaching the brave Champion of Peace, his neutral expression hidden behind his helmet. His mind was analysing, classifying, attempting to estimate the man's abilities. He looked around the Champion, staring at the devastation as he observed the destruction, analysing the kind of force that must have impacted the island to cause such a crater. After a moment, he straightened up, meeting the Champion's eyes. He raised his hands and asked if the Champion, now identified as Edward Windsor, the Prince of Power, if he knew what had caused the destruction in sign language.

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looking at the strange armoured man that approached him. His armour style wasn't reminiscent of any special forces standard gear he knew. Edward started to add two and two together in his mind.This unknown man had a weird and hostile appearing mental signal and is covered in armour. He certainly wasn't t here to sight see and he certainly doesn't appear to be a scientist either. Edward opened his mouth as if to speak but before he uttered a syllable the armoured man started to move his hands Edward could detect that he was using sign language that much was clear, but the prince of power couldn't use it himself. Doing his best to ad lib a response he stood tall flexed his arm, then pointed at hole and gestured something hitting the ground and then pointed at the burning building over his shoulder.

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The Champion's response was rough and his mind had to incorporate the movements into a discernible form. From what he could tell, an NEO (Near Earth Object), had crashed onto the island. He quickly analysed the destruction and thought for a moment. He pulled out a pen and a small notebook and began writing down complex equations. The angle the object had struck at seemed illogical. Meteors and the like tended to be pulled by the Earth's gravity and thus left many miles of devastation. He wrote down his calculations twice, then a third time, to make sure that he was not incorrect. He scrawled a few question marks at the bottom of the page and tore it out of the notebook, then held it out towards Edward. It was unlikely that the Windsor would understand the use of physics that Kovak had jotted down, but he would no doubt understand the expression of disbelief at the bottom of the page.

Behind Edward, the building creaked. In a few minutes, it would no doubt fall. Kovak was in motion without a thought, sprinting towards the flaming building. If Edward turned to see where he was going, he would see the ninja's katana sword that was sheathed on his back as Kovak himself moved into the building. The cyborg soldier was often deployed in areas of natural disasters, and was tasked with rescuing civilians. That instinct flared into life now as he moved, a flicker of ebony as he ran into the building. He tore open the doors of the elevator shaft with his strength, and leaped into it, sticking to the opposite wall as the elevator itself shot past him. There were people in the elevator. He could hear them screaming. The cables were going to break, they wouldn't be able to hold. A second of analysis later and Kovak found the most fragile point in the cable. He leaped for it and grabbed hold, one hand on either side. When it broke, he kept hold. He was supporting the entire weight of the elevator and the people inside it. His very muscles screamed with exertion, but he held. He had to hold. Innocents would not die. He never would let an innocent die, and he wasn't going to start now! The cable slipped an inch and he tightened his grip. It felt like his shoulders were being torn apart. Surely he couldn't hold much longer.

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looking at the piece of note paper Edward recognised part of the equations from his ballistics and physics training, spotting tell tail parts of the formula such as mass, velocity impact force and drag. whilst he wasn't 100% familiar with the formula the general feel he got from the little he could remember was that the force of the impact should of been much larger he should now be floating in the ocean. The object had somehow lost hundreds of tons of force at the very minimum from what it should of impacted with. Thanking his mother for his Cambridge education the prince of power looked back up ready to question the masked mathematician. Spotting the man running off into a building, the champion noticed a shouldered blade upon the strangers shoulders much like his own. This thought was cut short prematurely as the champions mind began to buzz once more he was running toward a group of civilians.

The champion folded the paper up and tucked it under his armour for safe keeping before running in after the stranger and the civilians. Weary that if he was to use his super speed in a building ablaze such as this his every step could cause the building to crumble and fall like a sandcastle. But if he took his time lives could be lost including his own, relying on instinct within microsecond the champion had located the masked man. In a miraculous feat of heroism he was holding a elevator car with one arm whilst he held the remnants of a broken suspension cable. Shouting up as loud as the champion could he direct the masked stranger "let go of the cable, i got this!." His keen telekinetic mind covering the cable car with a highly durable but invisible telekinetic shield of which the heroic stranger would now be standing. His thoughts focussed and tuned to the point of near absolute precision the prince of power moved the lift shaft and his masked ally with all haste through the flaming remnants of the building. This time at speed the heat couldn't touch him.

Placing the lift down slowly like a parent would place a child the champion then looked up at the masked stranger and offered him a hand down off the roof. As he reached out his hand the champion heard the tell tail sound of his sonic boom catching up to him the boom punctuated by the building collapsing to the ground.

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He slowly loosened his grip, and let the lift slip through his fingers cautiously. It held. He released the other end of the cable and dropped to the roof of the lift. He held tight as the lift sped through the burning wreckage, faster than even he could perceive. When they stopped and the lift was placed down, Kovak took the man's hand in one of his own and jumped down, then pulled the Champion in for a bone-crushing hug. He looked emotionlessly as the building collapsed, then turned to the lift. He released the Champion and reached one hand over his shoulder and unsheathed his katana in a flourish. He pushed the unbreakable sword into the gap between the doors and applying pressure to lever the doors open. He heard a few yells of surprise when he did so. After a moment, and a flex of his muscles, the doors slid open and the small group of people inside began to walk out. He stepped aside, and regrouped with Edward, gesturing at the crater, indicating that he wished to examine it further. He spun the sword a few times, before returning it to the scabbard on his back. The handle of the sword protuded from behind one of his shoulders. A similar sword was present behind his other. He had a variety of weapons decorating him from head to toe, including his swords, kunai and shuriken at either thigh, a few tear gas grenades, and a tranquiliser dart gun at his left hip. He was very much armed with a "non-lethal" arsenal. It was almost an infiltration job.

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Jobs worth!

Aba was Hiding out, in a evacuated pharmacy, across town meditating. Unable to get, any where near , the crash site undetected. So instead, he had decided, to telepathically enslave, a nearby family of five, into doing his dirty work for him. Unfortunately some fashion challenged, hero had got to the crash site first. Aba could tell, he was a much weaker telepathic, even from where he sat concentrating, some distance away. "Suffering simpering sap's, caped crusader! what ever will we do" he whispered to him self mockingly.

Taking care, to cloud the families minds, with fear panic & desperation. In order to mask, his telepathic control. Aba sent the entire group walking into a burning building close by. Once inside the building, he forced the father to take, a large fire axe, from the emergency equipment on the wall. Then he marched the whole family into the elevator, having the youngest, press emergency stop. when they had passed enough floors.

Aba then sent the farther, still holding the axe, through the emergency hatch on the roof of the elevator, to damage the cable stopping the lift from falling. Meanwhile Aba he had, the mother disable the security clamps, that would prevent, the lift from falling. Once everything was ready, he had the father, hide the fire axe, then climb back down into the elevator. After wiping their memories, plus any sign of his, telepathic manipulation, Aba whipped them up into a complete panic. Then dropped his control, of the family hoping their screams would distract the hero away from the crash site.

It worked perfectly, the hero's did some heroism, saved the day rescued the family, from the collapsing lift "What an inspiration to us all" said Aba with mock tears on the other side of the city. He had one job to do, that was cause a distraction. A job he already had completed, as he had already driven, nearly all of the, civilian population into a berserk frenzy killing thousands. After all it was more then his jobs worth, not to keep these jerks busy.

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Edward watched as the masked and apparently mute man span his sword with a flourish and then re-sheathed the exquisitely fine looking katana. Turning to the people the duo had just recsued he spoke ina clam but authoritative manner " Go to pier 13, quickly go directy there no stops." Grabbing his cops communicator the champion barked into it further " Extraction alpha ground zero of astral event do not forward civilians here i repeat alpha is down." Placing his communicator back on his belt the champion once again turned to the stranger who was accessing the crater. "Hang on will un plug it for a second , will give you a better look" With the gesture of his hand the sedan that formed the cap floated free form the hole and was gently placed next to the impact crater. Focusing his mind the champion then crushed both ends of the ruptured water main " his mind mocking itself for not doing it earlier" looking down into the hole once more he noticed something he had missed the first time one the sides of the crater two oddly shaped scorch marks. Looking closer he pointed to the masked ally " Look it almost looks like, no its cant be it looks like a pair of hands. See? the left and the right"

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Kovak walked into the crater, as Edward unplugged it. When the Prince of Power pointed out the hand marks, Kovak was observing them, crouched down, tracing the outline of one with a hand slowly. His other hand stroke his masked chin. He stood slowly, analysing the whole crater. There was some residual energy signature from whatever had previously been here. He started to analyse it, and then altered his sense of sight to allow the particular energy signature glow a luminescent pink colour. It also shifted his visual perceptions so as to make most of the tangible objects around a smoky grey colour. He turned to Edward, whom possessed his own power aura, this one a bright green that almost blinded the cyborg ninja. Kovak raised his hands, and tried to mime that whatever, or whomever had crashed on the island had simply moved from the area shortly after landing. He pointed in the direction the energy trail led and began to walk in that direction, cautiously, hands on the sword sheathed on his back.

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Watching intently the champion tried his best to decipher the movements into a coherent sentence. He suddenly had a flash of shows like Lassie and Skippy the bush kangaroo appear form his memory, it was pretty much like trying to decode a whole new language with anything points are really obvious gestures being pretty much a hundred percent guess work. the information came across like a weird mix of communicating with a child and playing Chinese whispers a mix of words that gave a sort of timeline rather than a detailed verbal response. "Crater , crash, energy or vibration moved and direction" the rough translation the prince could gather. following the silent stranger who had once again drawn his blade the champion spoke "How do you know they went this way there is no trail?." realising what he just "they" the thought dawns on him "energy, life, fire" Could it really be her did he really sense after the impact or was it just smoke inhalation combined with an over active meta human mind. If his inclination was correct it would explain the crater but it would make what potentially was to come much much worse.

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He sighed. Even if he were to verbalise the way he knew that whatever had crashed had gone this way, it was unlikely that the Champion could perceive it to an acceptable degree. He followed the trail, noticing its strength. Whatever it was possessed an incredible amount of power. His mind worked at an impressive pace. <<Nature of disturbance unknown, but seems to possess great power. Method of progression: Capture the subject and return to superiors.>> His computerised mind formed the thoughts. Any attempt to read his mind would no doubt be confronted with an indecipherable machine-human interface, and even if they could perceive his thoughts, it would be presented in a mass of binary code. He moved towards the path that seemed to strengthen the trail, no terrain slowing his advance, his pace steady, mechanical. After a moment, he stopped, and turned to face Edward, looking at the Prince of Power. He was ready to ask a question, but it was very clear that he would not allow Edward to advance any further without a satisfactory answer.

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Human civilians ran in panic, whatever this light was that hit the island it caused fights and panic. The teenaged demon's head already ached from the screaming “it's gonna be loooooong day” he moaned and started running towards the crowd he was “herding” off the island. Warren stopped his eyes wide, his sense of smell was so acute he could smell supernatural forces. There was only three other supernatural beings on the team. The witch or sorrceror Umbra, Destiny nightingale a mechanical angel, another angel warren refered to as the “ Crippled Angel.” But what the teen devil smelled right now was obviously demonic. It was half way across champion city, aproaching the school he could be there in moments. The teenaged demon teleported to the school, behind the source of the supernatural energy. He recognized the demon immediately as Azrael and Warren knew he was in for a fight for his own life and the lives of several dozen people. “ Azrael, why the hell are you here!” he growled, hellfire igniting in his palms. Did he even have a type of hellfire that could hurt her?

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Netzach followed in his lazy way, trailing a ways behind Amber, in part to distance himself from her radiant glory, just as he once did with her predecessor, but also due to the amount of distress he noticed all around.

His ears were attuned to pick up sounds the whole city wide, to keep an ear out for panic, rioters and looters. The only problem: it was practically everywhere. Some places more than others, a few hotspots scattered throughout the city, but it was ever present. Most major accidents seemed accounted for with the other members of the team, but there was one in particular that remained unresolved, and it gave a particular prodding in the back of his mind. Focus, and the Curbside Prophet was able to pick up on trace amounts of a vision, glimpses into the situation at the docks. But as of late, his visions, like his projections, did not seem to be operating at anything even close to resembling full capacity. It was enough to get him on the right trail, however, and he accelerated to catch up with the mechanical angel.

“The docks. There is some other matter to which I must attend. Continue in whatever way you please. I will be going.”

At the docks, things were no better than they had been in the other parts of the city. They were worse, in fact, no doubt due to the other supernatural presence on the scene. In the chaos, he didn’t place it immediately, rabid civilians converging on themselves as well as him. At a previous time, he might have had qualms about it, and they were no true threat to him, but they were a nuisance, and he could not allow them to distract him from the true danger. So if it was to be he or them, it was them. But one rioter touched him; a falling man grasping angrily grazed the small of his back, and Netzach lost what composure he had, immediately lashing out, sending a full force punch down at his skull, reducing it to practically nothing.

Realizing his action, he quickly reacted sending an immense powerful psychic wave out in all directions, knocking the whole of the crowd to the ground, unconscious. Then, off in the distance, he saw clear as day the only figure still standing and immediately he recalled her. Salem Hex, the Metrix, “demon mutant” whom he hadn’t seen since last she infected him, tainting his own reproductive genes with that of her own species, ensuring should he ever conceive children, they too would hold those genes. Some would’ve considered it a darker time in his life. At this point he wouldn’t be so quick to say, but that was irrelevant. And though he seemed to retain some sense of righteous through exposure to Destiny, he did not carry the holier-than-thou demeanor that characterized his initial moments since escaping Hell.

“Salem Hex. Whatever your purpose for being here is this day, you should leave this place, now.”

One warning, that’s it. A small flash of light and the appearance of the black bow and a black arrow in his hands solidified his ultimatum, his hand drawing lightly in the Mediterranean style. His countenance showed naught, but he knew truthfully, neither the brittle bow nor the frail arrow would survive a full draw and release, and he would have to react quickly should she opt to attack. The slight bond and a bluff was likely not enough to put her off, and somehow, he figured she would.

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The City of gave its last ounce of warmth and natural glow just as the sun set letting the cool calm mystery of night envelop its borders. Normally this particular champion wouldn’t be excited that night was finally here but multiple stories into the sky the Champion was to preoccupied to eve notice that the night had finally begun.

Within his apartment the nineteen year old nigh owl patience was wearing very thin for the past thirty five he’d been in a full scale argument with none other that his Information broker and sister Jeanne Hale. “I’ve told you this four times now, I don’t know where the witch went, I was too busy making sure the hunter didn’t kill her!” a barely audible shout came through “Ohh boo-hoo look she’s safe now wherever she is, just keep scrying for the next hunter and the next supernatural creature. I’ll be back in soon okay then I’ll help out and kill the damn hunter! Now if you’ll excuse I can’t take anymore of your temper at the moment so piss off!” hanging up and throwing his blackberry onto the sofa the young witch ran his left hand through his hair in frustration and took a deep cleansing breath.

After calming down Michael decided that he’d take the night off and head out to take his mind off of everything that had happened the past few months, between rebuilding the city since the Vampire invasion, dealing with Blair’s death, ironically hunting the hunters and banishing malevolent spirits and demons he was bored and tired of it all. Within 15 minutes Michael had left this apartment and made his way into a nightclub downtown. After a few drinks at the bar the young man made his way down to the dance to floor ready too dance the night away with various artist’s remixed songs blasting through the speakers placed intricately throughout the building. He was only getting used to the dancing, flashing lights and loud music when the system was shut off unexpectedly, a collective groan and outrage ensured from the abrupt silence and then a message from Edward came from Michael’s communicator in his back pocket about an incoming astral collision, those around him looked at each other in fear and soon enough so did the rest of the club goers as a warning message was played through the building and most likely all around the city.

Within seconds panic erupted everyone ran, shoved, climbed and pushed their way towards the main entrance someone was going to get hurt badly. Getting up on stage the champion grabbed the mic from the DJ and shouted at the top of his voice “HEY!!!” at once the groups halted in their tracks and stared towards the stage all recognising their supernatural protector “listen up were going to do smart understand. You people still on the dancefloor and you at the back bar head out the main gates” he said “And all of you at the other bar head out through the side entrance in the smoking area” barking further orders “All of you upstairs take the emergency exit and head down the stairs through the stair entrance get to the evacuation points as soon as possible.”

Once the place was fully evacuated Michael stepped outside himself and looked towards the sky, a luminous ball of light was hurtling its way towards the Island moments from taking off and following Edwards orders to check it out Michael felt a shift in the natural balance that hit him like a brick wall, in fact it was more than one it’s was a plethora of tears someone or a group perhaps were attacking the island. To distracted by trying to find focus Michael was knocked off his feet as the asteroid collided with the earth. Getting back up to his feet the inhabitants of the we’re in panic mode and for good reason. Deciding it best to get a better view Michael surrounded himself with the wind and ascended into the night sky. The view was terrible the all over the island chaos rained down other figures we’re in the air as well however most were too far away to see in the dark.

Taking a deep breath the night witch concentrated trying to locate one of the rifts only to feel a familiar presence that made his flesh crawl, his demonic rival Azrael was here near the school damn that place was defenceless the students had powers but there was no way they’d be able to stand against death itself but there was another presence with her so angry but full of light yet still demonic……Kid Devil that’s it. Realising where he was needed most or perhaps more out of anger and for vengeance Michael propelled himself through the air as quick as he possibly could. In reality it was under five minutes but to him every second counted touching down just short of the school he saw the back of Kid Devil and Azrael just a short distance ahead her full demonic form revealed. Rational thought went out the window and his emotions and instincts took over reflected by the weather over the island altering rapidly from the clam stillness of night to thunderclouds booming over head and lightning flashing at random intervals over the island in the park, to the docks, the asteroid crash site fliers would have to be careful crossing the skies from now own for fear of being struck by some savage lightning.

The air grew cold around him and very quickly he was right beside his team-mate “Your hellfire won’t do much by itself but mixed with my so witch magic it would pack a punch. So how do you feel about banishing this hideous upper-level b!tch demon from the face of the earth and back to hell tonight?” he said with an unusually malicious smirk. Getting Azreal’s attention would be easy enough but he wanted to make it fun without waiting for Kid Devil he raised his right arm straight into the sky. Michael discharged a massive Cloud-to-ground bolt of Lightning that would have been seen from miles around, now this is where he get's payback, this is where he get's to say the vanquishing spell he's been working on and this is where finally he would get his soul back.

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"Tenebrasque In? We're being invaded again? And this time by a barbecue restaurant?"

He was still slightly rattled from his rude awakening by a decent citizen trying to warn him of the danger around him. Tellumo flicked through the information displayed in the palm of his hand, skimming it (missing the vital data he'd need later *foreshadowing*). Due to the unique viewpoint that Tellumo has his first thought would be 'I'mma go puuuunch...' he scrolled through the list with is eyes closed he then poked the screen with his index finger 'This guy!'. Casually causing the air around him to arc, partially destroying the nearby foliage, Alphonse burst jumped into the sky, this was followed with a spin in a ballet fashion the clouds parted in accordance to this giving a beautiful view of the dying city.

Bringing back the dispersed clouds en masse he channeled the moisture within until slight rain appeared from the mile long fluff, this rain would become a plate of liquid that upon the closing of the heroes' hand the would become a thick plate of solid ice. From his stand above the world he could feel the air more clearly, he could feel all the shifts that happened with movement & he could feel the displacement being greater than any time before. He now knew where all the team was, memorising the displacement patterns the team has when moving is alot easier than having to remember names. With all that he needed to know in hand he descended at gentle pace, put his foot down lightly & burst through the streets, with several stops in mind. First was the school where the 'two demi-kids were at', he planted himself by their side before they felt the sonic boom behind him.


With this slur of nonsensical rambling over he carried on his bursting stopping at corners that he needed to turn at, he stopped & looked upwards to see the vehicle far above. He ran into a stationery shop & squiggled onto a whiteboard with a marker pen returned outside & blasted himself upwards. At 255 miles upwards he tapped onto a metal ship to show his latest teammate his hastily made sign.

'Newbie we're against Ten In lets go kick some arse! I'll be at that massive hole in the ground. Love & kisses Tellumo XxX'

Descending at a ridiculous speed he returned to earth only to zoom off again heading towards his final destination. Finally reaching his captain he toppled over exhausted panting heavily.

"Chief we're fighting Ten In, I didn't make this hole this time I swear, I don't think you should trust this guy he's wearing black I'm off to go punch that guy hiding over there."

Still breathing heavily he pointed to their murderous watcher & in a blink of an eye crossed his arms & unfolded them as a blade of air cut through all before it hurtling towards the assailant. Tellumo himself matched this with another air push towards the blade with his rocky fist prepared.


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Following his new silent companion, the champion watched as he followed some sort of invisible thread apperentlty leading them on some sort of trail towards whomever or whatever caused the carter. Every step as they moved furtehr along the path the champion thought even more deeply " did i really hear here?, the marks could of been her" His thoughts in constant contradiction his rational mind telling itself "it cant be Blair she exploded into a ball of light theirs no coming back from that". But the other side of his mind, the inquistive and trusting of his skills side screamed at him " who else would it be you senced it , the marks fit. What more do you need?" Edwards companion suddely stopped in front of him, stopping and looking for the next set of hand sinals he stood his body waiting but his mind alive. Reaching out once again his thoughts spread out from his mind floating over the area like a ghostly blanket his keen mind looking for a trace an echo anything that could confirm the sneaking though that plagued his mind.

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A disturbance in the force

Aba was having fun way to much fun, killing off the students at COPs school. Manipulating their minds, into murdering one another, was to him very funny. So far he had telepathically projected, various false scenarios, of both danger & despair into over a hundred young naive brains. Fifty of whom now lay dead, releasing he mental control over the other school children, Aba quickly removed, his presence & allowed them, to remember in vivid detail, each and every moment of the murders, he made them commit while under his mind control. The school erupted into screams & tears, as the children either ran or collapsed, either way Aba thought, their future careers, as super heroes would, now have some interesting origin stories.

Laughing out loud Aba, turned his attention away, to seek new victims through the mental either, when suddenly he heard a woman's voice, echoing back and forth across the psychic membrane that stretched across the universe. The woman's voice, the foreign mind was not in itself whole or complete, extending his vast supernatural sense's he reached out with his mind, to confirm what he originally suspected.

Intrigued, Aba focused his mind on the entity, picking up flash's of a fractured history. So she has returned from the dead, he thought. Yet her mind was in such distressing state, as to no longer fall into the category of hero.

"how interesting & complex, you've becoming someonewonderful " Aba focusing his mind, projected that thought towards the fractured mind, in the hope of making first contact.

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Requiem didn't break stride when Netz took a sudden departure. Reedemers was more a vision then a team anyway wasn't like she could really give orders. Who was she to tell this fellow angel how to respond to things during this growing situation? And so the angel of technology went on her own doing her best to help the people. Along her way to the glowing light that had made contact not so long ago. Requiem hoping for things to go as smoothly as possible but not counting on it at the least.

Angels to Witches

Hex had no sympathy or mercy for those around her she savored their pain, triggering as much damage and pain as she possibly could. Her bare feet were soaked in blood as every step casted alchemy which in turn triggered fresh pints of gore maring the scene. The fact was she held a burning hate for all nonpowered humans. For every figure with a commendable quality there was another thousand plus of disgust. The math told the witch that slaughtering humanity was a almost rightious act. So Salem basked in the horrors she could commit. Of course soon enough someone would come to try and stop her, heroes were forever blind to the reality of this world.

A familiar face appeared amongst the crowd the face of a fallen angel, long ago when he was less noble Hex had infected him. Over the months Hex had grown into a snake of deadly poison in the grass and as for the crippled angle it would seem he had gone righteous. Not to glorious however as was made clear by the striking of a man so brutal the skull caved in and then erupted with violent force. The concrete painted with even more gore now, not that many would be able to tell all that much. The witch only smiled in glee at the sight, she had seen his mind. Desperate and pleeding hoping to shove past the angel who surely would protect him. How comicaly south that had gone, to bad the angel wasn't going to continue the onslought. A wave of mental energy washed over the crowd knocking them all to the ground unconcious to avoid being in harms way. Again the ruby eyed alchemist couldn't help but smile, they were better off runing like cowards. A telekenitic wall raised to shield Death's grand daughter from harm.

“Salem Hex. Whatever your purpose for being here is this day, you should leave this place, now.” The response to spotting her, a bow drawn to add impact to the threat. Of course Hex was one to spend alot of time analysing things so that she could work out their structure at a glance. That bow and the arrow with it simply didn't have the strength to handle a quick shot. To much power would be put behind it the arrow likely crooked, bow broken after the shot Hex expected.

"Your falling star attracted our attention, of course I just enjoy picking apart humans you know that. It's a hobby to be hounest most of them forsaked a favorable life years ago." Hex then looked to the various dead and unconcious before looking back to him. "Tell me, what do you plan do to make me abandon my entertainment brought about by this magestic domain? Does the glorious rapture of the gods tell you to smite me because the blessings of this place are without equal?" The witch teases making a few sarcastic jabs at this island and the angels roots as if they ment something to what was going to come to pass. Then Hex leapt into the air one might make out four hand prints in the ground suggesting her invisible limbs. The motion cleared the distance between the dead and the unconcious. The sound of a clap came with a flash of red light a quick warning of alchemy about to be casted.

Not so much as a second later the black clad alchemist landed her left hand jabing at the granite below, earth stone and concrete twisting to her will. The dock exploded into a sea of spikes the only place clear of the attended circle of blades being where Salem stood. The circle ment to impale all the living civilians at once and perhaps the angel to. As blood leapt into the air Salem's right hand shot upwards in an alchemic move to channel the iron in blood. This would forge each drop of blood into a bullet which would be shot towards the angel. Telekinesis used to make the iron rounds as quick as any bullet if not faster. Nothing the Roxom family did was ever aimed to do anything but maim and kill in a fight this surely was no diffrent.


Alezra didn't enjoy killing kids when it could be avoided. Her prefferance was in forging them into the soldiers and monsters of tommarow. Rob them of family and comfort make them crave justice or revenge. They then in their own vision sought out a remedy for all that was wrong with the world. If one were to ask the queen of Hell her opinion she would say she arguably did more good then any hero. One man might change the world, but she sought to make generations of people who might change the world. Of course some children were fools. An eleven year old named James Humblehands charged at her a trail of light following one hand darkness in the other. He swung with the darkness first, fools move. A metalic nailed hand grabbed the wrist and dug deep burrowing into his flesh. She pulled and the body was tugged throwing off the punch leading to the light coliding with the darkness. This canceled the attack where she then spun the body and kicked off the back of his leg. He lost balance and she came down both feet coliding with his face snapping neck backwards. It was an instant death and right on cue then came the heroes of this island that was under assault.

Michael came as did Kid Devil she knew both on some level. Kid was a missfit some how being a hero when so full of angst and rage it was questionable if he was going to really ever be a knight for the people. Sure he had good intention but a angry figure was only as good as his check on said anger. As for Michael he was a man now, one who had been fortunate twice. Of course he was running low on strikes, if he lost again, which Blair was confident he would that would be his third. And when the annual event came around there would be no kindness left in her. If this hero wasn't a warrior by then, then Alezra wouldn't hold back from ripping his heart clear out. Blair enjoyed their fights but she wasn't a mercyful creature. The weather around the island was swift to build into a raging storm. Amusing that one of Ten In's leading members was to be targeted by two raged teens.

“ Azrael, why the hell are you here!” That was the half breed, fire around his hands which was charmingly cute to her. What use was fire against an elemental. Some of the added boosts of hells flames might do some good but it was still questionable how much. “Your hellfire won’t do much by itself but mixed with my witch magic it would pack a punch. So how do you feel about banishing this hideous upper-level b!tch demon from the face of the earth and back to hell tonight?” That was Michael, childishly rude maybe he wasn't worth being a playmate anymore after all. Naturaly flashy the weather witch plucked a bolt from the skies. A massive bolt of lightning coming down upon her, she sensed it then desided for dramatics to let it slide.

Crack and the bolt connected, the ground kissed by a few lingering flames and sparks from the massive bolt. And smoke billowed off the demoness from the attack that struck her. As an elemental shock and burn did nothing to her it was apart of being an elemental and not just a manipulator lightning did a little more but nothing that wasn't gone in about a second. "Note the name, which implies death. Im here to kill its really that simple. You're a dead thing flailing around its my job to put you down....as for you Michael. Thats just uncalled for, I get the btch part but hideous come on now. Demon are naturaly good looking, comes with the sin lust I mean really." With that Hells Queen attacked with fury burning in her emerald eyes. Her left hand took in all the flames around her and the adjacent theatric burning wing. Flames escalated to temperatures where they could melt steel and were thrown in a rapid eight shot burst. The gap between attacks because she knew Michael would make a wind barrier to shield himself, the barage was to exploit the opening that would come from redirecting other orbs of fire.

Her right hand pulled all the electricity to itself and converted the other wing into electricity. It was then fired in a concentrated beam towards Kid Devil. The current strong enough to fry brain cells and burn a hole in a car. The demoness would then teleport behind them. Taking every car in the area and hurling them at the two in a barage of automations. And to her that was practically just a healthy warm up.

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During the first blows he made against the earth beneath his feet, Dacs concentrated on increasing his strength letting his muscles settle into the rhythm of destructing. He hadn't cut loose like this in a while, never being completely free or honest with himself. He'd always practice under his families supervision, but he hadn't really ever used the full extent of his powers, a Master with most weapons, he never relished murdering in an unfair fight preferring to test his skill alone. As over time he'd forgotten how much stronger he had become as thousands of years passed, he didn't think he'd ever surpass his grandfather but here now Dac realized he had become so much more.

After a couple minutes of attempting to get past the barriers beneath, Dacnomania lost his temper and began to batter straight through in seconds. The Island shook all over as building close by collapsed, Dacs simmering anger was about boiled. He wouldn't be content with pretend wounds and victory; he was out for blood.

The crowd, who had scattered before him, became deathly silent, as the air became choked with dust and rubble and the hoarse rasp of their breaths.

Dac thought of destruction as his blows continued to deepen the crater he made with each punch threatening to sink the island. He was a fighter first & foremost, but he was a survivor and a trainer of men.

Dacs weapon his strength & his skill forgotten. As the god of monsters withing him began laughing as if having a marvelous time. He praised loudly, "Father! I Forsake You"

When Dacs backhanded the collapsing earth that rained down on him, he thrust his arm vertically through an exposed Armour section four foot thick his grip tightening he then tore it in half.

Dacnomania blinked as if coming out of a daze as sea water spewed forth from the massive hole he had just dug in the island with his fists.

He laughed and spouted praise as the water woke him from his madness before he further began to ease in its brutality. , "What Am I Doing?"

Climbing out of the hundred meter wide hole he had smashed in the ground Dac saw the devastation all around him. Surrounding city blocks had collapsed as a side effect of Dacnomanias miniature man made earthquake. " There Is No Honor In This" .

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“your hellfire won't do much by itself but mixed with my witch magic it would pack a punch.” Micheal was here one problem solved. “So how do you feel about banishing this hideous upper level b*tch demon from the face of the earth and back to hell tonight?” Wasn't a bad idea, “Do you know any banishing spells?” The young devil roared over the sound of screaming kids and angry clouds. Azrael was talking but he ignored her in she was probably already daydreaming about disembowling both Kid Devil and Umbra. Crack! lightning hit, not any significant damage shown. Azrael's lips stopped moving, the verbal part of the battle was over. First she threw fire towards micheal, that guy better have a stockpile of healing spells. lightning towards the Teenaged Demon from the front, cars sent flying from behind. He forms a wall of fire, it solidifies gleaming warp steel takes the blunt of the blast. The wall shatters and the remainder of the electrical blast hits Warren it the chest burning a hole in his shirt and causing his heartrate to spike. Cars, one hits him in the lower spine, ouch, more cars falling. He picks up the voltswagon that hit and holds it over his head, arms bent. Kid Devil runs towards azrael cars hit the top of the voltswagon he charges it with psi-fire, a type of hellfire he created, affects the mind instead of the body. He threw the car was into the air “f*ck you azrael”, and Warren hoped it hit azrael before another lightning strike hit him.

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As anticipated, one of the most dreaded aspects of fighting Salem Hex was the fact that they held more in common that he would care to admit, at least at this time. She knew how to make a point; none of these people were very clean, so to speak. All had been scrambling their ways to the boats, shoving through others, and no doubt in the chaos more than a few had been trampled. However, neither the angel nor the metrix girl was any different.

"Tell me, what do you plan do to make me abandon my entertainment brought about by this majestic domain? Does the glorious rapture of the gods tell you to smite me because the blessings of this place are without equal?"

At psychological warfare, she was a pro. Saw an easy target and picked at it. Her words did more than arouse a little irritation, and he moved in anger. The bow and arrow both vanished and the Faithless Angel rushed forward. Noticing the flash as he did, he leapt to the air acting on instinct alone, focus shifting downward to see the spear-like spikes shooting up. He moved swiftly about the air, dodging left and right and using physical strikes as well as energy-based attacks to ward off most of the assault. But right now it is impossible for him to completely defend himself. The black wing presented itself as a large target and was pierced multiple times, making enough of a distraction for one to make its way into an open defense of the left arm at the shoulder and in the pit of the elbow.

The last of the assault of spikes he avoided by removing himself from the field completely, taking cover in the waters. Bitch. Who is she, to deride me so? But I was a fool to even attempt a bluff with this one. “Any plan that hinges on a sliver of hope is ridiculous.” These words, he recalled speaking to another regarding Destiny’s sacrifice for this island and its people, and now his inability to follow them had cost him right at the start. Slowly rising, he re-emerged, only to be driven back down by the firing of the droplets of blood as high speed projectiles in his direction. The storm did not pass quickly, but the sea was able to temper the assault and keep him from more harm.

Time for phase two. Plan of attack, hit her hard and fast. He prepared himself by picking the remaining spears out of his wing and arm; there were seven in total. Once he had them, he shot out of the water and into the air. He released each of the spears, which floated in the air in front of him. He spake a few words and each of the spears began to glow, emitting a blinding light. His right hand began to crackle with electricity. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7. One by one, he placed his index finger upon them, they shone even brighter, with an appearance as if they were pure light constructs themselves, and with a spark of electrical energy themselves, honing in on the girl’s position, and each shooting off like a bolt of lightning.

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No one gets out alive

Once the last of the boats carrying civilians, had left the Island they exploded. Huge raging pillars of fire, shot up and outwards, illuminating the nights sky. As the bomb's, Aba had previously planted, while under cover finally detonated.

All this he watched happily, while casually resting against, a opulent mansion home balcony, sipping looted German champagne from the bottle and wolfing down expensive, Russian caviar stuffed in cheap white bread buns, buried under layers of butter & duck al orange pate. "Umph oh the humanity, when will they learn, Gulp, why can't we just get along, yada munch yada yada" he stated mockingly finishing the bottle. Then Threw it over his shoulder through a beautiful glass stained window, then Aba telepathically ordered his mob to do the same to everything, in the beautiful stately home. while he searched for the Mansions hidden weapons cache. "Come on Champions of Peace where do you keep the fun stuff"

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Her words dug into the forefront of her enemies mind just as the witch expected and likely calculated them to do so. From the verbal jab came an envoking of anger. Which would later likely lead into recklace action and an outcome of disembowlment. Attacking the strategic and cold antihumanitarian with anger laced assaults would only serve as a strong possibility in granting defeat. Then of course came the physical attack aimed to slay this mighty fallen angel with lethal assaults. Roxom's didn't restrain themselves much and Salem was far from the exception unto this rule of murderous instinct.

Angels, they were an agile and strong thing a creature of such skill and finess they could or atleast likely should hold their own against much they combated against. And just as Salem was no exception to her families trait neither was Net one to the traits of his angelic lineage. Energy sliced down some of the numerous blades erect from the earth. Strikes shattered some of them into little more then particles of dust lingering in the air. A vast majority of the other spears were simply dodged with his remarkable dexterity. The angel then went for the nearby ocean water used to fend off the iron bullets alchemicly forged by blood. All that now remained of her sinister mass murdering attack was but a few spears that had scored a hit on the angel. Seven projectiles made it through and now were to be used against her.

Each vector reacted on the dot with great speed and strength knocking spears aside no harm done as vectors were a sort of mental solid that was also not grounded to the physical principles. With these, four of the fast energy charged spears were knocked aside. After so much training under tutorage of Kayleira Salem had developed a grand skill in swordplay. Becoming deeply talented in the art of the plasmis kataris. An energy blade composed of plasma with such potency that it could almost cut through something like adamantium with ease. Each blade cleaving two of the spears in twine which left only one blade remaining. However her reflexs were not grand enough to halt that last tip used against her. This weapon was purfectly dead center straight through her heart. It was far from enough to end her though as was the nature of being a philosepher stone. So with a touch of a finger the blade was reduced to nothing. Crimson arcs danced along the hole as it rapidly mended itself. The ball was now once again in her court.

"Im just a alchemist I would of expected something a tad more painful from somebody like you. I supose you were deserving of that reduction from the higharchy weren't you." Another jab this time a tad more personal against the man she opposed. "Shame my mom avenged the better angel of this island." Aiming to help knock the fallen further down. Then of course came the actual attack a violent unrelentless effort to claim an angels soul.

First Salem reached out with her mind trying to stun the mental capacities to move. Reduction of reflexes to the point it could make scoring a hit almost sertain. There was no garantee it would make landing never the less if it did the aftershock could be tragic. Because at the almost very same time her feet turned the water into a platform of ice letting her get to equal ground. From there each of the four vectors came down with a thunderous strike. Each blow ment to shatter bones, every one aimed at another point in the body. All to be followed by a thrust and slash of her blades. The left went to seize the opening the vectors would make to try and spear through the angels heart. While the right made an attempt to remove the left arm following the vectors. Aimed to again snag the opening the earlier attacks made.

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"Any luck with CPG?" Requiem was busy lifting debris from the streets and saving people from crumbling structures. Blessed cybernetic eyes managed to spot the woman as she landed. Revived it would seem sense her rigorous sacrifice brought from rebeling against the vampiric ravaging leader. It was both welcoming and conflicting to the angelic figure. In one variable she was humbled by Blair's blessed return as it promised a prosperitable possibility of aiding the shattered providence they once thought a humble home. On the other algarithim of the cyborg's divine questioning teenaged mind was also amplified in its subtle agitation with such an avarice for her own apsence of important aquaintances. The once dead scientificly revived then made angelic figure was still after all a teen. Who craved the pressence of a dead best friend, a friend whos sacrifice seamed vacant in the minds of many as after all an angels sacrifice while noblist of notions was brought about by a figure whos sacrifices were virtualy expected. So one could not be to shockingly stunned by the vivacious teen being a tad bit vain with the premise of Blair's return.

Of course enebitably more pressing matters called as a remarkably tall dark stranger laid waste to any and all that found substance in the ones path. Not much could be obtained from simple observation he was clearly strong, and even though he showed a reckless abandon for restrait. It still resided as a blatant clarity within some of the fluidity in motion that suggested a greater sense of combative virtue. Regardless however of his skill and or lack of restraint he needed to be halted from further destruction. Her cerebral cortex hacked into the confines of various networks of information. Not alot however could be found about the figure before her. A logical conclusion being he was very old and secretive. A type of individual best sumazized over time as figure who would not be changed in his ideals. Conclussion was that a peacful outcome was not a calculated option, how predictably annoying.

With soft deccent the silver and white winged angel touched the ground. All the shattered ground and ruin, gritty disaray apsolutely hard and grim. Yet as any of the golden gates would be expected she was soft and gentle in aproach vexing in her choice of approach. "You're talents seem wasted on a relatively collapsing regime. A concept of virtuous talent resides in the lines indicating your muscle structure let alone seeing you're actual motion. Yet here you reside with nothing but a grotesque disembodiment of a lavish city." The angel then withdrew her glistening blade. "Allow me to get to the point, unlike my predecessor. I'm giving you the chance to turn a new leaf, or atleast have the ordacity to walk away. Or you can continue to punch rocks like an uninteligent child or barbarian of a dead era. The result of which is that we clash we bleed, and you go home feeling as if you were haxed like a low budget game." The sentance likely all but clear untill the cyborg started to speek with gamer referances.

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The fact that the girl could simply shrug off such an attack that hit her directly in the heart came as a shock to the fallen angel, for as far as he had known, she was but an alchemist. Even most other demons he’d known would take some time to recover, but never instantly.

"I’m just an alchemist, I would’ve expected something a tad more painful from somebody like you. I suppose you were deserving of that reduction from the hierarchy weren't you? Shame my mom avenged the better angel of this island."

Then of course came more of the verbal assault. This mental game, it was all too easy to see it coming, dealing with Salem Hex. But that didn’t detract one bit from the effect of her words. They weighed on his mind; perhaps he even considered them somewhat somewhere in the back of his mind, but to show it once more was not a victory he would allow her. Had he been in his right mind he might have offered a retort of his own along with an immediate follow-up attack to shut her up for good.

Lingering in his thoughts he only barely caught the girl trying to sneak into his mind. No matter how far the angel has fallen, he is never completely defenseless. Her most personal invasion was halted just as soon as he caught wind of it. Granted, fighting off a telepath of that magnitude was never easy, and one would always want to be at the absolute peak when facing one, but it was manageable. And now he knew she was up to something. Best to halt it before she could get it started.

And so he dashed forward to meet her charge, two shining spheres materializing in his hands with a forward thrust, and though it pained his wounded arm to do so, he pushed forward with both, releasing the pure white balls of energy, which stopped just short of the girl, exploding on impact with something.

Of course. His clouded mind forgot to account for the vectors, those invisible limbs that she used to infect him in the first place. But then, knowing about them doesn’t make much of a difference when you can’t see them or tell most of their location. The energy attack seemed to cut off an attack or two meant for him, but at the same time two more found their marks, one smashing directly into his left elbow, the other into his right knee, causing him to drop and tumble a bit before catching himself standing again, the arm hanging useless at his side.

In slow motion Salem Hex seemed to move forward, rushing in to follow up from the assault. A hasty projection was conjured, but lacked the necessary will or faith to maintain. A gasp of shock came out as the left arm felt the sting of hot plasma, as well as shards from the shattered projection. Completely removed by her blade, the useless thing fell to the ice a small stream of blood beginning to flow from the arm as well as the body. A small bit of luck shone; perhaps, for the resulting start him just enough that the blade passed mere inches from his heart.

At that moment all seemed to fall silent. He took a step back, almost two, until the knee gave out and he fell down onto the ice, his lower half falling through into the now freezing cold water. He managed to catch himself, holding up by the one arm, but that was all. Blood loss from both wounds began to wear, consciousness fading, but the disdainful scowl etched into his face never left, his eyes never falling from the girl.

Are these truly the depths you’ve sunken to? Hmph. Can’t even properly defend yourself from a brat like that without Des here to hold your hand. Perhaps you really would be better off….

These unfinished thoughts faded with consciousness as the Broken Seraph lost grip and slipped down, down, down into the depths of the waters; the situation reminiscent of that of a few months prior, a time spent in Hell, in an ocean filled with his own blood, with a few subtle differences. But the feelings remained the same. A battered, bitter angel cursing himself, the world, and all of creation for his own misfortunes.

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The Contessa

Naamah started, seeing, into the darkness. The tolling of the armory bell had awakened her long before down. Lying in bed, she'd listened as each somber note sounded, echoed across the silent temple grounds, faded, and then sounded again. Once, twice, too many times for anyone except the bell ringer to keep track of and maybe not even then. Eblix had been eighty-six years old. The bell would probably toll all morning. Nobody would sleep deeply today.

Throwing back the sheet, she worked her way out from under the snoring wolf sprawled across her legs and rose stiffly. Agrat usually bedded down with Lucifer, and Naamah was not used to sleeping in one spot all night. It made her body ache. The early morning breeze whispered across her skin, following the buzz of her loves lien body through her limbs. Her presence felt still and sleepy this morning, sated from Naamah's joining.

The Goddess would be that much more powerful now, a greater source of strength for Her warriors on the battlefield and for the God-Wall of power and protection that stretched all the way around her home of stone and magic. That was the way of it: Her people strengthened Her with their reverence, and She strengthened them with Her will.

"Oh yeah... There is something going on with some hero's or something?"

Her subconscious voice echoed in her mind as loudly as if she were standing right beside herself, and Naamah silently acknowledged the ring of truth in the words, but she'd made her choice on the blood-slicked cobblestones of her bedroom floor and had never regretted it. She kept them safe, both of them, and she would defend Her wall as she promised, whatever it took.

"I better get ready for battle. I have an island to get to."

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Kovak slowly reached his hands up to his head and placed his gloved finger tips on his helmet. Depressing a series of switches, there was a hiss until Kovak lifted the helmet from his head. The Champion, if he looked at Kovak's face, would see grey-ish skin, as well as emotionless grey eyes, and a poker face that would rival Kristen Stewart on an average day. <<This unit notes that you have been rather preoccupied during our current exchange.>> He said simply, cradling his helmet under one arm. <<This unit surmises that you have some theory as to the nature of the disturbance.>> If Kovak was much capable of emotion, a flash of malevolence might have crossed his voice or his eyes. It did not. <<This unit has a query. What is it that caused this?>> It was fairly clear, even in the black clad man's hushed tone that he expected an answer.

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The Contessa

Under the finest black threads, Elven boiled leather, and Enchanted golden mail, sweat trickled icily down Naamah's chest as she held the chains of "Uggorthullkeng" (You- Gore- Hulk- King) in the strong grasps of her crimson hands. Naamah stumbled backwards as she pulled at the great chains that imprisoned the mighty Troll of legend, that was locked in this stone prison countless ages past by Odin himself. She tests the chains reserve for herself, as they hold firm even from her mighty strength. The reason of which is that the chains are immune from the effects of physical might, no amount of physical strength could break these chains. Only the words spoken by the King of Asgard himself that fastened them in place to lock the foul beast within could break them, was the lore on the subject. Naamah felt that she had to put that to the test and so she tore at the chains with strength that could humble Hercules, yet they held firm. "Amazing."

"Odin!" she screams out to the heavens.

An old man dressed in white clothes with two wolf-sized ravens on his shoulders, appears behind the Queen of crimson. He is holding a staff made of the roots of the world tree itself in his right hand and using its strength for support."Why have you called me to this spot?"he says with a voice of the very elements, it sounds of both thunder and ice.

"The Uggorthullkeng... I need it set free."she says with a wicked smile on her face.

"You know not what you ask!"he shouts as the very ground shakes beneath the Sky-Fathers booted heel.

"That is where you are wrong you half blind basta*d son of a hydra, I know exactly what I ask. And I came prepared to bind it."

Odin's eye widen's as he looks at her beautiful face remembering their long history."You... In control of the Uggorthullkeng... Why would I want that... Did you forget about all the pain you caused to my people in the past Naamah, daughter of Elohim."He says as he turns his face away from her own.

"I am not going to bind it to my will Odin... I am going to bind it to yours."she says still smiling smugly.

"And in return for this gift?"he says coldly knowing that there is always fine print in deals with devils.

"I need its first orders to be ushered to help me destroy my families enemies homeland. I want the Uggorthullkeng to lay waste to their pitiful Island, so that they are scattered to the winds, I want them to taste the bitterness of defeat."She says as she places her hand on his shoulder.

"Let me think about it."he says as he walks over to a stone and uses it as a seat.

"Don't think to long." she says as she starts to formulate her "Plan B."

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Blowing down the house

Aba sat at the bank of screens, looking over the schematics of the whole complex. Currently he was alone in a secret basement lab of the mansion. That is if you don't count, the remains of at least a hundred civilians, all bisected by the base's security lasers, Outside in the hallway.

Abattoir had by passed everything by, just marching in mind controlled humans, over heating the security systems one after the other. The laser's being the final level of physical defense. Aba was currently, dealing with the last bit of security himself, by switching the computers on and back off again, then on again.

"This is boring!" taking a moment out to Vinetube, some sounds, Aba logged in to a rpg website, to troll some hate on some peeps, before getting back to hacking COPS systems "Argggghhhuhhh BORING!" getting up from the computer he moped about like a sullen child, then walked over, to a reinforced security room and stared longingly, at the machines within.

"Now you you're not boring are you no you are mysterious" his face pressed up against the glass, he reached out a right arm towards the scanner, then paused. Still staring at the machines within the room, Aba reached into the mind of one of the labs researchers, he had mentally possessed and forced him, to headbutt the blood scanner brutally, until his head caved in & he crumpled to the floor dead.

"DNA sample excepted, access granted Dr Rock" stated the automatic security systems, as the doors slid open, a blast of icy air escaped from the room inside, immediately the temperature dropped around Aba. Who rubbed his shoulders, hopping happily from foot to foot. "Burrrrrr" Grabbing a long heated lab coat from off a hook Aba sprinted inside ordering half his puppets to follow him, the other half to guard then only entrance.

As he stepped into the room, he plugged in his lab coats heating tube into the portable generator & the whole room descended like a lift, deep into the earth at a 60 degree angle. The number 28 in prominence, all over the walls.

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“You Talk Like You Have A Choice, To Do Anything Else On This Beautiful Night, But Die Impaled Upon My Blade”Dacnomania Launched Him self at the girl, slipping in an out of darkness a constant flickering of form, that appeared to shift in and out of focus & stance. A dark blade formed in his hand and started to suck all the light out of the world, as he charged. Rising into a forward position he leaped & simultaneously swiped side way’s aiming for her neck with the tip, then single handily spinning the sword of darkness back for a simple quick diagonal slash aiming across the torso area. He crouched slapping the concrete, with an open palm that shattered it like fragile glass sending a plume of dust into the air & him spinning over her to disappear into the shadows where he vanished.

“Ha ha hah ha……… What Do You Know Of Barbarism, This Age Is Soft It‘s Fleshy underbelly Exposed, It! Like Your Child God Begs For A Consumption Devoutly To Be Wished“ A building to the left suddenly collapsed it’s foundations shattered, it toppled & fell throwing up a massive cloud of dust & debris.

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Edward paused for a second looking at the his newly revealed ally his mind assessing what he saw trying to categorise the individual to a know species from the COP's database he tries to familiarise himself with. No tell tail marks and even the skin pigmentation wasn't enough to narrow it down. Then he spoke aloud his voice mono tonal and almost robotic in nature its tone implying a more masculine feel than feminine but still hard to classify , waking sharply from his analysis he was confronted with a question.

"What is it that caused this" looking straight at the strangers eyes with his a focused and authoritative tone the champion replied " I don't know." Edward was a master at hiding his intentions and his thoughts he had to be as telepath and as someone who could read the intentions of others and not act them till given the right provocation he hoped this would be the end of the matter and it would be enough but he doubted that the stranger would take his blunt response for an acceptable answer.

Edward's communicator lights up "Security system counter measures activated, island under critical attack /population hassustainedmassive casualties Sole control of defence grid and armoury activated." raising a finger to the stranger in a polite wait a minute type gesture, the champion typed a 14 button code combination into his communicator.

A loud cracking sound tore through the air like a thunder cloud as a great yellow glare covered the island. The remaining civilians left alive faded from sight as the security defence grid located them and teleported them to safety.The islands remaining speaker systems burst to life playing a recorded message from the original COP's mainframe "Containment field activated, all COP's members be sure to have communicators switched on. Island weaponization in progress seeking targets in ..10 seconds."

Edward looked at the stranger in front of him placing his communicator back on his belt " See that" pointing at the yellow dome that now covered the island, " That means to get out of here you either fight with me, or against me now what's it gonna be?"

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Adam turned towards the noise, both swords raised, a confident smirk on his face, then saw the scene of devastation approaching him. "Oh sh-" The attack struck him solidly, carving through flesh, spraying silvery blood everywhere from the high pressured blade of air cutting through his chest. Adam dropped to the ground, his hands not releasing the handles of the swords. The sunglasses he wore flew from his head as he went down, his hair flying out, an oddly graceful fall, his red irises rolling skyward as he began to fall, only to be pushed backwards by an unseen force, then pummeled in the chest with a good deal of solid rock. The air blade having shredded his clothing, the fist of stone touched his skin. As he flew backwards, his healing factor was already in action, the broken ribs already well on the way to being fixed, and the sharp force damage being healed at an impressive rate. As he sailed through the air, arms and legs extending in opposite directions like some obscene marionette, Adam thought he heard the hero's voice. "Sonic BOOM!" He cried. Adam smirked. A smart mouth kid. He slammed into a building with a great degree of force, groaning as he dropped to the floor. The injuries caused lasted a mere moment, and he was rapidly on his feet, his body coated in concrete.

"A child? They send a child to battle the adaptive assassin, the mutant mercenary?" He grinned, and reached for the nearest automobile, tearing the door off of it. Holding the side of the door, he began to spin, faster and faster. "Your funeral." He growled, releasing the door, so that it cut through the air towards his young target. If the attack failed, well, Adam could end the fight quickly. He pulled a pair of shiny Berettas and began shooting at the kid.

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The war has begun and across the island battles raged every aspect of power present in the world was here from science, mutants and meta-humans to the more secretive demons, dragons, witches and angels.

Amongst the madness three individuals stood unaffected by the violent winds and rain even the lightning couldn’t hurt these powerful beings “Do you know any banishing spells?” the younger hellfire demon asked, with a smirk “Oh yeah plenty” as he expected his lightning didn’t affect her it was simply a warning to the other students in the school to warn them and make sure they didn’t interfere. "Note the name, which implies death. I’m here to kill its really that simple. You're a dead thing flailing around its my job to put you down....as for you Michael. That’s just uncalled for, I get the b!tch part but hideous come on now. Demon are naturally good looking, comes with the sin lust I mean really." before he could reply their witty battle of words was cut short as an over-the-top blast of fire was sent through the air, drawing in the element of air was twisted and turned into a shield that encircled the witch, the first blast was blocked easily but what he hadn’t suspected was the further blast of demonic fire, Unprepared his shield was weaker and the force of blasts knocked him back. Thankfully he had managed to stay on his feet barely, as his shield dissipated he quickly looked up to find his demonic rival was gone.

Behind him the battle-ready witch could feel mystical energy pulsing and flooding through the air. Turning sharply on the spot he was meet with a wall of vehicles each precariously balanced in the air with her command the cars rained done upon both Champions, his half demonic alley was quick to respond his durability and strength allowed him to block one of the projectile’s head on which was quite impressive in Michael’s view however it’s what he’d done next that impressed him more. Using it as a shield Kid Devil charged towards Azrael at full speed, telekinetically pushing one car to the left with a swipe of his arm, his friend gave him an idea, running and rolling under another vehicle the adaptable Witch stood tall his eyes solid black, the air crackling with build up energy and spoke over the thunder and fierce winds “Devolvat Terra” with his incantation the ground beneath their feet began to shake to it’s very foundations, the windows and doors of the buildings around them rattled while the ground began to crack from the pressure. He knew his attack wouldn’t hurt their enemy but if he could keep her distracted long enough then perhaps Kid Devil could get a hit in before he too fell due to the violent tremors