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@the_xsoteric: @bridget_murphy: @razahn:

She could sense them, her descendant who was in trouble, their powers weak, so very weak. Was she hurt? She could feel the dark magic in the air, another witch or warlock without a doubt. She couldn’t tell how strong they were, but she could sense them as she pressed forward, her bare feet moving forward along the cold black path. She couldn’t move fast enough, her body, it was still recuperating, she could feel herself become fatigued. Lisa had to do something, now.

She stopped walking for a moment as she began to mumble words in the supernatural language of Enochian, used by demons and angels alike. She knelt down for a moment as began to perform a summoning spell. “Ol vinu ila adagita aboaperi en canilu.” <I invoke thee to serve my blood.> Her voice was raspy and trembled, her vocal cords not been used since her ‘death’. Lisa brought her hand to her dry lips as she bit her thumb as forcefully as she could until blood was drawn. “Ol vinu ila adagita beranusajin en canilu.” < I invoke thee to guard my blood> She began to draw a series of symbols upon the ground. “Niis emna oi oanio!” <Come here this moment!>

No Caption Provided

As she finished, as if something had answered her call, a screech of an owl was heard as it appeared seemingly out of nowhere on one of the many trees that stood tall along the sides of the roads. The bird drew the attention of Lisa, who then extended her hand stained with her own blood forward. “ZODILADARE!” <Fly!> She commanded the demon in disguise of an owl. Without question, it flew forward, riding on the winds faster than Lisa could move. Hopefully it could protect her family until Lisa was able to reach them.

She persisted forward, but not before smearing her symbols with dirt on the side of the road. Witches might still be hunted at this time, she had to cover any traces of the use of her magic. Not too long she could hear shouting in the distance. Was her family under attack? Was she too late? Was there a hunter there for them already? Or did the witch/warlock get to them? But before she could reach them… a monster’s growl was heard coming from the distance behind her.

No Caption Provided

She turned around to see two big demonic eyes shining down the cursed ground, the sound of its growl growing louder with every second as the lights became brighter as well. The beast was big and faster than the owl! What kind of demon was this!? She turned to face it, chills running down her spine as the lights shined upon her, too blinding to look directly at it. Then, a loud roar came from the demon! Challenging the three-century-old witch toa duel of death! Lisa would not step away! She was a Killborn, and she was to slay this demon in order to protect her family!

She extended both her hands forward. “MAELPEREJI A EN NOBELOHA!” <Fire in my palms!> she shouted as a surge of flame appeared in her hands and rushed towards the beast! It roared again, several times, over and over as the sound of screeching was heard before the demon ran off the path and slammed itself into a nearby tree! Lisa, breathing heavily, smiled to herself, she had defeated the demon!

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Sweet, my turn. Though my post might be fairly long.

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@wearelegion: isn’t your guy at city hall? I don’t think any of us are there....

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@wearelegion: I have a question is your character from main CVnU trying to make a gateway into CVcU? I just realized that you mentioned your other thread "The World of Darkness" which is in CVnU. Because if so that's not allowed as per Sha's OP Multiverse/thread rules.

  • This is the CVcU (C for Charmed, but it is still apart of the CVnU Multiverse, so CVNU rules apply.
  • Your character's may not know about the existence of the other universes.

In other words your character cannot have any connection to any other universes in the CVnU multiverse including the main CVnU. So there shouldn't be a way for your character to be making portals into "other realms", unless you spoke to sha about it ahead of time and she approved of this?

If I totally read your post wrong, please let me know because I'm a bit confused about it.

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@wearelegion: The OP sets the rules. If Sha doesn't want characters from outside the CVcU to know of, or cross over into, the CVcU then that is how it is. There is no obligation upon her part to discuss the matter; she can establish the rules and that is that because this thread is her property.

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@feral_nova: From the standing point of a character, I understand the rules. Magic however stumbles into such multiverse situations on occasion. Hence why the character didn't realize where he was, but only knew it was a universe/area somewhat like his own. I only offered a gateway, if no one knows where it leads due to restrictions that's fine. Since this character is part of the Cnvu rather then the Ccvu he is far aware of multiverse travel, as rules state only characters from that said verse can not know of alternate verses. Anyways, sure if "Sha" would like to discuss it that's cool. All this red tape to create a doorway, lol.

I didn't think we were going to have to be that technical with the rules cause I thought it was pretty clear that this was meant to be a RP away from main CVnU. But since you brought it up, I went ahead and spoke with @shanana about this since this is her RP and her Universe and she has made it clear to me that she wants

No main CVnU characters or characters from other mulitverses within and or out of the CVnU wihtout permission

To quote her directly.

I will be adding this to the rules right now. So, please edit your post to fit Sha's RP.

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@wearelegion: I am having a hard time following your claims. But regardless, as Nova has stated, no characters from outside this universe are allowed into it without permission.

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@themaskofmany: I swear to God, if that's legit, I've got some words to have with you...

Dammit, stop being so interesting! I feel like I smother you, but...it's hard not to.

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I'm totally game for this. Got three character ideas already.

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Look who's rocking the sexy mysterious look....

This guy


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Coventry 1692

No Caption Provided

It was done, they'd dealt a decisive blow to the Earth loving Coventry Hippies, a curse so potent it'd "awaken" the humans to the existence of magic. Play on the humans ignorance, the fear and paranoia that'd come with such an awakening cause them to lash out violently against witches, even those suspected to be witches.

It was only once the curse had been cast did the Coven of Eight understand just how powerful it was, not only did the curse affect the Coventry lands, but also the town of Salem too. On this night, the last remaining members of the Salem Witch Coven (Or Dark Coven) met to develop a plan for the future.

The Dark Coven was composed of the strongest magic users across the globe, joined together in their service to the dark lord. The Coven of the Eight were the prestigious families that exist within the Dark Coven, chosen by the high priest to be the executors of judgements: Murphy, Balfour, Crawley, Bishop, Chauderon, Samdi, Magee, and Agwe. The only Warlocks/Witches above them in this coven was the High Priest; who answered only to the demon Lilith and the Dark Lord.

The house of Samdi and the House of Agwe were tasked with the most important mission, the colonist were in the process of bringing over slaves; having indoctrinated them with Christianity for centuries, they were tasked with converting them, forcing them to sign the book as a means for salvation--so their entire families posed as slaves.

"The Dark Lord is not happy. The curse this Coven cast is far too powerful, more powerful than we could've hoped. Not only have the humans obliterated the Coventry Coven, but they've begin to attack ours as well. Two-Hundred Witches from our sister coven in Salem perished today, and it's YOUR FAULT!"

His voice boomed as an electric storm brewed in the backdrop. They all knelt in his unholy presence feeling the seething anger causing their skin to tremor.

"I would be inclined to excommunicate the lot of you, however our numbers are already scarce. Gothel Murphy approach the alter"

The young Salem Witch rose from her kneeling position approached the alter before making strict eye-contact with the high priest. Everything she'd ever done had been in service to the Dark Lord, to prove her devotion to him; she murdered her husband after the birth of their 5th son because the Dark Lord deemed it so--she also knew that not every 'command' came from the Dark Lord.

"Brothers and Sisters of the Coven, I've been able to see the future. There is a time where humanity's belief in the Christian God will be low. It is on this day, that our coven will remain silent until that time is right. The official edict, from the Dark Lord himself...is no more magic.

No Caption Provided

"In 330 Years the Coven of the Eight will rise again." There was information specifically withheld from the rest of the Dark Coven, they wouldn't survive in order to protect the Coven of the Eight, their immortality would be drained, cut off from the Dark Lord so that his disciples could live well into the new era.

"Spectum Mira, Al Shana" The eight chanted in unison, placing a protection spell around them. They would live life as "Mortals" until the times became more progressive.

North Coventry 2018

"Luciro, Luciro, Luciro"

Times changed, the plans changed. The last 326 years saw the Coven of the Eight focus on the education of their traditions to their decedents. It was decided that only one of the original eight would stay immortal, while the others were recycled in the fires of hell.

Naturally, Gothel was chosen as a favorite among the 8 families. The duty fell on her to reform the Coven with the decedents of the original.

She'd have to represent the Murphy family, none of her children produced any grandchildren, save for Faustus. Her Grand-daughter, Bridget might as well been human. She lacked the resolve to succeed in the Dark Coven, not only that her mother was the descendent of the Coventry Witch Coven. In order to test the power level of her fledgling Granddaughter, Gothel placed a hex on Bridget's other grandmother which saw her fall ill.

"Tonight is unusually, active" Gothel whispered sitting on the porch rocking back and forth, she could hear them, the voices resounding in the North Coventry Woods, and not to far from it..the Killborn Cemetary.

"Curious" She thought causing her to stand, she had to at least acknowledge the now active supernatural tether the woods and cemetery seemingly developed with the area.

"I see tonight is the night then" The seasoned Witch bowed her head in prayer, it soon started with her but soon it seemed as if the entire Northern Coventry atmosphere knew this specific chant.

"Luciro, Luciro. Luciro" it was such a hypnotic chant her voice seemingly cause the trees to bend at her will. One by one the decedents of the Coven would move under the cover of night toward the North Coventry Woods.

South Coventry/North Coventry Border

No Caption Provided

Greetings were exchanged between the two of them but Bridget's mind never came off the Owl. While Jim and Nicklaus exchanged pleasantries Bridget's eyes shift up to the sky. The sun just set 30 minutes ago, and already the Coventry skies were deathly dark.

Don't get caught in the dark

Her mentally restrained mother echoed in the for front of her mind, normally such a warning would deliver a first-hand experience at how deep her mother's mental recession truly went, but tonight it seemed almost borderline clairvoyant. Thru some strange phenomenon the streetlights hadn't turned on either blanketing the entire street in darkness, save for Bridget's lights. Though she underwent an awakening just moments prior, her body didn't react to the supernatural aura resonating within Coventry, until just now. The awakened magics made her light-headed, it was like a dormant part of her biology had suddenly activated and begin integrating with the "code" already established. Though she didn't have time to ponder the awakening. From here, a loud boom flashed out over the hills, from the Northern Coventry directionThe Owl suddenly begin to flap it's wings wildly once again snagging Bridget's attention.

"I gotta go" She said almost hurried, before turning the ignition with no issues thanks to "Jim". Punching the gas Bridget peeled off in the direction of the coffee shop she now owned, but the Owl now on the roof of the car had other plans. Summoned by her great ancestor the familiar telekinetically commandeered the vehicle and steered her off in the direction of @lisa_killborn.

The unproven witch frantically tried to counter the vehicle's supernatural path, albeit in vain. The frantic flailing finally stopped just a couple of feet off from a figure standing in the middle of the road by a car set on fire, this night was madness!

The orange and red mixture of flames cut through the darkness well enough to see a familiar face standing triumphantly in front of the charred vehicle. "What...the...f...." @lisa_killborn.

The Mark of Mastery Exam (Coventry Woods)

No Caption Provided

Gothel stood in the middle of an inverted pentagram reciting a summoning spell, the spell would set free low level demons at the Witching Hour, it'd be their second test to defeat the demons, the first however; was simply navigating the Coventry Woods. At night, the North Coventry woods could be likened to the "Infinite Maze" in fairy tales, It seemingly had no set pattern, It was near impossible for humans with no magical link to navigate; and would also prove troublesome for fledgling witches and low tier demons. On top of the seemingly changing topography, there was also the goblins to worry about. Initially Gothel feared many of them wouldn't make it, but 5 of the remaining heirs did, and stood around the pentagram with her.

"It is our duty to strengthen the book of the dark lord, to sway the humans to our cause so that we may obtain unparalleled power in our fight with these fiction gods. Before I can turn any of you into avatars for the Great One, you must pass the Mark of Mastery Exam"

Her spell sent a dense azure aura into the atmosphere, the supernatural beings across Coventry would understand a Witch Sabbath was taking place, but humans? they'd marvel in awe at the sight of their own coming demise.

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No Caption Provided

Nicklaus lowered his head with subtle disappointment while projecting an unsettling and extremely intense gaze from beneath the angled 'v' in his brow. Bridget had felt the esoteric surge ripping through the air and in her supernatural disorientation, fled. Leaving the enigmatic Warlock standing alone in the street, arms now resting in front of his waist, aristocratically held at the wrist. And while the brief interaction had yielded a great many surprises, Nicklaus had already felt the unbearable judgment of his father as he had failed to infiltrate the young witch's social circle. A remedial task for a Rothermere. A forgone conclusion the Caliph of Dead Crowns.

His purposefully long walk home had taken him around the banks of 'his water garden,' Lake Kitanitowit. There he would stand and be unburden by the beauty of its shimmering moon reflective surface. He would listen to the harmonic horrors of the Sirens. Even going so far as to periodically deliver them a meal. Oh how he loved to watch them feast. Nightmarish creatures with deadly preternatural hunger masqueraded as an embodiment of beauty. The perfect camouflage for an ambush hunter. He knew it well.

Nicklaus stood there for hours unwilling to go home. Home was where the true monsters lived. The true and dangerous evils. So instead he swam away the flaps of his coat to the side keep them clean before he parked a seat on the bank. Arms holding his knees close yet they remained partially spread in increasing relaxation.


For a moment he closed his eyes and thought of her. Mentally pictured what she was doing and where. And that alone would be enough for her to sense him. For her to meet him there on the bank to pass the time before delivering news of his failure to their father. It was all he could do. For now.

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OOOOOH Ravenna

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I'm loving these posts. Waiting on approval of something then busting out something wicked

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The Beyond Province

A blanket of twilight fell over the forest, setting it aglow with the enigmatic oranges and purples of the dying day’s sun. It would remain mysteriously painted this way for only about an hour before the sky gave way to dusk and the realm would submit to the eerie shades of dusk. By then the creatures of the night would be just shaking themselves from their daylight rests, opening strange eyes and stretching gnarled limbs to slip like the shadows of a flame into the dark world.

Twilight had always been Ravenna’s favorite hour of the day in the Beyond. It protected her from the harsh realities of daylight while providing some remains of its beauty that would be lost again until the next sunrise.

Her petite frame rested at the base of a pine tree. A book held itself in midair beside her face, which scanned the text carefully with a pair of pale blue eyes. The symbols on the book’s pages seemed unintelligible, however she had been practicing the Adamic language for several years now. Said to be the language spoken by Adam and Eve within the Garden of Eden, it held the answers to a number of spells and magic lost by the chaos created by the Tower of Babel and the division of human languages.

Ravenna’s hand, elongated by a set of nails filed in the shape of almonds, moved methodically at her side to pet a sleeping cat. The creatures blue-silver pelt rose and fell peacefully at her side, its ears occasionally flickering at a sound in the underbrush.

Ravenna’s tranquil concentration became broken by the subtle flashing of imagery of another time and place inside her head. Silver moonlight poured over the surface of deep water, where beautiful women hid their monstrous motives behind ethereal portraits. She knew the location well, also knowing who would be solely capable of bringing its details into her mind.

She sighed, setting the book aside to rise to her feet. The cat shot her an irritated glance with a pair of otherworldly green eyes.

“Oh, calm down, it’s almost dark anyway. Let’s see what he wants.”

The cat rose to its feet, elongating itself in a lazy stretch before jumping into Ravenna’s arms. With her free hand, the witch traced a wide circle in the air, her fingers shifting into a strange occult position. Blue light cackled electrically where she had disrupted the empty space before her, the line eventually coming full circle to create a glowing mirror which displayed the scene that had just been pushed into her mind. The witch took a graceful step into the portal, which vanished behind her just as the final glimpse of daylight slipped behind the horizon of the Beyond.

Lake Kitanitowit

No Caption Provided

Her feet touched down softly on the sandy banks of Lake Kitanitowit. Looking down at her shoes, the young witch’s expression turned sour. Sand, of course it has to be sand. She thought before peeling off the pair of heeled boots she had been wearing.

She cast her gaze around the lake, quickly identifying a lone figure in a spot she had found him on several other occasions. With her shoes in hand, she padded barefoot in his direction, the feline following her while chasing insects in the night sky.

She approached him silently, taking a seat on the bank beside him to watch the moonlight rippled across the lake’s surface. She ran her fingers through the blonde locks falling at her right shoulder, then her left, as if to announce her presence in a dignified silence, before finally she broke open the quiet air between them.

“What is it, Nicklaus? I figured you’d be home by now, which can only mean you’re prolonging dissatisfactory news by wasting your, and even worse, my, time here,” she remarked harshly. She shot him a curious glance, wondering if perhaps she should have chosen her words more softly before having listened to what he had called her here for.

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@ravenna: Your posts always motivate me to throw something awesome down. That was impressive...you should write a book.

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I just set the bar and they fall under it like a limbo ;p

LOL just kidding. I always try to show out for ya.

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No Caption Provided

He stared ahead for a bit longer before verbally addressing her, purposefully ignoring to establish direct eye contact..."She's dead." As he spoke, his perfectly groomed and golden hair transformed into a thin cascade of grey and dying locks. His unblemished face shimmered then shifted to take on the aged proportions of the now deceased Murphy Matriarch, who; only hours earlier, had been laid to rest beneath the soil of the Killborn Cemetery.

"The granddaughter has already begun to come into her own power, though she does not yet understand it." His usual stern and visual concentration seemingly off as he silently recalled the young witch's beauty. "She's...quite impressive really."

With an idiosyncratic incline at the neck Nicklaus angled his head and rolled his attention towards his sister along the alignment of his shoulder. Seamlessly morphing back to his natural high cheeked features and effeminately sculpted face, truly addressing Ravenna for the first time. "Strange and unseen forces surround her...protect, her. I'm sorry to arrest your time dear sister, but I need you're help. You need to befriend this witch. Gain her trust."

Like an unseen noose the weight of failure brought Nicklaus' head to his knees for a brief but needed moment. "Father had tasked me with this responsibility, however I believe it was a test." Pausing as his arms uncoiled from his legs allowing an investigatory gaze along the defined lines of his now open hand. "There is a Hunter in North Coventry. He, he muted one of my spells." Subdued anger and suspicion streamed through his proper cadence as he spoke. An amalgamation representing the internal indignation he felt. The shame.

With a stylish rock to generate momentum, the Caliph of Dead Crowns shot up to his feet without using his arms, before then offering a cultured hand to the lovely enchantress to help her up as well. At that precise moment the air-pressure shifted, breathed and exhaled a blanketing esoteric gasp. "Ravenna...did you feel that?" he rhetorically asked before looking all over. Up, to the sides, then back to his sister. "Someone is performing a Black Baptism....You should go. I will join you when I can but I must report to father first.

Monumental changes had begun to transform the small isolated township. Death and rebirth. Natural and unnatural. Yet it remained to be seen if these changes were for the better, or for the dead. For the two seldom lived in harmony in the mystic town of Coventry.

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Thanks. It use to be alot easier following you. Cant lie...its hard not to start making blogs and other alts for this thing lol

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She could feel her body suddenly drained from the use of her power. The recently awoken witch was still recovering and the display of power she had just unleashed weakened herself much more than she liked. But then, she felt it. The shift in the atmosphere of the supernatural world. She could feel magic almost… breath life in the atmosphere around her. It felt like... a Witches Sabbath. Only witches of great power could summon a Witches Sabbath. It seems many witches had survived the slaughter of her people.

It was then she heard it, another beast like the one she had just slayed, only this one was moving faster down the cursed path. She threw her hands forward and was about to speak the spell, only… she could feel it, it was her own blood coming towards her. The screeching of the owl she had just summoned was heard which only confirmed her suspicion. So she stood her ground, her eyes never wavering from the demonic being as it suddenly screeched to a halt just a couple of feet from the Killborn.

As she squinted her eyes, she could see, a person inside the beast! This must have been why she was summoned back to life! Had it eaten what was left of her bloodline? “You let them go!” She demanded as she felt her blood boil while a surge of adrenaline coursed through her veins. She ran forward and leaped up onto the cold slick beast, her arm pulled back as if she was about to thrust her hand into the beast's body until… she saw… herself? Lisa pulled her head back as she lowered her arm. What kind of witchcraft was this? A glamour of some sort? She climbed down the creature, confusion in her eyes. It didn't look like one of her daughters or sons, it looked just like her. Her eyes looked to the Owl, then back at the girl, her chest rising quickly up and down from all the excitement the night had brought on. But she could feel it… this woman who looked just like her… was from her bloodline. The familiar she summoned only confirmed it. But why did they look one of the same?

Her bare feet carried her to the side of the beast, which… now that she looked at it more closely… it appeared the growling creature brought this woman to her. Looking through the glass on the side where she was sitting, Lisa’s curious eyes continued to stare at the other woman. She was the one who brought her back? She finally spoke to her in a calm tone. “Are you hurt?"

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I'll have something soon.

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@ravenna said:

I'll have something soon.

Oh no. Thats the kiss of death right there lol

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Ravenna raised a curious eyebrow at her brother’s shift in persona when speaking about the young Murphy witch. She said nothing of it, simply adding it to the collection of information she kept in her mind like a vault of weapons. She had always been a patient girl.

The news of the witch’s powers did not come as a surprise. The history of magic in Coventry Township ran long and bloody. It would be natural to assume that a legacy of arcane abilities assume themselves potently in a family’s latest descendant. Ravenna carefully pondered what this would mean for her own family and their position.

“I suppose I can find the time to clean up your mess. I’ve never played particularly nice with the other girls, but this sounds like a rather fun game,” she answered him with a mischievous gleam. “The Hunter is a concern, though. We don’t know enough about him yet to write him off as a mere nuisance. Father will not be pleased to hear of this…complication.”

Accepting Nicklaus’ hand she rose from her seated position like a black swan to meet her brother’s stature. She received the occult message as he did, her sensitivity to supernatural energies causing her eyes to widen as a shallow breath escaped from her lips. Things were becoming seemingly more complicated than her or her brother anticipated.

She glanced around the lake’s clearing to quiet her suspicions that anyone near them could have caused the strange phenomenon. Shaking the thought from her mind, she turned back to her brother.

“I’ll deal with the Murphy witch. Tell father there’s time yet to have her under our control. He prefers a setback to a failure, in my experience,” her eyes wandered downcast for a moment as she recalled her father’s disdain for being disappointed.

Twirling her hand through the air, once more opening a portal to travel through, Ravenna paused to look back at her brother. She reached out to place a hand on his head, her clawed nails brushing through his hair in a chilling gesture of comfort. “Don’t worry, dear brother. I want this girl to bow to the power of the Rothermeres. And I always get what I want.”

Leaving him with her departing words, the blonde witch stepped with weightless grace into the portal, her feline familiar right beside her.

Coventry Township

She appeared under the thick cover of woods several yard from where a column of prominent flames enveloped a car in the middle of the deserted road. Her cool blue eyes surveyed the scene where the two girls tried making sense of their current situation. Ravenna recognized the young Murphy witch from her brother’s recollection, while the other girl’s identity remained a mystery to her.

The magic presence of the large owl remained Ravenna’s primary hesitation. She sensed its power, and feared the creature could discern her magical vicinity as well. Without having enough time to question herself, she formulated her course of action.

Her physical form turned to smoke in the wind, moving invisible through the night air and into the burning vehicle. There she sat in the driver’s seat, untouched by the flames. She cast another spell to alter her appearance, creating the illusion of burnt flesh and charred clothing. Her very features shifted as well, her haughty cheekbones and the noble line of her jaw softened to appear more common. With an annoyed sigh, she waved a hand through the air, causing the driver door beside her to burst open.


“Help…me…please,” Ravenna gasped, her figure falling helplessly out of the vehicle and onto the road. She silently thanked herself for joining the thespian society at academy. Bringing herself to her feet, she waved her arms to gather the girl’s attentions.

“Please, you have—” she coughed, “to help. My cat is stuck in the backseat. She’s gonna burn in there, please!” she exclaimed believably. Inwardly she felt a thick wave of suspense consume her as she considered the consequences should the mysterious owl make the girls aware of her façade. Either way, she had made connection, and brought herself and her family another step closer to the girl.

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Let me know if that messed with anything.

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My cat is stuck in the backseat.

Thank Goodness I'm a dog person!

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@ravenna: Is there really a cat in the backseat or no?

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@ravenna: @lisa_killborn:

Bridget's curious brown eyes scanned the woman that resembled herself, what was this? Some sort of joke? Though it couldn't be this woman was identical to Bridget in nearly every way, though she was dressed as if she'd come from the victorian era.

It took a moment to shake off the initial shock, but shortly after the dual witch was able to recompose herself and respond. "N-no, I'm fine. W-who are you" She asked still with her eyes scanning the woman. The subtle movements of the owl was enough to momentarily draw her attention, was it on her hood the entire time? Staying close enough to the vehicle to make an exit, her eyes dart toward the azure lights dancing in the sky.

It was a beautiful sight, though it filled Bridget's stomach with a form of dream. Unbeknownst to her at the present time, her grandmother was in the middle of summoning demons for the mark of mastery exam. This day started with the death of her grandmother and seemingly unraveled into a series of different connected events--at least that's what it felt like.

"Y-you did that" She asked pointing to the burning vehicle not to far from their location. Just as the two of them turned the dilapidated door of the charred vehicle was jettisoned to the side. Out from the flames and ash fell a woman, burns all over the body frantically screaming about at cat.

Rushing to the vehicle much to the chagrin of the owl, Bridget did what she could to get the woman further away from the flames, but as for the cat she couldn't see it.

From afar the familiar's horrid screech did nothing to stop her from maneuvering through the flames, taking hold of the feline, Bridget pulled back from the flames as fast as she could. Miraculously, she sustained no burns this was due to her familiar perched on her vehicle using it's own arcane abilities to protect it's master.

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With the cat in her arms the observant fledgling witch noticed she was without injuries.

"Don't get caught in the dark"

She hadn't noticed it before, but since meeting her mother at the asylum a series of inexplicable events unfolded.

The blue lights in the sky, her body was reacting to it in a way it never had before, there was a woman standing right next to her that shared the exact same features; the other woman had been bound in a burning vehicle for god knows how long, but had only emerged from the vehicle once Bridget arrived. There was also the freaky owl that was now following her everywhere she went.

"Something weird is happening, and I'm going to find out what. But first we need to get you to a hospital" She said turning to Ravenna with the cat stilled perched in her arms. "You come with us too" she said motioning to her vehicle.

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Awwww. Look at you girls making friends :D

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OK, Im caught up and have an initial understanding of eveybody's angle

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@ravenna: @bridget_murphy:

What kind of clothing was she wearing? Her eyes instantly looked her up and down. What

"N-no, I'm fine. W-who are you"

"Good." There was a sign of relief that escaped from the misplaced witch. But before she could begin the explanation of who she was, she felt the use of magic around her. Not the Witches Sabbath, but something else… someone else was here. Another witch? How many were here? How did her fellow bloodline not feel what she was feeling? Her eyes darted to the fire. She stayed silent, focused on the flames before her. She swore she could see a woman moving in the flames.

"Y-you did that"

“Yes… the beast, it challenged me.” She spoke, almost with pride, but then the cries for help came from the flames. This was no mere human, anyone with magical abilities could feel it, but someone who was untrained? It was a woman in desperation and in pain. She looked at the one who looked like her, to tell her not to go, but before she could, she had already rushed into flames.

<“Shield her.”> Lisa whispered to the familiar in it's demonic tongue. It’s eyes gave a faint glow as the loyal Owl protected it’s owner. Throughout this ordeal, Lisa’s eyes were focused on the girl who emerged from the fire. She didn’t trust her. “I know of what you are.” She spoke with confidence to the false victim. She was also dressed... strangely and she was not as innocent as she made herself appear to be. "What coven do you hail from?"

As she then came back out of the fire, with the cat in her arms, untouched by the flames. “<Stay close, I do not trust this witch.>” Lisa whispered the owl once more who gave a couple of flaps of it’s wings to acknowledge. It seemed that her own family was no longer able to sense magic and no longer able to differentiate between what was real and what was false. But Lisa could tell... she could see through the wolf in sheep clothing.

"You come with us too"

"I do not trust her and neither should you. Surely you sense something... different about her?" It seemed she was completely oblivious to the familiar she was holding. Oblivious to the magic happening all around her and oblivious to what she was. It pained Lisa to see what her family and been reduced to... simple mortal living with no knowledge of magic. She had to stay close, and protect her from what she didn't know right now, that meant to get into the beast that brought her here. She mimicked what the others did to get into the still rumbling beast. It was... much warmer inside and the seating was very soft. Her feet also pressed against the flooring, it was soft... warm... this was strange... it almost felt like... a carriage... only more comfortable and without any horses.

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OK, Im caught up and have an initial understanding of eveybody's angle

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It's my turn?

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@ravenna said:

I think it’s G?

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(my post wont have an impact on your trio so feel free :P)