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I’ll have something tonight.

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@bridget_murphy: @lisa_killborn:

Ravenna feigned several more distressed coughs, now safely inside the girl’s car. During her entire performance she could feel the burning gaze of the giant owl, warning her. It seemed not even the Rothermere witch’s powers would be strong enough to fool a familiar tied to a lineage of such powerful magic. Its presence made Ravenna nervous, a feeling uncommon to her. Still, she remained focused on her task.

“My name is…Estelle,” she responded meekly, trying to avoid eye contact with the second witch. Her priority was Bridget.

“Thank you so much for saving my cat,” she said, turning her attention to Bridget. Now would be her only opportunity to form some kind of bond, to slip herself into the girl’s life before she became privy to the arcane workings unfolding around her. “It’s been such a strange night. My cat, Fluffy, started acting real funny like, hissing and clawing at shadows, and her eyes were glowing real bright like fire. I was just on my way to my vet’s house when the flames in my car started up…I don’t remember much until you guys came along.”

She hoped her story proved believable enough. In the corner of her eyes she felt the other woman watching her cautiously.

“I do not trust her and neither should you.”

Ravenna folded her arms across her chest as her eyebrows furrowed to express hurt feelings. She gazed up at the woman, her eyes widening with innocence. It didn’t matter to Ravenna whether or not she believed her, so long as the performance convinced Bridget to befriend her. She almost smirked as pushed deeper into her pretend story, daring the woman to call her out. Ravenna knew the truth was only as real as the evidence which existed proving it not to be a lie.

“Please, miss, I’m just as confused about all this as you guys are. I just wanna know what’s going on. What happened to you two?” she asked meekly, trying to pull information from the young Murphy girl as she pet the feline now safely resting in her lap.

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@ravenna: @lisa_killborn:@bridget_murphy: @razahn:

"So. Once again you intrude upon my presence with the boring stench of"the Rothermere patriarch paused to illicit a passive wave of his hand before he verbally proceeded, "failure." The black and warm cappuccino velvet backing of his Bentley Grande-Scale armchair obscured most of his dismissive and slouched posture as he appeared weary and fatigued. A dramatic self-indulgence which allowed him to truly bask in the satisfaction of his talented but easy bullied son's empty-handed performance in regards to persuading, or if need be abducting, the untapped magical grand-daughter of the immortal Gothel - Bridget Murphy.

"By now you've no doubt enlisted the aid of your sister?"his cadence deliberately transforming the statement into the form of a semi-rhetorical question."Of course you have. She has many talents, few flaws."kinking his head around the side of the chair, slowly rolling his open fingers individually into the palm of his hand to form a fist. "But one glaring undeniable weakness, as it were."

"There was a, Hunter, father."The news instantly propelled Daithi to a standing position. Concern briefly washed across the aged lines of his face in the shadows of the fire place's orange and shimmering hues."I believe he muted one of my spells."Now enraged, Daithi swiftly maneuvered himself to confront his son face to face, uncomfortably invading his personal space."Muted one of your spells?"Disgust and disdain visually projected the Dark Priest's repulsed reaction. Yet instead of giving himself over to his disappointment the dark Daithi regained his composure and retreated back to his aristocratic stance before the fireplace to further contemplate the recent revelation.

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Nicklaus would go on to further instruct his resentful but powerfully influential father. Retelling the account of his staged encounter with the Murphy witch. And in return, Daithi himself divulged some of the Dark Coven's more secretive machinations. And why the Murphy line was so important to his own individual plots and schemes."Do you understand? The 8 must never be allowed to return. The Balfours, Crawleys, Bishops, Chauderons, Samdis, Magees, and Agwes, as we speak they are initiating their bloodlines. Or attempting to. You felt this, as so we all. The energy. Its in the air. The Mark of Mastery Exam has begun but its participants must never be allowed to ascend."

"But if its the Dark Lord's will, then...." before he could continue Nicklaus was promptly interrupted.

"ONLY I, can speak on behalf of the Dark Lord."Daithi exploded. His verbal eruption causing the flames in the fire to burst upwards in roaring anger."And I am telling you, they must NOT ASCEND. Go. Go to the North Coventry Woods. Find the initiates and do as I command. Do as the Great Lilith decrees, set them all free. For there shall be no more families on the 8 branched tree"he arrogantly taunted with a rhyme.

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As Nicklaus turned to silently leave his father cleared his throat, causing the sunken shouldered warlock to pause in his tracks."My dear boy...arent you forgetting something?" Daithi swirled his fingers in the air. Within the blink of an eye he had summoned an alabaster mask and presented it to his son."I have no use of Nicklaus the weak. Are you not; 'Nikademus the 9th Thaumaturge?' Then put on the mask and be....the 9th Thaumaturge."

Sometime later -in the not too distant future, a shadowy silhouette stood in the center of the Northern Woods. A dangerous place to be during the hour of the witch. Nicklaus, tailored in the black and shaded ebony trappings of centuries long gone, and the mask of the Thaumaturge, basked in the aura of the esoteric exam. It flowed like intangible water. It reinvigorated the supernatural senses to an extreme degree. The 9th Thaumaturge's concentration was pure. It was wicked. And as of that moment, it was tracking the would be avatar's of the Great One. To find and snuff out the ancestral bloodlines of the 8 families for reasons yet known only to his merciless father.

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Holy shit what a post.

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(Heads up we have another concept in the works, but I need to finally answer Zaubs back)

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(Heads up we have another concept in the works, but I need to finally answer Zaubs back)


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(Heads up we have another concept in the works, but I need to finally answer Zaubs back)

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My post is near complete, I just need GAMBLER to answer my pm

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To say that the last couple of hours were abnormal was an understatement. Bridget buried the only mother figure she'd ever known, her birth mother went so far off the deep end any chance of mental restoration seemed shot, then there was the encounter with the two guys she met; and though nothing seemed odd about the encounter she could feel her body reacting to the events around her.

Then there was the weird owl, she was sure something happened that forced her car to this location to meet this woman who looked exactly like her. She was literally the spitting image only she spoke with a lost dialect and dressed as if she'd churned butter for a living. Estelle seemed pretty normal given the circumstances, but even then she couldn't help feel as if all these events were beyond coincidence. "Look, I don't know who you are, or why we somehow look the same but can it. You somehow injured this woman and destroyed her car. We're taking her to the hospital and then you and I need to talk" Bridget hissed dismissing the witch talk as nonsensical ramblings. Truthfully, since the azure lights begin to penetrate the dark sky Coventry seemingly transformed into a new town.

Over the radio there were talks of someone having gone missing at the lake, police found footprints leading to the water's edge followed by blood--strange. "This night has just been weird all together, first those lights appeared in the sky; then this owl showed up," She said nodding ahead of the vehicle showing that the owl was still flying ahead of them.

"Then I ran into you two. I dunno this all seems kind of strange" She said shrugging her shoulders. Bearing a right at one of the only stop lights in the town Bridget's car creep to a low stop as a man she'd recognized as Mr. Mosby from the coffee shop stood in the middle of the street with what appeared to be a woman's heart in his hand.

"What the hell.." She whispered almost on reaction. She watched as the possessed patron begin to devour the woman's heart before taking notice to the trio of women in the car. "shitshitshitshit" She screamed frantically fumbling over the controls to try and put the vehicle into reverse. "Murphy!" His guttural wail powerful enough to send a paralyzing fear into Bridget.

Unknown to Bridget the Mark of Mastery Exam was underway in the North Coventry Woods, her grandma, Gothel summoned Rakshasa demons to test the bloodlines of the Eight. Bridget being a descendant of Gothel wasn't exempt from these exams.

Finally building the wherewithal to put the vehicle into reverse her car violently thrust backward, but she wasn't fast enough to escape the demon. Tearing the door from the hinge the demon forcefully pulled the young witch from the vehicle tossing her across the street. Bridget body tumbled to a stop with labored breaths silencing the demons advance.

Once again the beast lunge intent on tasting the flesh of the unproven witch, Bridget through her hands up in defense and accidentally fired a powerful concussive force. The blast hit the demon square in the chest before vaulting him over the vehicle into a nearby 7/11. Glancing down at her hands the arcane sigil of the Coventry Witch Coven burned in her hands signifying the full activation of her Wicca magic.

Battle Magic was the oldest magic in the known universe, most people knew a spell or two; however, it was amongst the hardest magic to master because it usually drained the user. She immediately grew tired, but the adrenaline pumping through her system allowed her to at least rise back to her feet. "I don't know how I did that..." She said eyes bulging still focused on her hands.

"WHO!!!!!" The bird rang out above alerting them to the Demon once again starting to stir, it was substantially weak now but would regain full function if allowed to devour anything.

"I don't think I can do that again"

North Coventry Woods

No Caption Provided

The Immortal Witch stood in the middle of the inverted pentagram reciting a dark prayer. The Mark of Mastery exam was a ritual created by the original Coven members to scout new talent to the Coven.

Gothel's grandmother was ushered in with the Mark of Mastery Exam cementing the Murphy's presence for centuries. "Father, I have done as you asked. The Mark of Mastery Exam has begun your holy will shall be fulfilled , soon the depths of hell will overflow with the souls pledged to you. This is the gift from the eight. Pour blessing unto us that your dark will be fulfilled."

The Dark Witch's head turned slowly in the direction of South Coventry, a powerful explosion of magic piqued her interest--battle magic. As powerful as Gothel was, she hadn't seen it's application since she was a young girl; the few that mastered the art were seemingly gone. The most surprising part of this new development was that it was forged from the soul of her own granddaughter. "Interesting. I may have underestimated the power of my..."

There was another new development, someone was in the forest. Another powerful source of magic but an aura of determination surrounded his soul. "Why are you here child" She called out using a spell to project her voice thru the woods. As she strolled the Great Witch begin finger tutting casting a silent spell with her hands to enchant the forest into thinking he was an intruder, she'd extract answers out of this boy.


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@ravenna: @bridget_murphy:

She wasn’t listening to her, she was listening to her familiar, she wasn’t listening to her witchly instincts, she wasn’t listening to anything! It was beyond frustrating to the resurrected witch. So instead she sat in her seat and stayed silent, but was quickly alerted when a voice began speaking from nowhere and yet was heard all around her. It was talking about different events going on throughout Coventry. How did this misplaced voice know so much?

Everything was still overwhelming her senses. The different smells, the different sounds, the different… everything all around her. The only thing keeping her sane at this moment, was her mission, her family.

"This night has just been weird all together, first those lights appeared in the sky; then this owl showed up, then I ran into you two. I dunno this all seems kind of strange"

“Tis not strange, tis destiny, all of it.” Lisa spoke softly, her eyes trying to scan the area’s they were passing by at amazing speeds. This transport was faster than any carriage she had laid eyes on. But then she felt it before she saw it… a demon was nearby. She heard the tone of her granddaughters voice and quickly adjusted herself to see what she saw. “We must flee!” She shouted, knowing well that her granddaughter was not prepared to fight a demon and knowing the fellow witch that was in the car, could be the one responsible for this demon. She heard the demon roar her granddaughters last name that put her in frozen state. She watched as the demon began to quickly close the distance. “We must go, you’re not ready-!” Lisa leaned forward, trying to get her descendant attention, and as she did so, the transport forced Lisa forward, her head striking the front seat before flinging back into her own.

She couldn’t stop the demon from grasping her relative and fling her out out of the transport. Even with her out, the advanced carriage was still moving backwards on its own with Lisa and the secretive witch inside until BAM! It slammed into a lightpost. With a groan Lisa sat up and glared at ‘Estelle’. “You best pray to the Dark Lord she survives, or I shall be coming for you and your coven.” She didn't know if this witch was responsible for any of this, but it the fact that she was here and was a witch didn't make it a simple coincidence to Lisa. She crawled to the front seat and stumbled out of the drivers door (because she couldn’t figure out how to open her own door).

She began moving forward, stumbling at bit at first as she watched from a distance as her decenant managed to bring up a protective spell and repel the demon away from her. Lisa couldn’t help but smile, her powers were now awake. But she still didn’t know how to use her powers. Lisa knew this test was to be done not by her, but she couldn’t stand by and watch her untrained granddaughter die at the hands of this demon.

“RAKSHASA!” She roared out to the demon as her bare feet marched forward against the cold pavement. “Elasa lava ar elasa biab voresa adagita erm elasa Rakshasa!” <You shall beg me to send you back to the brimstones when I’m done with you Rakshasa!> Lisa spoke in the demons native tongue.

The demon was seen walking out of the store, irritated at being deflected by a beginner witch. "Elasa camliatza a a berita?" <You speak the tongue?> He grumbled with interest as his attention switched from Bridget to Lisa.

Vime de caosga!
Vime de caosga!

"Ol camliatza t od allar t!" <I speak it and harness it!> Lisa pulled her hands up before her. “Vime de caosga!” <Wrath of Earth!> She yelled as as began making intrigite movements with her hands and as she did so, the Earth from underneath the demon began to tremble as it became like quicksand. The creature gave a roar as he attempted to flea, only to find itself struggle the more that it did so, the more quickly it began to take him under. It was only a matter of seconds before the head of the beast was finally sucked under the Earth, and as soon as it was, the ground became solid once more.

Lisa finally broke her final pose from spell as she dropped to her knees, suddenly exaughsted from her attack spell. It was much stronger one than before, one that required much more energy than the last one she cast not too long ago. She looked over to her decendant, who's name she still didn't know yet. "Are you alright?" She finally asked, forcing herself up and walking over to her, slightly out of breath. "Tis not safe here in the open, not until the exams are done. We must get you home."

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@high_queen: We going Naruto style in this magical world xD

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Bumping so I remember to post.